This Life of Brian by David Heulfryn

I recall that this story was originally written as a series of blog posts. Ten parts, each around a thousand words each telling you what this particular boy does when his exams are finished and he leaves school.

It was an experiment to try and give readers some short flash fiction to keep them entertained between more substantial stories. It was a nice idea but not sure it actually worked. The writing was done quickly and I can tell it wasn’t edited properly. I have done some minor editing now but not made any substantial changes.

It’s a nice enough story if you like to read about sixteen-year-old boys sucking and fucking. I seem to think I tried to make it humourous, but it never really came off. I also originally wrote it in a slight UK northern dialect. It kind of worked in the first part but it tailed off, so I edited out the colloquialisms. I know my UK readers would understand, but I have a worldwide readership and want them to be able to enjoy the story.

Interestingly, I have an unfinished story from years ago about a mining family in the midlands, set in the early 1900’s. It’s written in thick dialect. One day I might finish it as I do like it and it has a lot of promise.

Restrained Surprise by David Heulfryn

Restrained Surprise was my fifth and final story for TommyHawksFantasyWorld; the artwork is by Dean Cameron. This story was published back in 2006 and subsequently added to Screeve a year later.

Before I tell you about my story, let me just sing the praises for TommyHawksFantasyWorld, he has written many great stories, many in the fantasy/sci-fi genre. He no longer operates a subscription site but sells his stories as eBooks.

My story came from a desire to dip a toe into the world of S&M but being of a delicate nature, only in its mildest sense. And this was a fantasy of mine, pity my boyfriend wasn’t around to indulge me. Nowadays, I’m more inclined to something a bit rougher. I am older and more adventurous now.

A Bitter Pole by David Heulfryn

After reading this story again, I remembered how I came about to write it. I was in the process of relocating to London and was living in a hotel under the flight path of Heathrow airport. Most of the hotel staff were of Eastern European descent and I recall the attitude of the natives about. I hate to say it but they treated them like servants rather than hotel staff. There was so much disrespect towards them that I felt ashamed. I enjoyed talking to them, they were fascinating and I admired their courage in moving to a different country. Something I would do about five years later.

This story was my attempt to portray that attitude. In hindsight, it seems a very nasty story about the abuse of a man who is considered inferior. I will be honest with all of you, this is a story that I don’t like and wouldn’t hesitate to only give it half a star. It fails to shame the attitude of the man taking advantage of the hotel employee and it also fails in being erotic.

Thursdays by David Heulfryn

After reading this, I realised it stemmed from the same place that “Transcending Friendship” came from.

Back in my school days, there were a handful of boys that I enjoyed looking at in the showers, I wasn’t friends with some of this, but it didn’t stop me admiring what swung between their legs.

One guy was really well hung, but two other guys always caught my eye, they were well hung, but not as endowed as this other boy. Communal showering seems to be a thing of the past in schools today. Shame.

I know I ogled the other boys, but we do need to promote body acceptance. All bodies are normal, and we all need a refresher about that sometimes. The vast majority of us do not have the bodies, or the cocks, of porn stars.

Transcending Friendship by David Heulfryn

This mini-series from my early writing is another “What if…” story based on my life at school and how I would have liked a friendship to develop. Sadly he never had any idea how I felt.

The opening incident, when the boy gets an erection in the showers, was based on when this actually happened to a boy in my class. He was teased mercilessly for the rest of the day but not really much after that. I never saw it and just heard all the raucous commotion.

This story has several scenes based in the showers and I know a certain reader will enjoy those. I really enjoyed the post rugby match showers. I just love seeing muddy men clambering out of their rugby kit and getting in the shower.

It was not until preparing to post this story again that I discovered the beginning of part four. It was never finished and I don’t think I will ever finish it. I would have known where the story was heading at the time but even after reading it again, I couldn’t think where it would go. Besides, I have so many new stories in my head that I can’t wait to write.

The Taste of my Tears by David Heulfryn

Coming out is difficult, and this is a vignette of how one boy’s parents find out about him. This is not autobiographical but despite my family being supportive when I did finally come out, it is still a very stressful time, as you cannot be certain how people will react.

In an ideal world, no-one would feel the need to come out and in truth, I don’t bother anymore, whenever I meet new people or start a new job. I am now just me.

I grew up during in a very homophobic place and time and I know things have got better, but it is still very difficult for some.

Everyone should have the freedom to be themselves.

Rag Week by David Heulfryn

This story harks back to my university days in the mid-nineties and in my first year, during Rag Week, our halls of residence held a slave auction (I suspect that term is not appropriate these days and I do feel a little awkward using the term). The story also highlights my welsh heritage with the protagonist being called Iestyn ap Rhys. Iestyn is pronounced “Yes-Tin” and original welsh surnames were patronymic.

I remember when we had our “slave auction” and young freshers would go up on stage and would start to strip whenever someone donated money. I remember this one young guy went all the way down to his boxers and then tried to tease us, but he accidentally pulled his boxers to far down and I got a full view of the speedos he was wearing underneath. I was so disappointed. None of the guys went all the way and showed us their cocks. Such a shame.