28th July 2001: This was my first non-consensual story and I’m surprised now at how brutal I made it. The story was rejected by many of the story sites I used to post to in view of its sexual violence but I stand by it as a legitimate erotic story because some men are very sexually aggressive and other men, men like Greg in this story, can’t help but enjoy it.

Army Invasion

Only three people know about what happened in Deborah’s room that night. Me, Greg and Army. I’m sure that the people standing outside in the corridor, including Deborah herself, saw or at least heard some of what was happening, but I never heard it talked about and there’s no way that I would ever mention anything to Greg or Army about it.

Nevertheless, I think about it from time to time and I guess I still feel a bit guilty for getting turned on by the memory of it.

It happened like this. I’d been out with Army and a few of his mates from the university rugby team celebrating a victory. Lots of drinking – I mean really lots of drinking – lots of loud smutty songs, lots of curry and then a fair share of vomiting. Not exactly a sophisticated night out, but there you go.

I was in my first year at uni so making me 18. I wasn’t on the rugby team – rugby has never been my thing – and I knew Army because we lived in the same block at the university residence. I didn’t really know him that well: in fact, I can’t remember how or why he’d invited me out. I knew that his nickname, Army, was short for Stephen Armstrong, and that he was doing an engineering degree, but beyond that I was a bit vague. He was a big guy – about six foot four – with short black hair and a rough, macho face. Chiselled features I guess you’d say.

Anyway, on the way back to the university flats, Army suggested that we drop in on his girlfriend in a nearby hall of residence. The two of us had separated from the rest of the group – I vaguely remember that most of the team had staggered off to a nightclub convinced that females would be irresistibly attracted to raucous, belching, vomit-soaked rugby lads. Army was also fairly drunk, I guess, but to his credit, wanted to see his girlfriend and, I’d guess, stay over with her for the night.

I made my excuses and said I’d see him in the morning. I was getting a bit bored by him. Army’s conversation revolved around sport or tits. He occasionally brought up tennis and seemed pleased that conversations about this enabled him to combine both of these interests. However, he was adamant that I had to meet Deborah. He was very pissed and in a “Seb you’re my best mate” frame of mind and insisted that we go up to Deborah’s room for one last beer. I suppose he was enjoying his night out and wanted it to last a bit longer.

So we headed up to Deborah’s room. Army kept saying that she bound to have some beers in the fridge. I doubted that he needed any more beer – the guy could hardly get himself up the stairs in the residence – and hoped that Deborah and I could persuade him to have a coffee once we’d got to her flat.

Inside the flat, the corridor was dark. The flickering light from a TV shone through the frosted window of the kitchen door and we headed towards it. I opened the kitchen door and saw about six people sitting round watching something on TV in the dark. Clive Anderson I think. They looked at me and then at Army. He said, “Hey, wassup?” or something.

One of the girls whooped with delight at seeing him, squealing, “Army! Sweetie! How’s my big rugger bugger?” He made some conversation with her and it became clear that this was one of Deborah’s friends, rather than Deborah herself as I’d first suspected.

At one point she asked, “Who’s the blond bombshell?” She was looking at me.

I felt a bit shy.

Army said, “Oh this is my mate. Seb.”

She said, “Hi Seb.” Then she gave me a really nice smile. She looked really cute. I later found out that her name was Helen. I smiled back but there must have been a commercial break or something because the TV, and hence the room, went dark. I worried that she wouldn’t have seen me acknowledge her. Might have thought I was weird or something.

Then an advert came on and the room lit up again but the conversation had changed. One of the guys was saying that Stephen Fry had come across as a pompous wanker on the programme that they’d been watching. Helen looked back at the TV, perhaps unaware that the interview had finished.

Army pulled me out from the kitchen and staggered down the corridor, leading me. We got to one of the rooms and he gestured that I should be quiet. He smiled. He had a nice smile. Broad and genuine. He whispered, “She might be asleep. Sometimes gets tired.”

