Speed of Life
by William Richard Large


Episode 5: Taking James for a Ride

It had taken some persuading, but eventually, James agreed to come with me on my cycling club’s monthly ride-out.

The club wasn’t a hardcore road race club with all of them wishing they could take part in the Tour de France, but a fun club where we cycled on-road and off-road. It was more a social club with the aim of getting out and keeping fit. We would ride out into the country and either rest and have lunch at a local pub or find a scenic picnic spot. I preferred it when we would take a picnic as I was too young to go into the pub and had to wait outside with a pack up. Sometimes I would have company when the Captain’s fifteen-year-old son came with us. He was cute and showed a prominent bulge in his Lycra shorts, I was only a year younger and was proud that my bulge was bigger than his. It’s a shame he was never interested in showing me what was causing that mesmerising lump.

I hadn’t been to the last few outings, and the club captain emailed me each month to ask if I was coming. He said they all missed me. On the third time of asking, I said yes and would be bringing a mate along who was thinking of joining.

‘The more, the merrier’ was his response. I detected the excitement in his voice of the prospect of having another fourteen-year-old schoolboy joining the club. They needed some younger blood in the club as most of them were getting on to be middle-aged.

So, a week before the Saturday of the ride I told James to meet me at my house, with his bike, and we would go out to build up his stamina.

James arrived bang on time, at ten o’clock. But I wasn’t ready. I was still lounging in the front room with my shorts on eating a bowl of cereal. I was in the house alone as my parents had taken Rob shopping with them and Tom was at his Rugby practice.

“Give me ten minutes, and I’ll be ready.” I jumped up as James appeared in the front room after letting himself in.

“You’re not wearing that are you?” I looked at his flimsy t-shirt and nylon shorts. He looked like he was going to play football.

“I look fine.” He told me. “Besides I’m not wearing that Lycra stuff. It’s too revealing.”

“Look, mate. There is a reason for it.” I said as he followed me upstairs to my room.

I took off my shorts and stood in front of him, naked. “Now, this is revealing.” I wiggled my hips and let my limp seven-inch cock sway from side to side. “I think it’s got a bit bigger. What d’ya think?”

“Stop pratting about, Will. I’m not playing this morning. I’m here to get fitter.”

“But a little bit of this will help.” I grabbed my cock and waved it at him. “They say it’s the best exercise you can get. Well…” I sighed “maybe not the best but surely the most fun.”

“Put it away you horny twat and let’s get started.”

“Ok, your loss. But it’s important to keep your energy up when exercising and I was giving you the chance to take a bit of protein from the source.” I went to my chest of drawers and pulled out some Lycra shorts. They were jet black.

“Are you sure you won’t try on a pair?” I held them out in front of me.

“No, thanks. You be the vain twat in Lycra. I’ll be the normal guy.”

“There is a reason we wear them, you know.”

“Don’t give me that streamlined crap. A bit of wind resistance isn’t a problem, and we aren’t timing us, so it doesn’t matter if we go slower.”

“You sure?” I teased, but James look glared at me. “Ok.” I stepped into my Lycra shorts and pulled them up.

“The next bit, I like.” I plunged my hand inside my shorts and grabbed my package. I pulled my balls forward and dragged my hand out, slowly, forcing my cock to point upwards. “It doesn’t have to be at 12 o’clock.” I outlined my flaccid seven-inch cock with my fingers. “You could have at 3 o’clock. “I delved back in and adjusted my cock so that it was pointed along to my hip.

James sighed impatiently.

“But I prefer 12 o’clock.” I readjusted myself. “It’s easier to hide and less painful if you get a hard-on when riding.”

“Hurry up. I’m getting bored with you being obsessed with your cock. If you didn’t have time to knock one out this morning, then don’t try and tease me into sorting you out for you. I’m here for a ride. That’s all.”

I burst out laughing, turned around and mooned him. “If all you want is a ride then here you go. I could go for that.”

James laughed as well, came up to me and pretended to hump me. I could feel his bulge pressing against my arse cheeks.

“If you’re good and I’m not too knackered after the bike ride, I may ride that smooth arse of yours. But only,” James slapped my cheek, “if you are good.”

I pulled up my shorts and turned to him. “I’ll be good, young Sire. You won’t get any trouble from me.”

“Good, now finish getting dressed.”

