Bog Off
by Tom


Chapter 6: There’s something in the woodstore

Whilst the boys of class 2E were arguably some of the worst in the school in terms of academic ability, those second year boys who attended Mr Wilson’s woodworking class were they were in his eyes quite exceptional, but for very different reasons.

By twelve they had all discovered the joys of self-abuse and were undoubtedly practising it wherever, whenever and however the opportunity arose. As he had noted on many occasions, the boys may have been decidedly lacking on the academic front, especially in the limited use of the English language for words over four syllables, nevertheless they scored very highly when it came to discovering the pleasures of the flesh. In fact even some of the new intake of first year boys who had started at the school were blatantly masturbating on their arrival from junior school, which to Mr Wilson begged the tantalising question of whether they could ejaculate! Quite oblivious to subtle observation, it seemed both first and second year boys were delightfully naive when it came to pocket manipulation and playing with themselves, all of which combined to assuage Mr Wilson’s keen voyeuristic alter ego.

Being the first class of the morning the boys trooped noisily into the workshop after the morning assembly for their double lesson with the majority, much to Mr Wilson’s inner delight already having their hands in trouser pockets. Watching carefully he excitedly anticipated the activities that could be instigated beneath a woodworking apron, it promised to be an uplifting morning. And, naturally some boys were only too well aware that not all the stains on the front of the stock of school aprons had been caused by Resin W which did in itself look rather similar to something else!

Adjacent benches had been commandeered by Jason for his two friends Billie and Brett, who’s hand was now able to be proudly thrust deep in the trouser pocket and manipulate matters just as every other boy was doing. In fact he had been so excited at what had happened at Bogbrush’s house along with the acquisition of his new clothes, that he had not taken off the Mickey Mouse briefs since and instead had chosen to ejaculate into them several times by way of celebration.

However, the previous evening whilst Jason and Brett may have had other things on their minds due to their intense after school activities, Billie had had to content himself with a singular pursuit. And, very enjoyable it was too, for he had managed it three times before bed spurred on by thoughts of what Brett had suggested earlier that day. As such, he was determined to pursue the subject so once the lesson had started and was well under way, he turned to Brett who was working at the middle of the three benches.

“Were d’yer get them nice trousers then?”

There was a touch of envy in Billie’s voice, he glanced down to see multitude of his bother’s semen stains decorating the front of his own decidedly oversize hand-me-downs. The legs which were several inches too long, unpressed and crumpled up around his very scuffed shoes ensuring he was now the one who looked rather silly.

“I, I was given ’em.” replied Brett, who with his new found sexuality could not resist proudly adding as he actively began rubbing himself under his apron. “They’s good ain’t they, so now’s I can play with me willy like wot yer two do.”

“So I’s see’s, yer a dirty little bugger!” Jason grinned, he turned to whisper. “Have yer wanked in ’em yet then, through yer pocket like?”

Brett, still rather new to the trouser experience blushed. “Yer, I did it last night!”

“Shall us have a wank then, like us did last time we was yer?” Billie sidled over with both hands obviously fully occupied within his ill fitting trousers under the apron.

“Wot, yer mean we wanks in the lesson like?” asked Brett excitedly.

“Well us did it last week,” said Billie, “but yer was on a different bench then and so yer didn’t know we was at it.”

“Shit, I’s missed that then.” Brett who like the others was already erect and ready for action. “So d’yer gets yer willy out under yer apron or d’yer does it in yer pants?”

“Wotever, it’s wot yer fancies, think I might get mine out today.” said Jason rather casually. “But, us’d better wait a bit till old Wilson’s been round, it’s early yet innit?”

“Yeah, ‘spose so, but I want’s to have a gert proper look at his willy now’s he can get it out his trousers!” Billie nodded towards Brett.

“Yeah, I said yer both could didn’t I yesterday?” confirmed Brett, he looked round, blushed and lowered his voice. “I want’s yer too, I’s wants to be played with!”

“Fuck!” Billie’s hand went into overdrive.

“Yeah, us’ll do that, but where?” said Jason, “Hey, looks like, old Wilson’s coming over now, so ‘spose we does it in the woodstore bit later when he’s busy?”

“Right.” Billie was keeping his hand active in his pocket, he turned as if to resume work as Mr Wilson slowly approached looking at the other benches as he passed.

