3rd July 2001: This stands out as a lot of readers’ favourite story and I think it’s because it’s the first story where I start getting quite attentive to the smells of sex. Smells are the one area in which visual porn can’t compete with erotic stories and I think from this story onwards I made a conscious effort to include smells as much as I could.

Desperate Daniel

During my second year at Uni, I had this girlfriend called Kaz (short for Katherine). Although she was about the same age as me, she was a lot smaller than me: shorter in height, lighter in build and delicate in the way she acted. I guess I liked the fact that Kaz had such a vulnerable appearance because it made me feel more protective and put me in a more traditionally masculine role in the relationship which was quite a new experience for me at that time.

Anyway, the events of this story involved my mate Daniel and happened one Saturday night during the time I was seeing Kaz. I lived in University flats at that time, with seven guys sharing a flat. Because it was my second year, we all knew each other very well, and in fact had chosen to live together in the flat. The main objective when we’d moved in was to get as many girls as possible up to the flat to have sex with us: for a while in the September and October we’d had a “golden jockstrap” award for the most prolific one among us in that respect. However, since meeting Kaz I guess I’d calmed down a bit, and while the rest of the guys generally went out on the pull in the evenings, I tended to stay over with Kaz or she came over to stay with me.

The other odd-one-out in the flat was Daniel, a final year medical student. As June – and his finals – approached, he became more and more stressed about, as he put it, “disappointing” his father and started avoiding most social events.

On the weekend in question, Daniel had been talking about having an evening out for a couple of days. There was a student nurses’ ball going on in the University Union and Daniel usually put nurses’ uniforms way ahead of studying. I actually think, from the amount he used to go on about nurses’ uniforms, that it was those which had attracted him towards the medical profession in the first place. So on the Saturday evening, at about nine, Kaz and I got back to an apparently deserted flat with a view to having some wine, listening to some music and spending some time together in bed. The evening went extremely well.

The problem was that afterwards, I couldn’t sleep. I’ve no idea why not – maybe I’d been getting up late all week, or something – but I seemed to lie for hours in the bed with Kaz holding onto me, snuggled into my armpit. It was a single bed and, since I’m a tall and well built guy, it was difficult not to feel cramped with two of us in there. Kaz had no such problem. As soon as she’d orgasmed, straddling my cock on the bed, she’d grown really sleepy. She’d climbed off me and lay down next to me, breathing rapidly. She’d put her small hand around my large cock, wet from her pussy, and started masturbating me, obviously intending that I should cum too. But I saw that her eyelids were growing heavy so I’d pushed her hand away and stroked her hair, telling her to sleep.

Eventually I decided that I ought to do something to help me get to sleep. I considered masturbating but I worried that Kaz would wake up. I didn’t want to nip to the bathroom to masturbate. With seven lads sharing a flat, none of whom know the meaning of the word cleanliness, you don’t want to hang around in the bathroom for a moment longer than is necessary.

So I got up, intending to finish the rest of the wine off, hoping that it would have a sedative effect. Opening the curtain slightly to allow a little light into the room from the streetlamp outside, I located the bottle. Unfortunately it was empty. Kaz seemed to be able to inhale wine: she was a very big fan and bottles of it never lasted long when she was around.

I thought about where else I could get some alcohol. My mobile phone told me it was ten past eleven. Too late to go to the off license. I knew there was no beer in the fridge. But then I thought about Daniel’s stash of lager. He always had a few cans in his bottom drawer. We had an agreement that I could take the odd can as long as I bought him a four pack from time to time. So I quietly let myself out of my room and wandered across to Daniel’s room.

I should say that I didn’t bother to put any shorts on when I left my room. I considered it unlikely that anyone would be back until after 2 am so I walked naked into Daniel’s room, automatically clicking the light on as I entered.

As I told you, I thought he’d be out – he’d been rabbiting on about nurses for about two days – so I guess I kind of jumped back when I saw him spread out on his chair, looking over at me with wide eyes. I think I said, “Fucking hell.” After the shock of him being there wore off, I realised I’d caught him wanking. Like me, he was naked and his hard cock was in his hand. His legs were spread open beneath his desk. On the desk, an anatomy book was open and scrawled lecture notes were spread out around it. Next to these, his portable TV/video was silently playing one of his porn tapes showing some girl licking another girl’s tits.

