Cuckold’s Revenge
by Rodder52


Part 1

Jealousy’s a complex emotion. I knew she fucked other guys and I guess the emotion I felt was jealousy. It was a mix of anger, distaste and shame. I felt – demeaned. But right on top of that, maybe because of it, there was this raw and desperate lust.

Every time I found her out – after the hurt and the recriminations – would come the wild storm of animal passion. I would throw her down and fuck her. In her pussy and in her arse, I would rage in uncontrolled lust and put my stamp back on her. Wash the other guy away with my cum. And my cock was an unstoppable, unforgiving weapon of revenge. It stayed hard for hours and she took every ounce of its force.

By the time we’d finished these sessions she could hardly stand and I could hardly walk. There were no loving hugs and kisses – that wouldn’t happen again till way later. This was raw and primal sex.

I believe now that it was the only sex she truly enjoyed and all her cheating was just the method to provoke it.

It becomes just another dirty little secret to tuck away with the gay porn, the polaroids and the frequent flyer points at the steamhouse.

Then Felix turned up.

She, Ange has a sister Stella who turns up this night with a new boyfriend, Felix. Ange and I were in our late twenties. Stella was in her early thirties – but Felix – he was fifty if he was a day.

This is what Stella does. She finds the biggest creep she can find then drags them around to everybody’s place just to piss them off.

This is a really big guy. Gotta be six-four or five and maybe two-twenty two thirty pounds. Huge fucker. He’s got these hands like a baseball glove and fingers like bananas. He’s Italian and he talks like one of the Sopranos. At first I thought he was joking but eventually realised he was for real.

And ugly! The only other person I can think to liken him to is Black Pete in the old Disney cartoons – big old jaw with bristles sticking out – wide mouth – one long heavy eyebrow. It’s like they based that character on this guy.

Anyway you do the right thing. We sit down with Stella and this guy for a few drinks and some small talk but this guy is like nobody I ever met before. First thing he says:

“So you’re fucking the sister huh? She’s got nice little tits.”

For some bizarre reason I started talking like a movie wiseguy too.

“Hey! Buddy! We don’t talk that shit around the women all right?”

I gave it the best threatening tone I could but this guy’s from a different planet – and he’s not acting. He says whatever he thinks whenever he thinks it – and his thoughts aren’t all that highbrow.

And he’s not scared of me.

“Fuck! She sucks your cock right? She lets you lick her pussy? Nothing I say’s gonna worry that bitch.”

“Get the fuck out of my house.” I shout. It was like it was in a script. I said it because it was the next thing to say. I stood up. I don’t know why. I suppose I was trying to threaten him. As if there were a chance of that.

“Relax. I’m just saying she’s got nice tits.”

Here’s the kicker. The women get on my case. They start telling me to relax too! Like I’m the one causing trouble!

“It’s OK Darlin’,” says Ange. “I don’t mind.”

Stella’s sitting there with a shit-eating grin on her face. “Don’t you like the truth?” she says.

It was really confusing to me. This filthy mouthed animal was our guest and I’m supposed to change the rules? I folded. I felt like this total pussy.

“Just keep your dirty mouth of my wife Pal.” I knew I was sounding more like a second-rate actor than ever and Felix is laughing at me.

“You think I want to fuck her? Don’t worry – I can’t keep it up to this one. I’m licking her out three times a day and she still wants more. I couldn’t fuck yours if I wanted too.”

So it went. We sat around the table and drank. Somewhere in that night I went for a piss and when I came back Ange was standing beside the seated Felix to pour another wine. His hand was up her skirt. She was pretending it was taking a real long time to pour that drink while he was having a good old feel around. Stella was wasted or didn’t care even when Ange spread her legs to give him better access.

And me? I folded. I let it go. I coughed to let them know I was coming back and Felix slowly and insolently dropped his hand. Nobody said anything.

I grabbed my car keys and headed for the door. My heart was pounding and my stomach was churning. I knew what I had to do.

Steamheat is on a busy street and I usually sneak in there like a thief. This night I parked out front and walked straight in. I got a bottle of rush with the locker key and walked in there looking everyone in the eye.

