Speed of Life
by William Richard Large


Episode 4: Sometimes Plans Change

“I’m not fucking babysitting those two. They’re a nightmare, and besides, I’ve already got my mate coming round.” Tom shouted at our mother.

She sounded angry with him. “Don’t you dare take that tone with me. This was agreed. They can’t stay on their own.”

“I know. Sorry.”

“Look, you are just a backup option. Both Rob and Will are trying to arrange to go to one of their friends. Trust me, they don’t want to stay with you any more than you want them. Rob is almost certain. Will, I’m not so sure about. Have you met this new friend? James, I think he said.”

I was earwigging the conversation at the top of the stairs.

I’d already arranged to stay over with James, but I knew Tom wanted the house alone for a boys’ night. I kept teasing him, saying that I was one of the boys, so it was alright for me to stay.

He was not pleased.

Our parents were going away on a weekend spa break. A present for our mum so she could get away from us.

It wasn’t until Friday after school that I confirmed I was going to stay with James. The look of relief on Tom’s face was hilarious.

I laughed at him.

“You’ve known all along, haven’t you?”

I just smiled, and he ran at me, I ran away and up the stairs. He gave chase and grabbed my leg on the stairs as I tried to get away. I fell flat on my face, and he slipped, letting go of me. I darted back to my feet and ran to my room. Before I could slam the door shut he was barging in.

He looked so pissed at me.

“It was a joke, Bro.” Laughing, I held my hands up in surrender.

“You fucking bastard. I’ll get my revenge, just you wait.” He calmly turned and walked out of the room.

“Fucking hell, Tom. Can’t you take a joke?” I called after him.


Saturday morning was hell. Mum got us all up early as they needed an early start. I just pulled on some shorts to cover my softening cock. Those with a keen eye could see my half-hard cock bulging and swinging in the loose shorts.

Rob came down in his pyjamas, he is such a kid. He wants to be grown up, but he still clings to some kiddy things. I bet once he starts shooting cum those pyjamas will soon be exiled to the bottom drawer along with all the other things he no longer wears.

Tom came downstairs in just his jockstrap; it looked grey and old. My cock twitched when I saw his bulge. It looked obscenely large, he must also be trying to hide his softening morning wood. When he turned around, and I saw his perfectly white arse cheeks, my cock jumped and was hard before I could stop it.

I tried to hide my hard-on and sat down at the kitchen table. Tom stood next to me, his bulge right in my eye line.

Mum dragged Rob, who had sat in front of the television and was watching cartoons, into the kitchen so she could talk to all three of us.

“Tom. Make sure Rob is okay until his friend comes round. His parents will be picking him up to make sure they are safe. His overnight bag is in his room. Please make sure he doesn’t forget it.” She pleaded. “They should be here about tenish so they can take them to the cinema.”

“Yes, Mum.” Tom sighed.

“Then you can go to your rugby training.”

So that explained the jockstrap.

“Will.” She turned to me. “What are you up to?”

“James has got something on in the morning, and I’ve arranged to meet him at his place about three.”

“Good.” Tom sneered at me. He’d still not forgiven me for last night.

“So, you’ll have the place all to yourself when you get back Tom.” My mum smiled at him, trying to make him feel better.

“Tom,” she continued, “you know the rules. No alcohol, we know how much we have in the house. No loud music and no music after nine.”

“What’s his bedtime, Mummy?” I teased.

Tom nudge me in the face with his elbow.

I felt evil and flicked his jockstrap covered cock

Tom instinctively jerked his hands down to cover and protect his crotch. “You bastard!”

“Pack it in boys.” She glared at us both.

I put on my sweet face and looked at her, she sighed.

“Can I trust you both to behave?”

“Yes.” We said in unison.

“Good.” We heard our dad come down the stairs carrying an obviously heavy suitcase. “Right, we’re off. Now be good and Tom?”


“I don’t want to hear any complaints from the neighbours.”

“You won’t, it’s me and a mate having a boys’ night with pizza and a couple of films.”

“Good.” Mum turned and shouted through the house. “Put the suitcase in the car, and I’ll be out in a second.”

Our dad had his orders, and with a quick kiss on our cheeks, mum left us alone in the kitchen.

