Bog Off
by Tom


Chapter 19: The Geography Lesson

A measurement of some two desks to the rear plus a couple of chair legs to the left would find Bogbrush and Kelvin sat together having just experienced a very fulfilling history lesson, sexually that was for otherwise they had learnt absolutely nothing of any historical importance, sod all in fact. Aroused as he was, Bogbrush had decided he was in enough of a mess already and would therefor forgo a second cumming in the lesson, instead making himself available to Kelvin should he require a helping hand, finger or anything else. Fulfilling was indeed the very word, for in that sense Kelvin had by some physiological miracle managed to stay erect and therefore keep the over burdened condom in position.

However, being Kelvin meant that being erect could only lead to one thing and as a measure of his stamina and seminal recharge powers, he had with Bogbrush’s help somehow managed to inject even more semen into the distended preventative. In actual fact it had taken most of the lesson with Kelvin slumped beneath the desk and under cover, through the open fly Bogbrush’s hand had secured the bloated condom around the base of the shaft whilst Kelvin manipulated the foreskin to great effect. The operation having taken up most of the lesson gave Bogbrush a chance to think, allowing him to finally work out in addition to urination there was unsurprisingly yet another major flaw in Kelvin’s grand condom scheme.

“Kelv, yer makes bleeding gallons of cum don’t yer,” he whispered as he started to suck his fingers clean, “so if yer things full up, well ain’t it gonna slip off yer willy when yer gets up off yer chair?”

“Nah, not if me willy’s still hard and even if it do go a bit soft I’s sure me pants will hold it.” said Kelvin confidently having put his faith in the power of Mr Spiderman’s aging elastic to restrain the burgeoning prophylactic.

“Yer don’t thinks us oughta go in the bog and empty it before the next lesson, us could have piss as well?”

“Nah, be fine wunnit, anyway’s I’s don’t needs no piss, us can piss at dinner break can’t us?” Kelvin looked around. “So let’s just sit yer and watch who’s playing with theyselves under the desk like us always do’s.”

“Well if yer happy then, alright.” Bogbrush remained unconvinced having already had a premonition that something dreadful augured, though he knew not what.

“So wot’s next then, geography ain’t it?” asked Kelvin, who on the contrary had convinced himself all was under control and his plan was indeed going to plan.

“Yeah, I thinks so, that’s another gert waste of bleeding time innit?” Bogbrush consulted his dog-eared timetable. “Only good thing is we’s don’t have to move, we’s in here in the same room.”

“Cor, that’s good innit.” Kelvin having already dismissed the subject as a total irrelevance he looked idly around until the lesson bell rang which immediately prompted him to start thinking of food and baked beans in particular. “Hope’s they’s got gert loads of chips and beans ‘cause I’s gert hungry.”

“Well I’s going for a piss even if yer’s staying.” Bogbrush noisily pushed his chair back. “I’s gotta couple of minutes.”

“Alright, I’ll wait.”

Sitting back in his chair Kelvin contentedly pressed on his trousers, it felt good for his erection almost seemed as though it were being held in a liquid suspension within the condom. Unfortunately, as yet the ramifications of any seminal seepage into his pubic hair had not even been considered.

In the toilet Bogbrush had waited until all the other boy’s had left before facing the stainless steel urinal and pushing one hand inside his trousers started to extract his erection from the leg opening since fly of the Guptha’s International briefs had of course been sewn-up by mistake. Well used to ejaculating in his underpants, this time it seemed that something had gone awry for he had produced an exceptionally large load so they were so sodden the front of his trousers was becoming wet from absorption.

“D’yer wanna feel me cock?”

“Who? Wot? Fuck off!”

Startled he looked to his right to see Joel now standing next to him, his fly open, a very tempting if not over large erection poking out with a finger and thumb deftly manipulating the foreskin.

“I’s gonna cum, yer gonna do it with us?” Joel looked round. “Ain’t nobody about is ’em and us did say us’d do something didn’t us?”

“Ooh fuck yeah!” Bogbrush’s cock lurched upwards, after all the time spent playing with Kelvin it seemed the only logical thing to do to relieve the pressure. “We doing each others?”