“Sir!” I jumped up and went to my drawers again fishing out my other clothes.

In ten seconds flat I had on my skin-tight yellow jersey, short white socks and cycle shoes.

“Very nice,” James said. “You look like a twat.”

“You’re just too embarrassed to look the part, and besides, I get some great looks when people see me.”

“I bet they do.” He looked at my crotch and the large bulge my balls made and the obvious outline of my cock. “Now come on.”

James went downstairs, and I followed.

It was a lovely day. Not too hot and blue skies for as far as the eye could see. No chance of rain. I got my water bottle from the fridge and my bike from the garage, locked up the house and told James to follow me.

I went at a fast pace, only occasionally looking back to make sure James was still with me. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see him panting, but he was keeping up.

I took us along the back roads and out of the town. The brick houses gave way to green hedgerows and fields of growing crops.

My pace slowed, and James pulled up beside me.

“Fucking hell Will.” He panted. “Slow down! I’m dying here.”

“I’m just trying to see what I have to work with.” I nodded at him. “You go in front and just keep following the road. Go at your own pace.”

James pulled ahead and in front. He slowed the pace slightly.

“I get a good view from back here. You have a lovely arse. It would look even better in Lycra.”

I watched James stand up on his peddles and wiggle his arse at me.

“Is this any better?” He asked.

“Much. Now if I could only get my tongue in between those cheeks.”

“Fuck off!” James shouted back to me and sat back in his saddle.

I quickened the pace and overtook James. “Not long now before we go off-road.” I cocked my head and told him to keep up.

I knew James was beginning to struggle, so I let up on the pace a little, again. This really was too easy for me. If I were to get a decent workout, then James will have to get a lot fitter.

Ahead of us, the road inclined and disappeared into a wooded area. We were nearly at the bridle path where the off-road fun began.

“Not long now,” I yelled behind me and stood on my peddles to keep my steady pace.

James began to lag behind now, the slight incline proved too much for him.

At the apex of the hill, I stopped and waited for James to catch up. It didn’t take too long, and I smiled to myself as I watched him huff and puff up the hill.

James pulled up next to me and stopped, he tried to talk, but his lungs wouldn’t let him.

I helped him out. “Just catch yer breath mate. You really need to start getting fitter. If you don’t, then you’ll be cycling with the old folk of the club.”

“Fuck off!” He gasped.

“You’ll be alright for a bit now as we have a good long stretch downhill. Easy”

Almost hidden within the overgrown trees was the sign pointing to a rotten wooden gate. It merely stated ‘Bridleway’. Strictly speaking, it was for horse riders, but we cyclist used it from time to time. No one complained as we were always considerate if we came across a horse.

“You ready?” I asked James.

“Yep. Ready for the freewheeling downhill.”

“Not quite. We’re going over there.” I nodded to the trees. The terrain’s a bit rough so you will need to peddle and avoid any nasty large rocks or potholes. But you’ll be fine. I’ve done it loads of times.”

“Ok.” James didn’t sound so sure.

The path was dry but was scarred with channels created by heavy rain and the occasional rock carried by the water. I swiftly navigated these obstacles, but James was getting nervous and slowed down.

I heard him swear, he sounded distressed.

I slowed to a stop and looked back at him. His wheels were stuck in a rut, and he couldn’t steer himself out.

I yelled for him to gently come to a stop.

“Shit!” James breathed. “I thought that was going to pitch me off.”

“Just don’t panic. Go with it, don’t try and force the wheels to go where they can’t go and if you get in trouble just slowly come to a stop. Never step on your anchors. You’ll just come off.”

“I thought I was going to come off and down that ditch.” James nodded to the grassy verge at the side of the path.

“I’m glad you didn’t,” I said and moved my bike next to him. “I don’t want you to damage your beautiful smooth skin.” I carefully stroked his cheek with my hand.”

James smiled.

My hand traced down his body. I wanted to grab his crotch, but he was still seated in his saddle. So, as he was distracted by my touch, I leant forward and kissed him.

James reacted to my lips and opened his mouth slightly. My tongue pressed forward.

It was a brief snog, but it felt great. “Look,” I pointed to my crotch, “that’s why I stick it up, I can get hard, and it doesn’t look too obscene.”

“Come on, Will. Get a move on. I’m not playing. Especially not here.”

