The Laws of Cockaigne

All residents must receive an inoculation of the revolutionary vaccine developed by Cockaigne Pharma. This is a multi-spectrum anti-viral vaccine and protects them from many, but not all infections. A side-effect of the vaccine is that the residents become less ashamed of their bodies, nudity and sex.

Cockaigne Security are empowered to strip-search any person they have reasonable cause to believe they have, or about to, or will engage in antisocial behaviour.

Security can inflict a provisional punishment while an alleged misdemeanour is investigated. The provisional punishment cannot be revoked, even if the accused is determined to be innocent. Where guilt is suspected or likely, then the offender is sent to trial by the local magistrate who can issue harsher punishments, including incarceration and corporal punishments.

Non-residents should be accompanied by residents at all times or obtain a visitors pass from Cockaigne Security.

Nudity and sexual activity is accepted in any situation. (At work, at home or on the streets.)

Punishments can be carried out at the discretion of the head of the family or Cockaigne Security. However, the family cannot overturn any punishment decreed by security.


Cockaigne Security Personnel

Senior Security Officer Nathan
Officer James

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