Archie Gets Leo to Open Up
by David Heulfryn


I was surprised when Dad told me he had booked us both in for the Cockaigne Innoculation. But then again, he was slowly becoming less antagonistic to the town. I always wondered why it wasn’t available all over the country if it was as good as they claimed, and as it wasn’t, I thought it suspicious. But Leo came home after having his jab, and he didn’t seem any different. He still loved being naked, and now his balls had recovered he appeared to be fondling them much more.

Dad and I went in together to have the injection. It only took a few seconds, and that was it. We had to make a follow-up appointment next week so he could make sure we didn’t have any side effects, but I felt fine. Not even a sore arm where he injected me.

The house seemed to be getting back to normal now that all punishments were over. Dad was grateful he could wear clothes again, which seemed to upset Leo a little. I think he liked a little naked snuggling with Dad.

Leo was quiet for the rest of the week. He’d go to college and strip off when he got home, but he wasn’t very talkative. He’d talk to Freddie over the laptop most evenings, and his face always lit up when they spoke, but about an hour afterwards, Leo would go back in on himself. I was starting to worry.

Friday was an easy day for Leo; he only had college in the morning. I was working the farm in the morning; Dad had the afternoon shift.

After a quick sandwich for lunch, I decided to have a long soak in the bath to ease my sore muscles.

I heard the door slam and Leo bound upstairs. He must have gone into his room first to strip off as he burst into the bathroom, naked and started to pee.

“Sorry, Archie. I was bursting.”

I listened to him peeing in the toilet, and I gave my cock a few subtle strokes. I’m not sure if it was Leo peeing or looking at his pert white arse that affected my cock, but I had to look away to prevent me from getting hard.

Leo flushed, washed his hands and then walked out. I don’t think he even looked at me.

I thought about having a wank, but I was still concerned that Leo wasn’t acting like himself.

Using my toes, I hooked the chain and pulled the plug. When the water had almost drained away, I heaved my relaxed muscles and stood up.

I grabbed my towel and started to dry myself. After drying my feet last, I got out of the bath, wrapped the towel around my waist and went into my bedroom.

As I sat on my bed, I considered going to Leo’s room and see if he wanted to talk. But I didn’t get the chance. I noticed my door creak open slowly and Leo poked his head into my room.

“Archie? Can I talk to you about something?” He sounded nervous.

“Sure, come sit next to me.” I patted my bed. “I’ve been a little worried about you lately.” I started the conversation in case he was too nervous.

Leo sat next to me, and we both looked directly ahead. “Why are you worried about me?”

“You’ve not been yourself recently, a little distant at times. I hope things are going well with Freddie.”

“Things with Freddie are fine.” Leo cleared his throat. “Sort of.”

I turned to look at him. “How so?” But Leo didn’t meet my gaze.

“Freddie is great. It’s nothing to do with him. It’s about me.” Leo cleared his throat again. “He’s so much more experienced than me. He’s not putting any pressure on me to do things, in fact, quite the opposite. But I want to do things with him.”

Our eyes finally met.

“But I’m afraid.” Leo continued.

“Afraid of what?”

“What to do. I’ve not done anything with a boy, or girl for that matter. I’m scared I’m no good, or I’ll hurt him.”

“Leo,” I looked directly into his eyes, “if you are this scared, are you really ready to take the next step; to have sex?”

He looked away from me, down to his feet. He wiggled his toes and smiled. “Yes. I’m ready.” He sounded certain.

“Then, just go ahead. Do you have any condoms?” I asked.

Leo shook his head. “I was hoping Freddie would have them.”

I tutted, “Leo, you can’t expect the other person to always be prepared. Now I know a boy like Freddie has more experience and is likely to have them, but you can’t take it for granted. You should always carry your own, just in case.”

“Okay,” Leo stuttered, “Could you get some for me. I couldn’t go into the chemist and ask for them. I’d die of embarrassment.”

I stood up and went over to my chest of draws. “It’s only embarrassing the first time; then you get used to it.” I rummaged through my underwear until I found my trusty box of condoms. I took a few out and tossed them over to Leo.

