Bog Off
by Tom


Chapter 3: Disappointing Rover

It was no surprise that by morning the atmosphere in the Jason’s bedroom was decidedly fetid. The pile of Kelvin’s dirty clothes left in the middle of the floor certainly didn’t help especially when combined with the smell that emanated from Guptha’s carefully selected range of pure nylon socks as worn and modelled by both boys for the last two days.

The clanging of the bell from the battered alarm clock precluded further sleep causing Jason to push a clammy hand out from under the bedclothes and knock it onto the floor. It stopped.

“Thank fuck for that!” muttered the untidy mound of blankets heaped on the single bed opposite.

“It’s too early to get up.” said Jason.

“Yer, d’you wanna a quick ‘un before us gets up?” croaked Kelvin, his first thoughts always be the most important ones.

“Nah…” Jason giggled, “I already done it!”

“Dirty little git! Well d’you wanna wank me then?”

With that Kelvin threw the bedding back to expose a truly magnificent erection, the  exquisite collection of yellow stains around the fly of his blue striped pyjamas was visible even from the other side of the room. Being in possession of such a fine, sturdy example Kelvin was only too well aware it could by no means be classed as average and had no qualms about exhibiting it any place or anywhere, rubbed raw or taken au natural with speciality nibbles.

“Nah. I ain’t touching that smelly thing this early! Bleeding hell, it’s big innit?”

Jason looked over and whilst very impressed, not to say aroused by what he saw yet knowing he had to keep away for he could already envisage the sickly smell that was insidiously seeping into the atmosphere like mustard gas.

“Well fuck yer too!”

“Nah, done that, yer gotta fuck yerself now!” he laughed. “I’ll watch a bit while I gets dressed!”

Disappointed that the captive audience wasn’t really interested in handling his hot and clammy magnificence, Kelvin spat in his hand and commenced with the first ejaculation of the day. To be fair it was usually quite something of a spectacular event for being blessed with his amazingly quick powers of seminal recharge even after only half an hour a large discharge could be guaranteed. Pretending not to be interested Jason watched out of the corner of his eye, he was actually very, very impressed by the size and thought it seemed to have grown considerably larger since they shared the room.

Unlike his brother, Jason did try and change his clothes almost daily and today was to be no exception for the flyless paisley briefs had been worn and ejaculated in for the previous two days. Besides even he would be embarrassed to be seen wearing them knowing he had to get changed for games today, with that in mind he walked over to the chest of drawers hiding his erection in his hands. The big question was, had his mother had time to wash any of the clothes worn to school and in particular would there be clean non-aromatic nylon socks. On quickly opening all the drawers in turn he soon discovered the answer was yes and no. Yes, there were clean socks even if a mustard yellow to match the gas, but sadly absolutely nothing else clean that he could wear to school. Dejectedly, he looked to the clothes on the floor realising that wiping his spunky hands on the shirt the previous night might not have been the thing to do.

“Aaahhh… oh fucking hell!”

Kelvin flopping back onto the bed with a loud crash having completed a superb imitation of sperm whale by shooting a blast of sperm up into the fetid morning air.

“Fucking hell!” echoed Jason in amazement instantly dropping the paisley briefs he had had been sniffing. He rushed over to see that just about everything within a three foot radius was now showered in hot spunk with the last blobs still airborne and heading for the heavily stained carpet by the bed.

“Wot’s all that bloody noise about?” without warning Doreen suddenly burst into the room and stood menacingly in the doorway, cigarette dangling from her lips, ash falling on the carpet. “Yer’d better not have broke another bed or yer dad’ll go bleeding mental!”

Caught in the act Kelvin gulped and tried in vain to cover the pulsating shaft with his hands. Jason with a lot less to cover managed it, although standing there with spunk stained pyjama jacket and pimply bottom he did feel somewhat embarrassed.

“Yer bloody disgusting Kelvin! Don’t yer never leave it alone!!” raged Doreen as a further shower of cigarette ash fell to the floor. The sight of Kelvin’s sizeable implement and generous splattering of semen that twinkled in the light really inspired her to a flight of almost poetic fancy. “Yer like a dog that’s found his bleeding lipstick!”

