Bog Off
by Tom


Chapter 40: Botanical gardens

“So is yer gonna let him do stuff to yer then?”

“Dunno,” Joel laughed, “but, I’s bloody hopes so!”

“D’yer know where’s we gonna go to do it if we do decides to do it?”

“Nah,” Joel paused not only to think, but to placate his erection via the pocketless pocket, “`spose us could do it in yer little hideaway in the wall like us did last week?”

“Yeah, could do.”

Having now stopped walking it seemed only sensible that Luke should also placate his erection which, although having been fully serviced only an hour before was again feeling ready for action.

“Uumm…” Joel giggled, “when d’yer last do it?”

“After me dinner in the bog!” Luke flushed. “And yer?”


“We’s should have had us dinner together then! Hey, now yer has yer got yer white pants and a vest on then like he said he wanted?”

“Oh yeah, they’s all spunky from this morning!” Joel grinned. “Have yer wanked in yer’s as well?”

“Fuck yeah!” Luke flushed. “I’s wore ’em all night as well just to make sure like!”

“Yer a dirty fucker!”

Luke started to walk again, despite the obvious thrill of the meeting he was really very nervous especially when the junction of the path where the bench was situated appeared in the distance.

“He’s alright though is he? This bloke I’s means? He’s ain’t some dirty old git is he?”

“Nah, I reckons he’s only twenty something, he ain’t no bigger than wot us is.”

“But d’yer think he’s got a gert big willy,” asked Luke for size was everything during adolescence, “`cause our’s ain’t is they and it be bloody awful to find his were twice as bleeding big or something wunnit!”

“Ah no, I’s don’t think so, I’s means his trousers didn’t have no fucking gert bulge like when Kelv’s gotta hard on, anyhow he said he were hard so’s I’s looked like.”

“Hope not and I’s tell yer wot,” said Luke, “lets make sure us gets a good look at his trousers when he arrives so’s we’s can tell if he’s all excited like wot we is.”

“Yeah, we’s gotta do that, it’s one the reasons we’s getting there a bit early innit?”

So the conversation continued along similar lines and with intermittent stops to adjust their straining appendages as they neared the appointed meeting point. Where coincidentally, hidden behind some foliage in the adjoining botanical gardens with a perfect view of the bench were Tomlinson and Wilson who had themselves been very active in the now semen stained sleeping bag only the previous afternoon.

“Well, d’you recognise them?” Tomlinson looked down the path towards the boys.

“Not quite sure, but I think so, let them get a bit closer and I’ll soon know.”

“So if you know them will you want to get involved or not?”

“Oh shit!” Wilson turned to Tomlinson. “You’ve only picked the two boys who turn me on every time they’re in my class!”

“Is that a yes or a no then?”

“Bugger! I can’t at this moment, so it’s going to be a no!” said Wilson. “I’ve caught them both wanking in class and Luke, he’s the one with the glasses, he’s got a lovely cock! And, Joel the other one, I know he’s definitely boy not girl orientated.”

“Pity, next time then. Well I’ll keep them on the bench as long as I can.”

“Bugger!” reiterated Wilson. “Let’s see what happens, next time it could well be.”

“So d’you think Joel should be willing even if Luke only watches?”

“I think you’ll be lucky with both, because Luke knows why he’s here doesn’t he?”

Back down the path the boys had paused yer again to adjust matters.

“Looks like we’s gonna be early,” said Joel, “so let’s sit on the bench and leave just enough room between us for him to sit down and see wot he do’s.”

“I’s needs a wank right now!” Luke giggled. “D’yer thinks he’ll try and touch us up like when he arrives?”

“Wot on the bench? I dunno, maybe not right away, but I’s hopes so!” said Joel as he approached the bench. “Well bleeding sit down and us’ll soon find out!”

“Oh shit, just look at ’em,” Tomlinson peered excitedly through the foliage, “look both playing with themselves, I think I’m going to be in luck!”

“Bugger! Bugger! Bugger!” said Wilson. “But, I just can’t risk it this time.”

“D’yer reckon he’ is gonna show up then?” Luke’s hand was in his pocketless pocket.

“Course he is, he’ll be here, so yer just keep playing with yer willy so he can see yer doing it when he do get here.”

“I’s be cumming by then!” Luke laughed.

“Yer ain’t gonna be the only one, `cause I’s ain’t far off neither!”

“Ooh they’re beautiful!” hissed Tomlinson to Wilson. “Well here goes, I’ll keep them on the bench as long as I can for you.”

“Lucky bugger!”

Wilson watched enviously as Tomlinson moved onto the path, attempting to realign his erection within his trousers he walked towards the bench from behind.

