Bog Off
by Tom


Chapter 28: Further temptation

By the following morning Doreen had managed to put the incident out of her mind, which under the circumstances seemed the best way even if opening a tin of peas might never be the same again! With the usual chaotic calm restored to the Twerks household the boys were despatched in the direction of the school in a thick cloud of smoke, where on arrival both had exciting things to discuss with their friends.

“So wot happened with Dipstick?” Bogbrush had been waiting excitedly inside the school gates for Kelvin to arrive. “Were he there then?”

“Yeah, it’s all fixed up.” replied Kelvin radiant with success. “Now I knows how to get into the shed and he do reckons evenings or weekends is safe to use it.”

“So, did yer have to do something with him?” Bogbrush winked. “Yer knows.”

“Didn’t have to like, ‘cause I’s told him me willy were a bit wanked out, so’s he just got us wank him off instead of doing anything else.”

“That were alright then wunnit, bit messy I’s ‘spect! So wot happens next?”

“He did say something.. that uumm… well, he wants like..” Kelvin paused.

“Wot? Bet I can bleeding guess can’t I’s?” Bogbrush grinned. “He do don’t he?”

“Yeah, I’s thought yer could… he uumm, he wanna have us both together don’t he?”

“How’d I’s knows that? But we do’s it in that shed, not in that bloody stinky bog?”

“Oh yeah, he don’t really care where. Anyhow says he’ll wait for us to get there after school one day, but we’s gotta let him knows when like.”

“Well I bleeding care even if he don’t, not in that stinky bog! So over the next couple of week or something?”

“Wotever, we’s lets him know, easy innit.” Kelvin lowered his voice. “So tell us, wot d’yer do with that little Brett then?”

“Well, see,” Bogbrush looked furtively around, “I’s gave him a lesson in sucking and he’s bleeding good at it.”


“Well, while he’s sucking I’s gets me finger up, he do loves that… well he do now!”

“Cor, bleeding hell, yer a dirty sod and he’s so young, but he liked it?”

“Well yer do like it, don’t yer?” yet more furtive looks and with his voice now down to a whisper he continued. “So, it’s only fair that he fingers I in exchange innit?”

“Oh yeah, too fucking true!” Kelvin nodded. “Twelve is he! Would he do I as well?”

“Oh shut up!” Bogbrush had to laugh at Kelvins sudden enthusiasm for the younger boy. “See next time, I reckons I’s can get him to get his willy up us, it’s small course and I’s too big to go up him, but he could suck us off like!”

“Yer a gert happy bunny then?” Kelvin grinned. “Wot’s think, d’yer reckon he really would then?”

“Wot? Oh I’s see’s, yer means he do it with yer? Yer really fancies it don’t yer?”

“Yeah, I ‘spose,” Kelvin flushed, “I’s do fancies his little thingy up me hole!”

“Well, yer’ll have to wait and I’s find out. See, ‘cause Jase or that don’t knows nothing about this, I means that’s good innit?”

“Yeah, oh..” he looked over Bogbrush’s shoulder, “well yer’d better shut up about it now ‘cause Billie’s just come in and look.. now he’s bloody limping a bit!”

Bogbrush turned. “Looks like he’s got something stuck up his bum! Is it fucking catching? I’s means, yer’s been limping, so’s Jase and now Billie!”

“And, I’s wouldn’t be surprised if Brett weren’t after yesterday!”

“It were only me finger!”

“Yer limping now! Is it still up there then?” Jason giggled. “I means yer lent it to take it home with yer didn’t yer, so I ‘spose yer’s used it?”

“Well,” Billie paused, apparently making sense of the appalling grammar, “no it ain’t, but I’s did give it another try like and I’s just cum when I’s hears our mum coming upstairs, so, so I fucking panics and then it won’t fucking come out me bum!”

“And..” Jason looked round, “there ain’t nobody listening, so wot happened?”