I grinned at him. The look of surprise on his face faded. I said, “I thought you were going out to get some of the real thing tonight.”

He shifted in his chair, his hand moving to conceal his swollen cock. He said, “I had to get my head ’round some physio tonight. There’s so fucking much to remember.”

I walked over to his desk to get a can out of one of the drawers. I felt my own cock bobbing around as I walked. I didn’t see any need to hide it from him. Jesus, we’d lived together for about six months. The seven of us guys shared each others sights, smells and sounds in the crowded bathroom every morning. There was no need for modesty now.

I felt quite sorry for Daniel. He was obviously panicking about his exams. I said, “The night out would have done you good. You really need a good fuck.”

I kneeled down to get a can out of his bottom drawer. He said, “Toss me another.” I noticed two empty cans on his desk.

I stood next to him, leaning against the wall. We both opened our cans. His dick was totally soft now and he no longer tried to conceal it. Funny how straight guys get uptight about other guys seeing them hard. We think it’s okay to be naked around other guys, but if you have a stiffy you must be queer.

He said, “I really wanted to go out. But I really want to pass these exams. They’re more important. I can fuck till my dick drops off after I’ve passed these.”

As he mentioned his dick, I automatically looked down at it. Like I expected to see it drop off or something. It was quite thick and short. Since he’d just been masturbating, his foreskin was peeled back slightly over his bell end, making a little ring for his piss slit to peer out of. His cock was thick and short. His foreskin was darker – slightly browner – than the skin on his stomach and thighs. It looked like his cock had been off to get a tan while the rest of him was working at his desk.

At the same time Daniel looked at my cock. Mine was whiter and longer than his, but quite noticeably thinner. When I’m limp, my foreskin hangs down slightly longer than my bell end, looking like the puckered lips of a mouth. My cock hung down over my large balls, which, because my legs were closed together as I leaned against Daniel’s wall, stuck out with the skin pulled tightly over them.

He said, “I haven’t had a girl in four months. I’m turning into a fucking monk.”

I said, gesturing at the video, “Well you could have been chatting up a young buxom nurse in the time it took you to jack off to that.”

I guess he took that as an attack, because he snapped, “Jeez Seb, I’ve only had it on about 10 minutes. I need to spill my muck sometimes, you know.”

I took a swig of the lager. He took a swig of his. Then he said, “I didn’t know you were staying in.”

I said, “Kaz is over. She’s asleep. I was just lying there awake next to her…”

He said, “Yeah. I noticed you smelled, kind of, interesting.”

I smiled. I said, “Brings back memories does it?”

He moved his body so that his face was closer to my crotch. About six inches away from my cock. He inhaled deeply. He closed his eyes theatrically and said, “Aaah – the sweet subtle fragrance of a woman.” Then he looked up at me, grinning, and said, “Didn’t use a condom, eh, Seb?”

I said, “She’s on the pill. So I guess I’m pretty covered in… er, sweet subtle fragrance.”

Then Daniel surprised me by reaching for my dick, lifting it up and sniffing it. He sniffed the left and right sides of the stem and then around the head. Then, closing his eyes again and grinning, he said, “Mmmm… nice.” He kept holding it between his thumb and forefinger.

I said, “Better than the video, huh?” He nodded.

I suppose I expected the joke to end there. But Daniel was clearly enjoying Kaz’s pussy smells on my cock. For him it was rather more than a joke between us.

He pulled back my foreskin. I automatically wanted to push him off my cock. Guys just don’t normally do that kind of thing with each other. But I let him have his fun. He needed it.

My wet, sticky looking bell end slowly revealed itself to Daniel. He pulled the foreskin all the way back and then pushed his nose right up against my shrivelled bell. The end of his nose touched the slick red glans and a string of sticky liquid joined his nose with my cock.

He said, “Shit that smells hot. You are so fucking lucky to have a girlfriend.”

I said, “You’re smelling my girlfriend’s pussy, Dan. I think I should be offended.”

He said, breaking the string of liquid with his finger and then sniffing the moist end of his finger, “It’s second-hand pussy. No big deal.”

