Bog Off
by Tom


Chapter 33: Just a normal morning

To say the Family Twerks were overjoyed at the news that Kelvin had taken home after school that afternoon was something of an understatement for Wayne and Jason were undeniably impressed at his latent career potential. Doreen though was absolutely ecstatic at the prospect for she had long ago written off Kelvin’s chances of ever getting a job other than labouring or re-stocking an artificial insemination unit.

Undoubtedly there was still a very long way to go before anything certain was to be known, but it gave her the impetus to set about improving Kelvin’s minimal levels of joined up writing and decidedly basic arithmetic. Doreen’s threat that he would be quickly discounted if he could not even read nor add up simple measurements taken from a carpenters ruler soon struck home and he resolved to do elementary sums as set by her on a daily basis. Plainly her job on the checkout at Guptha’s International was destined to benefit Kelvin with the practical fruits of addition and subtraction as she did on the till.

On the contrary the situation at the Chez Grabble, the ancestral home of Farty and Cilla was decidedly strained for the two were not even talking to each other. In fact they wanted no contact whatsoever and instead were taking every opportunity to be as nasty as they could to each other, in essence it was all out war.

So the Thursday morning dawned. The scene was set for another day of vicious sibling style back stabbing, a plethora of adolescent sexual adventures be they solo or of the mutual variety, sticky underwear either incidental or accidental and not the merest hope of absorbing anything of any real educational value.

A noticeable lack of concentration had helped considerably to erase the previous afternoon’s squabbling from the collective memories Cilla and her friends and the coven was reconvening in the playground. Overnight all thoughts having been redirected to concentrate on more physical pleasures, such as what could or what they would wish for on the Saturday afternoon when Cilla finally met Kelvin.

“So Farty ain’t talking to yer then is he?”

“Nah, little sod.”

Cilla, after only one night was already missing the fat, podgy fingers of Farty exploring her various crevices had now literally subscribed to withdrawal symptoms. Such desperation called for desperate measures and she had had had to revert to plan A, being the prolonged use of the pink handled Woolworths plastic hairbrush on going to bed. Farty was no different, through the four inches of brickwork that separated their rooms he too was frantically masturbating with a toy wooden soldier that had seen much active service shoved up his bottom whilst visualising Connor making advances of a far more disgusting nature.

“We’s ought teach one of they little bugger’s a lesson.” said Gloria, wearing a pair of mismatched tarantula eyelashes, a peroxide blond one had been stolen from her mother to make up the deficiency.

“Wot’s mean?” Bella looked at the tarantulas trying to figure out what was wrong.

“Let’s get one of ‘em and wank him off, ’cause they’s all had a go at us didn’t ’em?”

Gloria’s juices moved one step closer to seeping down her legs. In fact they had been gently oozing for most of the night since she had gone to bed with her candle, consequently things were a bit sore down below, even if certainly well lubricated. In any event she had the candle in her school bag for emergency use.

“Shall us?” Cilla’s eye’s lit up, she felt a small tremor at the thought of the three girls catching, stripping and sexually assaulting one of the boys.

“We’s could pinch his trousers!”

“Yeah, that’d teach him not to fuck us about wunnit!”

“Yer can pinch his trousers, I’s gonna pinch his cock till he cums!”

“Which one d’yer fancy then?”

“The one with the biggest cock!” quickly replied Bella visualising her trusty candle.


As the morning progressed so did Luke’s overwhelming need to do something with somebody, somewhere and preferably sometime in the very immediate future.

Luckily for the last lesson of the morning he was to sit by Dave, during which he hoped that would ensure something would happen in preference to the English class itself. Whilst he hadn’t quite realised it, to the slightly more astute Dave it seemed as though Luke was rapidly losing his usually restrained persona and making himself available to anybody if it involved sex. Should Dave say something, maybe not?

Notwithstanding that, Dave couldn’t resist helping out by kneading the white bulge through open fly of Luke’s trousers under the desk whilst directing his hand to his own pocketless pocket in return. In fact it became a rerun of the previous day with Dave unable to hold back and thoroughly steeping both his underpants and the invading hand with semen, which was very quickly withdrawn and the fingers licked clean. Not that Luke was to be allowed to escape unscathed, for if Dave had just ejaculated then it was only fair that Luke should also be put in the same sticky situation. Even as his cock jerked to deposit the last of the hot sperm over himself, Dave had begun to burrow deep into Luke’s trousers and aggressively start rubbing the wet patch on his briefs up and down the straining shaft.