“Thanks, Archie. Do you have lube as well?”

I laughed, “What am I? Your personal chemist?” I found some lube and tossed it over. “Here, keep it. You’ll most likely be using it more than me.”

Leo stood up. I noticed his cock was almost hard; it was lifted off his balls and drooped. He came over a wicked grin on his face. I felt him grab the towel from my waist and toss it to the floor. We both looked down at my cock; it was thicker than usual.

“I want to try putting one on.” Leo showed me the silver square containing a condom.

He led me to my bed and lay me down. I just allowed him to control me; something inside me wanted this. Something inside me secretly wanted my brother to touch me. I had done since he first started going naked around the house.

My cock flopped on my belly as I lay back. Leo’s hand touched me. I groaned. It was the first time his hand had touched my cock. It felt amazing, and I felt my balls retract instantly, sending a wave of pleasure up my body.

Leo stroked me expertly; every teenage boy knows how to wank a cock. I was now hard and eager for release.

I felt abandoned when Leo removed his hand, and my cock just swayed with each beat of my heart. I looked up and saw him tear open the condom packet. He looked at it, pondering what to do and trying to remember his sex-ed lessons.

He squeezed the teat and placed it on my exposed knob. My cock twitched, and Leo had to hold it still. He tried to roll it down, but it wouldn’t.

“It’s the wrong way round; you need to make sure it’s the right way round before it touches his cock.” I went on to explain the risk of catching an STD. As the outside tip of the condom had touched his moist knob, he could then be exposed when he put it on correctly.

Leo removed it from my knob and examined it closely. He turned it over and pushed the teat through to the other side. My cock twitched again when he placed it on my knob.

This time he smoothly rolled it down my shaft.

“That feels so good.” I groaned.

Leo started to wank me, but the condom was becoming dry, so he squeezed some lube onto my shaft. His hand glided up and down with ease, and I found the squelching sounds surprising erotic.

“I think I’ve got the hang of it.” I could feel him peel off the condom and abandon my cock.

“Fuck, Leo. Don’t just stop what you started.” I begged him.

I sensed Leo wasn’t going to leave me as he looked at me with a lopsided grin. Once his hand was back on my bare cock, my head flopped back onto my pillow.

Leo played with my cock and balls, slowly stroking me and gently pulling my testicles. I lay helpless but happy for him to do whatever he wanted with me, as long he made me cum.

“Oh, fuck, baby brother. You have wonderful hands, Freddie is going love this.”

I felt Leo grip me hard and pull the skin down my shaft; he exposed my knob, I could feel the wetness evaporate, stimulating it. I gasped when I felt something flick the underside of my knob.

“Oh, fucking hell, Leo.” It was Leo using his tongue.

I kept my head up, leaning on my elbows as I watched my brother wrap his lips around my cock and lower his head until I could feel the back of his throat. My balls ached as I watched his sweet face buried in my crotch, trying to take as much inside him as he could.

Try as he might, he couldn’t take the last inch.

“Relax your throat,” I told him. “Swallow as you feel it go deeper.”

Leo was determined to try, but each attempt failed. Each time I felt my knob hit his unyielding throat.

I didn’t care if he deep throated me or not. “You are making me feel so good baby brother.”

Then it happened. My cock went in further, and Leo had his nose nestled in my pubes. He kept my cock in his throat for a moment, his lips smiling at his accomplishment.

He didn’t want to pull off, he wanted my cock inside him for as long as possible, but he knew he needed to pull back some time.

He tentatively pulled back; my cock slipped from his throat and back into his mouth. He went down again, slipping my cock back. He did this a few times, each time I sensed his excitement grow.

“I did it!” Leo pulled off my cock and pulled himself up against my body until our faces were almost touching. “Thanks, Archie. Freddie is going to be fucking amazed.”

Leo kissed me. Hard on the lips. I wrapped my arms around him and ground my crotch into his.

