The Furlong Gene
by Robert Furlong


“So what are you thinking of right now, Jake?” I asked him, watching his hand whacking away at his big dick just like mine was sliding up and down my own similarly large hard-on.  “Maybe a girl fingerin’ out her pussy and gettin’ it all hot and wet, ready for you to eat it…?”

My cousin grinned at me, checking out my chopper getting jerked, as the fattened plum-head of his massive cock swelled more shiny and took on a darker shade of purple.  “Sounds pretty good, Shane, but what else you got?”

“Okay… how about some fit dude bendin’ over and spreadin’ his arse-cheeks open… so you can see his juicy little pucker, lookin’ moist and hairy?”

The huge girth of Jake’s cock chubbed up still further and became as hard as steel in his frantically pumping hand.  The veins webbed across its surface rose upwards in bulbous knots and a sudden gush of precum oozed out from the gaping slit and spread out in an oily sheen across the surface.

“Oh yeah!” he chortled.  “That sounds totally fucking hot!”

He flogged himself even faster and I wondered how long he was going to last.  His heaving ball-sack strained with the weight of his massive over-filled knackers.  I’d always thought that I had a big pair of cods – I used to get embarrassed at school about the way they stood out in two egg-sized mounds on either side of my trouser zipper – but Jake’s were a step up even from that!

“I’d kneel down behind him,” he grinned, “and shove my face right in there. Have a good lick of his tight little tush!”

“You so wouldn’t!” I laughed, surprised how horny I felt to hear him talk like that.

“I fucking would!” he beamed at me, and I knew he really would.

“So let me get this straight,” I smirked back.  “You’d stick your tongue up some guy’s festy brown hole over a girl’s hot pussy?”

“Only if I got to fuck him!” he replied, staring at my thick rod as my fist kept slamming up and down it.

“No shit, mate?” I asked.  I was getting close myself.  “You’d really wanna butt-fuck another dude?”

Jake chortled and nodded but I still couldn’t believe it.

“Strewth, like actually do him up his clacker?” I queried, pounding at my dick.  “For real, with your dick chockers up his arse?”

“Of course I would,” Jake laughed.  “I’ve done it loads of times!”

“What… you mean, with other guys?”

“With guys who are up for it, yeah, why not?!  It’s just as good as any other sex!”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing – but, God, it was cranking my bone!  My cousin rooting other lads’ arses while he had a girlfriend he was at it with too!

“And you actually get them to bend over… the two of you goin’ at it… one behind the other like a couple of gays?”

Jake laughed again.  “There’s nothing gay about it!  You should try it, Shane!  It’s the best, man!”

“Better than fuckin’ a girl?”

His hand was now pumping his massive prick so fast that the bed was shaking.  The headboard right behind where I was squatting was hammering against the wall so loud that his dad in the next room would probably think his son and his nephew were actually doing the thing they were just talking about.

“I dunno about that,” he chuckled.  “But it’s pretty fucking tops!”

“What’s so good about it?” I panted, feeling my nuts starting to tingle as the endless thumping of my fist up and down my big shaft right above them made them jiggle about between my legs.  “What’s so great about shagging another guy’s arse?”

“You have no idea ’til you’ve done it!” Jake gasped.  “It’s so intense when it’s two dudes… the two of you so horny… so sweaty and so up for it… both with rock hard cocks and both desperate to nut off!”

“And you shag them like that?  On your bed at uni?”

“Or they shag me!” he grinned.  “Or we take it in turns!”

“Fuck!” I called out, my hand a blur on my throbbing bone.  The head of it was so bloated and the purple skin was stretched taut and shiny with my goo.  “You let other lads stick their woodies up your chuff?”

“I fucking love it!” he beamed at me.  “I love having huge knobs splitting my arse in two!  Big thick boners with fat bell-ends to really work my boy-cunt and get me gasping!”

He leered at my cock and I knew he was imagining it banging away at his ‘boy-cunt’ as he’d called it.  I cried out, breathless, as my jizz started firing off in long strings from my gaping slit and while I was still cumming, Jake grabbed my left hand and thrust it between his legs, under his giant nuts.

“Feel my arsehole!” he gasped as my sprog kept flinging. “Feel how wide and stretched it is from all the big cocks that have been up it!”