“You did manage to get him to come along then?” the question was aimed at Joel.

“Wot!” exclaimed Joel who hadn’t thought they would be approached from behind.

“Oh fuck!” gasped a nervous Luke. “He’s here!”

The boys immediately swivelled round to see Tomlinson walking towards them on the bench. From his stance with both hands in his trouser pockets and the very obvious bulge there was no doubt that he was as keen as they were.

“Shit he’s hard!” whispered Luke.

“Shall I sit between you then?”

“Uumm..” Joel cleared his throat, just as nervous as Luke he nodded, “yeah alright.”

Trying not to be seen looking, Luke was taking stock of their new found friend and thought as had Joel that he did indeed seem to be in his early twenties and quite harmless. Quite naturally he couldn’t resist looking at the bulging fly of the cream coloured trousers and compared it to his own, unfortunately though his gaze then met Tomlinson’s.

“Now you’re.. uumm.. yes you’re Luke, is that right?” Tomlinson smiled reassuringly, Luke blushed, the glasses wobbled on cue.

“Yeah, he’s me mate,” replied Joel who having approached a state of desperation to get started before he ejaculated was lacking any semblance of cruising etiquette and jumped straight in, “yer hard ain’t yer, can I feel yer willy?”

“Well, then I’ll have to feel yours, that’s only fair isn’t it?.” Tomlinson smiled. “D’you want to unzip me?”

“Oh yeah! I’s got me special pocket so yer can stuff yer hand right in,” gabbled Joel, his hand was already pushing down on top of the cream trousers as he felt for the zip, “but don’t make I’s cum yet `cause I’s gert close!”

“Oh fuck!” Luke being worried that things were getting rather wet inside his briefs decided to throw caution to the wind, his glasses wobbled as he continued. “I’s wore me old jeans and they’s got they wanky pockets as well, so can yer feel I’s up at the same time!”

“Delighted!” replied Tomlinson, having never thought the two boys would be such easy and very willing conquests. Thinking that grammar school boys were quite behind in not having developed wanking pockets he determined to make the suggestion some of his favourite charges, maybe even help them to test out the modification.

And, he wasn’t the only one to be delighted at the prospect for from his prime viewing position Mr Wilson had become as aroused as any of them. From the moment Tomlinson had inserted his hand into the Luke’s pocket, he had started to masturbate aided by his recent memories seeing of Luke’s cock in the wood store.

“Oh fuck!” repeated Luke. Strong fingers burrowed their way under the elastic of his briefs, finally wrapping themselves around his hot, clammy cock, they started to slowly manipulate the foreskin.

“Ooh.. what a big boy and am I right that you’ve got on a white vest and matching your pants.” whispered Tomlinson, genuinely aroused at the prospect of interfering with the pair of them. “And, I think from what I can feel Joel has a vest on as well, hasn’t he?”

“I am?” Luke was flattered as intended. “A big boy?”

“Yeah I has.” gasped Joel, who had gone to great lengths to find a white vest that almost matched the spunk stained briefs he had been wearing for the last two days in anticipation of the event.

“Oh fuck.. fuck…  I’s cumming!” blurted out a very embarrassed Luke.

Flustered, Luke wasn’t in control of either his genitalia nor the feeling of absolute shame at having reached a climax within such a very short time of their meeting. However, the upside was that after much twisting and wriggling on the bench it had seemed as though the exquisite feeling ejaculation would never stop for the sperm just kept flooding into his briefs. Tomlinson’s hand was one hot, slimy mess and reluctant to release his hold on the jerking organ for fear it would break the spell, he began to massage the sperm into Luke’s pubic hair and down between his legs.

“Now we need to clean you up,” whispered Tomlinson, “and I’ve got a special way of doing that, is there anywhere close by we could go?”

“Yeah… yeah, I knows.” volunteered Joel, though very close to ejaculation himself thought it would be a good point to conserve himself for one giant orgasm later on when Tomlinson was also ready. “There’s a place over there behind they bushes.”

Luke was incapable of a reply for everything below his waist was tingling, whatever it was that Tomlinson’s roving fingers had done had really done for him!

By the time the three of them got up from the bench and adjusted their dress, in the bushes behind Mr Wilson had finished ejaculating into his white underpants for the arousing walk home. Now standing, albeit unsteadily, Luke was having difficulty in getting going with his rigid cock, the saturated briefs being so stretched they were almost drooping down the legs inside his jeans.

Excitedly, Joel led the way to the small opening in the old castle wall and allowing Luke to go up the stone steps first, followed by Tomlinson, Joel purposely brought up the rear allowing his hands to feel the firm buttocks in the cream trousers.