“Well it were just like earlier when yer mum came in yer bedroom, it were stuck and I’s all cummy so I’s pulls me jeans was pulled up,” he now looked around and began to whisper, “so’s then I’s didn’t knows wot to do, so’s I’s did something real fucking stupid..”

“Wot?” asked Jason excitedly, having started to play with himself.

“Well, I’s sat on the edge of me bed to think about it! So course that pushed the bleeding thing right up!”

“Ooh fuck! Bet that hurt!” it was hard not to laugh.

“Yeah! Bleeding did! And, there weren’t no need to have got all worried ‘cause she’d only come up to see if the fucking cat were upstairs!”

“So.. so wot then?” Jason glanced at Billie’s trousers, he giggled again, “Yer’s got us all hard and so’s yer, ain’t yer?”

“Sod off!”

“I fancies a wank now!” the pocket movements confirmed it.

“Wait till break time!” Billie grinned. “So anyway’s I tries pulling at it for bleeding ages and gives up ‘cause me bums got sore and that, then I has a gert idea.”


“I’s goes in the bog and pretends to have a crap like!” he blushed. “It took nearly half hour and me bumholes felt all knackered but it came out!”

“Wish I’s thought of that.”

“Yer? Why wot’s mean?” Billie looked at him. “Hey, yeah ‘cause yer was fucking limping as well weren’t yer? It were the day yer came in late… so it’s been stuck up yer as well ain’t it?”

“Uumm.. yeah.” now it was Jason that blushed. “But don’t yer say nothing, not to nobody, not even Brett, ‘cause, well, it were stuck in I all bleeding night and our Kelv had to pull the fucking thing out the next morning!”

“Oh shit, that hurt a bit then!” Billie grinned. “Anyhow’s now it’s had a gert wash down the bog and it’s drying under me bed!”


Since his chance meeting with Clive Tomlinson in the supermarket, Jack Wilson had  been forced to face some difficult questions where boys were concerned. Initially he couldn’t stop thinking of Tomlinson as the young scout who had allowed himself to be so willingly conscripted to share a sleeping bag when in camp. Those thoughts combined with images of Connor and Kelvin were all too frequently on his mind and becoming harder to resist.

Stupidly or otherwise, the previous evening Wilson had agreed to meet Tomlinson in a pub yet with what objective he wasn’t too sure, though subconsciously he wanted to revive some scouting memories. Tomlinson however, being the very accomplished and youthful looking homosexual sidetracked him into discussing in great detail the most sexually provocative boys at their respective schools and the possibility of luring them into something. The evenings entertainment was concluded with a trip to a deserted carpark for an oral refresher course followed by Tomlinson persuading  Wilson to join him in his climactic underwear fetish as they often had years earlier.

Thus, spurred on by Tomlinson’s brand of adolescent fantasies there could be no denying that Wilson’s interest in schoolboys had been rekindled with a vengeance. So that morning, facing a class full of adolescent boys with under apron activities in full swing it promised to be something of test as to whether he could contain his desires or would he take what was on offer? So passed the first two lessons, it was the double lesson following the morning break that had really focused his attention for in the class were arch masturbators Kelvin and Bogbrush. However dangerous the situation he knew deep down that he was really looking forward to the lesson yet, knowing on the other hand he should try to resist all forms of contact.

The boys wandered lethargically into the workshop, many with hands already actively engaged in a pocket knowing that under cover of an apron there was the prospect of mid-morning hand-relief. Casually standing by the doorway with his own erection hidden under his white coat Mr Wilson hoped it wasn’t too obvious that he was watching as the boys took off their blazers to put on an apron. Without a blazer and with hands out of pockets it was easy to spot those already with erections who would most certainly be receiving a visit as the lesson progressed.

“‘ullo Sir.” said Kelvin cheerfully as he managed to pass as close as he could without actually making physical contact. “Wot’s we making today?”

Before he could reply Bogbrush followed, his hands otherwise occupied, he winked. “ullo Sir, I hopes we’s gonna carry on were we was before, maybe give us a hand!”