I raised my fingers upwards and groped at how puffy and swollen his huge anal ring felt.  It was wet from his sweat and slimy from his bum and the sensation of it, while on one level disgusting, was on another hugely exciting from the knowledge of what had cleaved it open and inflamed its clamped muscle to such an outrageous size.

My cock started spurting with renewed vigour just as Jake’s began a much more powerful eruption.  I ran my finger around his spasming entrance as he cried out, “Ah yeah!  Feel my big fuck-hole!”

Thick ribbons of his cum were spraying from his big pole and he grinned at me, revelling in having me see him enjoy his climax.  We both kept wanking frantically, milking our cocks for all they were worth, and as his orgasm subsided I worked the end of my finger up his hot wet hole and grinned into his surprised face when it made him start creaming off more powerfully again.

When our jizz had finally abated and we’d clambered off his bed, we laughed at how covered in spunk we were and how the tip of my finger had a moist brown smear on it.

“All that stuff about bum sex?” I asked him as we cleaned up in his bathroom.  “Was it just… you know… wank-off talk?”

“What do you mean?” he asked, wiping his chest off with toilet roll.  “Are you asking if I have actually done stuff with other dudes?  If we’ve screwed each other’s butts?”

“Well, yeah,” I shrugged, washing my hands more thoroughly than I ordinarily would.  “I guess what you said was just you messing about, was it?”

“Of course it wasn’t!” he called over to me.  “A lot of guys these days, Shane – well, in England, at least – are a bit more… well… I guess, ‘adventurous’ about sex than maybe they were say twenty or thirty years ago…”

“But you’re straight,” I queried.  “You’ve got a girlfriend and, from what you’ve told me, the two of you are pretty serious.”

“I suppose that’s the whole point,” he said, tossing the scrunched up tissue into the toilet and flushing it.  “The stuff I do with other guys isn’t serious at all.  It’s just sex… a bit of fun with no strings… the two of us busting our nuts, that’s all.”

“Is it as simple as that?” I asked him through the mirror above the sink. “I mean, don’t you form… you know… attachments or whatever?”

“Fucking hell, mate!” he grinned back at me.  “I just have sex with dudes – it’s not like I’m gay!”

“Is there a difference?”  Now I was genuinely confused.

“Of course there’s a difference,” he laughed.  “Gay guys have relationships… they move in together and go shopping for curtains and stuff like that.  The shit I get up to… well, there’s nothing meaningful about it.  It’s just mates messing about when the girls aren’t around.”

“It’s a bit more than that,” I countered.  “I mean, sex is supposed to be… you know… ‘special’ maybe…?”

I realised how lame I sounded but I couldn’t think of a better way of putting it.

Jake roared with laughter as I’d expected him to.

“You wanna get with the times, mate!  You guys out there in Oz are still living in the ‘fifties!”


I’d planned on staying with my dad’s brother, my Uncle Robert, for just a few nights to start off my backpacking around the UK before heading across to Europe.  As it turned out, though, I had such a beaut time with him and his son Jake – so much happened that was fun and eye-opening – that I decided to stay with them for the whole six weeks of my trip.

My upbringing in Brisbane was conservative to put it mildly.  My dad ran our house like a monastery and any references to sexual stuff – even just having to ask for different underwear when my junk was getting too big for my jocks – was totally off-limits.

Now that I’m eighteen, life in my dad’s house was feeling cramped and claustrophobic.  I guess that’s why it felt so liberating to bunk up with Uncle Robert and my cousin Jake.

The very first night when I was getting ready for bed, Jake just walked right into my bedroom in his underwear and sprawled himself out on the chair by the desk.  I couldn’t help but notice he was stashing a pretty big mound in the pouch of his boxers.  Looking back, it’s obvious he wanted me to see it.

“Don’t you English guys knock when you come into a room?” I asked him with a broad smirk to show him I wasn’t really that fussed.  Back at home, though, there’s no way we’d just walk into each other’s bedrooms without knocking and waiting to be asked in.

“Me and dad have an open door policy,” my cousin grinned.  “Except when I’ve got Ellie, my girlfriend, over or dad’s entertaining Debbie who he’s sort of seeing on and off.”

“Don’t you like your privacy?” I asked him, unbuttoning my jeans.

“I’m not saying the doors always stay open,” he shrugged.  “But we both like to see what each other’s getting up to!”

“Sounds all right,” I chuckled, thinking how refreshing it was to be in a house with guys who were so relaxed around each other.  I’d always enjoyed the carefree atmosphere between me and my mates in the locker-room after football, and I hoped it would be a bit like that here in my uncle’s house.