“Yeah, each others!” Joel made a grab a Bogbrush. “Fucking hell Bogs, yer pants is all wet with cum?”

“Shut up! Don’t remind us!”

“That’s when yer did it with Kelv then innit? Wish I’d been there.”

“Cor wot’s they pants yer got on?” Bogbrush had wasted no time in bending over to inspect Joel’s underwear. “They looks all bleeding pink like!”

“Why wot’s yer got on?”

Bogbrush sidestepped Joel’s question and again bend over to take in the sight of the fairly average sized appendage sprouting from Joel’s trousers, it was the inside of the fly that caught Bogbrush’s attention as it appeared edged in a pale pink colour.

“Oh, uumm..  it’s only some old ones I thinks. Why wot’s yer got on then?”

Joel also carefully avoided a direct answer knowing that he was wearing his older sisters panties, something that would happen if he knew he did not have to change for games, for the feel of the thin, tight nylon really turned him on.

“Oh, bleeding usual Guptha’s stuff, horrible fucking colour ain’t they!” said Bogbrush pulling out a semen stained sample of turquoise from the fly. “Let’s do this quick like before we’s caught.”

The conversation continued in a stilted manner as each became more excited and took a more detailed interest in the others cock as they rubbed away. As ever the moment did not last long with Bogbrush ejaculating shortly before Joel, then both taking the opportunity to lick their hands. Embarrassed at having so readily consumed Joe’s semen, Bogbrush broke the silence as he stuffed his unruly cock back inside his trousers.

“Joel, us said us’ll do something, so when’s we gonna do a bit more than wank?”

“Oh, wot? Yeah.” for all Joel’s bluster he was now being called upon to put his money where his mouth was and had now realised that Bogbrush was way ahead in terms of sexual experience, especially with Kelvin.

“We could screw each other, couldn’t us?” Bogbrush looked him in the eye. “I’s really got a fucking taste for something up me bum, so wot’s think?”

“Yeah,” Joel swallowed, “yeah, alright then, but where’s us gonna do it then?”

“Me mum don’t come home till five some nights, would yer come round after school one day. Wot’s think?”

“Yeah, but wot about Kelv, ‘cause I knows yer and him’s best mates and that?”

“Well if he don’t know, be alright wunnit?”

“I ‘spose, but I’s rather yer told him, ’cause he ain’t proper queer like wot us is, is he and he’s yer best mate and all that stuff ain’t he?”

“Yeah, I ‘spose, let I think about it then.”

Joel continued hoping to draw further information. “Well, ‘cause I means you and him, well yer two just wanks don’t yer? Don’t do nothing else does yer?”

“Well Kelv ain’t queer and us all wanks a lot anyway’s don’t us?” Bogbrush was equally avoiding being drawn on what happened between him and Kelvin, seeing Joel pushing his softening cock back inside his trousers he decided to pursue another subject. “Wot’s they funny pink pants yer got on then, I ain’t never seen they before? Let’s have a butchers.”

“They’s.. uumm..” flushed, Joel looked away, his cock started to harden again. “they’s..”

“I knows,” Bogbrush smiled, so that was Joel’s secret. “they’s for girls ain’t they?”

“Fuck! Yer won’t say nothing will yer.. please..” he looked ashen, it was definitely not something to be broadcast around, “Bogs, yer won’t tell will yer?”

“Nah… so wot they like then.. to wear like?” he was now fully erect again. “Where d’yer get ’em?”

“Pinched ’em off me older sister.” still flushed, Joel fiddled with the fly. “They’s all small and tight, so thin it’s like yer ain’t wearing none and if yer cums in ‘em it just goes straight through.”

“Can yer get us a pair then?”


“Steal a pair for us then, I’s really like to try ’em or… or..”

“Or wot?” Joel didn’t want to admit it, but he was very excited that Bogbrush had taken such an interest in one of his fetishes.

“Could us… well,” Bogbrush grinned, “well ‘spose, uumm.. us swopped over in the dinner break we, we could swop back tomorrow! Wot’s think?”

“Yuk! But yer’s is all cummy!”

“Yeah, but yer really likes that don’t yer? Turns yer on dunnit? I’s knows yer!”