Just then the sound of a guy’s laughter came from the room. Army’s face changed. His smile changed to a frown within a second. He looked at the door. Maybe thinking he’d got the wrong room. Then he looked back towards me.

I didn’t know what to say so I just looked back at him.

The sound of a girl’s voice came from the room. Then the guy’s laughter again.

Army looked at the door again. I don’t know what he expected to see on the door, but he really stared at it, as if scanning it for clues.

I was aware that for Army, this situation was difficult. For me to find that my girlfriend had another guy in her room would not have been a problem. In fact, it’s pretty common at university for people to work together or exchange lecture notes or whatever. So it wouldn’t have been an issue for me. Not at that stage.

But Army was already jealous as hell. His body had tensed up. His eyes were wide open and his lips pursed in concentration. All sorts of scenarios must have been darting around inside his head.

Abruptly, he tried the door. Almost yanked the handle off. The door was locked. I suppose at that point suspicions might have started formulating in my mind, but to Army this was like concrete proof of infidelity. He banged on the door with his fists, and shouted, “Open this fucking door.”

I wanted to be out of there. I thought his outburst was totally unprovoked and felt embarrassed by him. I still thought it most likely that Deborah was having a perfectly innocent conversation with a guy from her course or some such person and that she would come out from her room and have a go at Army for being a dickhead. I didn’t want to be there to see them quarrel. I backed down the corridor a bit.

However, the door didn’t open.

He continued banging on the door and then, to my amazement, started hoofing it with his foot. It was like he was out of control, shouting and swearing about Deborah being a slut. The kitchen door opened and one of the guys came out into the corridor to see what was going on.

Just then the door opened slightly and Deborah looked out of the thin crack saying, “Christ Stephen, you’ll break the fucking door.” Her voice was a bit odd. As if she was trying to make it sound like she was tired or had been sleeping.

Army stepped back from the door. I could see, by the dim light from the desk lamp behind her, that Deborah had a white robe pulled around her apparently naked body.

Army said, now sounding more controlled, “What’s going on?”

Deborah said, “Nothing.”

She paused.

Then she said, “I was sleeping.”

Bad move.

Army kicked the door open. As it fiercely swung open it caught Deborah’s chin and she was pushed back into the wall. He pushed his way into the room and switched the overhead light on. From my position it looked like the room was empty. Army walked right in and looked around it.

Even then, I really thought it likely that there had been a misunderstanding: that Army would end up having to apologise and would look like a dork. Explanations as to the source of the guy’s laughter presented themselves: an echo from the kitchen, someone in a neighbouring room, the distorted sound of Deborah snoring or murmuring in her sleep.

But then Army found what he was looking for. I would guess that, in time-honoured tradition, Greg had been hiding in the wardrobe. I don’t know for certain, but it would explain the fact there was about ten seconds of silence from the room after Army entered, and then a sudden shout of “You fucking… fucking… cunt.”

Deborah went back into the room. She said something like, “No, Stephen, don’t” and was shouted at by him. She said something else and there was a loud slap. She came running out of the room looking tearful and clasping her cheek. She pushed me out of the way as she headed for the kitchen.

I heard a male voice from the room that wasn’t Army’s. He was saying, “Please… I didn’t mean to hurt you. It was just a one-off… Please…”

I walked into the room and saw Greg, who was naked, being held by his neck against the wall by Army. Army’s eyes were blazing and his face was red. He looked like he was angry and strong enough to snap Greg’s neck. Greg looked terrified.

I knew Greg from basketball. He didn’t play. It more of a friend-of-a-friend thing. He came to matches sometimes and we’d see him in the pub. He was a Literature student: very academic looking. Round glasses, floppy brown hair. Quite tall – about six foot, I think. Standing naked in front of Army he looked thin but well-proportioned. His chest was smooth and hairless and his pubic hair thin around his small limp cock and balls. He looked almost like a boy in front of the large muscular form of Army. He had every reason to look terrified.