“I’ll go slow, just follow me and try and follow my wheels.”

I took the last part of the hill slowly, but the terrain was rougher, and James was making some bizarre noises.

At the bottom, I stopped again.

“Fucking hell, that was rough. My arse feels like it’s been banged to hell and back.” James said.

“Didn’t you watch me. I stood up and let me legs act as shock absorbers. I thought you always had an eye on me arse.”

“You wish you perv!” James shot back.

“Let’s get back. It’s mostly flat and not far. Your place your mine.”

“Go to mine,” James said. “It’s nearer.”

I chuckled and set off on the track heading for the nearest road.


As I rode up James’ drive, I cocked my leg over, applied the brakes and jumped off as I came to a halt. A perfect dismount like a triathlete.

James wasn’t too far behind and screeched to a halt.

“Bloody hell!” He panted as he climbed off his bike. “That fucking knackered me.”

I saw him wince as his arse raised off the seat.

“You alright?” I asked.

“No, I’m fucking not.” James rubbed his arse cheek. “My arse feels like it’s gone ten rounds with Tyson Fury.”

“That is why we wear these.” I grabbed my Lycra covered crotch and squeezed my bulge. “They’re not just to show off our assets. They protect us from saddle sore.”

I leaned my bike up against his house and beckoned James. “Come on, let us in, and I’ll sort you out.”

I laughed as James waddled like a duck to his front door and unlocked it.

“Go upstairs, and I’ll see what I can do for it.”

I found James lying face down on his bed and went over to him. His t-shirt was damp with sweat, and I suspected his shorts were as well.

“Let’s have a look at you,” I said as I grabbed his shorts and pulled them down to his ankles.

His arse looked delicious encased in his dark cotton briefs. His fleshy mounds wobbled as I knelt on the bed, but I couldn’t help myself, so I took them in my hands and felt the smooth flesh roll against my fingers.

James let out a stifled groan which I presumed meant he liked it, although it could have been due to the pain of the saddle sore.

I pulled down his briefs and stared at his brilliant white buttocks. I wanted to lean forward and press my face against those beautiful cheeks.

“Spread your legs. I need to see between them.” I told James.

As his thighs parted, I saw the back of his balls, and I began to inspect the damage.

His skin was red in all the creases, and I traced a line of soreness from underneath his right buttock to between his legs, almost touching his scrotum.

James winced.

“Nasty!” I said to him. “But you better have a shower, I’ll go see what you have in the medicine cabinet.”

I pulled James off the bed and pulled his t-shirt over his head. “You stink.” I slapped him on the arse cheek. “Get in that shower, now!”

I followed him into the bathroom and watched him turn on the water and step into the shower. There was a small cabinet above the sink, but I could only see toothpaste, toothbrushes and shaving stuff.

“Where do you keep the medicines?” I called to James.

“Try my mum’s bedside cabinet. She never keeps anything out.” He yelled back through the spray as he rinsed his hair.

I felt very awkward, going into his parents’ room. I knew we were alone, but I still felt like I was trespassing.

I pulled out the drawer to the closest table to the door. It must have been his father’s as it was a mess and contained all sorts of rubbish, old razors, coins and keys that must have originally belonged to something.

His mother’s drawer was closest to the window, so I ducked down in case anyone caught me in their room. I felt silly but didn’t want to explain why I was in there should they come home.

The drawer was very tidy and organised. I saw some Paracetamol and other medicines and a tube of cream. It was Sudacrem, perfect. Just what I needed.

I grabbed the tube but felt something else at the back. I pulled the drawer out further, and I saw a smooth, white dildo lying at the back of the drawer.

One hand carried the ointment, the other held the dildo, and I went back into the bathroom.

I turned on the dildo, and it began to vibrate.

“Hey, matey! Fancy trying this!” I poked the dildo through the shower curtain so he could see it. “You know where this has been? Do you want to try it out!”

“Fucking hell!” James screamed. “Put that thing back. No way I’m touching that. You’re a fucking disgusting perv.”

“Don’t call me a perv!” I poked my head through the curtain and grinned at him. “It is clean, you know.”

James turned away from me to finish rinsing his hair. His plump white arse was in full view.

I couldn’t resist it. I pushed the dildo between his sweet cheeks, aiming where I knew his pink hole would be.

