Bog Off
by Tom


Chapter 25: Wooden toys for little boys

Like others with the similar proclivities, Joel derived considerable satisfaction from observing the actions of younger boys and one in particular, a small first year boy called Terry who had appeared in more than a few of his fantasies. And, from those observations there was absolutely no doubt that Terry knew exactly what gave himself the most pleasure and indeed, indirectly give appreciable pleasure to Joel.

Young Terry had shown a very active interest in all things penile since he was about eight so it was no real surprise that after frequent trips to visit his enlightened cousin Andy, who being a year or so older and equally obsessed was now the source of much revelation in terms of hands-on discovery. Although Terry was still only eleven he had, with serious encouragement from Andy upped his daily training schedule in terms of self-abuse. The hard work had finally paid off for a few precious drops of semen were now the norm and if lucky the act be repeated several times a day.

As so often happened with younger boys who had recently discovered such a spectrum of distasteful pleasures, there was little in the way of spacial awareness so that their actions could be easily, carefully observed those interested. Thus they could be used to foster naughty thoughts in the minds of such people as Joel, for it had long been his prerogative from an early age and as yet he had not been caught.

One of Joel’s favourite spots for voyeuristic viewing was on the top deck of a bus where he would try to position himself behind and to one side of his chosen subject. It was on a bus to school that he had first noticed Terry who it seemed knew no boundaries of decency when it came to blatant pocket manoeuvres leading to what Joel could excitedly only interpret as full scale masturbation. Typically, coming from the council estate Terry would be kitted out in the remains of an older brother’s oversize hand-me-down uniform, which although threadbare theoretically allowed for years of growth and any amount of two handed fun through the previously holed pockets of what were his elder bothers baggy trousers.

That Wednesday morning with Joel still slightly limping from the ankle injury he had sustained during the weekend frolic with Bogbrush and Byron, found him as usual travelling to school on the bus. Actually it was quite full and not just with those heading reluctantly for school as Joel noted on walking down the aisle looking for a suitable vantage point to observe what, if anything could be of interest. Punctuality wasn’t one of Terry’s better traits so he wasn’t always onboard, but that particular morning he was and for some inexplicable reason the sight of him prompted the somewhat shy Joel to take usually direct action.

“Nobody’s seat?” he asked making to sit down, unable to help glancing at Terry’s trousers as he did so.

“Nah.” Terry turned back to the window, his hot, grubby hands continued their task of keeping the trousers in perpetual motion.

Not sure what to do, yet knowing he just had to raise the subject of sex Joel sat there for a few seconds well aware that now he too was becoming fully erect. And, just for good measure he was wearing a pair of his sister’s panties and had in the bottom of his bag another pair to give to Bogbrush.

“Wot’s yer a first year then?”

“Yeah.” Terry turned to look at his inquisitor to see that like many other adolescents the unhealthy diet from Packers corner shop had produced a scattering of maturing acne amongst the clumps bumfluff. “Wot’s yer then? Fourth?”

“Nah, third.”

Joel really was having great difficulty in keeping his hands off the boy who he had been ogling for many weeks, now sat next to him was becoming more attractive by the second. Not particularly large for his age, the oversize clothes only helped boost Terry’s appeal and almost tongue-tied Joel who was rapidly becoming stuck for a way to advance the conversation in any way, Terry though was about to change that.

“It’s hard to tell wot yer is innit?” Terry smiled, his front teeth large like a rabbit that could do with clean.

“Wot’s mean, wot I is?” there was momentarily a note of panic in Joel’s voice, had his ulterior motive been guessed that easily. “Oh… oh I see’s at school yer means?”

“Why, wot d’yer think I’s meant then?” the smile flashed again.

“Oh, I, I, I weren’t thinking, sorry.” hoping it wasn’t noticed Joel squeezed his legs together dreading that he might suddenly to ejaculate.

“I like’s yer!” that smile again and below the rhythmic movement of the trousers.

“But, but yer don’t know I?” there was now definitely something wet in his panties.

“Don’t matter, yer looks alright and it’ll be good to have somebody older at this bleeding school wunnit?”