Army held him by the neck with one hand and punched him in the face with other. Greg continued pleading with him despite the blow. Army hit him again in the cheek. The blow sounded dull.

I said, “Army. Don’t.”

He turned to me and shouted, “You can fuck off. Or you’ll fucking get it too.” It was clear that he had no qualms about also punching me, the guy who had been, five minutes earlier, his best-ever mate.

He hit Greg again. Greg kept saying, “Please… please…” His eyes were closed.

Army shouted, “You were fucking my girlfriend. And now you can’t even fucking fight. You’re a fucking faggot. You’re worse than a fucking faggot.” He punched Greg again. Greg just took it.

Then Army pulled back. Left Greg supporting himself against the wall and me looking on. Greg continued muttering, “Sorry… sorry…” Army stared at him.

Army said, “Get dressed you faggot.”

I wondered why Army was using the word faggot as an insult in this context. It seemed odd for him to choose that word given that Greg had just been having sex with Army’s girlfriend.

Greg walked over to the desk and put his glasses on. Then he walked to the bed and bent down in front of it to pick up his underpants.

Army walked up behind him and thrust his hips into Greg’s bare bum cheeks. He said, “Bet you like that don’t you faggot.”

Again the word faggot. I couldn’t understand why Army was trying to suggest Greg might be gay. It just didn’t make sense to me.

Greg didn’t respond. He started putting his right foot into the leg of his briefs.

Army pushed him forward. Greg lost his balance and his upper body fell onto the bed. His hands were still around his feet. Army held onto Greg’s waist and thrust his groin into Greg’s buttocks again. He growled, “I fucking said… ‘I bet you like that don’t you’. Now fucking answer.”

Greg said, “No I don’t.”

Army smiled. Not a particularly nice smile. He said, “You fucked my girlfriend. Now I’m going to fuck you.”

Greg tried to wriggle out from under him. It was the first defiant movement he’d made. Army held him firm. He put one hand on Greg’s shoulders and pinned him down onto the bed with ease. Greg looked over his shoulder at Army. Greg didn’t look scared: he looked confused.

I think both Greg and I thought this was a parting gesture of Army’s so that he would feel he had reasserted himself. To feel he’d made his point good and proper. I don’t think either of us took what he said literally.

Army held Greg down against the bed and continued moving his hips against his naked bum. He kept saying, “You fucking like that, don’t you. Bet you fucking love that…”

Greg struggled to free himself again but Army was a lot stronger than him. His grip was very firm.

Greg said, “All right I’m fucking sorry. Okay?”

Army didn’t acknowledge that he’d heard anything. He kept muttering obscenities to Greg. “You fucking faggot boys love it up the arse… You love feeling big cocks up your arses don’t you…”

I wondered what Army was doing. Was he trying to humiliate Greg by getting him to admit – albeit dishonestly – that he was gay?

Army loosened his grip on Greg’s waist and pulled down his flies. Greg took the opportunity to struggle again, but Army pushed him down against the bed forcibly.

Even now I thought this was just a gesture by Army to debase Greg for what he’d done. I really didn’t expect him to go through with it.

Army pulled his cock out from his jeans. It was very large and very hard. I don’t know how long. Bigger than mine and a lot thicker. A real donkey dick. Maybe nine inches long. The stem was thickly veined and his foreskin was pulled right back, even as he pulled it out through his flies. His red bell end was large – a lot wider than his stem – and very wet. Immediately he pushed his large cock in between Greg’s cheeks. Greg struggled again – now it was dawning on him that this was serious – but again Army held him firm against the bed.

“You like this nancy boy, don’t you?”

I said, “Army. He’s had enough.”

He turned on me, his face savage, and shouted, “JUST FUCK OFF!”

Then he turned to Greg’s body, bent in front of him, and repeated, louder, “You fucking like this, don’t you?”

Greg said, “I’ll say I like it. Okay. Now let me go. Please.”