“I so dig your accent!” Jake laughed.  “The way you say ‘all right’… like ‘aw roigh’… how is it?… ‘ahr roight’… no I can’t do it…”

“Don’t even try, mate!” I laughed, deliberately emphasizing my Australian twang.  I found it pretty funny that Jake found my accent that strong because both my parents were born in England and so back home people are always saying I sound like a pom.

When I pulled my jeans down, Jake called out, “Whoa!  Looks like you inherited the Furlong gene!”

“The Furlong gene?” I asked, unsure as to why seeing my underwear had caused such a reaction.

“Yeah, you’re making a hell of a bulge in your boxers!”

“Oh, that,” I blushed.  “It’s a bit embarrassing really.”

“You shouldn’t be embarrassed,” he laughed.  “You should show it off like I do!”

He raised his hips from the chair and rubbed the straining front of his tight stripy boxer trunks as if he was proud of the enormous mound made by his thick floppy cock and the twin bulges of his nuts.

“You mean it’s a family thing?” I asked, stepping out of my daks.  “There really is a Furlong gene?”

“I dunno if there’s an actual gene,” he grinned.  “But I’m just as hung as my dad – maybe a bit more so – so we’ve always joked that it must be inherited.”

“Your dad?  You’ve seen his dick?  You guys joke about knob size?!”

“Of course I’ve seen his dick!” Jake laughed.  “He used to get hung up about nudity and stuff, but he’s pretty cool about it now.  I mean, it’s all guys together in this house, isn’t it?”

“I guess…”

“What about your dad’s dick?” Jake asked.  “He must have the Furlong gene too…?”

“I’ve no idea,” I shrugged, sitting down on my bed to take off my socks. “Things are really different back home.  My dad – your Uncle Richard – is a real wowser if I’m honest.  He won’t tolerate what he calls ‘smut talk’ and we never see each other in just our undies, never mind in the buff.”

“In that case, you’ll find this house a bit of a shock to the system, Shane!” Jake laughed.

“No, I reckon I’ll like it,” I smiled, finding it surprisingly fun to dag around with my cousin both wearing just our underwear.  Jake obviously liked flaunting his over-stocked bulge for me and I found that I also quite enjoyed the way he kept glancing with admiration at the way I was filling out the front of my own well-stretched boxers.  “It’s nice to able to unwind a bit!”

He got up and walked over to the bedroom door.  “I better leave you to it, bud.  You must be knackered after the long flight and all the travelling.”

“You can say that again.”

“It’s nice for us to finally meet after all this time.  I’ve been suggesting to dad, since I was like three or something, that we should go out to Oz so I could meet my cousin Shane.  There’s only… what… two years between us…”

“Yeah, I’ve always wondered why dad was so reluctant to come back over to the UK and meet up with the rellies – especially Uncle Robert.”

“He usually gets called Rob,” Jake told me with a smirk.  “Only call him Robert when you want to fuck him off.”

“Oh right,” I said, wondering how many times I’d called him Uncle Robert on the drive back from Heathrow.  “Thanks for letting me know.”

Before leaving me to get some desperately-needed sleep, Jake said, “The wifi password is ‘tipple’, the name of our old cat, and there’s a shared drive with the letter F with a shit-load of porn on it.  Just in case you want something to… er… help you sleep!”

“Doesn’t your dad ever notice it’s there?”

“Notice it’s there?” Jake laughed.  “He practically lives there!  There’s a directory called ‘rob’ and another called ‘jake’.”

“Wow!” I laughed.  “This is a pretty open household, isn’t it?!”

“Dad’s stuff is… well… of a very specific type and probably not for the squeamish, but my stuff’s pretty wide-ranging and you’ll probably find something you like if you hunt around a bit.”

“I’ll… er… take a look tomorrow,” I said, unsure of how to respond to such a bizarre invitation.  “I’m pretty bushed right now and I think I’m just gonna hit the sack.”

“Whatever you like,” he nodded.  “Might be something to do when you wake up at three in the morning and can’t get back to sleep.”

He went off to bed and I found that, as tired as I was, my interest in what Jake had said was preventing me from getting to sleep.  My mind was way too active and there was no way I was going to be able to just lie there and naturally doze off.