“I ‘spose. Wot? Why.. why?”

“They picks on I ‘cause I’s small ain’t I?”

“Ah, yeah, right.”

Joel was now absolutely sure he was having more than just a little penile seepage at the thought of quickly advancing a friendship with such an obviously randy small boy. Unable to resist he again glanced down at the animated trousers, on looking up his eye’s met Terry’s who in turn calmly looked down at Joel’s trousers.

“Oooh now I see’s!” Terry’s smile morphed into a lopsided grin.

“See wot.. wot’s.. uumm.. mean” Joel was confused and didn’t know what to do, he too looked down hoping his blushes were not noticed. Even though very erect he wasn’t the largest and while the cream coloured panties were keeping things tightly in check it did look as though there were a small wet spot appearing on his trousers.

“Oohh..” Terry shuffled on the seat, his right arm having disappeared into what could only be in Joel’s considerable penile experience a pocketless pocket.

“Wot’s.. wot yer doing?” gasped Joel having never thought Terry would be seducing him, let alone on a crowded bus and so soon as just meeting.

“Obvious innit, I’s wanking!” Terry giggled. “D’yer wank, I’s do it all the time!”

“Uum..” a very embarrassed Joel looked at him, “keep yer bleeding voice down!”

“I’s does it when I wakes up and always does it now like, on this bus in like!”

“Can yer cum then?”

Immediately Joel said it he realised it was the question he should never have asked,  instead of keeping Terry at a safe voyeuristic distance he had fallen into his world.

“I’s just has!” he giggled. “Has yer?”

It wasn’t a question of Terry trying to entrap Joel, more that in his masturbatory orientated world he was simply hoping to further his experience with an older boy who appeared to be very friendly and sexually compliant. Without giving an option, suddenly Terry’s hand appeared from the trouser pocket to grab at a very surprised Joel’s hand and push it deep into his trouser pocket where inside some baggy underpants lived a very clammy and hard something with a wet, slimy end.

“Oh fuck! Wot! Nah!”

Joel, his voyeuristic dream having so quickly turned into reality was rather disconcerted to find himself holding terry’s cock. Not that it wasn’t a very welcome sensation or that his dream come true, but that he was older and it was happening on a busy bus.

“See, told yer I’s cum!” whispered Terry in between giggling. “How big’s yer’s?”

“Uumm..” Joel looked around sensing a state of blind panic wasn’t far off should they be seen, even so he couldn’t stop his fingers checking to see if Terry possessed a foreskin, which he did. “Let’s talk when we gets off this fucking bus!”

“Yer won’t run off, yer will talk to us won’t yer? Wot break or dinner time?” it was the lopsided grin again. “Us could show our willies if yer wanted!”

“Oh.. yeah, course I’s well.. well, uumm, dinner time.” Joel looked across, from the worried look on Terry’s face it was obvious there was going to be no escape. On the other hand, could it be Joel had now found the right candidate for a little grooming?

“Good, see I likes yer,” that settled, Terry smile returned, “is yer hard, can I’s feel?”

“Yeah, yeah… but not now.. and I’s better get me hand outta yer pants!”

Withdrawing his hand and attempting to nonchalantly draw it across his mouth he could taste Terry’s watery semen. His heart thumping, Joel wasn’t sure what he wanted, maybe to devour it at source? The cold shiver that ran up his back had just confirmed the only sure thing was he did want was to explore Terry’s body and preferably before his own cock exploded inside his trousers.

“When like then?” reiterated Terry. “Can us meet dinner time in the bogs and hava  look?”

“Yeah, something like that, yeah.” Joel blushed, smiled, blushed hoping it sounded suitably vague, he need time to think. “Dinner time. Alright.”

“Now, put yer bag on yer lap a second.” Terry looked up wide eyed and smiling.

“Why?” replied Joel carrying out the request without really thinking, yet it should have been obvious why. “There.”

“Cor.. yer’s got a real big ‘un!” Terry’s hand, the one that had recently been covered in his own spunk had immediately snaked it’s way under the bag and grabbed at the fly of Joel’s trousers to knead the bulge it had hoped to find.

