17th August 2001: Holidays with mates offer endless sexual opportunities with lots of horny lads packed into small shared bedrooms, and this story combines that idea with the eroticism of being photographed while you’re supposed to be asleep.

The Photo Opportunity

Here’s a fairly bizarre story about something that happened to me about four years ago when I was twenty.

It happened on the first night of a holiday at Benidorm which I went on with three mates from Uni. At the time we’d booked it, we were all single and the idea of a couple of weeks in Spain to get our legs over as many pissed girls as we could seemed quite appealing. When the holiday came around, though, a couple of us were in relationships and so going away with three other guys and leaving our girlfriends back in England was not so nice.

I remember some idea we had that Jono, one of the guys we were going with, would sell his ticket to Kaz, my girlfriend at the time, so that she could come with us. We’d booked two twin rooms in the hotel so that kind of seemed the logical thing to do. But then it turned out she got this summer job that wouldn’t give her the time off, so it ended up being the four of us guys – me, Matt, Wreg (a nickname based on his surname, Wrigglesworth) and Jono – who got on the plane to Benidorm.

We got to the hotel quite late because of some cock-up at the airport, and we were all quite shattered when we checked in. Starting to get on each others nerves a bit, but nothing serious. The guy on the desk, who – as if to shatter all the cliches about Spanish hotels being staffed by moustached bullfighters – was clean-shaven and from Liverpool, told us that there was a “slight problem” with our booking and that, while we had something to eat in the restaurant, he’d try to sort it out.

So we went into the restaurant and, after the first priority of getting a couple of pints down us, ordered something to eat. Jono insisted on dragging his suitcase into the restaurant rather than leaving it behind the reception desk like the rest of us had. He was doing a photography degree and had brought his camera and loads of film along with him to get a few “human studies” as he put it. He didn’t want to risk it getting nicked.

When the food came I found that I couldn’t really eat much. The other three guys had no such trouble and gulped down their paella and chips hungrily, but for some reason travel pisses my guts off and I couldn’t eat more than a couple of bites.

While I was staring at my uneaten food, listening to the other three devour theirs, the guy from the desk came over and told us that they’d messed things up a bit and that for the first night of our stay we would all have to pile into one room. They’d sort things out the next day, he insisted, and we’d get the twin rooms we’d booked. None of us were too happy about that and Wreg, a mouthy bastard at the best of times, started kicking up. “What are we going to get as compensation?” he kept asking. At first the Liverpudlian guy tried to get away with apologising over and over. But in the end, after Wreg hinted that we might make our frustrations clear on our last night in the hotel, the guy said we could spend the rest of the evening drinking for free in the bar.

Although we’d planned to go out and find out which night spots looked the most promising, we were all pretty knackered and a night of free drinks seemed ample compensation for the minor hassle of the four of us sharing one room. So we agreed to his offer and, after quickly heading up to the room to drop off our stuff, we almost ran to the bar to get our payoff.

The bar was very dull – sparsely scattered with middle-aged couples for whom the night life of Benidorm held no interest – but the beer was very cold and tasted so much better for being free. I don’t remember how much we drank but the bartender must have been told what our limit was by the Liverpudlian guy, and, I think at about midnight, he said he needed to close up for the night. We were all feeling a lot more jovial about things by then, anyway, and I think we all felt we’d been allowed a pretty generous amount of alcohol.

We talked about going out – we’d never intended to be going to bed so early while we were on holiday – but Matt and Jono said they were tired and wanted to get up early next day to get a good spot on the beach. We’d had to get up at about six-thirty that morning to get to the airport on time for, as it turned out, an eight hour wait, and the idea of getting to bed seemed quite appealing. So at about half past twelve the four of us piled up to our room.

The bedroom was a fair size, with a double bed and a single bed, and it had a small bathroom attached to it. When we got in there, Matt immediately jumped on the single bed and said, “This one’s mine. Now where are you guys going to sleep?” Wreg also got on the single bed and tried to push Matt off it. They kind of rolled around on it swearing and giggling, each trying to force the other one off.

Jono stared at them and then turned to me and said, “I don’t really care where I sleep.”