“Cor, fuck that were good.” whispered a breathless Dave.

“Mmmh..” replied an equally breathless Luke, his twitching cock forcing the remains of the discharge through the white cotton that poked through the open fly.

“Reckon we’s can do it again after dinner like us did yesterday?” Dave grinned, his right hand sliding around in his own soggy briefs, his left having just vacated Luke’s trousers and about to be sucked clean. “I’s could cum again, could yer?”

“Wot with Joel and that?”

Luke was really struggling to zip up his fly, he had been doing quite a bit of struggling lately either to get his hand inside or to zip it up afterwards! The inevitable bulge was making matters very difficult and large streaks of semen were being transferred from his wet underpants to the front of his trousers in the process, it all contributed to do little other than emphasise the situation.

“Yeah and I’s wanna sit next to Kelv this time and hold his gert willy!”

“Dirty wanker yer is!”

“I knows and I’s…”

“Oh fucking hell!” hissed Luke interrupting. “Me fucking zip’s bust! Fuck! Oh fuck!”

“Let’s hava butchers then.”

Dave did his best not to be noticed as he bent over to inspect the damage under the desk. Whereas, in fact all he did was scoop up more of the semen, licking his fingers whilst deeply inhaling the unmistakable aroma he stared at the purple head of Luke’s cock through the decidedly translucent cotton, wishing he could take it in his mouth.

“Is it bad?” whispered Luke afraid to look. “Oh fuck, wot’s I’s gonna do?”

“Think so,” replied Dave, intoxicated by the smell and somewhat muffled by the fingers in his mouth, “looks like the fucking little zippy thing yer pulls up and down has come off the rails like.”

“Fuck!” reiterated Luke looking around in panic.

“Gor, oh fuck me!” said Dave to himself, still hovering at aromatic fly level. Wildly excited by the circumstances he started to masturbate though his pocketless pocket.

“Oh fuck and he’s just cum ain’t ‘eh!” muttered a very erect Joel to himself, sitting one row back and to the side a bit from where he was firmly focused on Luke.

“Hey,” one row back and on the opposite side, Bogbrush poked Kelvin, “I’s been watching Luke, he’s been hopping about, I’s reckons Dave’s tossed him off!”

“Well we’s better all do it together then like us did yesterday hadn’t us?” replied Kelvin. “I’s wants to get me hand in his spunky pants if he has, couldn’t yer?”

“Oh yeah. I could get me hand in there alright” said Bogbrush pressing himself on the underside of the desk. “When’s it bleeding dinner time I’s hungry?”

“Bloody soon I’s hopes. Reckon they’s got proper food today not that horse stew shit again and…” the rest of Kelvin’s reply drowned out by the dinner bell ring.


“Why’s yer walking funny then?” asked Joel coming up behind Dave and Luke in the corridor.

“Why’s yer fucking think, ‘cause me pants is stuck to me bits!” Dave, proud of his achievement grinned. “Anyhow wouldn’t be surprised if yer’s wasn’t as well.”

“Nah, I’s saving it for after us has all had dinner, see I’s hopes we’s all gonna do it again like yesterday ain’t we, that were a gert laugh wunnit?”

“And, I’s just broke me fucking zip!” added Luke somewhat unhappily.

“Gor, have yer?” Joel instantly looked across. “Yer right… and I’s can see yer got yer white pants on! Oooh fuck is they all spunky?”

“He’s gonna cum now! Look at him!” Dave pointed to Joel. “He’s got all excited!”

“Well don’t tell everybody, keep yer bleeding voices down!” indeed Joel was excited as testified by his erection having been firm since the morning break.

Luke looked nervously around. The thought of getting through the rest of the day holding his bag in front which could only serve to advertise the fact he was in an embarrassing state of penile asperity did not appeal, not least since being a mixed school the girls knew as well as the boys what it was hiding.


Having recently developed a crush on Luke, Joel really had become very aroused at Luke’s predicament as his hand in the pocketless pocket fondling an extremely hard cock proved. There was to be no holding back as they were about to join the queue in the dining room and he really wanted to exploit the situation while he could.

