What Happened in Harvey’s Room
by Robert Furlong


Part 1: Circle Jerk

The five of us gathered round Harvey’s laptop, pulled our dicks out and he loaded up the movie so we could all wank off to it.

I was new to the academy and I’d never been in a circle jerk before, so it seemed funny and horny at the same time for us all to be crouching round like this with our boners poking out from our flies.

“This is so fuckin’ hot,” Harvey grinned, checking out my dick as the newbie of the group.  “You guys are gonna dib off so fast over this shit!”

My pecker stood up even harder at the thought of it.  I was hoping it would be some girl-on-girl stuff.  I always love whacking off to that and doing it in a group of other lads would make it even hotter in a weird, messed-up kind of way.

He clicked play and it turned out that the movie was of an empty changing room like the one at the gym we have on campus.  I figured a girl must be going to come in and start getting undressed.

Not as good as lesbo porn, but spycam stuff could be pretty horny too, especially when it was proper autho like this looked.

“How did ya film this?” Whitehouse asked, gently stroking his knob which looked a lot thicker than mine.

“I put me phone on top of me bag an’ left it on record,” Harvey grinned.

“Yer’ve got balls o’ fuckin’ steel, mate!” Adams laughed, his massive bell-end swelling shiny at what might be coming next.

I was gonna ask Harvey how he’d managed to sneak into the women’s changing rooms in the sports centre or wherever this had been filmed, but suddenly some dude walked into shot wearing a t-shirt and shorts like he’d just finished working out in the gym.

“Is that Costa?” Smiler asked.  Costa was one of the Maths staff.  Costa Coffee to give him his full nickname, short for Mr Constantine.

“Yeah,” Harvey chuckled.  “I told ya youze was gonna enjoy this!”

I smiled over at him.  Costa’s girlfriend or wife or whatever must be gonna come in.  Give him a post-workout rubdown and maybe a bit more before he hit the showers.

Costa started pulling his t-shirt off and I realised this had actually been filmed in our campus gym.  It must be on a Wednesday evening when they run rugby training sessions and stuff like that.

Costa turned round and I saw he was talking to someone.  I kind of hoped it might be one of the female teachers, but why would she have come into the male changing rooms?

“Oh nice,” Adams said, “I figured he’d be hairy!”

Costa did have a well-built hairy chest with a dark line of fuzz heading down his belly into his shorts.

He reached up to drape his t-shirt from a hook and Smiler sort of gasped: “Oh, fuck!  Look at his pits, guys!”

Costa’s armpits were sprouting a dense thicket of hair, beaded with sweat after whatever sport he’d been doing.

Harvey laughed, “Yeah, fancy gettin’ yer face stuck into one o’ those!”

“Oh Jesus!” Smiler grinned back and grabbed his big fuck-off dick and started wanking himself off.

Figuring that this was just a bit of messing about – that some woman was about to appear and jazz things up – I laughed and started whacking off too, saying, “Oh yeah!  Imagine sniffin’ his pit-sweat, guys!”

Harvey beamed over at me.  He was pleased I got the joke.  It must have been a risk to invite me to a circle jerk in his room as I’d only just transferred from another school and wasn’t properly part of his group.

He stared at my hand bashing up and down my prick and said, “Nice one, Grant!  I knew ya’d be up for havin’ a bit o’ fun!”

Costa bent over to pull off his trainers and socks and Whitehouse started bashing his dong too, saying, “Look at the back of his shorts, lads!  What would ya give to have a good whiff right there… right in the wedgie between his cheeks!”

The others chuckled and nodded but I was thinking, “What is going on here? What the fuck is this?”

“What would ya like best?” Adams asked, as Harvey paused the movie on Costa’s bent-over butt.  “Gettin’ yer face into his armpit, or havin’ a nice big sniff deep in his skanky crack?”

“The crack every time!” Whitehouse chortled.  “I’ve spent years watchin’ his chunky little arse while he’s been writin’ on the board… wishin’ to fuck I could shove me nose where the sun don’t shine!”

“Naah, it’d be the pits for me,” Smiler said back.  “Ya can’t beat an armpit when it’s dead hot and sweaty!”

“But a crack can be hot and sweaty too!” Whitehouse came back with.  “And with a hairy tooshy like Costa’s got stashed away in them shorts, yer’d get a real bummy stink that’d get yer cock leakin’ buckets!”

“What the hell are you guys on about?” I called out to them, the penny finally dropping that a woman wasn’t about to wander into view.

“What’s up?” Harvey grinned back at me.  “Are you more of a dick sniffer, Grant?”

“I don’t like sniffin’ dicks, pits, arse-cracks or any other parts of dudes!” I told them.

When they just stared at me like I’d gone cu-cu-cuckoo, I tried, “I like girlie smells, guys… you know?… the whiff of a minge when you’re fingerin’ it… that lovely, sexy smell you get between a pair o’ tits…”

The four of them gawped at me and Adams kind of hissed, “You’re not serious, are you?  You’re not tellin’ me yer still bonin’ up to stupid stuff like that?”

I nodded, not really getting it, and he went on, “I mean, Jesus, mate! Some of us moved on from gettin’ kiddie kicks when we was like fourteen or somethin’.”

“What’s the problem with girls?” I asked, trying to figure out why the four of them looked so totally bossed-out.

“You’re not actually sayin’ you still whack off to girlie stuff, are you?” Smiler sniggered.  “That is one seriously lame admission, dude!”

“What’s lame about it?” I said back.  “Girls are hot!”

“Of course they are, mate,” Harvey nodded, patting at my arm like he was trying to stop me saying anything else too whacko.  “It’s just this sorta stuff is way, way hotter!  It’s more hardcore, Grant… a bit more… I dunno… intense.  Kinda like crankin’ things up a notch… takin’ things to the next level, ya know whadda mean?”

“If you have to explain it to him like he’s a retard,” Adams said with a real edge to his voice, “he obviously doesn’t get it.  I don’t know why you asked him to join in with us.”

