Mister Regenzani
by Rodder52


Me and Mister Regenzani, we got a thing going on. Started a while back when I was helping him at his fruit shop. He’s got this backroom where he sorts all the fruit before getting it in the chiller our out on the display. I give him a hand sometimes – specially these days.

Mister Regenzani’s Italian handsome. To me that’s the best kind. He’s got a bristly moustache and short grey hair. Got strong muscles and a nice big belly. Got those dark eyes. When Mister Regenzani looks at me it makes my heart race. He knows it too.

Turns out he felt the same way.

First time he put his hand on me he looked me deep in the eye for a long, long time first. Then he put his hand inside my shirt and he said, “You so fuckin beautiful it make me want to cry.”

I couldn’t move. I couldn’t breathe. All I could feel was this big warm hand that stretched from my belly button to my tit. Oh yeah – and my dick was stiff as a poker. See that was the thing – Mister Regenzani thought I was this beautiful, innocent young man but I ain’t young – I’m legal age – I’ll take the beautiful – but as far as the innocent goes – I’d be the town bike if I knew where to apply for the job.

Anyway, that’s how it started. Soon as I knew there was half a chance with him I became his shadow. Helping out at the shop. Stopping by his house to see if he “needed anything”.

To my mind that one touch was a free pass. Now I felt free to drink in big eyefuls of him. The way the big pink nipples on their firm hairy mounds slide into view from his unbuttoned shirt. The way he never wore his belt in the belt loops but round his hips so that his package made a big pocket down the inside of his left leg. I found every opportunity to bump into him, lean on him and touch his skin. I’d pretend to reach around him for something just to inhale the smell of his hair. I had it bad.

It’s funny how two people can feel the same way but deny it. I didn’t want to scare him off so I pretended to be innocent. At the same time, he was fighting a battle to keep his hands off me but pretending everything was cool. It was an unreal situation – as delicious as it was painful. We played it out for a long time but it got much too strong.

This day he asked me to help him clean up the cold room. It was gonna be Sunday afternoon, after hours and no one was gonna be there. Right from that moment I got I got this exciting squirming in my belly. When the coldroom’s down it’s really hot in there – hosing out the cold room means stripping down to your shorts.

Hot dogday afternoon, me and Mister Regenzani locked away in the dim back of the store. Just the two of us and there’s electricity in the air. My heart’s pounding. I’m wearing a tight T and cutoffs. Underneath the cutoffs I’m wearing a white thong that barely holds my swollen cock and freshly shaved balls. From the back I’m gonna look like I’m nude. I’m so hot because, when it comes time to strip, I’m gonna show him my ass.

He’s wearing a sleeveless coverall – the kind that buttons all the way up the front. Today, with the heat, he’s left it unbuttoned. It gapes open in a V down to his crotch and I catch my breath when I see a bunch of thick wiry hair sprouting back against the fan pattern of hair on his belly. That’s when I realize – he’s got nothing on underneath!

I go for it. I look Mister Regenzani in the eye. I cross my arms, pull off the T and throw it on the ground. My nipples are so tight I give them both a hard tweak. I pop the button on the shorts and slide them down my legs. Mister Regenzani eyes go round at the sight. My pink cock is jutting out of the pouch and he can do nothing but stare.

I take a step forward and slide my hand inside the coverall across his hairy chest. I find a nipple and flick it with my thumb. He shrugs and the coverall slides off his shoulders and bunches at his hips. He puts one big hand behind my neck and pulls me into him. A huge waft of hot man-smell hits me and he turns my face up and finds my mouth.

I’ve never been kissed like that. It’s warm and slippery and wet. I can’t tell what’s his lips and what’s mine. His hot tongue is big and fat and fills my mouth but somehow my tongue is exploring the inside of his mouth too. I get lost in it.

Now his hands are roaming all over my body – chest and belly and back and cock. Then ass. Each cheek is cupped by a hand and there’s an amazing pang in my asshole. I’m raised from the ground.

I wrap my legs round his hips but the bunched coverall is in the way. I keep one hand round his neck while I try to free the cloth but it’s snagged on his cock. Mister Regenzani lets go one hand and tries to help but it’s no good.

“Wait. Wait,” he says.

He sets me down and gently makes a space between us. I stand buck-naked in the middle of the sorting room and watch while he kicks off his shoes. Then he shoves the coverall down and lets his cock flop free. It bounces in the air. It’s thick and brown. It’s heavy and light at the same time. The sight of it takes my breath away and I feel like I want to pass out. The foreskin is only halfway back over the head!

He steps forward and I put my arms around his neck and nuzzle my face into him. The smell of him is driving me crazy. He cups my ass again and slowly raises me up. I feel his balls and that fat dick slide down my belly. Then I feel it mixing juices with my own hard dick. He lifts some more and it grazes my balls and slides under my butt.

My asshole is now sitting neat on the base of Mister Regenzani’s dick and we’re wrestling our tongues into each other. Both of us take big snorts of air because we keep forgetting to breathe. Heat rises from my hole and warms my belly and I know I want to get fucked. He knows it too.

He carries me to the sorting table and rests my ass so he can still get at my hole. He doesn’t speak but looks deep in my eyes as he spits on his fingers. We hold that gaze while he lubricates me and fingers my ass. I moan a little as he works his fingers in. He spits some more and works my hole some more. I’m in heaven.

I brace to take the pain when he puts that big cockhead at my hole but there’s nothing but pure pleasure. It feels good when it breaches my ring. It feels great when it expands with the first push. And it’s fucking wonderful when it slides all the way up my shithole.

I can’t believe I’m taking all of Mister Regenzani’s big dick up my ass the first time. Then he starts to fuck me and the rhythm’s really slow because his cock is so long and he’s pulling all the way back till the head’s nearly out and pushing all the way in till his pubes are scratching my straining ring. And he’s kissing me and he’s tweaking my nipples and before I know it my dick is squirting spasms of cum.

The combined smell of asshole, cum, armpits and sweat is overpowering and I can tell Mister Regenzani is gonna cum too because he’s shoving in short bursts and then – fuck!! His dick expands and there’s a sharp pain in my ass. Then he cums and the warm lubrication is great as it streams out and coats my balls. Then there’s pain when he shoves it in again. I cling onto him and ride out the storm. He slows and finally stops. He raises his head and looks into my eyes.

“You OK?” he says.

“Oh yes,” I say.


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