“Fuck.. no… no…!” hissed Joel in panic pulling it away. “Yer can’t feel it now. Not on this fucking bus!”

“Oh..” Terry was disappointed. “Dunno if I’s can wait till dinner time.”

“Yer’ll fucking have too! Anyhow our stop’s coming up next.”

Even though the bus stop for the school was in the distance it was too late for Joel. Terry’s groping had set him off and there was to be no stopping, writhing about on the edge of he grinned inanely as the very familiar, delicious feeling of something hot and slimy began to fill his underwear. The only thing was, he was not wearing underpants for he had on a pair of his sisters panties which, whilst very arousing to wear had absolutely no absorbency potential whatsoever.

“Come on then, off we’s gets.” Terry stood up.

“Fuck!” said Joel under his breath, forced to rather shakily get to his feet he could sense that the last dribbles of spunk were still escaping. Having no option other than to cover the bulging trousers with his bag he made his way very awkwardly off the bus with Terry giggling behind and excitedly pushing on the buttocks of his new friend.

Once off the bus on the pavement with Joel still clutching his bag in front and not daring to look down they started to walk the hundred or so yards towards the school gates. Being a typical eleven year old and most definitely not over endowed with cerebral matter Terry started to look all around, for as Joel was about to discover, Terry’s attention span when not actively abusing himself could be easily equated to that of an ant.

“I’s off to me mates.” he said suddenly starting to skip off towards the school, turning to add, “I’s see yer dinner time then.”

“Wot! Well don’t dare yer say nothing will yer?”


Inadvertently lowering his bag Joel watched as the diminutive Terry disappeared up the road with both hands again in his trouser pockets. It was only then Joel began to wonder just why and what he had got himself involved in, for even he knew that younger boys were notorious for broadcasting their sexual achievements. However, before he could continue the familiar voice of Bogbrush brought him back to the real world.

“Oi yer tosser! Wot’s yer doing then, looks like yer was half asleep!”

“Oh.. yeah..”

“Cor, fucking hell! Has yer just pissed yerself or something?”

Bogbrush was now only a few feet away and pointing to the front of Joel’s trousers, still bulging there had plainly been a disaster of some magnitude.

“Oh fuck!” echoed Joel on finally daring to look, he had turned white. “Oh fuck!”

“Shit, is yer alright?”

Bogbrush now standing in front was taking a proper look and such that it caused a near instant erection, semen was everywhere forced through the very thin material of the panties and threadbare trousers.

“No!” Joel sounded close to tears. “Oh fucking hell, no!”

“Yer’s fucking cum on the bus ain’t yer?”

“It were that little kid, yer knows the one, that’s always wanking!” blurted Joel, not that he needed to give a reason, but had to say something and knew he could confide in Bogbrush. “He just fucking turned I’s on! Oh fuck! Wot’s I’s gonna do?”

“Uumm.. well, cover it up first, use yer bag and us’ll get in the bog and clean yer up a bit.”

“Fuck! Slow down!” Joel still slightly limping finally caught with up with Bogbrush who was striding towards the school. “So were’s Kelv then? Ain’t yer meeting him?”

“He’s fucking late as usual ain’t he,” Bogbrush turned and grinned, “I ‘spect’s he been wanking all night and overslept again, wot’s yer think?”

The change of subject helped, Joel managed a weak smile. “I ‘spose he has, wot a fucking pity I didn’t just have me morning wank like him and not meet that kid!”

“I knows the one, he’s cute and don’t stops playing with himself do him?” he had obviously been observing as well, the vital question had to be asked. “Can he cum?”

“Yeah, yeah. See,” Joel looked furtively around, he had to unload the guilt, “see Bog’s, he cum on the bus then made me hold his willy!”

“Yer a lucky boy!” he laughed as they approached the toilet door. “How big is it?”

“He’s, he’s,” for a split second Joel relived the moment, “he’s only small ain’t he, so’s his willy.. like three or four inches.. uumm.. yer knows..”

“Yeah, well I’d have held it, so don’t fucking worry it’s wot us two likes innit?” he closed the cubicle door behind them. “Oh hell, look.. there ain’t no bog paper!”

