by Taran Geary


Chapter Seven: Right or Wrong

The two boys sat open mouthed as Sam finished his story.

“That’s all true, is it?” Shaun asked.

“Yep,” Sam said simply.

“Let me guess,” Shaun continued. “Rotherham Rog; is he who I think he is?”

“Rotherhithe,” Sam answered. “And yes he is.”

“So you actually worked for him?” Mick said accusingly.

“I’m ashamed to say that I did; until I was fifteen and then I ran away and came here.”

“So how come Roger is here as well?” Mick continued his interrogation.

“He came after me. It took him a year to find me but he did. Ahmed and his family saw him off. Ahmed told his family that he had adopted me-if they’d known the truth they would have killed us both. It got tricky sometimes”

“So why did he stay here?”

“I think things were getting a bit hot for him in London: Too close to his powerful client base and I think they wanted him a safe distance away from them. But close enough for when they required his services, if you see what I mean”

Both boys nodded that they understood.

“You’ve had a rough time of it, ain’t you?” Shaun asked.

“I’ve had some good, no, great times as well” Sam smiled.

Mick got up and went and sat beside Sam and gave him a hug.

Shaun got up and went to the kitchen for more cans; when he returned Mick had sat back in his original place. Shaun handed the beers around and sat down next to Mick.

The room went very quiet as the two boys contemplated what Sam had told them. Eventually Shaun broke the silence.

“My Mum and Dad hated me,” he said.

“I’m sure they didn’t,” Sam countered. “How could anyone hate you?”

“I was a disappointment,” Shaun continued. “They were members of ‘The Strict and Particular Tabernacle of The Ancient Saints’, and I didn’t meet their standards. If my grades were less than A1, I was punished.”

“They beat you?” Mick gasped.

“No, worse than that; they totally blanked me, refused to speak to me for days at a time.”

“Fuckin’ hell!” Mick exclaimed. “Cruel bastards.”

“I got used to it. It was just how things were,” Shaun shrugged his shoulders. “Then it got worse; when I was fourteen, my Mum came home early and caught me in bed with another boy.”

“Oh dear,” Sam said. “What happened?”

“I was banished to Scotland; to some awful church school. It was cold and unfriendly and the food was shit. You were lectured eight hours a day about how evil you were and how you should suffer for your sins. It was all work; there was no telly, radio or nothing. Just lectures, prayers and work. I was the oldest one there, some of them were only nine or ten and they sort of looked up to me”

“What happened?” Mick asked.

“I ran away; I felt a bit guilty leaving the younger ones, but I couldn’t stand it any longer. I went home and knocked on the door. My Dad answered, saw me and slammed the door in my face. That was the last time I ever saw either of them”

“Shit”, Mick gasped.

“I just sat on the step and cried. I think for hours, I banged on the door, but no one came. So I walked into town and after a couple of days sleeping rough I met Roger and he took me in. That’s where I met Mick “

He smiled at Mick, “The rest you know.”

Shaun rested his head on Mick’s shoulder and wiped his eyes.

“Well,” said Mick. “How do you follow that? My mum was a prostitute-still is for all I know-and I was her mistake. A lot of her punters were as interested in me as they were in her. And I learnt the facts of life very quickly. That’s when I was raped, My Mum was too drunk to realise or care about what happened and that’s when I ran away and ended up with Roger. Believe it or not, life with Roger was better than life at home. At least Roger looked after me”

Mick shrugged his shoulders and rested his head against Shaun’s head which was still resting on his shoulder.

There was a long silence until Mick finally spoke.

“Who was he?”

“Who?” Shaun replied.

“The boy you were in bed with; what was his name?”

“Why do you want to know?”

“Just do that’s all.”

“Ok, his name was Shaun.”

There was another long silence before Sam finally said:

“Ok, lads, I’m turning in for the night. This has all pretty much done me in.”

“Yeh, me too,” Shaun agreed.

All three got up together had a group hug; when this broke up they said their goodnights and went to their rooms.

In their room, Mick sat on the bed they had shared the previous night and Shaun sat on the “spare”.

“It’s been quite a day.” Mick said.

“Yeh, we’ve got a new home and a new little brother.” Shaun smiled.

They chuckled as Mick took off his clothes, threw them on the floor and jumped into bed. Shaun meanwhile carefully took off each item of clothing and carefully folded it and put it in a drawer. Mick looked on bemusedly, “God you’re slow” he laughed.

“They’re the only ones I’ve got so I want to look after them” Shaun replied as he started to climb into the spare bed.

“What’s up? Not good enough for you any more?

“What? I thought with what you said earlier about being straight; you’d want me over here.”

“Nah, not tonight, I’ve slept with you on and off for the last two years, I’m not ready to sleep alone yet.”

Shaun needed no second bidding and he hopped out of the spare bed, tripped across the room, making no attempt to cover the tent in his boxers, and he slipped in beside Mick and turned off the light.