“Nobody can see you in here can they?” Tomlinson peered out of an arrow slit whilst noting it could be an excellent venue for something with one of the more daring of his grammar school conquests especially with the public risk factor involved.

“Nobody do knows it’s here.” said Joel, already starting to unzip his jeans, “look, shall us all get undressed so’s we’s just in yer vest and pants?”

“Now, suppose we could take turns undressing each other,” said Tomlinson who couldn’t have suggested anything better himself, “and then, why don’t two of us undress the other one in turn?”

The suggestion was immediately seized upon and some five, very aroused, very excited, very erect minutes later found all three standing there dressing in nothing but socks, vest and briefs. Inevitably three pairs of eyes were constantly darting from the sight of one to another, Luke’s underwear was plainly soaked with semen whereas Joel and Tomlinson had so far managed to resist ejaculation although they certainly had growing wet spots to confirm their arousal..

“I think it would be more exciting if we kept our pants on while we looked at each other, don’t you?” suggested Tomlinson. “We can pull the elastic out of the way and peep in?”

“Cor yeah!” agreed Luke, it appealing to his underwear fetish.

“Right, well, as you’ve made a mess in your pants shall we start by cleaning you up,” said Tomlinson not giving the option to refuse and immediately taking control, “Joel you can look in mine if you want.”

Joel certainly did want and didn’t need a second invitation to run his hands over what could only be an erection filling the fly of genuine Lyle and Scott Y-fronts. So in fact did Luke also want and found his unspoken wish immediately granted when Tomlinson pawed at his spunky briefs, pulling them away from his stomach so that he could beginning the laborious process of licking Luke clean. So engrossed with the clean up operation which had quickly morphed into fellatio, Luke didn’t seem to notice when a hand was pushed between his legs to enter his briefs from behind hoping to find a virginal sphincter. Tomlinson had made it his goal to bring Luke to a climax solely by combined oral and anal stimulation, which judging from the way he was now squirming around was going to succeed. Joel, having always been fascinated by cavities and activities of the anal variety readily accepted the invitation to explore Tomlinson’s bottom and compare it with his own utilising both hands!


After the libidinous events of the previous weekend, Cilla had found herself virtually grounded by her parents and not allowed out meet Bella, who had been held partly responsible for Cilla’s shameful knicker-less appearance. In fact such was the anger that even sending Cilla to Packers corner shop would result in Betty grabbing at her skirt to ensure she was properly dressed and thereby suitably humiliated!

However, what hadn’t been foreseen was that Gloria had decided to visit Cilla that afternoon, whereby the two of them retired to her bedroom to discuss whatever teenage girls discussed, which naturally reverted to sex. In Cilla’s case merely talking or thinking about sex would invariably lead to physical sex in one form or the other, so it was no great surprise for them sit on the edge of the bed with legs apart and apply such toys as came to hand. In Cilla’s case it was the handle of her hairbrush, whereas for Gloria it was the loan of a large pink candle accompanied by a sensual retelling of the events of the previous weekend with Kelvin.

Not that that was the only sexual act taking place in the house that Sunday since Farty had been totally insatiable since working up to his initial climax of the morning and thoughts of what had been the previous weekend. The situation had developed into one of constant arousal, so having decided not to wear any underpants he could then take full advantage of the pocketless pocket in his old pair of jeans. Not that he produced much in the way of discharge, but nevertheless by the early afternoon when had Gloria arrived the inside of his jeans were streaked with the results of at least five separate deposits. Outside of Cilla’s bedroom a sixth climax was currently under way, with Farty having been spurred on by listening to the voices and suitably squishy noises coming from inside Cilla’s bedroom. But, even that wasn’t enough for what he really wanted was to handled by another, so having completed squirting on the landing he set off with hands in pockets hoping to find Jason at home and to persuade him they should really be doing something together.


“Jason!” shrieked Doreen up the stairs. “Yer’s got a visitor.”

“Wot?” Jason, bored and just about to start doing something naughty quickly zipped his jeans back up and appeared on the landing. “Who? Wot?”

“Steve.” replied Doreen reaching for her packet of cigarettes.

“Steve who?” he shouted from above.

“Me!” shouted Farty.

“Oh yer means Farty!”

“Who? Yer’d better go up… Steve.”

Doreen was thinking that when boys were together it invariably meant only one thing and so, if as when she found Jason with Billie together not that long ago she was better to leave them to it whatever it was.

“Wot’s want then?” Jason watched as the plump, unfit and highly oversexed Farty managed to struggle up the stairs. “Get in me room.”