“I’s ‘spose.” Joel blushed. “And.. can I cum in ’em?”

“Do wot yer want in ‘em mate, ‘cause I’s be doing it in yer’s!”

Joel was never going to turn down such an offer and nodded in agreement just as the lesson bell started to ring.

“Don’t say nothing about us doing something, I’ll tell Kelv later.”

“Yer won’t say about me pants though will yer?” Joel added quickly.

“Nah, but.. oh shit, I just had a thought, is you about Saturday morning ‘cause I knows where us could go and then us wouldn’t have to wait till me mum were out.”


“There’ll be somebody else there, but he’s a dirty fucker so yer’ll fucking enjoy it!” Bogbrush grinned. “Yer can go up his bum or he’ll go up yer’s, wotever yer wants!”

“Oh fuck!” Joel looked at him, his bluff had been called and there was no escape.

“Don’t worry I’ll sort it out with Kelv.”


General Studies. Such lessons generally considered was a complete waste of time for none of the pupils were interested in studying much other than what was between their legs. Conversely some might show an interest in the consuming the products of the tobacco or the brewing industry, petty crime was quite popular, but whatever was meant to be achieved generally never was.

Understandably, in Connor’s case such lessons were generally doomed to be an abject failure for whilst he might see there could just possibly be some advantage in the acquiring the skills of reading or writing, he simply didn’t bother. Whereas, even the ultra basic topics of General Studies such as very simple arithmetic for shopping, especially the simplified version specifically for the likes of class 2E were effectively in the stratosphere and way above his head.

Being the last lesson of the morning he was feeling decidedly frisky and couldn’t wait until the dinner bell sounded which would set him free to rush of to the toilet and indulge in what he did best, just as he had at the mid-morning break. Naturally, in anticipation he already had an erection and made no pretence of hiding his light under a bushel or even his huge cock under the desk, so with his trousers tenting obscenely he settled down to some gentle pocketless pocket manipulation.

Farty who having arrived a little late after a typically gaseous trip to the toilets had been directed to sit in the only vacant seat in the rear corner of the room next to Connor. Most male teachers allowed him to sit there out of the way for he was not really a disruptive influence, more that he would amuse himself as only he could and as long as they didn’t actually see anything happening they would leave well alone.

“Was yer late ‘cause yer been wanking?” asked Connor immediately jumping to the wrong conclusion and checking the front of Farty’s trousers for an erection.


It wasn’t the subtlest opening to such an intimate conversation, but the only topic ever on Connor’s tiny mind. Yet after recent sexual forays with his sister and Jason, it was for Farty a very welcome comment and as it opened a sexual avenue which had to be fully explored.

“Was yer wanking?”

“I was having a piss,” it was time for the new style uninhibited Farty to start the ball rolling and lead Connor down the avenue, “why, yer been wanking again?”

“In the break yeah, d’yer do it then?”

“Nah, might do dinner time, is yer?”

“Oh fuck yeah!” Connor, to whom the adjective inhibited had never applied, he nudged Farty, “Hey, feel me willy!”

“Wot now?” the ball wasn’t so much rolling as running away.

“Give us yer hand.”

It wasn’t an option, more confirmation that his cock was indeed huge for his age. Farty looked down to see his hand dragged in the direction of Connor’s gaping trouser pocket.

“Fuck!” he looked at Connor in total surprise. “There ain’t no pocket at all.. it’s only the bit on the outside!”

“Good, innit!” Connor grinned. “I done ’em both so’s I’s can wank anywhere!”

The joyous surprises didn’t stop there for Connor’s Guptha’s International yellow with added yellowing semen stained underpants were soaking wet and possessed a wonderful slimy feel now filled to bursting with his enormous cock.

“Shit! It’s bloody big innit,” gasped Farty, “I’s seen it in the playground, it’s, it’s..”

“It’s fucking great innit?” confirmed it’s proud owner. “Why don’t yer wank us off now yer got yer hand inside and I’s do yer after if yer wants.”

“It’s fucking big!” repeated Farty not really listening as he set about the daunting task of just getting his hand around the clammy shaft. “Wank yer in yer pants?”

“Yeah, fucking fill ’em right up!”


