The Night at the Lake
by Xander Harris


By the time I was seventeen, I’d had several girlfriends and plenty of sex. I’d started out at fourteen and never looked back. Life was pretty damn good, for the most part. I was lucky enough to be born with good looks and smart enough to maintain a pretty fantastic body through sports and regular visits to the gym. And, as if God hadn’t been kind enough to me already, He also gave me a dick that was both long and thick, a winning overall combination that had me getting some on a regular basis when most guys my age were still desperately spanking the monkey to their dad’s porn magazine stash.

I had it all figured out. Until the summer after senior year, that is. It was actually the end of summer, and my buddy Dave was having this sort of last blast thing at his parents cabin up at the lake. We’d been talking about it all summer, getting ready for the time of our fucking lives before we all headed off to different colleges and drifted apart.

To hear us talk, this weekend was going to be wall to wall pussy and we were the biggest studs you’d ever seen.

I was dating this chick named Brenda at that point, but she’d been out of town for the entire summer and I’d been playing the field. I knew we’d be breaking up as soon as college started anyway. No way was I going to arrive on campus tied down to any one chick.

The latest conquest on my radar as summer came to an end was this babe who worked at one of those chick clothing stores in the mall. Her name was Shelley and she had the best legs I’d ever seen. Damn, I just wanted those legs wrapped around me as I pumped her hard with my nine inches.

My four buddies each had steady girlfriends who were coming up to the lake, and two of the girls had been holding out on my buds for awhile but were finally going to give it up this weekend.

In short, it was going to be a fucking fantastic weekend out in the middle of nowhere with good friends, lots of booze, and sex, sex, sex.

Shelley had agreed to meet me up at the lake, but get this: the bitch never showed up. I should have suspected something when she insisted on driving herself up. And here’s where that ‘middle of nowhere’ thing came back to bite me in the ass. If we’d been home, I’d have been able to pick up the phone and get a replacement in no time.

But there I was, with four of my buddies and their babes late on a Friday night, miles from anywhere. No fucking chance of getting laid. Let’s just say the term blue balls seemed newly invented just for me that night.

Anyway, it was about one a.m., and I was laying in bed, shaking hands with Big Ben and listening to the sounds of my buddies fucking their brains out. I don’t really like jerking off. I mean, it was great when I was twelve, but once you’ve gotten used to regular sex, jerking off is like riding a bike when you could be flying a jet.

But, my blue balls were killing me. As if it weren’t bad enough that I was having to fly solo, I was just about to shoot a load, just on the cusp of it with my toes starting to curl and my back starting to arch up off the bed, when there’s a knock at the door.

“Fuck!” I almost ignored the knocking and kept stroking, but the door didn’t have a lock and I didn’t want someone to walk in on me. I pulled on my briefs and sat up in bed. “Come in!”

The door opened and my buddy Dave came in and closed the door behind him. He was only wearing a pair of boxer shorts, but he had two beers in his hand.

“My fucking bitch of an EX-girlfriend just kicked me out of my room in the house that my own damn parents own. Nice, huh?” Dave plopped down on the bed beside me and handed me a beer.

“Ouch. Did you at least get any before that?” I was trying to sound normal while wishing Dave wasn’t quite so close to me while I was sporting a massive boner under the blanket.

“Fuck no! Bitch wouldn’t come across. So, at least you’re not the only one with blue balls tonight, buddy.”

“Women,” I muttered, opening my beer and taking a swallow. Probably not the best idea to begin with, seeing as how I’d had plenty to drink already that night.

“Yeah. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could live without ’em? Just find a way to get laid that didn’t involve chicks. That would be sweet,” Dave took a swig of beer and leaned back against the headboard.

“Uh, that would be gay, dude!” I started laughing and punched him on the arm.

“Oh, shit! I guess you’re right,” Dave laughed, too, and slipped a hand inside his boxer shorts.

“What the fuck, dude?” I asked.

“Balls itch,” Dave muttered, giving himself a good scratch.

“Yeah, nice to know that. No wonder Tina kicked you out.”

“She just can’t handle a real man, that’s all,” Dave grinned.

“Right. Cause you’re such a stud!” I finished my beer and set the bottle down on the nightstand. “So are you crashing on the couch, then?”

“Uh, numbnuts, are you forgetting? Zach and Melissa have the couch. It’s a pull out. If you listen, you can hear it squeakin’ right now. Zach’s finally getting some.”

