Bog Off
by Tom


Chapter 31: Just an average dinner break

There was nothing particularly unusual about the motley collect of pupils that started to arrive at the school the following morning. Typically, many of the older ones were in a state of advanced debilitation courtesy of strong drink, nawty substances, cigarettes or just their regular, deviant sexual practices. Whilst the younger pupils were usually denied the pleasures of the said nawty substances, cigarettes and strong drink they would nevertheless experiment to expand their junior range of deviant sexual practices, more so the adventurous vegetarian. Naturally the likes of Kelvin and Bogbrush fell into the first category, whereas the Clint’s, the Connor’s and the Jason’s made up the bulk of the other and in general were more likely to appear bright eyed and bushy tailed. Well-ish.

True to type, Kelvin arrived walking in a rather awkward manner for even though having avoided the strong drink and nawty substances he had again succumbed to deviant pleasures. That meant the previous evening being rogered twice by a very, very frisky Jason to be followed up with a prolonged solo late night session involving the infamous wooden willy, which if he were honest now felt as though it were still implanted!

“Gor, yer looks fucked! Wot was yer doing last night?”

Bogbrush, who to the contrary was looking amazingly bright eyed, his tail having only been fingered the previous evening and not so extensively as Kelvin’s.

“Cor, fucking brilliant it were.” Kelvin glanced around to see if they could be overheard. “I’s got Jason to fuck us twice!”

“Twice? How d’yer do that?” already both had hands in pocketless pockets.

“Well see,” Kelvin started to giggle, “I’s caught the dirty little fucker tossing off some first year kid in the bleeding bus shelter and..”

“He wot? In the bus shelter?” interrupted a ginning Bogbrush.

“Yeah, the bus shelter for fuck’s sake! Anyway’s I’s caught the pair of ’em and told Jase if he didn’t suck us off when we’s got home then I’s tell on him!”

“Well he wouldn’t wanna bleeding suck yer would he!” Bogbrush laughed.

“Nah, I knows that and so he said he’d fuck us instead, which is wot I’s wanted in the first place wunnit!”

“Well yer a lucky bugger ain’t yer, I’s wish he’d fuck I twice!”

“He might do, just leave it to us to sort out.” Kelvin looked around at the pupils slowly, reluctantly arriving. “Hey, look at him, wot the fucks happened to him?”

“Who’s mean?” Bogbrush looked about for the range of dishevelled, debauched boys was surprisingly large!

“Joel innit! Look, he’s wrecked, wot the fucks he been up too?”

“Yer right, he’s limping worse than yer is!” said Bogbrush. “Let’s go ask him.”

“Oh, oh hang on a sec, looks like Luke’s gonna see him.” Kelvin smiled. “Hey, d’yer reckon they’s doing things together?”

“Might do I ‘spose.” Bogbrush took another look. “Well we do’s don’t us?”

“Well if they’s was wot would yer think if we sorta got together with ’em then?”

“Wot’s mean Kelv?” he looked at him. “Oh, d’yer means all four of us gets together and plays with each other?”

“Yeah,” Kelvin’s hand had become very active in his pocketless pocket, he almost blushed, “so if us did, well… uumm, as me willy’s too big for me to fuck any of you lot, I’s.. well, I’s might let you all fuck me instead!”

“Wot, one after the other?” Bogbrush was instantly erect. “Fuck! Imagine having three lots of cum up yer bum and it dribbling back out onto some white pants!”

“Oh fuck me yeah!” Kelvin took a deep breath, luckily his Guptha’s International orange with black trim briefs were proving quite absorbent especially now with precum in the ascendant. “Bog’s shall us…”

The rest of his reply was drowned out by the lesson bell.


Following their intimate meeting the previous afternoon Luke had thought of little else but of Joel since. Excitedly waiting for him to arrive that morning and still wearing his vest, he was full of the joys of life for less than an hour before had been anally fulfilled by two fingers imaging they were Joel’s two fingers.

“Is yer alright?” asked Luke thinking that perhaps Joel really didn’t look alright.

“Sorta,” replied the limping Joel, “I’s had a bad night and, uumm..”

“Wot’s wrong,” Luke, not wishing to admit to himself that he had developed a crush on Joel he, fiddled with his glasses, “ain’t me is it? Ain’t upset yer or nothing has I?”

“Nah, it ain’t yer.. it’s uumm, a bit tricky like..” he managed a smile having readily admitted to himself that he wanted much more of the bespectacled Luke than he had been able to sampled so far, “and I’s still got yer undies on!”