I glanced down and saw him sort of flicking his own cock with his left hand. It was noticeably longer than it had been a few minutes earlier. He was getting off on this!

I said – kind of to find out how far he’d go, I suppose – “It’s the taste of it that drives me wild.”

He didn’t look at my face, just kept on looking at my dick, but I saw a wicked grin develop as my meaning filtered through to him.

Without saying anything or looking up at me, he licked the end of my dick. I was still limp but the feeling of his warm tongue on my bell end was very nice. Rather too nice. I knew that if this were to continue I would get a hard-on.

Then he looked up at me, grinning very broadly, and said, “I see what you mean.”

I was going to move away from him at that point. Indicate to him that this had reached its natural end, but without warning he buried his nose into my pubic hair and inhaled. His hand left my cock and cupped my ball sac, drawing it up towards his nose. He was sniffing my entire crotch like a dog. Then he gently licked the stem of my dick.

By now my cock was starting to thicken up: still hanging downwards but definitely growing chunkier.

He looked up at me, still smiling, and said, “I can smell where she’s dribbled into your bush, man. That means she must have ridden your cock. She sat on you didn’t she?”

I had to laugh at this. “Who do you think you are?” I asked. “Miss fucking Marple?”

He stood up. He had a well-built, respectably muscular body. His chest had a little clump of short brown hair in the middle, but apart from that was hairless. His pubic hair was thicker and darker and his cock stood outwards from it. Not fully hard but sticking away from his balls almost at a right angle. It looked large – about seven inches by now, I guess – and again it’s thickness struck me.

He stood right in front of me, both of us kind of grinning at each other wickedly, and moved towards me. For a second I thought he was going to try to kiss me – that would have really freaked me out. But instead he lunged at my chest. Stuck his face into the few wisps of blond chest hair between my pecs. Then, in the same movement, turned his head towards my right nipple.

He said, “Oh God.”

He sniffed around my nipple and then licked it gently. I pushed his face away. At first, his eyes were closed – he’d really enjoyed doing that. Then he opened them and stood up again. Now his cock curved upwards, looking even longer. Mine was also sticking out from my balls, but was not yet fully erect. His cock jabbed into the gingery-blond pubic hair above mine. We were similar in height – about six foot two. We looked straight into each other faces.

He said, “I can smell her tits on your chest. Why do womens’ tits all smell so good. Do they use a special spray?”

He held his cock with his right hand. It filled his hand, looking very thick. He pulled back his foreskin fully. The sharp, distinctly male, smell of it hit me as I looked down at it. His bell end was bright red and moist. It looked hard and shiny – he must have been feeling so horny that it ached. He didn’t masturbate it; he just stood with it in his hand, pointing it at me like a thick hose.

He said, “Don’t take this the wrong way – I’m just feeling so frustrated right now – but smelling your girlfriend has made me really fucking horny.”

I said, “You don’t say.”

He said, “What I would give to fuck her…”

I knew he wasn’t really suggesting that he wanted to spoil things between Kaz and I. But I went along with his game. I said, “No way dude.”

He said, starting to masturbate himself slightly, “Oh please. Pretty please.”

I thought this was getting a bit weird. I wanted to end it. I realised he might be a lot more pissed than I’d thought at first. I noticed that the wastebasket had a few empty cans in it in addition to those on his desk.

I said, pulling back from him a bit, “I’d sooner let you fuck me, Danny.”

He smiled and made a face as if considering what I’d said. Then he said, “Well… okay.”

Now I was intrigued. We were both straight – overtly so – but here he was standing in front of me, hard dick in his hand, saying that he wanted to fuck me. This was quite an unexpected development and I was interested in seeing how serious he was. I said, “You’re so fucking desperate you want me to bend over for you?”

He said, “I’d prefer Kaz. But you’ll do.”

He was still smiling mischievously. But then so was I. So it wasn’t clear how serious either of us were. Well, I know that I wasn’t serious, but did he know that? And did I know whether or not he was? This was quite a surreal moment.

I offered him a way out. I said, “Trouble is, Dan – I haven’t got a nurse’s outfit to wear.”

He didn’t take the escape route. He said, his grin fading. “No need for that. The way I feel, I’ll fuck your shitter as you are. Right now.”

