Speed of Life
by William Richard Large


Episode 2: My Intrigued Brother

I could hear voices around me. I tried to open my eyes, but I couldn’t. It felt like I was lying on my bed, but when I tried to move, I couldn’t. It felt like my limbs were encased in concrete. I tried a finger, even that was paralysed. The voices became clearer. They sounded like my family, but why were they talking about me having children and I’m sure I heard my mother cry at the thought that she wouldn’t have any grandchildren.

This was really freaking me out. What the fuck was going on? I strained at the invisible restraints, which stopped my arms moving. All my attempts were fruitless.

Then I felt something.

A hand grabbed my dick. I must be exposed, but I didn’t feel cold or anything. The hand stroked me, and my mind forgot about struggling to get free. My body relaxed as I let the feeling wash over my body.

The hand stroked my dick, slowly at first, then gradually getting quicker.

It stopped suddenly, and the hand released my dick, then it grabbed me again and carried on stroking me, a different hand I supposed.

My balls began to ache, and I knew I wouldn’t last very long.

My dick ached as much as my balls, and I scrunched my face up as my orgasm hit me and cum flew up my body.

The hand carried on stroking, but more slowly now.

Then it stopped.


When I awoke in the morning, I had a huge smile on my face as the memory of the vivid dream was still in the front of my mind. I looked down the bed and saw that my duvet was on the floor, my limp dick lay shrivelled on my small patch of pubes and spots of dried cum on my chest.

I noticed a pool of still wet cum in my belly button.


The next night it happened again. The dream wasn’t the same, but the outcome was. My duvet was on the floor, and I had just creamed over my belly. I also thought I heard my door shut.

I got up and poked my head out of my door and was just in time to see Rob’s door closing. I closed my door again and wondered what the hell was going off. Was Rob just in my room, or was it just a coincidence? I felt my cum covered cock and balls. They were sticky, and the cum had dribbled right between my legs. I checked the time, it was just before seven in the morning. My alarm would go off soon. I thought I’d better just get up and start getting ready. The first job was a shower to get rid of the stickiness.

Once in the shower, I started to clean myself up. I let the spray directly on to my crotch so the warm water would wash away the evidence of my nocturnal emission. I squeezed some shower gel directly into my pubes before I rubbed it into my skin. The lather smelled of mint and cleared my nose. My skin tingled as I rubbed it over my ball sac and cock. That minty shower gel always brought life to my nether regions and left my balls smelling minty fresh.

I adjusted the showerhead so the water rinsed my whole body and, using both hands, I rubbed the lather over my crotch. I’m sure they were perfectly clean, but every fourteen-year-old boy likes to make doubly sure.

Despite having just come, my cock started to respond and gradually thickened.

“Shit!” I gasped as the door flew open.

“Leave your little cock alone, I’m desperate for a pee,” Tom said as he lifted the toilet lid and let a long stream of piss hit the water in the bowl.

The noise seemed to go on forever and then stopped suddenly. Before I could say anything, Tom flushed the toilet, and before I thought about the consequences, the shower sprayed scolding hot water over me.

“Fuck!” I shouted as I jumped out the way of the spray, but my foot slipped, and I hit the wall and slid down the wall. My back connected with the rim of the bath and I yelped in pain, my legs, not getting any grip, were sliding down the bath and into the scolding spray. The curve of the bath sent my legs into the air, and I came to rest lying in the bath, my legs in the air and the spray, which had now cooled, tickling my exposed arsehole.

Tom pulled back the shower curtain, god knows how I didn’t manage to grab it to try and save me from falling, and he stared at my still body.

“Jesus, Will, I’m so sorry.” He turned off the shower and leant forward to help me up.

My eyes watched as he went to grab me under my arms. He was naked, and his dick swayed before my eyes. He was long and thick, and for a moment, I wondered if he was half hard.

“Grab onto my arms.” He told me.

I lowered my legs and pushed against the bath with them in an attempt to get into a sitting position. It seemed to work, but my back ached like mad.

“Shit. Shit. Shit.” I said as I was slowly straightening up.

Tom was helping me, now pulling me up from the armpits but was struggling, he couldn’t pull hard enough without straining his own back as he was leaning over me and into the bath.

“Oh, shit.” I breathed as he lifted his leg over my body and placed it on the rim of the bath and used the wall to push against.

“Fuck.” His body was straddling me, his cock and balls right in my eye line and swinging loose.

It did the trick. Not only did I forget the pain in my back, but he managed to lift me so I could get my legs underneath me so I could stand up.

“Are you alright?” He was genuinely concerned.

“Fine. Just my back hurts.”

“Let me see.”

He turned me around, and I heard him gasp.

“You have a very red mark across your back where you hit the side of the bath.” I felt him trace a finger across my back. “Does that hurt.”

“Not really. I just feel sore.”

Tom looked around, “Where’s your towel.”