All of a corridor distant the geography lesson of class 4G was going as expected, slowly, lurching inexorably towards the midday break with more than a hint of boredom. Try as he may Mr Oliver, the teacher was finding it very heavy going although on the plus side at least the class were moderately quiet even if there were some whispered conversations running in parallel with the lesson.

As also to be expected, after their coupling earlier in the toilet Bogbrush and Kelvin had done little other than talk about sex in one form or another throughout the lesson. Whilst Bogbrush could allow his erection to subside, Kelvin still equipped with his condom was duty bound to keep his hard which naturally could only mean thing. So, despite the absolute surfeit of semen that he had already produced he convinced himself that he could manage the act once more before allowing himself the luxury of a pee during the dinner break.

Consequently, Bogbrush’s very pleasant daydream of future anal invasions by Kelvin’s organ was rudely interrupted by a nudge in ribs. “I want’s to cum again, can yer hold it on like last time?”

“Oh for fuck’s sake Kelv, yer’ll wear the bleeding thing out, is yer sure?” Bogbrush looked at him. “Yer’ll fucking break it or something, how many times is that today?”

“Uumm..” his brain tried to keep up with fingers on his hands, he gave up, “I thinks it’s five since I’s got outta bed!”

“That’ll be six then wunnit with yer one in bed!”

“‘spose could be.” the brain cells whirred momentarily then ground to a halt.

“Wot a daft fucker yer is, yer’ll fucking hurt it, I means us all likes a quick couple of wanks, but this is getting fucking silly now!” said Bogbrush knowing full well that whatever he said the lump in Kelvin’s trousers always attracted him like a magnet.

“Yeah, well just get yer hand in me pocket and hold it on when I does the business.”

“Alright, but yer gotta let it have a gert rest then and take that fucking Johnny off before yer willy all shrivels up. Right?”

“Yeah, alright.. now shut up and get yer bleeding hand in there like yer did before!”

If only Bogbrush could practice what he preached. As soon as his hand was inside and had grasped the rubberised shaft rising from the slimy bush of pubic hair below his own cock had all but fully hardened to mark the occasion.

“Ooh.. quick, get on with it ‘cause the lessons half over anyhow.”

Having now realised that Bogbrush was quite right and not yet wishing to admit it, Kelvin who had been rubbing away for a few minutes and was getting worried. Worried, because he was having problems coaxing his utterly exhausted testicles to even acknowledge they were due to perform again. Plus, had his cock not been suspended in the revolting accumulation of seminal fluid by now it would have been rubbed raw. However, by some miracle of misspent youth after some ten minutes of continuous action and just when he was about to admit defeat something happened, well at least he thought something had happened. His cock shuddered, his balls went into spasm and he slid even further under the desk pulling Bogbrush’s hand out of the fly as he did so.

“Yer’s cum then?” asked Bogbrush, delighted to release his grip and have his fingers back to lick. “Quick wunnit after all that other wanking yer’s done?”

“Fucking said I’s do it didn’t us?” replied Kelvin not wishing to admit that even by his excessive standards this had taken matters well above his normal range of orgasmic endurance. Whilst he may have felt he had ejaculated, somehow it didn’t feel quite the same as normal and now his cock certainly felt rather strange.

“Bet yer willy hurts a bit now don’t it?” Bogbrush grinned. “Thing is, yer’s got me all hard thinking about doing it again!”

“Wait for dinner time then and us can go in the bog and do something together.”

“Yeah alright, I’s really gonna have a gert wank then, is yer gonna watch or try again?”

Kelvin just nodded, now very worried that he might have injured himself. That was something he did not want to admit too, especially as he was now having difficulty in keeping his erection, for if that were to go flaccid the resultant deluge would be quite catastrophic. Closing his eyes in order to stimulate his matters he tried to visualise lewd, perverted sexual acts with a star cast comprising Jason, Brett, Cilla, Luke and Bogbrush. It was though to be a pointless exercise for the situation was about to rapidly change.

In front of the class Mr Oliver had tired of essentially talking to himself and decided to involve the pupils in a little geographic quiz. However, there was a slight problem in that the large pull-down world map that was fixed above the blackboard had been damaged some ham-fisted pupils and now needed some support to be used at all.