Army pushed forward. Greg tried to move forward as well but Army held him firm. Finding that there was no way in, Army repositioned his cock with his hand, moving it a little lower in Greg’s arse cleft. I noticed that Greg’s cleft was slightly hairy. Just a few fine brown hairs poking out from it. His cheeks were very white and he had a few small pink blemishes close to the area where his hole would be. Army found his target and pushed forward again.

Now Greg looked back over his shoulder again, this time his eyes wide in panic. He looked straight at Army and said, “You’re in my fucking hole. Please!”

Army pushed again, thrusting his hips. He said, “You fucking love it!”

Greg struggled again and said, “Please! I’m not gay! I’ve never done this!”

Army grabbed Greg’s right hip firmly and pushed himself in further. Pain flashed across Greg’s face. Now he shouted, imploring Army to stop.

I moved forward and tried to pull Army away from Greg. Army pulled his hand off Greg’s hip and punched me in the nose so rapidly that I wasn’t able to anticipate it at all. Then he replaced his hand on Greg’s hip. The force of his punch was incredible. I reeled backwards and fell against the wardrobe. Blood gushed out of my nose.

I said, my voice sounding shaky, “Army. Leave him. Please.”

He turned to me, eyes still wild, and said, “You want more? Just fuck off.”

He continued pushing his cock into Greg’s arse. It clearly wasn’t going to be an easy fit. Greg really thrashed around on the bed trying to get him off.

I said, using a tissue from my pocket to stop my nose bleeding, “You’re going to need to make him wet. Help it slide in.”

He turned to me again, and looked like he was going to have another lunge at me. Then he realised what I was saying and looked down at Greg’s arse.

He spat onto his right hand and worked some of his spit around the broad stem of his veined cock. Then he raised his hand back to his mouth and repeated what he’d done. Greg lay there, his face bright red, breathing deeply.

Army started pushing again. Greg struggled again. He said, “You’re too fucking big. Please. I’ve said I’m sorry.”

Army kept going. Kept thrusting his cock into Greg’s hole; each time it went slightly deeper. Greg opened his legs and stuck his arse upwards. I suppose this was to try and ease the pain, but Army took it as a gesture of encouragement. He pushed in further and grunted, “You’re fucking loving it.”

Then Army bent over Greg so that the front of his shirt rubbed against Greg’s back. He hooked his left hand around Greg’s chest, holding him in position. He started humping Greg’s arse rapidly. He continued mouthing insults to Greg. “You fucking faggot. You fucking love taking cock up your arse. Right up your fucking shitter.”

I guess this new position didn’t work as well because Army’s cock kept coming out from Greg’s arsehole. He had to keep stopping to reposition his cock with his right hand. As he did so, Greg’s arse made soft farting sounds as it struggled to accommodate Army’s large cock. Army seemed to enjoy this. He kept saying things about Greg having a “dirty fucking crapper” and a “tight fucking hole”. Greg went even redder. He looked really embarrassed.

When Army had tired of this position, he raised himself up again behind Greg. Army started trying to loosen his own belt and trousers with his right hand, his left palm being pressed down on Greg’s spine to hold him down – although I think Greg had by now realised that struggling was futile. Army couldn’t seem to manage with one hand so he looked over at me, his eyes still burning with hatred, and hissed, “Help me.”

I moved over towards them and tried to undo Army’s belt from the side of them. I could see Army’s cock, looking so thick that it seemed more like a forearm, disappearing into the cleft of Greg’s arse. I suppose that about three inches of it was visible: the rest seemed to have forced its way in. I had problems with the belt: I’d never taken a guy’s trousers down before and I just couldn’t get the thing open from the angle at which I was standing.

I knelt down slightly to bring my head closer to it as I fiddled with the buckle. Then I got my first whiff of the smell of their sex. It smelt totally unlike the smells I’d encountered during my encounters with girls. It was faint but unmistakable: the unique smell of a man fucking another man. Then I felt guilty for Greg because I realised that the smell of the guy’s arse being invaded was getting my cock twitching. The faintly shitty smell coming from his hole and from Army’s cock was giving me a hard-on. I felt quite bad about it.