“Uumm…” grunted Kelvin not wishing to admit that neither could he leave it alone or was indeed like a dog that had discovered it’s lipstick.

“Now wipe all that mess up and get ready for school ‘cause yer late already!”

Barely managing to stifle his laughter even though trying to hide his one stiff bit and a brace of dangly bits from view, Jason finally spoke. “Yer mum, I don’t have no clean school clothes.”

“Well I ain’t had no time to do no washing, so yer’ll have to wear wot yer had on yesterday. Now bleeding get ready!”

The door slammed behind her leaving the brothers in a cloud of tobacco smoke.

“Don’t think she’s in a good mood.” observed Jason

“Fuck!” hissed Kelvin angrily, for having swung out of bed and planted both feet on the floor found he was standing on blobs of his own semen that adorned the carpet.


“Oi Bogbrush, where’s yer mate that tosser Kelv, is he gonna be late again?”

Dean, alias Bogbrush swung round. “I dunno do I? Why, wot’s want?”

“He got me magazine thing and I gotta have it back.”

“Well yer a silly bugger to borrow it to him ain’t yer?” said Bogbrush. “Fucking hell Dave yer ought to knows better than to lends him nothing!”

“Fuck, I ‘spose so.” Dave’s stomach wobbled precariously, the net result of his ultra high-fat diet of minced cardboard burgers and chips. He put his bag down on the path, not that he needed a bag for school since it was as empty as his head other than an enormous super family size packet of crisps and two cans of cholesterol charged Coke.


“It’s me big brother’s innit.” a rhetorical answer. “Brian don’t know I’s lent it see.”

“Ah, now I see’s,” Bogbrush grinned evilly, there was some mileage to be had with Dave, “wot was it one of them girly wanky ones then?”

“Uumm.. yeah..” Dave blushed.

As far as Bogbrush could ascertain Dave then fiddled with something trapped within the layers of stomach that protected his rather insignificant organ. Bogbrush knew it was insignificant for he took a great interest in all matters relating to boys and was under no circumstances ever shy about bringing up any subject that could be in some remote way be connected with self-abuse. Whilst he and Kelvin might have been best friends, both were well aware of Bogbrush’s particular proclivities where boys were concerned, whereas Kelvin also wanted to explore all other sexual deviant avenues be they belonging to boy, girl or animal.

“Yer knows all them pages be stuck together if yer ever gets it back don’t yer?”

“Oh fuck! Brian’ll go fucking mental!”

“Was it any good like, sorta pictures of fanny’s and that stuff I ‘spose,” Bogbrush paused, “I means.. course yer’ve wanked over it ain’t yer?”

“I… I.. uumm..”

Unsurprisingly, the very embarrassed Dave was rather reticent when it came to divulging details of his sex like, nevertheless just to further compound matters he again nervously started to play with himself.

“Looks like yer having a wank now?” Bogbrush moved closer. “We could do it together quick like in a minute, if we comes in our pants.”

“Oh… wot! Wot now!” Dave was in panic mode, he hadn’t ever been propositioned for anything remotely sexual before and really didn’t know what to do or how fend off the predatory advances of Bogbrush.

“Look,” aroused, Bogbrush looked around and whispered, “look Dave I had one when I woke up, well I always does, but I can do it again… bet yer did it as well?”

Poor Dave, his red face answered for him. He had, like virtually every other boy in the school obviously masturbated when he woke up. Absolutely flustered and unable to think of anything else to do he looked at his watch and eventually managed to stutter. “Bell… bell.. be going soon.”

“Well that’s alright but,” Bogbrush was now very turned on by the prospect of seducing the rotund Dave, “look, Dave yer’ve got me all hard.. I’m gonna have to go to a bog or something and…”

“Wot… wot’s mean.. thinking of me’s got yer hard? Oh fuck!” his voice tailed off.

