Rides From Strangers
by Rodder52


The main thing about me and Fred was that we get bored and when we get bored we’d get to doing dangerous stuff.

Like flirting with these guys at the bus stop. Middle of the night.

We saw them sitting there in their battered old Ford and Fred says they’re cruising for pussy. “Or ass,” I say. Then we start calling each other “fagboy” and “cockslut” and stuff like that. We’re laughing and grabbing at each others junk and pissing around which gets their attention.

“Hay Honey,” the driver calls out, “wanna come and party?”

Honey! What the fuck? They thought we were homos for real. I looked around and the street was completely empty, just the two dark shadows in the car parked out of the range of the street light and us two caught between running or pushing things a bit further.

“Let’s be fags,” says Fred. Before I can say anything he sticks one hand on his hip and sashays over to the car like some old drag queen. Some drag – we’re wearing sneakers, jeans, T-shirt. What else can I do? I follow.

Fred sticks his head in the driver’s side window and says “Hiya,” in a really queeny voice. I was feeling really nervous but excited at the same time so I just kinda loitered near the passenger window. From there I could see from the glow of the driver’s cigarette that he had tattoos all up his arms. The passenger looked to be quite muscular with a goatee beard and a loose black T-shirt. Maybe drugdealers.

“You girls wanna party?’ says the driver. He called us girls and I don’t know why but that was exciting to me somehow – sexy.

“Oh we’re not girls,” says Fred, “but we like to party.”

“Jump in,” says Tattoo.  Fred looked across at me and I knew it was my choice. Thing is, these guys looked dangerous but they didn’t feel dangerous. I got this excited tight feeling in my chest and I was breathing kinda funny – I liked it. We weren’t bored now. I opened the back door and got in.

“Where are you taking us?” I said.

“Paradise baby – paradise,” said Tattoo. T-shirt turned all the way round to get a good look at me. He was well over forty but kinda good looking.


You get told plenty of times not to accept rides from strangers and now we were finding out why. It was a tiny little apartment that stank of stale beer and piss. There was a ratty old sofa, some chairs and a table. There was a lamp stand draped with a red scarf so it was dark and dingy.

Somehow we got paired off Tattoo was with Fred and T-shirt was with me. Something had changed with Fred and me too We were kinda avoiding each other’s eyes. We’d gotten ourselves into something but we weren’t sure what. The whole thing had started as a joke but without anyone saying so we’d crossed a border. I wanted this thing to play out however it was going to be and I didn’t want Fred to stop it. I didn’t know if he was feeling the same way.

We all had beers but Tattoo had corralled Fred in a corner while T-shirt and I sat on the couch. He had his arm round the back of me and I could smell his beery breath.

In the faint glow of the lamp I could see Tattoo was feeling up Fred’s ass. Fred was wiggling and moaning like a horny bitch in a porn movie. I didn’t know if he was acting or not.

T-shirt saw me enjoying the action, reached over and groped my hard cock through my jeans.

“See, it’s good when it’s just us men,” he said. “Loosen up those pants. Let’s see what you got.”

I just lay back in a kind of trance and let him work at undoing my jeans.

I watched Tattoo push Fred’s jeans down round his ankles. Fred let him do it. Tattoo pushed his fingers into Fred’s mouth – real sleazy – and Fred started sucking on them like some slut working a dick.  Tattoo pulled his fingers out and started fingering Fred’s butthole. Fred leaned forward and cocked his ass up to give Tattoo full access. He was making little moaning noises.

I looked back to T-shirt. His cock was out. It wasn’t quite hard but it was fat and swollen. My hand, like it had a mind of its own, reached out and stroked it. It was warm, soft and silky and I could smell a rich ripe odour coming from it it.

T unzipped me and I lifted up my ass so he could shove my jeans down past my knees. My cock was oozing a stream of clear liquid. He wiped it with his finger and pushed between my legs towards my butt. I lifted up and pulled a cheek aside to let him get at my asshole. It was the sexiest thing I had ever done in my life.