“About time. Hopefully he managed to get it in the right hole,” I laughed. “So, where are you sleeping, man?” I didn’t really care, I just wanted him to leave so I could shoot a load and get some sleep myself.

“Right here,” Dave bounced slightly to indicate the bed.

“Fuck off!”

“Up yours, buddy. You’d better not snore, either!” Dave tossed his empty beer bottle over the side of the bed and pulled back the covers before I could stop him.

“Oh ho! Sportin’ some wood, huh? Guess seeing me scratch my balls turned you on,” Dave laughed as he got under the covers.

“Shut the fuck up! I was trying to jerk off when you came barging in, man. You’re not sleeping in here with me. Go make up with Tina.”

“Dude, it’s my house. You don’t want to crash with me, go sleep on the front porch or somethin’,” Dave settled in and put his hands behind his hand, exposing his bushy pits.

“Fuck that! I’m not going to be bear food because you can’t keep your woman happy! And no wonder she kicked your ass out, man. Put your arms down, your pits are ripe!” Actually, they weren’t that bad, just a bit musky, but I feeling irritated. I was still horny and now it looked like there wouldn’t even be any self relief tonight.

Dave moved so quickly, I didn’t see it coming. He grabbed my head and forced my face into one of his pits. I opened my mouth on pure instinct to yell at the bastard and got a mouthful of damp pit hair for my troubles.

“Yeah, baby, smell a real man!” Dave laughed as I struggled against him. “Come on, Ben, you know you’re totally getting off on my pits! Lick ’em, bitch!”

I finally managed to squirm away. “You fucker! You’re totally going down, now!” I launched myself on him and we wrestled for a bit, until I finally was able to force his face into the front of my briefs.

“That’s it, smell a real man’s crotch, bitch!” I laughed. My dick was still semi hard from the earlier stroking, of course, and it seemed an even more fitting punishment for Dave to see his closed mouth pressed against the clothed head of my dick.

“Truce!” Dave gasped when he finally managed to pull away.

“Yeah, whatever,” I laughed, leaning back against the headboard. Dave and I were always in a half playful, half serious struggle for domination over each other. It’s a guy thing.

Dave got back under the covers and settled in. Since there didn’t seem to be anything I could do about it, I followed suit on the other side of the bed, leaving plenty of room between us.

We were quiet for a few minutes, just laying there, catching our breath. The sounds of sex were dying down around the house as the other guys finished up with their babes and dropped off into that satisfied post sex sleep that Dave & I were both being denied for the night.

When it was finally quiet, Dave groaned quietly and slipped a hand under the blankets. “Fuckin’ Tina, man. I’m so boned up right now, I really need to get off.”

“Serves you right, dude. If you’d just waited another minute to knock on the fuckin’ door, my balls would be drained right now.”

Dave just looked at me for a minute with this unreadable expression on his face, and then he scooted up into more of a sitting position.

“You ever go to summer camp when you were a kid?”

“What? What the fuck does that have to do with anything?” I asked.

“Did you?”

“Nah, never did. Why?”

“I did, practically every summer.”

“Thanks for sharin’, Davey.”

“Listen, fuckwad. I have a point. You go to summer camp, and you’re like fourteen and horny and for like the first few days you’re just bursting to jerk off, but there’s no privacy in the bathroom at all and you’re sleeping in a cabin with five other dudes right there. It’s awful, you’re walking around so full of cum you’re afraid you’re going to jizz yourself in public if a girl so much as walks by you.”

“Okay….” I waited for the point, wishing again that he’d just go make up with Tina so I could shoot a load and get some sleep.

“So, anyway, after a few days you’re like, fuck this. And you wait until you everyone is in bed and it all seems quiet, and you just go for it. You jerk yourself off, trying to move as little as possible and keep really quiet. But everyone knows you’re doing it, and then they’re doing it, too.”

“I really hope the point is coming up soon, dude.”

“After a night or two of trying to act like nothing is happening, you just realize, fuck it, we’re all guys here and we all need release, and you just stop caring. You just go for it and don’t care about the other five guys in the room.”

“Whoa, man. I don’t think I like where this is headed.”

“Ben, dude, chill. I’m just saying we’re both guys, we both got screwed over by bitches tonight, and we both want to jerk off. So why the fuck shouldn’t we? You do your thing, I do my thing, we empty our nutsacks and we get some sleep.”

“I don’t jerk off with other guys, Dave. Hell, I don’t jerk off at all. I haven’t needed to in a long time.”