“It’s alright I’s got them knickers from me sister for yer in me bag so us can use they can’t us?”


Not that far away as the knackered old crow who regularly flew between the school and number thirteen Cockburn Rise had perceived, all was not going too well for the junior Twerks household since things, to use the plural, were not going too well at all. In fact, things on that sunny morning those things were rapidly turning into yet another unmitigated disaster for the hapless Kelvin and Jason. And, badly at that.

The problem was that Doreen knew she had to go work at the infamous Guptha’s International clothing emporium that very morning for an eight o’clock start to help with stocktaking. Consequently the previous evening both she and Wayne had lectured the brothers in no uncertain terms that they were to be trusted to get up and get themselves off to school all on their own the following morning. To tempt providence was the plan, yet unsurprisingly the hand of fate and a sticky hand of fate at that, was about to take a hand.

As were their wont, once actual bedtime beckoned the two boys would retire to their respective bedrooms and set about the serious business of self-abuse, an enjoyable if frequently messy bedtime ritual which invariably would ensure a night’s exhausted sleep. On that Tuesday evening by some strange coincidence both brothers were feeling extremely aroused, although possibly inspired by the recent events in Kelvin’s shed with Billie, but whatever it meant more than a quick ‘un before falling asleep.

Having once barricaded the bedroom door, Jason was determined to really give his wooden willy a workout. Recalling the vision of catching Kelvin lying on top of a pile of pillows with his bottom in the air thrusting away it really seemed as though it were the only way to go to obtain full satisfaction. Fortuitously though, he would be lacking the dubious advantage of being able to plunge deep into a revolting semen impregnated rubber cushion and so decided he would be more than happy to simply infuse his piled up pillows instead.

So, with said pillows piled high, balanced precariously on top of rolled up bedclothes, wearing only a blue, white and semen stained pyjama jacket he climbed aboard. By rights and technically speaking he should have been mounting the heap, but it being largely unstable and not wishing to fall on either his sword or erection, caution was the name of the game, besides assailing the heap would prolong the excitement.

Obtaining a vital supply of suitable lubrication had presented a bit of a problem, especially since Kelvin had commandeered and secreted away anything that could have been used. Quite understandably, Jason was too embarrassed to let Kelvin know what he was planning to do had and had considered himself extremely resourceful in solving the lubrication problem by smuggling the plastic bottle of cooking oil from the kitchen up to his bedroom. All told, it promised to be a truly momentous experience in more ways than one.

Meanwhile, as all the best literary works say, on the other side of some four inches of imperial brickwork the preparations for an equally devious, if not truly rebarbative bedtime event were also well in hand, as was frequently Kelvin’s large organ.

Having not the foresight to have carved himself a wooden willy whilst he were in willy production, Kelvin had like Jason also made a foraging trip to the kitchen. Not though for lubricant, but for some form of suitably anally friendly vegetable, finding not a carrot in sight had had to settle for a large, if aging banana with appropriately, a brown spotted skin. It was by no means ideal for it represented neither the firmness nor the familiar shape of Bogbrush’s cock, more a bent, semi-flaccid, uncircumcised Rover style. However, there was the added bonus of once being in the kitchen he could raid the fridge, seeing that little else that appealed he decided to gobble down the opened half-tin of baked beans, since they were after all the source of life.

Naturally, the star implement of his show was in the form of the repulsive Dunlopillo cushion which had been resurrected from it’s stagnating sojourn under the foot of the indestructible scaffolding bed. Not having been disturbed for a while it began to slowly ooze age old seminal deposits which Kelvin quickly decided to be an intriguing if disgustingly arousing bonus, in fact so much so that he smeared some over his cock and then licked his fingers. Gross!