“And I’s got me vest on, but couldn’t wear they panties ‘cause they’s cuts me balls off!” he giggled, somehow it seemed like he was eleven again, only this time without all the inhibitions that had so stifled his early school life. “Can us swop ’em back later or me mum’ll notice we’s short a pair.”

“Yeah, but thing is,” Joel looked round, who despite penile ailments knew his cock was very, very hard now he was next to Luke, he whispered, “see I’s was caught last night by me mum when I’s just had a wank and were wearing just yer undies!”

“Oh fuck!” the glasses wobbled as did Luke’s top lip, it was something he would have loved to have seen. “Oh fuck, wot she say?”

“She didn’t say nothing, but ran out and sent our dad up and he were in a fucking awful mood and..”

“And, wot?” Luke moved closer, he wanted to hold him, touch him, grope him, but the busy playground before assembly was definitely not the place.

“Well, he starts shouting and that and..” Joel paused to compose himself, “then he says he hopes I ain’t gonna turn into a little poof… see ‘cause somehow I reckons he knows I’s likes dressing up and that!”

“Ooh.. uumm.. shit..” Luke was really stuck for a suitable reply, instead his glasses wobbled again and his cock twitched, several times in fact.

“And,” Joel leaned over to whisper, “and I’s over fucking wanked meself ‘cause now me willy’s all hard and so bleeding sore that I’s can’t touch it like!”

“Cor,” Luke glanced down to see the bulge, “yer still hard now ain’t yer?”

“Yeah, that’s wot I’s just said innit. It won’t bloody go down!” Joel flushed. “I’s don’t know wot I’s done, but it really hurts now.”

Luke now joined him in the flushing stakes as he too admitted to an erection. “Yer’s got I’s hard as well, so why don’t us have look at it in morning break if it’s still up?”

Joel immediately brightened up, plainly all was not lost with Luke. “I ‘spose us could have a look… even if it’s not hard us could couldn’t us?”

“Yeah! And, and us could check mine as well!” Luke was eleven again and giggling.

Also possessing an erection and hoping to achieve sexual gratification sometime during the morning’s lessons was Farty. The previous day having been charged with arranging for his sister to meet with Kelvin over the coming weekend, he and Cilla had started to talk about it after returning home after school only for lust to quickly take over. A situation not unusual for even in such a short time mutual masturbation was now well established between them and if parental conditions allowed Farty might even be permitted to attempt intercourse. That was on the sole proviso he didn’t prematurely ejaculate over Cilla’s well fingered mound, which he usually did anyway so when combined with Cilla’s copious juices turned everything into a slimy, disgusting mess!

However, that had been the previous evening and today was another day which was to be invariably greeted by Cilla frantically masturbating soon after waking up. The sounds of her squeaking bed, squelchy fingers and the croaky birdsong from the few remaining species that had not been shot at by air rifles, would immediate inspire Farty to delve into his starched stripy pyjamas to attempt a second climax. Then, following a rapid breakfast with Cilla’s libido almost, but not entirely sated and her wearing moist, unfashionable knickers with Farty trailing behind, his erection rubbing inside his matching Guptha’s International white underwear, they would set off down the road for school.

By then Cilla was as ever ready for more sex, at least to fantasise or talk about it. With her juices commuting her knickers from moist to decidedly clammy and adhering to her girly bits she walked along wishing she could insert a finger or two right then. However, that day something else was also on her mind and destined to involve the hapless Farty.

“Farty bleeding keep up, I’s want’s to tell yer something.” she called back over her shoulder to the rotund figure shuffling along with hands deep in trouser pockets.

“Wot?” in his effort to speed up and make up the few paces there was the all too familiar sound of an anal explosion.

“Can’t yer ever stop bleeding farting yer’ll shit yerself one day!” she looked at him in disgust, the breeze was luckily in the other direction. “Now bleeding come here.”

“Wot’s yer want then?” unfit, overweight and flatulent he managed to catch her up.

“I’s been telling Bella about yer and..”

“Telling her fucking wot!” he exclaimed in horror. “Not about wot we do’s?”

“Sorta, just like I’s seen yer wank and that!”

“Yer stupid fucking cow! Wot’s d’yer wanna fucking do that for?”

“Shut yer face! She wanna do something with yer, she’s ready to show yer her fanny and she don’t mind that yer’s only got a little willy if yer’ll let her rub it a bit!”

“Fucking fuck off!” snapped Farty, his boyhood traduced, nevertheless he couldn’t resist asking. “Wot’s her fanny like, do she make as much bleeding mess as yer do?”

“Wot!” her turn to snap at him. “Wot mess, I don’t make no mess!”