The moment the front door shut, Tom told me to get Rob some breakfast and get him ready for his friend.

My cock was still hard, so I stayed still.

“Hurry up you little git.” He was not going to move until I did.

There was no way of hiding my hard-on as I stood up. Tom laughed and called me a horny runt.


After breakfast, I told Rob to go and get dressed while I took his place in the front room and changed the channel to watch music videos instead of cartoons. Like every teenage boy, my hand was resting on my crotch, and I was absent-mindedly playing with my cock, keeping it at a steady half-mast.

A short time later they both came downstairs. Tom was now dressed in his full rugby gear; black compression shorts over his jockstrap, thick cotton white shorts, long socks and a rugby top in red and white, the colours of the club. He wore his trainers, but I suppose his boots were in the bag over his shoulder.

Rob just wore jeans and a t-shirt, his backpack ready and slung over his shoulders.

“We’re off then,” Tom told me. “We’ve just seen them come up the drive. I’ll see you tomorrow.” He emphasised.

“See ya then.” I waved my arm in the air.

While I was on my own, I had a wank and a shower, in that order, and got dressed. I had nothing to do until James rang to say they were home so that I could go over. I was bored, and for once, I wasn’t horny.


It was getting close the three in the afternoon and James hadn’t rung. Tom would be back in half an hour, and I really wanted to be out before he got back, especially with the mood he’d been in around me.

My boredom turned to tiredness, so I went into my room to have a nap. I put my mobile under my pillow and rested my head.

Just as my head touched the pillow, my phone rang.

“About bloody time,” I said to myself.

I grabbed my phone. It was James. It was bad news. He would be another hour at least, and he said he would ring when they were on the way home so I could meet him when they arrived.

I put the phone back under my pillow, and I nodded off.


I awoke from noises in the house. It sounded like Tom was home with his mate. They were talking loudly and banging doors. I really didn’t want to see him. If I was quick, I could get out without being seen.

The noise had died down a little, and I thought I heard his bedroom door shut.

I grabbed my backpack in which I had packed my spare undies and some films we might want to watch and cracked open my door.

The coast was clear.

For now.

But as I opened my door to leave, Tom’s door opened and out strode Tom with his mate; they were stark bollock naked and still muddy from rugby training. And both were hard. His mate looked cute. Blond and slim with a long slim cock to match his body. He looked shaved, but that was because his pubes were almost pure white and could hardly be seen.

I stared at Tom’s hard on. It was fucking massive. It must have been nine inches yet his foreskin still partially covered the tip. I’d never seen it hard before, and it mesmerised me.

“What the fuck are you doing here?” Tom made no attempt to cover himself.

“I’m just leaving you perv.”

“Good! And don’t you dare tell anyone about this or I’ll rip your balls off.” He shouted as I went downstairs.

“What you do with your mate is your business. I’m just glad I won’t be around to listen to you screwing each other’s brains out. No wonder you wanted the house to yourself.”

“Don’t be a twat, the showers were bust at the club, that’s all!”

I slammed the front door shut and didn’t bother to respond. It sounded like an excuse to me. Mind you, I wouldn’t have minded staying and watching. That Blondie was a cutie.

I dawdled over to James’ house and sat on the step outside his front porch. I drifted off to sleep as I waited.


Voices grew from a silent whisper until I could hear them.

“Will he be ok?”

“We don’t know. It’s very serious, but at least we have stopped the bleeding.”

“But he’s still unconscious.”

“That can be a good sign. Will’s body has either shut down to repair itself or…”


“Or he might never recover.”

“He needs to wake up.”

“He needs to wake up.”

“He needs to…”


“Wake up!” James rocked me.

“Wake up!” This time he was more forceful, and I opened my eyes.

“I’ll still here. I’m here. Why can’t you see!” I cried.

I was surrounded by people. Except for James, I’d never seen them before. I presumed they were his mum and dad, but there was also an old lady looking at me. Peaking from behind her was a young man.

“Will, are you alright?” James asked.

I stood up and dusted myself off. “Fine, I just nodded off waiting.”

“But you weren’t making any sense, dear.” His mother said. “And you are sweating. Come here, let me feel your forehead.”