“Yeah, if yer not into stuff like this,” Smiler added without even a trace of his trademark smirk, “you shouldn’t go thinkin’ yer part of our circle.”

“Come on, guys,” Harvey laughed nervously.  “Of course he gets it, don’t you, Grant?”

He stared at me wide-eyed, like he knew they were about to turf me out of his room and maybe out of their group, and kept saying, “Don’t you, Grant? Don’t you?” like a fucking parrot or something.

So I just shrugged and said, “Hell yeah… too right I get it… it’s just I never tried it… that’s all I was sayin’.  Doesn’t mean I can’t give it a go!”

“That’s more like it,” Harvey said brightly, still doing that awkward laugh.  “Believe me… lookin’ at this stuff, takes it up to fuckin’ aphro, mate!”

“Yeah, ya’ll love it once yer into it, Grant,” Whitehouse agreed.  “Ya’ll be jazzin’ off as fast and as hard as the rest of us once Costa gets his knackers out!”

I wrapped my hand back round my dick which had gone all droopy, and made like I was going to enjoy the rest of the show.  I wasn’t sure that I was, but I knew I should be flattered that as the new kid in town I’d been allowed to buddy-up with the cool crowd.

“Bring it on, guys,” I laughed.  “I just never whacked off over stuff like this… I’ve always just looked at girlie stuff.”

“Oh my God!  Listen to him say that!” Adams laughed.  “That is so fuckin’ gay!”

“Just go with it,” Harvey smiled, like he really wanted me to get into it and jack off with the rest of them looking at Costa’s butt.  Maybe he liked my sense of humour and wanted to keep having me around with his mates.  Or maybe he just liked how my dick looked poking out through my fly.

He started the movie up again and we saw Costa pulling his shorts down.  It felt weird to be spying on this guy, watching him undress – sort of pervy, if I’m honest.  Which is stupid – I know – because if it was a girl or one of the female members of staff getting their kit off in the movie, I’d be totally into it and not bothered about the whole spy-cam morality thing.

“He wears Calvins!” Whitehouse laughed.  “I knew it!  I fuckin’ said it but you guys kept sayin’ he was a boxers kinda guy!”

“You so did not!” Adams said back.  “You said you thought he’d had his finger up his own arse, but ya never said anythin’ about him wearin’ Calvins.”

Jesus, I was thinking, is this what these guys talk about?  Which of our male teachers might wear boxers or briefs and which of them might finger their own bungholes…

Costa turned towards the phone that was videoing him chatting to whoever he was with, and Harvey reached over and paused the movie on the front of his tight white briefs.  Costa filled them out nicely – even I had to admit that – with his big cock making a thick stubby bulge above the twin mounds of his egg-sized bollocks.

“Okay,” Harvey chuckled, “which part of the material would you guys sniff first?”

He looked at Whitehouse as the connoisseur among the sniffers, but Smiler batted the question straight back over at me as the newbie in the group. “Come on, then – you go first, straight-bator.  Show us how keen you are to join in with the big boys!”

“Yeah, and don’t say you’d sniff around the cunt,” Adams sneered.  “We can all see he’s got a whole lot o’ stuff packed in down there, but there’s no way in fuck yer gonna find one o’ those!”

I smiled like this was oh so funny, wishing to God I hadn’t had to leave the circle of friends I’d had at my old school.  They were all a bit bonkers in their random ways, but they were like total normoes compared to these guys.

“I reckon ’round the nuts,” I said, moving my hand to cover my cock so they wouldn’t see how limp I now was.

“Why ’round the nuts?” Smiler asked.  “Why not where the tip of his cock has been dribblin’ after he’s taken a piss… where there’d be a nice fresh patch of yellow stink to get yer own cock oozin’?”

You know, it might sound soft but I was genuinely shocked by the question. Knocked for six that these lads would find other dudes’ pissy underwear such a turn-on.  But there was no way in hell I was gonna so much as blink to show it.

So I just smiled back at his belligerent sneer and said, “I reckon if I wanna smell piss I can smell my own any day o’ the week.  But every guy’s nutsack has its own funky whiff.  I reckon Costa’s would be really strong and sexy ’cause his balls are so massive.”

“How d’ya know every guys’ balls have their own whiff?” Adams cut in.  “I thought ya said ya wanked off over cutsie girlie shit?”

“I’ve been in locker rooms enough to know the smell of dudes’ underkeks,” I hit back with.  “And… yeah… I admit… I’ve been turned on by the different whiffs I’ve had of different guys’ knacker sweat.”

There was actually some truth in that and it was obvious that it was the right answer.  The four of them turned and grinned at each other – especially Harvey – and then nodded towards me like I’d passed the first test.

The movie started playing again and soon Costa was peeling off his briefs over his thighs.

“Pause it!  Fuckin’ pause it!” Whitehouse called out.  “I wanna see his cock!  I’ve wondered what it would look like for six soddin’ years!”

Harvey paused the movie and zoomed in so we could stare at Costa’s cock in all its frozen, pixelated glory.  Again I was troubled by a sense that we shouldn’t be sitting around with our dicks out, ogling this friendly bloke in the nuddie.  It felt like we were treating the guy as a slab of jerk-off fodder, which seemed wrong even though I’d done it so many times to a whole host of random women over the years.

“Oh, that is a nice piece o’ meat!” Adams announced, peering intently at the laptop with a sort of awe like he was studying one of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

“That is what you’d call the perfect proportion of dick to bollocks,” Smiler announced.  “Big dick, big bollocks.  You can’t say any fairer than that.”

“You can’t indeed,” I chipped in, and they seemed to like my contribution.

“Nice and hairy too,” Whitehouse said.  “I like a big bush.  Gives you more to sniff.”

“I’d stick me face into that,” Smiler said, as if we might have been worried that he wouldn’t.