I said, “Daniella told me that Matt farts so much in bed that she wakes up with yellow legs. So I’m not sharing with him.”

Matt, still wrestling with Wreg, grunted, “That’s only after a curry, you wanker.” Then Wreg pushed him off the bed and he collapsed onto the floor panting.

I said, “I reckon we should toss to see who gets the single bed.”

Wreg said, also out of breath, “No. It’s clearly mine. I’m the one sitting on it. That seems fair to me.”

Jono said, “Honestly, I couldn’t give a shit.”

Matt said, “Well I could. Yeah we’ll toss Seb.” Then, getting back onto his feet, he said, “When did Daniella tell you that?”

I got out a coin and threw it. I caught it, slapped down onto the back of my left hand and held it there, under my palm. Matt said, “Heads.”

I turned to Wreg. He said, in the voice of one of the characters from South Park, “I don’t accept your authoritaah.”

I turned to Jono. He said, “Okay. Tails.”

It was tails.

I threw it and held it under my palm again. I said, “Wreg, your call.”

Wreg said, “I’m not getting drawn into this. This bed is mine.”

I said, “Heads then.”

I looked at it. It was tails. Wreg cackled.

I said, “So it’s between you and Jono, Wreg.”

Wreg clenched his fists and made punches into the air. He said, smiling, “Okay Jono. Outside. You and me. Fair and square.”

I tossed the coin and held it under my palm.

Jono said, “Heads I reckon.”

Wreg said, “No way. I want heads. It has to be heads. I’m not getting into this unless I can choose heads.”

Jono said, “Whatever.”

It was tails again.

Wreg jumped off the bed to see the coin. When he saw that it was indeed showing tails, he shouted, “Best of three!” Then, “But I said I wasn’t going to get drawn into this. I said that at the start.” He was laughing, though. The bed was Jono’s.

So it turned out that Jono got the single bed. He’d said he didn’t want it, but I noticed that he didn’t offer it to Wreg who had been so eager to claim it for his own. He moved his stuff over to the foot of the single bed and sat on it.

Matt said, “So who takes the floor?”

Wreg said, “There’s no way I’m sleeping on the floor. I couldn’t give a shit about how many guys are in this bed – after sitting around for eight fucking hours today, my arse needs a mattress.”

I said, “I guess it’s not like we’re going to try it on with each other…”

Wreg said, in a theatrically camp voice, “Ooh I dunno Seb. Those buttocks of yours are very… supple.”

So the three of us ended up in the double bed. We were all good mates, we were a bit pissed and we’d been thrown together by necessity. It didn’t seem like a big deal. I know some straight guys who would back off from this situation pretending to wretch; who would rather sleep on the floor than to share a bed with a mate. But I think Matt, Wreg and I were happy enough with our own sexualities to treat this as a bit of a laugh. Nothing to get freaked out about.

We arsed around a bit more before we went to bed. Matt had bought some cans in the duty free shop and I remember drinking a couple of those. Jono seemed quiet. He undressed down to his underpants and got into his bed. He sat up in it with the thin sheet pulled over him, watching us. He made the odd comment but on the whole he just watched us, looking like he was deep in thought. He was a bit like that: a bit weird sometimes. I figured he was just tired and waiting for us to stop pissing around and get into bed.

We must have finally switched off the light at about two – so much for the early night. It was a hot night and we all stripped down to our underpants to sleep. We threw the sheets on the floor – it was far too hot to get underneath them. I ended up in the middle of the bed because Matt kept whining about Wreg elbowing him and then Wreg accused Matt of touching his arse. It was all getting a bit silly so I just said I’d go between them.

Being in a double bed like that with two other guys is not the most comfortable situation to be in. Well, not if you’re all straight anyway. It was a bit of a squeeze because the three of us had fairly well-built athletic bodies. Wreg played a lot of football. He was about six foot two tall with short mousy blond hair. Matt was a bit shorter – about six foot tall like me. His hair was nearly black and, like, Wreg, he liked to keep it quite short. Matt was also nicely built, but not as muscular as Wreg since he didn’t do so much exercise – he just went swimming a couple of times a week as I remember.