As far as the lesson had gone, for Mr Wilson it had been very rewarding for he had been watching the under-apron antics of the biggest boy in the class, one Connor Hoggins, better known to his class mates as Cummy Connor, a boy who really couldn’t leave it alone! Being the most physically developed boy in the second year, he had  begun ejaculating long before leaving junior school and certainly lived up to his nickname. Sadly though, it seemed to his teachers that his powers of cerebral reasoning were rapidly decreasing in relation to his physical growth, for in reality he was even dimmer than the dimmest of pupils, if not the dimmest of his year group. In fact so dim that even Kelvin had once observed talking to Jason about him that if Connor’s brain were attached to his cock he would have been a genius!

Although still only twelve he could boast some six stout inches, a thick bush of pubic hair and a marked tendency to whip his organ out to display the enormity of it’s foreskin whether or not those around even wanted to see it. In fact it could well be said that if he had had the vital extra brain cell he could be a younger rival to Kelvin, for not only was he exceedingly well equipped, but had an infinite capacity for ejaculation. With a lack of personal hygiene that was already on a par with Kelvin, his repulsive sagging Guptha’s International underpants attested to a considerable and very frequent discharge frequency.

Quite surprisingly the initial enthusiasm shown by his classmates to gather round and watch the performance had palled, for most now were bored with the messy spectacle of his relentless masturbation in the playground. For one thing they didn’t want to be caught or as some would admit, knowing they could never compete by flashing their weedy twelve year old four inches it would be highly embarrassing to try, consequently the novelty past he was looked upon as something of a freak.

Some three weeks earlier Mr Wilson had noticed that Connor was absent for part of the lesson and the search for him ended when he was seen emerging from  the woodstore looking very pleased with himself. On going in to investigate the reason for the visit wasn’t entirely obvious, that was until his foot slipped in the semen that was splattered over the floor. To Mr Wilson it was quite a turn on, especially as he just had to rub some on his fingers to check exactly what was so slippery, worse he could not resist licking them to confirm it was indeed semen. At that stage, deciding not to say anything and alert Connor that he had been discovered in what was possibly a regular occurrence, Mr Wilson decided to bide his time and hopefully catch him cock in hand on another occasion.

Now on his way through the workshop heading towards Jason, Mr Wilson stopped very close to Connor’s bench to theoretically check on some of the chisels and other sharp tools that were kept in a locked cupboard, which by a strange coincidence had an excellent view of Connor’s bench. Whatever Connor was doing was definitely not woodwork, for thinking he could not be seen he was facing towards the wall and judging by his movements looked as though he was very energetically humping the side of the bench.

Disappointingly it was though all a bit far away to see exactly what was really going on and Mr Wilson didn’t really want to accost him as others in the class would then be made aware and that could well stop future onanistic performances altogether. However, it offered further confirmation that under cover of an apron Connor found the sexual act quite irresistible, all Mr Wilson had to do was to wait until the right opportunity had arisen and let Connor seize it with both hands. Then again, he thought to himself could such an opportunity be engineered? It certainly could and as he had just realised and it would take very little effort to set up for all it required was a quick trip to the woodstore.


Kelvin having had one his all too numerous remedial classes was only too pleased to escape when the lesson bell rang. He hurried down the corridor to the second lesson of the day where he could sit by Bogbrush and relay the saga of all that had befallen him the previous evening even if it did mean talking through the history lesson.

A history lesson! Why ever did they need that? It was a question every pupil asked, for nobody was interested and generally assumed the reason it was included on the timetable was only to fill a space and make the school seem slightly more academic!

With no sign of a teacher in sight and already bored, Bogbrush had started scratching his initials on the desk. Glancing up he saw that Kelvin was approaching and at first sight seemed even more dishevelled than he usually looked and that was pretty dishevelled at the best of times.

“Yer looks fucking awful, wot’s happened… now?” Bogbrush looked him up and down, the slept-in, spunk impregnated trousers immediately catching his eye. “Fuck me Kelv, wot’s yer been doing, looks like yer’s wanked all over yer trousers! Twice!”

Before he could reply there was a shout from the back of the room. “Hey look, Kelv’s wanked all over trousers again!”

“Ah, sod off spunky-pants, you ain’t no bleeding better ‘cause us all knows yer goes wanking in they bogs!”