“Yeah, yeah, you’re a stud. We all know. But fuck it, Ben. I’m jerking off. You want to leave the room until I’m finished, whatever. But you might as well just stay and do your thing, too.”

Before I could say anything else, Dave had pushed back the blankets and pulled his dick out of the fly of his boxers. My mouth dropped open in shock. I hadn’t really believed he was serious. I really thought he was trying to goad me into whipping my cock out so he could laugh in my face and tell all the guys the next day that I’d tried to jerk off in front of him.

But there was his fuckin’ dick, right out in the open. I’d showered with Dave after basketball games, so it wasn’t like I’d never seen his junk before. But I’d certainly never seen him hard. In fact, I’d never seen any other dude hard, not in person.

I did an automatic assessment, and was pleased to note that Dave wasn’t as long or as thick as I was. He wasn’t small, or anything, just average.

I sort of caught myself and looked away. What the fuck? Was I really rating another guy’s hard-on? Jesus!

I tired to pretend nothing was happening, but the bed was moving along with Dave’s strokes and I couldn’t avoid hearing him spitting into his hand, either, especially since it was followed by wet slapping sounds as he stroked his slicked up dick.

When Dave let out a little moan, I finally gave in. What the fuck. I wanted to get off and Dave couldn’t exactly hold this experience against me, since he’d started the whole thing. And he did have a point about situations like summer camp and tonight, where guys just had to get off.

Still, I didn’t feel comfortable being quite as open as he was. I made sure the blankets were pulled up and only then did I reach down and into my briefs and take hold of my stiffening cock and begin to slowly stroke it. I was careful not to look in Dave’s direction or make too much noise about what I was doing.

A couple of minutes went by like this, with both of us laying side by side on the bed, with a wide gap between us, stroking our dicks. Dave’s dick was out and proud, mine was trapped beneath a layer of blankets, only the top half actually out of my underwear. Dave periodically would make little moaning noises and stop to spit into his hand and I’d find myself tempted to look toward him at these sounds, just out of instinct, but instead I kept my eyes closed and tried to concentrate on the mental image of what I’d be doing with that bitch Shelley if she were there, with those legs of hers wrapped around me.

“Do you always stroke it dry like that?” Dave’s voice jolted me out of my fantasy and I looked over at him before I could stop myself.


Dave nodded his head in the direction of my hand, moving up and down under the blanket. “Don’t you ever use spit or lotion or anything? Or do you always do it dry?”

“I- well, I used to use lotion. But like I said, I don’t really jerk off much any more.”

Dave didn’t say anything else, so I closed my eyes and tried to get back into it. But it was as if his comment had broken some spell. Suddenly, I was all too aware of the raw feeling of my hand on my dick without any kind of lube. Not only that, but the feeling of my dick rubbing against the fabric of the blanket as I stroked was far from comfortable.

“Shit. This isn’t working.” I sighed. I wasn’t exactly comfortable with the situation, but I knew that if I was going to shoot a load, I was going to have to follow Dave’s example and ditch the modesty.

I pushed down the blanket and lifted my hips up enough to yank my briefs down below my balls. Dave chose that moment to moan a bit more loudly than he had been and I tried not to think of the moan as being at all associate with my actions. Total coincidence, right?

I cupped my hand below my lips palm up and attempted to spit into it, but found my mouth was completely dry. “Fuck!”

“No spit?” Dave was paying far too much attention to what I was doing.

“No. Is there any lotion around here?”

“No, don’t think so.”

“Fuck.” I sighed and laid back, closing my eyes and resuming my dry stroking. It was marginally more enjoyable without the rubbing against the blanket, at least.

I heard Dave make a spitting noise and suddenly felt something wet fall onto my stroking hand. Opening my eyes, I saw Dave sitting up, leaning over my slightly, spitting down on my dick.

My mind sort of went blank. What the fuck??

“There ya go, buddy. Don’t say I never did you a favor,” Dave winked at me and settled back into his own stroking. I felt a bit numb, not at all sure that I liked what had just happened, but there didn’t seem to be anything to do but keep stroking my dick so this thing could be over.

And I had to admit, it did feel a hundred times better with Dave’s spit providing lubricant. I closed my eyes again and got into it, enjoying the smooth feeling of my hand gliding up and down my pole.

I was starting to edge towards a climax when things got too dry again. Fuck! I kept stroking, my eyes closed, but my mind in turmoil. I really, really needed to shoot this load. Would it be totally fucking gay if I asked Dave for some more spit?