There was an aura of energy round me that you could almost see. Three guys in the locker room stopped and watched me get undressed. I know how to be a slut. I was taught by an expert. I wore the locker key round my wrist like a diamond bracelet. I trailed the towel behind me like a mink stole – and I strutted the length of the place buck naked and overdoing the Eartha Kitt slut routine to the max.

By the time I got to the big playroom I had an entourage of seven maybe nine men.

In the dim red light of the playroom I gave them a show.

I stretched my naked body in every sensuous pose. I trembled as I tweaked my nipples. I ran my hands seductively over my inner thighs and butt. There wasn’t a man in the place couldn’t see that a hot slut was on the floor and itching for cock. I extravagantly licked a finger and threw my head back moaning as I made probing circles in my puckered hole.

I heard, “Yeah Baby!”

I spread my straightened legs and bent all the way down to put my palms on the floor. Then one hand back up between to spread those cheeks. I made a slow, rolling fucking motion.

The men round me were so into it. I heard growls of “Yeah, do it” and involuntary grunts and groans. They were all stroking their cocks and I knew it wouldn’t be long before I’d be under them.

The guy to break the show was one of the guys from the locker room – a tall, skinny black guy with a goatee beard. He dropped his towel, stepped forward and softly rubbed his thick cut dick on my face (I was touching toes at the time). I fell to my knees and kissed and stroked that cock as if I’d been waiting for it all my life. I was acting to begin with but only for seconds – an overwhelming need for that delicious flesh overcame me and I sucked it hard – once – twice. The guy cried out as if in pain, pulled back and shot hot spurts of cum on my face. Hairtrigger.

That started a frenzy. I felt strong hands under my armpits lifting me to my feet. Someone had me in a bearhug from behind. His teeth were sunk into my shoulders and he moaned, “Ahh, ah, ah,” as he tried to push his rubber truncheon of a cock into my bumhole but he was too overexcited. I couldn’t adjust my position to help because he was holding me so tight and he was too crazed to stop. He shot the first spasm right into the back of my balls and the rest down the back of my thighs.

When he released me someone else took his place. My pussy bum was now hot for the cock and it slid into me in long and slow, delicious pain.

A guy on my left side licked my neck and face in long hungry laps. The bristles of his beard brought my skin to burning life. I fumbled round till I found his rigid cock and stroked it backhand.

Some guy on my right pushed at me to stand straighter so he could latch his mouth onto my nipple. He sucked it so hard, a shot of pain streaked through my body to my hole now being rhythmically fucked with machine-like steadiness.

When I went to give the nipple guy a handjob I realised I was clutching the bottle of poppers. Another guy was dragging a chair across the floor and hassling the guys on my tits and neck. I called a break.

“Guys, guys, guys – wait a minute.” They all stopped.

The guy with the chair was trying to get it into position so he could stand on it and get his cock sucked. “Let him in,” I told the guys.

When he moved, I realised that there was a full-length mirror on the side wall. I’ve never seen a sexier sight. The guy behind me stood with his cock still stiff in my arse and both hands on my hips. Nipple guy was massaging his arsehole and rocking up and down as he stroked his cock. Chair guy was moving his big waving cock in position in front of my face. The licking guy had his head resting on my shoulder. Three or four naked men sat round stroking their hard cocks and watching. And there was me in the middle. I gave myself a wink – what a slut!

Everybody was quiet and patient as they waited for the sex to restart. I uncapped the amyl, took a hit, and handed it back to my fucker. I watched as the guys handed it round. Cocks waving – five friendly guys about to get back to fucking. So sexy.

The sound system played Steely Dan – “Ricky Don’t Lose That Number”. The rush in my head started and I started to suck the cock in front of me as I rode my sexy arse on the one behind me. I stroked the cock of the man licking my face and sank my finger in the slippery hole of the man sucking my tits.

“I thought a little wild times had just begun…”

We all got back to business.

By the time I got home Stella and Felix had gone and Ange was asleep. The next day, very little was said. Maybe my response to Ange’s slutting – to be an even bigger slut worked – at least I was way more calm – until two days later.