James squealed like a girl as the dildo touched his button. He jumped and slipped back. James only just managed to steady himself, but not before the dildo breached his button, and an inch entered him.

“Fuck! Get it out!” He squealed.

I pulled it out and apologised, I didn’t mean to roger him on his mum’s sex toy.

“That’s been in my mum! Now you’ve stuck it up my arse. Clean that fucking thing up and put it back. If she finds out we found it, then I’m fucking dead. And if I’m dead, then I’ll make fucking sure you are too.”

I cleaned the dildo and put it back in his mother’s draw. I took a final glance at the room, making sure it looked like she left it before I had been rooting through her drawers.

Back in James’ room, I stripped off my skin-tight lycra and joined James in the shower.

I sneaked behind him and wrapped my arms around his waist. “Everything is back where it belongs,” I said as I kissed his neck. “Except one thing,” I said as I pressed my inflating cock between his arse cheeks.

“Don’t you dare.” James twisted to look at me.

He looked frightened; I might push forward and fuck him for the first time.

“I’m not ready for that.” He pleaded.

“Yet,” I told him. “I’ll be ready, willing and able when you are.”

James turned around and kissed me on the lips. “Thanks.” He said.

“Shut up you soppy sod!”

I pushed James under the shower spray and began to wash him. I could still smell his sweat so lathered soap over all his body.

James just stood like a child being bathed by his mother as I manhandled him and soaped him up. But I wasn’t his mother, and his cock responded as I caressed the suds over his soft tube, feeling it lengthen in my hands, but I didn’t want it to get too hard. Yet.

Satisfied he was clean, I told him to rinse off as I soaped myself up.

“Now get your arse in your bedroom and dry yourself off. I’ll join you in a moment.” I told James.

James stepped out of the shower while I rinsed the soap from my body and gave my hair a quick wash with what looked like his mother’s lavender shampoo. Damn, I thought that I smelled like an old lady.

I dried myself off and joined James in his bedroom. He sat on his bed, his towel around his waist.

“Come on,” I told him, “get up and lie face down on the bed.”

James did as he was told.

I threw my damp towel on the floor and grabbed the cream. From the base of James’ bed, I crawled up his legs and straddled his thighs.

“Now let the dog see the rabbit.” I pushed up his cheeks and noticed a thin red line tracing the spot that his underwear elastic rubbed against him.

James winced as I ran my fingers traced along the lines.

I opened the cream and squirted a blob onto my left palm. I scooped a little with my fingers and rubbed it into the red marks.

“Open wider,” I said and pushed his legs further apart.

His balls looked red, and the skin beneath them looked like it was ready to crack. I smeared a large amount of cream between his legs and his balls.

There was nothing wrong with James’ balls, but they were loose and plump after his shower, and I loved the feel of them in my hand and the sensation as I rubbed the cream into his scrotum.

James moaned as rubbed him, and when I ventured further forward, I could feel the firm root of his cock.

Just the thought of his hard cock made mine jerk and beg me to stroke it. But my hands were on James, and this was about him.

“That feels so good.” James moaned into his pillow as I continued to massage his balls and the base of his cock.

There was still a little cream left on my palm, so I scooped it up and gently pulled his cheeks apart.

For a moment, I stared at his beautiful pink button guarding his still-forbidden canal. I must have held my breath as my lungs gasped in some air.

Gingerly, my fingers touched him.

James gasped and let out a long deep moan just from my touch.

I smeared the cream over it, rubbing it, lubricating it.

Each time my fingers touched his button, I applied a little more pressure.

Then, my finger slipped in.

“Ah… fuck!” James gasped. “Shit, that feels fucking fantastic.”

Only my fingertip was inside him, so I pushed further.

“Ooh…Aah!” James hissed. “Shit!”

I could feel James lift his arse off the bed, pushing my finger deeper inside. My other hand went underneath him and pulled his hard cock down. The remnants of the cream on my palm coating his shaft.

I pushed my finger even deeper and forced his hips back on the bed.

His arse was now impaled on my index finger and his hard cock pointing down towards his feet.

The tip of his cock was exposed, his foreskin pushed back, and his helmet glistened with his precum.

I could see the string of skin attaching his knob to his foreskin. From experience, I knew how sensitive it is, and I wanted to feel it. I lowered my head, and with my nose nestled in his arse crack, I flicked his frenulum with my tongue.

