Matt & Olly
by Taran Geary


“Will Oliver Shaw and Matthew Jones report to the manager’s office immediately, please?”

Olly’s stomach lurched as he heard this summons over the Tannoy of the store where he worked as a weekend helper. He was frantically trying to think what he could have done wrong-calls to the office usually meant a bollocking for some misdemeanour or other.

Similarly, Matt, who was working on the other side of the store couldn’t bring to mind any reason for his being called.

It could only be one thing: Redundancy! Matt desperately hoped it wasn’t; he liked this job and he had hoped to hang on to it right through college, maybe even be a store manager himself one day.

Ah well; perhaps it just wasn’t to be.

Their paths to the office merged, “What’s this about?” Olly mouthed to Matt. Matt just shrugged his shoulders and pulled a face indicating that he had no idea.

Although they worked together in the store, Matt and Olly weren’t really mates; Matt considered Olly a bit flash and a bit of a show off. He always had the latest clothes and at least once a month he had a radical change of hairstyle and he always looked so cool and, although only sixteen, Olly was well over six feet tall and bone thin and he towered over Matt. In Matt’s eyes he always had this air of arrogant aloofness which he found annoying.

Matt, on the other hand, was stocky and muscular and at least a foot shorter than Olly; he had a thick crop of brown hair which just lay where it pleased. He knew that people called him a nerd but his prowess on the rugby field gave lie to this reputation.

They stood nervously outside the office door and Olly gently knocked. They entered when asked to and they stood before the big untidy desk sweating and nervous.

The boys looked around the large office with a TV and DVD player in the corner and the shelves with many hundreds of files and books

“Hello boys,” the manager, Mr Thompson said jovially. “Don’t worry, you’re not in trouble.”

The boys visibly relaxed.

“I need to ask you to do something for me,” Mr Thompson continued. “You know that we’re having a sort of mini refurb next week? Well, we need the stock clearing from aisles 5, 6, and 7 and it can only be done at night. I’ve looked at your appraisals and you seem to be good workers so I’m asking you to work overtime from store close on Friday until 6am on Saturday and from 2pm on Saturday until 6am on Sunday. Would you do that for me?”

“Depends on the pay,” Olly said.
“Bright lad,” Mr Thompson smiled at the boys and a satisfactory arrangement was agreed.

It was Friday and the store was closed; there were seven people working that night and Matt & Olly were the only boys. The supervisor was Vicky Ellis, known out of earshot as Sticky Crevice and she was known as a nasty piece of work who especially hated men and she had tried very hard to get Matt & Olly off her shift that night.

It came to 11pm and the boys were having their well earned break. Matt was eating a sandwich when Sticky came in and ordered them back to work.

“We’ve only had five minutes!” Matt protested.
“Don’t argue!” Sticky shouted. Useless, bloody men! Why do we bother with you? If I had my way I’d sack the lot of you. Now get out there and move that paint”

The boys looked at each other and drained their drinks and gulped down their food. They had been allocated all the heavy jobs like tins of paint and other hardware items while the girls seemed to do very little except stand and natter and move the occasional cushion.

As the night wore on the boys were getting very tired and as they sneaked a rest they noticed that the girls were drifting away until only themselves and Sticky remained.

“Can we go now?” Matt asked her.

“No, you bloody well can’t,” Sticky shouted. “Your time is six O’ clock. And you’ll stay till then.”

“Yeh, but the girls have…” Olly protested.

“Don’t argue. Get on with the work I’m paying you to do.” She turned on her heel and walked briskly away.”

“She needs a good shag”, Olly laughed. “Just might loosen her up a bit.”

“You reckon you’re the man for the job, then?” Matt grinned in reply.

“Nah, she’s more your type.”

The boys joked some more at sticky’s expense as they continued to move barrows full of goods into the rear stock room.

“Fuck this,” said Matt, I’ve had enough; I’m having a sit down.”

“Yeh, good call, Matt” said Olly. “Come on, let’s go in here.”

The boys sneaked into a small room off the main stock area which was called “Switch room 2” where the control panels for the heating, alarms and suchlike were sited. There were also metal racks where bits of machinery, nuts and bolts and the other paraphernalia of maintenance work lay. Discarded and broken items of stock were also dumped in there.

There was also a kettle. So they brewed some tea and sat and chatted and laughed as they rested their tired arms and legs.