A shiver ran up Mr Wilson’s back, this was all he needed, even if in more sense than one! Bogbrush was obviously referring to his last visit to the woodstore when he had allowed himself to be caught masturbating and subsequently partially ejaculated into Mr Wilson’s hand.

As lesson’s went it didn’t take too long to get underway and after some twenty minutes the class had retrieved their various projects and settled down to honing their carpentry skills whilst Mr Wilson attempted to recover his authority.

“Kelv, I’s gonna go see Luke,” Bogbrush put his approximation of the infamous table lamp on the bench, “‘cause I’s gotta fix up to swop our pants back dinner time!”

“Oh, I’s forgotten yer were wearing his,” Kelvin grinned, “so is yer gonna cum in ’em before yer hands ’em back?”

“Yeah, that’s wot I was gonna tell him, he’s gotta wank in ’em in this lesson so we swops ’em back all cummy!”

“Now wot about Sir like, is we gonna try and get him going?”

“Well he held me willy last time, so I reckons he’s bleeding hooked now ain’t he?” the apron appeared to be moving of it’s own accord. “I wants to see if he’s hard!”

“Ooh fuck, yer really going for it ain’t yer?”

“Yeah why not! So listen, us both have to the wanky bit again when he comes over to look at our work and I’ll try and get him in woodstore place again.”

“Shall us get our cocks out under these aprons then?” said Kelvin, his fly already partially unzipped.

“Yeah, but first I’s gonna tell Luke to get wanking, back in a min.”

Mr Wilson couldn’t help noticing Bogbrush walking across the workshop towards Luke’s bench. In turn Bogbrush pretended he hadn’t been seen and  instead made some very obvious hand movements under the apron as he walked.

“Fuck is yer wanking now?” was Luke’s immediate reaction on seeing him approach.

“Nah,” said Bogbrush, “I’s just warming up ‘cause I thinks when us swops ’em back we’s ought to have ’em all cummy, wot’s think?”

“Wot… oh yeah! So’s I’s wears ’em full of yer spunk?” Luke’s eyes lit up, it was to be another dream realised.

“Yeah.” said Bogbrush. “So tell us, how many times has yer cum in ’em then?”

“Uumm.. well I’s ain’t taken off since us swopped!” Luke flushed. “So I’s ain’t too sure, but I ‘spose… yesterday and last night.. about five and one in the night and course one this morning!”

“Bleeding hell! Yer a dirty little fucker ain’t yer?” Bogbrush grinned. “So’s can yer cum again or is yer now all wanked out?”

“Just about, it’s getting a bit sore now.” again he flushed, it was embarrassing to admit he had masturbated almost to a standstill! “How many times did yer do it?”

“Well I’s ain’t taken ’em off neither, so about four times I’s ‘spose and this morning,” he grinned, “yer knows they ain’t white no more, ‘cause they’s covered in cum!”

“So wot… uumm.. well wot.. is yer gonna do after we’s swopped and yer gets ’em home.. uumm..” Luke stopped, not at all sure whether he should say any more.

“Wot’s yer trying to say then?” Bogbrush moved closer. “Whisper if yer wants.”

“I’s means..” stuttered a very embarrassed Luke, “‘cause yer’s all be covered in me spunk, will yer.. I means… sorta have a gert look at ’em and that..  yer knows!”

“Oh fucking yeah!” Bogbrush smiled. “Course I fucking is! I’s gonna look ’em all over, sniff ’em, lick ’em, suck ’em, wank over ’em and might keep ’em as they is!”

“So it really ain’t just I’s then who’s got a thing about spunky pants?” said Luke surprised at his own admission. “So yer’s do that stuff as well, honestly like?”

“Yeah,” Bogbrush looked at him, plainly he had he been missing something, “so’s d’yer mean yer been swopping with then if yer do that?”

“Oh,” he paused, further embarrassed, “I’s ain’t got nobody.. so’s I do it to meself!”

“Well, so listen, why doesn’t us do it together some place after school?” suggested a now very aroused Bogbrush visualising Luke sniffing his own underwear.