I went up to her so she could check my temperature.

“You don’t feel hot, but you are very clammy.”

“I’ll be alright,” I said.

“You look flushed. Come inside, and we’ll get you settled.”

She unlocked the front door and James helped me inside.

“I’ll take him to my room so he can have a lie-down.”

“Alright, I’ll check up on him in a bit.”

James left me on his bed, they were the same sheets that I’d come all over a few nights ago. I didn’t care. I just rested my eyes. But James had left the door open, and I could hear them all talking. First, about me. I heard them say things like ‘strange boy’ or ‘weird’. They even asked James how long he’d known me and if I was trouble at school.

James defended me gallantly, and they eventually decided that I might just be coming down with something. They wanted to tell my parents, but James persuaded them not to as it would ruin their first weekend away for years.

With all the talking I’d also worked out who all the people were. It was mum, dad, gran and big brother, who I think was just back from university for the weekend.

I started to feel like a burden.

They hadn’t expected everyone to be staying with them. James’ brother surprised them, and his gran had had a fall and was unsteady on her feet.

I couldn’t relax knowing they were fretting downstairs, desperately trying to sort out the sleeping arrangements.

Gran would be in the brother’s room. It was always planned for me to be in with James, but there was nowhere for the brother to sleep.

“I’m not having you on the sofa, it’s too small.” His mum said.

“Camping gear!” His father exclaimed. “We have that blow up double bed. We can put it in James’ room.”

“You can sleep with Ethan on the blow-up,” his mother declared, “and your friend can have your bed.”

I felt guilty, so I got up and went downstairs.

“I feel better now,” I told them. “Look tonight is going to be difficult, you didn’t expect all these people. It’s going to be too much trouble.”

“No, it’s alright, dear.” James’ mother said.

“It’ll be best if I just went home, Tom’s there.” I looked at James. “We’ll just do it another time. Next week perhaps.”

I pulled my mobile from my pocket. “I’ll just text my parents to let them know what’s happening.”

I texted my mum.

James’ parents didn’t put up any fight, so I guess they just wanted rid of me. I picked up my bag and told James I’d see him on Monday at school.

Now I was on the street. I walked down the road so James and his family wouldn’t see me hanging around, but I didn’t know where to go. I didn’t want to go home just yet and spoil Tom’s day. I would go home later, after dark.

I phoned Pete to see if he was around, but he’d been taken away for the weekend, again.

James texted me apologising for being chucked out, even though I offered to leave. I caught a bus to the shopping centre and just hung around there, looking in shops and grabbing some food before I went home.


I couldn’t put it off any longer, so I caught the bus home. It was starting to get dark, but I really didn’t want to stay out any longer.

I looked through the front room window, it was empty, then I went around the back of the house. I suppose I was still nervous about spoiling Tom’s night, but if I saw him and they weren’t having fun, then I supposed I would feel better.

At the back of the house was a second reception room, which we used to get away from the parents and watch what we wanted or play music or just relax away from their prying eyes.

But Tom didn’t close the curtains properly, and I could see through the gap of a few inches in the centre of the window. All the lights were on, so I got a very good view of what they were doing.

As soon as I saw them, my jaw could have hit the floor. Tom and his mate had a girl in there. All of them were naked, I wondered if they actually bothered to get dressed, and the girl was lying on her back on the sofa, and Blondie was fucking her. Taking long slow strokes. I watched as his long cock went in and out of her cunt. Behind Blondie was Tom. He was hugging Blondie, close, his arms around his front and feeling his chest and playing with his nipples.

Then Tom pulled his hips back, and I saw his hard cock pull from Blondie’s arse.

Shit. Tom was fucking Blondie, and Blondie was fucking the girl. My hand went straight to my crotch and rubbed. I was so hard watching this.

Blondie pulled out of the girl completely, and I noticed he had a condom on, he hadn’t filled it yet.

Tom pulled out of Blondie. He was bare, but he reached out to a table and grabbed a condom. He slipped it down his shaft and tugged a few times.

I grabbed my phone and started to record the action.

