Bog Off
by Tom


Chapter 22: Three bags full

In the opposite corner of the carpark close to the thick boundary hedge was a large, sturdy wooden shed which in the heyday of the council parks department had been a hub of activity. However, the reduced staff numbers meant that it was now infrequently used other than storing gardening equipment and building materials for the maintenance of the adjacent park that featured what little remained of the original city walls.

Generally, although not much lighter than the public toilet it served Byron’s purposes well for the door could be bolted from the inside, an essential feature for when the rent was due and payment in kind was the desired currency. Inside, it was untidy and not helped by the bag of cement which had burst open after being accidentally dropped weeks earlier, ensuring that the floor and just about everything else had a thick coating of cement dust.

“It’s a bit dirty innit?” Bogbrush dragged his foot through the dust on the wooden floor and looked up to the roof which was echoing to the sound of rain. “Still I ‘spose us got in before the bleeding rain really started?”

“Yeah, ‘cept us is gonna get bleeding wet going home now ain’t we?”

Joel was, as Bogbrush could see well out of his comfortable comfort zone and still suffering from the aftershock of his embarrassing near public act of defecation. In  strange company, in bizarre surroundings and the least sexually experienced he felt decidedly apprehensive and dreaded the start of anally focused marauding fingers.

“Nah, don’t worry about that,” Byron turned to Joel and indicated for him to step up onto three full bags of cement, which would then put him at about the right level to perform the very necessary cleaning operation, “‘cause I reckons if yer stands on they bags I’s can start.”

“Yer won’t laugh will yer?” on the verge of having to display his cock Joel an instant attack of nerves added to his troubles, the brazen mood of only minutes before having totally melted away.

“Wot’s mean?” asked Byron looked hopefully down at Joel’s jeans.

“He’s afraid yer’ll laugh at his willy!” said Bogbrush, “dunno why ‘cause it’s about the same as all the others I’s seen!”

“Bog off I bleeding ain’t!” Joel blushed then added. “Where d’yer see they others then?”

“Changing room innit.” Bogbrush grinned. “And, I’s seen yer looking as well.”

“Well I’s seen fucking loads so I’s don’t care, ‘cause it works don’t it? And, it’s covered yer in spunk ain’t it, so wot more d’yer’s want?” concluded Byron.

The topic of conversation had Byron even more excited than before since the two boys were so delightfully naive. Controlling his hands was becoming a problem especially faced with the slight figure of Joel and knowing that he was not wearing underpants and had already ejaculated into his jeans.

“‘spose.” mumbled Joel.

“Don’t yer’s do nothing, ‘cause I’ll get ‘un out for yer!” Byron moved in for the kill.

And, get ‘un out he did!

Less than five seconds later found a very embarrassed Joel balanced precariously on top of the cement bags with his jeans around his ankles, the inside wet with spunk glinted in the half-light. Standing in front of him Byron inhaled in the unmistakable aroma of the fresh semen that had until then been confined to the inside of the jeans. Joel’s erection resembled that of a small curved banana and jerked invitingly in the gloom, so erotic was the sight that the predatory pair of Byron and Bogbrush immediately pushed hands into pocket to comfort themselves.

“Oh fuck!” gasped Bogbrush having never really considered Joel to be such a sex object.

Joel was very much erect and in an almost palpable state of excitement, something heightened when Byron moved to within inches of the hooded member to get a better view. Carefully inspecting the blobs of spunk that had been caught in the pubic hairs he somehow managed to resist licking them up right there, instead turning his gaze to the delightfully pert, white buttocks as he spoke to Bogbrush.

“If I cleans him up will yer do me like wot yer did last time yer was here?” he asked,  somewhat disingenuously adding. “I’s lubed me hole earlier, just in case.”

“Oh… wot with me fingers?” replied Bogbrush taking Byron’s word at face value and not thinking to question the reason why he was already lubricated for anal action and more importantly, with what!

“Yeah, start with yer fingers.”

“Right.” similarly unable to take his eyes off Joel’s cock, Bogbrush was wondering why he hadn’t ever attempted seducing Joel in the past. Maybe he should have.