“Is it me or has it gone very quiet?” Olly asked.

Matt stood up and poked his head out of the door. “Fuck me Olly. All the lights are off. She’s fucked off and left us!”

“What?” screeched Olly and he jumped to his feet and ran out of the door and stood looking around unbelievingly.

“The fucking bitch!” Olly was getting hysterical. “What are we gonna do? How are we gonna get home? I’ll smash the fucking window; I’ll show her she can’t lock us in.”

“Calm down” Matt reached up and put his hands on Olly’s shoulders. “Let’s think about this.”

Matt calmed Olly down although, inside, he was far from calm himself.

Eventually, they decided that if they made a fuss it would only cause trouble and that could backfire on them. But if they just stayed calm and behaved themselves it might look good for them. Also they might get a sweetener (This persuaded Olly). And after all, it might be a laugh.

The first thing they did was head to the section where pre-packaged sandwiches and soft drinks were kept and scooped up as many as they could carry back to the switchroom. Then they raided the bedding and soft furnishings section and again carried it back to the switchroom which had now become officially their den. They were both excited and giggling like young schoolboys as they set up their camp for the night. They laid out big square cushions on the floor and arranged a nice comfortable bed for them to sleep in. When camp was arranged to their satisfaction they cracked open some coke and lay down on the soft cushions they had arranged on the floor. Matt sat down first, “Hey Olly, this is dead comfy here. I’m gonna sleep well deep tonight.”

“I dunno”, Olly replied darkly. “I’m a real light sleeper I bet I don’t sleep a wink.”

They discussed their respective sleeping habits for a while and inevitably the talk turned to sex and wanking in particular.

“How many times a day do you wank, Matt?” Olly asked.

“Four or five usually; one in the morning before school, one in the bogs at lunch time and one when I get home and maybe a couple more during the evening, but not always, and deffo one when I go to bed. That’s the best one though, I love a real good rub before I go to sleep.”

“Yeh, me too,” Olly concurred and he high fived Matt. “Although I have had a quick one between lessons at college; that’s always a good one-I think it’s the risk of getting caught.” They both laughed.

“Have you ever, you know, done it with a girl?” Matt asked quietly

“Yeh, ‘cause I have, loads of times,” Olly replied loftily. “You?”

“No”, Matt replied cherrying up at his confession; he rolled over and faced away from Olly who had his annoying superior smirk on his face.

“You going to sleep?” Olly asked.

“Yeh,” Matt replied. “I’m knackered.

“Ok, I guess I might as well too. But I’m getting undressed I’m not walking home in clothes I’ve slept in.” He pulled his sweat shirt over his head and shook his long hair free. Matt had meanwhile noticed a cracked mirror leaning against the wall and he couldn’t resist looking at it and watching Olly undress. He found it strangely arousing as he watched Olly slowly and deliberately remove each item of clothing and then carefully fold it and lay it on a chair. When Olly had stripped down to the tiniest pair of briefs Matt had ever seen he felt a thrill rush through him as he saw that Olly was very aroused and the skimpy briefs were barely containing their distended contents.

Olly was amazingly thin and his ribs could be plainly seen. There was no sign of any hair on his body at all-not even a treasure trail leading down and into that straining waistband; he started to do some stretches and Matt’s mouth went dry as Olly leaned backwards and he very nearly displayed his wares to Matt; but then he straightened up, adjusted his straining underwear and hopped into bed beside Matt.

“You sleeping in your clothes, then?” Olly asked. Matt grunted and climbed out of the bed and started to undress. He wasn’t so particular about his clothes as Olly and he just chucked them in a heap on another chair. He thought his rather more substantial underwear didn’t look anything like as sexy as Olly’s little pants but they were all he had so that was that.

He climbed back into the camp bed beside Olly and because they had drunk a lot of fizzy drinks, they had a brief farting and burping contest which caused much giggling and many ribald comments; but very soon their exhaustion took over and they both fell asleep.

Olly woke up a couple of hours later and after a brief period of panic he realized where he was and that he was pressed tightly against Matt who actually had his arm over Olly. Olly didn’t mind particularly although it all seemed a bit strange. He looked around and was surprised to see that he had moved across the bed towards Matt and that Matt had moved across the bed towards him. Oh well he thought, and went back to sleep.