“What’s he been up to?” Whitehouse asked Harvey.  “Squash… gym stuff… what sort o’ shit has he been doin’ to work up a sweat?”

“I dunno…” Harvey shrugged.  “I just set the phone to record when I saw the clothes on the peg.  I didn’t even know whose stuff it was, to be honest.”

“‘Cause it makes a difference to what ya’d sniff and what ya wouldn’t,” Whitehouse went on.  “A proper gym workout can get a get a guy really whiffy ’round his nuts and his arse.  A game o’ squash, though… that’s gonna hit his pits and his back more than what he’s got downstairs.  I mean the upper body stuff can be hot in its way… but if you’re gonna go bush sniffin’ ya’ve gotta know what sorta stuff he’s been up to before ya start…”

Smiler turned to me and smirked.  “What sorta stuff would you want Costa to have been doin’ so his bush smelt really hot, Grantie-boy?”

I quickly thought back to the times in the locker room when the stink of other lads’ keks had got me a bit horny.  What sort of exercises had they been doing to get their crotches so whiffy?  What had made their odours so strong and so sweaty that I’d felt my dick getting hard?

“He’d have been on the exercise bike,” I told them with a smirk of my own. “That really gets a guy hot between his legs… it gets his balls and his dick and his bush really stinky… enough for me to get a boner when I’ve got other lads’ briefs and shorts hanging up on the pegs around me!”

They grinned and nodded at each other and I knew I’d got to second base.

Maybe the sorts of things these guys were into wasn’t so different from the sorts of things that could turn me on.  I just had to focus on the occasional male stuff that might get me horny instead of all the girlie stuff – the immature stuff, according to these guys – that I usually wanked off over.

Harvey pressed play again and Costa turned around as he hitched his briefs off over his feet.  The four of them stared at his gaping crack, grabbing their knobs and wanking them off dead fast as they gaped at the teacher’s prized-open backside.  Costa’s butt hair bristled out from between his big squat cheeks, looking moist and damp from where he’d been exercising.

“Pause it there, dude!” Smiler called out.  “Pause it and zoom in on his gape!  I wanna beat off with it right up close!”

Harvey did as he asked so Costa’s splayed line of fur was filling most of the screen.  The four of them jerked off peering at Costa’s trench, their cock ends swelling really shiny as their wrists thud-thudded against their trouser pockets.

“Imagine fingering that thing!” Adams grinned, ogling the screen wide-eyed. “Imagine sidin’ yer stinky finger in and out of his muddy hole… makin’ him squeel like a pig from how hot it felt!”

This was several notches above the level I’d managed to get used to.  This was a whole league beyond what I’d thought I was getting comfortable with.

“His butt-hair’s matted round where his pucker must be,” Whitehouse laughed, really hammering his cock.  “It’s all clumped together… like he’s got a stinkie-pinkie!”

“Would you finger him up there?” Smiler turned to ask me.  “Could you push your middle finger up his shitty hole?”

If this was third base, I wasn’t sure I could manage it.

Could I really finger another guy up his hot, slimy ringpiece?  Work my knuckle through the hole another dude’s turds slide out of when he’s sitting on the crapper?

I thought back to the times in the locker room when the smell of other lads’ underwear had got me turned on.  Had it just been their dick sweat, or had their bum odour also got me a bit horny?

Maybe they had, now I thought of it.  Maybe there was a meatier, more spicy component to the locker room stink that had got my dick twitching more than I’d realised.  It had just never occurred to me that it had come from the backs of the other dudes’ sweaty shorts from where they’d been wedged crack-deep and rubbing against their hairy brown bullseyes.

“I reckon I could… yeah!” I smirked back at him, taking up a rhythm of my own on my semi-limp dick.  “The back of a guy’s briefs is even more horny than the front!  His crack-hair… his bum-stink… the smell of his hole with yer finger working it… it’s just so fuckin’ horny!”

The four of them smirked and turned to grin at me, and I jerked my dick a bit faster for them, surprised by how much harder it was growing.

I’d thought that what I’d said had mostly been bullshit, but now that I’d said it I kind of liked how crude it was and how my cock was really thickening up from me saying such nastified stuff about other guys’ bumholes.

Harvey beamed at me, first at my face and then down at my stiffening prick. He liked that I was getting turned-on, that much was obvious.  I smiled back at him, liking it too.

After grinning cheekily at each other, Harvey started up the movie again. On the screen, Costa swivelled round as he pulled off his Calvins so we got to see what he had out front.

And as far as having a dick and pair of bollocks goes, I have to admit he had a pretty nice set.  His cock was full – really thick and meaty – and his knackers were massive, all full and heavy.

“Oh wow!  Nice bit o’ junk!” Whitehouse gasped.

I had to agree.  “Pretty hot, actually!”

“Would you suck it?” Adams turned to ask me.  “Would you shove it in yer gob and have a long hard nosh on it?”

Oh shit.  What was the right answer to this?  Maybe only nancy boys suck dick, while proper lads only ever get sucked off.  It was difficult to know.  This whole thing was a total minefield once you get into it.

“I’d sooner lick a pussy,” I tried, hoping this would get me out of it.

“That wasn’t the question,” Adams snapped.

“Yeah, pussies are for wussies!” Smiler chortled.  “Any faggot can eat minge!”

“Come on, Grant – answer the question, mate!” Adams persisted.  “Would you suck Costa’s big hairy cock?”

Okay, so I was going to have to answer this.

I took a good long look at Costa’s dick on the laptop screen.  It sure was a good-looking slab of steak if you liked that kind of thing.  It was nicely fat and chunky and I probably wouldn’t mind having a go at boning the thing up to full-size inside my mouth.  It might be fun to feel it swell and stiffen against my tongue and have the big mushroom head of it dribbling its goo down my throat.

So I said, “Yeah, I’d suck it.  But just to get him horny before I turned him over and did him ’round the back!”