James flinched. “Oh, god, fuck!” He screamed into his pillow as I flicked it again and tasted the pre-cum oozing from his cock.

“I can’t take much more!” James screamed. “Shit, Will. I need to cum.”

“Not yet, matey. I just want a taste first.”

I pulled back, my finger sliding out from his pink bud. I watched as it slowly closed.

My hands pulled his cheeks further apart until I could feel them straining and stretching the skin between them. I dived down, my tongue out, and it hit the mark.

The tip of my tongue played with his sweet pink button, lapping at it and pushing against it. I managed to get a hand around James’ cock, and I slowly stroked him as my tongue pressed against him as happened with my finger, his button gave way and opened.

James gasped again as my tongue delved inside him. He was screaming into his pillow, but my ears were muffled, and I couldn’t understand him.

My tongue now jabbed at him, going deeper each time. My hand rubbed his moist and clammy cock.

I wanted my cock where my tongue was right now, but this was not the time.

James was getting close, I could feel him tremble with each taste of his hole, and his cock kept throbbing in my hand.

I slowed down in the hope that I could keep James from cumming and pulled my tongue from his hole. His hole stayed open, and I gently blew inside him.

James let out a low sigh.

I licked him from the tip of his cock back to his gaping hole before starting my onslaught on his hole again.

James was close, too close, and I couldn’t pull him back. So, I went for it and plunged ever deeper inside him, wanking his cock faster.

James’ body writhed beneath me, squirming as if trying to escape my touch but always coming back for more. He pushed his arse into my face, forcing my tongue deep and letting me taste some fresh juices.

Then his body slammed hard against the mattress, he became rigid. His cock throbbed in my hand, and his hole pulsated around my invading tongue. James let out an almighty groan, and I felt his cum spurt and splash on my thighs.

I pulled back from James and watched the last few dribbles ooze from his knob. I grabbed my cock and gave it a few quick strokes. It was enough to get me off.

I pointed my cock at James’ gaping hole and watched as I came, the first spurt shot straight on target and went through. The rest splashed around his pink button.

My cock throbbed, so I gave it a squeeze to drain the last few drops which dripped onto James’ leg.

There was no way I was going to leave James like that, I spread his cheeks again and began lapping up my cum. It tasted so much sweeter this way.

My tongue went back inside him, scooping up the cum that shot into him. James lay still, breathing heavily into his pillow.

I was still lapping at his hole when I realised the bastard had fallen asleep!

I left James on the bed, grabbed his discarded underwear off his bedroom floor and wiped his cum that had shot onto my leg. He looked so fucking cute lying face down, naked and sleeping like a baby.

After getting dressed again in my cycling gear, I left James to his contented sleep.


“You fucking bastard!” James rang me later that day and was almost shouting down the phone.

“What’s up, matey.”

“You fucking left me asleep…”

I just had to listen to his rant down the phone.

“and still fucking naked. You didn’t bother to cover me. I was so fucking mortified. I still feel sick thinking about it. I can’t believe you fucking left me like that.”

I had no idea what the fuck he was talking about, and I couldn’t get a word in edgeways.

“My dick was still fucking slimy.” He went on. “Fucking hell, Will. Cum was still dribbling from my dick. I’m was so fucking embarrassed… And she saw it. Saw my soft, slimy dick.”

“What the hell happened?” I butted in.

James was finally silent at the end of the phone. I could hear his breathing.

“I was so fucking mortified.” He spoke calmly. “You left me asleep and buggered off. Then my mother came home…”

“Oh shit!” I gasped.

“and found me lying on my bed. Stark bollock naked with cum all over my dick and my bedclothes all damp and sticky. I will never be able to look at her in the face again.”

I just burst out laughing.

“It’s not fucking funny, you bastard!”

“I know… I know…” I chuckled. “But she must know that you beat your meat like any teenage boy. She probably thought that you just had a good time having a wank while you were home alone. At least she didn’t catch me with my tongue deep in your arse.”

“Thank Christ for that!”

“So, what did she do?” I asked.

“She told me to get up and change my sheets. She demanded I wash my bedclothes. I’ve not been able to get a hardon since. When I went downstairs after having a shower and washing my sheets, she just looked so disappointed in me. I couldn’t even look at her.”

