Shades of Gray: A tale of the 1950’s
by Solsticeman


Chapter 4

When our hearts stopped pounding, and we had stopped giggling and kissing, we were suddenly left with the problem of Gray’s spunk all over me and mine all over him.

Thirteen year old boys don’t have much practise at exiting a narrow single bed quietly without getting their spunk all over everything!

Gray kicked the tucked in bedding out of the way and stood up carefully, my spunk, shining in the moonlight, streaming down his leg from where I had spilled it on his thigh.

I had some of his on my stomach, but I had caught most of it in my hand.

He looked around and spotted his underwear, still where he had dropped them. He swiftly wiped up his leg, gathering the semen as he went. Then he turned them inside out and wiped my stomach and then my hand.

“That’s better… now where were we?”

“I think we just made love!”

“I’m fucking certain we did!”

Then his face fell…

“Sorry, I didn’t mean it like that.”


“Yes, it was wonderful, as good as I could have hoped for… nothing to swear about!”

“Yeah, I know what you mean… were you really crying, you know… when we were doing it?”

“Only because if I hadn’t I’d have burst. I was so happy something had to…”

“That’s nice, I’m glad… In my head I was singing… I don’t remember what, it was the rhythm!”

“You were fucking my legs weren’t you?”

“Yes, more like making love to you, just hoping it was nice for you. I mean it was my hand doing the work, but my …”

“I know, it was your cock was in charge of the rhythm… I think that’s how it’s supposed to be.”

“I think we got it as right as we could have, don’t you?”

“Certainly did… and… I’m pretty sure I’m not pregnant!”

We collapsed in giggles again.

“Come on, I don’t know about you but I could manage a snuggle while we go back to sleep.”

“I’ll set the alarm for seven, so we can sort ourselves out before anyone is up. Thank goodness its Sunday, don’t ever let me set this up for a week-night!”

We spooned, facing towards the moonlight.

I was fascinated by the silvery sheen of his skin, the light dusting of silver downy hair on his arms, standing up in the chill. Blond hair and moonlight add up to a magic combination. Regretfully I adjusted the sheet to cover him and drew him into the warmth of my tummy. My arms were around him and I stroked him gently…

“No, not again, you’re mad!”

“No, not again, just relax and go to sleep. I just need to keep touching you that’s all”

“Kiss me then!”

The kiss lasted all night.

In just a few minutes… we slipped into sleep, lips touching, breathing the warmth of each other.

The alarm shook us awake! Neither of us quite sure what was happening, and then we smiled, remembering at the same moment where we were, what we had been doing and what we could and should do next.

We got out of bed. This time he didn’t turn away, and stood there as tall as a thirteen year old can be, with his tummy pulled in and his cock as proud of itself as any successful lover ever could be.

“God, you’re gorgeous!”

“You too!”

He stepped towards me, and swept me into his arms. I felt the swift patter of his heart and the hard thrust of his cock against my tummy.

“Will it always be like this?”

“Dunno, but I shall always remember it as having been like this the first time!”

“The first time was special wasn’t it… ?”

“It couldn’t have been better… that really was the first time I made love.”


“No buts, I’ve played, but that was the first time I made love.”

“Yeah, me too… that was special”.

He kissed me, a long soft kiss, with closed lips, it wasn’t a sexy kiss but there was so much love in it that my heart was singing.

“Do you think they’ll know?”

“We were quiet I think.”

“No, I mean you look as if … I don’t know, you just look different”

“That’s love soppy… no-one else will know!”

“Terry did, he called us a pair of budgies”

“Mm… no more kissing amongst the raincoats then,” and he giggled

We put our as yet uncreased pyjamas on, and ruffled up my end of the bed. Gray tucked the bedding in like his mum had, and we got back into bed, sardine style.

We snuggled down.

I found that my hand could reach him and I could stroke his leg. He put his hand on mine and drew it towards his cock. I found that it had softened and now fitted into the palm of my hand, warm and soft. Like a small bird, it trembled in time with his pulse.

“I’m so glad we did this.”

“Me too” and we drifted back to sleep.

Breakfast was nice, honey instead of sugar on the cornflakes and home-made jam on the toast.

I wasn’t sure that my mum would be able to compete… Gray’s family were better off.