“Yer can stick yer cock up as well if yer wants Bogs.. well that’s wot I wants!” Byron grinned. “And, yer two can swop over after I’s cleaned him up a bit, that be alright?”

“So yer’s gonna do Joel first then Dips?” said Bogbrush, he turned to Joel. “That alright with yer?”

“I ‘spose so.. but uumm… so, so wot’s yer two gonna do now then?” wobbling on his perch Joel sounded apprehensive if not a little lost.

“Ooh.. yer’ll fucking love it!!” replied Byron who was already performing a detailed inspection of Joel’s foreskin. “So I’ll clean yer up while Bogs does me bum!”

“I will?” mumbled Joel.

“Yeah, yer’ll just fucking love it!” without further hesitation Byron leant forward to take the whole of Joel’s erect, hot, clammy, spunky, nearly five inches worth of boy cock in his mouth.

“Oh fuck!” said Joel, any previous oral excursion instantly paling into insignificance.

Bogbrush wasn’t hanging about either! He was vigorously tugging at Byron’s quite disgusting tracksuit trousers which soon fell to the floor releasing an aroma best described as decidedly distinctive and nowhere as pleasing to the olfactory organ as that Joel had offered.

“Oh fuck… fuck… fuckkk…” gasped Joel in a strangely falsetto voice.

Grunt, grunt, gurgle, gurgle, slobber, slobber was the best Byron could reply!

For obvious logistical reasons Byron was unable to properly respond, his mouth and throat having been stuffed full of Joel’s much abused member. Still, he had though managed to force the foreskin back with his tongue and avoid direct contact with the tonsils whilst somehow managing to give the exposed head a spirited licking. So much so that Joel was attempting to writhe in ecstasy, but found the vice like grip that Byron had on his buttocks precluded any real bodily movement, let alone escape from the ravages of the tongue. Joel also had a very worrying feeling that those same fingers which restrained his movement were inexorably edging their way nearer to the bottom of his crack and that could well produce a highly embarrassing surprise when they did.

On the other hand, Bogbrush had recently gained a lot of experience where boys bottoms were concerned and had two fingers actively working away inside Byron having found him to be extremely well lubricated. In fact, so well lubricated that he had changed hands solely to utilise the more than ample supply to prepare his hand before stretching round Byron’s stomach and starting work on the disfigured cock.

It was in many ways fortunate that the whole sordid episode was taking place in the semi-darkness for Bogbrush would might well have resisted the anal invitation had he seen where and what he would be sinking his grubby digits in. And, it ought to be said that even Byron might have baulked at what Joel had to offer, for if ever there were a case for installing bidets in public toilets then Joel was the living proof! All that was of course pure supposition as instead it could be summed up by the old adage, what the eye didn’t see the heart wouldn’t grieve over and in that shed it was thankfully too dark to see anything!

For all his previous worries, Joel had now cast inhibition aside and was loving every second of being assaulted with Byron’s roving hands which had quickly progressed from simply kneading his buttocks. Well past in fact, for by some strange quirk of fate the fingers had already had ascertained that Joel’s sphincter was more than receptive to the touch and would offer little resistance to a concerted digital probing. As a diversionary tactic whilst the orifice was being prepared for the full scale penile invasion Byron continued with his oral gambit which entailed some very delicate tongue work around the head of Joel’s cock all of which was designed to keep him just below the point of ejaculation.

Not to be left out, Bogbrush also with jeans around his ankles was equally occupied, the fingers of his left hand having made their way deep into the dark and ever so inviting, if unsanitary recesses of Byron’s nether regions. Only having the two hands, the right one had no choice than to alternate between further exciting himself or groping around under Byron’s wobbling stomach to milk precum from the deformed cock which held so much fascination for him and many others.

And so, with all three gainfully employed in sexual aberration, totally absorbed in their various grappling’s, what could possibly go wrong? Well, what indeed!

