by Taran Geary


A picture, a poster, a fantasy loverboy
Have I fallen in love
With a magazine coverboy?
He smiles at me and me alone
Teeth dazzling white and
All his own
Hair curly, unruly but placed just so
This handsome, this gorgeous I’ll never get overboy

I’ll write him a letter and I’ll lie just a bit
I’ll say I love his music
‘though I know it’s shit
I’ll say I bought his record
And all of the books
They’re under my pillow
Still wet where I licked.

I know that I won’t, but then again might
Wait outside the club
Where he goes most nights
To just stand and wait
And just stand and stare
To see him for real
And mentally strip bare.

Oh, you gorgeous, fantastic you sexy Coverboy
If only you fancied fat men in corduroy
I’d give you the world
And all it contains
If just for one night
You’d be my loverboy

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