Not bothering to mount it on top a pile of pillows as he had done before, this time he simply dropped the cushion onto the bed and by simply loosing his pyjama trousers prepared to climb aboard for an evening of solo debauchery. Intent on making the experience last as long as possible, hopefully with at least couple of climax’s en route he retracted his foreskin and pushed against the well used unisex opening, placing his trusty banana at his side. However, unlike a warm, slippery and sensuous human orifice the cushion didn’t quite offer the same sensations. Indeed quite the opposite, for instead it offered a cold, granular, wet and almost glutinous feel with particles of the deteriorating rubber readily adhering to his cock and pubic hair. Still, the upside was that it needed no further lubricant for under the weight of his body as he began to hump away the slimy, smelly residue of many a previous orgasm seeped out to coat both him and his bed clothes.

Eventually the novelty of humping and listening to the squelchy sounds soon began to pall and heralded the onset of some serious anal fun where the results of his previous deposits were about to be put to good use. And, if that meant scooping up a handful of the foul mixture which now appeared to be smeared over everything in sight for use as lubricant to aid his fingers and make a forced entry then why not! While rhythmically humping away at the cushion, the anal invasion started with first one, then two and finally three fingers working his sphincter to the point where it would have taken a forth finger, all guaranteed to bring him to the verge of orgasm.

With the exception of having to exert some anal control to contain the increasing pressures of flatulence due to his ultra rich diet of baked beans, all was proceeding to plan, such as the plan was. Ejaculation was imminent making it was a now or never time for the banana to make it’s debut appearance, a kamikaze appearance in fact for it would never reappear unless in a re-constituted form. Somehow managing to imagine that it was Bogbrush disguised as a banana who was about to enter him, Kelvin propelled the innocent, now slimy, brown spotted fruit inside with such gay abandon that it disappeared entirely, anally devoured in one swift movement. Yet, contrary to what Kelvin was expecting it felt absolutely wonderful! Pliable, soft and squidgy it filled his entire anal tract driving him ever onward to hump the cushion like never before.

And so the night progressed.

Jason having totally over played both hand and wooden willy, had actually fallen into an exhausted sleep somewhere around midnight with his toy still very firmly embedded, miraculously he remained balanced on top of his pillow mountain. He was to be followed by Kelvin, who’s seemingly infinite reserves of sexual energy finally wilted, as did his willy almost two hours later when he too succumbed to exhaustion and slumped across the infamous soggy cushion.

The pleasures past, the physical price to pay for a night debauched perversions had yet to be settled. The dawn came and went, as did Doreen and Wayne who both left for work thinking that with an alarm clock in either boys bedroom at least one of them should rouse the other. However, it wasn’t the alarm clock that woke Kelvin it was the blood curdling scream that came from Jason’s room.

It would be hard to describe the state Kelvin found himself in on being so rudely woken, probably best paraphrased as Bogbrush might have described him, in that he looked a total fucking mess! With eyes bleary from a disturbed night’s sleep he tried to shake himself into life, that in itself was difficult for he was still lying on top of the cushion and now appeared to be stuck to it. Worse, surely his cock couldn’t still be inside it could it? It could and it was, albeit no longer erect for now it hurt, it stung, felt very, very tender and in places was actually stuck to the decomposing cushion!

Realising the gravity of the situation an entire sentence composed of little else but expletives was uttered.

“Fuck, fuck… oh no.. oh fuck I’s gonna be late for fucking.. fuck..”

It was only then that he noticed the alarm clock on the floor saying, if only it could speak, that the time was around half-past nine. “No.. no… no it’s fucking school!”

Faced with that realisation he was approaching a state of sheer panic, beset with visions of his mothers latent wrath and that of arriving so very late for school he just had to try to get himself animated. Sadly though, thus far he had only considered the dreadful state of his cock and was oblivious of what was to come, so without  thinking of the pain factor he prised himself from the cushion to inspect the damage to his cock. Just then another scream came through the wall, there could be no doubt that something badly amiss in Jason’s room, so holding the painful member without either pyjama trousers or even further ado, he hobbled to the door hoping that his mother was indeed out at work.

“Jason! The fucking doors stuck!”  he cried rattling the handle looking really quite ridiculous without trousers yet disporting his magnificent cock, even if rubbed red raw with sticky rubber bits and very unusually again approaching a state of erection.

An unintelligible, if strangulated reply came through the door. “Aarrrggghh…”

“Ah, fuck this for a game of soldiers!” he exclaimed putting his shoulder to the door.

