26th February 2006: A return to the self-sucking theme for my fourth ‘Casebook’ story, with a young patient whose mum was worried that his preferred masturbatory technique might be hurting his back.

Dr Wallace’s Casebook

Case 4: All You Can Eat

When he first walked into my surgery, Shaun appeared to be a pretty typical teenager. He seemed to revel in looking sullen and throwing curt, disinterested quips back to almost every question. He wore clothes that looked as if he’d picked them up from a jumble sale even though they most likely had cost him dearly. His hair, which was an off-blond colour, was carefully strewn and tousled to make it look like he’d just staggered out of bed.

As soon as he slouched through the door of my surgery I felt like I knew him. So many other versions of him had been to see me over the past couple of years that he seemed almost like family.

And yet Shaun was a little different.

First of all, he surprised me by telling me his mum had made him visit me. Most young guys of his type wouldn’t admit to that: they’d either have pretended they’d wandered in of their own accord, or otherwise would have lied to their mothers that they’d been to see me having found something more interesting to do.

But Shaun didn’t seem to mind appearing like a dutiful son: “Yeah, she made me come. She said I ‘ad to.” His voice, with its thick Yorkshire drawl, was unusually gravelly for a lad of seventeen.

He fiddled with a long chain which hung from his left trouser pocket.

I asked, “Why did she want you to see me?”

Shaun threw me a guarded look. I noticed that he was trying – without a lot of success – to nurture the few wispy hairs on his chin into a goatee beard.

Eventually, he said, “I just wanna know that, if she phones, you’ll tell her I came… that’s all…”

I nodded. “Reception will confirm that to her. But if she asks what we talked about, neither I nor they will tell her about that.”

He looked at me more intently. He must want to know he could trust me.

I explained, “What passes between us is completely confidential. Unless I feel that you or someone else is in danger, and even then I wouldn’t tell your parents.”

He nodded slowly.

I smiled. “So if you want to tell me… well… this is pretty safe territory.”

He smiled back tentatively. It was a warm and genuine smile; a smile that betrayed there was a human being behind the stereotyped image he’d encased himself inside.

He said, “Okay. But I don’t think there’s anythin’ wrong with it. It’s just…”

He tailed off and I nodded, leaving the space to finish his sentence in his own time.

After a few seconds he went on, “To be honest, I was gonna make somethin’ up about exam stress or wha’ever. Just so there’d be a record o’ me bein’ here. I knew you couldn’t tell me mother what I was here about…”

Again he tailed off as if waiting for me to intervene.

I didn’t, and so he continued, “But… I dunno… I think I must ‘ave been expectin’ some old guy.”

I smiled. I’m only twenty-nine but most lads of Shaun’s age tend to think of the gap between our ages as something approaching a geological aeon.

“The problem… put basically…” Again he tailed off, and took a couple of seconds to find the right words. “Well… basically, it’s the way I wank.”

I tried to form a facial expression that conveyed my lack of surprise and my understanding that what he’d just said something quite difficult for him.

He added, quickly, “You know… masturbate or wha’ever you call it…”

I realised he’d thought I hadn’t known what he meant.

I suppressed a smile. “The word ‘wank’ existed when I was at school, Shaun. I was just giving you the space to continue. Perhaps you could tell me why your mother has become concerned about… your technique?”

He nodded.

“Well, my sister caught me doin’ it one day. I didn’t know she was ‘ome and I was doin’ it in me room. She just barged in on me…”

“And what did she see?”

He bristled at the memory and again seemed to struggle to find the right words. Eventually, he tried to avoid the question: “It wasn’t like I was doing anythin’… you know… like pervy or anythin’. And to be honest, I’d thought my folks must know what I can do. The amount o’ jokes my mates make and stuff. I thought ‘alf the fuckin’ neighbourhood knew –”

“Whoa – whoa – slow down!”

He blushed and said, “Sorry. It just sorta slipped out. I just meant that I thought a lot of people knew about me.”

I smiled. “I wasn’t shocked at your language, Shaun. To be honest, I don’t care how you express yourself and I’m not here as some kind of moral judge or you. I just meant you’d lost me.”

He nodded.