“Yeah, yer fucking have, I needs a wank! Look, I thinks yer really cuddly and I want’s do something with yer, wot about after school one day?”

“I.. I… dunno.. I… I…  oh fuck!”

“Us don’t have to touch each other do us, us could just stand there and wank. And, course I ain’t queer or nothing like that, be just a gert nice friendly thing to do between us, wouldn’t it? Like having a wank?” it seemed Dave was hanging on his every word, his eyes though were watching Bogbrush’s trouser pocket. “I means, I wanks and yer also wanks so, so why don’t us have a gert wank together. I thinks I even got a couple of them dirty girly books at home and there ain’t nobody home till gone five. Anyway, I ‘spect yer done loads of stuff with other kids and it’s just that yer ain’t the type to go on boasting about it! That’s right innit?”

Dave’s heart was pounding, which considering his full fat diet was far from ideal. It was though the very first time anybody had ever invited him to do anything like it and felt really flattered that Bogbrush thought he was well experienced. That was of course what he was intended to think for quite obviously Bogbrush knew he was an absolute virgin, yet for some inexplicable reason held a plump sexual attraction.

“Uumm.. oh!” but what to reply, he didn’t want to break the illusion nor loose the opportunity. “Us wouldn’t do nothing… uumm.. like sorta queer stuff would us?”

“Nah, course not.” he smiled reassuringly, he certainly intended no malice, simply that he just wanted to get his hands on the delightfully naive and wobbly fat boy.

“Uumm..”  Dave was excited at the prospect and fully erect, not that there were any physical signs due to his vast girth.

“Well ‘spose,” Bogbrush had already noticed Kelvin and Jason walking at high speed towards the school gates and he too didn’t want to loose the opportunity, meaning Dave had to stitched up then and there, “well, well ‘spose us says uumm, this Friday afternoon then after school… we’ll go straight from yer and have a wank at our place over them books. Alright? Yer won’t tell nobody will yer?”

Very, very nervously Dave nodded in agreement. “No.. no.. right… Friday.”

“I thinks Friday’s alright, but I’ll have to let yer know.”

“Right.” Dave swallowed hard, what had he agreed to do!

“Oh Dave look,” exclaimed Bogbrush feigning surprise, “yer’s that tosspot Kelv that yer been waiting for.”

“Fucking hell, I’m knackered!” gasping for breath Kelvin fell against the wall. From his deathly appearance he had quite plainly never walked the half mile from his house to the school at such high speed before. “Missed the sodding bus didn’t us!”

“D’yer bring me magazine?” enquired Dave before anything else could be said.

“Course I bloody did, wot’s think I is, some sorta twatt!” replied Kelvin delving into assorted rubbish that filled his bag. “Yer, ta and watch out ‘cause it might be a bit.. uumm.. sticky inside.. yer can blame Jase for that, dirty little bugger!”

“Thank fuck for that!”  sticky or not, Dave was quite euphoric to have it returned and immediately scuttled off to hide it in his locker.

“Friday then!” called out Bogbrush after him, Dave glanced behind, a nervous red.

“Bleeding hell, I’m fucked!” continued Kelvin not taking in the relevance of Friday.

“Yer just said that, that yer was fucked.”

“Well, it’s too fucking early for all this exercise stuff innit? It’s our Jason innit, little sod he kept telling me to keep up! Anyway, has the fucking bell gone yet?”

The reply was drowned by the bell. “Fucking has now!”

With that they joined the last of the pupils going in the main hall for the morning assembly and as would be expected of them, stood at the back of the hall almost out of earshot the proceedings. Kelvin then launched into a diatribe, in all it’s sperm ridden glory of the sad tale of the collapsing bed and of having to spend the evening wanking himself silly in Jason’s bedroom. Followed by the further revelations of the embarrassing events of the morning had them both spluttering with laughter and narrowly missing a reprimand from one of the teachers.