Wreg kept moving around and kept accidentally kneeing me or elbowing me. I tried to stretch out a bit and my hand accidentally rubbed against the front of Matt’s underpants. It only took a second, but I definitely felt his limp cock through the material of his briefs. I felt really embarrassed – he didn’t say anything and I hoped he was asleep.

It took me a long time to get to sleep. I ended up on my side facing Matt. Wreg must have also ended up on his side facing away from me. His backside kept rubbing against mine. Although we both had our underpants on, I felt tense that my arse was touching another guy’s arse. Especially since Wreg was a friend. I didn’t get turned on by the feel of his backside against mine. I might have done, I guess in a different context, but like this, with the four of us in that room together, I really felt uncomfortable about it.

I dozed off for a while but gradually became aware of movement in the room. By now I was lying on my back. I lay there with my eyes closed trying to get back to sleep despite the soft noises I could here coming from somewhere in the room. My hand was resting against Matt’s hip. He was also lying on his back. I could feel the waistband of his briefs against the back of my hand. I could here him breathing softly.

I heard the sound of a zip. Pulled very slowly like someone was trying hard to be quiet. Then the sound of something heavy being dragged across the room and into the adjoining bathroom. I gave up trying to get to sleep and opened my eyes. It was already light – I must have slept for a few hours – but very quiet. I would imagine it was about five o’clock in the morning. I raised myself off the bed, and looked around the room. Matt and Wreg were both next to me, both sleeping on their backs, but Jono’s bed was empty and, from the soft noises coming from the slightly open door of the bathroom, he was obviously fiddling with his suitcase in there.

I looked again at Matt. He seemed to be soundly asleep. His breathing was slow and deep and his eyelids flickered gently, maybe in response to a dream he was having. His chest rose and fell slowly and I noticed a small clump of black wispy hair between his hairless, well-defined pecs. My eyes travelled further down his body and I saw more hair on the lower part of his stomach. It formed a line which led down to the waistband of his briefs. Looking further down, I saw the shape of his cock which was pushed upwards and to the left inside his briefs. His briefs were a dark green colour and looked quite tight. Tight enough for me to make out the individual shapes of each of his balls.

The bathroom door moved and I quickly lay back down and closed my eyes. I felt guilty about staring at Matt while he slept and I didn’t want Jono to know what I’d been doing. Hearing him come out of the bathroom, I tried to breathe slowly and deeply to make him think I was still sleeping.

I expected Jono to get back into bed and go back to sleep. But he seemed to linger in the middle of the room. I was about to look up and see what was going on when I heard a click. Then a brief mechanical whir. Jono had just taken a photo!

I lay there, eyes still closed, wondering what was going on. Was he taking a photo from the window? Maybe trying to catch the view before it became populated by swarms of tourists. I hadn’t heard him move the blind, but –

The camera clicked again followed by the same whir as the film wound itself on inside. I heard him move. He was clearly near the foot of the double bed. He must be taking photos of the three of us lying side by side in our briefs. I was about to look up, ask him what the fuck he was doing, when I figured that he must be taking a couple of shots to play a joke on us when we got back to Uni. Submit the photo to the student paper or put copies of it up on the noticeboards in our hall of residence.

So I lay there and let him take his shots, wondering how I could get one up on him for doing this. Obviously I had to get the film out of his camera and substitute it with one containing photos of something that Jono would be embarrassed about. I considered suggesting that Jono and I should share a room together, rather than Matt and I as had been the original plan. Then I’d be able to get a photo of him during the night when he’d brought back some tart from a nightclub.

I wondered what he was up to now. Was he packing up his camera? I opened one of my eyes slightly. At first I couldn’t see him. I thought he must have gone back into the bathroom. But then I caught a movement from the right of me, where Wreg was lying. I couldn’t really see what was happening. I just caught the occasional movement near Wreg’s hips. I moved my head a little, sighing gently as I did so as if I was in a deep sleep. Then I opened my eye slightly again. I saw that a hand was rubbing the bulge at the front of Wreg’s underwear. At first I thought Wreg must be having a play with himself, but then I made out that the arm was coming from the side of the bed. I realised that Jono was crouching next to the bed and that his hand was rubbing away at Wreg’s crotch.