“You lot are so repressed, so British. Shove your head in the sand. It’s not like that around here. Everyone’s seen me naked and even hard.”

“Well, we’re not all exhibitionists like you, Will. Some of us want to have some dignity.”

“Trust me, you showed no dignity when I was eating you out and cumming all over my leg. You were positively indecent.” I smiled at the memory of what happened earlier that day. “Why don’t you come around here?” I asked him. “Put a bit of space between you and your mum. Stay over if you like?”

I wanted to show James just how indecent we could be.

“That would be good.”

“Don’t worry, mate. Just come over here for the night, and she may have forgotten about it all tomorrow.” I empathised with him.

“I fucking hope so.” James paused a moment, and I could hear him take a deep breath. “Just give me half an hour, and I’ll be round.”

“Sure thing.”

He said a quick ‘bye’ and hung up the phone.


I waited nearly two hours for James to arrive. When he got here, his face was red, and he just brushed passed me and dashed up to my bedroom.

“What’s up, James?” I asked as I followed him into my room and saw him sitting on my bed, head in his hands.

I thought he looked like he was crying. He felt like it but was just so mortified.

Poor James. He told me why he was so late.

His mother wouldn’t let him come over at first, not until his father had spoken to him. So, he had to wait. His mother made herself busy while his father sat him down and gave him a long talk. He had to sit there and just listen about having respect for himself and his body.

“There’s nothing wrong with masturbation, James.” His dad explained. “But it is something that should be done in private. You need to be more careful, and you need to make sure you don’t make a mess. I know what happens when you ejaculate but you need to have something to catch the stuff in.”

James’ face was bright red, and he couldn’t bring himself to look at his dad.

“Here.” His dad passed James a box of tissues. “Keep these by your bed, then they will always be on hand to catch your semen when you ejaculate.” His dad was using the correct language and never any euphemisms such as wanking, spunk or cum. “I’ve spoken to your mum, and she will make sure the box is never empty and provide fresh supplies. It’s also not very nice to sleep in bedclothes that are stained and or wet with your semen. It’s unhealthy and is a breeding ground for germs. So, you need to be careful and if you do get semen on your sheets, then you need to put them on the wash and put a fresh, clean sheet on your bed. Again, I have spoken with your mum and she will make sure that there is always a clean sheet available.”

James could feel his dad’s eyes looking at him intently.

“I know this is embarrassing, James, but masturbation is perfectly normal. There is nothing to be ashamed of. We know you are a growing boy and part of growing up is having erections and feeling the need to masturbate. It was the same with me when I was your age. I used to masturbate at least once a day and most days several times more. It seems that you are more creative than I ever was. I used to just lie on my back and masturbate and my semen would go over my chest, abdomen and pubic hair. But I always made sure I had some tissues at hand to clean myself up. I even do it now, sometimes.”

James felt his dad nudge him. He looked up and saw his dad wink at him.

“But… but…” James stuttered. “You don’t need to.”

“Masturbation isn’t just for teenagers or guys that don’t have a girlfriend or who aren’t married. Masturbation can be part of a healthy sexual relationship. Your mum masturbates too.”

“Oh, Daad!” James huffed and went bright red again.

“It’s true. Sometimes when we are aroused but don’t feel like having sex, we would snuggle against each other and masturbate together. It’s a lot quicker than sex. I also still masturbate in the shower sometimes. I always make sure that my semen washes down the plughole. I hope you do as well.”

James looked away, not wanting to talk about when or where he wanks.

“But back to your technique. It seems that you have started experimenting. Were you just masturbating using your hand while lying face down or were you humping the bed?”

James’ eyes widen with shock. He couldn’t tell his dad what really happened, so he just said he was humping the bed.

“Pretending to have sex, eh James. Who was the girl? Someone from your class?”

James was stunned into silence and didn’t say a word.

“Why haven’t you asked her out? You are allowed girlfriends. But I don’t think it’s time for you to start having sex yet. Both your mum and I think you’re too young. It’s best if you keep experimenting with masturbation. But just make sure you do it in private and clean up after yourself.”

“I will, Dad.” James protested. “And I promise I won’t sleep with a girl unless we are married.”

“I’m sure we’ll talk again some other time. I’m always here for you so you can ask me anything you like about masturbation, sex or just about anything else.”

