The Longshoremen’s Social Club
by Rodder52


There were three of them from mid-forties to early fifties I guess. I was only eighteen and wasn’t even supposed to be in the bar. It was the Stevedores club – really just a disused office that Mad Dom got permission to use as a working men’s club for the guys who worked on the wharves.

I liked to hang out there because it was so sexy to me. Rough as guts and smelling of sweat and workboots. The older guys had kinda adopted me as a mascot. They’d let me drink a beer and play pool with them. They were always making jokes about a young guy like me being better than a woman. I’d just blush and look away.

They were always making jokes like that – telling me I should try cock. Saying my arse would love the feeling of a dick going in. They’d run their hands through my hair. They’d flick my crotch and ask about my sex life.

Truth is – this was my sex life. I wasn’t the least bit interested in girls. All I wanted was this tatty little room and these hairy muscled guys paying me attention. They used to laugh at my blushing – I did it the whole time but not because I was embarrassed – I was horny as hell and weak with an unnamed hunger.

This day it was just Mad Dom, Rico, Sally and me. Since there was no ships in port, we knew there’s be nobody else and there was an air of dangerous abandon about them.

Picking partners for pool, I drew Sally and Mad Dom said it wasn’t fair because I was his good luck charm. Sally said – tuff – but it was all right with him if the guys wanted to rub my ass for luck. I couldn’t believe my ears. They were talking about me like I wasn’t there.

“Fuck – what a great ass. I wanna kiss it for luck.”

“I swear I never seen a better ass on a woman.”

I started to blush and my knees went weak. I was wearing shorts and T-shirt and workboots and they were the same except for singlets instead of T-shirt. Sally gave me a big bear-hug and said, “Don’t worry I’ll take care of you baby.” And we started to play.

Every time I leaned over the table to take my shot I felt a hand slide up the back of my shorts and cup my buttocks. I looked up to Sally and he shrugged – it’s OK. So I just waited while Mad Dom squeezed my cheeks and let his fat banana fingers graze my hole. Next shot it was Rico running his hands all over me. Then it was Sally rubbing his crotch against my ass.

They laughed and joked and we played the game but there was hardly a moment when one of them didn’t have his big rough hands on me. They slid their hands up my shirt and tweaked my nipples. Rico came up behind me and held me with his left hand while the right slid down the front of my shorts.

“He’s as hard as a fuckin’ rock,” he reported.

By now the beer and the constant touching and the smell of their skin had me in a kind of daze. I laid my head back on Rico’s shoulder and couldn’t contain a girly moan.

“Man – he’s ready,” said Dom. He came over and sandwiched me to Rico.

“Kiss me kid,” he said, “take my tongue.”

I opened my mouth and his big fat tongue slid inside, I sucked on it like I’d imagined sucking a cock and it was wonderful. I felt my shorts and undies slide down around my boots. Sally trod a big boot down on them and said “Step out of them kid. We gotya.”

Just the knowledge that my arsehole was now bare to the world plunged me into a haze of lust and I groped around for my first feel of a man’s cock. Sally rewarded my by pressing his into my palm. I heard Rico laugh.

“Fuckin’ big ain’t it,” he said.

I couldn’t talk for swapping spit with Dom. He had a hold of my cock and was giving it a slow pump while Rico inserted something thick and slippery in my arse. A finger, I think. My senses were reeling with the overload of the input – a tongue in my mouth, a cock in one hand, a finger up my arse and the smell of sweat and garlic and, I guess, my arse juice.

“God I wanna fuck him,” said Sally.

“You can’t go first,” said Rico, “let me break him in first.”

“Let me taste his arse then,” said Sally.

I felt my legs pulled back and I was pushed to bend over. Dom’s tongue slid out of my mouth but he kept guiding me downwards to his big stiff waiting cock. I forgot what was going on behind in the joy of tasting my first dick. So smooth, so slick – it was like coming home. I hefted his hairy balls and slobbered my tongue over the amazingly smooth head of his cock. I felt the sweet pain of Sally’s tongue forcing itself up my chute. They were right – it was like taking a shit – just ten times better.

Dom’s cock began to spasm and I pulled it out of my mouth to see the cum. He shot straight into my face and it was warm and wonderful. I licked the extra from his dick and was amazed at the starchy liquid.

Rico’s cock slowly forced its way into my back passage.


There are moments in life when time slows down and you seem to see yourself as a separate entity. In a blinding moment of clarity I became aware of the entire scene. The flaking paint of the tatty condemned room and the faded green of the ancient pool table. I saw myself, the pale-skinned blond-haired young man surrounded by the three naked and lustful older men. Dom’s skin was smooth and brown and his rounded belly glowed with an oily sheen. His cock, though losing stiffness was still impressively big as he flicked the last streaks of cum on my face and moved aside for Sally.

I could see myself in my wanton pose with my arse cocked high and open for the forceful cock of the determined Rico and realized that moment when I abandoned myself completely and plunged into the pleasure of debauchery.

My first moan had been involuntary but now I indulged every chance to express my lust and inflame the lechery of my three lovers.

“Oh God. Oh fuck! Oh fuck me! Oh fuckin big cock!” I said.

“Geez Kid,” said Dom. “Stick your dick in his mouth Sal. Shut him up.”

“O yes – let me suck cock. Fuck my hole.”

Sally’s cock was gigantic – thick. It filled my mouth but I still made loud choking and sucking noises around it because it made me feel like some kind of slutty sex goddess.

I knew it was driving them crazy too.

Rico’s cockhead slowly forced my hole until it came to a full stop. The pain was sharp and all embracing. I tried to scream but Sally’s cock filled my throat. I wanted to say no and pull away but strong hands held me.

“Relax Kid relax,” someone said but I’d never felt a pain like that.

“Push back.”

I realized it was like trying to push out a hard shit. I pushed down with my stomach muscles, pulled my cheeks open with both hands and lunged backwards onto Rico’s solid cock.

I’ll never forget the sensation of relief as my hole opened and the invading dick diffused the pain through my bowels and guts. It felt like the entire lower half of my stomach was filled with hot oil slopping around in my guts. My ring was singing with the miraculous, rhythmic pleasure/pain of the relentlessly thrusting cock.

My backward thrust had dislodged Sally’s cock and I pushed against his thigh with my hand to stop him choking me again. I held my fist as much as I could round the base and slurped and licked at the head but all my concentration was really on my throbbing arse and chute.

The other source of joy was having Dom and Sally see me getting fucked. I was the center and star of an outrageously lewd scene. These three middle aged men crowded round this debauched and dissolute young man begging for every indecency I could bring to mind. I loved arousing their lust with my own hunger.

“God – this kid loves cock! I’m hard again already”.

“He knows how to suck dick, I tell you that.”

“Oh yeah,“ I said, “fuck me. Suckin dick. Fuckin cock in my arse”.

Just as I was losing control, the amazing sensation in my arsehole stopped. Rico withdrew his cock. “Don’t stop,” I yelled.

“I’m cumming,” he said.

“Put it back in my hole – breed me!”

The first squirts splashed on my ass but he got it back in and my hole felt normal again. He spasmed two, three, four more times and I reached round to stop him from pulling out.

“Oh God – that was so good,” I said.


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