That surprised me. But I liked the way he spoke. Kaz, and most other girls I’d been out with until then, were a bit prissy about sex talk. Liked to talk about “making love” and “pushing it inside” her. To hear Daniel use such raw language to describe sex between us appealed to me.

I didn’t let him see my surprise, though. I just smiled at him. This could still be guy-talk, a joke we were having. I said, “Dan. In case you haven’t noticed, I’m a guy. I have a dick. Not quite your sort, mate.”

He pulled back slightly. I thought it had maybe dawned on him how far we’d gone because his face became colder and more sober. But his words proved me wrong. He said, “I really want to fuck Seb. I feel so fucking horny. Don’t say anything to anyone. I don’t fancy you – I just want to fuck you.”

I said, “Jesus.”

He waited for a more informative response.

I said, “It’s a bit much to ask.”

He said, “Yeah. I guess I’ll owe you a few cans or something.”

I blew up a bit at that: “Christ, I’m not a prostitute. I’m not for sale.”

We stared at each other for a few seconds.

I added, “And anyway, my arse is worth more than a few cans of lager.”

He smiled.

I could have said “No way”, I guess, and just left it at that. Or let him down gently or some such crap. But I was really intrigued by this. I think at heart I’m a bit of a dirty bastard. Bit of a pervert. When opportunities to do stuff like this come along, I tend to go for them. So I said, “If you want to… kind of rub yourself against me – I’ll go for that. It’ll be interesting. But I don’t want you to fuck me. It’ll be too much.”

He warmed to that idea. His face became more relaxed and he seemed happy that I’d suggested it. He said, “Yeah that’d be cool. Butt-fucking might have been a bit heavy, anyway.”

By now my dick was a lot limper and, while still five inches or so, it hung downwards over the top of my balls. Daniel’s cock, on the other hand, was still ablaze. He released his grip from it, and it stayed in an upright position, the stem looking like it had white stripes on it from the pressure of his fingers. It arched upwards, the large head now purple and throbbing. As I looked at it, a bead of clear fluid oozed out from his piss slit. It stayed on the end of his cock for a few seconds, like a clear pearl, before his movements caused it to spread out across the purple head. He was clearly a gifted guy in the trousers department. His cock must have been about nine inches long now that it was fully charged, but its thickness made it look far more substantial than my own cock which was a similar size when hard.

I said, “How do you want me big boy?”

He said, “Oh I dunno. Maybe lying on the bed…?”

This felt very weird. A mate of mine telling me to get on his bed so he could simulate sex against my butt. But I went with it.

I walked over to his bed, kneeled down on it and bent over. My palms were flat against his pillow.

He said, “No, lie down on the bed. Like you’re a girl.”

I felt a bit silly. I’d assumed he’d wanted me in a gay position – like I was ready to take it up my arse. But of course he’d want me to lie down on my back. So he could imagine I was a girl. That hadn’t occurred to me.

I lay down on his bed. He climbed on top of me. It felt weird to be naked like this on another guy’s bed and to have him mount me. As I said, Daniel was a big lad and he found it difficult to get on top of me easily. He kept pushing his knee into my balls or elbowing my face. After a few seconds, though, he managed to get his legs between mine, his hard cock pressed into my pubic hair and his face to one side of my head on the pillow. I could feel his ball sac hanging down between my thighs and his short brown hair tickling my ear.

He said, “You okay?”

I said, “Well it’s incredibly weird. But apart from that…”

Daniel supported his large, well toned frame with his elbows so as not to crush me. Then he started slowly rubbing his cock against my crotch. It was quite painful to have my pubic hair pulled to and fro by the rubbings of his cock, but I didn’t want to complain because I wanted him to cum as quickly as possible so that it would be over. In fact, I think if I’d have known how uncomfortable it would be to have Daniel on top of me, simulating sex, I wouldn’t have agreed to let him do it to me.

I didn’t know what to do with my hands. My arms lay at my sides and I looked up at his ceiling, feeling like a bit of a tit. The adage “Lie back and think of England” came to me. I wondered if this was how girls must feel when guys are fucking them and they’re not getting off on it. Feeling a bit uncomfortable, slightly painful and extremely stupid.

I put my arms around him and he said, “Oh yeah. Feel my arse, Seb.”