Army said, “Hurry the fuck up.”

I got up and moved around behind him. I reached around him with both arms, like I was hugging him from behind, and started loosening his belt in that position. That was much easier: it was pretty much like taking down my own trousers. When I’d undone his belt, I loosened the button on his jeans so that front of them sprung open.

Army said, “Pull them down a bit.”

I pulled them down to the tops of his thighs. He had red and white Tommy Hilfiger boxer briefs on underneath. I could see that they were stretched tightly over his round buttocks. The material between his cheeks was wet with sweat. With his free hand, he started hitching them down too. Pulled them down at the side and then around the back so that they were also around his thighs. I saw his naked arse: hairy cheeks with thick black hair bushing out from his wet sweaty crack. The lower part of his crack, near to where his hole would be, was very thickly haired, with the hair matted into swirls.

I moved back around to the side of them, standing with my back to the wardrobe. Now that Army’s trousers and underpants had been hitched down, I could see his large hairy balls underneath the base of his thick cock. They didn’t dangle down like mine do – they were pulled up into their sack which held them firmly. They looked big enough to be a couple of eggs inside his scrotum. The area around his cock and balls was very thickly covered with hair. It only thinned out around the tops of his thighs and towards his hips.

Army grabbed onto Greg’s hips with both his hands, and started fucking him really quickly. I saw that, on the inward thrust, his cock almost completely disappeared into Greg’s butt crack and his balls touched the tops of Greg’s thighs.

Greg groaned, “Oh God.” He moved his arms onto the bed at each side of him, elbows bent. His head was on one side and his eyes were tightly closed. His face was scarlet.

Army stopped for a few seconds and pulled his cock halfway out of Greg’s hole. He spat so that the spit landed on the stem of his cock. He did it again. Then he started fucking Greg again, very quickly, holding onto the other guy’s hips.

The sounds from Greg’s arse grew louder. Every time Army’s cock pushed into him, there was a squelching sound. Like air being released from the guy’s hole. They were wet sounds – like Greg was moist inside his hole. Army looked down at his cock darting in and out and was obviously fascinated by the rhythmic slurping noises from Greg’s arse. He said, now sounding breathless, “Jesus… your arse is… sucking… my cock.”

Army was sweating. His short black hair was stuck to his forehead and beads of sweat trickled down his cheeks and nose. The room seemed to be getting very hot. At least I was getting hot. My own cock was fully hard and pressing upwards in my jeans just above the pocket. I wanted to masturbate as I watched Army pummelling Greg’s arse. The rawness of their sex – the sounds, the smells, the violence – was totally new to me and I was excited by its very seediness. There was no passion between these two men; it was not even a sexual act for them. It was an act of punishment, with one of the men using his cock as an alternative to his fist. But I had to admit that I was captivated by this scene, so unlike the sensual intimacy which I’d experienced between myself and girls.

Army said, without breaking his rhythm, “Take my shirt off.”

I moved around so that I was behind him again. I glanced down and saw his arse was also very wet with sweat. I undid the buttons on his checked shirt and started taking it off his back. He removed one hand and then other from Greg’s hips to enable me to get his shirt off completely. Underneath it he had a white Umbro tee-shirt on. It was also soaked with sweat and in places it was sticking to his back and broad chest. I could now see that his muscular arms were also thickly haired and was surprised to see a tattoo just above the elbow on his right arm.

Then Army stopped. He pulled his cock out from Greg’s arse and moved himself back a bit. His hands left Greg’s hips and he just sat behind Greg, staring at his large cock. It looked enormous: even bigger than it had earlier. I found it difficult to understand how Greg could have accommodated it inside his bum. The thing must have been ten inches long by now. It curved upwards, the veins along its shaft protruding more prominently. It was wet and the bell end was covered with strings of a sticky-looking brown liquid.

Army laughed, a very loud loutish laugh, and said, “How’s that for a shit head?”

Greg made a groaning sound. I don’t know if it is was in response to the pun or in embarrassment at realising what Army was referring to.

