17th April 2001: My very first story and one which I only uploaded to see what reaction I would get – needless to say, the response was very positive.

Daryl Tries the Good Stuff

This happened just before Christmas this year. It was the weekend after the end of term and I had a friend called Daryl to stay with me at Uni. He was sleeping on the floor and I was in the bed. We went out with Christina, my girlfriend, and a few other friends on Friday and Saturday night. By Sunday things were calming down a bit – people were going back home and student flats were emptying. Daryl was staying over until Monday after which he was going to stay with his girlfriend’s folks for Christmas. Christina left on Sunday and I was planning to catch the train home on Monday evening.

So I expected Daryl and I to be alone in the flat, but as it happened one of the guys in the flat downstairs was also staying so we invited him along to the pub with his. He’s an Irish guy called Ryan who I vaguely knew through some other friends. I knew that he’s gay but apart from that didn’t know much about him. Anyway, the three of us went out and Ryan turned out to be really good company and we were having quite a laugh. Daryl and him got on quite well which was good, because Daryl can come across as a bit arrogant with people he doesn’t know.

After the pub we went back up to my room and were having a few more beers, basically using up the mountain Christina and I had bought for the weekend. I guess we had quite a few and were pretty pissed. Daryl began questioning Ryan about what gay guys did in bed and I was kind of slumped against the wall, feeling pretty out of it. I remember Ryan was answering his questions fairly graphically and Daryl was doing the “Ugh that’s disgusting” routine. As this was going on, the two of them sitting on the bed next to each other, backs against the wall, I guess I nodded off.

I don’t think I was asleep for long but when I awoke, I saw Ryan sucking Daryl off. Daryl hadn’t changed positions – he was still slouching on the bed with his back to the wall. He’d pulled his jeans down a bit to release his cock. Ryan was sitting to one side of him, his head slowly bobbing up and down on Daryl’s cock. I said, “What the fuck are you two doing?” It sounded far more slurred than I intended it to. Daryl, who’d had his eyes closed, said, smiling, “He’s good, Seb. You should try some…” Ryan turned to me and said, “Sorry to take advantage of your mate an’ all, Seb, but with a dick like this, how could I say no?” I saw Daryl’s cock in his hand and it was really big. Quite thick, but no thicker than most guys I guess, but it’s length must have been nine or ten inches. It was wet from the licking it had been getting from Ryan.

Daryl said, “Who told you to stop,” and gently pushed Ryan’s head back onto his cock. Ryan continued his slow but thorough sucking, moving his lips up and down the upper part of Daryl’s shaft. He seemed unable to fit the lower four inches or so into his mouth.

I couldn’t really believe what I was seeing. “What about Claire?” I said to Daryl. “Jeez Seb lighten up. We’re only messin’.” This was one of Daryl’s standard lines but it didn’t really seem to apply to this situation. I still felt really drunk but was able to enjoy watching Daryl have his cock sucked. Daryl is about 6′ 2″ with short dark brown hair. He has a short goatie beard. Ryan is a bit shorter, but still probably about 6 foot, with dark auburn hair. His hair is longer than Daryl’s but still quite short. Ryan has more of a boyish face than Daryl – Daryl usually gets told that he looks a bit rough.

Ryan continued sucking Daryl’s big cock, making slurping noises as his head bobbed up and down. Daryl had his hand’s on Ryan’s head and was probably dictating the speed by gently pushing. I said, still incredulous, “I can’t believe you’re exploiting him, Daryl” Ryan looked up, with a smirk, “Who’s being exploited? If you have ten inches down your trousers, Seb, I’ll service you next.” Daryl laughed and said, “I had to fucking fight him off” Ryan continued, “Actually, I’ll suck you off whatever you’ve got.” I must admit that I was hard but I didn’t really want to get involved – I was enjoying watching. Daryl said, “Ryan, don’t be such a fucking tart.”