It was Byron’s third finger that did it and do it or did it, it certainly did. Until that point in time Joel had only ever been gently prodded internally by his own very timid finger. Without question, Byron’s full-on, three pronged attack of the digits came as quite a surprise especially, when collectively all three were rammed in to knuckle depth. Since it Joel’s sphincter wouldn’t instantly stretch to accommodate the invaders and the pain was too much he had no alternative but to literally leap into the air. Snatching his cock from Byron’s mouth he embarked on the upward trajectory and in that split second had the horrible premonition that the marauding fingers hadn’t finished their work. Indeed they had not, since two of three were more than well practised in the art of advanced prostate manipulation had somehow managed to stay in position and forceably sandwich his prostate between them.

Considering he was still airborne the speed and height which he reacted was quite incredible. Apart from the howl of anguish and a desperate flailing of hands to clutch at his dangly bits in a vain effort to soothe the immediate pain the effect had been pretty dramatic, actually truly spectacular. Despite ejaculating only minutes earlier the fingers had triggered by a workout like never before, his prostate fairly bust into life spewing out colossal strings of spunk. Falling like hot sprinklings of rich semen flavoured rain, he majestically twirled around in mid-air his jerking cock acting like an uncontrollable fire hose, well almost, actually more like a small garden hose.

“Oh fuck me, it’s raining inside now!” exclaimed Bogbrush looking up to the wooden ceiling and the noise of the rain hammering down outside.

“Oooooh fuck!”

Byron wasn’t so much in agreement, more that on seeing the pair of tempting buttocks he had just made his mind up that the virginal flying Joel was about to be ravaged in a most serious anal manner.

“No… no… oh fuck!”

Icarus, aka Joel was now on the opposite trajectory and plummeting heavily towards earth, as yet unable to stop the flow of semen that continued to splatter all around. Unfortunately with jeans knotted around his ankles he was unable to prepare himself for the landing and on touchdown twisted his left leg, uttering the inevitable cry of pain it was accompanied by a proportionately large crash sending up a thick cloud of cement dust. As a bonus, on landing the heel of his right shoe had ripped open the top bag of the cement he had been balanced on causing a positive vortex of fine dust to engulf all and sundry, especially the sundry, sticky parts of the three boys. Overall it had not been the kindest initiation into the world of gay sex and quite understandably Joel had collapsed into a semi-naked pulsating heap. Lying on top of the ruptured cement bag where he had started his stratospheric travels he was completely covered in dust and as Bogbrush put it rather succinctly, the cement had stuck to him like shit to a blanket!

However, not only did it stick to poor Joel’s dangly bits for coupled with the existing thick layer of dust the cloud had enveloped everybody and every thing remotely adhesive, permeating every bodily orifice. Byron, still determined to have his evil way with Joel was already groping around in the dusty atmosphere to find how Joel had landed and was delighted to find him lying exhausted, face down on top of the torn cement bag. Whether Joel was physically deranged was of little interest to Byron, for what was of far more importance was the cement filled crevice between his buttocks that beckoned.

“Bog’s,” cried Byron grasping his deformed, drooling, cement coated organ as he looked down on the prize that was Joel, “if I’s goes down on him, will yer up me!”

“Oh fuck yeah! Yeah!”

Bogbrush really thought Christmas had arrived early, such providence filled his anally inspired imagination. In readiness he wrenched his foreskin back to reveal the slimy pink head which contrasted starkly to the grey, dusty coated shaft. All too soon his dusty hands were transferring cement to the head, not that he noticed as he moved to put himself in what looked like the ideal position for a forced entry.

“Yer ready?” asked Byron, who bending over Joel was having difficulty in the gloom trying to locate the exact point of entry deep in the cement filled crack.


Without waiting for further instruction Bogbrush lurched forward, his cock seconds off ejaculation, forcing it’s way through the cement that now clogged the entrance to Byron’s sphincter, without stopping it thrust it’s way inside to the gloriously slippery tract beyond. As the cement dust introduced by Bogbrush mixed with the seminal residue donated by the previous occupant a gloriously, if decidedly wholly unsanitary cement slurry lubricant was produced.