They changed places. Tom aimed his cock at the girl’s cunt, everyone watched as he pushed it inside, including me. The girl moaned loudly, he was so much thicker than Blondie, and she looked like she was enjoying his girth.

Tom was inside her, as far as he could go and he remained still. Behind him, Blondie had pulled off his condom and was lubing his cock.

Shit, I knew where this was going. I fumbled at my flies with my free hand and pulled out my cock. I had to stroke it.

Blondie placed his naked cock against my brother’s cheeks and pushed. I could see Tom react as Blondie had breached his hole. Was this his first time? I had no idea, but Tom quickly got used to the invasion.

Tom was now in charge, each thrust into the girl would pull Blondie from his hole and pulling out the girl pushed Blondie back into him.

My eyes were fixed to Tom’s face, he looked to be in heaven. He loved that cock up his arse, and he loved fucking that girl.

To help her get off, the girl was fingering her clit while Tom pummelled her cunt. This was Tom’s time to get off.

My hand flew up and down my cock as I watched the girl orgasm and writhe underneath my brother. He just fucked her harder and deeper until he let out a roar as he filled his condom with his seed. I exploded and shot my cum on the brickwork and concrete patio below.

He stayed inside her, leaning forward to kiss her.

Behind him, Blondie took his turn and really started to fuck Tom’s arse. He was certainly well versed in the art of butt-fucking. I watched as his long pole disappeared in my brother and heard my brother grunt with each thrust.

I kept hold of my cock and squeezed it gently as Blondie fucked Tom. I knew I couldn’t go again, but my cock demanded to be touched.

Blondie got quicker, he was close. His backside became a blur as he thrust in and out of Tom.

Two quick thrusts and one final thrust, hard and deep, and I could sense Blondie cumming in my brother’s arse.

Tom stopped kissing the girl and leant back, turning his head so he could kiss Blondie, as he did I noticed his cock slipped from her cunt and I saw the bulbous end filled with his seed and hanging from the end of his cock.

Blondie pulled out of Tom and squeezed the last bits of cum from his shaft and smeared them over Tom’s cheeks.

Tom got off the girl and stood next to Blondie. She watched as Blondie pulled the condom off Tom and lift it above his head. He opened his mouth and poured my brother’s seed into his mouth. We all watched him swallow.

The show was over, so I stopped the recording and stuffed my spent cock back into my jeans and zipped up my fly.

What the hell was I going to do now?

I watched them leave the room while my mind whirred, trying to come up with an answer. The bathroom light came on upstairs, they must be cleaning themselves up.

I can’t just walk in on them.

I decided to get out of there for the moment and walked around the block.

There was no way I was sleeping out, I needed my bed. I took out my phone and rang Tom. It took a couple of tries, but he did eventually answer.

“What do you want?” He answered.

“Didn’t mum text you? There’s been a bit of a family emergency at James’. I going to have to come home.”

“Shit! When!”

“I’ll be heading back soon and will be there in half an hour.”

“Ok.” He abruptly disconnected the call.

I stayed out checking the time every few minutes. It was getting cold, and I wanted to get back. But I had to give Tom the half-hour I promised.

Exactly thirty minutes later, I came through the front door.

Tom and Blondie were sitting in the front room watching a film. They were both fully dressed, but they did look a bit flushed. The girl was nowhere to be seen, I presumed she quickly left once he told her his annoying little brother was coming back.

I’d seen the film before and knew it was only about ten minutes in.

“Sorry about this, Tom. It’s all been a bit shit over there. I’m going to go to my room, I’ll leave you two be. See you in the morning.”

“No problem. See ya.” Tom didn’t let on how disappointed he was that I was back and was ruining his fun.

If only he knew how much I wanted to try out Blondie’s pole.


I had trouble sleeping, knowing that my brother and his blond friend were sleeping in the next room.

I knew I’d ruined their night by coming home, but it couldn’t be helped, and I couldn’t help feeling guilty. I must have got up four times that night to pee, just because I couldn’t sleep. Each time I listened at Tom’s door but heard nothing. They must have just gone straight to sleep when they went to bed in the early hours of the morning.

The clock by my bed told me it was nearly half-past seven and I didn’t have the energy to try and go back to sleep, so I got up. For the first time in years, my cock wasn’t hard when I got out of bed. I gave it a quick squeeze, but there was just no life in it.

