The Cockteaser
by Rodder52


This young guy at work had been cock-teasing me for about a month. I know the type. They like to get strait-acting guys like me to admit we’re into their ass and that’s as far as they go – it’s some kind of victory. Me, I don’t like just flirting, I like to follow through, so I was playing it down. He was on my hook way more than I was on his.

I was waiting for my chance. Where we work the security guys have a crash-room – a little kitchenette attached to another room with a sofa and a few chairs and a single bed. Not many people know it’s there and it’s lockable. I boosted a key.

It worked out perfect. This Wednesday afternoon there’s a two hour gap between the security shifts and my guy comes in and does his routine – stretches in front of me all sinuous and rubs both hands on his ass. “God I’m so horny,” he says, “Haven’t had a man in weeks.”

I get up and grab his arm. “All right,” I say and I start to walk him to the back stairwell and down to the loading dock. He’s surprised and nervous but he lets me lead him along without a fight. “What are you doing?” he says.

“You’ll find out.”

I get him to the crash-pad without anyone seeing us. In the kitchenette I pull him into my arms and kiss his mouth – strong and dominating. He’s a bit resistant at first but soon gives in and goes limp in my arms. That’s when I push him into the pad. “Get your gear off and get on the bed,” I say. I go back to the door, check nobody’s around and lock it. I strip in the kitchenette because I want him see I mean business when I walk in. My cock is rigid – arrogant hard.

He’s done exactly what I told him.

He lies there on his back, completely passive. His eyes are wide and there’s a frightened look to his face but he can’t keep his eyes off my bouncing cock as I walk around the bed and give him a good show. His dick is stiff and he can’t stop a long low moan.
“Ohh”. Not flirting now.

I know there’s still an speck of indecision in him but his hunger for my big bouncing dick keeps him quiet as I put my hand on him for the first time. I put the flat of my palm against his hardening nipple, slide down until it’s between finger and thumb, slowly twist and squeeze. The increasing pain makes him arch his back and emit a little feminine – aaahhh. Now his arse is off the bed and I put my left hand between his legs and feel his soft pink pucker. I push the tip of my middle finger in. He tries to drop his back but I squeeze on the nipple and he arches again and I advance to the second knuckle. An involuntary little whimper escapes from his throat.

I rock him this way a few times and then let him down. I smell the anointed finger and raunchy scent makes me hazy with lust.

I take my solid cock and flick his face. Precum zig-zags his face and he sticks out his tongue to lick it. I get one foot up on the bed and lower my balls to his face. He tongues at my arsehole and slurps at my balls. He’s lost in his own haze and makes mewing noises as he slurps. I rub my hand over his hairless chest and tweak each diamond-hard nipple. His hands go for his cock but I slap them away. Forget power bottom – I’m running this show.

When I know he’s nearly there I break away, put my left arm under his shoulders and my right arm under his thigh. My face hovers over his and he opens his mouth for a kiss. I tease him with the tip of my tongue then I lift and flip him over. He’s shocked by the surprise move and the two sharp slaps I give his arse cheeks. Then my hands are under his hips and I haul him up into position.

The sight and smell of his perfect rose-pink rosebud hits me hard. He hasn’t had time to prepare but that’s all right with me – I love that funky stuff. I have to taste it. I split his arse wide open with a thumb either side and slide my lips and tongue in that funky pit. I lose my self-control and can’t stop myself from pushing my tongue as far as it will go into the quivering chute. His face is buried in the mattress, he moans like a girl and bucks back against my face. I can’t drag it out any longer. I have to fuck him right now.

I nudge his knees a little further apart to lower his arse and wipe the head of my cock against the hole. I can feel the tension in him – my cock is way big for this tight little pucker. I hold back to let the tension build and watch his hole open and close. The little slut is so hungry he’s already trying to ride. I wait.

“Oh please fuck me,” he can hardly breathe.

I hold his left hip with a strong grip and push the point of my cock against the quaking hole. I push slow and firm until he gasps in pain. His ring is hurting and doesn’t want to stretch any more. I hold it right there then push again. He tries to move forward away from the pain but I hold his hips and push again. He lets out a squeak and my hard cock slides into his arse.

“Oh shit. Oh fuck. Oh please. Fuuuuck!” he says. I say nothing. I’m so turned on by his moaning I might cum. I settle it down and wait.

When he quietens a bit I start to ride him nice and slow. It takes a while before he can take a full stroke but the way he’s angling his arse to me tells me that he’s starting to enjoy my fat cock filling his guts. I settle into a regular steady pounding and he gets into the rhythm.

This is how I like it – two naked men working together in harmony. A white ring of foamed spit and pre-cum has formed around the base of my cock. I wipe some on each thumb and reach around to tease his nipples. He’s mewing little moans and his rigid dick is slapping against his stomach. I feel for his cockhead and the touch is enough to make him cum. He squirts involuntary strings of milky cum into my hand and I cup it to my nose, smell it and taste it.

My own orgasm takes me by surprise. With the starch taste of his cum in my mouth and his hot tight canal spasming on my tool I grasp his hips and pull him back all the way. I shoot and shoot and shoot as far as I can up his arse and flop down on him.

I lie flat on top of his body and let the last spasms twitch in his violated hole.


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