Shades of Gray: A tale of the 1950’s
by Solsticeman


Chapter 6

Davy, the young red-head, recovered quickly and rushed off to his mates to tell them how great it was to have your cock sucked.

I heard him say…

“… and when I was ready he just held me in his mouth so I could fuck him there. It was great… bet it’s hot and warm in a real girl too. I can’t wait to try that!”

I smiled, wasn’t it great being able to make someone that happy, and it didn’t cost a penny!

I felt a pat on my bottom, and Gray said…

“Hey you aren’t supposed to be that good for anyone else!”

I laughed…

“Did seem a success didn’t it!”

“We had better split before they all want one… If I hear `Wow, did you see him let him fuck his mouth’ again I shall get seriously jealous!”

“Well, if you feel like that you can always try it yourself later… I’d be happy to fit you in!”

“Lets get back to mum, supper will be ready and then a bath and bed.”


“All those dusty play-mats have left me sweaty and grubby… and I like you squeaky clean!”

“I like you anytime I can get you!”

“Well, there you are… A scout is clean in thought, word and deed… we learnt something tonight!”

When we got back to Gray’s his mum was waiting at the front door, looking up the street. She waved, and when we reached her said, “I won’t ask where you’ve been or what you’ve been up to! As long as you’re together you’re reasonably safe I suppose, but supper’s getting cold.”

Then she smiled… “I’ll leave it a bit longer next week.”

Gray grinned and said, “Not too much longer, we only stayed to be friendly. There’s a lot to hurry back for!”

“I’m sure there is!”

Supper was hot and filling and made us sleepy. Gray’s mum said “I’m sure sleepy isn’t a good idea. Let me run you a bath. I don’t think that hut has been cleaned since the last time I went there and that was in 1937!”

Then she looked mock serious…

“Graham’s dad had a bath not more than an hour ago, there won’t be enough water for more than one bath full.”

“So, it’s either two skinny baths, or… are you two too old to share a bath?”

I’m sure I looked bashful, but Gray leapt in with…

“I don’t mind if Jeff’s OK with that.”

“Well… Sharing a bath after scouts is a family tradition.”

Then she looked sad and went upstairs. We could hear water running in the distance.

“What was all that about?”

“I dunno.”

She came down again.

“Up you go. I’ve put a couple of big towels in your room. Strip off and cwch yourselves with the towels. Then you won’t have a floor full of clothes to get dry.” She was smiling again!

We rushed upstairs, stripped off, wrapped ourselves in towels and hurried to the bathroom. Gray shut and put the sneck on the bathroom door. “Just in case me da wanders in.”

He dropped his towel beside the bath, and as he turned towards me I was struck again by his beauty…

“God, you are beautiful Gray!”

“I think I’d prefer to be handsome” he said smugly.

“Its you, young Jeffery, that are young enough to still be beautiful!”

“Me young? I’m older than you!”

“Bet you aren’t so!  February 18th ’44”

I looked stunned… “Same as me. Fuck me… we’re twins! Wait till I tell your mum, she’ll never believe it!”

All that didn’t alter the fact that he was still the most beautiful boy I had ever seen, and I said so.

“Prettier than Davy? That red hair was something wasn’t it?”

“There wasn’t any where I was looking!” I grinned.

“I guess it really was his first suck… I’ve never seen anyone faint before!”

“He said that he’d never done it before, not that it was his first suck.”

I said thoughtfully. “Do you suppose that was the first time someone else had brought him off? Maybe he fainted because he’d never really had a full-blown cum before!”

“That’d be something! and it was definitely full-blown!”

We got into the bath, Gray at the round end and I had the taps. One was still too hot and the other too cold, one touch told me that. So I put a foot either side of Gray and scooted forward towards him. I wrapped my arms around him to keep my balance. That resulted in him hugging me to him, so I kissed him. Not a horny kiss, just a gentle kiss. We stayed like that for a few minutes, just hugging and occasionally kissing each other’s neck. By this stage our cocks were up and playing a game of their own. Gray said…

“I hate to mention it but your cock is kissing my cock, should we let them?”