Matt awoke and he was aware of a strange feeling, Olly had his hand inside Matt’s pants and was gently massaging his dick which was rock hard. He looked up and could see in the dim light given off by the lamps on the control panels that Olly was still fast asleep. Thoughts rushed through his brain at a million miles an hour but actually without thinking he moved his hand to Olly’s cock and was surprised to find that the skimpy pants had been lowered and their contents were exposed to his exploring hand. Matt had never touched another boys cock before and he found it fascinating and exciting as he gently stroked the shaft and its bulbous end.

He felt Olly’s hand start to move more quickly and urgently and as he felt his climax approaching he put his hand on Olly’s to stop him-he didn’t want to cum yet. Meanwhile Olly was breathing faster and faster and he was making small whimpering sounds as Matt worked on him; he allowed Olly to continue working on him and both boys climaxed almost together. They moved together and hugged as their climaxes subsided one or two aftershocks made them grunt. Matt desperately wanted to kiss Olly and he eventually gave in to his need and after some initial reluctance Olly allowed himself to be kissed. Kisses became snogs and the boys found themselves in a full-on clinch stroking and exploring each other’s bodies; but once again exhaustion overtook them and they drifted off to sleep.

They were awoken by a deafening bang followed by an excruciating screeching noise. Both boys cried out as they leapt out of bed.

“What the bloody hell?” Olly screeched before he realised where he was. “What the fucking hell was that?”

Matt had hidden away under the covers and lay there shivering with fear and wondering where he was and what had happened. He peeped out from under the covers and was greeted by the sight of a stark naked Olly standing, looking terrified, over him.

“I think it’s the air conditioning, Olly,” he said. “It sounds like the belts are slipping.” He finished off rather unnecessarily. There was a long pause before Matt said in surprise, “Olly, you haven’t got any pubes!”

“You what?” Olly came back to the real world after his panic and quickly covered himself with his hands “I shave ‘em off.” He explained.


“Cos I don’t like em.”

“Looks good,” Matt said with admiration in his voice.

“Shouldn’t be looking, you queer or something?” He started to look around for his little pants and pulled them on before opening a can and sitting on the edge of the cushions.

“You all right?” Matt asked.


“Just wondered, after what we did, that’s all.”

“Didn’t do anything,” Olly said determinedly.

“Ok, but just so you know, I enjoyed it.” Olly didn’t answer but he screwed his can up and hurled it at a dustbin that stood in the corner beside the racking. He missed and the can clattered noisily on the concrete floor. “Fuck it,” he grumbled and he pulled the covers over himself and lay with his back to Matt.

Matt had been watching Olly as he sat and he didn’t know what to do. He’d never done anything with another boy, he’d never even considered it; but here he was, he’d wanked off Oliver Shaw of all people and Olly had rubbed him up as well. What will happen now? Will Olly ever speak to him again? Will they become boyfriends? Or will it all just be forgotten? Matt assumed the last of these would be the answer and as his eyes started to get heavy, he tried to get some sleep.

Olly drifted in and out of sleep; every time he closed his eyes he started to see Matt. What had happened and why? What had they done? It was horrific! Doing things with another boy? Yuk! But he had enjoyed it. So what now, then? Do it again? Leap on Matt and tell him you love him? Or just forget it, put it down to circumstance; yeh, that seemed the best option. Thus decided, he snuggled down under the covers and went to sleep.

There was another almighty bang and screech from the roof and both boys woke up to find themselves lying tight together, facing one another. Before they realised it they were kissing, tongues danced together and hands explored and very soon both boys were naked and mouths started to explore bodies. Very soon they were in a full sixty nine and searching out the most intimate parts of each other’s bodies. Matt’s tongue touched the tiny puckered opening that lay behind Olly’s tight ball bag and Olly gasped and drew his breath sharply. Matt continued to explore causing Olly to whimper and hiss “yes” as Matt’s tongue poked in through the tight muscular doorway.

Then totally unexpectedly Matt leapt out of the bed and ran out of the room. Olly looked around in surprise and bewilderment.

But he soon reappeared “Lube and Johnnies” he gasped holding the sachets aloft for Olly to see.

A look of alarm crossed Olly’s face, but he said nothing.

Matt climbed back into the bed and recommenced his exploration of Olly’s most private areas; Olly too sucked Matt’s throbbing dick with relish and both boys were gasping and thrusting. Matt rolled Olly over on to his back and lifted his legs up as far as they would go.