I went downstairs to get myself a drink and perhaps some toast. I didn’t think to put any clothes on as I didn’t expect anyone to be up. But I startled when I went into the kitchen.

Blondie was standing by the sink looking out of the window, waiting for the kettle to boil. He wore nothing but a pair of white boxer briefs that were stretched taut over his pert backside.

“Oh!” I gasped, and he turned around to see who had disturbed him.

His eyes went up and down my naked body, and knowing he was checking me out finally brought my cock to life. It twitched and fluffed up slightly.

I repaid the compliment and checked out the bulge in his underwear. He was either very well hung or was sporting a half-hard.

“I didn’t expect anyone to be up this early.” I looked him in the eye.

“Couldn’t sleep.” He said flatly.

“Me neither.” I empathised. “But I didn’t have Tom snoring in the same room as me.”

I made no attempt to cover up and was enjoying letting Blondie keep checking me out.

“Your eyes are going to give me a stiffy,” I said, and he jerked his head up to look directly at me. “So how do I measure up to Tom,” I asked. “I reckon I’m much bigger, and I still have a bit of growing to do.”

Blondie didn’t answer.

“So, what do you think?” I pushed him.

“Bigger.” He whispered, his eyes looking back down at my crotch.

“I’m Will, by the way. But you probably already know that.”

“Yes, we were surprised to see you last night.”

“I know I fucked up Tom evening. But I didn’t have to. You could have carried on. I could have joined in your fun, or just disappeared into my room to have my own fun.”

“No… I’m…” Blondie stuttered.

“I’m not as boring as my brother makes out. He and I have a little fun sometimes.” I stepped closer to Blondie. “Not full on fun.” I stepped closer again, now almost standing nose to nose. “But he’s not ready for that with me yet.”

I reached forward and cupped his crotch. I gently massaged his bulge and felt his half-hard cock get harder.

“What’s your name by the way. I can’t keep calling you Blondie.”

“You… you’ve never called me Blondie.” He stuttered.

“I have. A hundred time in my head. I even wanked off about you last night. Imagining you fucking my brother, deep and hard up the arse.” I hadn’t wanked off last night, but it sowed the seed of doubt about what I knew about them.

“What makes you think we do that sort of thing?”

“Just my fertile imagination and a shed load of wishful thinking.”

I slipped my hand into his underwear and felt his hard cock. It was too confined for me to stroke him, so I pulled his underwear down to his knees.

I looked down and saw his seven-inch thick cock bridge the gap between us. He was slightly taller than me, so his tip nestled into my pubes.

Blondie looked like he didn’t have any pubes, they were so blond they were almost transparent.

He gasped as I gripped his shaft and began stroking him.

I looked him in the eye, but he quickly closed them, angled his head back and I noticed his lips part. I kissed him on the lips, and I felt the tip of his tongue emerge to touch me.

Blondie was breathing heavier, and I wanted more fun than just tossing him off. So, I dropped to my knees, and in less than a second, his cock was engulfed in my throat.

“Oh, shit.” He gasped. “Fuck. That feels fucking ace.” He placed his hands on my head, encouraging me to go faster.

I did what he wanted and sucked his cock faster. I also reached underneath his balls and pushed my fingers into his arse crack, searching for his hole.

“Fucking hell!” He groans as I hit the spot.

He was still loose from last night fucking by my brother, so my finger slipped in easily. I quickly pushed in a second finger and then a third. Blondie was certainly ready.

I got into a rhythm, I pushed deep into his bowels as I plunged down on his cock. His knob throbbed as it hit the back of my throat.

“Fucking shit” He breathed.

I went faster.



Blondie gripped the sides of my head hard. His knob pulsating.

He almost screamed as his cock erupted down my throat.

I pulled back until just his knob was between my lips and his warm spunk flooded my mouth.

I swallowed and sucked the last few drops from his softening member.

“That felt fucking great.” He told me as I rose up from my knees.

I looked him in the eye. “Now it’s my turn.”

Before he could react, I gripped his hips and turned him around. I knew he just expected that I wanted a blow job, but I didn’t give him a chance to drop to his knees.