“My cock apologises to your cock, but claims he cannot help himself!”

“In that case tell your cock that he had better help himself!”

This was all accompanied by swinging of cocks under the water so that they kept bouncing off each other.  Gray reached into the water grabbed mine, and helped himself. I put my hand on his… “Down boy, later… we’ll need all that later!”

“True… time to wash then.”

We soon discovered that it was much easier to wash each other. Elbows didn’t get in the way quite as much that way.

When we had washed each other’s front, and Gray had shown me how to wash under my foreskin, he turned round and said, “Now my back if you please.”

I had never washed someone’s back before, so broad and smooth, and then I reached the swell of his bottom… extraordinary, so firm and soft and round… I was fascinated by his bottom and my hands lingered…

“I’m glad you are being so thorough,” Gray said.

“Everywhere…” and he leaned forward so that his bum-hole winked at me… I was so hard!

I brought my hand up into his cleft and washed his arse very very carefully, so carefully my middle finger pressed too hard, and following a path that nature intended, it slipped in up to the knuckle. I fucked him gently with my finger and he looked over his shoulder and kissed me!

“That would be nice, but it’s a first we can leave for another night, yeah?”

“Yeah, we haven’t even sucked yet!”

“Indeed so” he said solemnly… “And I have heard you can create a loss of consciousness with that particular skill, young Jeffery.”

I loved the way he called me Jeffery when he was kidding!

We finished up. He washed my back and played with my bum. My bum was as virgin as young Davy and I too felt light-headed as he played with the rim of my bum-hole.

“Wow, that’s going to be one hell of a first,” I said.

“You’ve never been bummed?”

“Nor done it to anyone!”

“Oh wow, that I really must have!”

“Time for bed then!”

We wrapped ourselves in the towels and returned to his bedroom.

He said, “We’d better say goodnight” and wrapped himself in his dressing-gown. I put the biggest towel round me, and then we slipped downstairs to his mum.

“Hey mam, guess what… Jeff and me, we have the same birthday, we’re twins!”

To my surprise his mum’s face crumpled. Tears flooded her eyes and she grabbed the two of us to her… “That’s wonderful, an omen I’m sure, brothers forever, friends forever. I’m sure that’s what it means!”

When she let go again the tears had passed, she wiped her pinny across her eyes and with a big grin said, “Off you go, sleep well and have a wonderful night!”

I really was beginning to wonder about his mother. She really was too good to be true. She couldn’t know what we got up to once the door shut, but she certainly had an instinct for making it perfect… and easy!

I went on up, leaving Gray the privacy to give her another hug and a kiss.

Since we left for scouts a jar of cold-cream had appeared on his dresser, with a note: “Just in case of any scrapes in the scout hut!, Mum.”

She seemed to think of everything, but that’s what mums do I supposed.

Gray reappeared… “She’s cheered up… she says for us to have a really good night… she really does make me wonder!”

“Don’t worry about perfection.” I said.

We got into bed and snuggled until we had warmed up again.

We kissed and stroked each other for a while. Then…

“If you don’t mind, my cock is beautifully clean still, and Davy did seem to enjoy your solo when you played his flute for him.”

“Well, so long as we play a duet!”

We giggled and got into a 69 position, a swaz or was that soize?, I had never seen it written down, even on the bog walls.

As simultaneously as doesn’t matter we closed over the others cock. It felt as if the mouth closing over Gray’s closed over mine at the same moment. We both paused with the shock of pleasure that rippled through us.

Gray’s cock seemed to fill the whole of my being. I wasn’t conscious of anything else, just the warmth, size and feeling of the cock in my mouth. I ran my tongue around the head and teased at the foreskin with my lips.

He was thrashing about on the bed. My cock had flopped out of his mouth and I could concentrate on the pleasure that my mouth was working on my love.