With the weight of Bogbrush bearing down on him, Byron had had little choice other to go down onto Joel and try to force his own deformed organ inside. Luckily, very luckily for Joel’s anal virginity Byron’s aim was poor so the malformed mushroom head bounced off it’s target and instead rammed itself between the very top of his legs. Since Joel was lying face down with legs slightly apart, from behind the only thing separating Byron’s throbbing member and the ripped cement bag below were Joel’s testicles. Thus, the combination on Bogbrush slamming into Byron and of Byron’s not inconsiderable bulk all contributed to poor Joel’s tender young testicles being effectively skewered to the cement bag by the thick and very hard organ.

“Fucking hell! Oh fuck! Me knackers!” screamed Joel in falsetto agony. “Me fucking knackers!”

“Oh me cock.. I’ve fucking snapped it off!” echoed Byron in obvious panic.

Joel really was in trouble what with his twisted leg, a brace of flattened knackers and with a generous coating of quick setting cement dust. Not that being covered in dust was his sole prerogative for with the amount of semen that had been distributed around all three were all looking much the same.

“I’ve just fucking cum!” announced Bogbrush very excitedly, who after all of two seconds worth of vigorous humping and pumping had succeeded in partially filling Byron full of spunk before his had cock slipped out of the well ploughed channel and deposited the rest between the cement filled buttocks.

“Oh, me fucking knackers is gone all flat!” moaned Joel from the bottom of the heap not yet having fully realised his cock was buried deep in the torn cement bag.

“Oh, me fucking cock’s snapped!” moaned Byron from the middle of the heap, a pool of escaping semen building up between his more than ample dusty buttocks.

“Oh fuck!” Bogbrush glowed in seminal satisfaction.

However, Bogbrush’s euphoria was not to last for long since Joel was trying to get a hand down between his legs to ascertain the damage to his balls, whereas Byron was attempting to feel if his cock really were broken in half. Combined, those two movements ensured that Bogbrush, so precariously perched on top of Byron’s rolls of fat started to loose his balance and tumbled off taking Byron with him, who was of course equally unstable on top of the flattened Joel. What resulted was a giggling tangle of arms and legs rolling around on the floor in a vast cloud of cement dust of which the astringent effect was already beginning to be felt on the more intimate pink body parts.

“Fuck! Who’s that?” asked a startled Bogbrush having just felt a finger try to push it’s way inside.

“I needs a fuck.. will one of yer do it with I?” gasped Byron. “Yer two’s cum, I ain’t!”

“Uumm… no.. no.. me knackers still hurts!” replied Joel after a short pause. He wasn’t at all keen, especially having seen the size of Byron’s cockhead and besides, events had already far outstripped his very limited boy on boy experience.

“Well,” said Bogbrush, who having been shagged by Byron before was aware of his own pain threshold, “well only if yer works me hole first so it don’t fucking hurt.”

“Yeah alright.” agreed Byron, who in practice would have agreed to anything.

“Or.. or wot about Joel working me hole, he ain’t done much so far other than wreck his fucking knackers!” suggested Bogbrush suddenly thinking that Joel’s fingers would be far gentler than Byron’s.

“Yeah.. I’s do that.” said Joel relieved not be shafted or possibly split, very happy to get to grips with Bogbrush and as yet, innocent of the lubricant he would be using.

“Well get on yer hands and knees us’ll go doggy like,” said Byron to Bogbrush, “and ‘cause we’s all a bit dusty like, he can use the stuff that yer put up me bum for lube like, so yer’ll be shagged with yer own spunk!”

“Oh shit!” said Joel under his breath thinking it sounded a repulsive idea. if only he knew! Yet with Byron so excited at the prospect he was unlikely to change his mind.

“Probably!” said Bogbrush to himself oblivious to the fact that the chemical setting reaction between the cement dust and semen had already started!

“Come on then, run yer hand up me crack and get a fucking gert handful of his stuff and then get they’s fingers up his bumhole ready for I!”