I got my tablet out of my backpack, logged into the wifi and quickly found the shared drive that Jake had mentioned.  I didn’t look in his dad’s stuff – I figured it would be full of nuns or schoolgirls or something equally predictable – but instead dived straight into the directory called ‘jake’.

Would the computer in his bedroom show what I was doing?  Would he know which directories and files I was looking at?

I wasn’t sure but I was too curious to care.

There were several subfolders and I tried the one called ‘hot’.  I tapped on a couple of the movies and found they were pretty standard porn – a girl taking a jacuzzi with a guy coming in to join her and a young stay-at-home mum having a plumber come to visit – but something about them struck me as slightly odd.  It took a few more movies for me to figure out what it was: the camera’s main focus was always on the guy rather than the girl.

In just about all of the porn I’d seen back in Oz, any guys showing up were basically just a cock on legs: you never got to see their muscles or their faces and you sure as hell never got a lingering shot of their behinds. But this stuff was like straight porn which had been filmed by gay guys. The cameraman seemed fixated on showing off how big the bloke’s prick was and how firm his arse-cheeks were – the girl was kind of ignored no matter how cute she looked.

A folder titled ‘cool’ was full of bisexual threesomes.  At first I was like ‘meh’ – that stuff’s never really appealed – but after flicking through a couple I realised, again, that this wasn’t run-of-the-mill.  It wasn’t two girls and a guy like most of the bisexual stuff I’d seen – it was always two guys and one girl, and the guys always got it on together far more than they got up to anything with the bored-looking girl.

“Okay,” I thought, “he likes his porn with a few cocks in it.  It doesn’t make the dude gay.  And anyway he said he has a girlfriend.”

I clicked on the directory called ‘fun’ and that was when I started to wonder.  This was all gay stuff with the dudes looking buff and the emphasis exclusively directed at the anal.  These guys were screwing each other’s big solid arses every which way they could – more ways than I knew about since dad always has the family filter switched to max back at home.  I realised that, while there was a huge variety in the men’s ages and races, the one thing they all had in common was that they were all proudly showing off the most humungous cocks I’d ever seen.

I’d sneaked a look at gay porn before – which guy hasn’t? – but the dudes in that had been cutesy pretty-boys, kissing each other’s skinny little dicks and looking longingly into each other’s eyes.  This stuff was in a different league with these worked-out hunks ramming their massive pricks up each other’s big gaping arseholes and butt-fucking roughly with their sweat making their straining muscles glisten.

Was this what Jake was into?  Was this what he considered ‘fun’?

Grabbing my cock and wanking it – it had grown hard in my shorts from all the porn I’d seen – I watched two men frantically fucking doggy-style and wondered if Jake flogged himself off looking at this kind of stuff.

Did his girlfriend know her bloke had a gay side?  And that his gay side liked his men well buffed-up and with cocks as long and as thick as their forearms.

I clicked on movie he’d called ‘best.mp4’, knowing that this was probably one he would regularly return to when he was jerking off.  The movie showed a guy in a sort of video booth, kneeling in front of a big hole which had been cut in one wall.  It didn’t surprise me too much when some other dude’s huge hard-on was slowly pushed through it nor that the kneeling bloke eagerly took the thing into his mouth.  After a minute or so of really sloppy cock sucking – which was kind of hot to watch, actually – the dude pulled his cock away from the hole, turned around and shoved his backside slap bang against it.  I assumed the cocksucker was going to stand up and work his knob between the guy’s cheeks but instead he stayed kneeling and – to my gasping surprise – started feeding on the bloke’s arse, pushing his tongue right into his hairy crack.

“Oh Jake!  Fuck!” I called out as my own cock started spurting.

Even as I was cumming – still spraying my jizz all over the t-shirt I’d worn for thirty-odd hours since putting on back in Brissy – I was hoping to God my cousin couldn’t see which of his movies had made my balls start heaving.


“You boys were especially noisy last night,” Uncle Rob said at breakfast the morning after Jake and I had masturbated on his bed.  “A sort of odd, rhythmic, headboard-thumping noisiness.”

I blushed, praying for my toast to pop up, but Jake just laughed and said, “Oh yeah, we were just wanking off.  Don’t worry, dad, I wasn’t defiling my little cousin’s innocence.  Not just yet, anyway.”

He chortled with laughter but I blushed even deeper and just stared fixedly at the toaster.  I so couldn’t believe he’d just said that!  Couldn’t he have pretended were like – I dunno – sawing some wood or something?