I’d intended to just hug him around the shoulders, but I moved my hands down to cup each of his cheeks. They felt very solid: very muscular. He cycled into Uni every day and that had obviously had a good effect on his butt. He wasn’t particularly hairy: just a light fuzz of hair covered his cheeks. I squeezed them and caressed them and he started speeding up.

Abruptly, he pulled right back from me and knelt between my legs, his huge cock arching upwards. He reached behind himself, grabbed my knees and pulled my legs over his shoulders. His strength surprised me. I’d noticed he was a well-built guy but I hadn’t figured on him being so strong. My arse was now off the bed and his cock was jabbing into my arse crack. Not into my hole, but pretty close – about an inch away.

He smiled down at me and said, “How’s this?” Then he started rubbing his dick up and down my butt cleft. My cock hung down over my stomach and my balls dangled around its base. Between them I could see Daniel’s purple bell end jabbing upwards as he thrust his cock up and down my cleft. His thrusts were long: his cock swept almost the entire length of my arse.

It was difficult for me to smile because I was struggling to support myself with my elbows. I was feeling distinctly feminised by all this – I mean, it felt totally alien to me to be assuming traditionally feminine positions and having another guy dictate which positions we adopted.

I became aware that Daniel’s cock kept getting caught against my arsehole as he thrust it up and down my cleft. Instead of jabbing up into the air above my dangling balls, it sort of jabbed into my hole, stretching it open. It seemed to be accidental: Daniel had his eyes closed and didn’t seem to notice. But it started happening more and more frequently – I suppose my anus must have grown used to the brief intrusions and was relaxing to accommodate Daniel’s cock.

I must admit that I was a lot more comfortable in this second position than I had been with Daniel on top of me. The feeling of his thick cock jabbing against my butthole wasn’t too painful and – so long as he didn’t actually ram it inside – I couldn’t see any problem. He was really getting off on it. I suppose it felt a bit like a girls’ cunt to him – my arsehole was in about the right position and, with my legs open and around his shoulders, I suppose he could have imagined me to be some random student nurse who he’d picked up.

Daniel’s forehead was covered in sweat by now. Rivulets of it ran down his chest. He glanced down at me and grinned. He was clearly getting breathless.

Then, again without warning, he shifted positions. He bent down towards me so that his face was close to my neck. He still held onto my legs and pushed them as wide open as he could. His cock was now positioned so that the head was pressing against the opening of my arse. He shifted his arms and legs a bit to maintain his balance and then started jabbing his dick against my hole. My legs were so far apart that it was like an open door – his cock started pushing into me.

There wasn’t much pain but I knew that his thick cock was starting to penetrate my bum. I was being buttfucked by another guy. This wasn’t supposed to be happening.

I said, “Hey Dan. Your going in.”

He maintained his rhythm. His mouth was dribbling onto the top of my chest. He grunted something like, “Uh?”

I said, “Whoa. You’re fucking me.”

He slowed down, but didn’t stop. He said, literally panting, “Just a few more seconds. I’m so fucking close. It’s just slightly in. Not much.”

Without giving me the option to refuse he started thrusting again. Every time he jabbed his dick into me, it went in a bit deeper. Became slightly more painful.

His chest rubbed against mine. He was dripping sweat. I was getting pretty hot myself. The combination of skin and sweat kept making farting noises as he moved around. He kept ramming his cock home, pushing it into my hole and pulling it out.

He said, “Jesus this feels so good,” and pulled his cock out from me. At first I thought he’d finished but it turned out he wanted to shift positions again. He moved upwards again, resuming the position he’d adopted earlier. Knelt between my legs and pulled my shins up onto his shoulders.

I just lay there totally submissive. I’m usually really demanding in bed – with girls, that is. Normally I’d be suggesting new things, telling my partner what I like, asking her what she likes. But with Daniel I just lay there. Just let him do what he liked. I sometimes wonder why I didn’t tell him to fuck off and get the hell out of there – I reckon I must have been too stunned by what was going on to do anything decisive.

Daniel opened my arse with his hands and felt around my hole. I felt one of his fingers enter me. He smiled and said, “I think you’re right. Went in a bit further than I thought.”