In the gloom Byron couldn’t see that Joel’s face was not a entirely a picture of happiness, for he had wanted to do it his way with saliva as he did at home. Still, at least he wasn’t the one about to be violently shagged with such a truly disgusting lubricant, an idea which only the depraved mind of Byron could have dreamed up.

“Gor, fuck me! This is fucking turning I’s right on!” continued Byron excitedly pulling at his cement coloured cock. “Joel, yer’s can give me hole a quick poke while yer’s running yer hand up me crack while I’s get’s meself all hard for Bog’s!”

In the gloom Joel grimaced.


The heavy rain continued to fall and not just over a certain wooden shed in the corner of a wet, empty carpark, but also over a smaller wooden shed in the rear garden of number thirteen Cockburn Rise, where as fate would have it naughty things were due to happen.

Yet before that, with considerable verbal encouragement from the smoke breathing Doreen, Kevin had been forced to get out of his cosy, sticky, spunky, smelly warm bed, luckily without the true semen infused state of the bedding being noticed. Once Doreen had left him his own devices the hideous sponge pillow was pulled from under the bedclothes and thrown beneath the scaffold bed frame to allow it to fully mature ready for it’s next repulsive outing. Kelvin decided to wear the previous days Guptha’s International lime green with hint of semen briefs under his starched jeans, a grubby T-shirt and was instantly ready for another day of fun packed self-abuse. Visiting the bathroom and peeing mainly over the floor, since aiming with an erection always had defeated him, he was now really ready for the day. Ready insofar as that did not include any form of washing, oral maintenance or even a token attempt to pick some of the bits of rotting rubber from under his foreskin.

Critically commenting on his awful appearance to an incomprehensible monosyllabic grunted response, Doreen wisely left him before she verbally exploded yet again. Eating handfuls of CoCo Pops from the packet with the very same fingers that had so far remained unwashed after their recent anal, spermicidal, spunky cushion or otherwise sexual foray, the breakfast was interrupted by Jason who had actually been thinking and knew Doreen had gone to calmer pastures..

“Is yer gonna make us a wood willy then?” he sidled into the kitchen, Kelvin soon noted from the bulging jeans Jason was obviously quite aroused even just enquiring.

“Why wot’s yer gonna do with one?” Kelvin grinned displaying a CoCo pop wedged between his uncleaned front teeth, the opportunity was too good to miss and Jason just had to be embarrassed.

Embarrassed he was, he shuffled, he blushed, he really wanted the said wooden willy as only two minutes before in the bathroom he had had his finger up his bottom just to check it was what he really, really wanted. “Oh Kelv.. yer knows..”

“Nah, don’t think I’s does really, why.. wot d’yer wanna do with it?”

“Yer fucker, yer knows I want’s to stuff it up me bum like wot yer does!” the reply was delivered at some speed to counter the embarrassment.

“Yer just a dirty little wanker!”

“Fucking sod yer then!”

Laughing, the lime green Guptha’s International with hint of semen briefs were now expanding rapidly in the starchy jeans. “So wot’s us gonna model it on then?”

“Well,” Jason was determined to ignore his obvious embarrassment, he moved closer and whispered, “well Billie’s coming ain’t here about now and it’s too bleeding wet to go out, so… so could us sorta start like… in yer shed?”

“Oh yeah, ain’t he the one you’s said before had a nice willy?” Kelvin knew perfectly well that Billie’s longer willy was Jason’s dream willy, if it were only a bit thicker.

“Yeah,” time to blush again and be a little too honest, “it’s sorta long and thin like!”

“Longer than yer’s then?”

More blushing. “Yeah, alright it is!”

“Wot, d’yer reckons he’d get his willy out for us to copy then?” asked Kelvin trying not to show too much interest even though his cock had.

“If I’s talks to him he’s might.” said Jason, adding for his own benefit, “but I ’spose he might wanna see mine… and, and maybe yer’s. Then it’d be fair like wunnit?”

“Well yer wanks with him don’t yer and I wanks with yer so… so… yeah be alright!” agreed Kelvin instantly envisaging getting his hands on Billie. “So, d’yer wanna talk to him first and then bring him out yer to me shed and us can sorta do things…”

“Yeah, well I’s better be in the house and wait for him then?” Jason was just as complicit. “‘cause it’s too wet to go to the park innit?”