Then Jono moved his hand away from Wreg and I could see that the front of Wreg’s grey briefs stood upwards. His cock must have been tucked down near his balls when it was limp and, as it became erect it had tented his underpants upwards. It looked like a mountain – he was obviously a well-built guy in the trouser department in addition to other areas. I heard another click and whir and realised that Jono was taking a photo of Wreg’s hard-on.

I thought, “This can’t be a joke. This is… kind of weird.”

I wondered if Jono secretly fancied Wreg and had waited for his opportunity to do this. He’d been very keen to share a room with Wreg even though they were so different – Jono was far more quiet and introspective than Wreg. I felt a bit sorry for Jono if that were true. Wreg was clearly straight and would probably not react well to the attentions of another guy.

Then Jono’s hand returned to Wreg’s crotch. He carefully pulled down the front of Wreg’s briefs, revealing the guy’s large cock. It looked about eight or nine inches long, but it was difficult for me tell since I didn’t want to open my eye beyond a thin squint. Jono pulled Wreg’s briefs down as far as he could. I think he got the waistband beneath Wreg’s balls. He held Wreg’s cock in his hand and stared at it. I noticed he kept glancing up towards Wreg’s face, no doubt looking for signs that he was waking up. He got his face close to Wreg’s cock and pulled back his foreskin slightly. Wreg groaned and Jono looked quickly towards Wreg’s face, his eyes wide open in fear. But I guess Wreg was still soundly asleep, and was groaning his approval to the girl who was, in his dream, playing with his cock.

Jono pulled Wreg’s foreskin back further and got so close to the other guy’s large cock that I thought he was going to suck it. Instead, he seemed to inhale whatever smells were coming from it, appearing to savour them. Then he slowly jerked the foreskin backwards and forwards across the large swollen head of Wreg’s cock. Wreg groaned softly again. Jono left it alone and moved back, away from it. I saw that Wreg’s cock was so stiff that it didn’t lie down – it stood up of its own accord, the wet purple bell being raised about an inch from the guy’s stomach. I could see that it was bobbing up and down very slightly in time with Wreg’s pulse. I heard more clicks and whirs as Jono photographed his friend’s cock.

Then Jono got up and moved away from the bed. I thought he must have finished and he spent a few seconds adjusting his camera before walking around to the other side of the bed, the side on which Matt was sleeping. I couldn’t see what was going on because my eyes were directed towards Wreg’s crotch and I didn’t want to risk moving again in case that made Jono lose his nerve. I was very intrigued to know what was happening with Matt – in fact I was imagining Jono’s hand rubbing the bulge in Matt’s dark green briefs and my own cock was lengthening in response.

Now that Jono was on Matt’s side of the bed and I was looking away from him, I opened my eyes fully and took a good look at Wreg. His cock was clearly still excited but was starting to lose it’s impressive stiffness and was lying against the smooth skin of his stomach. The head was less swollen and, while still looking wet and sticky, it had lost its shininess. Despite this, it retained its impressive length, his piss slit looking as if it was nearer to his nipples than to his belly button!

I looked upwards towards Wreg’s chest, which was rising and falling slowly. It was totally hairless and looked tight and solid – a chest built not by weights but by regular outdoor sport and exercise.

I heard Matt groan. Jono’s hand was obviously having the same effect on him as it had on Wreg. I felt the mattress vibrating slightly to the rhythm of Jono’s hand on Matt’s cock. I wanted to see what was happening to Matt: I had to look.

I made a groaning sound similar to Matt’s and repositioned myself slightly. Like I’d imagine someone asleep would: a slow, almost drunken movement. Again, I opened an eye slightly, trying to see as much as I could without appearing to be awake.

I could see that Jono was staring at my crotch. By now, I was almost fully hard and that must have been obvious from the bulge in the front of my briefs. At first I thought that maybe my hard-on had given the game away – that Jono would know that I was aware of what was going on. But he didn’t look at my face and it occurred to me that men do get erections during their sleep and that he must have assumed that this was what was happening to me.