Jake had been the one to start it.  I’d found I couldn’t sleep, even though I’d been tired on and off most of the day, and when I’d got up to take a pee at about twelve, I’d noticed his bedroom light was still on.  We’d chatted together in our jocks, talking about music and stuff, and then Jake had asked – totally out of the blue – if I fancied jerking off with him before we both turned in.

Even before I could say no I’ll take a pass on that mate, his semi-hard dick was out of his shorts and he was beating the thing off saying, “I so fucking need this!”  The thing was floppy but huge – way bigger than mine at half-mast – and I suddenly felt a wave of fascination watching him tug his foreskin up and down as he slowly boned up to full size right in front of me.

He’d thrown me a smile – a really cheeky, naughty smile – and whispered, “Come on, cuz… join in with me… if nothing else, it’ll help you sleep!”

Finding myself cracking a fat of my own, I pulled the front of my own boxers down and started stroking my own big chub alongside his.  Soon the frame of his bed was creaking like a see-saw and the two of us were telling each other what sort of things turned us on.

It had started with girlie stuff, as you’d probably figure.  Jake told me what he fantasizes about getting up to with his girlfriend Ellie, and I told him about Shauna, a girl back home I think is sweet but have been too chicken to ask out on a date.

“Did you look through my porn folder on the F drive?” he’d asked, bashing away at his big dick with such force that his bollocks were thumping up and down against his wrist.

I’d nodded and he’d added, “See anything you like?”

“There was more dude stuff on there than I expected, to be honest,” I replied.

He’d turned to me and grinned.  “Nothing wrong with a bit of cock and bum fun, Shane.”

“You into guys as well as girls then?” I asked, becoming aware that both our hands were stroking a whole lot faster.

“I know a nice dick when I see one,” he’d told me.  “And a hairy arsehole can be a turn-on too.”

I’d smiled, surprised but appreciating his honesty, and that’s when I’d started questioning him about whether he preferred pussies or pricks and what sort of stuff he’d got up to with dudes.  Soon we were both whacking off at full speed, making his bed pound with our rhythm and his headboard thump loudly against his dad’s bedroom wall.

It had seemed so horny last night but now that it was morning and we were all standing around in the kitchen, instead it seemed so mortifyingly embarrassing.

“It’s okay, Shane,” Uncle Rob said soothingly.  “There’s no problem if you guys want to masturbate together.  My own bedsprings still get to creak occasionally!”

“It’s… it’s not that,” I stammered.  “It’s just in my house, with dad being so… well… strict… it’s not something we ever talk about.”

“Oh yes,” Uncle Rob grinned.  “Your father was always a touch on the puritanical side.  Even when we were growing up.”

“I’m used to being in a very traditional household,” I explained. “I get embarrassed pretty easily because of that, especially about sexual stuff.”

“That’s okay,” Uncle Rob said, coming across to affectionately pat me on the arm.  “Until recently, I used to be like that myself.  Things have changed a lot in this house over the last couple of years and I hope that it’ll be good for you to be around us and see how things work for the two of us.”

I wasn’t sure what he meant so I just shrugged and said, “I hope so.”

Jake bellowed with laughter as he filled up his orange juice.  “You make it sound like we’re the Adams Family or something!”

“We are a bit… er…. odd,” Uncle Rob replied.

“We’re the future, Shane, mate!” Jake chortled.  “In twenty years or so, everyone’ll be living like we do!”

Again I had no idea what he was talking about – maybe they’d had one of those systems installed where all your lighting and stuff gets controlled by an app on your phone – so I just smiled and nodded.


“So how do you crack onto guys?” I asked Jake a couple of nights later when we were dagging around in his bedroom.  “I mean, are they mates you hit on or are they random guys you meet up with somehow?”

Jake laughed.  “You’re pretty interested in the dude sex I get up to, aren’t you?”

“Why don’t you call it what it is – gay sex?” I smiled.

“Because it’s not gay sex – I told you that.  There’s no romantic stuff, no getting heavy with each other.  It’s just two guys messing around together when their nuts are full of spunk and they’re running hard-ons that won’t go down.”

“You make it sound… I dunno… clinical… mechanical…”

He chuckled at that.  “Seriously, Shane, it’s anything but!  Even without the schmaltzy stuff, sex with another guy can be really steamy!”