Kelvin’s reply came without him even looking up having recognised the voice of one now known as Spunky-pants Luke, not the most boisterous boy in the class, but with the smartest uniform and undoubtedly the brightest for he had been gifted an extra couple of brain cells. He had recently been given his nickname having been caught red and sticky handed masturbating between lessons in the toilets by classmates and failing to get his cock back inside his trousers had ejaculated over his uniform.

“I fucking wasn’t!” protested Luke pushing his NHS glasses back up his nose and wishing he hadn’t spoken, but had simply kept in the background as he usually did.

“Yer fucking was, anyhow I bet’s me trousers ain’t nothing compared to the mess in yer spunky pants! I’s ‘spect that yer’s been wanking again in the bog before coming in here ain’t yer!” retorted Kelvin, the accusations quite untrue but designed to silence Luke.

“It’s why yer’s got fucking glasses innit!” added Joel, he really did know a thing or three about wanking in toilets, for he was always looking to seduce younger boys.

“Well I reckon’s we pulls ’em down in the break and see’s if he has!”

“Wot his glasses?”

“You daft fucker, nah his trousers!”

The suggestion came from Lee, a very active onanist who was always keen to see what other’s could offer and it was rumoured, only to keen to squeeze into a toilet cubicle with somebody else if the opportunity arose.

“Fuck! NO! No.. no..” Luke’s voice died away, his fate was sealed, his glasses wobbled in trepidation.

“Yeah, he could wank for us couldn’t he?” added Pete who had been very seriously contemplating doing exactly the same thing in a solo capacity during the morning break, since getting up late that morning hadn’t had time for his constitutional.

“Or.. he could wank me!” Joel turned to leer at the increasingly worried Luke.

“Nah.. fuck off I ain’t doing that, that’s wot fucking queers does innit!” shrieked Luke who was now quite petrified and for very good reason. Joel had some decidedly camp mannerisms, although not all the boys had quite realised their not so subtle implications, but Luke had!

“It’s alright Luke, we’ll hold yer hand and yer trousers while he does it!” said Lee to much laughter, yet whilst he was joking he did wonder if Joel with whom he had been decidedly friendly in the second year really was making a serious suggestion.

Leaving the rest of the class to decide Luke’s fate, Bogbrush turned to Kelvin and more important matters. “So tell us wot happened then?”

Kelvin was very reluctant to tell the full story, especially the latter part of it where he had encouraged Jason to bugger him, instead he centred it around testing the wooden willy and the subsequent mess he had made of his trousers along with his mothers predictable, furious reaction.

“So yer mum went mental ‘cause of all the cum over yer trousers then?”

“Well yer knows wot she’s like! Course she went bleeding nuts didn’t her, then when she sees me this morning she calls me a dirty wanker in front of Jase.”

“Fuck! So she’s noticed then!” Bogbrush let the joke go since Kelvin didn’t appear to be entirely concentrating. “So is she talking to yer now then or wot?”

“Dunno, she were right bleeding pissed off when I left,” said Kelvin, who was plainly worried, “still, she usually forgets about it, I hopes she has.”

“Well, d’yer want me to come home with yer then, that might help. Wot’s think?”

“Could do, we’s done that before ain’t we? Let I think about it.”

“Anyway’s so’s yer’s made it then?” asked Bogbrush excitedly. “Where is it?”


“Oh, yeah, but don’t fucking say nothing will yer, just hang on,” Kelvin reached into his bag, he passed the carving under the desk, “yer it is, but don’t let nobody see.”

“Gor, fucking hell… it’s good innit?” said Bogbrush quickly looking down and immediately ran his fingers around the head. “It’s just like yer’s innit!”

“Ain’t bad is it?” Kelvin grinned, proud of his workmanship. “It feels a bit fucking hard after it’s been up yer hole a bit mind!”


“How far d’yer get it up then? Inch or two?” asked Bogbrush, rubbing an obvious erection through his trousers with one hand and stroking the dildo with the other.

“All the fucking way, that’s wot yer’d do innit? That’s why I cum so much and made such a bleeding mess wunnit!”

“All the way! Fuck! This has been all the way up yer bumhole?”