I went on, still smiling in what I hoped was an encouraging way: “Now what do you mean about the half the neighbourhood knowing about you? What’s so special about the way you masturbate? Or wank, if that’s what you want to call it…” I added that last part just so he’d know I wasn’t going to cower behind formal terms.

He looked down at the floor and thought about his response. After what seemed like about ten seconds, he blurted, “Basically, I can suck me own cock.”

He looked up at me as if he expected me to be shocked beyond comprehension.

I just shrugged. “Actually, I’ve seen a couple of guys do that. When I was at school. It looked pretty… er… well, amazing, actually…”

He smiled. Again, there was a lot behind it: his eyes betrayed the first signs that he might actually consider me to be a worthy confidante.

He said, “That’s what me mates ‘ave always said. And I’ve never seen anythin’ wrong in it.”

I nodded. “So what you’re saying, Shaun, is that – and forgive me if I’ve misunderstood you – when you masturbate – wank – you like to suck yourself?”

He shrugged. “Sometimes. When I can be bothered…”

“When you can be bothered?”

“It’s not an easy thing to do… you know…”

“Oh right,” I said. “So you save it for special occasions…?”

“Sort of. It’s just… you know… too much faff to have to do it every time. But sometimes… when I fancy it and when I can be arsed…”

I nodded. “Okay. So how did your mum find out about it?”

“Like I said, me sister walked in on me. She must ‘ave told ‘er.”

“You were sucking yourself when your sister walked in on you?”

He shrugged and jangled his chain again. Clearly this was something he did when he felt uncomfortable. “I suppose so.”

I leaned forward across the desk and spoke more softly. “Shaun, there wasn’t anything wrong in the fact you were enjoying yourself in your bedroom when it happened. It was your space and she was the one who was invading it. Don’t feel guilty about that…”

He looked straight into my eyes. “It’s just… I dunno… I must ‘ave freaked her out. For her to tell mum…”

“How old is your sister?”

“She’s a couple o’ years younger than me. She knows about sex and stuff, but.”

“Clearly she must have been a bit surprised, yes. But it wasn’t as if you were doing anything unnatural, and in any case, she should have knocked.”

“I should’ve checked she wasn’t in.”

“But you didn’t and it happened. Stop blaming yourself – it wasn’t deliberate and it’s not going to have any permanent impact on her…”

“Do you think?”

I smiled. “I think siblings have been through a lot worse than that and come out the other side…”

He looked unconvinced, but went on, “Well, me mother said I had to see you. Well not you especially, but a doctor.”


He shrugged. “She said what I was doin’ wasn’t normal. That I was probably injurin’ me back or me neck or somethin’. Or that I’d catch a disease from it. That kind o’ stuff.”

I considered what he’d said. At length, I said, “Is it painful on your neck and back when you do it?”

He shrugged. “A bit. But only like it is when you stretch a bit too far, you know…”

I nodded. “Do you find you get a lot of mouth ulcers or has the dentist mentioned anything about gum disease?”

He shrugged again. “I dunno. I don’t think so.”

My train of thought was distracted by something he’d said earlier. “Hang on, Shaun. You didn’t explain what you meant that you thought half of your neighbourhood knew about it…?”

He smiled. “Me and me mates – you’re gonna think this is really lame – but, you know, we sometimes dare each other to do stuff…”

I smiled back at him. “I was young once, you know…”

“Well, we’ve had nights when we’ve tried to outdo each other on what was the best trick we could do. That sort o’ thing. And a few times I’ve shown off my party piece, you know…”

“You’ve sucked your own penis – cock – in front of your friends?”

He shrugged. “Well, they were lighting their farts, or makin’ their foreskins talk… you ever seen a guy do that?”

“Actually, I can’t say I have…”

He smiled a little triumphantly. Finally he’d got one over on the old bloke.

He went on, “Or one guy managed to get four hard-boiled eggs up his arse…”

I couldn’t help but chuckle. “I’m glad they were hard-boiled. That could have been messy.”

He grinned back at me. “To be honest, it was…”

I laughed.

He went on, “Anyway, I had to show them somethin’. So I let them see I could suck me own cock. And they,” he paused to smile broadly, “absolutely fuckin’ loved it!”

I laughed again. “I bet they did!”