“Right, you lot we’re going to have a little interactive quiz.” he looked around the room at the startled faces, some startled because they didn’t know what interactive meant or others having realised they may have to do something involving their brains, the groans and objections quickly started.

“Right, that’s enough, quiet,” he looked around the room, “now yesterday some idiot  managed to break the brackets that hold the map so now I need two volunteers to support it.”

Typically, nobody volunteered and instead they either looked at each other, the desk or continued to play with themselves.

“Right, volunteers then, strange how you all look away isn’t it?” smiling he again looked around having decided to select the most detached pupils from the lesson, “Norman I saw your hand go up didn’t I and..”

“No, no’s I’s didn’t!” interrupted a shocked Norman who’s hand was in his trouser pocket doing what it usually did so it couldn’t possibly have gone up, unlike his very average cock.

“Well never mind, it’ll do you good!”

Shocked at being summoned Norman even took his hand out of his pocket and put his erection inducing daydream on pause. Generally speaking he was a quiet boy and whilst not adverse to pleasures of the flesh, all such pleasures were still in a solo capacity. Although he had not told anybody, he had been propositioned the previous week by the predatory Joel and had yet to defeat his attack of first-time nerves which were currently blocking his path to a mutual groping and later, possibly even a mutual orgasmic heaven.

“And I’m sure I saw your hand go up as well as well, didn’t I Kelvin?”

“It weren’t his hand that went up!” observed a mystery voice to much laughter.

“Fucking sod off!” hissed Kelvin.

“Fucking hell!” hissed Bogbrush to the semi-comatose Kelvin. “Yer’s gotta go out the front and do something!”

“Ah, fuck off, yer joking!”

The semi-comatose Kelvin was far more concerned that his flagging erection would totally flag before the end of the lesson and so present him with a very unexpected seminal disaster. Naturally for Kelvin it would be of an unimaginable, disgustingly sperm orientated flood of enormous, utterly repulsive magnitude.

“Hello, hello, Kelvin, are you with us today?” enquired Mr Oliver unaware of Kelvin’s condom predicament and having thought his earlier entrance with his giant erection erectus being just about par for course in the general run of adolescent life.

“I’s ‘spect he’s been ‘aving a J Arthur!” the mystery voice brought roars of laughter.

“That’s enough of that, now come on Kelvin and you Norman, up here now.”

“I’s fucking told yer so get up, this ain’t no fucking joke!” reiterated Bogbrush who in desperation poked him in the ribs. “Now fucking wake up and get up there now!”

“Nah, nah, fuck it, I’s, I’s can’t do that!” so rudely shaken from his thoughts Kelvin had sat bolt upright, just as an astute rabbit might on seeing a loaded twelve-bore.

“Ah Kelvin, so you are now with us again then?” said Mr Oliver. “Good, come on you two… Norman, Kelvin up here and I’ll show you what to do, it’s all very simple.”

Sitting bolt upright had been something of a mistake. For Kelvin’s cock been slowly softening, but by a lucky turn of fate had not allowed the obnoxious juices to escape from the condom, although the sudden movement had now partially displaced it.


Prodded by Bogbrush until he got to his feet and was quite obviously not at all enthusiastic about moving even a few inches away from the safety of the desk.

“Come on boys, hurry up.”

Norman was slowly moving towards the front of the class and hoping that his very average protuberance wouldn’t be noticed. It wouldn’t, well only under very close scrutiny by someone of lesser proportions than even Dave or Luke.

“Cor, I reckon’s old Norm got hard, ain’t seen he walk that before!” whispered Luke to Dave, seated quite near the front and having recently taken to the very addictive occupation of erection spotting had a really good view. “Ain’t a big ‘un is it?”

“I’s hard now, d’yer wanna feel it, put yer hand under the desk!” replied the sexually liberated Dave. “Yer can wank us off it yer wants, through me special pocket!”

“Kelvin we’re waiting, it’s not that bad, you only have to hold the map up.” called out Mr Oliver as a very, very, very reluctant figure shambled towards the front.

“Yeah, yeah alright, hold yer fucking water!” muttered Kelvin under his breath.