He looked at Kelvin and gripped the wood tightly rubbing his thumb over the polished and very bulbous end. His unspoken thought was if it had been there, dare he offer his cock for the same purpose, but the big question was would Kelvin be prepared to try?

“Yeah,” Kelvin grinned, he was utterly insatiable, “hey, d’yer fancy a wank when this lesson gets going?”


“Now then Connor,” said Mr Wilson approaching Connor from behind having noted he was still pushed hard up against the workbench, “I’ve a little job for you.”

“Yer wot! Sir?”

Startled, his head turned to look behind displaying a set of pale yellow teeth, now out-classed by the deepening yellow hue of his sagging, Guptha’s International, once white, stained yellow and unwashed imitation Y-fronts concealed within his trousers.

“Yes, a little job.” repeated Mr Wilson, himself erect under his white coat.


Connor shuddered as his truly magnificent twelve year old boyhood deposited the last drops semen in his already sticky underpants, sticky for on the way to school he had stopped off behind some lock-up garages to quickly attend to matters. Not by any means a singular event. In fact, quite regular.

“Yes,” Mr Wilson continued as it were nothing unusual for a boy to ejaculate in his trousers whilst talking to him, “yes, come in the woodstore. Looks as if somebody has just dumped a load of wood on the floor that needs sorting out.”

“But, but wot about me.. me… me, me thing I’s making?” Connor’s apron took on a life of it’s own as he spoke, his cock was trapped under the failing elastic.

“Oh.. don’t worry, we’ll sort that out later, now come on.”

Naturally, Mr Wilson could not be seen watching the boy and moved away to look at Connor’s woodworking project, it was quite unrecognisable as a simple bookend even though he knew what it was supposed to be! Sadly or even predictably, all Connor’s attempts at making anything however simple ended in total abject failure,  his woodworking skills were equated to that of the master tailors supplying clothes to Guptha’s International!

“Yeah, alright then.”

Only too pleased to stop the exacting work Connor followed behind although walking a little awkwardly with one hand thrust deep into his bottomless trouser pocket. After freeing his oozing organ, it seemed the ritual of sucking the hot spunk that covered his fingers was to be temporarily put on hold so in the meantime he decided to spread the warm spunk all around whilst pulling his sagging briefs back up. The excessive handling and combined weight of two recent heavy influxes of semen having now exceeded the tactile strength of the very tired elastic.

Wondering whether his plan was still going to work now that Connor had appeared to have just ejaculated, Mr Wilson ushered him inside the woodstore and pointed to the short lengths of wood that he had only just scattered around over the floor.

“Look, I don’t know who’s been in here messing about in here, but can you tidy all this up and put the wood into piles of the same lengths?”

He looked at Connor, beneath the apron one arm appeared lost and the twelve year old face was suffering the ravages of acne and a profusion of top lip bum-fluff, all being sure signs that puberty had occurred very early and was now almost past!

“Yer wot… Sir?” he looked blank. Beneath the apron the trousers moved by themselves as the sodden briefs were yet again pulled back up and the contents of the foreskin then squeezed out to add to the deliciously slimy feel as he moved.

“Look, The wood has all been cut to length ready for the first and second year classes to use,” he picked up a piece and held it up, trying hard not to look at the apron, “and there are three different lengths. So you look find all the ones this length and put them in a pile, then do it with the next size, you got it?”

For a few seconds Connor looked very puzzled. “Oh yeah… oh, I thinks so.”

“Good, well, I’ll pop back shortly to how you are doing.”

Outside Mr Wilson sighed, it was worse than pulling teeth. The big question was how long should he allow for Connor to loose interest and start playing with himself, that was if he was going to do so after so recently ejaculating.

Had he known, the correct answer would have been less than a minute, for inside the woodstore Connor had already lost interest in his task. Instead his cock was sticking out of his trousers and under cover of the apron he continued to squeeze excess spunk from his foreskin and then to suck it off his fingers as he would normally do. Allowing for his instant sperm regeneration capabilities to recharge he wasn’t too far off further ejaculation and from his vast onanistic experience knew he could easily manage three quick orgasms one after the other, besides as yet the day was still young!


“Wot’s we gonna do with these book endy things then Sir?” asked Brett holding what was actually a fine second-year example of the genre.

“Well, they’re book-ends aren’t they, so you put books between them to stop them falling over on a shelf.”