The sucking continued. I began to feel more tired and the sight of Ryan’s head, bobbing up and down a bit faster now, was hypnotically sending me off to sleep. After another minute or so Daryl said, “Is your door locked, Seb?” I said I didn’t know and then I guess I dozed off.

When I woke up Daryl and Ryan were asleep. I noticed that Daryl’s trousers were still halfway down his thighs and that his cock, now limp of course, was visible. I couldn’t see Ryan because he was behind Daryl on the bed. Daryl had his back to Ryan, who had one arm draped over Daryl’s chest. I grabbed a cushion and went back to sleep on the floor. I was vaguely pissed off to lose my bed to them, but I wasn’t going to wake them.

Next thing I knew I was awake again and it was getting light outside. I guess it was about eight thirty. What woke me was a rhythmic squeeking. On the bed, Daryl and Ryan were naked and Ryan was at it again. Daryl was on his knees on the bed and Ryan was in front of him, on all fours and with his butt in the air, sucking away at that monster cock. Now that Daryl was upright it really looked enormous. Daryl held Ryan’s head in steady while he fucked away at his mouth. The scene looked really hot and I lay there for a while just taking it in. Ryan’s face was quite red as he sucked away and I could hear him gagging occasionally when Daryl pushed it too far into his mouth. Ryan’s body looked virtually hairless, although I couldn’t see his chest so well since he was bent over. Daryl, on the other hand, had a small patch of hair on his chest and a line of dark hair leading down to his cock from it. His cock and balls were quite hairy as were his legs. His arms, which were quite thick for a guy who spent more time drinking than doing any exercise, were also thinly covered in dark hair.

After a few minutes I said, “Are you two still at it?” Daryl let out a really loud laugh – kind of unexpected under the circumstances. Then he said, “You gotta admire this guy – he never gets tired of my cock.” Ryan said nothing. His eyes were closed – he was really enjoying himself. Then Daryl pulled his cock out of Ryan’s mouth and said, “You gotta see this, Seb.” Turning round on the bed, he exposed his hairy arse to Ryan’s face. I thought he was going to fart in the guy’s face or something, but instead he kind of bent forwards and Ryan started licking in his crack. Right around the area where Daryl’s bumhole would be. “This feels really weird – but actually quite good,” Daryl said, straightening his body upwards. I could see how good he found it from his cock which arched upwards in front of him, looking unfeasibly long. His foreskin was pulled right back, exposing his red, almost angry looking, bell end. He seemed totally unfazed by my staring at his naked body nor indeed my watching him get his butt licked by a guy even though for years I’d thought he was – like me – straight.

Ryan reached around and started tugging on Daryl’s cock as he ate his arsehole. Daryl groaned, “Oh man, yeah” and started pushing his bum further into Ryan’s face. For a few seconds he looked as if he was really getting into it, but then he turned to me, grinning, and said, “His tongue is right up my ass – can you believe that?” Then he knocked Ryan’s hand away from his cock and started masturbating himself much faster than Ryan had been. I was impressed by the length of his strokes, but then with a cock that size I guess you’d expect long strokes.

Again Daryl turned to me and this time said, “Seb you’ve got to try this. It’s totally unlike anything a girl would do.” I said, “Nah. I’m going for a shower.” I picked up my stuff and left them to it.

I must admit that I masturbated in the shower. Even when I’d cum, I was still hard and contemplated having a second pull.

When I got back to the room with my towel around me, Daryl was behind Ryan, fucking him. At first I thought he was just rubbing his cock up and down Ryan’s arse, but when I looked I could see it was actually penetrating Ryan’s hole. Daryl, who was kneeling on the bed with his body upright, said, in a matter-of-fact way, “There’s no-one else in the flat is there?” He was still pushing in and out as he said it. I said “No.” I guess I was really staring at them because Ryan said,” What? It had to be done.” “Yeah,” added Daryl, “I had to stay for the dessert.” Daryl moved his hands from Ryan’s waist to his shoulders and speeded up his thrusts. I just kept staring, incredulously. I said, “I can’t believe you’re buggering him on my bed.” Daryl, still not missing a beat, said, “Jeez Seb, we’ll clean it up.” Then, closing his eyes, he added, “God it feels so good” He was getting faster now and his breathing was getting faster. I noticed that Ryan was wanking while Daryl fucked him.