He continued enthusiastically hoping to persuade Luke. “Look, us could swop over dinnertime and uumm.. well, I ain’t sure if me mums gonna be in when I’s goes home, but yer could come back and find out.. ‘cause sometimes she works till five so’s I’s on me own.”

“Oh..” Luke swallowed, “I’s could I ‘spose.. but we’s gonna swop anyway’s, yeah?”

“Oh yeah, so have a wank now and we’ll swop back after we’s had our dinner.” he looked around. “I’s getting back to me poxy table lamp and yer can get wanking!”

Excited at the thought of going to Bogbrush’s home and of what could happen, Luke did indeed prepare to start masturbating as instructed. Since it was a prerequisite that the underpants absorbed the discharge it was only logical for access purposes that his fly was fully unzipped. In order to start things off should his battered organ be reluctant to perform, he pulled it out through the open fly intending to begin with his hand and then transfer it inside the briefs when he was close to ejaculation.

Mr Wilson’s considerable observational experience had already seen Luke marked down as a very likely candidate for pleasures of the flesh and from across the room was keeping an eye on progress, being ready to appear at the vital moment. He was though intrigued to see Dave now approach Luke where from the body language and hands beneath their aprons it looked as he had realised what was going on.

“Is yer wanking?”

“Yeah,” gasped Luke, who considering the state of his equipment was making better progress than he had hoped, “why doesn’t yer join us?”

“D’yer thinks anybody’ll notice?” Dave glanced furtively around, Mr Wilson looked the other way.

“Nah, I ‘spect we ain’t the only ones is us?” he looked at Dave’s moving apron. “Is yer getting it out or not?”

“Nah, think I’s cum in me pants.”

“Well bleeding stand right by us, then yer can get yer hand on me willy and us’ll pretend we’s looking at me woodwork thing.”

“It’ll be alright wunnit? I means old Wilson won’t see nothing will he?” said Dave  nervously recalling the previous woodwork lesson when they were apprehended. “Luke, I ain’t sure about doing it ‘cause he bloody caught us last time didn’t he?”

“Course it’s alright, he’s bloody forgotten about it by now.” said Luke who in the heat of the moment also seemed to have forgotten the shock of being caught. He looked over his shoulder to see all was indeed apparently alright and Mr Wilson hadn’t moved. “Look just stand by us and get bleeding wanking!”

“Nah, I ain’t gonna risk it.” said Dave slowly backing away. “Let’s have a wank dinner time instead.”

“Well’s I’s gonna do it now ‘cause I’s all worked up for it!”

“Well I ain’t risking it after last time, let’s do it dinner time instead.”

“Oh… yer really ain’t?”

“Nah. Too bleeding risky innit?”

“Well.. uumm.. maybe..”

From across the workshop Mr Wilson saw that both boys appeared to have moved back to their respective benches so possibly the lesson of the previous week had not been entirely wasted. It hadn’t, for Luke on seeing Dave’s very nervous reaction had decided perhaps he was right after all and besides, there was a good chance Dave could be persuaded to join in the underwear swopping during the dinner break.

“Right shall us get wanking then,” whispered Bogbrush, who had in turn been observing Mr Wilson, “he’s been watching Luke wanking, but looks like he’s stopped now so, so shall us get him going?”

“Yeah,” Kelvin grinned, “I’s give him a quick flash when he comes over, then yer starts proper under yer apron and us’ll see wot happens!”


After the time spent watching Luke and becoming suitably aroused only to then find he had abandoned attaining gratification, Mr Wilson looked around the room for any other signs of sexual activity. It appeared that the only immediately visible signs were from Kelvin and Bogbrush who were standing side by side beside the bench and seemingly oblivious to all around them.

“Right Kelv, he’s fucking coming over. Make sure yer behind the bench so’s our willy’s is outta sight and we’s hidden from the class,” whispered Bogbrush, “yer got yer willy out has yer?”