After assembly Kelvin, who not being the brightest candle in the box was scheduled to attend remedial classes for maths and English in a vain attempt to instil something useful in him. The classes were very well attended, in fact as busy as any of the regular lessons which unfortunately didn’t say much for the pupils within the catchment area. Typically the level of maths class was little more than simple addition and the English lesson was relentlessly pursuing over the advantages of using joined up writing. Yet, even those lowly standards would usually prove more than enough to strain Kelvin’s brain and he appeared at the morning break looking for Bogbrush quite bewildered by the amount of information directed at him.

“Them sums is bleeding hard.” he observed rummaging in his bottomless duffle bag. “Ah, now sod the sums…  I got me crisps in yer somewhere.”

“Good, I’m hungry.”

Leaning against the wall at the end of the playground Bogbrush waited expectantly for a share of the crisps while toying with himself through his pocket and pondering whether or not to tell Kelvin of his latest disgusting foray that involved Rover. And, there was absolutely no question that it had to be truly disgusting if even he was unsure whether or not to tell Kelvin.

“So wot d’yer last night then, anything?” asked the voice from the blue bag.

By enquiring, Kelvin had effectively solved Bogbrush’s dilemma for him. Withdrawing from the bag he produced the said packet of onion flavoured crisps and ripped it open, taking a handful he offered the packet to Bogbrush who immediately began to crunch his way through them.

“Don’t bloody eat ’em all, yer a greedy sod, save some for us for later!”

“Right, sorry.” bits of crisped shot into the air.

“Well, d’yer do anything last night then?”

“Not a lot, well sort of,” said Bogbrush, he paused and looked at Kelvin wondering what his reaction was going to be, “see sort of, ‘cause me and the dog had a wank!”

“Oh… yer wot!” Kelvin paused, then spluttered to ensure the crumbs sprayed all over his trousers. “Yer fucking wot?”

“Keep yer bleeding voice down!” he looked around. “Me and Rover had a wank!”

“Fuck… wot’s mean? Who’s bleeding Rover?” exclaimed Kelvin. “Wot.. wot.. well wot.. well wot d’yer fucking do then? Tell us quick.”

Bogbrush grinned, it seemed Kelvin was just as he expected, fascinated. Now very actively playing with himself, the excitement of relating his bestial adventures had really aroused him, he leant over and began to whisper. However, what was never to be heard even by Kelvin was that is was by no means the first time Bogbrush had interfered with Rover, in fact he and his furry friend had been performing intimate acts rather too frequently over the last couple of years!

“Well, Rover’s the bloody dog you pillock ain’t he? So, he comes in me room just when I’s lying on me bed about to have another gert wank before bed and,” he looked around to make absolutely sure that this particular nugget of sexual deviation was not to be overheard, “so he gets on me bed, sniffs me cock and… then licks it and…”

“And! Oh fuck! And wot?” Kelvin’s hand was already in his bottomless pocket and pushing it’s way inside his revolting Guptha’s International lime green underpants, now worn for the third day. “Well.. so.. well wot sorta bloody dog is it then?”

“I don’t fucking know do I? It’s a gert brown thing with four fucking legs innit!”

“Well fucking go on then!”

“So I lifts me legs and he sniffs me bum while I wanks so..”

“So?” Kelvin excitedly interrupted and repeated slowly. “Wot he licks yer bum hole?”

“Yeah, sorta. So, so I gropes Rover while I wanks!” he looked around again. “His knob pops out  after a bit out like they dogs do.”

“Wot’s mean pops out? We ain’t got no dog, I dunno wot you means.” any such biological visions were well beyond Kelvin’s imagination, however wildly erotic.

“Well..” it was hard for Bogbrush to describe the physiology of a dog, let alone spell it, “well his gert slippy doggy cock pops out dunnit? See? So I wanks that with one hand and wanks meself with me other!”

“Fuck!” Kelvin was entranced and now rapidly stroking his cock through his pocket. “Is it a big one?”

“You’ve seen mine loads of times, bit smaller than yer’s innit!”

“No! Not yer’s yer fucking twatt, I means fucking Rover’s!”

He laughed. “It ain’t bad, it fills yer hand, all slippy with a sodding gert lumpy bit!”