“Anyway, soon, everyone was talkin’ about it. The first time I did it, I hadn’t realised how weird it was to be able to do somethin’ like that. But soon after, even girls I didn’t know were saying they wanted to see me do it. I even found some graffiti about it: somethin’ like ‘Specky blows himself’.”

“Your nickname is Specky?” I asked, slightly confused.

“I used to wear really thick glasses,” he explained. “That was ages ago. But the name must’ve stuck.”

I nodded. “Okay. Did you like the fact that girls were quite clearly interested in you for that reason?”

He shrugged. “I dunno. I suppose it’s a good thing for girls to be interested, wha’ever the reason. But it was ‘ardly gonna get me a girlfriend, was it?”

That seemed to confirm that he was heterosexual, which I had wondered about when he’d described some of the exploits he and other boys had got up to together.

I asked him, “I don’t suppose you know if your father can do this?”

He shook his head. “I don’t think so. I mean, if he could, me mother wouldn’t ‘ave been so freaked out, would she?”

“Any uncles? Or grandfathers with the ability?”

He shrugged. “It’s not the sort o’ thing that comes up at family gatherin’s, you know…”

I smiled. “I just thought you might have heard, somehow?”

He shook his head.

“So you’re the first one with this… er… trait?”

“Of being… what d’you call it… double jointed?”

I shook my head. “That’s a very inaccurate description. You’re just a lot more versatile and flexible than most people…”

“But it’s not dangerous?” he interrupted. “I’m not like wrecking my spine by doing it or anythin’?”

“I don’t know about that. I suppose I’d have to see you get into that position and check your spine to see how strained it is.”

He gawped at me. “You wanna see me suck mesel’ off?”

I smiled. “I didn’t say that. I don’t want to see you doing anything you’re not comfortable with. All I said was that I’d need to see you get into that position to be able to assess if what you were doing was harmful to your spine.”

He considered the prospect for a few seconds. Eventually he asked, “But you’d be able to know for sure if I bent so far that I could actually put me cock in me mouth?”

I shrugged. “I suppose it would make it more realistic. But it’s your body, and I’d put no pressure on you to do anything you weren’t happy with…”

“I dunno… some o’ the stuff me mum said got me worried. I mean, she said I might end up in a wheelchair and stuff. That’s not true, is it?”

“I really wouldn’t know until I’d examined your back, Shaun. Your mother’s quite correct in that the position you’ve described getting yourself into is a very unnatural position for a human to be in. Your spine may be flexible enough to cope with it, but it’s equally possible that you may be straining it so much that you’re causing permanent damage. I’d really need to examine you…”

“While I’m doin’ it?”

I nodded. “I suppose, ideally, that would be best, if you’d be happy to –”

He stood up so quickly that I thought he was going to walk out of the room. Instead, he surprised me by asking, “Do I ‘ave to be naked?”

I said, “Well, again, it’s up to you…”

“But I suppose you’d be able to know for sure if I was?”

I nodded. “In an ideal world you’d be naked so I’d be able to see your spine properly, but I’d fully understand if –”

“I’d better get me kit off, then,” he said, smiling and then pulling his fleece over his head.

I was impressed at how mature he was being about this. When I was his age, I’d have been mortified at the prospect at having to expose myself in such a graphic manner to a doctor. I suppose I just put his apparent indifference down to the fact that his mother had given him a pretty candid talking-to which had really scared him.

When he’d pulled off his upper clothing, he revealed a thin and hairless physique on which a lot of time had clearly been spent trying to make the best of the undeveloped musculature. I wanted to tell him that his build would mature dramatically over the coming years and that pretty soon the muscles he’d spent so long trying to nurture would just spring up of their own accord but, at the risk of embarrassing him, I didn’t.

As he kicked off his boots and loosened his trousers, I thought back to the couple of times I’d seen other guys performing what must stand as the ultimate act of self-pleasure on themselves. In my experience, they were usually tall, giving them lithe backs which could almost double-up on themselves, and had long cocks which could stretch so far that their mouths could reach them.

Shaun was certainly tall: he must have been six foot two or six foot three, because he seemed a little taller than me. And, as he yanked down the faded striped boxer briefs he was wearing, it was pretty obvious that he fulfilled the second criterion too.