They loved that answer – just about high-fived each other – before Smiler admitted, “I’m the other way, me.  I shag them first then, after I’ve jizzed off up the dirt-track, I suck them off like I’m sayin’… ya know… thanks a lot, dude!”

“Nice,” Adams nodded with due respect.  “That is fuckin’ kosher, that is, mate.”

“I wouldn’t wanna try and suck his nuts,” Whitehouse said, peering at the screen.  “I reckon I’d gag if I tried to fit one of those massive baby-makers in me gob!”

“Naah… I’d be well up for it,” Harvey smirked.  “I could give a pair of knackers like them a proper workover with me lips and tongue.”

I didn’t offer an opinion of my own on whether I’d take a suck of Costa’s ballbag, but I’ve got to admit I was starting to enjoy talking about his body like this.  It seemed a bit naughty – really dirty, actually – to be discussing what sexual stuff we wanted to do to this guy and how we would use his dick, his balls and his arse for our own fun.  I’d had the same sort of chats with my mates at my old school about different girls and women we wanted to get it on with – mind, not as full-on as the stuff we were talking about now – but this felt more exciting because it was a bloke we were on about.

Maybe it was because Costa was a pretty straight-laced kind of teacher.  He probably had a girlfriend or wife that he did sex stuff with and he’d have no idea that five of his sixth-formers – five horny lads – were sitting round whacking off ogling his hairy muscly body and talking about which bits of him they wanted to sniff and lick and suck and stick their pricks up.

“Press play again,” Smiler said.  “I wanna another look at his arse when he turns back ’round.”

Harvey fiddled with the keyboard and the movie started up again.  After hanging his briefs up on the peg, Costa bent down to pick up his shampoo from his holdall and Whitehouse let out an eager “Phwoar!”

All our hands started up again on our dicks and Harvey smirked over at me, pleased that mine was stroking a cock that was just as hard as the rest of them.

Costa bent so far forwards, rummaging in his bag, that his big swinging nuts dangled low hanging down between his hairy thighs.  We all leaned in and the five of us gasped as we glimpsed his mucky rosebud pucker among the tangle of fur between his muscly cheeks.

“Pause it!” Adams called out.  “Pause it right there!”

Harvey paused the film and backtracked a bit so we could see Costa’s bumhole lurking in his crack like a tiny brown oval.  The hair around it was matted in sticky clumps, making it obvious where the colour of his ringpiece came from.

“Aw, look at it!  Imagine the fuckin’ the stink of it!” Whitehouse chuckled.  “That’s the sort o’ butt-hole I love!”

“Would you lick him out?” Harvey asked him, his hand pounding at his meat.

“Of course I fuckin’ would!” Whitehouse grinned.  Then he stuck his tongue out and flicked the tip of it rapidly up and down, like you would if you were pretending to give a girl head.

I couldn’t help but call out, “What, you’d lick out a dude’s hairy arse just like you’d lap your tongue in and out of a girl’s muff?”

“It’s the same as eatin’ fur pie,” Whitehouse laughed, “only it’s brown, not pink!  For a stink-fiend like me, tonguein’ a nice, sticky arsehole is the best part of playin’ around with a guy!”

“What about you, Grant?” Smiler turned to ask me.  “Would you rim him out even though he’s a bit skanky back there?”

“Rim him out?  What does that mean?” I asked back, my hand pumping away at my own throbbing wood.

“What ya just said… have a little lick ’round his shit-hole and then stick yer tongue right up it… deep as it’d go!”

“Fuck yeah!” Adams guffawed.  “You’re makin’ me mouth water and me dick drip like a tap!”

Although I was still turned-on by how raunchy we were being, hearing that these guys were into butt-licking threw me a bit.  “Come on, you’re jokin’ aren’t you?  You don’t actually munch on other lad’s fudge-boxes…?”

“Of course we do!” Harvey grinned at me.  “Licking him round his backdoor makes his hole all wet and slippy so it’s easier to get yer dick up him and give him a nice hard bummin’!”

“No…” I gasped, feeling even more surprised.  It seems totally stupid now that I hadn’t realised that this was what fourth base would be.  “You’re not sayin’ you’d proper shag another dude up the arse?”

“That’s how bro sex works, mate!” Adams laughed, his hand like a hammer drill slamming up and down his big wet boner in a blur.  “You don’t just play with each other’s dicks like a couple o’ gay-boys – you get on the other guy’s back and give his arse a good seein’-to wi’ yer cock on full crank!  That’s the whole fuckin’ point of it!”

The best response I could manage was a drawn out, “Okaaay…”

“Rimming him first means you get to butt-fuck him with the stink of his arse all over yer face!” Whitehouse told me with a smile.

“And that’s a good thing?” I asked.

I couldn’t help that I was making it obvious I wasn’t getting this.

“It’s as horny as fuck!” Smiler laughed.  “There’s nowt as hot as the smellin’ a guy’s hot ripe chuff-hole the same time that yer humpin’ it!”

“That’s what makes dude stuff so fuckin’ sexy,” Harvey explained.  “It’s so much raunchier than titsing about with girls.”

I kept wanking myself off, kind of seeing where he was coming from.  In a way, this was turning out to be interesting – all this talk of licking another guy’s arsehole out before fucking him up it so hard it would stink to high fuck.  It wasn’t anything like what I used to with girls and that made it new and weirdly intriguing.

“So you’ve never bummed a lad, have you, Grant?” Harvey asked me.

I shook my head.  “Have you?”

“Of course we ‘ave!” Whitehouse chortled.  “Loadsa times!”

“What… each other?” I asked, wondering if this was where things were headed and what the quickest route to the door might be.

“No way!” Adams snapped over at me.  “We give it, dude… we don’t fuckin’ take it!  We’re not nancy boys who bend over to get our arseholes porked! We’re proper fuckin’ lads, mate… it’s other dudes’ butts what munch our schlongs!”

Smiler chortled, “Nice little tip for you there, Grant.  When yer dickin’ about wi’ someone, make sure it’s his hairy arse – not yours – what gets the beef pole shoved up it!”

