One Dark Night
by Rodder52


I woke from what I thought was a wet-dream to the feeling of somebody finger fucking me.

I couldn’t wake up enough to think who it might be but the feeling was sensational. He was gently sliding first one, then two, then finally three fingers up my willing hole, swirling and stirring them around. I decided to indicate approval with a slow buck and groan. I clamped my assring down sensuously round his fingers.

“You want a dick in that pretty brown hole, don’t you?” he said.

Deep voice – still no clue who it was – big fucker – hard chest – scratchy chin.

“Fuck me,” I moaned. I reached between my legs and found his heavy ballsack. “Fuckin’ ride me,” I said.

“That how you want it?” he asked, his voice was tight.

“Yeah, fuck me hard. Get your fucking cock up my ass and pump!”

My voice rose in anticipation. His hands clamped tight around my waist and his fat knob forced its way to the rim of my ring. I kept my arse clamped tight for a few seconds just to tease him. Then dilated my hole and let him slide right in.

It made me grunt. His balls bounced off mine, his bush tickled my asscrack. Fuck, his meat felt great, buried deep in my fruity arsehole.

“Is that you Gary?” I said and he laughed quietly in the dark. Now, whoever it was knew I was the kind of slut to beg for cock in the night without even knowing who it was.

I was past caring. I could feel his fat dick throbbing in my chute. I slowly started to move my hips, squeezed tight around the base of his cock. I sucked in my belly, let out some slutty groans and bucked back against him a couple of times. He leant forward and kissed me on the back of the neck, his whiskers sent shivers up my spine.

I rode on his dick with a couple of strokes of my asshole, backing off till just the fat head was still inside of me, then slamming back as hard as I could.

“Fuck it into me,” I said.

The guy knew how to fuck. He started out slow, stirring his cock around and rhythmically stroking my knob. The sensuous link between my cockhead and my arsehole was making me sweat. His hands busy with my tits and cock. He started riding me harder and faster, slamming into my butthole like a pile driver. I felt rushes of pleasure rising like waves and exploding in my gut. I let myself moan and whimper. The two of us moved together like a well-rehearsed dance.

“Roll on your side”, he said. He pushed me down on my belly, scissored my legs pressing my thigh up against my chest, and pushed his rampant cock back into my wanton hole.

“Is it you Bob?”

He laughed again and drove it back in. This angle of attack gave me about another inch of dick to deal with and I moaned in pure ecstasy. When I looked up at him, his head was thrown back and I still couldn’t make him out. His belly rippled, his eyes were closed as he pumped in and out.

I grabbed the thick points of his tits, pulled hard on them. His eyes flew open and I got a good look at his face.

I didn’t know who the hell he was! – But fuck! – he was handsome.

I gave myself up to him completely and he had me every which way before he was through with me. I was on my side, my back, my belly. Taking his cock was driving me out of my fucking mind with lust. My own dick was pointing straight up in the air and started to squirt an involuntary spurt of bottom cum every time he poked me!

He finished me off in the classic position. On the floor on my back, knees pinned to my ears with him braced and riding my ass down the final stretch. I could feel his meat flex and throb deep inside of me. His big knob was getting bigger with every stroke. Our balls slapped together.

I’m gonna cum,” he groaned, leant down and plugged his tongue deep in my mouth. I came like a fountain. My orgasm splattered cum on our necks and chests and pooled it on our bellies. My arse spasmed and he shot a series of hot spurts that flooded my innards.

We rested for a while, spent. His full weight was crushing down on me and I could feel the movement of that big fat cock as it relaxed and slowly wormed its way out of my hole.

He eventually gave me the sweetest smile.

“I should introduce myself,” he said.

There’s a mirror at the end of the bed so I can see him looking at my clean, pink, puckering hole. I’m face down on the bed, Knees drawn up, ass in the air. I’m feeling vulnerable – exposed. My hole is moist. I can feel cool air on it.

He’s buck naked, olive-skinned and a bit overweight and his cock is big and fat. I know it’s gonna hurt when it forces its way into my arse. It’s intimidating but I want it inside me so bad I can hardly catch my breath.

He’s fixated with my hole. He can’t believe his luck.
I take a chance and flex it for him – once – twice. It twitches, opens and closes and I’m rewarded with a reaction. The foreskin draws right back from that hard, cruel dick and it waves in front of him like some huge, blind serpent.

He doesn’t know I’m watching. He’s in a world of his own, breathing heavy and grunting to himself. He gets his hands on my arse. He takes a long sniff of my open bum and his eyes roll back in his head. He starts groping at my arse and tits and I moan and beg because he’s so lost in lust I know it’ll make him crazy.

It does.

He dives his face into my wanton hole and drives his stiff tongue to the point of pain. I try to squirm forward but he’s strong as a bull and I go nowhere. He is intent on savouring the interior of my arse and there’s nothing I can do. The pain fades and there’s nothing I want to do. I moan and push back. He finally withdraws, holds me steady while he licks my quivering bumhole with long extravagant laps.

The bed creaks and moans as he knee-walks himself into position. No more need for the mirror. He spits on his cock and wipes it all up my crack and round my ring. The delicious pain burns a wide circle round my tender rosebud. My own cock is hard and bouncing flat against my stomach. There’s a wonderful burning sensation when my ring opens and his cock slides all the way in. It fills me. It knocks the wind out of me. I’m so full of dick the pain makes my stomach cramp and radiates in rolling waves from deep in my bowels.

I start humping back on him because I know it will spread the pain. We start to ride in rhythm while the waves just get stronger, and stronger. His merciless cock drives into me and the sensation builds with every shove. I feel so dominated – so used. It’s exactly how I want to feel.

I just surrender to his relentless invasion of my throbbing canal. He keeps fucking me. He grunts and groans and calls me his dirty fucking slut. Yes. I am.

I become aware of my hard bouncing cock. It’s going to cum. He’s forcing me to cum. My dick swells and a spasm erupts without anything having touched it. A string of cum flies from the head and splats and catches in the hairs of my belly. I moan like a girl.

That’s what sends him over the top. He shoves like a bull. The slapping of his belly against my arse is deafening. He pushes so hard I’m forced up the bed right up to the mirror. Then he cums – once, twice, three, four times. I feel the heat deep in my guts and he spits inside me.

His big hands grip my hips and refuse to let me move lays his full weight on my arse. I’m aware of the sweaty funky smell of the horny man on top of me. I can’t move.

Then the slow rhythm starts again. His cock begins to harden and we head back to paradise.


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