After the Exams
by David Heulfryn


I got home at nine o’clock precisely. Finn was on the stairs, going up to bed. He grinned at me, knowing I only just making it home in time.

“Is that you, Max?” I heard Dad shout from the living room.

“It’s me, Dad,” I said and poked my head in so he could see it really was not some intruder that sounded like me. “I’m going to bed. See you in the morning.” I said to my parents.

They both said goodnight as I was on my way up the stairs.

Finn was waiting for me. “They were checking the clock every five seconds, you know.” He grinned.

“Sorry, I had to run here to make it on time.”

We both took off our clothes and neatly folded them. Naked, we went to the bathroom to clean our teeth. I was desperate to talk to Finn but had to wait until we were safely back in our bedroom.

I finished brushing my teeth and waited for Finn to finish. He rinsed his mouth and looked at me.

“Why are you grinning like a simpleton?” He asked.

“Let’s get to bed,” I said as I went back into our bedroom. I waited by the light switch for Finn to settle. He kept looking at me, wondering what was different about me. He lay on his side and snuggled, holding the duvet under his chin. I always thought how cute he looked, so safe, like that duvet was a shield protecting him from harm. I thought about what awaited him as he grew up. A boyfriend, love, sex and heartbreak. If only I could protect him from heartbreak, I would. But I knew that was the risk when you opened yourself to love.

“What are you waiting for?” Finn asked as I hadn’t turned off the light yet. It didn’t bother me that he could see me totally naked, that he could see my soft cock and ever-growing pubes. We had no secrets, and I knew I was about to tell him something I never dreamt I would.

I switched off the light. I was never going to sleep in my bed tonight. I knew I wanted to sleep with Finn. I had to. I had to hold him while I told him what had happened this evening.

Neither of us would complain when we slipped into one another beds. We knew that we needed each other for comfort or intimacy when we did. Tonight I needed to share something intimate with him, so I needed to feel his body against mine, his skin against mine, and my cock against his arse. What I had to say demanded intimacy. I couldn’t imagine telling him while I lay a few metres away.

“I hoped you’d be with me tonight,” Finn whispered as I slipped under his duvet and placed my naked body against his.

“I had to. I need to tell you something, Min,” I whispered into his ear.

“Really? What?” Finn was curious.

I drew a deep breath and held Finn tight. “I made love to James tonight.” I sighed into his ear.

We lay silent, both of us knowing the significance of the event.


I was surprised that James was alone when I went to his house after school. He messaged me to come round, saying it would be fine as this afternoon was his last exam. He told me that his Granny had fallen and was in the hospital. She was fine and just being kept in for observation. She was his little brother’s favourite Gran, so his parents took him to see her. James told his parents he was too exhausted to go but told them to tell his Granny that he was thinking about her and that he loved her.

Thankfully he wasn’t too exhausted as when he opened the door, his face was pressed against mine, and his tongue was in my mouth. It was like we hadn’t seen each other for months, not the couple of days it was.

James dragged me up to his bedroom.

“We have at least two hours.” He gasped. “You know I want to do it. I hope you are ready, but I want you to make love to me. I have Vaseline and condoms if you want.”

I was shocked. I had been thinking about it for some time now. And now all doubts vanished, and I wanted to do it. I wanted to do this for James. I wanted to do this to make him feel good. I was no longer afraid. But James needed to know some things. I channelled my inner Finn and decided to tease him.

“I’m sorry, James. But Vaseline and condoms don’t mix. It’s oil-based and will make the condom disintegrate.”

James lowered his head, upset. “Fuck!”

“But we are both virgins.” I paused, “So we don’t need condoms.” I smiled.

I saw James’ eyes widen. “You seriously want to do it.”

I couldn’t tease him anymore, so I said “Yes” as sincerely as possible. And I truly meant it.

We started pretty perfunctory and took our clothes off. We stood facing each other, naked and hard. Neither of us knew what to say or, more importantly, what to do.

“All I know is that I want us to be facing each other.” James broke the silence.

I was surprised James didn’t have a plan. He’d wanted this for so long that I thought he’d have it all planned out. But it was down to me. I told him to lie down on his bed, on his back. I lay on top of him and kissed him. Our bodies were together, and I could feel his hard cock against my belly. We kissed, and my tongue penetrated his mouth. His cock throbbed. I kissed down his body. All the way to his cock. I engulfed his cock and sucked hard. He tasted so sweet. His cock spewed precum into my mouth, and I swallowed. I wasn’t sure if I should make him cum or not. But before I could stop, James decided for me. His cock throbbed, and my mouth was filled with his cum. James relaxed, and I thrust my hand underneath him. My finger extended. It touched his hole and easily went inside. I pulled out and extended a second finger. I felt some resistance, but he took them without wincing.