Shaun initially lay on his back; he was agonisingly close to Mick and he couldn’t help but touch him every time he moved. Mick turned over and faced Shaun and Shaun could feel Mick’s breath on his neck. Then he felt lips. Mick was kissing him! The kissing became more passionate and Shaun turned over to face Mick and he returned the kisses, hands started to explore as breathing got heavier. Then boxers were gone and Shaun felt Mick’s hand around his erection and he thought he would explode, he returned the compliment as Mick’s lips started to work their way down Shaun’s chest. When Mick reached the belly button Shaun put his hand on Mick’s head and gasped “Don’t go down there, I got a dose, remember?”

Mick grunted and worked his way back up again; then he lay back and allowed Shaun to return the favour. Soon they were in a full clinch and kissing and sucking and pushing into each others bellies. The thrusting got harder and faster and Mick came explosively into the tight space between them and Shaun soon followed. They clung together as their passion subsided and gently kissed and licked each other until they pulled apart and both boys lay, utterly spent, on their backs their fingers intertwining.

Shaun reached out of the bed and grabbed a towel that he had seen Mick drop earlier and he started to wipe Mick clean; not a word was spoken as Shaun wiped all around Mick’s most intimate areas before doing the same to himself. He threw the towel out of the bed and faced Mick and snuggled up to him; Mick continued to lie on his back.

He was troubled.

What had that been all about? He thought to himself. He had just had the best sex he had ever had-girls included-not the most adventurous or energetic but the best and it was with the boy he’d always thought of as his best mate. It didn’t make any sense; he was straight. He was convinced of it. But he had instigated it! It had just seemed so natural and right at the time, but now he realised it was all wrong.

He laid listening to Shaun’s rhythmic breathing. He could smell the recently shared shampoo in Shaun’s light brown curls and he turned his head slightly so that he could sniff those curls better; those same gorgeous curls that bleached a wonderful old gold colour in the summer sun. But that now badly needed a trim.

“What the fuck are you on about, you daft twat?” Mick asked himself. Mick was getting cross with himself because things weren’t right. What was happening to him?

What Mick didn’t realise, of course, was that he was falling in love.

“He’s gone to sleep a happy man-no concerns about his sexuality.” Mick mused; He listened to the night; to the sounds of traffic and occasionally a train thundering past in the distance. People laughing and shouting outside the shop downstairs; he knew this City intimately and he supposed that he loved it and its sounds and its smells. It occurred to him that although he was right above a fast food shop, he couldn’t smell any of the odours normally associated with that business. Sam must have a good extract system, he pondered.

And what of Sam? Was all that he’d told us true? Or was he a bullshitter like everyone else? Why hadn’t he tried it on with us?

Perhaps, just perhaps he was the decent bloke he seemed to be. Mick decided that, for now, he was happy at this conclusion; but one thing he was sure of; there’d be no more sex with Shaun. After all, Shaun was his best mate, not his boyfriend and after all, he was sure that he, Mick, was dead straight. Wasn’t he?

Mick lay on his back, Shaun lay facing him with his face tucked into Mick’s neck. Shaun twitched, grunted and farted and threw an arm over Mick and he settled back to the deep, slow breathing of contented sleep.

But sleep evaded Mick and he continued to listen to the city noise outside. He felt warm, comfortable and safe. He couldn’t remember ever feeling this secure. But it was still all wrong! Why did things always have to be so complicated?

He lay quietly for a while; then he heard a noise- it was the bedroom door being opened!

“Oh no!” he mouthed silently. “Not Sam, please god, don’t let Sam be like all the others”; tears sprang to eyes, he closed his eyes tightly and his body tensed as he waited for the whisper telling him he was a beautiful boy and the hand slipping under the covers and the slobbering, desperate kisses. He started to cry fully now and he struggled to keep quiet.

He heard footsteps coming around to his side of the bed and Mick caught his breath as he waited for the next step…

But the next step didn’t come; instead he felt someone actually climbing into the bed beside him. Mick’s eyebrows knitted quizzically.

“What the fuck?” he stage whispered.

The answer came in one little word,


“Oh, thank fuck,” Mick mouthed to himself as Pavel wriggled and squirmed trying to get comfortable. He then started to climb over on top of Mick and Mick let out a loud “Oof” as Pavel’s knee connected with his testicles. “Oh you little fucker,” Mick complained as Pavel continued to climb over and started to squeeze himself into the space between Mick and Shaun. Pavel continued to wriggle and squirm his way into the gap and he gave a mighty push that sent the dead-to-the-world Shaun clean out of the bed and on to the floor with a loud thump.

“What the fuckin’ hell? Shaun asked from the floor.

“Pavel”, was the whispered reply. Shaun grunted and started to climb back into the bed.

“Little shit,” Shaun complained “’ootch up a bit, Mick, I’ve got no room here.”

Mick slid over to the edge of the bed and Pavel snuggled up to him. Shaun climbed back in and snuggled up to Pavel. The younger boy seemed completely unfazed by the fact that both Mick and Shaun were stark naked although he had shorts and a tee-shirt on.

Both older boys snuggled in to Pavel and simultaneously threw and arm over the younger boy who grunted and chuckled contentedly as he lay quietly waiting for sleep to wash over him. The two older boys could feel each other’s flesh with their fingers and they instinctively made patterns as they both joined their “little brother” in a deep and restful sleep.


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