Desperately trying not make any sudden moves he sensed that during his short walk the condom had all but slipped off the end of his cock. Yet, by some miracle it had wedged itself beneath his testicles and the infamous Spiderman briefs, amazingly it managed to still contain it’s repulsive cargo. There weren’t many in the class who could jealously resist looking to see if he were erect and that in itself brought many whispered comments to the effect that rarely had he been seen without an erection!

“Good, that wasn’t too painful now was it boys?”

“No.. Sir.” they mumbled very unenthusiastically looking very, very embarrassed.

“Right, stand one either side of the blackboard,” Mr Oliver indicated as he talked, “I’ll pull the map down and you simply support the brackets above your head while we get some of your classmates up to indicate where places are in the world.”

Thoughts of having to stand in front the class and indicate where countries were on a map immediately produced a deathly silence, for if the truth were told the majority of the pupils wouldn’t even know where Britain was! As Mr Oliver had rightly assumed even the mere thought the proposed exercise had quickly reduced the usually more vocal members of the class to silence.

“Right, I’ll get the map started, you two just support it, it’s not heavy at all, ready?”

The boys watched and at the appropriate moment reached up to take the weight and as they had been told it wasn’t at all heavy, it just required support. For them the real problem was more a question of fashion rather than action, for standing with arms stretched up above their heads meant that their trousers sagged down and their shirts pulled out. It was the two fashion conscious girls in the front row, Debbie and Shirley that first started the giggling which soon spread through the entire class. Treated to a close up view of some three inches of Spiderman briefs above Kelvin’s bulging, spunk stained trousers and at least four inches of Guptha’s International imitation ribbed, white Y-fronts protruding from Norman’s they pointed and started giggling uncontrollably.

Kelvin though was not finding it at all amusing. Far from it, for something was badly, not to say catastrophically amiss for he sensed that Spiderman was suddenly feeling rather wet, cold and clammy. Knowing he hadn’t wet himself and not daring to look down, instead he prayed it wasn’t what he thought it was. But, obviously it was. And, easily confirmed by the ominous dark patch on the front of his trousers spreading rapidly.

“Oi Shirl,” gasped Debbie between much giggling, pointing and with ever increasing levels of moisture in her nether regions, “yer look, I knows yer don’t like him, but he’s got a bleeding gert cock hadn’t him? I’s thinks that he’s cum or he’s pissed his pants!”

“Ooh.. that be a lotta cum if he’s cum!”

Shirley who had lost, well actually gave away, her virginity when she was barely twelve and had since become something of compulsive female onanist, leaned forward with one hand hidden beneath the desk prodding at her very juicy, juicy bits. With a libido matched by Debbie neither could ever be said to be shy of touting their wares.

“Wot yer doing? Yer ain’t is yer?” continued Debbie excitedly.

“Yeah, sorta!” gasped Shirley in between some sloppy fingering. “Hey, I’s dreamed the other night of a bleeding gert cock like that! But, yer’s right ‘cause I’s don’t likes him, but I’d get inside they Spiderman kiddies pants of his and wank him off right now if I’s could!”

“Yer a dirty cow!” Debbie giggled. “Yer’s been using that bloody candle again ain’t yer! He always stinks of cum don’t he, looks like he’s been wanking now don’t he?”

Debbie was indeed correct, that not only was Shirley a dirty cow with a large candle, but that Kelvin also over indulged in self-abuse and frequently stank of congealing semen. Shirley though was currently transfixed by the state of his trousers, with her fingers continuing to play with the contents of her soggy Guptha’s International girly style panties under the desk.

“Yer look Deb’s, he’s getting real fucking hard, look at him quick, cor it’s getting bigger as I’s watches!”

“Ooh fuck,” whispered Dave a row back, “Luke, keep going I’s cumming soon!”

“Yeah.. yeah,” grunted Luke, finding that attending to Dave in class was tremendous turn on especially with the risk factor involved, so arousing in fact that he might well ejaculate himself without actually masturbating.

“Look… he’s got really hard now!” it was the mystery voice again.

“Wish mine were that big!” gasped Dave.

And, he wasn’t the only one think that!


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