“Oh yeah, much too wet,” Kelvin smiled, his cock twitched, almost oozed, “he’s be betterer out in me shed, so fucking bring him out when he gets here, I’s going out there now like.”

As soon as Jason had left Kelvin rushed out through the back door slamming it behind him and ran out through the rain to the shed. Facing the bench in case anybody should dare to come in he unzipped his jeans and hauled his erection out from the heavily stained Guptha’s International lime green briefs with hint of semen. It seemed for once his conscience had finally caught up with him and it was finally time to pick the worst of the rubberised detritus from under his foreskin, for even he couldn’t offer it to Billie in the state it was. Besides, it had started to itch, so selecting only the really choice lumps he carefully peeled them off with his grubby fingers, sniffed at the offering and then wiped it off onto the leg of his jeans.

He had only just finished and had with some difficulty zipped himself back up over the bulge before the door burst open and he was joined by an excited Jason and a very wet Billie who had been caught in the downpour on his bike.

“Yer wanna get they wet clothes off, come over and I’s help yer!” Kelvin grinned.

“Fuck off, I’s heard about yer!” retorted Billie never one to be short of an answer.

“Wot’s yer fucking heard then?”

“Yer wanks with boys and yer’s got a fucking gert cock!” Billie certainly didn’t speak with fork tongue.

“So wot, I’ve heard that yer wanks with boys and,” he nodded towards Jason, “so do he! But, he wanks all the fucking time anyway’s don’t ‘eh!”

“Fuck off! No more than yer do!” replied Jason.

“Oh.. yeah, well..” Billie looked at Jason, “well I ‘spose.”

“Now us has fucking settled all that bollocks, just shut yer face yer listen,” said Kelvin surprisingly authoritatively, “us has got a job for yer, ain’t us Jase… well go on and fucking tell him then!”

“Oh..” Jason had hoped Kelvin would have made the request, “yeah, well, uumm.. would yer get yer willy out so’s Kelv can have a good look at, see he’s gonna make I’s a wooden one!”

“Wot? Fuck off! Get yer own bleeding willy out!”

“I’s will if yer wants, but would yer do if I’s do it?” Jason immediately capitulated.

“Hard or soft?” Billie was already feeling himself though his jeans pocket and guessed it would lead to sexual activity hopefully with Kelvin’s cock included.

“I wants it hard.” said Kelvin, who without thinking was already following Billie’s example in very obvious pocket manipulation.

“Dunno,” Billie appeared totally disinterested, “why’s he wanna wooden willy?”

“Stick up his bumhole when he has a wank!” tactful Kelvin was not, Jason blushed.

“Wot, so, so” Billie was quite astute when it came to certain subjects, “so he’s be thinking it’s me willy when he wanks with his finger up him then?”

“That’s about it, innit Jase?” replied Kelvin twisting the knife, he glanced at Jason who had already turned away looking red with embarrassment.

“Well he’s can have the real thing up him if he’s wants!” Billie grabbed the front of his jeans to emphasise the offer. “Us ain’t never the guts to say it like that has us?”

“Uumm.. oh fuck!”  gasped Jason unsure what to say even if he knew what he wanted.

The offer was the missing link in their ongoing sexual repertoire where wanking, sucking and fingering had been commonplace since junior school, yet seemingly this was a big step towards being labelled queer. Not though that Billie knew the two brothers had already discovered the pleasures, which they thought since it was only  between them didn’t quite count.

“Go on Jase, do it, do it right now if yer wants.” said Kelvin enthusiastically, his hand moving even more enthusiastically. “Us all knows yer want’s it and he do don’t he? Look, look he’s wanking now!”

“Jase… well uumm… oh shit… well, wanna do’s it now then?” blurted out Billie looking equally embarrassed now that Kelvin had forced the issue by putting it into a minus-grammar sentence.

“Oh fuck…” Jason looked at Kelvin for moral support. “Wot’s think?”