“Fuck, I forgot it.”

“I’ll get you one. Just sit on the end of the bath for a moment.” He guided me down until I could feel the cool enamel of the bath across my buttocks.

Then Tom left me alone while he got a towel.

What the fuck was wrong with me? The coolness against my buttocks felt fantastic and awoke my cock. I started to chub up.

Tom came back with a towel and wrapped it around my shoulders and put his arm around me.

“Now, let’s get you up and into your room.”

I did what he said and went where he guided me.

I think I was just shaken, but I felt unsteady on my feet and leant on Tom for support. Once in my room, he sat me on my bed. My duvet was still on the floor, and he looked at the fitted bottom sheet.

“Now I know why you were up and in the shower so early. Good dream was it? You know there is something you can do to stop that happening in the night.” Tom grabbed his soft cock and stroked it a few times to illustrate.

“Oh, fuck off.” I winced in pain as I jerked.

Despite the banter, Tom was really careful with me and very careful. He took the towel from me and gently rubbed my hair dry.

“You look so cute with messy hair.” He told me, and I smiled back.

He eased me back onto my feet as he went down my body, drying me.

“Now, for the fun bit.” Tom beamed at me.

He pressed the towel against my crotch and began to rub them. He was very thorough and gave my cock enough attention to get it plumping up, so it jutted away from my body.

“Now that’s up, I can get to your balls.”

Tom then rubbed my balls, his hand knocking against my cock as he did and getting me properly hard.

“Open your legs.” He instructed.

I did, and he went right underneath, drying all my creases.

“That’s all done now.” He grinned at me and then dropped to his knees.

I closed my eyes, and my head rolled back. Surely, he wasn’t going to blow me?

“Oh, fuck!” I felt his breath on my hard cock, but as quickly as I felt it, it went away, and I felt Tom rub my legs dry.

I heard him laughing. “Don’t even fucking think about it.”

He knew he was teasing me.

My cock felt so hard, and it was throbbing. I couldn’t hold off anymore, so I gripped my cock and stroked it.

It felt so fantastic, and I needed to get off. I was on a hair trigger, and after a couple of strokes, my cock exploded and spat cum over Tom’s shoulder. I watched as it dribbled down his back.

“What the fuck…” Tom jerked up to his feet and stared at my still hard cock and the rope of cum dangling from my exposed tip. It grew slowly, longer and thinner until the rope broke and it dripped onto the carpet.

“I’m wet again.” I grinned at him.

“You fucking came all over me!” He rubbed some of the cum off his shoulder and smeared it on my chest.

“I think you’re just too good at looking after me.”

“I know your fourteen, but there must be some times that you’re not fucking horny and wanting to shoot.” He sighed. “How many times do you get off each day anyway?”

I didn’t know if he was asking me or not. But I answered. “At least three. But some days I do it six times. If I don’t, I’m always hard.”

“You fucking horny bastard.”

I was now dry.

“Lie back down on your bed.”

I gingerly lay back down, and Tom placed my duvet over me.

It seemed the rest of the house was now up, and my mum came into my room asking what was going on, she heard the noise.

Tom explained, and she checked me over. I explained that I was alright but just a bit sore and she insisted I stay at home today and not go to school.

“I’ll leave you with him,” Tom told our mum. “I’d better have a shower.” He winked at me, and I saw the streaks of cum down his back as he left me.

My mum sat on my bed and stroked the hair from my face, getting it back to some sort of style.

“Will you be alright today, Sweetie?”

“I’ll be fine. I’m alright and can look after myself, I just have to go slow.”

“Well, you have my number, just ring if you need anything or if anything happens.” She looked around my room and found my mobile and placed it under my pillow. “Just get some rest.”

I lay still, and my mother left.

For the next half hour, I listened to the noise of the household as they all got ready to go to work or school. I heard Rob ask what had gone off and someone mumbled a reply.

The noise ended with my mum shouting up the stairs that everyone was leaving and she’ll see me soon.

The front door closed. The house was quiet, and I fell asleep.


It was my stomach that woke me, no one had thought to feed me breakfast. I was still on my back, which was unusual as I usually turn over in my sleep. I was careful getting out of bed, waiting for a twinge or a sharp pain but I couldn’t feel any. I got braver and moved more normally. I flexed my back and stretched my arms. Nothing. I smiled, thankful I hadn’t done any damage.

I could have gone to school but thought better of it. It was nearly midday, so I went downstairs to get something to eat.

Normally, I would have put my underwear on but as I was home alone thought I’d let everything swing free.

I was in the kitchen, making myself a sandwich when I heard the front door open. I looked down at my cock, I was still soft so didn’t panic or try to cover myself up. But I needn’t have bothered. Whoever came in bounded straight upstairs. There was only one of us who made that sort of noise, Rob.

He must have gone up to see me as the next thing I heard was his voice calling me.


