by Rodder52


When I turned nineteen I decide it was time I learned how to fuck. I was deep in the closet so it was clear my cherry was going to have to go to a stranger. That’s how I wanted it anyway.

So I took myself to the wrong side of town and found this really sleazy bar. I figured it was a gay bar – it was called “The Tool Box”. There was just this one guy there and to tell you the truth he scared the shit out of me. He’s leering at me like he knows all my secrets. He’s way over six foot, maybe a biker or something like that – dirty jeans and boots and a leather jacket, no shirt. He gave his bulge a big obvious tug every time our eyes met – and that was like every ten seconds!

Before I could scamper out of there he lumbered over and just groped my butt. “Fuckin nice,” he said. Turns out he had a room right up the stairs beside this bar and he asks me if I wanna go up there and have a look. I said yes.

When we get to his room I can tell he’s not a foreplay guy.

“Strip,” he says. So I did.

“Get on the bed,” he says. And I did.

I didn’t even notice him strip but when I looked up there he was buck-naked and his engorged tool bouncing right in front of my face. He’s holding a tube of lube and a strip of maybe ten condoms.

“You want to get fucked, right?”

I rolled over and pulled my legs up against my chest.

“I’ve been dreaming about this,” I whispered.

He chewed open a container and rolled a durex onto his stiff cock. He popped open the lube, squirted a glob onto his palm and began massaging the clear liquid into my nineteen year-old crack.

“Have you been fucked before?” Two of his fingers pushed more oil into my hot tunnel.

“Yeah, about seven times already,” I lied as I worked my asshole round his finger. I was so hungry. He was kneeling on the bed beside me and his cock and balls were just kinda resting on my side. It got me so hot.

“Stick that big dick in me. Fuck my ass, hard!” I said.

He got me a bit looser and slid up to me spoon-style. His face was right beside mine and his breath smelled sweet from beer. It felt nice and intimate. He arranged his sheathed cockhead against the entrance of my ass and pushed. He went slowly because his cock was so thick. I gasped in pain as he invaded my tight hole.

“Oh your cock’s so big! I’ve never had a cock that big before. Don’t stop,” I hissed through gritted teeth. I was trying to get him hot. It was working – he began slowly boning me.

And that’s how I learned to fuck.

He rode my hot hole and filled my slippery tunnel until I whimpered in ecstasy. He positioned me on top of him and bounced me like a baby – except his cock breached my fuckhole with every bounce. He laid me face down on the pillow with my ass in the air and stood and dicked me like in a porn movie.

He rode my ass until it stopped feeling sore and started feeling numb. Then it stopped being numb and started feeling warm. Then the warm feeling became radiant heat that flooded through my balls and belly. Without anybody touching my cock, spasms arose in my asshole and I couldn’t stop from shooting ropes of cum all over myself.

After an hour, he still wasn’t anywhere near done. He plowed my poor aching ass in every variation he could think of. He dragged me to the floor and deep-dicked me for all he was worth with my knees banging against my ears and my own cock dribbling jizz in my face. I was whimpering from sensory overload and got into a kind of frenzy. I spewed out every filthy porn phrase that came to my mind while he squeezed my nipples and ran his hands over every inch of my bare skin.

He finally pulled out of me, slipped off the gooey scumbag and began jerking on his swollen purple cock.

“Watch, watch,” he said. “This’ll be fucking huge!”

I watched through glazed eyes as he jerked his cock at top speed. He aimed and the volley of thick, white scum splashed the floor, the wall and my face. He scooped up gobs of it and gave it to me to suck.

It was then, while I was sucking arsejuice and cum from his fingers that my unattended dick spasmed again and shot strings of pearly cum all over his balls.

We lay there glued together by sweat and cum and I had to ask the question.

“Was that good?” I said.

“Better than good,” he said. “Specially for your first time.”


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