My cock was rock hard, and I pushed it between his arse cheeks. On my second attempt, I pushed deep inside him and rammed his body against the kitchen counter.

I didn’t give Blondie any time to recover, I just kept on thrusting into him. He was already well-stretched from the night before and my fingers this morning so he didn’t yelp in pain; he groaned in pleasure.

Fuck. Ever since I laid eyes on this beautiful blond stud, I’d wanted to fuck him, and he was taking it. I wished I could have lasted longer, but I’d got myself so worked up thinking about fucking him I wasn’t going to last long.

“Yes… yes…” Blondie grunted as my hips slapped against his arse.

“Fuck… fuck…” I grunted as each thrust brought me closer.

Blondie braced himself on the countertop so that I could go deeper into him.

His arse gripped my shaft every time I pulled out, desperately trying to pull me back in. But I wasn’t going anywhere; I slammed back into him every time.

I quickened my pace; I knew I was close.

I pounded him, hard.

My hips slapped against his buttocks.

I reached round to grab his cock; he was hard.

I wanked him as I pounded him. His low hanging balls swinging into my hand each time.

Blondie groaned louder.

It only took a few strokes before his cock nearly slipped from my grip as it jerked wildly, spewing cum over the kitchen cabinets.

His arse gripped my cock like a vice; it was almost painful.

I pushed harder; through his tightening hole.

My balls ached and pulled up tight against my body. I knew I could no longer hold off.

One last thrust and I rested balls deep inside Blondie.

My cock throbbed, stretching his anus with each spurt as I sprayed his insides with my cum.

I threw my head back in ecstasy.

It felt fucking fantastic as I unloaded into him.

As I came down from my orgasm high, I pulled out of him, grabbed my still hard cock and stroked the last few drops of cum onto his cheeks.

“You are one great fuck, Blondie.”

Blondie turned around and smiled at me. “My name’s Aiden.”

“It suits you. But I prefer Blondie.” I kissed him on the lips and ran my hands through his blond pubes. “So, who was better? Me or my brother?”

“How do you know?” Blondie looked scared for a moment.

“This knows everything.” I gripped my cock. “Besides, you gave way so easily I knew you must have been fucked recently. I didn’t have to use lube, by the way; you were that loose. Is my brother really that big he can stretch you wide open and get you prepared for my monster?” I started to stroke my cock again but could only manage to get it half hard.

“Shit, don’t say anything. Tom’ll kill me if he knows you know.”

“I won’t say a word. If you do something for me.”

“What?” Blondie looked like he was dreading what I would ask him to do.

“Go back to bed. Wake up Tom and tell him you want him to fuck you.”

“He won’t do that if he knows you are in the house.”

“I know, tell him you saw me go out on my bike. Say that I looked damn sexy in my skin-tight lycra.”

“You’re kidding, right?”

“Nope. I want him to fuck you. And as there is no girl, there’s no need for a condom. I want him to fuck your arse and let my cum squelch around his tiny cock.”

Blondie opened his mouth to speak, to refuse.

I cut him off. “If he asks why you are so wet back there, just tell him you lubed up waiting for his tiny cock.”

“How did you know about the girl?” Blondie was confused.

“I saw every inch of both of you. And I have a little recorded on my phone. You both looked really into fucking each other.”

“Where will you be?” He asked.

“I’m actually going to go out so you won’t see me. You can both really go for it.”

“He is always horny when he wakes up,” Blondie confirmed.

“Follow me upstairs, I’ll get my gear on, and then you can wake him up.”

I looked at Blondie’s crotch. His cock was soft and was draped over his low hanging balls. At his feet were his white boxer briefs.”

“Pull up your pants, Blondie.”

“Aiden.” He corrected me as he pulled up his underwear.

Blondie followed me to my room and watched as I dressed in my cycling gear

“Don’t you wear underwear with those things?” He questioned me as I stuffed my cock into the black lycra shorts.

“Nope. We never do. Our pants would ride up and chafe us if we did we would get fucking terrible saddle sore.”

“Oh. Right.”

“So, what do you think?” I stood in front of him in my full cycling gear.