His cock hung between his legs looking an impressive six inches long in spite of its lack of arousal. The bulbous head of it dangled downward far lower than his balls did and his foreskin was partially retracted revealing the dry tip of his bell-end with its wrinkled, puckered slit. Apart from a short growth of pubic hair around the base of his cock, his genitals, like the rest of his body, were almost completely hairless.

He threw his briefs onto the pile of his clothes and said, with a calm that I would never have been able to muster if I were in his place, “Where do you want me to do it? On the bed?”

“Wherever you’d be most comfortable.” I motioned towards the examination table which he’d called a bed. “You can lie down if that’s the way you normally do it.”

He jumped up onto the examination table and his arse creased and tore the paper that had been laid out across it.

He said, reaching down to his cock and squeezing it between his fingers and thumb, “I’ll need to get… you know… ‘orny first…”

“Do you want me to look away?”

He shrugged. “I don’t mind. I’ve done this like five or six times before, in front o’ me mates and stuff, so it’s no big deal now.”

I took the opportunity, since he hadn’t objected, of watching the technique he was using to arouse his cock. For some reason I get quite fascinated by the infinitely varied ways guys employ to bring their cocks to life when an examination requires that they should develop an erection in my room. Shaun’s method involved peeling back his foreskin slightly and then tugging it to pull it as far his could back over the gradually swelling head of his cock. I’d never seen a guy do that to arouse himself before. He’d also squeeze the shaft of it – a pretty standard technique – and occasionally jiggle his loose, pale-skinned balls between his fingers.

He looked up at me, when his cock seemed to be about halfway towards developing full erection, and said, grinning, “You should set up a camera in here. You could earn a fortune!”

I chuckled. “Doctor cam dot com, maybe?”

He nodded. “You’d get a nice bit o’ pocket money on the side.”

“You think people would enjoy watching old blokes getting measured up for surgical trusses and coming in to give me urine samples?”

He laughed, still kneading his cock between his fingers. “I suppose when you put it like that…”

He looked down at his cock and kept up that weird technique of easing his foreskin back over about half of the head and then pulling it forwards again. The whole organ looked about eight inches long by now and had thickened up considerably.

He said, “I think I’m about ‘ard enough. Do you want me to have a try?”

“How hard does it have to be before you can get it into you mouth?”

“Quite a bit ‘arder than this, but I think this’ll get me started.”


He swivelled round and lay down flat on the examination table. His cock flopped onto his stomach and the head of it, now with a wide clearly-defined ridge at the base of his helmet, reached up past his belly button.

He looked over at me and grinned sheepishly, “I have to get into a pretty weird position.”

I smiled and nodded. “I’m familiar with it.”

“You’re gonna see parts o’ me that neither of us want you to see.”

I chuckled. “I’m sure I’ll cope, Shaun. Don’t worry about it.”

With almost gymnastic ease, he swung his legs upward and wrapped his arms around his thighs, bringing his feet back down onto the examination table behind his head. His arse was now sticking upwards into the air and his buttocks were gratuitously splayed. His anus, which was puckered up into a surprisingly dark purple colour, seemed to stare up at me from within his hairless arse cleft. His cock, not fully erect but thick and solid-looking, hung downward towards his nose while his balls dangled down inside his scrotum above his eyes.

I said, “I’m surprised you don’t mind letting your mates see you like this.”

He looked up at me. His face was flushing a deep red from the position he was in. “You mean, with my arsehole on show?”

I nodded. “Well, that and… er… everything else. I wouldn’t like the idea of my friends seeing me so… exposed.”

He started playing with his cock again, manipulating it with his hands while his arms stayed firmly wrapped around his thighs. “It bothered me the first couple o’ times I let people see me. But after seeing the guy who shoved the eggs up his arse, it doesn’t seem so weird…”

“It’s not weird. I’d just be embarrassed.”

I saw his cock lengthening further until the tip of its swollen head was less than an inch from Shaun’s face. He said, still squeezing it to coax more length from it, “Do you see anythin’ wrong so far?”

I shrugged. “Your back is strongly curved, but it isn’t causing you any discomfort, is it?”

He shook his head and his nose almost touched the tip of his cock. “It gets a lot more bent than this, but. It just takes a few minutes to get into the right position.”

I nodded. “I think the only worrying thing I can see so far, then, is the fact your anus looks so swollen.”