“Fuck! Bloody hell!” Kelvin confirmed his vocabulary was very, very limited. “Fuck, I thinks I’m gonna cum, keep talking!”

“So I cums a gert load, then Rovers gets up to hump me leg and cums all over it!” gabbled Bogbrush, who from his gyrations looked as though he were reliving the very moment.

“Yer cumming now as well?” gasped Kelvin having turned to face the wall in the hope he wouldn’t be seen. “With me?”

“Yeah… oh fuck…” Bogbrush now turned to join Kelvin in hiding from view, “I was all covered in doggy cum… then he licked the end of me cock and me bum again!”

“Ooh fuck! Do he make a lotta cum?”

“Bleeding gallons, it’s all gert messy, I needs gert load of bog roll after he done it I’s run out so’s I had to use me pyjamas!”

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” Kelvin forced his legs together, ejaculation was already upon him. “So, so’s wot’s it like having yer bum licked?”

“Come round one day and yer can find out, ‘cause we can do it together!”

“I ain’t fucking licking yer bum, wot about the bleeding dog!” Kelvin wasn’t concentrating, he was aware on the flood of semen that had escaped his briefs and was sliding down the inside of his leg. “See I ain’t never licked no bum!”

“Yer a silly fucker, I means with the dog! It’s fucking Rover that licks yer hole innit!” he shuddered as the last drops of sperm oozed from his cock which had now escaped from the side oh his the briefs to wipe it’s end on the inside of his trousers. “Fuck, I just come loads, yer cum yet?”

“Ooohh yeah I has now, oh shit, I’s all wet and sticky again!”

“So’s I, so there ain’t nothing unusual there then!” Bogbrush laughed. “Come round after school? One day this week be good and if bloody Rover don’t wanna play us can just have a gert wank like.”

“Well I dunno, ‘cause it sounds right fucking disgusting to me, doing it with yer pet doggy and that.” replied Kelvin, whilst smearing the prodigious discharge all around his stomach through the bottomless pocket.

“Oh shit… thought yer’d have liked that!” Bogbrush sounded quite disappointed at Kelvin’s reaction.

“Well, it is innit? It’s fucking disgusting innit?” he said. “So we’s doing it soon then?”

The answer was lost as the lesson bell sounded. Gathering their belongings and walking awkwardly, albeit with the delicious feeling of sperm lubricated underpants sliding around beneath their trousers they headed for their next lesson.

For Kelvin it heralded a double period of his favourite subject, in fact the only one in which he could ever obtain any praise for, woodwork. Still in an era of enlightened education when secondary modern schools were not pretentious and catered for the less academic, practical subjects were on the timetable as a grounding for manual trades and hopefully later admission to a technical college.

Regrettably, in Kelvin’s case woodwork entailed measurement as a necessary evil, so the old carpenter’s maxim of measure twice and cut once had been reworked to measure several times and then probably cut twice! That said, if told to cut a piece of wood to the same length as another it would be perfect, thus proving that it was only the numbers on the tape measure that presented the real problem.

Recognising Kelvin’s undoubted practical potential, Mr Wilson his teacher tried all he could to help and did not want to see him fail, hoping that he might achieve at least something before leaving school at sixteen. Having come to teaching from industry Mr Wilson wasn’t at all phased by the lively class or vocal pupils, in fact he rather enjoyed the banter for it reminded him of his own apprenticeship. The goal for him was to push someone like Kelvin, who was obviously verging on the illiterate into believing he could do great things using his hands instead of his brain.

However, despite his genuinely good intent there was darker side to Mr Wilson in that when it came to teenage boys, he was an avid voyeur. Approaching middle age and married with the regulation two children, his own schooldays had been heavily influenced by a couple of boys in his year who were destined from birth to be of the other persuasion. Whilst not out to physically touch any of the boys, he was addicted to watching for signs of masturbation and would easily obtain considerable sexual gratification by observing his young charges who would invariably under cover of their woodworking aprons play with themselves or occasionally somebody else! In fact, it was not unknown for Mr Wilson to get himself totally over excited beneath his white coat when following the rapidly moving apron antics of certain boys.