I pulled both fingers out. His face looked so disappointed. I kissed him and grabbed the tub of Vaseline. I scooped up a large glob on my fingers. I pushed them inside James’s hole. I felt no resistance using the Vaseline, but I suddenly felt his hole tense up as I went deeper. James gasped as I touched something inside him.

“I want you, Max.” James gasped.

I knew the mechanics but didn’t know the practice. I scooped up another massive glob of Vaseline and smeared it over my hard cock. It looked weird, the white substance congealing in lumps.

I told James to lift his legs. I held them and pushed them higher. His hips pivoted, and I saw his hole exposed. It looked moist, smeared with Vaseline from my fingers. I guided my hard cock to the dimple at the centre of his anus.

I heard James gasp as my cock touched his hole. I had my eyes closed.

I pushed but felt resistance. I opened my eyes and looked at James. He seemed sorry that he hadn’t let my cock penetrate him.

Our eyes were locked, and I felt him relax. I pushed again, and my cock slipped inside. Surprised at his hole yielding to my cock as I thrust deep inside him.

I was concerned and looked at James. Tears rolled down his cheek.

“I’ve hurt you. I’ll pull out.” I said and started to pull my cock out of him.

“Don’t!” James yelled at me, and I stopped, my cock half inside him. “Go back in!” James insisted.

I pushed back inside him, and his face melted in pleasure. I held still until James could speak to me.

“Max!” He sighed. “It feels fucking fantastic. I’m so glad it’s you. I couldn’t imagine anyone else but you making me feel so good. I love you, Max. I love you so much. I wish we could be together, always. I wish this moment would last forever. Make love to me, Max.”

James’ hole twitched and throbbed against my cock. We were now one.

James kept his eyes locked on mine. I kept my eyes locked on his. I thrust in and out of his arse, his cock twitching every time I thrust into him. James gasped occasionally. I gasped when my cock throbbed inside him. His arse gripped my cock. I was fucking James, and James was milking my cock. It was my first time. I wished it would last forever. I wished we were in a place where we didn’t have to worry about parents or brothers.

I came. I came inside James. For a moment, I lowered my gaze and saw James cumming between us. He gasped. I held my cock deep within him. I collapsed on him, our bodies connected, my cock still inside him.

My cock slowly deflated and slipped from his arse. I wanted to stay inside him, but my cock softened too much. James’ legs slipped from my shoulders and rested on the bed. I looked at him. I saw tears. I felt a pang of regret. I hoped I hadn’t hurt him.

James found the use of his arms and wrapped them around me. He held me close and flipped me onto my back. Tears fell from his face onto mine.

“I love you so much, Max.” I wrapped my arms around him and held him close. I tasted his tears as they dripped onto my lips.

James seemed to lose all sense and use of his muscles. He collapsed onto me with a deep sigh. “I love you, Max.” He rolled onto his back.

We lay naked next to each other. Our cocks were soft, mine covered in Vaseline, James’ covered in cum. James glanced at the discarded tub of Vaseline. I’d used almost all the tub. James chuckled. “I hoped that might last a few times.”

“Sorry. I didn’t know how much to use.”

“Neither did I.” James laughed.

“I’m still not ready yet,” I told him.

“I know. I will never force you. But I’m glad we made love. I don’t care if I never get to make love to you. I don’t care if you never want me inside you. I don’t care if you never want to do it again. I just want to be with you, no matter what.”

“I love you, James.”

“I love you, Max.”

We lay together for seconds, minutes, hours, days, years, decades, aeons. I wished I didn’t have to leave. But I had to get back before my curfew.


Finn was quiet as I told him how I had lost my virginity. I squeezed him to let him know I’d finished telling him the details.

“I knew James was the one,” Finn said.

“It was so intense, Min. I’d never felt anything like it before. James made me feel so safe. I never wanted to leave.”

“Did you just do it the once?” Finn asked.

“Yes, we were both too exhausted, physically and emotionally.”

“Will you do it again?”

“We want to, but we don’t know when we’ll get the chance.”

“Well, if I can do anything to help, I don’t mind.”

“Thanks, Min. But can you not let on to James that I told you.” I said softly. “It was a moment between us, and we want to savour it for a while.

“I promise, Max. I won’t tell a soul that I know.”

I knew he wouldn’t. I knew I could trust him not to share the most intimate moment between James and me. I squeezed him, hugging him tight for a moment.

“I love you, Min,” I told him.

“I love you too, Max.”


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  1. Beautiful first time description. I had to smile because everything you said about the use of Vaseline was like a repeat of a memories from my first time a long time ago. love Paul XXXX

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    1. Thanks Paul. I wanted to make Max’s first time special and realistic. I enjoyed writing about the tenderness and love between them.

      Rating: 5.0/5. From 1 vote.
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