Of course it was only Jason’s school bag that had been keeping it closed and that was quickly shoved aside to be followed by Kelvin who, on bursting in the room promptly tripped over the bag. Falling heavily down he succeeded in squashing his assorted genitalia into the threadbare carpet immediately followed by the sound of high pressure flatulence escaping and many, many expletives.

“Fuck.. it’s me balls!” he wailed rolling over grabbing his bits with both hands. “It’s me willy.. it’s me knackers… oh fuck it all hurts… I’s never be able to wank again!”

“Fuck yer knackers… stop farting and fucking help I get off this lot!” Jason’s voice betrayed his tearful state. “I’s been like this for fucking hours!”

“Yer bleeding wot?”

Kelvin strained his neck to look across the room, despite the searing pain in his testes and his erection just being bent through ninety degrees it proved difficult not to laugh. Poor Jason was arrayed over the heap of bedding with his bottom in the air, in fact just as he had been most of the night.

“Bleeding hurry up, I’s fucking crippled! Bleeding hell! Wot’s that fucking stink it’s they fucking beans.. yer farts all the fucking time!”

“Wot’s yer been doing then?” asked Kelvin feigning innocence, but great interest.

“Help us.. just fucking help us,” moaned Jason, now well past showing any signs of embarrassment, “it’s stuck up me bum and it fucking hurts!”

“Wot is?” Kelvin grinned, he had a pretty good idea of exactly what was stuck and where it was stuck, his cock tried to lurch towards the vertical whilst he remained floor bound in the horizontal.

“It’s that fucking wooden willy yer made us innit!”

“Oh that… well why can’t yer move then?”

Brother or not, Jason still had to pay the price in terms of humiliation for his sexual deviancy. However, as Kelvin was about to discover he too was about to pay a very similar price for on attempting to stand something cold and slimy slipped down between his legs. Falling face down on a stomach full of baked beans meant it’s gaseous by-products could only be contained for so long. Under great pressure the banana skin had had enough and been forceably ejected with the last gaseous repost, laying on the carpet Kelvin quickly disowned it and moved uncomfortably over to the bed. Once standing next to Jason it was obvious what the problem was, in his over excited state he had pushed the wooden toy in too far. There was only an inch of handle sticking out and the opened bottle of sunflower oil was balanced preciously on the edge of the bedside table.

“I’s can’t move ‘cause it bleeding well hurts and if I’s touches the fucking table I’s gonna spill the fucking bottle ain’t us?” a very fraught Jason was almost in tears, it had all been too much.

“Ooh fuck, I’s ‘spose yer right.” despite having ejaculated a mere four times during the evening, Kelvin was very much erect again and seeking further arousal at his brother expense. “I’s gonna have to hold yer bits while I’s try’s to pull it out OK?”


“Might hurt a bit I ‘spose. Yer ready?”

“Wot, why? Me bits?” Jason couldn’t turn sufficiently to see what Kelvin was doing behind himself. “Why’s yer gotta hold me bits?”

“Well, ‘cause yer willy and that’s like well, it’s all connected to yer bumhole innit?” said Kelvin authoritatively without a clue as to what he was talking about. “Don’t yer knows that, thought us all knows that… so if I’s holds yer willy a bit, it makes yer bum feel happy see? It’ll help it come out like.”

“Wot? Oh.. it’ll really come out?” Jason was grasping at straws. Kelvin was grasping at his erection, Jason was happy to grasp at anything however absurd it sounded.

“Something like that, yeah,” Kelvin rubbed his own cock, amazingly precum was already weeping out the end, “and I’s might have to use some lube stuff, alright?”

“Just fucking do it!” groaned Jason in despair.

“Well I’s just getting on the bed behind yer, so’s won’t be long now.”

Kelvin suffering from his bean diet and the ravages of his own night of debauchery climbed awkwardly onto the bed behind Jason hoping that the rasping anal voicing  he could no longer able to control was not heard above the creaking of the bed.

“Yeah, yeah.” Jason sniffed. “Yer ain’t farting again is yer?”