I felt his tongue press against my lips, and I allowed him inside. My cock lurched as our tongues danced.

Leo kissed his way down my body and looked up to me when he reached my hard cock.

“I don’t know why I was so scared of doing this. It’s fucking amazing.”

“It feels fucking amazing too little brother.” I gasped as his lips returned to my cock. He immediately deep-throated me again, which made me gasp and roll my head backwards. Leo’s mouth was doing some wonderful things to my cock and his hands gently caressing my balls.

I didn’t care that it was my brother’s lips connected to my cock; I just cared how fucking great he was making me feel. Knowing it was my brother sucking my made the experience more intense.

For his first time sucking a cock, I’d say Leo was a natural. Not once did I feel his teeth scrape my cock, not once did my cock not enjoy what he was doing.

Leo was obviously getting more comfortable sucking cock as he was becoming more adventurous. Playing with it with his tongue, sucking and flicking. And then I felt his finger delve underneath me, inching closer to my arsehole.

Now I was getting more apprehensive. No one had ever touched me back there before.

His finger found my pucker, and he rubbed it as he sucked my cock. He gently teased his fingertip inside me the same time he swallowed my cock down his throat, and he gently tugged on my balls. The boy was super coordinated if he could do all those things at once; it made my balls churn and yearn for release.

I could feel Leo’s finger pushing deeper inside my arse; he found that famous spot people talk about and my cock lurched and spat out precum straight down his throat.

By now, I was groaning and writhing like a captured animal, at the mercy of my little brother. Six months ago I would have been repelled at the thought of Leo sucking me and fucking me with his finger, But now I felt no shame, in fact, I wished it could carry on forever, Leo’s mouth felt so good on my cock I didn’t want this to finish. But it must or else I would go crazy.

Fuck, his finger shot waves of pleasure throughout my body each time he rubbed that spot deep inside my arse. My balls couldn’t take any more, that pleasurable pain was driving me closer to the edge.

Leo tugged my balls again, but this didn’t pull me back. Instead, they contracted and slipped from his fingers, my cock throbbed and expanded between his puffy red lips, he pulled back, so my cock rested on his tongue, his finger gave a final thrust, and my cock exploded in his mouth.

My body writhed and flapped on the bed as my cock spewed cum into my brother’s mouth. Leo’s finger slipped from my arse, and he held onto my hips, trying to calm me and to keep my cock between his lips.

As my body calmed down, Leo gripped the root of my cock and started to suck it again slowly, he had swallowed my cum and was now sucking the last bits from my cock.

I lay panting on my bed. That was the best fucking orgasm I’d ever had. It was better than any sex I’d had.

Having recovered, I leant up on my elbows and looked at Leo. He had such a broad grin on his face.

“I don’t know what I was so afraid of. That was brilliant.” Leo chuckled.

“That was fucking fantastic. And if that’s your first time, then I don’t know how much better you can get!”

Leo crawled up my body and kissed me again. I could taste my cum on his lips. I reached down and squeezed his arse; it felt warm and soft. For an instant, I thought about fucking him, and my cock lurched, and I felt another tiny drop of cum ooze from my slit.

We stopped kissing, and Leo rested his head on my chest. I could lay like this for hours; I thought as I brought my arms around Leo and held him tight to me.

“Do you need to cum?” I asked him, finally thinking about his pleasure.

“Don’t worry, I came ages ago and left a big damp patch on your bed.”

We both chuckled.

“When do you plan to see Freddie again?” I asked.

“Tomorrow. We’re going back into Cockaigne; he wants to show me round a bit more.”

I drew a breath, preparing to speak.

“Don’t worry; we’ll be extra careful. Besides Andy is going to be with us in the morning while he takes us to the leisure centre. We’re all going on the water slides. Andy promised Freddie a few weeks ago.”

“Sounds fun.”

“Why don’t you and Dad join us? It’ll be great to do something as a family.” “I’d love to. We’ll ask Dad this evening, see if he wants to come.” I pushed Leo off me. “Now get up, I need to clean my cock again.”


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