“My arsehole?”

I nodded and his face flushed a darker shade of red.

I went on, “It’s a dark purple colour and the skin around it looks quite inflamed. It should really be pink and much smaller than it looks now.”

He kept blushing and clearly didn’t know what to say.

I decided to grasp the nettle. “Have you allowed someone to penetrate you?”

He looked up at me, “You mean fuck me?”

I nodded.

He looked outraged. “No! I’m not fuckin’ gay!”

I smiled to try and show him that this wasn’t some kind of Spanish Inquisition. “I’m not suggesting you are. I thought, maybe, you and your mates were messing around or something…”

“No. Definitely not. We don’t do that kind o’ stuff. Jesus…”

“Okay. Do you enjoy penetrating yourself while you masturbate?”

Now he hesitated. “D’you mean, like, fingering mesel’?”

I nodded and he averted his eyes away from me. I was disappointed to notice that his cock had withdrawn an inch from his face because of his discomfort at my questioning.

After a few seconds, he said, “Would you think it was weird if I did?”

I smiled again. “Not at all. Loads of guys do it. Stimulation of the prostate gland inside a guy’s bum can really intensify an orgasm.”

He brightened up. “Yeah?”

I nodded. “Yeah.” I was about to tell him that I sometimes enjoyed doing that myself during solitary moments of pleasure, but I decided against it and opted for a more neutral: “There’s nothing strange or at all wrong in it. I know that for a fact.”

He smirked up at me, perhaps knowing what I meant, and got on with reviving his cock.

I continued, “I just worry that maybe you’re being a little rough with yourself. Your anus – er, arsehole – looks quite sore.”

He shrugged. “I just use my middle finger. Nothin’ else.”

“With lubrication?”

He clearly didn’t know what I meant and just stared up at me, his hand now masturbating his cock in the usual way most guys do, rolling his foreskin up and down his shaft.

“Lubrication is something slippery which reduces the friction between the skin of your finger and the inside of your bum.”

He chuckled. “I think there’s somethin’ like that inside there already.”

I threw him a look of mock disgust and we both grinned. Then I said, “I mean something like KY jelly. You’ve never used anything like that?”

He shrugged again. His cock was now less than an inch from his face again. “I ‘aven’t even ‘eard of it.”

“I’ll show you some later, if you like.”

He nodded. “Yeah.”

“I might even manage a free sample.”

He smiled. “Nice one.”

Then he said, “I think I’m about ready. It doesn’t usually take me so long to get ‘ard – I mean, if it did, I’d ‘ardly ever bother, you know…”

I nodded, glancing around the room at the posters showing different types of dermatitis and what happens during kidney failure. “It’s hardly the best place to make you feel aroused.”

He pulled his foreskin right back to expose fully his large, red bell-end, and then stretched his face upward to give it a lick. His cock noticeably stiffened in response and pushed its way closer towards his mouth as if asking for more.

He looked up at me and grinned. “Yum!”

He began eagerly licking as much as he could of the ripened plum of his bell-end, rubbing his tongue up and down the crease on its underside and swirling it around his swollen piss-slit. His cock lengthened further and the ridge along its underside became thicker and more pronounced.

He muttered, “I’m gonna be able to suck it in a minute. Once I get started, me muscles’ll loosen up and I’ll be able to get a couple of inches of it into me mouth.”

I was impressed at how large it had become in response to the attentions of his mouth. I’d always thought of my own cock, at eight inches, as being quite impressive, but here was one on a seventeen-year-old that easily dwarfed it both in length and thickness.

I said, “When you get into it, I’ll feel along your spine to check that the strain is evenly distributed. And I’ll check your hips to see that they’re not too twisted. If that’s okay?”

He nodded distractedly and then puckered his lips upwards to give the tip of his bell-end a kiss. The sensation was obviously very satisfying because he let out a low, involuntary groan.

I smiled, enjoying watching his mounting pleasure.

He started masturbating with his hand again, quite quickly now. As he did so, he stretched his neck upward and bent his back just a little bit further and managed to get the top of his cock into his mouth. It was just a couple of centimetres, but he immediately began sucking urgently on it, making slurping noises as if feeding on his own precum.

He stretched again and managed to get an inch inside his mouth.