After he’d studied my bulge, his gaze returned to Matt’s cock which he’d pulled out from Matt’s underwear as he had Wreg’s. Matt was not so well endowed as Wreg but his erection was nevertheless impressive, being about seven inches long. It was thinner than Wreg’s dick – probably about the same thickness as my own. Jono’s hand started beating Matt’s cock and the mattress started vibrating again. Jono really studied the other guy’s dick as he wanked it – he looked like he was watching Matt’s piss slit as he pulled the foreskin backwards and forwards across Matt’s red bell end. Maybe he was watching to see Matt’s precum ooze out – I guess you don’t get the opportunity for a close-up view like that every day.

As Jono masturbated Matt, I became aware of the smell that was developing in the room. A bit sweaty – the four of us guys were obviously getting pretty hot because of what was going on – but also the sharp, though as yet still subtle, smell of our cocks. Maybe it’s the smell of precum – I don’t know enough about guys’ dicks to know exactly – but the air in the hot room was definitely developing a masculine, sexual smell.

Jono left Matt’s cock alone and his gaze returned to mine, now pressing painfully against the material of my white briefs and probably making a damp patch on them. He stood up and leant across Matt to free my cock from its confines. His touch was gentle and I involuntarily shivered as his hand touched the sensitive head of my hard cock. He looked towards my face, probably suspecting I was waking up, so I closed my eyes for a few seconds and tried to make my breathing slower.

When I felt him starting to masturbate me I opened one eye slightly again. He was looking at my cock as closely as he had Wreg’s and Matt’s. Kind of sniffing it and examining it in detail. His hand was exquisitely gentle as he slowly rolled my foreskin up and down the stem of my eight inch cock. His fingers squeezed, but only very slightly, and his thumb moved up to my bell end to rub my precum around my piss slit. It felt amazing and I was, by now, getting extremely turned on by the strangeness of this situation. I wanted him to speed up to make me orgasm and I struggled to control my urge to grab my cock and masturbate it quickly. The idea of me doing that and having him watch me up close was appealing but at the same time I wanted to continue my pretence of being asleep so that I could see what he would do next.

Jono left my cock alone and stood up. I saw the outline of his hard cock pressing up diagonally towards the waistband of his boxer briefs. He gave it a couple of rubs through his underwear, but didn’t take it out completely, then he crept around the bed again to the side on which Wreg was sleeping. My face was turned away from Wreg but, from the rhythm of the mattress, I could tell that he was masturbating Wreg’s cock back to full erection.

Then he walked back to the foot of the bed and I heard his camera clicking and whirring as he took several photos of the three of us. It must have looked pretty hot – the three of us guys lying side by side with our large cocks and hairy balls poking out from our briefs. All of us asleep – well, two of us asleep and one pretending!

By now it was clear that this was no joke. Jono was taking photos of us so he could look at them afterwards. Or maybe, since he’d always seemed to be straight and had had several girlfriends in the time I’d known him, he was taking the photos so that he could sell them. Whatever the reason, and while I was enjoying the unexpected attention, I made a mental note to get into his suitcase and destroy the films at some point during our holiday.

I heard the bathroom door creak slightly and realised he’d gone back in there, probably to put a new film in his camera. I took the opportunity to look around. Wreg was to the right of me, his dick throbbing and dribbling above his tight stomach, and Matt was on my left, his cock more curved than Wreg’s and bending to the left slightly to point up towards his left nipple. My erection, also curving, looked pretty hot – longer than Matt’s but about an inch shorter than Wreg’s. My bell end was thicker and more well-defined than Matt’s and my balls looked larger than Wreg’s. The three of us had very different cocks and balls – I guess that’s what must have interested Jono so much. I contemplated jacking my cock for a few seconds while Jono was out of the room; I desperately wanted to give it a tight squeeze and have a few quick pulls. But I thought it ironically probable that Matt or Wreg would wake up and assume I had engineered this situation and make a big deal about it throughout the rest of the holiday. So I just lay there, as still as I could.

Just before Jono came back into the room, Matt groaned again and rolled onto his side towards me. One of his arms, which was quite thickly covered in dark hair, flopped over my chest and he held onto me murmuring in his sleep. His hard cock pressed into the skin above my left hip, and I could feel the stickiness of his bell end as it pushed against me.