“Well yer drips that smelly stuff when yer cums don’t yer? That’s a fucking mess innit? Do her do that when her wanks?” he determinedly twisted the knife, being very angry that the awful Bella should be made privy to the size of his very abused appendage. “I’s bet yer knickers is all fucking smelly and sticky already ain’t they?”

“They fucking ain’t!” retorted Cilla knowing they were and would be even more so if they were likely carry on talking about them.

Whatever. And so the conversation continued becoming more animated, insulting and strangely very arousing with each sticky step Cilla took. That was until they reached the school gates at which point she, by now in an absolutely foul moody took action. Worried that the extra weight of the constantly oozing juices in her extremely soggy knickers might make then fall down, coupled with having rightly perceived to have come off worse in the battle of four letter words she finally lost her temper. She really lost it, vindictively swinging her school bag which was fairly bursting with make-up and little else, she hit Farty squarely in the groin and after watching him crumple up in obvious agony ran off giggling.

“Sounds like somebody’s screaming, wot’s happened?” said Billie looking around. “I can’t see’s nobody.”

“Nah,” Jason looked about as well, “I dunno, can’t see nothing.”

“Cor, ooh fuck.. yeah, look it’s Farty, wot’s happened to him?” Brett standing to one side had a different perspective, he pulled on Jason’s sleeve and pointed. “Look he’s on the ground by that gert gatepost thing holding his willy!”

All of ten seconds later a very distraught Farty with tears in his eyes and his podgy hands gripping the front his trousers was gently chaperoned through the gates and into the playground. Any immediate dreams of classroom ejaculation were dashed, his planate gonads and a very shrunken willy all bore testimony to the powerful gravitational forces of Cilla’s schoolbag.

After considerable gnashing of teeth, much, much wailing and a tentative groping inside his trousers he finally spoke. “She’s a fucking right fucking cow!”

“Well,” opined Billie who by now had most of an erection brought on by the idea of undressing Farty, “Fart’s, I’s really thinks we’s gotta get yer in the bog and have look at yer knackers, ‘cause she might have fucking really hurt ’em!”

“Yeah, they might be’s all flat or summat!” added Brett, always being keen to compare willy sizes either hard or soft. “Were shall us go?”

“I’s knows, ‘spect we’s got time.” said Jason, quite unsure what the time was, but quite sure he enjoyed undressing another boy. “I’s heard our Kelv say that the small bog by the big hall’s quiet, he nips in there for quick ’un now and again!”

Despite some residual pain, Farty nodded and said nothing, he was actually looking forward to being inspected.

“D’yer think Kelv’ll be in there wanking now then?” asked Billie hopefully, they set off slowly aiming to cajole the flatulent Farty to a speedy limp before time ran out.

All of thirty seconds later found the aspiring group of medics crammed into a cubicle with Farty standing on top the toilet seat, looking much happier with the level of attention he was now receiving. All of a further five seconds later found him with his trousers and white briefs pulled down to his feet and three very inquisitive pairs of eyes staring at assets.

“Well there ain’t no blood nor nothing.” said Jason who appeared to have taken over as lead clinician and poking at the hairless scrotum with the chewed end of a blunt pencil. “And it looks like yer willy’s gonna come up!”

“Cor, so it is innit!” Brett watched excitedly, to leisurely compare willy’s at eye level made a pleasant change from the usual rush before ejaculation threatened.

Billie meanwhile had already started onanist style proceedings through his trouser pocket and thought the opportunity to take Farty in hand was too good to miss. “Fart’s, I reckons we’s ought to get yer hard just to check it do get hard, don’t yer?”

“Oh yeah.” confirmed Jason, by now having ditched the pencil in favour of a grubby finger and thumb. “Wot’s think Brett?”

“Oh yeah!” erect himself, Brett nodded in agreement. “Shall I’s start him off then?”

Farty certainly didn’t object, despite a bruised feeling he was only too willing to be

subjected to an examination like no other especially with several wandering hands available. If one good thing had come out of his relations with Cilla it was that under no circumstances could he now be termed as shy, in fact exhibitionist was more apt.

Brett’s small fingers had worked their magic for within less than a minute Farty’s small organ had shown distinct signs of life, shortly after all three would begin taking turns to continue the massage operation. Billie by now had his own erection on display and was inviting any free hand to help him to a climax whilst he inspected Farty’s underwear for semen stains, he looked up and announced that he had had an idea.

“Why don’t us all wank in front of him ‘cause that’ll make him wanna wank as well?” he said proudly since his ideas were generally very limited and not that he hadn’t already started anyway. “So’s he’s can test his willy to see if it still works can’t he?”