Quickly I reversed position again, taking him back in my mouth while lying between his legs. Then I gently but firmly pulled him on top of me, supporting his hips with my hands. I wouldn’t be able to hold him there for long, but it didn’t look as if it would take terribly long. The week that we had waited, the fun behind the scout-hut and the bum-play in the bath had obviously got him ready, more than ready…

“Fuck me Gray, fuck my mouth… remember its a first Gray… remember!”

Gray picked up the rhythm, and fucked me. The beauty of his skin along mine, and the slimness of his hips. My fingers on the smooth roundness of his bum and the tensing of the firmness of his muscles. The beauty of it was becoming too much for me. I was lying on my back and my eyes were filling up with tears. I could taste the salt of them flowing back into my throat, mixing with the sweetness of the juices that were beginning to flow from him.

His hips were thrusting, and my mind was running the same rhythm…

“Fuck me, love me, fuck me, love me, fuck…”

The end took me by surprise… his hips stilled, his cock seemed to swell… and my mouth flooded with the sweetness of his love.  I swallowed and swallowed and swallowed… was there no end to his love?

We lay there, with his cock softening in my mouth and our hearts gradually slowing. I was still breathing through my nose, and the saltiness of the tears had made my nose run. Things were a complete shambles, and I was conscious that my love for Gray was still evident in the raging hardness of my own erection.

“Oh Gray, can love last forever, should it last forever?”

Gray rolled off me, onto his back on the pillow. He reached down and pulled me up, so that I was within kissing distance.

“Fuck me! Now I understand why Davy fainted!”

“And I didn’t love Davy I was just being nice!” I justified.

“Oh I’m glad you did it so well for him… everyone should have one that good for his first time!”

That’s my Gray. Too good for this world… as my mam says.

“That really was great, but I need to get off, cuddle me while I wank.”

I assumed Gray was too shagged to do much to help.

“Did you see what mam left on the dresser?” He said.

“The jar, what about it? we don’t need it. I’ve never used cream to wank, its messy!”

“Silly bugger, I didn’t mean to wank…”

“Bugger me, I want you to… bugger me!” He whispered.


“Oh just bum me, you silly sod… use the cream… fuck me, fuck me!”

I reached out and grabbed the jar. The cream was cold but wonderfully slippery. I spread some on me and generously into his hole. He made whimpering noises as I stroked the rim.

He rolled onto his face. In a muffled voice I heard him saying over and over …

“Fuck me love, fuck me, love, fuck me love, Oh fuck me…”

My hips came to rest on the firm roundness of his bum. He spread his legs as wide as he could in the narrow bed. My stiffness speared in towards the centre of the love that he was offering to me. My cock hardly paused as it slid in to its full length.

Now I was only supported by the rolling softness of his bottom, the firm but resilient muscles of his bum.

I started to thrust, gently at first, afraid that I might hurt him.”

I whispered “Love, sweet, tell me if it hurts and I’ll stop.”

“Don’t you dare, Oh God, I didn’t know it was this… Oh it’s … harder!”

We whispered softnesses to each other as I fucked him, fucked him and made love to him. The totality of my love was in the softness of his bum, but my cock was in charge too. It had waited a lifetime for this moment and it wasn’t going to miss a moment of it.

Just as it all got too much and the rhythm fell apart and my breathing lost it, he said…

“Cariad, it’s a first, remember it’s a first… remember it when we’re old.”

I exploded, filling the depths of him with my love.

“Oh, that was sweet, that was sweet. Do you think they remembered it being that sweet?”

I could feel his tears running down my arm, mine mingling with his…

“Yes, I’m sure they remember it!”

“Nice, that would be nice!”

I gently withdrew and reached out for one of the towels to wipe us clean.

Gray said… “Won’t mam wonder about the mess?”

“No,” I said, “I don’t think she’ll wonder.”

“I think she’ll be happy for us.”


“Yes happy… she left the cream for us… I don’t know why, but she did.”

“I love you Gray, and I love your mam!”


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