Then Jono returned and, seeing Matt hugging me as if I was his girlfriend, immediately started snapping photos. I saw, through the thin slit of my eyelids, his left hand return to the front of his boxer briefs and, still operating the camera with his other hand, he rubbed the thick stick of his hard cock which was clearly visible inside them.

Matt murmured again and I felt the warmth of his breath on my shoulder. Then he moved closer to me and held me more tightly with his arm. It felt a bit weird to be lying like that with another guy clinging onto me. It was a new sensation and not altogether pleasant.

I felt his mouth against my shoulder and it felt wet, like he was dribbling. He groaned in his sleep and ground his cock into my hip. I heard another click and whir from Jono’s camera.

With my eyes closed, I sighed and rolled onto my side so that I faced away from Matt. I thought that my turning away from him would make him leave me alone, but instead he clung on tightly. Now he was behind me and I could feel his chest pressing against my back. My main sensation, though, was of his hard cock pressing into my bottom. It’s head was pushing almost painfully into my left cheek, rubbing up against the material of my briefs.

Matt muttered something in his sleep – he was obviously having a pretty hot dream about a girl he knew – and I felt his breath on the back of my neck. He held me tightly and continued pressing his cock into my bum.

I heard Jono move forward and wondered what he was doing. I felt his hands on the waistband at the back of my briefs and he gently pulled them down. He must have pulled Matt’s cock away as he pulled them down because when he’d exposed my entire arse, Matt’s cock returned to press itself into me again. Matt muttered again and pushed forwards. I felt his cock moving as Jono repositioned it so that it pressed into my butt crack.

I thought, “Oh shit. He wants some photos of us looking like we’re buttfucking.” Then, “I really need to destroy those films.”

Matt’s cock pushed its way between my cheeks. Since my cleft – unlike the rest of my arse – is a bit hairy, I felt the painful sensation of it pulling some of the hairs out. The head of his cock was about an inch above my arse hole and so I wasn’t too worried that it would slip inside me. I couldn’t help thinking how good the two of us must look in this position. Matt, asleep, pushing his cock into his mate’s arse and dreaming about fucking a girl. And me, supposedly so deeply asleep that I was just taking it.

My cock had gone a bit soft because of the surprise of feeling Matt hold me, but now we were in this position and I could feel his hard dick pressing into my arse, I started to feel myself getting stiffer.

I heard Jono go back into the bathroom. I thought, “Jeez, that film didn’t last long.” I opened my eyes. Wreg was in front of me, still lying on his back. His face was turned towards me, his eyes closed. His cock was still hard and looked even larger than it had earlier. It was literally throbbing: clearly, like Matt, he was having a good dream.

I heard Jono coming out of the bathroom so I returned my head to the pillow and closed my eyes. I felt Matt’s cock pushing into my bum. There was a barely discernible rhythm, like he was unconsciously using my butt cheeks to wank himself.

Jono walked over to us and I felt something cold on the cheeks of my arse. I thought, “What the fuck is he doing now?” It felt like shampoo or something. Cold and glutinous. I realised he was smearing it onto Matt’s cock. I understood what his purpose was and wondered whether to pretend to wake up.

I felt Jono’s finger, slick with whatever he was using to lubricate us, pushing between my cheeks. Then rubbing the stuff around my hole. First he was a couple of centimetres too low, but he worked his way up until he found my opening. His finger entered me a little and I was unable to resist gasping. He stopped, clearly worried that I might be waking up, and, after a few seconds, slowly returned his finger to my hole and seemed to try to be more gentle.

After that, Jono pushed Matt’s cock downwards inside my cleft. He did it slowly so I could feel Matt homing in on my most sensitive spot. I wondered whether to stop him doing this. It was now or never. I chose never.

When the head of Matt’s cock reached my hole, about an inch of it slid inside. His arm held me tightly and he pushed a little more of himself into me. It felt quite painful, like I desperately needed to take a crap. I felt I had to bend further forward to open my arse a little more. To give him better access.

I groaned, as if in my sleep, and tried to move my upper body forwards. Matt gripped me tightly so I groaned again and struggled to move forwards. His grip slackened and my struggles pushed his arm downward to my waist. His hand kind of flopped onto my cock and rested there, with his fingers lightly touching it. The feel of his hand made it stiffen and within a few seconds it was so hard it was starting to hurt.