“Yeah, wot a gert good idea,” said Jason as his trousers fell to the floor, “and ‘spose the one who cum’s first gets to lick Farty’s cock betterer?”

Unbelievably, all three already had erections and required no further encouragement to begin. With Farty balanced on the toilet seat posed like an overweight ornamental garden cherub peeing into a fountain, he grabbed his almost-four inches and began wanking in earnest. And, it came as no great surprise that Billie having had had a head start was the first to ejaculate soon to be followed by Jason and Brett. Finally a delighted Farty climaxed, who from his assumed cherubic position on the toilet managed to spin round at the vital moment to dribble blobs of spunk over the entire audience.

“Hey Bog’s, let’s go and join they lot,” Kelvin nodded towards Luke, Dave and Joel sat together at the table in the corner of the dining room.

“Yeah alright, wot, is yer gonna ask ’em if they wants to join us for a wank then?”

“Might do, see how it goes,” Kelvin grinned, “why is yer getting hard? I is ‘cause that Luke turns us on in his white pants!”

“Him and Joel, I’ll have they two and yer can have Dave there’s enough of him!”

“Now shut up!”

“Is these seats free?” asked Bogbrush as they approached the table.

“Yeah, yeah.” Luke looked up to see Bogbrush and Kelvin hovering holding their trays of food. “Yeah, course.”

“They ain’t got no bleeding chips on for dinner today.” said Kelvin dejectedly putting his tray noisily on the table. “It‘s fucking donkey meat day innit!”

“Tastes like it and all.” confirmed Joel looking down at the inedible stew. “Why’s they do that to us, can’t us have chips every day or summat?”

“It’s meant to be fucking healthy and all that sorta shit innit.” said Luke.

“Fucking shit is right innit, chips is healthier.” confirmed Kelvin prodding the various lumps in the sea of semi-congealed gravy. “So, wot’s these other bits if they’s not brown is they still lumpy bits of horse?”

“Wot things?” Joel leant over to have a look. “Oh them, I ain’t got none of they!”

“Shit, yer lucky then!” Bogbrush peered into the glutenous brown mixture on the chipped plate. “‘cause I don’t want none neither!”

“Yeah, wot’s these bleeding things.” repeated Kelvin stabbing at a mystery object hiding beneath the thick skin that had already formed over the gravy.

“That’s a bleeding carrot yer pillock!” said Dave laughing.

“It ain’t is it?” Kelvin looked at in disbelief. “It don’t fucking look like one.”

“Course…” gasped Bogbrush, suddenly starting to laugh and now having trouble speaking. “Course…”

“Course, fucking wot?” Luke was starting to laugh as well, it was infectious.

“Well course,” continued the laughing Bogbrush, “course, Kelv won’t know about that.. ‘cause the only carrots he see’s is they fucking gert big un’s that he stuffs up his bum!”

“Fuck off!” even Kelvin was laughing along with the others. “Well I’s ain’t the only one doing that…is I’s Bog’s!”


Far from being a shrinking violet, first Bogbrush blushed, then recognising a wonderful opportunity to open up the conversation continued. “Well alright then, if Kelv do’s it and I’s do’s it, who else do’s it with a carrot outta yer three then?”

“Oh shit!” Luke had replied far too quickly, blushing to confirm his guilt his glasses wobbled nervously and had to be saved from falling into the remains of the stew.

“Looks like Luke do, then don’t he!” Kelvin grinned.

“Fuck it!” mumbled a very embarrassed Luke by way of confirmation.

“Well alright, I do’s it as well.” volunteered an equally flushed Joel, he looked across at Dave hoping for more revelations. “Dave?”

“Dave, don’t disappoint us!” Bogbrush grinned.

“We didn’t have no carrots so I’s tried a small banana other day.”

“D’yer peel it?” asked Bogbrush it being a very serious subject.

“Course I’s did!”

Dave along with Luke, had been feeling distinctly randy all morning and sitting next to each other been engaged in mutual groping during the last lesson. Unfortunately for Dave he had become so excited he ejaculated prematurely just as the dinner bell rang and was too embarrassed to admit it. That in itself had left him very aroused so during the meal he had been reaching under the table to placate his sticky cock through his pocketless pocket and had managed to somehow be on the verge of yet another orgasm.

“Ooh, a banana?” Joel looked up.

“Yeah, yer lot wanna try that ‘cause they comes already slippy without the skin and so yer don’t have to spit on ’em!” added Dave.

Bogbrush made a mental note and looked around, he was becoming more than aroused. “So who’s hard now then?”

“Yer means who ain’t hard!” Joel gave an embarrassed laugh.