“Down here!” I yelled back.


He must have been bloody deaf, I shouted loud enough. “Down here! In the kitchen!”

Rob bounded back down the stairs and came into the kitchen to find me naked, spreading butter on a slice of bread.

“You could have put some clothes on!”

I turned to face him and wriggled my hips. “Why? It’s not like you haven’t seen it before.”

“You might get pubes in your sandwich.”

“Oh, good idea.” I started rubbing my hands through my small patch of black pubes. “Here’s some nice ones.” I held them up to face before pretending to sprinkle on the buttered bread.

“Eurgh! You’re not going to eat that are you? It’s disgusting.”

“No, don’t be silly. I’m making these for you.”

He laughed. “No, you’re not,” He stuck his tongue out at me, “mine are in my bag. Mum made them this morning.”

“No flies on you,” I said.

“What?” He scrunched his face up.

“Never mind.”

I finished making my sandwich conscious that I was being watched. Rob just looked at me.

Finally, he spoke. “Why do you have so much more pubes that I do. You’re not that much older.”

“That extra 11 months makes all the difference. Why? How much have you got.”

“Not many.” He hung his head, embarrassed.

“Don’t worry, you’ll get more soon. Your voice is breaking, and you are growing taller.”

“I know, but I want them now. I want them so I can play with them and have as much fun as you in bed.”

I laughed. “You don’t need pubes to do that. Just play with it. You’ll never know what will happen.”

“That’s just it. Nothing happens, and I get bored, so I stop. I’ve heard you at night through the wall when I can’t sleep. It sounds fantastic.”

“So, you can hear me? I’ll have to be quieter then. But seriously, don’t worry, I may have a wank a few times a day now, but I was the same at your age. I’m just making up for being a late starter.” I paused. “And so will you.”

“How many times?” Rob asked.

I exhaled loudly. “Not you as well. Why is everyone so interested in how many times a whack off?”

“What? Who else…”

I interrupted him. “Never mind. A few times a day.”

Rob looked down at my crotch again. All the talk of wanking, cumming and my cock had made it grow. “Shit.” I sighed.

Rob just stared, and I allowed myself to get hard. I was almost at full mast, so I gave a couple of tugs to get it there.

“I like how it grows so big. Can I touch it again.”


“Again.” I queried.

Rob backtracked. “Can I touch it?”

“What do you mean again?”

Rob’s face turned bright red. “Nothing.”

My eyes narrowed. He had been up to something. “You’ve been touching me up while I’m asleep, haven’t you?”

“No,” Rob said then turned and ran up the stairs into his bedroom. The door closed with a slam.

I started to rub my cock, the thought of him wanking me asleep was making my balls twitch. I now needed to cum.

I quietly climbed the stairs and opened his bedroom door.

“Please don’t tell Mum?” He was crying into his pillow.

“Get up you pillock.”

He looked at me, his red eyes even redder than his face. He looked down at my hard cock again as I stroked it.

Rob got off his bed, and I lay down on it. I released my cock and let it point to the ceiling.

“Now, take it in your hand and slowly pull the skin up and down over the head.”

Rob sniffed and knelt at the side of the bed. His slowly raised his hand, ready to pull it back in case it was some kind of trick. But it wasn’t, I wouldn’t do that to him.

“Just do what you normally do to me. It has always done the trick as I’ve been waking up covered in cum recently.”

He grabbed my cock, and I gasped.

“Do it slowly as I’m nearly ready.”

Rob slowed his pace.

“Oh, Rob, that feels fucking ace, keep doing it. Look at it while I cum, watch the head. Is it wet?”

Rob made a sound.

“Fuck, it’s coming. Watch as it comes, watch as it spurts, get closer, oh fuck, closer, get a fucking bird’s eye view.”

And then I came.

The first shot hit him on the forehead the rest just dribbled over his hand and down my cock.

“Fuck, that was great,” I told him.

“Yeah.” I don’t think he knew what to say.

“You’re doing everything right, Rob. Just be patient. It’ll come when you’re ready.”

Rob stood up, and my cum traced it’s slimy route between his eyes, down the right side of his nose and to the corner of his mouth.

My cock twitched as I saw the tip of his tongue emerge from between his plump red lips and lick the fluid that collected.

Fuck. Rob was tasting my cum. Not even I had done that. Yet.


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  1. I just finished reading Episode 2 of Speed of Life…WOW very sexy! Will and those horny brothers…
    I read james to the rescue on nifty and clicked on the link to screeve.

    Did you happen to read the vid of the mates on the London Underground? Sure got me fucking horny.

    I’m malarky-the name my buddies call me, since like forever. I have got a few ideas for stories I want to write and post on nifty SOON.

    I love your work and I think it could use some editing. Just my opinion. I love stories about teen boys.
    Some of the best days of my life haha.

    Rating: 5.0/5. From 2 votes.
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