But I was pretty sure she would try… we both had smashing mums!

My family had taken the opportunity to spend the day with friends, so I wasn’t expected home until tea-time. Gray and I had the whole day to ourselves. It was Sunday and everywhere was shut, but the day was sunny and Gray said the long grass was open on a Sunday even if the cafes weren’t. His mother made us a picnic with a Thermos of tea and some jam sandwiches and we went off to explore his long grass.

The long grass we explored was above the town, where it turned into moorland.

We walked so far that we suddenly realised that we knew where we were again. We had reached the outermost point of the school’s seven-mile cross country course. The course went past Scout’s-Hollow, a sort of sunbathing place, sheltered out of the wind, with a grassy bank that faced towards the sun.

“I don’t know about you but I’m still bushed from last night… lets just sit in the sun.”

We sat and I put an arm around him and drew him down…  He put his face up and I kissed him, just once, very gently…

“Shh, just lie still.”

I took off my shirt and positioned his head on my chest, his ear over my heart.

“Sorry its bony… let me know if it stops.”

“If I couldn’t stop it last night I’m pretty sure you’re OK here.”

He laughed.

We seemed to laugh a lot that weekend!

It was lunch-time when we woke up.

Gray stretched, and made a quick check for sunburn. The early-autumn sun was warm enough to sunbathe but not enough to burn. We had been lucky. By that stage we had lost enough clothes for a misplaced sunburn to have been difficult to explain!

We ate our sandwiches and drank the tea (or what passes for tea from a vacuum flask!).

Gray had recovered his energy and became difficult to fend off. He came to rest on his knees between my out-stretched legs, and I let out a grunt as he fell forward full-length on my chest.

“I think you’ve damaged me!”

“I had better check then…”

And he did.

“Nope, undamaged, and definitely in working order.”

“How carefully did you check?”

“Not as carefully as I would like!”

We were both completely naked, but we had our school sports-shorts handy just in case!

He was lying full length on me, with his pressed alongside mine.

We were both hard, and had been that way since lunch.

If it had been anyone else I would have made a grab for him, copped a feel.

The obvious thing for two thirteen year old boys to do was to share a wank.

Now, that seemed a waste of the afternoon. We weren’t just out there for a wank.

We were very aware that for at least the next week we wouldn’t have the privacy to cuddle and snuggle and kiss, maybe a wank after school, but most likely not.

What we would really want and couldn’t have was to lie with as much of one of us in contact with as much of the other as we could manage, for as long as possible.

“Goodness knows when we can organise this again” Gray said sadly.

“True… give me a kiss then!”

Gray’s face descended towards mine, but instead of kissing he stroked his nose along mine. When it reached the tip he did it again on the other side.

I stretched luxuriously…

“That’s nice”

He popped a quick light kiss on my forehead, and another on the tip of my nose, and then settled back onto my chest with his head alongside mine. His mouth near my ear, he pecked at it and then whispered quietly…

“I love you so much… I don’t know what… whatever… I love you so…”

I answered by slipping one of the hands that had been stroking his bum into the gap between us, took his cock in my hand and squeezed gently. He sighed in my ear.

I said “I love you too, but I really don’t know what we can do about it. Its really not something we can take a bag of cakes to school to celebrate!”

He lifted his head up and smiled…

“That’s one hell of an idea.”

“Imagine the announcement… Hey guys, listen up… Jeff and I are budgies, we’re expecting a long engagement but I’ll marry him if he gets pregnant!”

“Maybe they would have a whip-round and get Baldy to make a presentation.”

By this time we were beside ourselves with giggles. That was almost certainly what was needed. The mood had become so heavy that the giggles broke the ice and he kissed me fiercely. I squeezed the cock I was holding and whispered urgently…

“Make love to me Gray… now!”


“Like I did last night” and I squeezed his cock with one hand while pressing hard down on his bottom with the other.

His cock pushed into my fist and up again as I lifted my hand, and I did it again.

Gray picked up the motion and then, suddenly, we were doing it…

He was thrusting his hips, sliding smoothly in and out of my fist. I was doing nothing except holding his cock and metronoming his love-making using the hand on his bottom.

“What about you?”

“I’m fine… keep going, this is grand…”

My cock was loosely trapped between us and the rhythm of his thrusting was creating a lovely friction that was very intimate.