Looking down at the diminutive Brett, with an apron that dragged on the floor in front, Mr Wilson really couldn’t help himself thinking, just like Kelvin had concluded earlier, he really did look like one of Snow White’s dwarfs.

“But Sir, we ain’t got no books at our house.” replied Brett looking up and innocently waving the hand crafted creation in the air, his other hand fixed inside his pocket.

“No books? What at home?” Mr Wilson was trying hard to keep a straight face, a vision of Snow White and her band of schoolboy dwarves with very overactive, interactive aprons flashed before him.

“Nah, we ain’t got no books neither,” added Billie, “but I’s got some comics! D’yer reckon they bookend things would work for comics then Sir?”

“No books at all?” queried Mr Wilson, returning to reality. A lack of books wasn’t entirely unexpected, but nevertheless it was a devastating indictment on the state of the education system.

“I thinks our dad’s got one somewhere.” concluded Jason, unaware he was rubbing himself under his apron, “‘cause I thinks I saw him looking at one once!”

“Right, let’s have a look at your work then Jason.. Billie,” shocked at the revelations of illiteracy Mr Wilson was rather stuck for words and turned to inspect the varied selection of wonky bookends, “that’s all looking good lads, a little bit more sanding on the edges and you’ll be nearly there.”

“Right, I’ll give ’em to me mum then.” said Billie enthusiastically, even though his work was by far the worst of the three.

“That’s a nice thought, well carry on.” said Mr Wilson, adding under his breath. “She could use them for her missing cookery books or firewood!”

“I rather be sanding me willy!” said Billie watching as Mr Wilson moved off towards the far end of the workshop where the door to the woodstore was, where hopefully Connor might be apprehended cock in hand.

“Well if he’s going in there, then us’ll have to sand our willy’s out here, won’t us?” said Jason with a grin.

“So now we’s really gonna wank by yer bench then?” whispered Brett excitedly, his new trousers quite obviously having had a truly liberating effect on him.

“Yeah, why not, we’s done it before and I ‘spect some other bugger’s doing it now!” Billie glanced round the workshop, few boys were working, most were talking or suspiciously leaning hard against their bench. “I’s reckons if we’s using sandpaper to rub something then nobody’s gonna know wot we’s really rubbing is they?”

“Wot shall us do then? Start doing our own and then have a bit of a feel when we’s close to cumming?” said Jason, who was certainly not backward at coming forward.

“Yeah, so how yer doing it, with yer willy out yer trousers or in yer pants?”

“I’m getting mine out ‘cause I’m on me last pair of clean pants!” said Jason who had already had his fly unzipped beneath his apron.

“Right, come on then Brett get it out ‘cause I ain’t seen it close up.” said Billie fumbling within his zip. “Get round the other side the bench then I can have a look.”

With Jason theoretically rubbing down the wood, but in fact actively humping the side of the bench under his apron, both Brett and Billie moved to the far side where they couldn’t be seen below waist level or in Brett’s case, well below nipple level! Moments later, Billie who possessed an exceptionally healthy sexual appetite had disappeared from view to sit on the floor at Brett’s feet with his mouth on a level with Brett’s cock, it was obvious that matters were coming to a head.

“Cor… it’s cute innit and yer end bits been cut off!” exclaimed Billie now only inches away from Brett’s very modest pink offering poking invitingly from the fly of his trousers. “And, he got Mickey Mouse pants on… bleeding hell, they’s all covered in dried cum… yer a dirty little sod!”

Delighted at the praise and that at last somebody was playing with him he shuddered as Billie’s hot clammy fingers eagerly grasped his cock and started to stroke it, Brett though wanted something in return.

“Open yer trousers and wank yerself while yer wanking me and I’ll watch yer then.”

“Oh yeah.”

The suggestion appealed to Billie who without stopping managed to unzip his fly with his free hand and grope around inside, finally pulling his erection free of the voluminous briefs and pushing the foreskin up and down to Brett’s obvious delight.

“Cor, wish I had one of them end things like wot yer two got.” said Brett enviously watching the movement as it revealed the glistening head beneath.

“It’s fun innit, but I don’t know why yer’ve had yer’s cut off, it’s bloody mean innit!” said Jason who was building up to the main question “Brett.. so you gonna let us play with you like you said the other day then?”