“Well fucking say something before I cums in me pants!” Billie had already made his mind up was starting to unzip his wet jeans.

“I fucking thinks yer should, ‘cause he’s yer best mate after all ain’t he?” continued Kelvin, who now on masturbation-autopilot had also started to unzip his jeans.

“Wot’s yer doing Kelv?” Jason pointed a worried finger at the emerging bulge. “He’s fucking me not yer!”

“I knows that, but I’s gonna have a gert wank while yer fucks each other, so yer’s two can watch and that’ll get us all fucking going well won’t it!”

Jason’s mumbled reply was lost, but as his jeans descended to the floor the sight of his tenting green paisley briefs said it all, he looked at Billie.

“Yeah, let’s do it.” Billie giggled and looked across at Kelvin, his eyes slowly opened wider than wide when he saw what had emerged and was obviously on offer to whoever wanted it, “oh fuck is that.. that’s yer willy… it’s fucking gert big innit?”

“I’s bleeding told yer that before, that it were a gert big ‘un!” confirmed Jason.

“Yeah.” Kelvin grinned very proudly, so news of his cock had travelled. Sticking out obscenely from the stained lime green briefs it twitched excitedly, many, rubber morsels were still contained by the foreskin and readily available for the picking.

“Oh fuck!” confirmed Billie. “I’s ain’t never though tit were that big!”

“Look Billie, before yer shags him I’s wants to look at yer willy so I knows wot I’s making, so’s come over and show us wot yer got and yer can see mine.”

Unable to take his eyes off it, Billie waddled over, he had always thought Connor had a big one, this not only appeared but was much bigger!

“Yer pants has got bleeding butterflies on ’em!” said Kelvin bending over to see what was on offer. “I’s gonna pull ’em down and have a look, alright?”

“Yeah, but don’t go on about they sodding butterflies!”

The butterflies dispensed with and faced with some four and a quarter inches of twelve year old, skinny cock Kelvin looked up. “I’s gonna hold it and have good look.”

“Don’t make I cum, won’t take much!” said Billie. “And, I’s gonna hold yer’s, right?”

“Alright,” of course it was alright, it was exactly what Kelvin had hoped for, “yer can pull me end back if yer wants a proper look!”

Several seconds of intense silent mutual inspection later and Billie was looking at his fingers, it felt as if there was something stuck between them. However, before he had a chance to say anything Jason had arrived with his jeans around his ankles.

“Oi Kelv, were’s that handcream stuff yer had when us…”

“Bleeding hell keep yer voice down!” interrupted Kelvin not wishing to advertise the fact Jason was no innocent virgin. “Wot yer means is that handcream yer uses for when yer comes out to have a quick wank! Gawd, open yer bleeding eyes it’s on the bench can’t yer see it?”

“Oh yeah.. I ‘spose.” Jason flushed having realised his faux-pas, still at least he had managed to keep the secret.

“He’s out yer wanking all the time, still I ‘spect you’s got somewhere to go for quick one ain’t yer Billie?” said Kelvin, his mouth only inches away from oral heaven.

“Yeah, see me big brothers about a lot so’s, so’s I’s goes in the airing cupboard thingy or,” Billie flushed at revealing such intimate details, “or I’s goes in the bog!”

“In yer airing cupboard?” queried Jason. “Cor, I’s ain’t bleeding tried that!”

“Put yer bare bum against the hot water tank or see if there’s a gert hot pipe or something yer can push it in yer crack while yer wanks!”

“Ooh.. I’ll have a look.” whilst talking Jason had removed the cap of the handcream and hoping it sounded innocent enough he added, “so wot’s I gotta do now then, bend over and put some up me bum?”

“Yeah, I ‘spose but hurry up or I’s gonna cum if us don’t get on with it!” Billie was staring at the small bubble that had formed at the end of his cock. “Hurry up!”

“Yeah! Just bleeding well get on with it,” Kelvin retracted his foreskin a couple of times to focus their attention, although hopefully not focus on the many extraneous deposits that were in residence, “I’s gotta start wanking before I cums as well!”


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