My cock was so hard as I watched them that it was hurting. Daryl was now grunting as he fucked Ryan. Just as when he’d been masturbating, he used the whole length of his prick in his fucking motions. They were getting quite fast now but he still pulled it almost out before ramming back in as far as it would go. I was amazed that an ass could take so much cock – I’d once tried to fuck a girl’s ass but she’d made me take it out when it had been just about halfway in. I’d concluded that cocks and butts just weren’t really made for each other but seeing these two go at it was kind of making me rethink that.

At one point Daryl pulled his cock so far out of Ryan that it came out of his bum. He was eager to push it back in and jabbed away for a few seconds unsuccessfully. When he couldn’t find the hole he took his hands off Ryan’s shoulders and put them back on his hips, parting Ryan’s cheeks with his thumbs. Ryan gasped as Daryl re-entered him, then he looked at me, right into my eyes, and smiled. I didn’t know what else to do, so I smiled back. The towel around my waste dropped down, exposing my hard cock. I didn’t bother to hide it – there didn’t seem much point.

Daryl started fucking Ryan again, pushing Ryan’s shoulders lower with one hand and pulling Ryan’s hips up towards his cock with the other. Ryan was now gasping on every thrust so I guess Daryl was pushing himself into his arse deeper than before. Ryan looked at me and then gestured that I should move towards him. I knew why, and I was by now really wanting to part of this, so I did. Ryan turned and hungrily ate my cock as soon as it was near enough. He started sucking it quite hard – much better and more passionately than any girl I’d been with – using his tongue and teeth in ways that were new to me and felt fantastic. Daryl, still grunting as he humped Ryan’s bum, looked over at my pleasure, and smiled. “I knew you wanted some,” he gasped, breathlessly.

Despite the fact I joined last and also that I’d jerked off in the shower, I was the one who came first. I knew I couldn’t hold out for long with Ryan’s mouth doing its stuff up and down my cock, and I spewed another really intense orgasm down his throat and on his chin. He drank down what he could, then licked at my bell end to get more of my semen as it oozed out the end of my cock. Again, I was really turned on by his enthusiasm – my girlfriends have always pushed my cock away when it starts erupting.

When Daryl saw I’d cum, he pushed Ryan’s head back down onto the bed, so his arse stuck right up again, and then, grabbing his hips, started fucking his bum really quickly. It was like watching a pneumatic drill – lots of very fast, short thrusts in and out. Within about thirty seconds he was gasping, and then he slowed down and lengthened his thrusts, milking his orgasm and making weird growling noises. His eyes were closed and it was obvious this was a pretty intense experience for him.

Ryan, still with his face pressed into the bed, kept on tugging furiously at his cock for about 10 seconds after Daryl had cum and then, quietly gasping, shot a very large wad of semen onto my duvet. I couldn’t imagine myself having an orgasm in that position.

After Ryan had cum, I was kind of speechless and just stood there, my wet cock starting to go limp. Daryl said, “Well I think we’d better get cleaned up,” and pulled himself out from Ryan. Ryan shuddered as Daryl’s cock, still impressive in its semi-hard state, slid out from his arse. The two of them had a shower – separately, I should add, since they hardly spoke after they’d had sex. I got dressed and made us all some toast for breakfast.

Daryl and I haven’t spoken about what happened with Ryan but we’re still reasonably good mates and I’m planning to go on holiday with him (and our respective girlfriends) this summer. Ryan seemed to think it best to ignore when he saw me around Uni, but I quickly stopped that by almost grabbing him and talking about some bullshit with him just to get him to know that I wasn’t freaked out.


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