“Right out and right up!” Kelvin started to giggle. “Let’s pretend we ain’t seen him.”

Unaware he had been set up Mr Wilson approached from behind having walked the long way round the workshop whilst theoretically inspecting work as he passed by the various benches. Once coming up behind the two boys his heart started to race for it was blatantly obvious what they were doing and if he wasn’t mistaken there were even flashes of skin under the aprons.

“What are you two doing?” he tried to sound authoritative whilst keeping his voice down should anybody else hear and then have to take appropriate action.

“Wot! Oh no!” uttered Kelvin lamely, it was no wonder he had never been chosen for the school play!

Theoretically surprised he immediately turned round doing his best to look aghast at being caught in the act and even more surprised that his apron was caught on the handle of the vice and now pulled to one side it no longer covered his huge erection.

“Oh shit! Put yer willy away!” hissed Bogbrush, cleverly turning so quickly that his own organ was also put centre stage. “Oh.. no!”

“Oh… wot yer gonna do Sir?”

Amazingly Kelvin sounded suitably contrite, his cock only inches from Mr Wilson, who stuck for words couldn’t take his eyes off the quivering appendages and then very stupidly looked between the two instead of immediately admonishing the boys.

“But, see I knows what yer wants Sir… don’t I?” Bogbrush grinned and looked down at the glistening end of his cock. “Well us all knows wot yer really wants so don’t us? I’s gonna go over to the woodstore quick, why don’t yer come in a minute?”

“I… I..”

“It’s alright, us knows yer secret and won’t say nothing will us Bog’s?” said Kelvin calmly. “So if he goes in the cupboard and waits, yer can stand by us and hold me willy, I’s means ‘cause it’s wot yer wants, innit.. Sir?”

“And,” said Bogbrush covering himself ready up to set off, “us were thinking yer might wanna take us out for ride in yer car some place, then yer could do wot yer wanted, we both loves being tossed off!”

Seductively and it has to be said, to Mr Wilson’s obvious delight Kelvin drew a finger over the head of his cock. “Ooh look Sir.. I’s got precum!”

Some three frantic minutes later with all pretence of authority having been replaced by sheer lust, a flustered Mr Wilson appeared at the door of the woodstore with his right hand very sticky with Kelvin’s precum.

“Wot took yer!” Bogbrush swivelled round to greet him, his cock in his hand. “I’s knew yer’d come, ‘cause we’s both a bit queer ain’t us?”

“What did you mean about going in the car somewhere?” he asked walking over without taking his eyes off Bogbrush’s cock.

“Well us could all go together or yer could have us one at time, we’s don’t mind,” Bogbrush smiled, “see I’s a bit queer like yer is, but Kelv ain’t too sure if he’s queer so’s if yer wants bum stuff I’s might be betterer like.”

“What!” the chance to relive his youth was on offer, but could he, should he refuse as it was the right thing to do?

“Grab hold me willy before I’s cum!” Bogbrush was looking at the white coat, very intrigued as to what was beneath. “Is yer’s very big?”


The dinner bell sounded the end of the morning lessons, where some had been undoubtedly more interesting than others. Not so though for Jason, Brett and Billie who with Farty in tow rushed from a numbingly boring maths lesson towards the dining hall hoping to be first in the queue for the inevitable plate of chips and beans.

“Wot’s this long division stuff, I’s don’t bleeding get that at all,” said Farty, “see, ‘cause why ain’t there no short division?”

“Fucked if I’s knows.” replied Billie, being neither interested nor sadly capable of even the most simple arithmetic. “Fucked if I cares, I’s wants me chips!”

“Now Farty listen,” said Jason as they pushed through the doorway only to find they were not at the head of the queue, “I’s gotta message from our Kelv, he says yer’s gotta tell yer sister that he’s found somewhere and they’s gotta fix a date.”

“Wot to look at her bits! Cor!” Brett was very impressed that Kelvin was actually brave enough. “So, he’s gonna show her his gert willy then is he?”