“Thought us might go round the park or summat and.. uumm..” Farty giggled and gasped for air at the same time, reminding Jason of an aged hippopotamus he had seen in the zoo, “well, to have a wank in they bushes!”

It was a very opportune suggestion. “Wot now?” Jason’s cock lurched upwards.

“Yeah, but,” there was something missing, “but, were’s Kelv then?”

“Out with our dad looking woodworking tools or something.”

“Why’s that?”

“I’s dunno, summat to do with getting a job after he’s left school I’s thinks.”

“I’s `spose us all gotta leave sometime ain’t us?” Farty thought, slowly. “Wot’s yer gonna do when yer leaves then?”

“Fuck knows!”

“Same as wot I is then!”

“`spect so.”

“Well, let’s get back to wanking,” the future and employment were too deep to dwell on, Farty started to giggle, “hey, guess wot.”


“Well,” still giggling, Farty was looking round the bedroom for any signs of sexual activity, luckily the damming evidence of Jason’s spunk splattered bedding was not on display, “well, I`s ain’t got no pants on!”

“Cor, let’s have a look then.” said Jason quickly bending down in front of him.

“See!” sans inhibition Farty was already unzipping to display his very hard, very red sub-four inches and then proudly announcing. “And, I’s been wanking all morning!”

“Looks like it! Fucking hell, it’s got a bit red innit?”

“So will yer take yer pants off and join us then?” Farty pushed his hand right through the pocketless pocket and grasped his erection. “See wot I’s can do. Look!”

“Ooh fuck!” now Jason really was aroused, he peered in through the open fly and reached for his zip. “Wot? That’s clever innit! Do makes it easy to wank don’t it?”

Farty nodded, still giggling he pushed his hand out through the fly as he watched Jason drop his jeans and expose some ill fitting, if tenting green paisley Guptha International underpants.

“Is yer hard?” asked Farty watching closely as he continued to fondle himself.

“I’s fucking is now!” Jason laughed as he kicked off the briefs and pushed his erection towards him. “Let’s go, wot’s waiting for!”

The park wasn’t that far away although walking with erections and no underwear it seemed to be a lot further especially since the entire conversation was sex related.

“Were shall us go then?” asked Jason as they neared the park entrance.

“The bit with the most bushes I’s `spose,” Farty looked furtively around, “ain’t there some gert thick bushes and that over by the posh bit were’s all they fancy flower things grows?”

“Yeah, yer right, I’s thinks I’s knows were yer means, come on then,” Jason headed off in the direction of the botanical garden and the old castle wall, “they’s by that bleeding gert old wall thing ain’t they.”

“Ah.. yer right, now I’s knows were yer means.”

However, what they didn’t know was that Joel, Luke and Tomlinson had just vacated their secret location and Tomlinson was making his fond farewells since he was a classic case of an unmarried mother’s boy and off to have afternoon tea at his mother’s house. Whilst not having taken too much of an advantage of the boys since they were obviously naive in the world of sex, he had primarily been in grooming mode. Of course, he couldn’t leave without arranging another meeting and had tentatively agreed that the following weekend would be the logical time. Naturally he had also intimated that it could be the ideal time to introduce them to something a little more than a finger or two inside them or if they wanted to insert something inside him.

“Gor, fuck! He didn’t half finger me bum hole,” exclaimed a still very erect and excited Joel, “he made I’s cum just doing that and sucking me cock!”

“That’s wot he did to I’s as well wunnit?” confirmed the equally very erect and excited Luke, he looked at Joel, “I’s dunno how many times I’s cum today, but I’s could do it again, could yer?”

“Me willy hurts `cause I’s over rubbed it a bit, but,” Joel grinned, “but, shall us try?”

“Yeah, but would yer,” Luke really wanted to take matters between them on a step, “would yer finger me bum like he did?”

“Only if yer fingers mine!” Joel laughed. “D’yer reckon he do mean it when he said we’s could push wot we wants up him?”

“Yeah, so d’yer wanna fuck him first or last?”

“Don’t mind.. we could toss for it!”

“Come on then, let’s bleeding toss for it proper, first one to cum goes first!”

Before Joel could reply a familiar voice surprised them. “Oi! Wot’s yer two doing in they bushes!”

“Wot! Fuck, who, wot! ?” Luke turned to see a leering Jason peering through the foliage. “Bollocks! Joel, it’s Kelv’s little brother Jase with that fat kid Farty!”

“Well wot the fuck’s yer two doing here?” demanded Joel, immediately noting that both Jason and Farty had very active pockets once they stepped from the bushes.