“Wot proper like with me bum and that? Yeah, if you wants, but not now, this ain’t the place is it?”


“Nah, ‘spose not.” Billie sounded disappointed. “But, if I carries on wanking and yer happy to watch us two wank, can I do something that I’s sure yer’ll like.”

“Wot?” Brett had a very good idea of what was to happen, he hadn’t messed about with Bogbrush the day before and not learnt anything.

“I thinks we’ll both like it!” said Billie eagerly leaning forward.

“Fuck!” squeaked Brett, for the second time in as many days he found almost his entire genitalia inside somebody’s mouth!

“Brett shut up!” hissed Jason moving closer, pulling his apron to one side he exposed an open fly and the purple head of a preteen cock tightly grasped by a tight preteen fist. “Now hurry up and cum in his mouth while yer watches us two wank!”

Brett started to giggle. “Yer’s got butterflies on yer pants!”

“Ooh…” replied Jason who in quick-fire mode was unable to hold back and deposited dribbles of semen onto Billie’s heavily stained trousers below.

With a mouth full of Brett it was very hard to properly reply, still Billie did manage a strangled if unintelligible expletive, for he too was on the verge of ejaculation and past caring about the mess his trousers were now becoming.


Listening outside the woodstore door Mr Wilson knew his erection was straining to escape his trousers beneath the white coat. A true voyeur at heart the situation was promising to develop into a superb fantasy, that was if Connor had taken the bait and from the sounds emanating from within it really did sound as though he had.

Having little other than sex in one form or another constantly on his mind and conditioned to masturbate several times a day, Cummy Connor was not going to disappoint. Without being really capable of giving matters a second thought had already taken off his apron and thrown it on the floor, unfastened his trousers and pushed them down to his ankles, his underpants followed by the laws of gravity. Leaning back against the wall with his magnificent cock in his hot clammy hand he was oblivious to Mr Wilson’s approach as he peeped cautiously around the door.

There seemed no need to worry for Connor looked as though he had left for another world, eyes closed and frantically rubbing he was obviously building up to release a deluge of semen. With a groan he suddenly began to shake and shudder before literally spraying semen everywhere including over the unsuspecting rack of recently planed timber some two feet in front of him. Though he had ejaculated only minutes before the flow appeared to be inexhaustible and when it did finally cease all he could do was gracefully slide down the wall. Clutching wildly at his pulsing cock and breathing very heavily he ending up sitting in a patch of his own semen.

Mr Wilson gasped in utter amazement, the fact that it was a twelve year old boy made it all the more unbelievable. However, that aside he knew he had to quickly take control of the situation before somebody came looking for him, so taking a lasting look at Connor’s spunky organ he began his rehearsed admonishment.

“Connor! What on earth do you think you’re doing?”

It sounded stern enough, but surprisingly drew no response whatsoever.

“Connor, what have you been doing?” he repeated moving closer, he bent over to take full advantage of the sight, semen still oozed from the wrinkled foreskin.

Seconds later an eye opened somewhat lethargically. “I’s fancied a wank!”

“What! Stand up when you speak to me… you what?”

The other eye opened equally lethargically, grinning to himself Connor remained on the floor without looking up. A hand obviously wet with semen reached over to grab the woodworking apron and then to Mr Wilson’s complete surprise casually begin to wipe the excess semen from the folds of the foreskin.

“Thing is,” Connor slowly looked up, the grin displayed his fine yellow teeth, “see, I knows I’s thick as bloody pig shit and can’t even write me fucking name and you lot laughs at me, but I’s knows when some dirty bugger like yer is can’t stop watching!”

“But… but..” Mr Wilson gulped, it was indeed the most unexpected reply.

“D’yer thinks I’s ain’t seen yer getting all excited under yer coat when I plays with meself in yer class!” he started to get up, pushing his still semi-erect cock back into the spunk impregnated underpants. “Then yer sends me into this bleeding cupboard ‘cause yer’s hoping I’s gonna have another wank, I’s might be thick mate, but I’s ain’t that fucking daft is I?”

“But.. you can’t… you..”

“I bloody can… Sir!” interrupted Connor. “See, ‘cause I’s knows I ain’t the only kid who see’s yer watching little boys! So, give us a couple of quid and I‘s won’t say nothing or give us a fiver and I’s let yer wank me when we’s alone some place!”


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