He looked longingly at Jason’s buttocks thinking when once down on his knees behind him it would be the perfect height to insert, if of course circumstances permitted. “I’ll rub yer bum and that a bit, it’ll to sorta relax yer hole like first then, yeah?”

“Yeah, yeah..” Jason drew breath, “fucking hell Kelv, has yer farted again?”

“Nah, nah.. I’s gonna start rubbing now, right?”

“Is yer sure, bleeding smells like it!”

It wasn’t the first time Kelvin had seen such a choice bottom, but it was the first time he had really had the time and owner’s consent to play with it at length. The dildo was in very deep, so deep it had gone in past the wooden shoulder that separated the handle from the business end. It seemed logical even to Kelvin that since Jason had been in this situation for some time the chances were that his sphincter would be very, very reluctant to release it’s prize.

Both hands commenced their buttock massage duties and after a couple of minutes Kelvin sensed that Jason was relaxing, the big question was should he attempt to remove the dildo with or without giving notice? The answer was negative for if it really hurt then Jason might abandon his position, better Kelvin thought to satisfy

himself before attempting removal.

“Gonna start doing it proper now then.”

“Yeah, bleeding get on with it.”

Kelvin eyed Jason’s bottom, then looked down between his legs to the brace of small testicles beyond, that it seemed was the way to get started. It was in fact very erotic for both, Kelvin reaching through to molest the hairless dangly bits as though he were about to milk a cow. Jason found the hand coming through from behind to be very arousing, so much so that against all the odds he felt he was becoming erect again.

“Yer getting hard!”

Kelvin now beginning leak even more precum himself was further spurred on by the pillows which Jason was lying over, sodden with a mixture of semen and sunflower oil confirming he had had quite an evening before disaster struck. Taking full advantage of the readily available lubricant Kelvin smeared it over both hands and commenced a dual masturbatory offensive, miraculously the pain in Jason’s bottom seemed to ease as Kelvin grunted and groaned behind.

It came as no surprise to Kelvin to find he was the first to ejaculate and even allowing for his previous evening’s activity it was certainly a command performance, shooting wads of hot spunk all over Jason’s buttocks which dripped down onto the bed below. Whether Jason actually realised what was happening Kelvin didn’t know, but he did know that Jason had begun to wriggle excitedly around as he filled the palm of his hand with hot semen.

With Jason apparently anaesthetised by the power of his own orgasm it seemed the time for Kelvin to attempt the main event, despite his own preference to draw out the joint masturbation process. Massaging his sperm onto the white buttocks he looked at the short length of wood which twitched before him, took hold and pulled as hard as he could. Whilst it only took seconds, it really involved considerable effort to extract it leaving Jason literally screaming in pain, his sphincter having finally given up the fight.

In true brotherly tradition Kelvin ignored the verbal histrionics coming from his distraught younger sibling, instead he began to thoroughly inspect the distended anal opening for signs of injury. Having run his finger around the reddened entrance just to check all was well, not once but thrice, he concluded there was little more he could do to either help or attain further sexual satisfaction. It was high time to get ready for school and that if arriving mid-morning the consequences might not be too disastrous he prepared to stand up in order to jump from the bed and shouted as much to Jason who was still loudly moaning about the pain in his bum.

Launching himself into space was no problem, nor that of his giant erection scything through the fetid atmosphere of the bedroom before him, even landing on the carpet posed no problem. However, what did pose a problem was the revoltingly slimy banana skin on which his right foot was destined to land. Immediately it caused him to loose his balance and hover, like a giant eagle with a naked white spotty bottom in mid air for all of a fraction of a nano second before plummeting to earth rather like a dead giant eagle with a naked white spotty bottom.

Whether it was fate, the hand of God or the diet of baked beans the cause would never be known for on landing with a huge crash and subsequent corrugation of his willy to the point where his eyes really did water, the remaining gastric gasses noisily escaped with such force that even tiny particles of liquid banana were atomised.

The sight, the sound and the smell were so dramatic that even Jason’s slough of despond and self pity were transcended, rubbing his eyes he finally laughed.


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