Then a little further, and further again, and soon he was sucking on almost the whole of his own bell-end.

He began bobbing his head up and down, using his lips to do the head of his cock what his fingers had been doing far less effectively a little earlier. He was clearly, by now, fully erect and the stem of his cock was as thick as a church candle with protruding veins zigzagging along its length.

He seemed to be trying to take a little more of it into his mouth each time his head bobbed up to consume it. The slurping noises were becoming louder and faster as the pleasure he was clearly feeling developed.

I could see why he would choose to masturbate like this in his bedroom if he thought the coast was clear! Wouldn’t anyone who had this amazing ability?

I gently checked along Shaun’s spine as his body rocked in self-gratification. The vertebrae were equally spread, showing that each one was taking a fair share of the burden he was placing on them, and those around his neck – those that I could feel without disturbing him too much – similarly showed no cause for concern.

While I was examining his hips, he farted audibly; a result, I suppose of the extreme position he was in and the fact that he was, as he’d told me, relaxing his muscles so that he could get as much of his cock as he could into his mouth. Both of us chose to ignore the sound, but I noticed the red of Shaun’s face deepen a little.

When I was content that Shaun was doing no obvious physical damage to his body by doing this to himself, I stood back to admire the sight of him – quite literally – devouring himself. It was, in a way, rather beautiful: his face was so rapt in pleasure that he just stared contentedly upwards at his own balls bobbing around above him; his cock was slippery from his own spit as it pumped in and out of his eager lips; and his whole upper body was contorted into a circle and swayed to the rhythm of his bobbing head.

I spoke out, reluctant to break his enjoyment but aware that other patients would be waiting to see me: “Well, I can’t see any physical reason why you should be worried about what you’re doing.”

He pulled his mouth away from his cock with a loud slurp and it pressed, large and thick and as solid as a rock, into his cheek as he turned toward me. Breathlessly, he muttered, “D’you wanna show me that thing you said about lubrication? Show me how it’s done…?”

“I can show you that when you’ve dressed.”

“No, now. Show me…” He gestured with his eyes up at his arse.

I thought he must want me to put some lubricant around his anus so that he could finger himself while he was in this position. I wasn’t keen on prolonging this any longer than was necessary, but I thought that it might not be such a bad idea: after all, I could make sure that he wasn’t being too rough with such a delicate part of his body and that his nails were properly trimmed so as to make the act as safe as possible.

I walked over to my drawers and heard Shaun’s slurping start up again. I thought, “Jesus, once you get this lad started, there’s no stopping him!”

When I’d located a fresh tube of lubricant, I walked back over to him, sucking his own cock more deeply than I would have thought possible: he was getting over four inches of it into him every time his eager mouth lunged towards it.

I said, “This’ll feel a bit cold, but believe me it’s a lot better than using nothing, or using spit which you may have done.”

I punctured the cap on the top of the tube and then reached over to Shaun’s backside to squirt a gob of the clear oily liquid onto his anus. He tensed up momentarily from its coldness but quickly recovered his rhythm.

I looked down at his face, noticing how intently he was concentrating on pleasuring his cock with his lips and tongue. I said, “Okay, if you want to have a try, I’ll make sure you’re doing it in a safe way.”

He withdrew his cock from his mouth with another loud slurp and gasped, so breathlessly that I knew his orgasm must be very close, “No, you. Show me…”

His cock was back inside his mouth and he was pumping again by the time I realised what he meant.

I said, “You want me to finger you?”

He glanced up at me and nodded without missing a beat.

I knew I should refuse – there really was no medical reason why I should push my finger into him – but I was feeling quite aroused by the sight of what he was doing to himself and so I hesitated to consider the possibility. I supposed that, were questions to be asked at a later date, I could always say that I was showing Shaun how to safely do something that he’d already admitted to doing in a potentially harmful way. It was a long shot that anyone would believe that as a reason, but at that moment it seemed more than adequate.

In any case, he was asking me to.

I reached over and gently inserted my middle finger into his arse. I was fully aware that I should have put on a latex glove but hoped that Shaun was too immersed in his own pleasure to notice.

His anus opened eagerly to accommodate me and his rectum seemed to try and draw my finger into it. His arse wanted to eat my finger as much as his cock wanted his mouth to!