I smiled and nodded.  “I should write that one down…”

Whitehouse grinned but Harvey blushed.  When Harvey saw that I could see how red he looked, he blushed even deeper and turned away to press play on the movie again.  I wondered if maybe he did take as well as give, but if he did he sure as hell wasn’t admitting it in front of his two well-hung mates.

While Costa ferreted around in his bag, the four lads’ hands started beating at their knobs for proper.  Seeing Costa’s thick furry gape with his dirty little rosebud keep poking through the forest sent the four of them into a frenzy of frantic wanking.

“Oh Jesus, imagine slidin’ yer dong up there,” Adams panted, thumping at his meat.

“Look at his fuckin’ bollocks!” Smiler gasped.  “His nuts would be slammin’ back against yours every time ya rammed yer cock in an’ out!”

“He’s so sticky back there,” Whitehouse grunted.  “Just think o’ the stink from his dookie little arse while you were bummin’ him dead hard up it!”

“What about you, Grant?” Harvey turned to ask me.  “What would you like most?”

For my part, I was kind of enjoying whacking off looking at Costa’s bent-over butt-crack.  I was imagining him squatting over in front of me while I humped away at his hot slimy pooper and loving the feel of his gunge slurping around the shaft of my cock.

“I’d like to grab him by the hips and fuck him as rough and as fast as I could right up his shitter!”

Harvey smiled at me – even Smiler through me a smirk broader than his usual fixed grin – and I stuck my cock out for him so he could see how big and hard it had grown from where I was wanking it thinking of pushing it up another fella’s bum.

The five us were all jerking off really quickly now, all staring at Costa’s arsehole and imagining we were knobbing him up it.  I grinned back at Harvey – amazed at how horny it was to be tossing off like this – and I revelled in the thought of what it would be like to butt-fuck Costa, having him bent over in front of me while I thumped my hips against his cheeks.

I was loving it – it felt so nasty and dirty – and I finally understood why the others liked to get their dicks up guys as well as girls.

Banging dudes between their buns could sure be hot.  Especially one with a warm wet hole like Costa’s.

“I’d shag his arse so hard he’d be fartin’ for weeks!” Adams grunted, bucking his hips in time with the pumping of his hand.  His eyes were fixed on the screen – locked firmly on Costa’s tight brown ring – as if imagining he really was boning the hairy trench in front of him and that the feel of his hand as he thrust back and forth was the feel of Costa’s butt muscles squeezing around his shaft.

Smiler chortled at that.  “He’d be shittin’ spunk after havin’ my big nuts ropin’ a load off up his dumpster!”

“We could take it in turns!” I laughed, my wrist hammering at full pelt against my jeans.  “One guy’s cum would be the next guy’s lube!  We could do it one by one… the five of us taking turns!”

Harvey liked that.  “Ah yeah, Grant!  I could rim him out after you’d jizzed off up his shitter!”

His spunk started spurting from his slit just as Adams let out a low, animal growl and long strings of his thicker white muck flung out from his much bigger red helmet.

“Fuck yeah!” Smiler gasped.  “Ya could stand their wankin’ off yer hard-ons, watchin’ me doin’ him rough an’ juicin’ off up his arse!”  Just then his own shiny bell-end started firing off wads of baby batter from his over-filled bollocks.

Whitehouse was close to his own cock letting rip.  He was wincing and sweating as much as I probably was.

I called out to him – knowing full well what to say to the king of stink – and offered, “While I’m fucking him, Whitehouse, you can lick my arse. You’ll sure as fuck find a stink between my cheeks, mate!”

Whitehouse stared at me wide-eyed and for a second I thought I’d gone too far and had actually shocked him.  But then his cock answered for him and bust off in long squirts to give his t-shirt a good soaking.

I bashed away at my own cock, hoping someone might say something just as helpful to me but, as turned on as I was, my orgasm just wouldn’t kick in. Soon all the other guys’ peckers were withering up and drooping down while I was still crouched there jerking off, feeling like a total nonce because I couldn’t nut off.

Then Harvey said, “Hey, Grant, take a break.  I’ve got some other stuff I can show you – stuff that me and the guys have wanked off over in the past. When they’ve gone, maybe lookin’ at some o’ that will get yer juices flowin’…”

“Okay,” I nodded, thankful for the lifeline.

We tucked our dicks away – mine with a lot more difficulty than theirs – and the three others disappeared after they’d wiped up their mess.

So then I said to Harvey, “Okay, what’s this other stuff you were on about?”

It would feel kind of weird to be whacking off with him right there, but now I’d had my interest in dude stuff awakened (if that doesn’t sound too dumb-ass) I was keen to see what else he had in his stash.

Maybe he had a movie of Thomo, the Physics teacher.  He would have an arse on him that I’d be well up for wanking off over.

But Harvey said, “I was wondering, Grant, if you’d like to try the real thing.  Just between me and you, bud.”

“The real thing?” I queried.  “What do you mean?”

Harvey smiled and blushed and said coyly, “Ya know… what we were all talkin’ about when we came…”

“What… butt-sex?” I said and he nodded, blushing redder.

I asked him, “How can I get to try that?”  Although I pretty much knew what he had in mind.

“Well… as long as it’s just between the two of us,” he smiled, “you can try it with me…”

“You’ll let me push my dick up your bum?”

He shrugged like it was no big deal and said, “If ya wanna see what it feels like…”

“I thought you guys gave but didn’t take… I thought that was how it worked.”

He nodded.  “That’s how it works for Adams and Smiler.  Whitehouse I’m not so sure about… I reckon he goes both ways.  And me… well, I don’t mind takin’ it sometimes when I’m in the right mood!”

I smiled.  “I saw you blush when he said it… I did sorta wonder…”

“Are you up for it then?” he asked.  “Me and you, here and now… just a quick knob-off up my bum… nothin’ serious or weird in it…?”