Army looked very pleased to be sporting his erection with another guy’s anal fluids on it. He looked up at me, smiling broadly, and said, “Fucking smell it man!” Then he bent his head downwards and inhaled deeply. He laughed and said, “Fuck!”

He turned back to Greg and said, “Stand up.”

Greg got off the bed and stood up. I didn’t catch his eye. He looked dazed. His cock and balls looked tiny in comparison with Army’s. His cock was limp, of course, and it looked very pale and thin.

Army said, “Get in front of me and squat down.”

Greg did as he was told. He turned his back on me, and squatted down in front of Army.

Army shouted, “Not like that, you dumb fuck. Face him not me.”

Greg turned around and squatted down again. He looked up at me. I looked away.

Army knelt behind him and moved forward so that his knees pushed through the gap between Greg’s legs. When he’d got as far forward as he could – his knees were now between Greg’s feet – he positioned his cock at Greg’s hole again with his hand. Then he put his arms around Greg’s chest, holding onto Greg’s pecs with his thumbs just above Greg’s nipples. He pushed forward and there was a farting noise from Greg’s arse as it was invaded again.

I looked down between Greg’s legs and could see Army’s cock disappearing as it slid into him. Army said, “Squat down more,” and Greg pushed his arse downwards like he was trying to take a crap.

Army smiled up at me again and said, “Now it’s even fucking deeper!”

Then he started fucking Greg again. The sounds were louder this time: sloppy rhythmic sounds from Greg’s arse as he was fucked.

I heard the door open and Greg looked towards it in horror. Army also looked over but he didn’t miss a beat. I moved over quickly and pushed it closed. I suppose it must have been Deborah returning to her room after pouring her heart out in the kitchen. She must have seen what was going on before I pushed the door closed, but I didn’t see her from where I was standing so I’m not completely sure.

Greg said, “Lock the door. Please. Don’t let her see me like this.”

I locked it. Army shouted towards the door, “Hope you liked what you saw you bitch! He came to fuck you and now I’m fucking him! And he’s fucking loving it!”

I looked back over to them. Army was speeding up. I could see his thick cock pushing upwards into Greg’s arse and then pulling out. About six inches in and then six inches out. Quickly. At the same time, Greg’s cock and balls jumped about, bobbing up and down, dancing to the same rhythm.

Greg was looking at me again. I looked back at him now. I noticed he was breathing rapidly and, like Army, was wet with sweat. His long fringe kept getting in his eyes and one of the arms of his round specs had moved upwards against his head making them look skewed on his face.

I heard someone banging on the door. It sounded like a male voice. Maybe one of the guys from the kitchen.

Army kept fucking Greg, his cock slurping in and out from the other man’s arse rapidly. He moved his right arm down to Greg’s stomach and then further down between his legs. He fondled Greg’s balls as he fucked him, and then groped the other man’s cock. Greg’s face changed. He looked confused and scared. Looking back down, I saw that his cock was lengthening: Greg obviously hadn’t bargained on this.

Army smiled at me, panting and grunting, and started making wanking movements with Greg’s cock, holding it between his thumb and finger. Greg’s cock continued to grow longer and, in disgust with himself, Greg tried to pull himself away from Army. Army gasped, “No way… just… sit tight…” and moved his left hand up to Greg’s shoulder to hold him in place.

Army continued masturbating Greg and Greg’s cock now stood out from his body, looking about five or six inches long. Greg’s balls dangled down between his outstretched legs, still jumping about in their sack to the rhythm of the much larger cock sliding in and out from his rear.

Army wrapped his entire hand around Greg’s cock and started wanking him quickly, making long strokes up and down the shaft. Greg started making gasping noises, breathless “Ah ah ah” sounds to the same rhythm as Army’s hand and cock.