After several years of teaching there was no doubt he could quickly tell who was going to be a constant pocket performer and who was simply going to occasionally play with it. Having discovered masturbation the first and second formers were not particularly careful when it came to being observed, indeed it never seemed to occur to many of them that they were even being watched. The randy third formers who turned into even randier fourth formers were generally a little more careful about being seen, although there were some exhibitionist exceptions who deserved to be closely monitored!

“Hey Bogs, I knows wot I was gonna say to yer now.” Kelvin looked up from the dovetail joints on the small box he had been encouraged to make, he turned to Bogbrush who was only a couple of paces way on the workbench across the aisle.

“Wot?” he put down his chisel only too delighted to have an excuse to cease work on the umpteenth table lamp he was making. “I’m sick of making these fucking table lamps, it’s not like we got any bleeding tables to put ’em on anyway’s!

“Yer knows old Wilson won’t let yer make nothing else till you can get yer joints better and they’s a bit shit ain’t they really?” replied Kelvin without thinking, not that that was difficult.

“Yeah alright, they’s shit, but wot’s reckon if,” now stopped, Bogbrush was starting to play with himself under his carpenters apron, “if, instead of the bit for the light bulb thing, I makes a sort of wooden willy so’s I could sit down on it?”

“Yer joking! Yer’ll want some Vaseline then!” Kelvin laughed.

Not being adverse to anal adventures of the digital, vegetable or indeed any kind they pretended to take the suggestion as a joke, although both knew it was probably going to turn into reality. And, though he hadn’t told Kelvin, Bogbrush had recently graduated from carrots to cucumbers if well lubricated with Flora cooking oil. In short, he desperately wanted to experience a real live cock up him.

“Kelv, yer good with this wood stuff, yer could carve us a nice willy, not too big!”

“Yer do means it then?” he grinned. “I fucking knows yer did it!”

Smiling, Bogbrush nodded and leant over, although it wasn’t quite the time nor place for revelations he couldn’t stop talking especially as Kelvin was in a very receptive mood.

“Look we’s done everything together ‘cept fuck each others bum, I knows we’s fingered it and all that, but I really wants to try being fucked! Yer knows I likes boys and that yer’s afraid of turning queer if yer does it, so if yer makes me a wooden willy I can sit on it every night and think it’s yer cock up me bumhole while I wanks, d’yer see?”

Kelvin blushed, he was really very, very flattered. The thought of being a sex object that resembled at table lamp base with a wooden willy glued on that could be sat upon at bedtime fired his minimal imagination. “Yer means that? Yer’d really think it were me willy?”

“Course, that’s honest, wouldn’t want yer wooden willy to be full size would I!” he laughed and spoke as though placing an order. “Yer’s is too big, it would hurt!”

“Oh..” more flattery.

“So make it sorta three quarters size and then make one for yerself,” he paused and giggled, “be better than them old carrots yer using!”

“Have to be well sanded though won’t they!” Kelvin was serious.

“Bloody right they will, don’t want no splinters up me bum! Now come yer and tell us about wot Jason were on about earlier then.”

With visions of Bogbrush wanking himself senseless impaled on a hand crafted wooden willy flashing before his eyes Kelvin started to explain. “Well see, our Jase told us about some sorta young bloke who’ll let yer fuck him up his bum for a packet of fags and… and…”


Kelvin had paused, his problem intensified for one of his nightly visions had been of Bogbrush sat on his willy and not the wooden imitation, he tried to put the idea out of his mind for he was never going to do queer things, was he?

“Sorry I was thinking.”

“Never mind about thinking, just bleeding hurry up, ‘cause yer’s got I going!”

Bogbrush was very aroused. Having already conceded to having an affair with Rover and now just having commissioned a wooden dildo those thoughts were about to pale into insignificance when beset with lurid fantasies featuring an unknown fat male youth in a public toilet.


“And?” demanded Bogbrush. “Well wot else is there then?”