That’s when Felix turned up.

My face drained of blood when I saw his car pull into our drive. He was by himself. It was Friday night – my usual night with the boys – I wasn’t supposed to be there.

“What’s he doing here?” I said to Ange.

“How should I know?” She went to answer the door and there was an obvious exchange where, I guess, she warned himabout me. When he came in I asked him the same question. “What are you doing here?”

“I come to fuck your wife,” he said. Jesus – when will I ever learn.

I told him to fuck off but he laughed it off. Ange did the hostess routine again and the next thing you know we’re sitting round the table drinking. Somewhere round the second bottle of wine Felix says, “ Hey Rod, you got any dirty photos of your wife?”

“Fuck off,” I say.

“You want some?” he says. Out of his pocket he pulled a thick wad of polaroid photos and let them spill onto the table in front of me. My stomach flip-flopped. My heart raced. It was both of them. There was no sign of Stella but the shots had been taken with my polaroid in my bedroom.

It was obvious there had just been the two of them. The shots of her sucking his cock were from above. So were the ones where he was licking her pussy. He had posed her with her vibrator up her arse and in her pussy and she was obviously having a ball.

There was a shot of his cock going into her arse in doggy style, obviously taken by him as he fucked her.

The most shocking thing about the photos was the contrast of their bodies. She was tiny and white skinned with light downy hair on her cunt – he was covered in thick black hair. Every inch of his body was shrouded in fur – even halfway up the shaft of his ugly, fat, purple cock. She looked like a little girl sitting on a grizzly bear

I looked across at Ange and I could see she was surprised that he’d shown the pics but she was unrepentant. She made a little face and shrugged her shoulders. Felix had a self-satisfied grin.

And me? The initial shock hit me like a cannonball in the gut. But then all that energy swirled around and transformed itself in to an aching in my loins. I was in a red haze of lust. I stood and pulled Ange to her feet by the collar of her dress. It was little light summer dress that buttoned up the front. I gripped it in both hands and ripped it wide open. No bra. No pants. tiny little tits. Downy little cunt.

It caught Felix by surprise. He was halfway to his feet when he realised I wasn’t going to hit her. He towered over me. I could smell the sweat on him.

“You want a fuck? Let’s go,” I said to him, “Bedroom.”

The only one to hesitate was Ange. Felix kicked of his scuffs and ripped the shirt off over his head. Jesus – he had these puffy pink nipples poking through the fur.

The guy was an animal. He dropped his pants right there and stood massaging his balls so that his big cock flopped around in the air like some blind sea serpent. He reached for her cunt but I slapped his hand hard and said, ”Wait!”

She stood there uncertain. All of a sudden it seemed like I was in control and she didn’t like it.

“Go and lie on the bed,” I told him. “We’ll be there in a minute.”

He went and Ange looked at me with a strange look. Standing there naked, with a gorilla man waiting on our kingsize bed with his big hard purple cock, she was horny as hell.

I stripped off my clothes and she saw my state. My cock has never been bigger or harder and she smiled. The dirtiest slut-whore smile I’ve ever seen.

“You do everything I say.” I told her.

“Oh yes,” she whispered and snuck a hand up to start tweaking her nipples. This was her scene. She was weak with lust.

In the bedroom, Felix lay on his back idly stroking his cock. He grinned a knowing smile when we both came in naked and he saw my hard dick.

“Hey Rod, nice cock,” he said.

“Gonna handcuff you now Felix,” I said.

“Ooh yeah – kinky. I love that shit. Put ‘em on me baby.” He made kissing noises and leered at Ange while I got the box of sex toys and cuffed his wrists round the bedpost behind his head.”

My rigid dick bounced perilously close to his face but he didn’t seem to mind.

Ange made a move and bowed her head to suck his cock but I stopped her.

“Sit in that chair and don’t move.”

She complied with the sitting order but she moved plenty. Her ass was squirming and she was working herself into a lather with her fingers – until I got the silk scarves and tied her arms to the arms of the chair.