I massaged and squeezed his thick, hooded tool but the best thing was the feeling of his finger in my shithole. It was almost too much for me. I wanted to shoot a load or maybe pass out or something.

“You ever suck a cock?” he said.

He pressed the back of my neck down towards his swaying dick. I shut my eyes and let the wrinkled foreskin slide over my tongue. I started to explore the slick, bulbous knob in the silky folds of skin.

After a while it felt nice and comfortable and T slowly pumped more and more of the stiffening shaft deeper into my mouth. I looked up at him and his eyes were closed so I stole a glance at the other two. I stroked his dick with my hand so I could check Fred. He was also stroking cock. Tattoo pulled out the fingers that had been buried deep in Fred’s ass and wiped them into his mouth. Fred sucked on them like a maniac before Tattoo pushed them back into his butthole.

T put his hand on top of my head and gently inserted his gooey cock back into my mouth. I returned to sucking. I was hoping he would put more fingers in my bum.

“This one’s ready,” Tattoo said. He braced Fred as he fucked his slime-soaked fingers into my buddy’s butthole.

“How’s yours going?”

“He’s a natural cocksucker. I nearly came but I’m holding out for his pretty pink bud. Bring yours over here,” T said.

I avoided Fred’s eyes as we passively allowed the two men to arrange us. I was stripped and laid on my back on the couch. Fred was stripped and bent over the end of the couch with his dripping cock at my mouth and my own hard dick was right in his face. Without being told we began to “69”.

Fred moaned on my rock-hard dick. Tattoo’s hairy balls hung over my face as he worked his fat prick into my buddy’s smelly ass. Sweat poured from his skin as that eight-inch fuck pole invaded the shitter right above me. Fred’s cock throbbed in my mouth and spurted a thick glob of salty cum, followed by another. I swallowed and kept on sucking. Tattoo seemed in no particular hurry and kept steadily fucking him.

When T’s cock first entered my tender hole I came. I blasted Fred’s face with a volley of pearly cum. By the way Fred’s sweaty body was moving I could tell that Tattoo had begun fucking him with real intent. Fred gave up on my spent dick and was now dribbling my cum around T-’s prick. It was a tight fit with T-‘s cock sliding underneath my balls but everybody was so intent on getting into it. This crazy manic clusterfuck.

T’s fat dick was now pushed all the way into my ass and it was paradise. I didn’t know how my little butthole could take such a huge cock, and wondered how Fred was able to accommodate Tattoo whose prick was even bigger.

Fred’s dick had fallen out of my mouth and I strained to lick Tattoos swinging balls. He had his legs spread and I could see his wet asslips open and close each time he shoved into Fred. A foamy ring of spit and assjuice had made a brown and white collar around the base of his cock and the smell of it was driving me crazy. I strained for a taste but couldn’t reach. I wiped it with my thumb and my eyes rolled back in ecstasy when I got it into my mouth.

I was sliding around in the sweat and spit on the dank sofa and getting an incredible sensation from my asshole as T entered me repeatedly. I was delirious from the pure depravity of the scene. I pushed my thumb into Tattoo’s ass and tasted the result. Tattoo spasmed and pumped spurts of jizz into my pal’s shit chute – right in front of my eyes. Spooge seeped from Fred’s fuckhole, over his balls and dripped onto my face.

T-shirt stiffened. His whole body went rigid and I knew that he was spraying my insides with his seed. We were all heaving and trembling at once. T emptied his balls into my chute.

Everybody untangled. The smell in that little apartment was amazing. I clenched as best I could where the cock had opened my ass and headed for the john.

As I squatted there expelling T’s spunk into my hand, Fred staggered in. His eyes were down. He was walking gingerly. He was splattered with all kinds of man-juice.

“You still talking to me?” he asked.

I was still lost in lust. Cum and juice and spit were dripping off my face. I was bent over, mid-movement in the act of catching cum dripping from my ass. I wiped it all over his face.

“You’ve got no idea,” I said, “You’ve got no idea how grateful I am to you right now.”


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