by William Richard Large


I was fourteen when I had my first wank, I had just come out of the shower and was in my room drying myself. For the first time, my cock responded to my touch and I had an uncontrollable urge to stroke it. I was rock hard within seconds and my knob throbbed with the blood rushing to the tip. Each stroke sent waves of pleasure flowing through my body, I became lightheaded as my brain was overwhelmed. It felt like I was floating, my hand stroking my cock faster and faster.

My heart rate quickened, I floated higher, pleasure throbbed in my balls and cock. I was ecstatic anticipating my first orgasm as the pleasure became more intense. My breathing stopped, and the pleasure in my balls turned to pain.

The sudden pain in my balls caused me to bend double, the pain spread throughout my groin, and my hand stopped dead in its tracks. My cock throbbed and thickened. I watched as my knob flared and a short spurt of cum shot a few feet across the carpet. Pain in my balls predicted another shot. The pain grew more intense with each shot of cum. My fifth and final shot caused such intense pain that my brain overloaded, my eyes rolled to the back of my head and I graciously fell to the floor as I lost consciousness.

I woke up naked on my bed, but something felt wrong, the world had changed.

My name is William Richard Large. I had an accident and woke up in a different world. Am I mad, in a coma, or in a parallel world? Whatever’s happened, it’s like I’ve landed on a different planet. Now, maybe if I can work out the reason, I can get home…


Weird Science

My Intrigued Brother

James to the Rescue

Sometimes Plans Change

Taking James for a Ride

He’ll Be Leaving Soon

My Brother’s Touch

Travelling Light

Fun Behind The Shower Block

Our First Night Under Canvas


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  1. please please please continue!!! brother chooses close uni for regular fucks. rob get involved? or does wills friendship blosson to bf???

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