Blondie became more assertive and came over to me. He cupped my lycra bulge and placed his mouth over mine. I opened up or him and felt his tongue invade me.

As our tongues duelled, he moved his hand to my backside and pushed me into him. His cock was getting harder and poking me. My cock grew within the tight confines of my shorts and sprouted upwards, inching closer to my waist.

“Fucking sexy as hell.” Blondie broke away to catch his breath. “You can take me anytime you want.”

“I would be love to, Blondie. But you have a date with my brother. I want to you tell me that my cum was smeared all over his tiny dick.”

“Don’t be mean about him. He’s not that much smaller than you.”

“I speak to you later. No go and get your morning fuck, Blondie.”

“Aiden.” He corrected me again.


I only stayed out for a couple of hours, and when I got back, Tom was sitting in the front room watching telly, alone.

“Morning lazy arse.” I greeted him.

“Fuck off. It’s the weekend. I don’t have to be up early.”

“Well, I was up at the crack this morning.” I then muttered under my breath. “Literally.”

“Mad bastard! You’ve got more energy than the Duracell bunny.”

“Where’s your mate?” I asked, wondering if he had left already.

“In the shower.”

“Okay. I’ll wait for him to finish. I need one after my bike ride. You don’t want me all smelly for the rest of the day, do you.” I raised my arm and thrust my armpit into his face.

“Fuck off!” Tom gagged as he took in a lungful of my pungent scent.

Tom pushed me away and was about to get up and get his own back when I ran upstairs. He flopped back down into his chair.

Upstairs, I heard the shower running. The bathroom door was open, so I went inside.

I poked my head through the shower curtain. “Hiya, Blondie.”

“Fuck!” Blondie jumped out of his skin, his heart palpitating as I shocked him.

I pulled off my clothes and joined him in the shower. “So, how did it go. Did he fuck you and more importantly, did you enjoy it?”

“Get out! What if he comes up and sees us.” Blondie protested.

“Then I’ll tell him to fuck off. I needed a shower so I’m having a shower and his fucking mate can piss off, it ain’t his house.”

“You can be a twat sometimes.”

I turned around and poked my arse out at him. “Yep, a regular boy twat. And if you’re lucky I’ll let you have a go at it.” I pulled my cheeks apart and showed him my pink ring.

“Fuck.” He breathed, and I felt his hand on my arse.

He placed his finger and tried to push inside. I wouldn’t let him and straightened. Up.

“You need to earn that honour, Blondie.”

“Aiden.” He said again.

I noticed he was hard, so was I.

“I want you again,” I told him, and he dutifully turned around.

I felt his arse and slipped a finger inside him. I couldn’t believe he was still soggy back there with spunk.

With Tom downstairs, I needed to make this quick. Again, without any lube, he was lubed enough anyway, I pushed my cock inside him pumped him like I was on a speed trial.

I grabbed his hard cock and wanked him as I pounded his arse. I didn’t know if he was close and I didn’t care. The joys of being fourteen meant I could almost cum on-demand, and after a few quick strokes, I spewed my spunk inside him again.

“How does it feel to have three ‘Large’ loads inside you.” I giggled.

Blondie ignored me.

I got onto my knees and spread his cheeks. I could see cum seeping from his hole. I licked at it, cleaning it up. I ventured to his gaping hole and stuck my tongue inside. Cum had pooled inside him, and I began sucking it out.

It was salty and delicious.

Tom startled us both as he yelled up the stairs. “Adie! You nearly done. I want to get out of here now that twat’s back!”

I knew he was shouting, so I would hear him. I didn’t respond. But Blondie did.

“Yep, be down in a sec!”

Blondie scurried out of the shower, grabbed his towel and was about to dash into Tom’s room when I called to him.

“See you later, Aiden.”

“Blondie.” He smiled back at me.



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  1. OMFG that story got me soooo fucking horny!

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    Will really turns me on. I was full size by age 15 LOL

    Keep writing n I will keep reading and cumming!

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  2. This is just so fucking hot!!! And that cum eating part in the end when he ate his cum from Blondies ass..fuck man!

    Please make more!
    Im Daniel, 18 yo, 20 cm and so horny for this story!

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