I grinned.  This was way more than I’d bargained for.  And I could swear that, in spite of just cranking his cream, Harvey had a hard-on again the way his jeans were sticking out underneath his left pocket.

“Okay, but we don’t get undressed,” I spelled out.  “Just with our trousers and pants pulled down… you bendin’ over, me standin’ behind ya…”

“Absolutely,” he agreed.  “Just one mate showin’ another what shaggin’ feels like when it’s two dudes doin’ it…”

“Go on then,” I nodded.  “Let’s give it a go!”


Part 2: Sloppy Seconds

It turned out to be totally different from playing around with girls.  For a start, we didn’t even get on his bed together and there was cuddling each other or anything like that.

I just hitched the front of my jeans down so my aching hard-on sprung up, and Harvey pulled the back of his down and leaned over a chair.  His hairy arse crack gaped open and I shuffled up behind him with my purple acorn level with where his dirt-box would be.

“Just work yer cock up me arse and tell me when yer gettin’ close to nuttin’ off,” he said.  “Then I’ll bash meself off real fast so we both cum together.”

“It’s not exactly romantic,” I told him.

“It’s not supposed to be, you pussy!” he laughed.  “It’s just a bum-job between two mates… you use my butt muscles to hold yer prick like you was wanking yerself off with it.  It’s not like we’re gonna be boyfriends or any shit like that!”

“I thought ya said it was dead horny and like the next level up or somethin’…”

“It is,” he nodded, turning to look at me over his shoulder, “but not in a lovey-dovey sorta way.  It’s horny ’cause it’s two dudes doin’ it with each other, and we’re both sweaty and hairy and stinky and that’s what makes it so fuckin’ hardcore!”

I didn’t really get it but whacking off looking at Costa’s whiffy arse crack had sure got me boned up, so I figured shagging Harvey up his might be fun too.

“Okay, so do I rim you out first?” I asked.

“If you wanna,” he smirked.  “I reckon you’d like it!”

“I’ll give it a go,” I said, kneeling down behind his arse.  “But if it’s too shitty, I’ll just get back up and bum ya with me dick instead.”

“Fair enough,” Harvey agreed, and I had a good look at his skanky arse right in front of me.

It looked god awful if I’m honest.  He was really spotty where his cheeks must rub together and the inside of his dugout was a thick tangled forest of black, wiry hair.  I could already smell his butt-stink wafting from all the fuzz and the way it was all clumped together about two-thirds down made it clear this was going to taste of dookie.

“Come on, eat my bum out, Grant!  You’ll fuckin’ love it,” Harvey urged me. “This is a prime piece o’ boy-cunt, mate!”

Except there wasn’t anything cuntish about it at all.  It didn’t look like a gash and it sure as hell didn’t smell like one.  It was another lad’s half-wiped arse and I couldn’t believe I was actually considering shoving my face into it.

I was just about to stand up and say, “Naah… I’ll just shag ya, mate,” when Harvey made me an offer I couldn’t refuse.

He said, “If you lick it, Grant, I’ll suck your knob to get it wet so you can slide it up me.”

“You’ll suck my cock?” I checked with him.  That sounded like a pretty good deal.  I love getting my dick sucked.

“Sure I will,” he said.  “It’ll save fannying about wi’ lube.”

“Okay,” I agreed, pleased with my side of the deal.

Someone had told me that guys give the best blow jobs because they know how dicks work and what feels good.  I’d never had chance to test out the theory, though, as I’d never done sex stuff with a dude apart from the odd wank off now and then.

“Thing is, though,” he said, “you have to proper lick my hole.  I love the feel of it and girls won’t go near it.”

“You’ve asked a girl to lick your arsehole?” I said back, hardly believing a lad would ask a girl to do something like that.  I mean, it seemed like the sort of thing one skanky lad might do to another, dicking around together like we were now, but to ask a girl to put her mouth between your butt-cheeks seemed totally out-of-order to my derf way of looking at things.

“They won’t even touch it, mate.  Not even a little chocolate finger.”

“Okay, if you suck my knob I’ll lick yer brown eye.  I’m not shoving me tongue up it, though.  If you want that, I reckon yer’ll have to ask stink-fiend Whitehouse!”

“Been there, done that!” Harvey chuckled.

I laughed back and grabbed Harvey’s bum-cheeks and prized them wider apart. I could see his ringpiece in the nest of fur inside his crack, looking red and swollen from having other lads’ dicks shoved up it.  I suddenly wondered if Whitehouse’s tongue was the only bit of him that had pushed its way into Harvey’s butt.

I pushed my face right into the middle of his hairy stink and licked at the puffy hole like I would if it was a cunt.  Harvey gasped and started shaking as he wanked his dick off and I lapped at his hot sticky ring, tasting how strong and bitter the slime was smeared around it.

He reached back and grabbed my head, pushing my face deeper into his butt-crack and I started kissing his hole like I would a pussy, eating it out and sucking gently at its pucker.

This was no way like licking a girl out, but it was surprisingly hot once you got past this being another lad’s bunghole that you had your face pressed into.  Once you just accepted the smell and the taste for what they were and enjoyed that you were getting a faceful of boy-bum, it was actually seriously horny and I felt my cock throbbing as it stood upwards at full mast.

Letting go of one of his cheeks, I reached down to jerk myself off. Enjoying the feel of my hand on my knob, I went in deeper and pushed my tongue up the tunnel I’d said that I wouldn’t.  Harvey panted and kept thanking me over and over, and I worked my tongue in and out of him like I was loosening up a girl before I fuck her.

Which I kind of was with his arse.  Getting him all wet before I stood back up and bummed him.

I pulled back and said, “Come on, then, suck my cock so I can shove it up ya!”

I stood up and he swivelled around grinning at my big boner, and he said, “Do you see now, Grant?  Doin’ sex stuff with dudes can be totally fuckin’ hot!”