Matt continued pushing into me, clearly enjoying the feel of my arse around his cock but oblivious to the fact that it was his male friend that he was penetrating. Despite the fact I’d noticed that his cock was not as thick as mine, it still hurt like hell as it pushed its way into me. I kept wondering why I was letting this happen: why I was letting another man invade me like this. I suppose I just kept thinking, “This is the only time I can do this and not feel guilty. It’s all Jono’s fault… I can blame him…”

Suddenly Matt grunted and thrust his cock completely into me. I almost cried out but I stopped myself and managed to writhe a bit and groan as if asleep. The pain was quite overpowering. I thought I really was going to have to pretend to wake up so I could try and fix up my arse. I thought something had gone wrong; that he’d split me open or something.

I felt Jono’s hand inside my butt cleft and felt the cold relief of more lubrication being applied around my hole. I groaned my approval. I thought, “Jesus I’d have to have been drugged to sleep through this.” But he seemed to accept I was still sleeping so I kept up the pretence.

Matt slowly pulled his dick out of me and then pushed it in again. It felt kind of weird. Not unpleasant – just odd. I’d never felt anything like it, that’s for sure. When he was pulling out it felt like that pleasant feeling I sometimes get when I’m taking a crap. When he was pushing in it was different – a bit painful but undoubtedly sexual. I felt shivers running up my back and my cock tingling. As I say, it was a bit weird.

He clung onto me and kept making strange growling noises. I quite enjoyed having him do this to me. I mean, besides the actual feel of his cock in my arse, I quite enjoyed the idea that I was being penetrated by a friend and hearing and feeling him take pleasure from my body. It was a unique sensation and I was relishing it.

I heard more clicks and whirs from Jono’s camera. The guy must have used a film within about a minute snapping away at Matt enjoying what was probably his first male fuck. I kept thinking, “Jeez, Seb, why are you doing this?” To this day, I don’t know why I did it. I suppose I just allowed things to happen until I was in a position that I couldn’t see any way out of.

Matt continued to slide in and out of me, developing a rhythm. I felt his breath and his stubble against my neck. I think he was kissing the back of my neck but, in his unconsciousness, he seemed uncertain about what to do. My arse felt sore but the pain was beginning to subside. Every time he pushed his cock into me and it was as far in as it would go, I felt a shock like electricity shoot up my spine. Like the start of an orgasm, but much briefer. I got used to these feelings and started to enjoy them.

Jono went back into the bathroom to change his film again. I opened my eyes and saw that, since my upper body was bent over, my face was near to Wreg’s left hip. His cock was still hard and still sticking up. I thought, “That guy’s erotic dreams last a long time…”

I looked over my shoulder at Matt’s face behind me. As I did so, I thought I saw that his eyes were open and that they suddenly flicked closed. It was so fast that I couldn’t be certain, but I was almost sure I had seen him close his eyes. I wondered if he’d maybe opened them in his sleep, but that seemed unlikely.

Then Jono came back into the room and I dropped my head back onto the mattress and closed my eyes. I heard the camera clicking and whirring and felt Matt’s cock sliding in and out of my arse, gaining in rhythm. I thought, “He’s as awake as I am… the sly bastard.”

I became aware of the sound that Matt’s cock was making in my arse. It made slurping noises and it slid in and out of me. I felt even more turned on hearing the sound of him fucking me. He was hearing it too; he knew that it was the sound of my arse receiving his cock. I don’t know why, but the sound of him fucking me really impressed itself on my memory – I can remember it now and thinking about it still gets me hard.

Wreg turned over, and I opened my eye slightly again. He’d rolled onto his side with his cock poking out towards my face. I moved my head slightly upwards so that my nose was level with his cock. Being so close to it, it looked enormous. His bell end was a shiny purple and I could see clear precum oozing out of it. I wanted to smell him; to know why Jono had been so intrigued by it earlier.