Now, with her tied and forced to watch, I stood by the head of the bed and traced a snails trail of precum across the hairs of Felix’s chest.

Surprise number one:

He lay there completely relaxed and spoke softly to me.

“Oohh yeah baby. Wipe that big cock on me. Stick it in my mouth. Let me taste it.”

So I did. I took my solid cock and flicked his face with it. Precum flicked zig-zag lines all over him and he strained his tongue to lick it.

“Oh yeah – let me lick your balls baby.”

Felix was amazing. I got one foot up on the bed so I could lower my balls into his mouth and he tongued at my arsehole and slurped at my balls. I dropped my hand onto his furry chest to tweak his nipples and felt a jolt of animal energy from him. It was the sexiest thing I’ve ever touched. I rubbed his hairy torso and belly with my hand but soon it had to be wrist – then forearm and shoulder. In minutes I was rubbing my entire face, chest and belly on his body. It was like warm waves of energy were flowing from him and into me.

Before this I thought animal magnetism was just a term. But here it was. He bucked in ecstasy as I buried my face in his armpits and under his balls and in the crack of his arse.

I positioned myself over him with my bum in his face and he lapped my hole as I rubbed myself all over him.

Ange writhed in frustration, pushing her cunt down hard on the chair but I knew she wasn’t getting enough contact to satisfy her. Good.

Surprise number two:

Felix started to resist, turning away from me.

“Hey Rod – don’t. Don’t cum. You’ve gotta fuck me in the ass. Yeah baby –don’t cum – I want that cock in my ass.”

I got off him and he rolled over. The chain clanked as it made a half-hitch round the bed post and the big hairy man was on hands and knees pushing his great furry arse back as far as he could.

“Oh yeah – fuck me baby.”

I stood there watching him. Every now and then he was wracked by a spasm jerking his arse forward and making his cock slap against his belly. I took a moment to gather myself. Walked right past Ange to get the poppers from my jacket pocket and administered a snort to Felix.

I knelt between his legs and examined his phenomenally hairy butt. The hair grew out of every pore all the way to the smooth purple flesh of his hole which shone with a dull light. I rubbed my face in the warm soft fur and inhaled the funky manly smell wafting in waves from him. I took another moment, gave each nostril a long hit from the rush bottle, put it safely aside and laid my tongue on the smooth tangy flesh of his arsehole.

He groaned a long low moan and road back against me in gentle motion. The pulse pounded in my temples as I licked and sucked at his pulsating hole. We synchronised into a steady rhythm of licking and sucking and I was transported to paradise. I slid my hand through his legs and stroked his cock in time.

After a while he stopped me again. He clenched his cheeks tight. He was out of breath.

“Baby, Baby, Baby,” he said. “You gotta fuck me now! I’m gonna cum.”

That’s when I realised – Jesus! So was I.

I knelt in position with a hand on each buttock. Pulled him open. Positioned my cock. And shoved.

My cock slid into the hottest, tightest, slipperiest swirling world of sensation it’s ever felt. On the second shove I came a torrent.

He was in a panic. “Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” he said. He was madly trying to get off his knees but I was pushing from behind and he was caught in the bedspread .

“Oh shit! Oh fuck” he said. That’s when I realised he was trying to get something – anything – to contact his cock. His hands were chained.

I reached round and grabbed that big swollen pole. As soon as I touched it, it spurted hot ropes of cum into my hand. I rubbed it back into his cock and the matted hair of his belly. I sucked the hairy skin on his neck, gently fucked my cock into him and stroked his dick until the spasms subsided.

I fell off him and my cock emerged from his arse with a big fat plop.

He was laughing. “Fuck,” he said, “Fuck!”

We looked across at Ange who was desperately grinding her crotch down on the chair in concentrated fury.

“I’ll tell you something,” Felix said, “This guy’s a way better fuck than you.”

That’s when she came.

Like I said – Jealousy’s a complex emotion.


Part 2

I’m the king of the double standard. Ange’s fucking around again and I’m jealous.