“What are you – Oooooh!” Olly squeaked as Matt pushed himself against Olly’s tightly closed hole.

“Oooooh…hah…Oooooh” he shrieked as Matt pushed inside him and started to gently work in and out.

“Ugh…ugh…ugh” gasped Matt as he thrust himself in and out of Olly.

“Ooh…ooh…ooh” squeaked Olly as Matt’s thrusts got deeper and faster.

Olly writhed and gasped and he pulled himself up so that he could kiss Matt as he worked and Matt came down and laid on Olly and Olly wrapped his long legs around Matt’s waist. Both bodies worked as one; joined at mouth and hips, they worked together to achieve orgasm.

And they did: Matt came to a shuddering, breathless crescendo inside Olly and moments later Olly unloaded in the narrow space between them.

They lay quiet and breathless for a few long minutes; there was an audible pop as Matt’s shrinking member slipped out of Olly’s arse. They kissed and licked gently for a while and lay side by side just listening to the whirrs and hums and bangs and clatters of the equipment that surrounded them.

They turned to face each other and Matt was relieved to see that Olly had a wide sloppy smile on his face.

“Just think,” Matt said thoughtfully. “What those two old queers who come into the shop on Saturdays would make of this.”

“You mean that big fat geezer and the little bald one?” Olly laughed. “I like to tease them, don’t you?”

“Yeh”, Matt laughed. “I think the little ones’ got the hots for me.” They laughed and drank more fizzy drink.

“Come on,” Olly said.” We’d better get cleaned up the Duty Manager will be here soon.” Matt looked at his watch, “fuck, yeh, he gasped. I didn’t know it was so late!” They put all the bedding into black bags and put them by the back door so that they could chuck them into the big skips as soon as the doors were opened. They then showered in the maintenance man’s shower and they were sitting clean and tidy and looking as if butter wouldn’t melt when the D.M. arrived to unlock the shop ready for the staff. Needless to say he nearly died on the spot when he found Matt and Olly in the store and they explained what had happened and asked him to tell the manager. They then headed off home; they came to point where their paths diverged and they stood and chatted for a few moments.

“What are you doing for the rest of the day?” Olly asked Matt.

“Sleeping…and dreaming,” Matt yawned and smiled. “You?”

“Yeh, same; My folks and my brother and sister are all going to my auntie’s on the coast, so I’ll be on my own all afternoon.” There was a long pause: “Come round if you like.”

“Yeh, I’d like that.” They agreed times and their hands briefly touched as they went to their separate ways for some sleep.

Later in the afternoon, both boys got a call to go back to the store just before closing time.

Once again Olly knocked and both boys entered to manager’s office

“Thanks for coming boys!” Mr Thompson said cheerily. Matt and Olly both had difficulty in not laughing. “I have told head office about what happened and I have been told to thank you for your exemplary conduct and presence of mind. You saved the firm a great deal of money in insurance premiums and a great deal of embarrassment. Needless to say Stick…er I mean Miss Ellis will not be troubling you again and…” he paused for dramatic effect “I’ve been asked to give you this to…how shall I put it…ensure your discretion. Is that a deal?” He handed both boys a large well stuffed brown envelope. “Don’t open them here and have next week off on full pay of course.”

“Wow, thanks,” gasped Olly.

“Yeh, thanks, agreed Matt. And both boys headed off home once again. They stopped at a small park and sat on a bench, they ripped open the envelopes.

“Wow”, said Matt. “there’s a hundred quid in here!

“Yeh,” said Olly. “Me too!”

“What are you going to spend yours on?” Matt asked.

Olly thought for a few moments.

“Condoms!” he laughed; Matt joined in and they sneaked a quick kiss when no one was looking and walked happily back to Olly’s still empty house.

Meanwhile, back at the store; Mr. Thompson pressed the button on his intercom, “Janet, I’m not to be disturbed for the next half hour.”

He reached into his desk drawer and got a DVD in a plain black box and walked over to the TV which stood in the corner of the office. He opened the DVD case and popped the disc into the DVD player; he removed his jacket and lowered his trousers. He sat in the comfortable chair that was in front of the TV and pressed play. He watched as the picture cleared and looked down at the label on the DVD box it read:

Night Vision CCTV/ Switchroom 2


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