“Luke, if us sit’s either side of yer.. well can us take it turns to have a feel? Yer could wank us off if yer wants… I’s don’t minds getting in a mess!”

“We’s already in a fucking mess! Couldn’t make it no worser could it?” replied Luke managing a smile, to be manipulated by Joel who he in return also had something of a thing about was too strong a temptation to resist. “Wot’s think Dave?”

“Think’s I’s can cum again,” he said feeling his trousers, “Joel can wank us both off, then we’s do him, wot’s think?”

It seemed for the moment Luke had dispelled the embarrassment factor and joining the food queue they were soon assailed by the unmistakable sound of Kelvin’s voice.

“I’s hopes it’s they beans today, not that stew shit muck.”

“Yer knows yer’ll fart yerself to death!” came Bogbrush’s none too subtle reply.

“Look,” said Kelvin, “bloody Joel and that lot’s beaten us to it, how did they get here so bleeding quick?”

“‘cause we hurried yer bloody twatt! And yeah, chips and beans is back on!”

“Thank fuck for that!” Kelvin breathed sigh of relief. “Some proper food.”

“Yeah, I’s wants gert loads of chips and beans as well.” agreed Dave, his fully rounded figure, verging on corpulent, confirming the only healthy meal of choice.

Indeed it was proper food. If that meant chips, beans and the customary charcoaled sausages then proper food it was. With plates piled high with cholesterol Dave set off towards the corner table where the previous day many naughty happenings had happened, it was though already occupied by four younger boys.

“Fuck off yer little pricks or us’ll smash yer fucking heads in!” it wasn’t subtle, but Dave already with a mouth stuffed full of chips had arrived first and was hungry.

“Yer can sod off!” squeaked an oversize worn blazer. “Us got here first.”

“Yeah, don’t tell us to go, yer can fuck off instead!” ventured a threadbare blazer where in family life expletives were endemic.

“Wot! Don’t tell I to fuck off, yer just piss off outta it right now!” continued Dave.

“Oh look, it’s that little wotshisname… it’s Clint fucking Eastwood innit!” Kelvin had appeared with an overloaded plate replete with the healthy meal of choice. Luke, Joel and Bogbrush followed dodging the odd bean that slithered off the bean mountain on Kelvin’s plate.

“Oh…shit.” gasped the threadbare blazer on seeing the older boys. “I’s thought it were just ‘eh!”

“Well it ain’t just fucking ‘eh is it!” said Dave with bits of chip flying from his mouth.

“And I’s knows yer.” Clint pointed to Kelvin. “And I ain’t Clint bleeding Eastwood!”

“Yeah and I’s knows wot yer’s done, so if yer don’t get this lot to bugger off quick us’ll either have to have to break yer legs or tell ’em wot I knows!”

“Wot, is he Clint bleeding Eastwood then?” said Bogbrush. “He’s smaller than he looks in they westerns!”

“Nah, he’s Clint fucking Eastwood!” corrected Kelvin.

“D’yer reckon he’s gotta big gun?” Dave looked down at the oversize second hand trousers.

“More like a bleeding water pistol I’s ‘spect!” said Luke to some laughter.

“So is yer lot going’ or is we gonna have to sort yer out?” Joel advanced menacingly, but actually trying to see what the threadbare blazer was playing with in his pocket.

“Hey look at him!” suddenly exclaimed the fourth member of the group, he of the dirty, uncombed hair, filthy shirt and clammy hand occupied in pocket, the other clammy hand was pointing at Luke. “Look! See he got spunky white pants on!”

“Fuck! Fucking hell!”

Luke was embarrassed, very embarrassed, the joke was now on him. The clammy hand was pointing to his gaping fly which framed the white glistening bulge, still holding both food and bag he had no chance to try to cover himself up.

“Cor, he’s musta been wanking just now then?”

There was no been about it. Clint, had learnt a lot from his experience in the bus shelter with Jason and it had given him his first sighting of fresh semen, something never to be forgotten.

“Bloody hell he has!” Bogbrush turning to look down. “Oh shit he has! Oh fuck… sorry Luke I’s didn’t mean to.. oh fuck it!”