“Thanks, Dad.”

“Now go on and go visit your friend.”

“Ok, Dad. See you tomorrow.” James could not get out of the house quick enough.

James told me he just grabbed his bag and ran wound here as fast as he could.

I laughed. “I bet you didn’t tell him that you will put out for all the boys and how you enjoyed fucking my sweet arse?”

“My parents are a bit naïve. They don’t think two boys have sex.”

“We can show them if you want. Let your parents catch us in the act.”

“No fucking way. From now on, we do nothing at my place. I’ll just be so scared that they may turn up and catch us. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get a hard-on in the house again. Every time I touch myself either in my room or in the shower, I will be wondering if my mum and dad are downstairs thinking I’m wanking. That’ll just kill any hard-on I get.” James looked concerned.

“Don’t worry, anytime you want a wank, just come over, and if I’m not here to help, then please feel free to use my room.” I smiled, “Just don’t mess up my sheets like your own. You come like a horse, and I don’t want my room stinking of cum all the time.”

“Thanks, Will.” James stood up and faced me. He was smiling again. “Now, do you want to make good on your promise and help me out now.”

“I thought you’d never ask.” I closed the gap between us, placed my lips on his and grabbed his crotch through his shorts.

James was not quite hard, but my hand made sure he got hard very soon. Our tongues danced, and I could feel saliva running down my chin; mine or his I have no idea.

He placed his hands on my backside as I fondled his bulge. His cock was now rock hard.

I let my fingers creep up to the waistband of his shorts and slip inside them and his briefs. As I wrapped my hand around his hard and clammy cock, James pulled back from my lips and gasped.

I didn’t let him go, and I placed my other hand on the back of my neck and pulled him back to me. Our lips locked again, and I started to stroke his shaft inside his shorts.

James opened his mouth and gasped again. I swallowed his breath but kept our lips and tongues connected.

My hand stroked him, faster and faster. His cock leaked, and it became sticky. The strong musky smell of pre-cum wafted up to my nose, and I inhaled deeply.

More drool dribbled down my chin as neither of us let up our lingering kiss to swallow the excessive saliva we both were creating.

James’ cock kept leaking, with each stroke, I felt more fluid slide onto my fingers and smear his sticky shaft. The smell was intoxicating.

I wanked him harder. Kissed him harder.

We both struggled for breath as our lips and tongues merged into an amorphous mass.

My hand felt sopping wet, and my fingers were glued to his shaft.

“Fuck!” James coughed into my mouth.

I kept wanking him as his cock pulsated in my hand and his cum spewed out and over my hand.

We kept our lips together, but James was panting. We were sharing air like some symbiotic creature.

When James got control of his breathing, I pulled our lips apart. His chin was as wet as mine as was beginning to turn red as the moisture made his chin sore.

Down below, I gave his cock a firm squeeze to release the last drops of cum.

I slowly released his cock from my grasp and allowed the skin on his shaft to gradually peel away, disconnecting us.

I smiled at James. “I think you enjoyed that.”

“Fuck, yes!”

I pulled my sticky hand from his shorts and raised it so we could both see the mess he had made. His creamy cum was smeared over my fingers and pooled between them. I pushed out my tongue and licked the finger nearest to me.

James leant in and sucked my thumb.

We met in the middle and kissed again.

This time, when we parted, I saw a sense of panic fall over James’ face.

“Fuck, Will. I’m going to be a mess.” He looked down at his shorts. “I can’t go home with these like this. They going to be all cum stained… Shit, Will!” He sat back on my bed.

“Don’t worry. Take them off. I’ll get them washed and dried for the morning.”

James stood up and pulled down his shorts and briefs.

“T-shirt too,” I told him.

He pulled it over his head and threw it at me. He now stood naked in front of me.

“That’s better. But you do look all damp and sticky down there.” I nodded to his crotch. “Get in the shower while I stuff these in the washer. I’ll join you in a bit.”


Clouds of steam floated around the warm bathroom when I went in to check on James.

I poked my head around the shower curtain.

“Are you alright?” I asked.

“Yeah, fine.” He spoke sullenly.

I locked the bathroom door, just in case people returned home and disturbed us, and stripped off my clothes.