I debated this back and forth and began to move farther and farther away from climax. Finally, I decided that getting spit from Dave a second time couldn’t be any more or less gay than getting it the first time, and since that had already happened, what the hell.

“Hey, Dave?” My voice sounded rusty, somehow. I kept my eyes closed, not wanting to see the look on his face when I asked.

“Yeah?” Dave sounded breathless, like he was really close to shooting.

“Um… could you…. fuck, man, I’m dry. I need more.. spit.” I was glad my eyes were closed, because I could feel my face burning with embarrassment.

I felt the bed move as Dave sat up and move over towards me. “No problem. Stop stroking for a minute.”

I moved my hand away from my dick and waited. I could feel the heat of Dave’s body so near to mine, and I could suddenly feel the tingle of his warm breath against my dick, which sent shivers up and down my spine.

A warm, wet feeling enveloped my dick. For a moment, even though I was no stranger to blow jobs, my mind rejected the feeling and I tried to believe that I was just feeling Dave’s spit hitting my dick.

But then the warm, wet sensation was joined by suction and the unmistakable feeling of a tongue flicking over the head of my dick.

I opened my eyes and looked down, and there was my buddy Dave, the guy I’d known since seventh grade, the guy I’d played ball with and talked pussy with, there he was, his mouth bobbing up and down on my dick, his eyes locked on my face.

“Dave, what the fuck!” I tried to sit up, but he put a hand on my chest and pushed my back down.

He took his mouth off my dick long enough to say “Please, Ben, please let me,” with such intense longing in his voice that it left me breathless. Women always went crazy for my big dick, but I’d never seen anyone who seemed to physically NEED it as much as Dave seemed to right in that moment.

My mind was spinning. What the fuck was I going to do? I should kick his ass, but the way he sounded when he begged… BEGGED!… for my dick was kind of a turn on. And this was Dave, my buddy.

And, let’s be honest, after a night of blue balls, his mouth felt fucking incredible. But at the same time, I was freaking out. This was beyond just a little gay. The guy was sucking my dick and… damn… playing with my balls just right.

I’d instructed many women in the art of pleasing me orally, and they usually got the hang of it sooner or later if I kept them around long enough, but Dave was pushing all the right buttons without having to be told, and it just felt fucking amazing.

Still, I couldn’t let this go on. He’d been slurping away on my knob for a few minutes already, if I didn’t stop it now…

“Dave. Dave you’ve got to stop. That’s fuckin’ gay, man. You’re sucking my dick!” Like he didn’t know that.

“Shhh. Just close your eyes and pretend it’s Shelley,” Dave said, and I opened my mouth to protest just as he moved his mouth down and began sucking my balls just right, oh so right. Damn. I groaned and laid back, closing my eyes and trying to picture Shelley.

But, I couldn’t. It was Dave, and my mind knew it was Dave. My buddy Dave, who’d been dating Tina seriously for over a year, was sucking my balls. What the fuck?!

Without opening my eyes, I tried again. “Dave, man, really. You’ve got to st- OH, FUCK!” All thoughts of stopping fled my brain in an instant when I felt something I’d never felt before. Dave’s tongue had moved from my balls down to my asshole.

My asshole! Dave’s tongue was lapping away at my fuckin’ asshole!

And what was I doing to stop him? It sounded something like this:

“OH, fuck, yeah, Dave! Don’t stop, Dave. Please, please, don’t stop. That’s so fuckin’ good!”

The sensations were just beyond belief, so intense that they were almost unbearable. I reached down, ready to stroke my cock fast and furious, to shoot the biggest load of my life while my buddy french kissed my asshole, but Dave’s hand quickly pushed mine away and continued with it’s own slow, steady stroking.

“Dave, I need to cum,” I groaned.

I got no verbal response. Instead, Dave grabbed me and sort of hoisted me ass up in the air to give himself better access, and his tongue went even deeper inside of me. For the next several minutes i continued to writhe around the bed in the agony of pleasure, begging Dave to let me shoot my load, until I felt his hand began to work my dick again.

But- something was different. What was he-?

I raised my head and looked down. While still tonguing my ass like it was his favorite meal, Dave had produced a condom and managed to slide it onto my dick with one hand.

“What are you doing?” I felt a bit panicked, almost like it was my ass that was in danger of being fucked by more than just a tongue.

“Shhh. Close your eyes. It’s Shelley, remember?”

