Night Commute

Another blast from the past and one that subtly betrays its age with the mention of a buffet carriage, they don’t exist on most trains these days, in the UK that it.

This was my second story to be published by TommyHawksFantasyWorld and the artwork is by Inocentius & Pervertida. After reading it again all these years later I am actually quite happy with it. The premise is simple, a chance meeting on a train, and the story flows quite well. I have always liked the idea of anonymous hook-ups, in writing anyway. I hope you all enjoy it too.

My Curious Boyfriend

This story starts well with a great sex scene and then delves into the premise of the story, one half of a couple is interested in having a threesome. This stems from me wondering what a threesome might be like and so I thought if I wrote about one then I might get some idea. I still find the idea strange. I find it difficult enough to concentrate on one lover, never mind two. But then I suppose most threesomes are just about sex and not making love. Too many limbs, too many dicks and too many holes, I still don’t know how people manage it.

I found the threesome difficult to write for it to make sense without just saying, Neil did this to Stephen, Stephen did this to me and I did this to Neil, then Stephen did that to me. It’s still got to be erotic and make the reader horny.

If any reader has had a threesome then please let me know what your experience was, good or bad.

A Ride Too Far

This is another semi-autobiographical story, I’m sure you can guess which part is fictional. It is based on an actual motorbike holiday I took down to Spain where I had an accident very similar to what happened. It even took place before the introduction of the Euro and features the old E111 (pronounced E-One-Eleven) which is now replaced by the EHIC – but now the UK has left the EU even that won’t be valid for us Brits anymore. (Hell, this story is really showing his age.)

It would also be unusual for the Spanish guy at the hotel to be circumcised. I don’t actually remember why I decided to circumcise him, I can only surmise that I wanted to write about a different type of dick.

I think that my earlier stories tend to be overlong, too much preamble and this story has quite a bit of post-able (if that’s a word). I like to think that my writing has got a bit tighter with age, but you can be the judge of that.

The Dew-Pond

I remember learning about dew-ponds somewhere, it may have been one of the times I was bored and browsing Wikipedia. I found the idea of them intriguing and the romantic myth of how they came about. As I mention in the story, they are generally man-made and filled by rain. But why stop reality ruining a good legend.

My story is about two young friends who go exploring and come across a dew-pond. This is just the backdrop to their realisation of their greater love for each other. I did notice, on re-reading the story I don’t actually mention how old the boys are. In case any of you are wondering they are about fourteen.

It has been a criticism recently that I don’t describe my characters too much. That has been somewhat deliberate so that reader could imagine the characters to be what they wanted and be who they find attractive. I’d be interesting to see hear from you to see if it works. So please let me know your thoughts. I have been trying to include more description in my recent writing.