Gray’s cheek was hot on mine and his breathing was ragged.

“This won’t last… what about…”

“Don’t worry, I’m with you… honestly…”

At thirteen that kind of thing can’t last long and Gray began to whimper gently…

“I can’t stop… sorry… I can’t!”

“Don’t, I’m not far behind… honestly…”

My hand on his bottom was having a lovely time, such smoothness and roundness and softness, and the muscles bunching and loosening…

I hadn’t been so excited… well… since last night at least!

“Oh… I don’t want… yet, oh not yet… Ohhh!”

I felt warm wetness flood across my tummy.

I lost my grip on him. My hand slid out of the space between us and the full thrust of his motion centred on my horn. The wet friction was glorious and I said…

“Don’t stop, if you can… don’t stop… its lovely… its the spunk… its sooo…”

I flooded out to join Gray’s as my stomach muscles bunched and unbunched and my hips thrust up to meet him.

“Wasn’t that cute!”

The whisper came from just a few feet away… someone was close enough to see and hear what we had been doing… We froze.

“Pretend we don’t know!” whispered Gray in my ear.

“Let’s have a nap now” he said more loudly.”

We pretended to stretch and lie still.

After some minutes the other voices said quietly, “They’ve gone to sleep I think… wasn’t that beautiful!”

“Remember just before the war? We were their age.”

“We ought to go, we don’t want to disturb them. They wouldn’t understand.”

“No-one over 16 does what they did!” he laughed.

“No… Grown-ups don’t wank and they certainly don’t play together!”

“Shhh… after that I need you… Now!”

“You had me last week, greedy!”

” Once a week for the last twenty years and it still isn’t enough!”

“I need you beside me when I wake up, not once a week hidden out here!

“Don’t tell me. Tell the Home Secretary!” he laughed.

“We’ve been lucky. We’ve got away with it for twenty years without getting caught.”

“God, imagine that, a copper’s hand on our shoulder.”

“They’re asleep… let’s while we can… it’ll be time to go soon.”

“Do me here, quick. The less we move about the less likely we are to be seen!”

There was rustling and grunting.


Gray put a finger to his lips and gestured up the slope.

He started crawling quietly towards the rim of the hollow that the voices had come from.

Down in the hollow on hands and knees were two men.

They appeared old, one was bald and the others hair was turning grey. One had mounted the back of the other and was clearly bumming him.

The hairy back and sagging skin lacked the sheer exuberant beauty of Gray a moment ago.

This just seemed sad. Their boyhoods long gone they were reduced to catching fleeting pleasures…

I looked at Gray. He seemed shocked and looked terribly sad.

We slid back down to our clothes and started dressing silently.

The men were grunting loudly, as Gray and I quietly crept away.


He was very quiet as we walked across the moorland towards the gate that led home.

Eventually I said… “Are you alright?”

He burst into tears and I held him to me, his shoulders heaving.

“That was so… sad.”

“Those poor old buggers. They’d been in love for twenty years and all they got out of it was a fumble out on the mountain, where no-one could see them.”

“Is that waiting for us?” he wailed “Is that all there is?”

“Is that all there will be?”

I shushed and cuddled and tried to calm him down.

“No it isn’t,” I hissed fiercely.

“We shan’t let it be… and even if it is… let’s make sure we have something as magic as they have to remember, to hang onto. They may be sad old buggers, but they have each other and the memories of the days when they were like us!”

“Let’s remember every moment of it then!” and he smiled.

We had tea at his home when we got back. A lovely old-fashioned high-tea with scones and stuff.

I liked his mum.

Afterwards Gray said he would walk me across the pit, and went to get his shoes and coat.

His mum took me to one side and said urgently… “What went wrong? You were so happy when you went out. Graham was very down when you got back. Did you fall out or something?”

“No! no we didn’t. Its complicated… it was such a wonderful day, Gray couldn’t bear to think it wouldn’t last forever… that it had to come to an end.”

His mum’s eyes filled with tears, and she said…

“That’s alright then… I’m sure we can fix things up for him so that it doesn’t have to… leave it to me.”


“I like you Jeff, I like you a lot.  I think Graham has chosen his friend well when he chose you. Trust me, you are good for each other. I’ll make sure it works out for you.”

And she did!


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