But Wreg, despite apparently being asleep, had other ideas. He pushed himself forwards on the bed so that the head of his cock hit me on my upper lip just below my nose. He pushed forwards again, prodding me a second time in the lip with his huge, thick cock. I moved my head upwards a little so that it could enter my mouth – I honestly don’t know why I did that. Maybe it sounds unconvincing, but I suppose I just wanted to see what it would taste like.

I heard Jono whisper, “Oh yeah” as Wreg’s cock entered my mouth. I think he must have had his own cock out of his underpants by then and was masturbating watching the scene unfolding.

For my part, I just opened my mouth and let Wreg’s mammoth cock push it’s way into me. He grunted as it entered me and I felt his hand on the back of my head. I thought, “What the fuck do I do with it?” I tried to suck it but his bell end hit the roof of my mouth so that I wanted to wretch. I pulled back a bit and tried to lick the end of it, like girls sometimes do with my cock. He seemed to enjoy this and left it like that – about two or three inches of the thing in my mouth, with me licking in circles around his piss slit and then around the rim of his bell. Doing things to his cock that I like girls doing to me.

I thought, “Fucking hell, Seb. For a guy who booked this holiday to screw as many girls as possible, you’re not doing very well so far…”

I heard Jono’s camera clicking and whirring. I heard him replace another film with one which he must have brought out of the bathroom with him. I heard his breath becoming more and more rapid as he watched two of his friends pleasuring themselves using my body.

I felt Matt’s cock sliding in and out of my arse, getting faster and faster. My own cock was rock hard and Matt’s fingers, until now lying passively next to it, furled themselves around it and gently squeezed. The shivers running up my spine multiplied and I felt close to cumming.

Wreg blew his load first, though. I guess he was a big fan of blow jobs, even those given by other men, because it only took him about a minute to cum. At first I didn’t realise what was happening. I felt his cock stiffen inside my mouth – felt the stem become as hard as metal and his bell end throb against my tongue – and then felt and tasted it pumping his salty liquid. I must have swallowed twice. It felt strange to be drinking from him. To be feeding on his juices. I felt like a baby suckling from its mother, or – I guess – in this case its father.

Then, unexpectedly my own orgasm hit in. Wreg’s cock was still in my mouth, still spewing its last dregs of white cum into my mouth, when I felt my own cock shooting string of semen onto the mattress. While I orgasmed, I felt my arse clenching in spasms around Matt’s cock – a feeling I’d never had before. I heard him groaning in pleasure as my arse massaged his dick.

And while I was still shooting, I felt the warmth of Matt’s cum inside me. I felt it dribbling out of my hole as he continued to slide in and out of me. I felt it growing cold as it trickled down my right bum cheek. He held me tightly as he came, still squeezing my spewing cock, his pace slowing as he injected the last drops of his semen from his balls into my arse.

Wreg pulled out of me and turned over. I opened an eye again and saw the round cheeks of his muscular arse in front of my face.

Then Matt pulled his cock out of me and, with a groan, turned over and away from me.

I heard Jono retire to the bathroom and he closed the door fully. I think he even locked it. I guess he must have been masturbating, but maybe he was just packing away his equipment and didn’t want to wake us up at this late stage.

I lay there for a while, in the same bent position, thinking about what we’d done. I wondered why I’d let these two guys penetrate me. Yes, I’d enjoyed it, but I’d never planned for anything like this to happen and I wondered why I’d gone along with it until its conclusion.

The next day at breakfast, we were all tired. Wreg looked, frankly, like shit. He asked Jono if he was going to take any photos that day. “It looks like a good day to take a few snaps,” he said, his voice sounding rougher than the stubble on his face.

Jono said, with a mischievous smile, “Are you offering to model for me?”

Wreg said, his face serious, “My modelling days are over. Well and truly. You know what I’m saying Johnny boy?”

Jono looked up at him, wide-eyed. Then he looked down at his coffee sheepishly.

He muttered, “Yeah.”

Matt said, “And I think… well… I’ve had a premonition that your films are going to… shall we say… meet with a little accident.”

Jono looked at him.

Matt went on, “You’re going to have to buy some new ones.”

Jono said, “Yeah. Sure.”

Then Matt turned to me and, with a broad grin, said, “And how are your guts this morning, Sebastian?”


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