Met By Moonlight
by Rodder52


Somewhere in the dark water was dripping into a urinal. In the cubicle I inhaled the super-horny bog smell of piss and sweat and men and slowly stroked my cock, waiting.

I heard it first – a big rig in high gear – then lights flashed across the wall of the bog as it came round the bend in the highway. That driver would register a lonely concrete public toilet in the middle of the night, middle of nowhere, desert country, Australia. Then, fifty yards past that a parked car. Air brakes screeched and there was an urgent crashing down through the gears as the big roller made an urgent turn into the car park. Lights flashed across the wall again, then a deafening silence after the motor was killed. Oh yes.

Now my heart was beating like a trip hammer and I couldn’t draw breath. I stripped out of my shirt and shorts and waited for him naked. I had a hard-on that started at my arsehole. No sound. Waiting. Come on Daddy. Eventually a door slammed. Boots crunched on gravel. A crazy urge grabbed me and I stepped out of the cubicle and into the open corridor. In the milky moonlight I would present a hazy vision of male nakedness. I turned my back to the entrance, spread my legs, raised my arms and braced against the back wall.

He saw me the instant he came through the door because I heard him stop in his tracks. He let out a deep, involuntary, animal grunt of surprise and lust. My knees turned to water but I didn’t look back. I heard him walk a few steps closer and stop. I felt his breath on the back of my neck and smelled a faint odor of dope – that’s what he’d been doing – but still he hadn’t touched me. I was trembling. I closed my eyes and waited.

He took his time. He sniffed me like a big bear – all over – my hair, neck, armpits, my balls and then – my arse. Then at last his hands were on me. His big hands engulfed both bum cheeks, parted them and he inhaled a long deep hit of my hole as if it was a bottle of rush. Oh…

Now his hands roamed free all over my body. He reached round and rubbed my chest and belly. He ran them over my face and ears. The material of his work shirt and jeans was rough on my naked skin. He cupped my balls and let out a surprised grunt when he discovered my hard cock. I guess he was expecting something smaller. His mouth engulfed my ear and his tongue licked round inside and out. Our roles were clear – me bottom, him top – he knew how to take charge and – this time – I was right into it.

When he whispered in my ear his voice was deep, strong and full of lust. “Stay there,” he said. He stepped away from me. I heard the rustling of clothes and then he was back – and naked. He put his arms around me and pulled me back onto his hot body. I felt his broad hairy chest and belly on my bare back. I began a slow circular movement of my arse to tease his stiff, bouncing cock. He licked my neck and rubbed my balls in soft long strokes. “Ohh fuuuck,” I said.

He was much taller than me and I arched my head back onto his shoulder so his lips could find my hungry lips. He cupped my head with one big hand, pressed his wet mouth onto mine and gave me his tongue to suck. I reached back to find his cock. It was a good size and, though it was completely stiff, my hand found enough foreskin to give him an unlubricated wank. He brought fingers that had been pinching my nipples to my mouth for sucking, then dropped them to my bum and began to finger my hungry hole.

Our rhythm was in complete harmony. We licked, sucked, caressed and groaned into each other’s mouth in a blind, depraved cloud of pure lust. Soon his hips began to thrust and I knew he wanted to cum. “Stop – wait.” I said. “I want you to fuck me.”

I turned around for the first time and now remembered where we were. Moonlight was pouring into the bog and I got a good look at my partner. He was a huge bear of a man about fifty, balding, well muscled and a serious beer gut. He had a beard and was probably handsome underneath it. His lips were glossy with spit from our passionate kissing and one silver droplet hung from his beard. His cock was sticking straight out. I dropped to my knees and gave it a careful suck – enough to lubricate it but not too much to make him shoot. It tasted the way a cock’s supposed to taste – sweaty, funky, and dangerous.

I stood, turned and bent over with my face inches from the pool of piss in the bottom of the urinal. I looked over my shoulder at him as he inspected my hot pink bum hole. I said, “Fuck me Daddy.”

He held one hip with his left hand and scrunched my right cheek open with the other. He positioned the head of his big cock at my opening and slowly, forcefully pushed. The pain was immediate and glorious. “Oh yes,” I said. “Push it in.”

There was a moment of resistance and pain as my hole struggled to accept his invading dick. I pushed back against him and the pain was sharp and hard. Then my arsehole opened and his big dick slid all the way in. The sudden relief from pain and the warm, wet satisfying, fullness of a cock buried deep in my bowels overcame me. My own dick spasmed and shot spurts of cum all over the floor. Each time I shot, my arse gripped his cock even tighter and he shoved like a madman.

He held my hips in big hands and pulled me back onto his fat cock in a steady, relentless rhythm that made me feel like his submissive bitch. He owned my hot slippery arse. When his orgasm came it was fast and hard. He bucked sharply against me in three short violent jabs and just before he came, pulled out and shot a long strand of pearly jism all the way up my back and onto my face. Then another and another and another.

He helped me straighten up, gave me a nice gentle kiss on the cheek which squished the cum on my face and whispered, “Thanks.”

One of the nicest moments from that night (and why I sometimes like to bottom) was helping to clean his cock afterwards. But my favorite image was the moment when the lust cleared from our eyes and there we were – two naked, grateful sex maniacs covered in spit and cum on a beautiful moonlit night – in a public shithouse.

We shared a long sweaty, hug redolent with the odors of man-on-man sex.



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