“It’s different from with girls,” I admitted, as he knelt down in front of me.  “There’s less messin’ about… no kissin’ and huggin’ and cutesie stuff…”

He grabbed me by the arse and clamped his jaws around my dick, slurping up and down it as he worked up a steady rhythm.

“Ah yeah!” I sighed.  “That feels dead nice, that does!”

He was doing stuff with his tongue under my bell-end that I’d never felt a girl do.

I told him, starting to pant with the pleasure of it, “I like the way we just get down to it like this and both get what we want… there’s no titsin’ around with dates and presents and foreplay and shit.”

He sort of grunted in agreement and threw me a thumbs-up.  Then he started really sucking at my slit, rubbing his tongue around my cock head and making me gasp and squirm with the sheer awesomeness of it.

Standing there with Harvey kneeling in front of me slobbering away at my dick, I wondered if the term ‘blowjob’ came from the way girls would usually do it, huffing and puffing over the thing and licking it like a lolly.  Harvey was doing it with his mouth wrapped around the whole girth of my cock, sucking the dribble out from my piss-slit like he loved the taste of what my balls were churning out.

“Jesus, I’m getting close, mate,” I gasped.

He pulled back and stood up and swivelled around to offer me with his licked-out arsehole.

“Come on, then, bum me, Grant!  Grab my hips and butt-fuck me as hard as ya like!”

I’d almost forgotten I was due to shag him up the backdoor, the head he’d been giving me had felt so fucking cosmic.

I did what he’d said and held onto waist as I pressed my bloated cock head hard against his plump puckered ring.

“Shove it up me,” he urged.  “Come on, slide it up my arse!”

I grinned, liking how much he enjoyed having his turd-cutter porked, and started easing my thick shaft up into his hot, sticky bowels.

He farted and I laughed, “Aw, ya could’ve waited, mate!  That fuckin’ reeks, that does!”

“If you think that’s bad,” he chuckled, “wait until yer humpin’ me for proper!”

I grabbed his shoulders for leverage and slid the last few inches of my knob up his mud-chute.  Then I started sliding it in and out, sniffing at the stink we were making doing sex up the bum.

“I can see what ya mean about it being horny,” I told him.  “It’s dirty as fuck, this!  It’s proper fuckin’ raunchy!”

“Do you like it?” he asked, grinning up at me over his shoulder as he bent forwards to take as much of my dick as he could.

“I do… yeah!” I laughed.  “It feels like fuckin’ a girl’s tight fanny but it stinks like bummin’ a lad’s shitty arse!”

He farted again and I started banging him harder, making long fast strokes in and out of his hairy gape.

“Let me know when yer gettin’ close, Grant,” he muttered towards the carpet.  “It’ll feel better for you if I nut off when you do.”

Suddenly the door opened and Whitehouse leered into the room.  I stopped fucking Harvey and just stood there like a prat, holding onto him with my cock wedged between his buns.

“I fuckin’ knew you was gonna let him shag you,” he grinned at Harvey.  “I could see how much you liked the look of his dong!”

He saw how shocked I looked – how blown-out I felt at getting caught ball-deep up another lad’s arse – and laughed.  “Don’t fuckin’ sweat-it, dude!  Finish yerself off and then I’ll have my turn on him too!”

He undid his belt and zipper and yanked his trousers and undies down to the tops of his thighs.  His own thick schlong sprung up, looking a good few inches longer than mine now that it was properly out from his jeans.

Like Harvey, he’d got hard again very quickly.  Maybe that’s why he’d come back to Harvey’s room – maybe after jazzing off over Costa’s bum he fancied getting his dick up the real thing for a second coming.

I started fucking Harvey’s bum again and Whitehouse came over and stood next to me to take a better look at my cock sliding in and out from the hairy crack.

He bent over so he was really close to Harvey’s cheeks and inhaled deeply the smell of our boy-to-boy sex.

“Aw, it fuckin’ stinks!” he chuckled, grabbing his cock and wanking himself off as he sniffed Harvey’s dumpster getting shafted.  “I love the smell of a butt-fuck!  There’s nothin’ as fuckin’ horny!”

“I kinda like it too,” I smirked.  “It’s so totally different from shaggin’ a girl!”

He grinned back at me, watching me do his mate up the bum, and said, “For a newbie yer a fast learner!”

I kept bumming Harvey, liking that Whitehouse was stood there watching us, and liking that his cock was on full bone as he waited for his turn to take my place once I’d creamed my nut.

He reached behind me and pulled the back of my jeans and pants down, saying, “Let’s see yer arse while ya shag him!”

I let him see my bare bum flexing as I thrust back and forth against Harvey’s cheeks and he grinned and said, “That is fuckin’ well nice, that is!”

Then he surprised me by running his fingers up and down my hairy crack and then raised them to his nose to see how I smell between my cheeks.

“You wasn’t lyin’ when you said you stink back there!” he leered.

He went in for another feel, really smearing my fudge-stink right across his fingers as he groped around my hot, sticky butt-fur, and then smirked at me broadly as he took a long, deep sniff of it.

“Yer arse is fuckin’ well hot, dude!” he said.  And then he rubbed the head of his cock with his stinky fingers, daubing his drool onto the smell of my crack.

He sniffed again, letting out a long sigh of pleasure, and I realised he was getting off on what it would smell like if he was shagging me.  That was what he was sniffing, the sleazy reek of my arse mixed with the cheesy whiff of his cock.

So then he said, “Let me fuck you while yer bummin’ him!”

I snapped back, “No way, dude!”

I wasn’t ready for that.

“Go on,” he kept at it, rubbing his fingers into my butt-crack again. “You’ll fuckin’ love it… you doin’ him… me doin’ you!”

He raised his hand back to his nose and inhaled what my sweaty mulch had left on his fingers.  “Just bend over a bit… I’ll work it up ya nice and slow,” he pleaded.  “Come on, I love to smell an arse as ripe as yours gettin’ knobbed!”