He was right – I was pretty interested in this, but I wasn’t sure exactly why.

I was by now finding that I was really enjoying my time with Uncle Rob and Jake.  I’d only intended on staying a few nights before heading off with my backpack, but being around them had turned out to be so much fun that I’d extended it to a week.

Uncle Rob was really sweet – so much more laid-back than my dad that it was hard to believe they were brothers – and he’d clearly clicked with me as the nephew he’d never known.  We went out every day, the three of us and Uncle Rob’s mate Guy, and the four of us had quickly bonded and had become as comfortable around each other as long-time mates.

I’ve always felt awkward around girls, if I’m honest, and over the last couple of years I’ve realised that I can only really be myself in all-male company.  Hanging around with Uncle Rob, Jake and Guy was something else, though – it seemed to take my enjoyment of being one of the lads to a whole new level.

Jake and I were soon getting along as well as brothers and Uncle Rob and Guy were a bit like a pair of brothers too.  There was a closeness to them, an easy naturalness in the way they chatted and had fun together, and I got the feeling – as stupid as it sounds – that they were like our two dads, with me and Jake as their kids in the back of the car.

Tonight hadn’t been any fun at all, though.  Uncle Rob’s girlfriend, Debbie, had come over for a meal and all the banter and jokes had very abruptly stopped.  The meal was formal and the conversation stilted, and as soon as we’d been able to, Jake and I had disappeared up to his bedroom together.

“Have you ever done any dude stuff?” Jake asked, and I assumed he meant sex with guys.

“A couple of years ago, when I was like sixteen or something, I used to jerk off with my mate Pete,” I told him.  “Over at his place, right after school.”

“Did you jerk each other’s dicks too?”

I nodded and blushed.  I didn’t know why I felt so hung-up about admitting stuff like this since, not only had I wanked off with my cousin a couple of nights earlier, he’d proudly told me that he had full butt-sex with other guys, both as giver and receiver.

Jake smiled.  “There’s nothing to be embarrassed about, Shane.  It’s really nice – a bit fraternal, I guess – for guys get intimate with each other, even guys who both happen to fancy girls.”

I nodded again.  “Yeah – that’s how it felt.  I liked being with Pete like that, rubbing our dicks together and smiling at each other.  It was fun to reach over and flog each other off.  Sort of naughty but nice, if you know what I mean.”

Jake grinned.  “A bit like the two of us the other night…?”

“Yeah,” I smiled.  “A lot like that.”

Then he asked, “Did you ever reach a bit further back and finger each other’s hot little butts?”

“No,” I giggled, amused by his phrasing of the question.  “It wouldn’t really have occurred to me to do something like that and I’m sure it would never have crossed Pete’s mind in a million years.”

“Did you ever suck each other off?  A bit of sixty-nining with your school trousers yanked down…”

I shook my head.  “Again no.  It would have seemed too gay for me to suggest something like that, even if I’d have wanted to.  I know you say it isn’t necessarily gay for two guys to play around together, and I kind of get that… but to me back then, it would have seemed like I was coming onto Pete if I’d suggested we should suck each other’s dicks.”

“Pity, mate,” Jake smiled.  “You missed a good time.”

“I doubt it… Pete was a Queensland lad and very old fashioned.  It would have been totally awkward doin’ anything like that with him.”

“Would it fuck!” Jake chortled.  “Well, maybe at first, but once you’d got started and got past your embarrassment, believe me, mate – you’d have been well into each other and slamming your pricks down each other’s throats!”

“You reckon!?” I laughed back.

“I know it!” he grinned.  “You should see me and my mate Marcus!  We were a bit weirded out by getting sexy with each other the first night we did stuff, but now we’re like a pair of fucking rabbits!”

“So it is your mates you mainly crack onto?” I asked, recalling my original question.

“Mates… friends of friends… guys who give me the eye…”

I was about to ask him how he knew he was being given the eye, when Jake suddenly remembered something and sat bolt upright before grabbing his phone.

“I’ve got some stuff on here you might wanna see… me and Marcus fooling around in my room at uni…”

“What… havin’ gay sex… er, dude sex, I mean…?”

“Yeah, playing around together on my bed.  I’ll let you see what the two of us look like… as long as it won’t freak you out too much!”