Luke cringed. Four pairs of eleven year old eyes were focused on his open trousers.

“Now just fuck off the lot of yer!” Joel and Dave stepped in to save any further embarrassment by flapping around to drive the four laughing younger boys off.

“There see, they’s gone now, so calm down,” Kelvin watched as they walked off, Clint giving the V sign as he went, “and yer’d better do yer zip up.”

“Can’t it’s fucking bust innit!” said Luke dejectedly. “Oh fuck wot’s I gonna do now?”

“Yer gonna sit over there and eat yer bleeding nosh, ‘cause I’s hungry!” said Bogbrush pointing to the far side of the table. “And, us’ll think about wot to do.”

Think about it they did, coming up with many lewd suggestions, although nothing that would really help. However, slowly Luke’s mood did improve somewhat and was set to improve even further when he felt a hand on his knee, above the table top Joel continued to join in the conversation. The hand moved slowly towards the open fly, Luke knowing he was fully erect again wasn’t sure what to do, should he now encourage Joel or simply await developments, not that he could develop much more in the penile department anyway!

It was Dave who was to make a suggestion that was to transform the dinner break.

“I’s wonders if he would?” he looked at Luke.

“Would wot?” asked Luke, amazed that he could even reply sensibly since Joel has reached the spunky white cotton and a finger was making forays in through the fly.

“Nah, be silly to ask.” said Dave.

“Wot the fuck is yer on about then?” asked Bogbrush. “Who do’s wot to who?”

“It were something I’s wondered if Luke might wanna do, I mean’s ‘cause he is sort open for business ain’t he with his bust zip and that!”

“Yer wot!” Luke was losing concentration, Joel’s fingers sliding around in the semen did little to help. “Do wot?”

“Oh for fuck’s sake Dave, just  say wot yer means!” said Kelvin, who like Bogbrush suspected sex would play a major role in whatever the idea was.

“Well ‘spose that we’s takes turns to sit by him and, and ‘cause his fly’s open like we plays with his willy and he tosses us off in turn like.”

“Oh fuck me!” said Kelvin.

It was a stunning, very original suggestion, so stunning they fell silent for several seconds as their respective organs hardened. Dave looked at the blank faces, unsure if the reaction was positive.

“But, they’s do it below the table so’s we’s can’t look, be like watching kids wanking through they’s pockets ‘cause we all likes watch that don’t us?” said Dave obviously keen to see his idea in practice. “It’s wot yer don’t see that makes it work like, d’yer see wot I’s means?”

“Ooh yeah, well I’s sees alright!” said Joel. “Up to Luke innit?”

“Well Luke d’yer wanna do it?” asked Kelvin. “Course yer’ll have to lick yer fingers when yer’s got us to cum otherwise us won’t know wot’s going on will us!”

“So I’s wanks yer all off in turn while yer plays with me willy?” he paused, plainly excited at the prospect. “Yeah, alright!”

“Well I’s keen, so wot about yer lot then?” said Bogbrush. “Who’s gonna go first?”

“We’s can do that alphabet thing couldn’t us,” said Dave with great presence of mind, having thought it out beforehand, “so first it’ll be B for Bogbrush, then uumm.. D for Dave.. wot’s next don’t uumm.. don’t J for Joel comes before K for Kelv?”

“Yeah sounds right to I,” Joel having retrieved his hand was subtly licking his fingers before starting to poke his nose, “OK Bog’s, let’s get on with it and swop seats.”


Meanwhile, matters of an equally serious nature were being discussed outside in a corner of the playground where an excited Farty had just revealed that he had been invited to Connor’s house after school for a mutual groping.

“So wot’s think then Jase?”

“See I’s don’t knows whether I’s likes him or not, that’s why we ain’t done nothing with him like.” like him or not, Connor’s enormous cock held a certain attraction for Jason and there was no denying he would dearly like to get a hand almost around it. “Yer’d better see how it goes and let us know, us could always sorta do something with him later then couldn’t us.”

“Yer’s been wanking with him in class ain’t yer?” asked Billie, who true to form was on the cusp of giving his cock some serious attention through his pocketless pocket. “We all do’s I’s ‘spose, but, but wot’s it like to hold that gert willy when he cums?”