“Come ‘ere, mate.” I stepped into the shower, my arms outstretched, and I pulled him into a hug.

James wrapped his arms around me, and I felt him pull me tightly against him.

“I’m so sorry, James.” I apologised. “I had no idea your parents were such nutters. If I’d known, then I wouldn’t have left you.”

“That’s ok. I’ll live with it. It won’t be so bad, they’ll probably forget about it in a day or two. And you’ll be amazed where I can find to have a crafty want. And I’m so fast these days I can be done in under a minute. My record was five seconds. But I was extremely horny and hadn’t cum for a while. My hand was literally a blur for those five seconds.”

“Well start getting used to it slow from now on.” I lowered my hands and squeezed his buttocks. “I don’t want to rush when we’re together.”

I could feel his cock fluffing up and pressing against mine. This, in turn, woke my cock.

We let go of each other, and I saw lust in his eyes and a massive grin on his face. “If only my parents knew what we get up to, then they’d have simultaneous heart attacks.”

I cupped his balls, and his cock draped itself over my hand. Slowly I felt his cock lift, so it no longer touched me.

James was now almost hard.

I left his sweet, lust filled eyes and dropped to my knees. I didn’t touch him, just sucked in his rubbery cock until my nose rested against his wet pubes.

My hands grabbed his arse cheeks and pulled them apart. I let a finger creep to his hole, the nearer I got, the harder his dick became, and was now pressing hard against the back of my throat.

My tongue tickled the underside of his cock as I pulled back. My finger pressed against his hole.

I sucked and played with his knob, tracing the ridges with my tongue, stroking the ridges and sucking at his slit.

James’ hole told me he was enjoying it; it pulsated and allowed my fingertip inside him; the water cascading down his back providing the lubrication.

After being made to feel like shit by his parents, I wanted to make him feel good.

James groaned as I pushed my fingertip in further and I tasted his precum which oozed onto my tongue.

My cock lurched as I tasted his sweet fluid, I wanted to stroke myself but thought it could wait until James was satisfied.

I sucked harder on his knob, hoping for some more pre-cum. Nothing came until I twisted my finger around in his hole. That did the trick, and I was rewarded with another drop.

My finger went deeper until I found his button. One touch and my mouth was flooded with pre-cum. His cock spasmed, and I struggled to keep it in my mouth.

James groaned loudly as I massaged his button. “That’s fucking ace.” He breathed.

I continued my two-prong attack on James’ senses: oral and anal. He put his arm out and pushed against the tiled wall of the shower to steady himself. His body writhed; fucking himself on my finger and shoving his cock in and out of my mouth. I barely had to do anything, just ensure his knob stayed within my lips, and my fingertip stayed in his arse.

James heeded my words as he was taking it slow. No quick blow job or finger fuck to get him off as fast as possible.

In return, I was happy to stay crouched down, letting him enjoy using me.

It felt like an age as he fucked my face and impaled himself on my finger; my muscles began to ache. Especially my jaw as I tighten my mouth around his cock as it went deeper and then sucking at the teat of his knob when he pulled back. All the time, he groaned and moaned, letting out occasional and undecipherable words.

I couldn’t keep this up much longer, so I decided to help him. I used my finger to probe deeper inside his hole, massaging his button more aggressively. Soon he stopped moving altogether and just enjoyed my finger assaulting his prostate.

My mouth moved over his cock, up and down the slick shaft. His pre-cum now just pooling under my tongue or being smeared over his cock. I missed the taste but knew something stronger would be coming soon.

“Oh, fuck!” He screamed as I pushed in a second finger.

Two fingers now stretched him and rubbed against his button. His cock was now leaking like a tap. If I could see his balls, I would have guessed they were being held tight against his body. I felt he was about to blow.

James let go of the wall and gripped onto my shoulders for support.

“Fuck!” He screamed as his fingers dug into my skin, and I felt his cock pulsate and flood my mouth with cum.

I continued to fuck him with my fingers until his cock was exhausted and no longer throbbed in my mouth.

In one big gulp, I swallowed his cum and let his softening and rubber cock slide from my lips.

I pulled my fingers from his hole and smiled up at him. “I bet you feel better now.”

I stood up, kissed him and gave my hard cock a couple of firm strokes. That is all it took before I came and shot cum down James’ legs.

Needless to say, we needed to wash afterwards.


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