“That’ll frighten her!” Billie laughed, his anal injury temporarily forgotten. “‘cause it’s a gert big ‘un innit?”

“Yeah, it’s fucking gert big ‘un!” replied Jason who’s idea of scale was on a par with Billie’s understanding of simple arithmetic. “Ooh shit, it’s gotta be.. uumm.. well, oh, uumm.. ten inches and it’s gert thick and all!”

“Bleeding hell! Ten inches!” Farty mentally compared that to his own very modest specimen and decided there was no comparison. “I reckons that’ll frighten her ‘cause all she knows is one of her bitchy mates gotta brother who’s got five inches!”

“Gor, that’s nearly twice as big!” Billie confirmed his mathematical prowess.

“Well he ain’t even in the fucking race then is he?” Brett having almost divided ten by his three and a bit and concluded it was just too embarrassing to think about!

“Still it’s bigger than wot us got innit?” said Billie.

“Yeah, even if us joined ’em all together!” added Brett quietly.

“Now,” Jason turned to Farty fucking listen. “yer can tell her about Kelv and his gert willy after us has eaten and then we can watch and see wot she do.”

“Does I’s tell her he got ten inches then?” asked Farty scratching himself. “I means that might put her off, ‘cause we’s don’t want her’s chasing us again do us?”

“Oh fuck no!” said Billie. “She ain’t seeing none of us willy’s anyway’s is her?”

“Nah she ain’t.” agreed Farty only too well aware that the previous evening both he and Cilla had indulged in what was fast becoming a nightly masturbation ritual.

“You just tell her he’s gotta big ‘un,” said Jason, “and don’t put her off!”


Further down the queue which by now had snaked out from the dining room and into the hallway, Kelvin and Bogbrush had forceably elbowed their way in pushing some of the first year boys behind them in the process.

“Yer can’t do that it ain’t fair we was here first!” squeaked an irate in an oversize, ill fitting, very second-hand uniform.

“Ah, fuck off!” replied Kelvin, who being very aroused was far more interested in hearing of Bogbrush’s adventure with Mr Wilson.

“It ain’t fair,” continued the large uniform, “yer’s just pushed in!”

“Piss off!” Bogbrush turned and looked down from a great height. “Look you little fucking twatt if yer doesn’t fucking shut up I’ll pull yer fucking balls off!”

“Don’t look like he fucking got none!” Kelvin added insult to the malicious threat.

“I’s has too!” the squeak was louder confirming he might well have a pair hidden in the voluminous uniform, but not yet either dropped or possibly in full working order.

“Yer has got two then has yer?” Kelvin laughed while unashamedly rearranging his cock matters through his pocketless pocket. “Yer’d better count ’em then Bog’s!”

“No he ain’t! Just sod off!” with a note of panic in the voice he moved quickly back, not though before taking note of Kelvin’s huge bulge.

“Oh just fucking shut up, look yer in the bleeding queue wot’s more d’yer want!” by now Bogbrush was trying not to laugh. “If yer starts again, us’ll be counting yer balls! Right? Yer got it? So just bleeding shut up!”

After some mumbling the boy obviously valuing his testicles gave up and turned back to his friends while cheekily pointing to Kelvin’s trousers which were obviously under considerable strain.

“I ‘spect yer can feel it if yer asks him!” Bogbrush laughed.

Intrigued, yet shocked at the thought of it the large uniform returned to his friends.

“Right that’s got rid of him,” said Kelvin, “so wot happened then in the cupboard?”

“Well he arrived and waffled a bit about us shouldn’t be doing nothing, then he moved closer to us.” said Bogbrush. “Couldn’t keep his hands off could he?”


“So’s I cum over his hand, couldn’t stop could us! So’s I’s says he oughta take us out in his car some place, then he’s can feel us up all he wants too!”

“Oh fuck! D’yer thinks he will?”

“Yeah, ‘cause he wants to get hold of yer gert willy don’t he!” Bogbrush grinned. “Say’s he’s gonna think of some excuse so it don’t look bad or nothing.”


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