“Yeah! So could us all cum now then?” said Kelvin “If us all wanks we’s could cum  under the table right now!”

“Wot now? Cum in our pants?” asked Luke, forever the cautious type. “But…”

“But nothing,” said Kelvin, his hand pushing on his bulging trousers, “‘cause we knows we all does it in class don’t us, now who ain’t got a special pocket like?”

They all looked at each other, it was again Luke that spoke. “I ain’t ‘cause I knows our mum would notice.”

Grinning inanely Dave wriggled on his chair, legs tightly crossed he was desperately trying just to be part of the scenery, albeit a large part. Unable to control himself, his Guptha’s International white briefs were being thoroughly doused with hot semen for the second time in minutes. From the aesthetic point of view it appeared to have been an unexpectedly large discharge brought about the excitement of the overall situation, the excess was already seeping through the front of his trousers.

“Well get yer hand in yer zip then Luke.” Bogbrush looked around. “And no bleeding faking it ‘cause whoever’s sat next to yer is gonna feel in yer pants to make sure they’s all spunky and yer’s cum proper!”

“On the count of three start wanking and don’t make no bleeding fuss or hop about, so ready?” said Kelvin. “Right, hands in pockets, ready… one… two… three… wank!”

A latent, sticky silence fell over the table only punctuated by the occasional rattle of bent cutlery vibrating on a dinner plate or the unmistakable sound of an overactive hand working a sloppy foreskin. Considering the amount of in-class practice the boys had had, they were nevertheless all somewhat embarrassed at performing to order in relative silence and looked at each other as they strained to be the first to achieve ejaculate. Dave was unsure about managing another mythical, revered cumming so soon since it would actually be his third, instead he did his very best to feign a climax, his hand moving inside his briefs even though his cock had become floppy.

“Ah, Kelvin…”

“Wot!” gasped Kelvin looking up. The voice was familiar, as was the unique and unstoppable feeling of semen forcing it’s way from his cock into his briefs.

“Fuck! No! Not now!” mumbled Luke under his breath for he was due to be a joint second with Kelvin, having done a masterful job through the open fly even if some spunk had got onto his trousers.

With Dave effectively discounted, Joel had actually won the race and sat there motionless, a glazed rather frozen look on his face as if he had been caught at the optimum moment, which of course he had. No further action was called for, for despite all the debilitating action of the previous few hours semen just kept oozing from his sore cock to decorate the white underpants and matching vest. Or, to be quite precise over Luke’s underpants which Joel had yet to return after their swop.

“I was hoping to catch you.”

“Yer wot! Fuck!” muttered Joel, who for all the wrong reasons thought this time he really had been caught in the act.

Mr Wilson was sharing the dinner break duty with Mr Browning and had been watching the antics from afar, being an experienced voyeur he could easily detect when a boy was committing a naughty act self-abuse. Possibly it was the glazed look as personified by Joel or the non too subtle movements when the lower torso was forced to slide uncomfortably beneath the table as the action took place.

“Yer wot! Catch who?” echoed a pale faced Dave.

Bogbrush smiled and said nothing for he had realised Mr Wilson’s greeting could be taken either way and the guilty had taken the bait.

“Oh shit!” blurted out Luke. Very flustered at Mr Wilson’s appearance and having also misinterpreting the greeting he had nervously fiddled with his glasses and then dropped them into the remains of the cold stew in front of him.

“No, no I think you’ll find it’s stew!” said Mr Wilson trying not to laugh.

With trembling spunky fingers Luke fished them out realising he was now the centre of attraction and needed to get his grubby handkerchief from his trouser pocket to clean them. Unfortunately that served only to compound his predicament for in a blind panic without further thought he stretched to reach in the pocket so exposing the open fly with his white briefs leering our, shimmering with fresh semen.

Reaching the point of no return himself, Joel couldn’t help starting to giggle as the pink head of poor Luke’s cock winked at him though the translucent material.

With discretion being the better part of valour Mr Wilson pretended he didn’t see and instead, as the petrified Luke literally collapsed back down his chair, he glanced at Bogbrush, who with both hands deep in his pockets made no attempt to disguise what he was doing and actually looked up winked!

“I hope I’m not disturbing anything lads, but I’d like to see Kelvin later,” he smiled, his eye caught Bogbrush’s, “I’ve got some news for you.”

“News?” croaked Kelvin, aware that semen was flooding though the famously thin cotton of his Guptha’s International briefs and dribbling between his legs. “News?”

Bogbrush thought to himself, now who was the good news for, could it be both?

“Yes, good news, come along and see me later once you’ve finished, uumm…” without finishing the sentence he walked off smiling.


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