On The Beach
by Rodder52


When I was nineteen I was a competition swimmer and did a lot of my training in the ocean. That’s how I discovered the nude beach.

Men! Naked men! They entranced me. My first sight of a swinging dick took my breath away. I became a regular but I was shy and if anybody made eye contact I’d slip back into the ocean and swim away.

But lust has a way of creeping up on you and this day I decided I was going to make some kind of contact and go along with whatever happened.

After a four k swim I emerged from the water, muscles pumped, on an endorphin high. I was wearing the smallest speedo I owned. My heart was pounding. There was already a scattering of nude men staking out their positions on the beach. I took a deep breath, pulled the speedo up my arse in surfboat style and started to cruise.

The first two were older guys who didn’t seem interested in me but the third, tucked away in a little alcove between rocks drew me like a magnet. He was completely naked, lying on his back with eyes closed. Maybe mid-forties his muscular body was softened by a smooth layer of middle age spread. His cock fascinated me. Fat and long, it lay heavily all the way across to his thigh.  I was so intent at getting a close look at it that I didn’t notice my shadow fall over his face. He opened his eyes and I was a rabbit in the spotlights. I froze.

“You like that huh?”

His voice sounded of cigarettes and whiskey. I looked down to see that his eyes were focused on my arse and my cock began to stiffen in the speedo. He beckoned me come closer and reached up a hand to stroke the inside of my thigh and bum.

I tried to speak but could only manage a soft moan. He smiled knowingly. “Yeah,” he said.

He held me with his eyes, pulled the thong out of my bum and splayed my arsehole with his fingers the way they do girls’ pussies in the porn films. I looked at him over my shoulder. His cock was stiffening, growing in length without rising from his body. For the first time I noticed the beautiful hairless pink ball-sack. He was mauling the nipple on one of his impressive man boobs.

An irresistible urge to be his slut over came me. I imagined myself as a helpless, cock-hungry nympho and him as my masterful lover. I felt this insane hunger for that cock and my hole felt wet and ready. I wiggled my arse and backed toward him silently craving for skin contact. When the flat palm of his hand caressed my arse my cock was pointing strait up. Somehow the speedo was around my ankles.

I wiggled some more dying to have my hole explored. Then his caressing hand bunched one cheek upward and the spit-wet thumb of his other hand forced its way into the opening. An involuntary moan escaped from my throat and through half-glazed eyes I saw another man standing watching. He was backhanding a long foreskin over a pink and shiny cockhead as he took in the scene of my defloration.

My lover was in no mood to share me. He sprang to his feet, grabbed my shoulders and urged me to my knees. “Suck me,” he said.

I raised his big dick up and started to lick his hairless pink balls but he pushed my hand away. “Suck it,” he said.

I never knew I was such a slut. I was already cheating on my first lover. I couldn’t resist giving the other guy a nice view of my arsehole while I slavered over cock. I put one knee of the towel and one onto the sand and opened wide so he knew I was doing it for him. I was getting such a buzz off acting like a whore.

I pumped the stiff shaft and mumbled porn drivel round the slick plump head of the cock. It matched how slutty I was feeling. ” Ohh. Fuck my mouth. Ohhh, fuck. Ohh, big fat cock.  Ohhh fuck.”

My lover was getting close to the climax. He was torturing both of his angry red nipples and bucking his cock as far he could past my restraining fist. I knew he was cumming when he tried to push my head away but I wanted his cum more than anything in the world. I held on for all I was worth and he gave up the struggle when the first spasm came. Three spurts of salty, tangy cum filled my mouth and the scent rose up the back of my nose. I pulled his cock from my mouth and two more spurts spat into my face. He bucked the base of his cock against my face to force the last dribbling stream from the head of his dick. I lapped it up.

There was a lull. I looked over my shoulder and realized I’d been making a very specific offer to my spectator. His dick was impossibly stiff and straining. His entire being was focused on the pink bumhole I was so lewdly presenting to him.

My lover retired and with a gesture of his hand, passed me over.

Oh the slutty joy of being passed around!

It’s curious the things you notice in the middle of a sex session. My first time on the nude beach and I’m on my knees, arse in the air. The sun is warm on my shoulders and the sand burns my knees a bit. The first man I’d sucked off lies back on his towel, legs splayed because I still haven’t moved.

I haven’t moved because all through the cocksucking session I’d been careful to flash my bumhole at this passing voyeur. He’d been standing there for ten minutes stroking his substantial cock and waiting for my first lover to cum.

Now that’s happened my face is still just half an inch away from his softening cock and I notice that his pubic hair is matted with cum. Must’ve wiped my face there. I don’t want to move because the way the other man is looking at my bum is making me very excited.

I know he’s enjoying the sight of my wanton hole. I’m looking back over my shoulder and I have that scary exposed sensation when your hole spreads open a little and you can feel the air on it. I know any minute that big fat cock is about to force its way into my arse. It’s going to hurt, but I‘m dying for it.

My hole twitches, opens and closes expecting the first touch of his cock head. I can hear him breathing heavy and I start moaning to let him know I’m up for it. But he’s drawing it out. Maybe he and Number One are smiling at each other. I can’t tell but as soon as I feel soft hands caressing my bum, I also feel Number One softly running his hands through my hair. It’s all very gentle and loving but I’m amped up and craving to be fucked.

Finally, just when I’m at the point of going crazy with hunger, his cock touches me for the first time and I’m moaning and pushing back, wanting it all inside me. The first bit when his cock goes in feels smooth, beautiful, sexy but then a searing pain burns my tender rosebud and I know my ring has been seriously violated. Farewell to my arse virginity. The sensation when my ring relaxes and it finally slides in and fills me, makes me grunt, knocks the wind out of me. It’s so big. I’m so full.

My stomach cramps with a pain that feels like the exact opposite of constipation. A huge log is forcing its way back up my chute. Exquisite pain radiates outward from deep in my bowels. I’m desperate for him to withdraw because I hope it will dissipate the pain. He does and the sensation is wonderful. The relief of the downstroke is every bit as sensational as the agony of the upstroke. When he’s almost withdrawn he pushes again and I feel the gorgeous pang. Soon he’s riding me in a steady rhythm and my joyous arse is revelling in what has become a wonderful aching from the pit of my stomach to the vent of my arse. It’s the wonderful experience of getting fucked and it just gets stronger, and stronger.

Now I become aware of my environment. My face is buried in Number One’s cummy crutch. He’s gently stroking my hair. His cock is hard again. His crutch smells of piss and cum and there’s another deeper earthy tone that I take to be coming from the fat cock plumbing my backside. Number One gently feeds me his cock.

I’m as weak as a rag doll under their control when I become aware of my own hard dick. Without any touch at all it’s about to cum. I’m aware of each stroke in my quaking arse transferring another quiver to the head of my cock – again – again – again. A spasm erupts and without anything having touched my dick a string of cum flies from the head and splats on the sand beside my face. It looks like pears flecked with sand and I can’t stop a girly moan, “Oh,fuck.”

The stranger moans a deep, masculine grunt and shoves like a bull, I feel the heat deep in my guts and I know he’s spat inside me. He lays his full weight on my back and I flatten onto Number One’s spasming cock I’m aware of the starchy taste of cum and the sweaty funky smell of the hairy, hard man on top of me. I can’t move. I don’t want to.


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