I said back, “Look, if ya like me arse that much, you can rim me out while I fuck him.  That’s all I’ll let ya do.”

“Yeah?” he asked, as if he was surprised that I’d let him.

“I said ya could, so ya can.  But ya better hurry up though, ’cause I’m not gonna last long with his bunghole munchin’ at me dick!”

Whitehouse moved around behind me, crouched down and I felt his breath against my cheeks as he savoured the flavour from between them.  I looked down between my legs and saw his hand bashing away up and down his prick as he sniffed my hairy gape.

I felt dead horny that my bum was turning Whitehouse on so much, and I grabbed Harvey’s hips and held them steady, then bummed his arse as fast as I could so we were making loud clapping noises.

He gasped, “Oh fuck, yeah!  Shag me real hard, Grant!  Fast as ya can!”

Whitehouse’s face pushed into my rut and I felt his tongue, hot and slimy, licking around my grizzly.  It felt really great to have a lad’s face between my buns while I was fucking another one up dead rough up his shitter.  It felt real dirty like we were proper scags or something, and I felt my cock throb has hard as it gets at how nasty we were being doing bum sex together as three horny lads.

“I’m gonna cum!” I cried out.  “My balls are gonna explode!”

“Fuckin’ go for it!” Harvey called back.

And I felt Whitehouse’s tongue actually licking up my pooper.

I shot off really deep inside Harvey’s fudge tunnel, thrusting right up him as my junk filled up his bowels.

Before I’d even finished nutting off, Whitehouse was pushing me aside, desperate to use Harvey’s spunk-coated butt-hole to empty his own bollocks.

“Oh Jesus!” he gasped, using my jizz juice as lube as he pounded against his mate’s arse.  “Ya don’t fancy rimming me out, Grant…?  To help me finish off, like I helped you…?”

I wasn’t in the mood now, though.  It was bad enough having to wipe Harvey’s crud off my stinking dick, never mind shove my face in the hairy trench between Whitehouse’s cheeks.

So instead I just shuffled up behind him and worked my hand into his crack as he enjoyed his sloppy seconds.  I rubbed around his hole – Jesus, it felt more bloated and gaping than even Harvey’s had – and worked a finger up inside his slippery sludge pipe.

“Ah, yeah!  Finger-fuck me, dude!” he called out, really slamming his hips against Harvey’s splayed butt.

I worked my finger in and out of his over-stretched ringpiece, smiling at how obvious it was that he liked to take cock as well as give it.  I bent in towards his ear and whispered, “Next time, I’ll rim ya… then I’ll bum ya dead hard like ya love it!”

Bloody hell!  Who’d have thought I’d ever say something like that to another lad!

He grinned at me and I felt his dookie tunnel squeezing and clamping around my finger as his thick cock pumped endless squirts of goop to join mine up inside Harvey’s bowels.

Once his hips had stopped bucking, I pulled my finger out of him – it looked even worse than my dick had after sliding out of Harvey’s butt. Just then Harvey called out, “Keep it up there… keep it inside!”

I thought he was talking to me but it turned he was saying it to Whitehouse.

“I wanna cum with yer dick up my arse,” he panted, beating his rock hard prick off as fast as he could.  “Keep it up there… keep fucking me until I’ve finished off…”

Whitehouse grinned and kept sliding his softening dick in and out even though the squelchy sounds of spunk slopping out of the manhole we’d both used were totally heinous.

“He does this,” he smirked at me.  “He likes it up him ’til he’s finished creamin’ off!”

I smiled back.  It was good to know the drill.

Harvey didn’t take long to start shooting.  Having a todger up his turd-box – even a droopy one that had spent its muck – sure as hell did it for him. He was gasping and grunting as his spunk was splashing all over the carpet and his knackers were leaping about between his legs like a pair of oversized jumping beans.

Once the show was over, Whitehouse pulled out of his arsehole and grabbed a tissue to wipe the shitty goo off his big floppy schlong.  He turned to me – Whitehouse that is – and said, “If ya don’t wipe under yer foreskin, next few times you wazz off you get a good whiff of the same stink…”

I grinned at him and shook my head.  “That is so fuckin’ gross!”

“It’s not gross,” he laughed back.  “It just means you can relive the moment by havin’ a good sniff when yer polishin’ yer bean pole next few times.”

“You actually wank off thinkin’ of bummin’ his arse?” I asked.  For all I’d enjoyed it, I’d probably be sticking to thinking of girls when I rubbed one out.

“Sometimes, yeah,” he chuckled.  “Gives it a bit of variety… you know whadda mean?”

“I think I’ll stick to dreamin’ of pussies, dude!”

He smirked.  “Believe me… after you’ve given my arse a good seein’ to, yer’ll be wantin’ to re-live it over and over every time ya whack off!”

We chuckled as the three of us pulled our pants and trousers back up.

Me and Whitehouse didn’t stick around in Harvey’s room too long.  It seemed that with guy sex, you have a wham and a bang and then fuck off pronto without so much as a thank you, man.

As we were pulling our jackets on, Whitehouse said something like, “When ya fancy some fun, mate, gimme a nod.”  Which I took to mean when you fancy sticking your dick up my tush, I’ll be ready to bend over.

Showing us out, Harvey was insistent, “Not a word of any of this to Adams and Smiler, Grant.  They’d think the three of us messin’ around like this was… I dunno… gay or somethin’.”

Whitehouse laughed at that which made me chuckle too.  He turned to me and said, “I know, mate… it’s fuckin’ stupid, isn’t it?  There’s nothin’ gay about likin’ a bit of bum sex with yer mates… well, not if there’s no kissin’ or sayin’ sloppy stuff to each other.”

As we left I realised I’d come into Harvey’s room believing that sex was something that only happened when I managed to cop off with a girl.  Now I knew that the right sort of lads could serve up something totally different but so weirdly hot, I figured that sex was going to be something I got a hell of a lot more of in future.


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