Greg looked straight into my eyes as I stood watching them. He stared at me through his sweaty glasses, continuing to gasp in obvious pleasure at the combined sensations of the larger man’s cock sliding in and out of his arsehole and the hand sliding up and down on his cock. I saw him reposition his feet further apart so that he could push his bum further down onto Army’s thick cock. His arse made another farting noise as he did this.

Army also looked at me, grinning and panting, never missing a beat with the thrusts of his cock. He said, “You’re… fucking… loving this!” I didn’t know if he was talking to me or Greg.

He took his hand from Greg’s dick and with both hands cupped the other man’s pecs, taking his nipples between his fingers and thumbs. He massaged the other man’s chest, teasing the nipples expertly. His interest in tits obviously extended beyond those of women.

I saw Greg’s cock, now free from Army’s hand, hard and pointing upwards towards me. About six inches and with a wet red head, it bounced around to the rhythm of the other man’s cock in his arse. Greg’s panting and gasping continued. His hand reached down for his cock and he started beating himself off. He stared at me wide eyed as he masturbated himself.

I felt so turned on seeing him like this. This swotty, easy-going guy, who probably wouldn’t have dreamed of even having a hard-on in front of another guy, now totally exposed in front of me. The look on his face was of confused pleasure. He looked into my eyes, knowing I was seeing everything that was happening to him. Knowing I was enjoying seeing him being buttfucked. I stared again at the huge, thick cock ramming upwards into his hole. Then to his much smaller thinner cock which he was frantically jerking. And back into his eyes, seeing his pleasure and hearing him whimpering and gasping.

Army said, “Open the door.”

I thought I had misheard so I just continued watching them.

He looked at me, eyes angry again, and said, louder, “Open the fucking door!”

Greg didn’t complain. He just stared upwards at me, still gasping with pleasure from the feel of the large cock invading his rectum. His legs trying to open even wider to better accommodate it.

I walked over to the door and opened it. I opened it towards me and stood behind it, holding it open. I couldn’t see who was looking in. Maybe it was only Deborah but it could have been everyone in the flat standing outside. I don’t know.

Army grinned towards the open door, leered at it, still fucking the other man frantically. Getting even faster, holding Greg’s chest steady as he jabbed his cock in and out of his arse.

He shouted, panting, “Hope you’re… fucking… enjoying this… as much… as he is…”

Greg looked towards the open door, wide eyed. Still making gasping “Ah ah ah” noises. His mouth was open and he looked horrified. But his hand didn’t stop. Whoever was watching him saw him being fucked and his hand jerking away at his own cock uncontrollably. They must have seen Army’s huge cock sliding in and out from him and his balls jiggling around to the same rhythm. They must have heard the slapping and squelching noises from his arse and smelt the powerful stench of anal sex that had filled the hot, sweaty room.

Army looked triumphant. He continued fucking Greg, enjoying being seen by whoever was at the door while he buggered the other man.

Then strings of white cum shot out from Greg’s cock. Some of it hit the wardrobe door. Most of it ended up on the carpet. His panting and gasping continued even after he’d orgasmed. Army’s cock continued fucking him but the look of strain on the bigger man’s face told me that his climax was nearing.

Somebody pulled the door out from my hand and closed it.

I watched as Greg fell forward in exhaustion, hands outstretched on the cum-splattered carpet. His arse was still filled by Army’s pounding cock as it was filled the other man’s semen. Army’s cum spilled out from his hole, dribbling down his thick cock. A milky-brown liquid pouring out from Greg’s butt.

I walked over to the door and let myself out. No-one was outside in the corridor. The kitchen light was on and there were sounds of heated discussion inside. I couldn’t make out the words but it was obvious they were wondering what they should do. Every time the discussion lapsed, I could hear the low sounds of a girl’s crying.

I let myself out of the residence and went out into the cold night air. It was good to be able to breathe some fresh air.

Then I walked home.

No-one ever mentioned it again. I don’t know what happened afterwards between Army and Deborah but I’d guess not a lot. I still saw Greg sometimes after basketball games but he never made eye contact.

And I still feel guilty as hell after I’ve masturbated thinking about what happened that night.


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