“Only that our Jase says he was told about him by some kid in his class.”

“Wot! So’s we can find out more then?”

Not only had Bogbrush’s ears pricked up at the news, but his prick had pricked up as well. Already pretty aroused at the prospect of being rogered by a wooden willy it immediately began freeing itself from the congealing sperm that had so recently filled his recently purchased underpants. They had been carefully selected by his discerning mother from the huge range of sub-standard underwear as available at Guptha’s International. She, never having to wear them was unaware they were all the same size regardless of what the label proclaimed with the actual size of the latest batch being extra large. With lime green out of stock they were offered in a choice of two colours, either a very garish turquoise with a sort of dried-spunk shade of yellow lining or a sort of dried-spunk shade of yellow with garish turquoise lining. Neither were particularly aesthetically pleasing, but practically speaking one was less likely to show the actual dried spunk stains than the other!

Having detected that things were on the up both mentally and physically, under cover of his woodwork apron Bogbrush pushed his hand down the front of his trousers and attempted to realign matters. Luckily he was wearing the dried-spunk yellow so the plethora of stains from that morning’s activities should not be too obvious, although the underpants were so large they hung like a pair of cinema curtains around his waist.

“Yer wanking again?” asked eagle-eyed Kelvin for it was after all, all he ever thought about. “Wanna do it?”

“Wot now?” he looked around. “Can yer… would yer now?”

“Oh yeah, course I can, me cocks still hard and slimy from the last lot!”

“Well come over by me bench and tell me about this bloke then.”

Kelvin moved over to stand by Bogbrush’s bench and peered knowledgeably at the badly cut tenon joint, their hands quickly disappeared beneath their aprons.

“Tell us again, where’s he doing it then?”

“That public bog, the one by the gert carpark round the corner from that gert castle, house place thing, yer knows where I means.”

“Oh yeah… and so wot else Jason say then?”

“Nothing really, ‘cept the bloke ain’t very old, sorta more like a gert fat kid!”

“Hhmmm.. ooh.. ain’t some old bloke then?”

“Nah, sorta seventeen of something I thinks he said.”

Bogbrush needed to think, even he had to admit the prospect sounded far, far less repulsive than manually abusing the family dog and saturating his bed with a smelly doggy discharge. No doubt Rover would be quite disappointed, for by now he was quite into the habit of humping Bogbrush’s leg whenever he saw him.

“Hey,” Kelvin had an idea, more of a singular thought really, “yer, why don’t us get hold of that little bugger Jase at dinner time so’s he can tell us all about it again.”

“Yeah… oh.. ooh..” Bogbrush shuddered for probably the fourth time that morning.

“What are you doing then lads?”

Mr Wilson had timed his appearance to perfection, he tried not to be seen watching as Bogbrush clamped his legs together and continued to tremble.

“Uumm..” Kelvin withdrew his hand from his pocket unsure whether the threatening orgasm was going to subside or continue on it’s own.

“Kelvin, you’re doing a really good job on those joints.” he looked down at the bench, casually noting Bogbrush’s gyrations. “How’s your’s coming along Dean?”

“Uumm..” in the excitement Dean’s cock had escaped from his oversize briefs and just flooded his trousers, something was dribbling down his leg.

“Are you alright?” Mr Wilson, an expert on boy mannerisms when it came to matters under the apron knew very well that Dean had just ejaculated.

“Not very good.. I, I, can’t get this joint right…” his voice was up an octave.

“Fuck!” muttered Kelvin under his breath, he pressed himself into the bench hoping the pressure would alleviate the problem, it didn’t for his lime green briefs rapidly filled with spunk while he bent his cock painfully double.

“I think, you need to shave a tiny bit off the shoulder to let it sit square, just there d’you see?” said Mr Wilson inspecting both lamp and by a clever twist of his neck the very huge bulge under Kelvin’s apron.

“Yes Sir.”

Mr Wilson smiled, then appeared to sniff. “Good work Kelvin so carry on, maybe you two can work out what that strange smell is!”


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