“It sorta comes alive when he do spunk,” Farty rather dreamily felt his own meagre, if well experienced cock through his pocket, “it’s like a gert moving snake thing and he makes gert gallons of cum and then he do rubs it all round his pants!”

“Cor.. they must be right messy, bet they stinks of cum,” Billie’s hand had now actively started work, “so wot sorts he wear then?”

“Bleeding Guptha’s innit, has to be, they’s a sorta shitty brown with yellow edges,” Farty paused, he was thinking, albeit slowly, “and d’yer knows wot..”

“Nah, and wot?” asked Jason keen to hear any revelation whatsoever.

“I’s only ever seen him in they spunky brown pants of his, maybe’s all his is the same?”

“Well yer won’t see no skidmarks then!” Billie giggled.

“Why d’yer look?” asked Brett.

“Bog off, course I’s don’t does that.” replied an embarrassed Billie. “So Fart’s, yer’s gotta have a real good look and let us knows how spunky they is, yer got it then?”

“Yeah, alright I’s ain’t daft.” Farty was thinking to himself that he certainly would know since Connor was keen to swop underwear, that though was to be kept secret.

“Has yer gotta thing about Connor’s dirty pants then?” asked Jason, not that he wasn’t interested either. “Yer’s been looking at ’em when we changes for gym!”

“I ain’t.. don’t be bleeding silly, I’s just interested like!” Billie looked the other way, obviously guilty as charged.

“But, but..” Brett was unsure how to phrase his question, it was of great interest to him, “but wot’s he think of yer willy ‘cause it ain’t much bigger than mine is it?”

“He don’t mind, he says he likes it and,” Farty looked around, “he do keep saying he gotta thing about me in me white vest and that.”

“And, yer gotta look at his bed,” on a mission to ascertain just what exactly did Connor to himself Billie wanted the full disgusting picture, but naturally there would be no comparison with himself, “and, yer’s gotta look at his bed and see if it’s all a bit spunky.”

“Wot like yer’s is!” Jason laughed. “He’d have to bleeding go some to beat yer spunky bed!”

“Shut up!” Billie flushed. “Well Fart’s, yer just looks anyways.”

“Yeah, right.” Farty nodded, Billie’s little fetishes were giving him some new ideas.

“So’s yer’s going home with him then after school like?” asked Brett. “He do live on the estate some place don’t he?”

“Yeah, he did tell us, but I can’t remember,” only able to concentrate on the one matter at a time and since that centred on masturbation Farty was verging on the vapid, “I think’s it’s only a couple of streets away.”

“‘spect yer could follow the trial of spunk back to his house!” Jason laughed. “Hey, is yer gonna let him play with yer bum?”

“Oh… I dunno.. ain’t thought about that.” Farty was secretly hoping he would, not that he wished to admit it.

“Don’t let him poke his gert willy up yer or he’ll split yer in half!” added Billie, who would have almost sacrificed his bum for the opportunity of observing the meeting.


Standing up to swop seats with Kelvin, Joel was fumbling with cummy fingers to fasten his open fly and finding the operation all the more difficult by his unyielding erection which pushed the very spunky, faded blue Guptha’s International briefs through the opening.

“Look at that, ain’t never seen his willy look so big!” Dave pointed excitedly, whilst continuing to masturbate through his pocket. “And his pants is soaked, he’s shot a sodding gert load in ’em and all!”

“Don’t bleeding tell everybody will yer!” replied a very flustered Joel sitting down, his fingers slippery with semen and unable to pull the zip up over the bulge. “Oh sod it!”

“Fuck I loves this!” said Bogbrush watching every movement, appearing to have lost an entire arm inside his pocketless pocket was also frantically masturbating. “Is yer cumming yet Dave, I ain’t far off… hurry up!”

Standing, Kelvin was disporting a truly magnificent bulge in his trousers replete with shiny wet patch, he moved to sit next to Luke who looked rather distant and glassy eyed as he slurped the last of Joel’s spunk off his fingers.

“Yer can do it through me pocket or me fly, I’s don’t care, but just fucking get on with it before I’s cums,” gasped Kelvin, “it’s watching these dirty buggers wanking again that’s done it!”

“Well pull the bloody zip down then,” Luke, pushed his glasses back up his nose with a very spunky finger for the n’th time, “and go easy with me willy, that’s lot’s rubbed it raw!”