I said, “It fucking stings.”

He said, “Naah. There’s a definite smell but I wouldn’t say it stinks. Smells quite horny actually. Seedy.”

I said, “Not stinks you dumb fuck. It stings. Your cock was right in there.”

He said, “Oh right.” Then he raised his right hand to his mouth and spat on it. Went back to my butt and rubbed his spit into my arse. One or maybe two of his fingers entered my hole again as he moistened me. Then he repositioned his cock at the entrance and started thrusting again.

Now there was no pretence that this was just frottage. He deliberately spread my legs further so he could penetrate me. Then he spat on his fingers again and rubbed more spit around the stem of his cock so he could enter further.

Once he’d done this, he bent over me slightly and started very quickly humping my arse, holding my legs apart with his hands. He looked down into my face and smiled again. His face was red and very sweaty. His cock kept coming out of me and my arse made farting noises when it did so. He replaced it as quickly as he could and then took up his rhythm again. He said, really panting now, “Jesus. It feels… like a cunt. Better. Tighter.”

As he pushed in and out, my arse started to relax – kind of started to accept what was happening. This allowed his cock to go deeper into me and he groaned in pleasure, really gasping for breath. It stopped slipping out from me and he took up a more consistent rhythm, keeping his cock inside of me as he fucked me, really filling my backside up. It felt like I was taking a big crap, I guess, but one which danced around with a life of its own inside me. I could hear slight squelching noises from my arse as he thrust in and out. Almost inaudible sounds.

I became aware, as he fucked me steadily, of the strong smell in the hot room. The smell of his sweat mixed with that from my arse. The air seemed thick with it. It seemed so strong I vaguely worried that whole flat would smell of our anal sex. That everyone would know what we’d done when they got in.

My own cock started to lengthen rapidly. I don’t know why this happened. One minute I was just lying there, letting Daniel buttfuck me and wondering why I was allowing it; the next I was aware that my cock was growing longer. I suddenly grew really hot and so excited that it reminded me of the intensity of my first solitary orgasm back when I was 11. I guess Daniel’s dick rubbed against something inside my bum that I’d never been aware of. Whatever happened, I suddenly felt so horny that I actually began to enjoy what he was doing. I actually enjoyed having this guy fuck me.

I grabbed my cock and started jerking it. My precum was leaking out over my stomach. Daniel noticed what I was doing and said, “Oh yeah Seb. Wank it.” I masturbated as quickly as I could. I wondered who was making gasping noises and realised it was me. I tried to stop but I couldn’t. I sounded like a dog whimpering but I just couldn’t stop myself.

I felt my arse grow wet and warm and realised Daniel was cumming. From his face and his movements, it was impossible to tell. He just kept his eyes closed and maintained his rhythm while his cock pumped his semen into me. He kept thrusting for quite a while after he’d cum – I wondered if maybe he was going for a second burst.

But then he pulled out from me and, pushing my hand away from my cock, hungrily ate it. His mouth moved up and down on my dick very quickly and I could feel his tongue sweeping around my bell end. His fingers found my anus again and entered me. That was too much for me: I came into Daniel’s mouth, pumping what felt like gallons of semen down his throat. As I did so I felt his fingers thrusting deep into my hole, masturbating a part of my body that I hadn’t previously realised could be masturbated.

After I’d cum, Daniel grinned at me. He said, “Tastes kind of… salty.”

I was speechless.

He said, “Thanks for that Seb. You’re a mate.”

I felt that him saying that was rather inappropriate under the circumstances. It’s the sort of thing that’s said if I push-start a friend’s car, or buy someone a beer if they’re skint. Doesn’t really fit with allowing my arse to be fucked by a guy who’s pissed and horny.

I cleaned myself up and went back to Kaz. She was still asleep. My arse hurt so much and I kept farting. It was uncontrollable. I was pleased Kaz was soundly asleep because she once told me she goes psycho about guys farting in bed.

Daniel and I obviously never discussed what had happened. A few days later, he acknowledged that something had happened between us in a roundabout way by saying, casually, “You know Seb, if you ever fancy a can, just take one from my bottom drawer. You don’t have to buy me any back…”

I smiled at him. I said, “Yeah. Maybe one night if I’m desperate.”


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