I knew I had to stop this. Dave’s tongue was no longer in my ass and my mind was coming back into focus.

“Dave, I’m not going to fuck you.”

I felt him straddle me and started to sit up. “This isn’t going to hap-” Before I finished the sentence Dave had my dick in his hand, and was pressing it against his own asshole. I could feel the heat and the tightness of it against the head of my dick, and my body reacted independently of my mind, pushing back against him.

We both gasped as the head of my dick slid inside of him.

“Oh, fuck!” I fell backwards and closed my eyes and Dave pushed down, taking me further inside of him. His ass was beyond a doubt the hottest, tightest hole my dick had ever been inside and I suddenly realized that between Dave tossing my salad and this tight hole, there was no doubt that I was having the best sex I’d ever had.

As Dave began to move up and down, I abandoned all my protesting and gave in to the sensations. I’d fucked enough chicks by that point that my body knew the drill, even if my mind was still dazed by the turn of events. I grabbed hold of Dave’s hips and began slamming him up and down, pounding my dick in and out of him.

“Fuckin’ take my dick, bitch. You wanted it, you’ve fuckin’ got it now, fag,” the words poured out of my mouth almost incoherently. We frequently called each other ‘bitch’ and ‘fag’ in conversation, but suddenly they’d taken on new meaning.

After a few minutes, I grunted out “Doggy style,” and Dave eagerly got off my dick and got on all fours. Doggy style was my own personal favorite, as all my friends knew. I’d told them all many times that I was lobbying to get the name officially changed to ‘Ben Style’ in recognition of my mastery of the skill.

I didn’t give my mind any time to dwell on the fact that this wasn’t a woman on all fours in front of me. I just slammed my dick home deep inside of Dave’s ass and began to long stroke him, hard and fast.

“Fuck me, Ben. Pound me.” Dave moaned beneath me. The sound of my friend, one of the most macho guys I knew, actually begging to be fucked by my dick did something to me.

I let loose, fucking him with an intensity I’d never felt before while he begged for more and I celebrated my dominance over him.

“Take it, you little fag. You’ve wanted this all along, haven’t you?”

“God, yes, yes!”

“You fuckin’ slutty little fag! Wantin’ my dick like a bitch.”

Suddenly, I felt Dave’s whole body tense up around my dick. His hands were clutching the blanket below him, nowhere near his own dick, but I could tell he was shooting.

The way his ass tensed up around my dick sent me over the edge and I shot my own load with an almost feral yell.

And then it was over.

I pulled my dick out of his ass and looked down at his sweaty back in shock. What had just happened?

Dave collapsed onto his stomach, his breath coming in heaves. “Oh my God.” I noted that his tone of voice didn’t match what I was feeling, which was panic and fear. He sounded exactly how you’re supposed to sound after great sex- elated and completely worn out.

I was still kneeling behind him, my dick rapidly deflating. I reached down and pulled off the condom and then climbed off the bed.

“Ben? Are you okay?”

I didn’t answer him. Instead I tossed the condom in the wastebasket next to the door and grabbed blindly in the dark for my briefs. I was in such a panic that it wasn’t until I was out on the front porch that I realized I was wearing Dave’s boxers.

I don’t know how long I sat out there. I went over and over everything in my mind, not sure how I felt about what had just happened. In fact, the only thing I was really feeling at the moment was panic. Was I a fag? Was Dave? How could he not be? But then, how could I not be if I’d just…

After awhile, the door opened and Dave walked out onto the porch. For some reason, I was relieved to see he’d put on shorts and a t-shirt, rather than coming out in my briefs as I’d half expected him to.

“Ben, are you okay?”


“Look, it happened. It’s not like it means anything, okay? You’re straight. I’m straight. Tina will tell you just how straight I am, buddy, and we all know how straight you are!” Dave tried a shaky laugh.

“Yeah, right. Straight guys don’t fuck their friends up the ass.”

“Forget it, Ben. Okay? Put it out of your mind. It happened. I’m going to forget that it did and you should too, dude.”

“Yeah.” What else could I say?

“You should get some sleep.”

“I’ll stay out here.”

“It’s okay, Ben. Go sleep in the bed. Tina’s asleep by now, I’ll crawl into bed with her and she’ll never know.”

I stared at him on the darkened porch. He was acting so nonchalant, so casual. Like he really was forgetting what had just happened, like it had been a crazy dream.

“How can you be so fucking calm?” It pissed me off that he was acting this way.

