19th April 2001: I’ve always dreamed of having a sexy big brother and this was my first incest story. It’s popularity prompted me to start writing an ongoing series of Sebastian’s stories.

Catching My Brother

I’ll tell you about the night I saw my older brother Gareth getting buttfucked. Our parents had gone away on a skiing trip leaving Gareth and I alone in the house. Except we weren’t alone for long, because like most kids, we decided to throw a party. I was 15, I guess, making Gareth 17. It wasn’t a wild party – in fact it was quite an anticlimax because not many people came and Gareth and I were so scared that people would trash the place that we didn’t really relax all night.

Anyway, my girlfriend at the time, an older girl called Sarah, stayed over with me (which my parents would have never allowed) and that was pretty good. Everyone had left the party except one of Gareth’s mates who was talking to him, and Sarah and I went up to my room. We messed about a bit but every time I tried to fuck her the condom kept slipping off and would sometimes stay inside her. I’d soon used all three of the johnnies I’d bought (I wasn’t so much of an optimist as to buy a 12 pack) and we realised I was going to need some more if we were to continue. Sarah pissed me off by saying that my cock was too small for the ones I’d bought – maybe that was true, I don’t know. Fact was that I was frustrated and really wanted to fuck her in my bed at home and then sleep with her because I’d looked forward to it ever since I’d known about my parents going away.

So I went to ask Gareth if he had any johnnies or knew where dad kept his. I wasn’t too hopeful because Gareth has always been a bit of a geek – really into Star Trek and dungeons and dragons and stuff – and had never had a girlfriend as far as I knew. I was actually more hopeful of his mate who he’d been with when Sarah and I had gone to bed and hoped he was still with Gareth. His name was Andy and he was on the school rugby team and was very into girls. In fact, I couldn’t really understand why Andy got on so well with my brother because they were so different. They had a similar sense of humour, I guess, but apart from that were chalk and cheese.

It seemed Gareth had gone to bed because the lights were off downstairs and there was loud music playing in his room. He quite often slept with his music on loud – our mother used to go ape about it. I was going to back into Sarah and tell her it was no go, when I thought that maybe Andy was in Gareth’s room with him and maybe they were smoking dope or something. So I opened the door slightly – there was no point knocking as there was no way they’d hear me.

I looked in and saw Andy from behind on his knees on Gareth’s bed. His trousers and briefs were pulled down around his thighs, and his arse, which was quite hairy, was moving in a rhythm. I realised that Gareth was in front of him, with no trousers or underpants on, bending over with his white arse up in the air level with Andy’s crotch. It took me a couple of seconds to realise that Andy’s cock must be penetrating my brother’s arse – I guess I must be a bit slow in the area of gay sex.

They were both facing away from me so I took the opportunity to watch for a couple of minutes. I must admit I was kind of turned on by it – I realised as I watch them that I had my hand inside my dressing gown squeezing my half-hard cock. Gareth’s face was pressed into his pillow but I could see he was enjoying getting fucked because he was wanking himself with his right hand. Again since I was behind them I couldn’t really see if he was hard but he seemed to be getting into it, his forearm really pounding away at his meat, and his bum pushing back at Andy’s cock as he was getting buggered. Andy had his hands on Gareth’s waste, pulling his arse onto his cock I guess. Seeing them in this position was fantastic – I’d thought about fucking a girl like that but had never really contemplated fucking a guy. The idea was new to me and it really excited me.

Andy’s arse flexed in a quickening rhythm as he fucked my brother. His hair was dark, unlike Gareth and I who are blond, and his arse had a line of curly black hair running up its crack. It looked pretty sweaty, actually, and I was quite interested in it. I contemplated going over and licking his crack and around his ring while he fucked Gareth (I like doing this to girls) but I didn’t know how he’d take it. He always called me “the dork” so I figured he might not take too kindly to the intrusion.

Just then the music stopped – a pause between tracks – and I could hear the slapping sound of Andy’s cock going in and out of Gareth’s arse. Andy said something to Gareth in a low voice – something like “Christ your arse feels good” or something. Then the music started again.

As I watched Andy began to speed up, clearly nearing his climax. He reached across Gareth, pushing his t-shirt up and exposing his white back, and then grabbed him by the shoulders. He was kind of bent across my brother, by now really slamming his groin into Gareth’s bum. His strokes seemed to be quite long – right out then all the way in – and I guessed his cock must be really long. Gareth raised his head from the pillow which seemed to be convulsed in pain and bright red – I then wondered if he really was enjoying the pounding he was getting or if he might be being raped. I considered stopping them but by now my dressing gown was open and I was tugging away at my cock feeling like I was going to cum any second. Andy became really frantic, really hammering his cock into Gareth’s arse and pulling back on his shoulders. He looked up at the ceiling and his strokes started slowing down: he was cumming. Gareth turned his head round to look back at Andy’s face I guess, and saw me standing in the doorway, watching them and masturbating.

He looked at me and I looked right back at him. Andy was still cumming and was oblivious to the fact Gareth was looking at me. Gareth looked towards my cock which at that moment started spurting globs of cum over the carpet. He still wanked his own meat and I think – from the sudden spasm of his face – that he started cumming just as I left the room.

I suddenly remembered Sarah and went to clean up before I went back in with her. I could hardly tell her I’d just shot my wad watching my brother get bumfucked, so I said I couldn’t find any condoms and just wanted to cuddle in bed. I really didn’t want any sex with her that night after such an intense experience watching Gareth.


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