“Same as yer I’s ‘spect! Was gonna have a wank, weren’t us Farty?” Jason giggled, there was no putting off the suggestion.

“Yeah,” Joel looked guiltily ay Luke, “yeah well, we was thinking about it.”

Recognising Luke as a friend of Kelvin and knowing Joel had been a masturbatory partner with Connor, Farty immediately accepted the older boys as sexual peers.

“Well wot else is there to do, it’s why yer hiding in the bushes innit?” said Jason. “So is yer gonna show us yer how yer wanks? I’s `specs yer’s gert big willies that right?”

“How d’yer know us got gert willies?” asked Joel, responding to the flattery.

“`cause I were in they bogs when yer wanked off Connor’s gert cock!” said Farty.

“Oh fuck, yeah!” he had forgotten.

“Well, shall us then?” Luke, flattered by the second suggestion of the afternoon that his cock being gert big. Besides he was very intrigued by the activity in Farty’s jeans, he pointed towards him. “Look, see, he’s bleeding wanking already ain’t he?”

Joel looked as well, he was drawn to younger boys whatever shape or size. “Looks like it. So Luke, so shall us all have a wank then?”

“Could do.” Luke nodded enthusiastically and continued looking at Farty’s moving jeans. “Wot pants yer got on then?”

“Ain’t got none on!” Farty giggled, inside his jeans he squeezed the brilliant red head of his overtaxed cock.

“Yer wot?” said Joel. “No pants?”

“I’s ain’t neither.” confirmed a grinning Jason. “So wot’s yer wearing then?”

“Oh fuck!”

Luke grabbed the front of his jeans, his cock swathed in semen soaked cotton was close to ejaculating yet again. The plump Farty was proving quite a tease and that was on top of the incredibly exciting time with Joel and the highly enthusiastic, most flattering exhortations of Tomlinson.

“We’s got white pants on.” admitted a slightly embarrassed Joel, not wishing to add they wore a vest as well and unsure if the younger boys could comprehend their fetish for white underwear.

“And, we’s cum in ’em!” added Luke finding it quite erotic to admit too.

“Well I’s always wears white anyway’s,” said Farty, “so is yer gonna show us then?”

“Wot now?” Luke was becoming further aroused as the thought of being partially undressed in the bushes. “So if us two drops our jeans, will yer two do it as well?”

“That’s a bit unfair, `cause yer’s be in yer pants,” said Jason, “so `spose yer shows us yer pants and us’ll undo our jeans and stick our cocks out!”

“And?” said Joel, now definitely warming to the idea. “Then us all drops our jeans?”

“Oh yeah!” said Jason to nods of approval from Farty and Luke. “Wot’s waiting for!”

They were waiting for nothing, for moments later both Luke and Joel were waddling around with jeans around their ankles and flaunting some very spunky white briefs whilst Jason and Farty disported their willies through unfastened jeans.

“Yer two’s cum more than once in they pants!” said Jason to the embarrassment of Luke and Joel. “I’s seen enough of our Kelv’s wanky pants and knows all about they spunky stains and how they looks and smells!”

“Fuck!” muttered Luke, for indeed the distinctive aroma of semen was in the air. “Well Joel, let’s get `em out then!”

“Yeah.” Joel was past caring about the embarrassment of being caught wearing very spunky white briefs. “One, two, three.. drop ’em!”

“Cor fuck.. that’s a gert big `un innit?” exclaimed Farty stepping over to inspect Luke’s very, very abused nearly five inches of reddened flesh. “Can I’s hold it?”

Luke nodded. “Yeah, if I’s hold yer’s then.”

Jason didn’t even bother to ask, he simply grabbed at Joel’s cock and immediately started to play with the foreskin. “It’s full of old spunk inside, wot’s his like Farty?”

“`bout the same!” confirmed Farty. “They’s has been wanking like they’s said!”

“Well that’s wot we just said wunnit! So let’s get wanking again!” Joel’s anal fixation was taking over. “Last one to cum get’s his bumhole fingered by the others!”

“Oh yeah!” instantly agreed Luke.

“Yeah, yeah!” Farty and Jason both nodded in approval, it would make a change from doing it to each other!

With Farty and Jason starting off the action with a vengeance, it would almost seem to any seasoned masturbator that Luke and Joel were virtually aiming, in both senses of the word, to come last. It was in effect a race to finish last and despite his best efforts Luke could not hold out and not in the least surprised that it was Joel who had to reluctantly submit his orofice to the prize-giving ceremony. Smiling to himself, Luke guessed it was exactly what Joel had planned in the first place with his original suggestion of the competition simply aimed at seducing the younger boys.


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