If you compared the amount of stray cock we’ve had I’d beat her ten to one. But I still get jealous. Then the jealousy gets me so barred-up I can cum without touching my dick.

I always know when she’s hooking up. There’s the new shimmery, pink thong cupping her freshly shaved cunt as she gets dressed for work. There’s the new contour-bra displaying the hard, pointed nipples on her tiny tits. There’s, “I’m going to be late tonight, don’t wait up.” And my stomach sinks. Then my cock gets hard.

When she comes home, strips and slides into bed, I give it about half an hour and go to check for evidence. The tiny panties are wadded up on the floor – moist and heavy. They’re slippery in my fingers as I take a hesitant sniff – wanton cunt juice and the familiar, sweet, unmistakable tang of cum.

I taste it, inhale it, suck-up and swallow every last drop of it from the panties of my just-fucked slut wife. Then I hear her voice from the bed – “Honey, come and eat my pussy.”

That’s the game.

There’s one rule to the game – never discuss, never confess. She’s on her back. I have her knees pushed back to her shoulders and my face buried in her cunt. Both of us know I’m slurping the fresh semen of another man. Both of us know it drives me crazy with desire. Both of us know that admitting it will break the spell. I taste her arsehole and confirm he hasn’t been there yet. I feel a rising sensation in the head of my cock and realize it wants to cum. I try to stop it but the dank taste of butthole on my tongue combined with the starchy sensation of cum in my mouth is too much. My dick spasms and spills an involuntary load onto the bed.

That’s when I decided to track him down.

It’s Rex. She was “working late” with one of the senior guys at her firm – Rex. The never discuss rule leaves lots of room for hints and she loves to twist the knife. This is what she said:

“God Rex worked me hard last night. He’s one of these guys who just keeps going no matter how tired you get. I was so fucked by the time I got home…”

I was already seated at the bar when Rex arrived. He squinted uncertainly in the gloomy light and I wondered if he’d recognize me. I certainly recognized him even if I was now seeing him in a different light from when we’d met at office parties. Over six feet but shortened by the bulk of his shoulders and torso, he was once a redhead but now, in his mid-forties was showing salt and pepper in his short-cut hair and clipped mustache. It was easy to see why Ange had seduced him. He was solid man from the floor up. You could sense the solid thighs and strong butt and the gut muscles still in control of the coming middle-age spread. A guy with the weight and strength to move you wherever he wanted in bed or out. Perfect for Ange – just right for me too.

I’d worded my invitation very carefully – I knew it was unusual but I hoped he could spare some time to talk to me about himself and Ange. I was vague enough for him to hope it was a work issue but insistent enough for him to worry. I hoped I hadn’t overplayed my hand by choosing this bar – Abel’s – it was a gay bar – very discreet – but unapologetic. Regular patrons (like me) knew all about the cruising space and private booths behind the door marked PVT beyond the gents.

Rex recognized me as soon as his eyes adjusted to the gloom. He smiled in that way handsome guys do, all confidence, and stuck out his paw.

“Rod. Good to see you.”

“Thanks for meeting me.”

“No problem.”

“What’s up?”

“I thought we needed to chat. It might be easier after a drink.”


He maintained the hold on my hand throughout this exchange and then placed his left hand consolingly on my wrist. The look in his eye was pure concern. He was quite a player.

I turned to order drinks but the barman had already refreshed mine and provided, unprompted, a bourbon and branch water for Rex. He took his drink and indicated that we should take a booth – “for privacy”.

My heart began to pound. I realized we were already into the one-rule game. We both knew what I wanted to see him about but neither of us was saying. The knowledge that Rex was relaxed and charming and happy to play the game with me sent a thrill of electricity through my body and shortened my breath. He noticed.

“You OK?” he said.

“Better than OK.”

“Good. Me too.”

He put his hand on the center of my back, just above my ass and guided me to the booth. We slid in on opposite sides and both of us continued to the bottom of the horseshoe banquette until we were looking out to the bar. Our thighs touched and I thought to withdraw. Then I double-thought – he wasn’t withdrawing. I relaxed into the warm pressure.

“So they know you here?”