Shaun tensed at the pleasure of my intrusion and then began feasting on his cock so quickly and frantically, his whole body moving to the rhythm of it thrusting in and out of his mouth, that the legs of the examination table he was on started to thump against the floor.

I wiggled my finger around inside him, enjoying the slickness of his bowels, and then extended it as far in as it would go until I could feel the warm round bulge of his prostrate. Gently, I pressed against it and then withdrew my finger a little to begin slowly fucking him with it.

Shaun groaned in appreciation and, from the quickness of his breath through his nose and the rapidly darkening colour of his face, I realised he was about to climax.

I first knew that his orgasm was upon him when I felt his rectum squeezing rhythmically against my finger. I don’t know why, but it made me smile.

Then I saw him swallowing in rapid gulps, trying to drink as much of his semen as he could, before some of it spilled out from his mouth and ran in thick white streams down his cheeks. From the quantity he produced, it looked like he hadn’t experienced a release in days.

As the intensity of his climax subsided and the rhythm of his cock sliding in and out of his mouth slowed, I withdrew my finger with a slurp and walked over to wash my hands at the sink.

I said, as though formally concluding a series of suggestions about how best to finger ones own anus, “And, it’s crucial to wash your hands afterward, Shaun. Pay particular attention to underneath the nails.”

Through the mirror above the sink, I saw Shaun’s lips finally stop milking the last drops of semen from his softening cock. He pulled his mouth away from it and it flopped onto his cheek with a heavy, spent thud.

He said, surprisingly cheerily given what he’d just done, “I’ve got to take this slowly now… otherwise it can ‘urt like ‘ell for days.”

I looked over at him directly, drying my hands. He was slowly straightening his back, pulling his legs upwards as if trying to stand on his head. His cock stood outwards from his body, still mostly erect and looking impossibly large, as he straightened himself up.

I said, “I think I’d take it slower than that if I were you. It must have taken you twenty minutes to get into the position…”

He shook his head, looking towards me. His legs were now coming down onto the table, so that he was lying normally on his back. He said, “It doesn’t work like that. I mean, everything’s still relaxed – I’ll be able to get mesel’ back like I was for ages, not that I’d wanna – it’s just that I can pull a muscle or somethin’ if I take it too quickly.”

He jumped from the table, his cock standing proud with the bell-end looking red and ripe from the attentions it had just received. A droplet of semen had oozed from the slit and looked like a small watery pearl.

Once again, he seemed totally unconcerned about displaying himself so candidly in front of a relative stranger. I’d assumed that, once he’d climaxed, he might feel a little embarrassed about the fact he’d continued pleasuring himself to the point of orgasm in front of his doctor. But, perhaps, once a guy has done something like in front of his friends, repeat performances in front of other people don’t really seem that significant.

I passed him some tissue from my dispenser and he wiped the cum from his face and then cleaned the end of his cock.

I said, “Well, I hope I’ve put your mind at rest, Shaun. I don’t think you’ve anything to worry about.”

He threw the tissue into the small bin underneath the examination table and then reached for his underwear. “Yeah. I’m glad I came. You were…” He paused to grin at me. “Pretty helpful…”

I smiled neutrally. “If you want me to refer you to have some x-rays taken to support what I’ve said, I can easily do that.”

He shrugged and manoeuvred his still-hardened cock into those faded boxer briefs of his. “I don’t think so. I think I can trust you on this. You seem to know what you’re on about.”

As he finished getting dressed, I fished a couple of tubes of lubricant from my drawers and handed them to him. “There you go, Shaun. With the compliments of the house.”

He thanked me and popped them into his baggy canvas trousers which hung from his arse like they were about to fall down.

He said, “So now you’ve seen three guys sucking themselves off…”

I nodded. “I suppose I have.”

“Do you wish you could do it?”

I chuckled. “After seeing the fun you just had, of course I do!”

He grinned. “Maybe I could try an’ teach you…?”

My smiled faded. “I’m not sure that’s physically possible, is it?”

“I dunno… there’s a few tricks you can learn that makes it easier. Anyway, we could always try. As a way o’ me saying thanks… you know?”

I nodded.

He grinned more broadly, said, “Maybe we’ll have a try sometime, then,” and then let himself out of the room.


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