“Look, my mom’s a shrink, you know? According to her, a lot of straight people do have a homosexual experience once in their life. It happens, and they just go on being straight and that’s that. That’s all this was. A fluke, one time thing. You’re still straight, dude. So am I. No need to freak out, okay?”

It seemed like a logical enough out, a way to put the experience behind me. I’d never thought of a guy sexually before, never doubted my sexuality. Did fucking Dave mean I liked pussy any less?

I was too tired, suddenly, to think of any of it.

“Okay. I’m going to bed. Good night.”

“Night, Ben.”

I made my way back to the room and closed the door behind me. I noticed right away that Dave had already changed the bedding, as if erasing all traces of what had happened.

I collapsed onto the bed, pulled the covers over me, and fell asleep.

The next day when I woke up, it all came crashing back in on me, every bit of it. It didn’t help when I climbed out of bed and realized I was still wearing Dave’s boxers.

I took a quick shower, tossed Dave’s boxers in the hamper in the bathroom, and then gathered up all my stuff. Everyone else was still asleep. I left a note on the kitchen table, saying that I had to head back to civilization and pussy, and took off.

College started right after that, and I made new friends. A few of the old friends still called now and then to shoot the shit, but Dave wasn’t one of them. I hadn’t seen him since that night on the front porch.

The next time I saw him again was winter break of our sophomore year of college. By that time, I was sharing an apartment with an incredible woman that I’d totally fallen in love with. I’d gone home for a couple of days at Christmas and I ended up running into Dave almost literally one chilly afternoon when I’d gone for a jog to escape the parents.


“Dave. Uh, hi. How ya been?”

“I’m great, man. How are you?”

“Good. Really good.”

Uncomfortable silence.

“I heard from Zach that you’ve traded in pussy chasing for a steady girlfriend? What the fuck? That’s not the Ben I remember.”

“Yeah, well, what can I say? She got under my skin when I wasn’t looking.”

“Well, congratulations, man.”

“Thanks. Last time I talked to Zach, he said you broke up with Tina?”

“Yeah. We wanted different things. Well, the same thing, I guess,” Dave grinned at me.


“Dick. We both wanted dick,” Dave laughed.

“Oh.” I didn’t know what to say to that.

“Yeah. I finally came out to myself last June, man. I’d been fooling around with other guys ever since summer camp, but I just couldn’t admit to myself that it meant anything more than that.”


“But things are great, now. I’m seeing this guy, Derek. He’s great. I’m really happy.”


Could this have been any more uncomfortable? I’d wanted to turn and run in the opposite direction since the moment I’d spotted Dave coming my way. Somehow, I’d hoped he’d forgotten our night together at the lake. We’d both been drinking, after all. It was possible. But now here he was, talking about coming out and fooling around with guys since summer camp! Shit.

“I’m not gay.” I blurted it out and felt immediately stupid for doing so.

“I know, Ben. I know. I meant what I said on the porch that night. A lot of totally straight people do have one or two gay experiences at some point in their lives.”

“Yeah. Well, that was mine, I guess.”

“Yeah. And it was really great. I mean, for me, it was a dream come true. But if I could go back again, I wouldn’t have let it happen. It ruined our friendship.”

“Nah, we’re still friends. Really.” It sounded lame, even to me.

“Sure we are.”

“Dave, man… look, it was good for me, too.” I didn’t want to say that, true as it was, but I felt I owed him that.

“Thank you, Ben. That means a lot to me. I didn’t realize it until afterwards, but it was the first time I ever had sex with someone I really loved.”

My mouth fell open and I could feel my face burning. I had no idea what to say to that, but Dave didn’t leave me room to say anything.

“Listen, I’ve got to run. Take care of yourself, Ben. It was good to see you.”

“Yeah, you too, man. We’ll have to get together sometime, me & Laura and you and…”

“Derek. Sure.” We both knew it would never happen as we shook hands and started to move off in opposite directions.

“Hey, Ben!” I turned around.

“Make sure you tell your girlfriend how much you like being rimmed. You wouldn’t want to miss out on that for the rest of your life if it gets really serious with her!”

Instantly, I fell into step with the old camaraderie that had existed between us when we’d been buddies, trash talking about sex.

“Why do you think I decided she’s the one, man? She’s almost as good as it as you are, gay boy.”

“You wish!”

“Fuck off!”

“Up yours!”

We both laughed, for a moment restored completely to the boys we’d once been, before the wind picked up and we went our separate ways with a final nod in each other’s direction.


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