“Yes,” he said, “but not like “Cheers” you don’t always want to be where everybody knows your name.”

“I know what you mean.”

He dropped his right hand onto my thigh and gave a squeeze.

“I thought you might. This place has a special feature I’d like to show you later if you’d like.”

“I’d like to see it right now,” I said.

I hit the floor before him and headed straight for the cruise room. My heart was pounding in my chest and my nipples hard and pointing as I raced through the cruise room. When Rex came through the door I leapt on him, tilted my head and pulled him into a long, passionate, searching kiss.

He groaned and responded with animal intensity. Both hands groped my arse cheeks and lifted me into the air while our tongues and lips negotiated the rhythm of our lust. With my body half-hoisted he trundled me backwards into a booth all the while searching the interior of my mouth with his hungry tongue. He set me down and struggled to free my belt. Meanwhile I had got my hands under his shirt and was feverishly exploring his hairy chest and tits. We both moaned in recognition of the rising tide of passion – his deep and throaty – mine higher pitched and reflecting the submissive girlish surrender I was feeling.

Somehow we both knew the moment to pause, stop and shuck our own clothes. I watched as he threw his bunched shirt and jacket on a bench and nearly fainted when the huge half-hard cock flopped into the open – the size of it – fear and desire. I removed my own shoes and shirt but paused to be sure he was watching my own reveal.

I turned my back to him, bent and shucked my trousers in one motion. I was rewarded with a loud gasp as he saw the nakedness of my arse accentuated by the split of the long strand of pink material. I turned to show my rampant cock forcing it’s way from the pouch of Ange’s panties.

Rex lost control. He gripped both my nipples between fore knuckle and thumb and dragged me smashing into his chest. He stuck his tongue in my mouth, the big index finger of his right hand into my fruity arse and started bucking his cock against my belly. I clung on to him for dear life and tried to ride out the storm. With each buck he was raising me in the air with the finger wedged in my arse. It should have hurt but it didn’t. My attention switched from the violent heat radiating from my hole to the equally aggressive tongue forced deep in my mouth. I sucked on it and swallowed as if it was the big, fat, unsheathed cock now hammering against my belly.

After a while I felt Rex’s left hand find it’s way into my hair and my head was pulled straight back. His tongue slid out of my mouth and my neck and chest was bared to him. He growled like an animal and bit on my erect nipples before pushing me back on the bench to access my cock and balls. The finger in my arse never slowed in it’s relentless reaming of my violated hole.

Once he’d satisfied himself with tasting my crutch he removed the finger and stripped me of Ange’s panties. He stood between my legs with his cruel stiff dick waving restlessly about. He stared into my face. His breathing was ragged and his eyes were barely focused. He bunched the little bikini into a ball and forced into his own mouth. He pushed my knees up to my shoulders, the head of his cock into my radiant hole and forced it all the way in.

The pain was immediate and amazing. Every fiber of my being was concentrated on the ecstatic sensation in my shithole. And when he began to ride me the pleasure and pain rolled in undulate waves from my sphincter to my nipples to my hungry mouth. He soon answered my need, spat out the thong and stooped to suck on my tongue while maintaining the rocking rolling motion.

When he came he unlocked one of my legs but kept the other forced up so the he was fucking me side on. He came up my arse in a series of nine or ten spasms. Every time I thought he was finished he shoved again. When he finally withdrew I slapped my hand against my hole to prevent any loss. My stretched hole felt so wonderfully abused it sent a shudder of delight through me and my own forgotten cock spasmed and spat strings up my chest.

He cradled me in his arms for a good long time as we both allowed ourselves to settle and find reorientation. He kinked a puzzled eyebrow when I retrieved the pink panties but said nothing. We were back to playing the game and I don’t know if he saw me plug my butt with it. If he did, he said nothing.

I’m late home that night but Ange isn’t there. No shower for me – I slide carefully under the sheets taking care not to disturb the wadding in my butt. She arrives well after midnight and I hear her undressing just inside the bedroom door.

That’s when I call to her from the bed – “Honey, come and eat my pussy.”


The End


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