That lot, now included Joel who had joined Bogbrush and Dave in an attempt to ejaculate again. Whereas Bogbrush and Dave were using the pocketless pocket method with a hand inside their underpants, Joel unable to fasten his fly had delved inside and wrapped his slimy around his cock and was now ruthlessly rubbing away.

“Oohh fuck! But go easy, don’t rip ‘em!”

Kelvin had dived into the open fly and grabbed at Luke’s underpants, pulling them  out of the way to allow the reddened erection to spring free which after being rubbed by many hands it was feeling somewhat tender. Neither was there any defence offered by the once tight fitting white briefs, stretched to the limit there was little elastic nor any shape left that could offer resistance in any form. In addition it seemed that the generous samples of everybody’s semen which had been donated to add to Luke’s original discharge had ensured the inside his trousers were quite literally awash with semen.

To be watched by Bogbrush, Joel and Dave who were all madly masturbating, Kelvin found himself really aroused. With no shortage of lubricant he set to work on Luke, ignoring many protestations that his cock was far too sore and unable to ejaculate yet again. All too soon the pleasures of the flesh took over and Luke acquiesced to his fate, ignoring the painful warning signs and possible consequences of the great strain he was placing on his genitalia. On a more practical note, the state of his uniform should have been flagging up warning signs for it had begun to resemble the sort of thing normally found hidden under the bed of a sex starved adolescent. Yet despite all the warning signs it had not, the front of the blazer and trousers had been showered with blobs and shiny opalescent streaks of semen, the picture compounded by the gaping fly offering glimpses of the sodden briefs and a much abused cock.

On the plus side Luke had his hand almost, but no quite around Kelvin’s throbbing organ to ensure that the precum continued to flow freely. So freely in fact by any other measure even Kelvin’s precum deposits would far exceed the average boy’s load of semen. All that aside, Luke’s trousers offered to Kelvin an absolute paradise and somewhere to be fully explored, not to say exploited. Driven by the thought that Luke’s gloriously revolting, slimy briefs contained the semen from four different boys Kelvin’s hand forced it’s way between the legs and albeit awkwardly, pushed a very slippery finger in a northerly direction.

Surprised, delighted even, Luke moved on the chair but didn’t back away, instead he became even more determined to have Kelvin climax and ejaculate in his hand. Under cover of the table where the others couldn’t quite see, he struggled to free Kelvin’s cock and then redoubled his efforts, the ample and ever increasing supply of precum provided the necessary lubricant. Wrestling with the giant organ as it twitched and jerked with all the strength of a giant python swallowing a goat, Luke bravely managed to hang on. Kelvin wallowing in what could only be described as a swamp of semen inside Luke’s underpants, was striving to bring Luke to yet another climax before he ejaculated himself.

Slurp… slurp… heavy breathing… slurp… slurp.. etc… splurge… splurge… splat… etc.. groan… moan… groan… big groan etc, etc… and accompanied by such a familiar range of teenage sound effects the boys pressed on, not that they could have stopped anyway. In the end it was a moot point as to who ejaculated first, but obviously one of them did!

Hearing was believing or so the enraptured audience thought. Immediately, they all, collectively escalated their efforts to climax again while allowing their imagination to run wild as to just what could be happening to who under the table. However, the dreams and the proceedings were brought to a sudden halt by Kelvin emitting an enormous groan and then collapsing back on his chair. Immediately all eyes turned to look, they watched in stupefied silence as a thick column of semen erupted some three feet high into the air high above him.

“Fuck me!” gasped Joel, albeit rather hopefully as he watched it cascade down over Kelvin and Luke.

“Ooh fucking hell!”

Unlike Bogbrush who knew of Kelvin’s tremendous penile capabilities, Dave had never seen anything like and just stared as huge droplets continued to return to earth, mainly over Kelvin himself. Somehow he had also managed to get Luke to ejaculate just when he too was about to climax, but now Luke was paying a heavy price for the moment of joy for he looked absolutely washed, if not wanked out! In fact so far out that he hadn’t even noticed his glasses had fallen off and disappeared into the gaping fly nor that Kelvin was still firmly attached to his cock which had all but shrunk to nothing.

And, the afternoon lessons were yet to come.


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