“Of course not,” I quickly agreed, hardly believing what he was offering to show me.  “I’d be really interested…”

He scrolled through his movies and located the one he wanted.  As he found the right part I was wondering if I could get my hands on his phone and have a squiz through the rest.  How much fun would that be?!

He passed me it and I stared at the screen in awe.  I couldn’t believe how fabulous he and his mate looked, writhing around bollock-naked together on his messed-up doona.

The mate was blond haired, muscular and as fit as fuck.  He and Jake were wrestling around together, laughing and trying to pin each other down, and I realised both of them were trying to get their hard-ons into the other one’s mouth.  I kept seeing the mate’s cock, bobbing stiffly around between his legs, and although it had a good meaty size it didn’t look quite so impressive compared to Jake’s massive shlong which kept flashing into view.

“How do we look?” Jake asked me eagerly.

“Kinda tasty,” I understated it, with a sheepish grin.

“Only kind of?” he chuckled, leaning over to see the screen.  On the movie, he’d managed to roll his mate over and was jabbing his big curving dick roughly into the blond boy’s bubble-butt.  They were laughing wildly together, as Jake’s broad purple helmet kept pushing in between the pert round arse-cheeks underneath him, until the mate managed to buck him off so that Jake ended up being the one pinned-down with a hard-on looming over his giggling face.

“Okay, I admit it,” I grinned.  “It actually looks pretty spectacular…”

“You’ve seen guys doing stuff together in porn… did you think that was ‘spectacular’ too?”

“The stuff I saw at home was a bit… I dunno… kissy-cuddly for me… the boys were too girlie and it was more about the romance.  You two guys look like mates having fun together… just two lads enjoying getting sexy with each other’s fit-looking bodies…”

Jake smiled, liking the compliment, and then asked, “What about the stuff of mine you took a look at on the F drive?”

“Yeah, I liked that,” I admitted, annoyed that I could still feel my cheeks blush even though I clearly had nothing to be ashamed about in this house. “It was kinda tasty too.”

Jake smiled and grabbed the phone from me.  “I’ll move it on to the best bit.”

He passed it back to me and I saw that they were now sixty-nining.  Jake was on top, bucking his hips and driving about half of his long, sweeping cock into his mate’s gaping mouth.  His own lips were slurping up and down his mate’s thinner erection, consuming and expelling it with rough, rapid movements.

“Jesus Christ!” I said, totally entranced by the sight of them.

The mate had his fingers wedged in Jake’s butt-crack as he sucked him, groping around as if searching for my cousin’s well-worked hole.  Jake pulled off from his cock and I heard his tinny speaker voice call out, “Oh yeah!”  The mate’s hand started sliding in and out between his flexing cheeks and I realised I was watching Jake having his arsehole fingered.

“So how tasty is this?” Jake asked me.  “Still only ‘kinda’…?”

“I reckon the front of my jeans can answer that one for me!”

Jake looked down at my zipper and laughed at how hefty my bulge was.  Then he beamed an encouraging smile at me, pleased no doubt that I was overcoming my embarrassment about what I was packing down there.

I returned my eyes to the movie and saw the mate release Jake’s cock from his mouth.  He pushed his head upwards, licking my cousin’s big, solid nut-sack and then kept going, still licking, as he worked his nose and mouth into the furry crack his fingers had just vacated.

Jake did the same, licking lower between his mate’s thick, chunky legs.  He gave the ball-bag a good kissing as he headed south, and then pushed his face still lower and craned his neck to get a taste of the hairy furrow behind it.

I looked up at Jake, puzzled.  “Are you guys now doing what I think you’re doing?”

He grabbed the phone off me and looked at it.  “Oh shit!” he laughed.  “I’d forgotten we did that!”

“Were you licking each other’s arse-cracks?”

“We were rimming each other, yeah.  I told you I like to eat dude-butt!”

“Can I take another look at it?” I asked.  “It’s like a sixty-nine but a bit more… I dunno…”

“Bummy?” he grinned, almost triumphantly.  “It’s an anal sixty-nine, or at least that’s what I call it.”

He passed me the phone and I had a good perv at him and his mate with their faces buried hungrily into each other’s arses.  They were feasting on each other, both kissing and licking their buddies’ wrinkled poopers, with their noses wedged deep between each other’s squat muscly cheeks.

“Do you kiss your girlfriend with that mouth?” I smirked at him.

“I sure do,” he chuckled, “but she keeps wondering why I’ve got such shitty breath!”

I had to laugh at that.  “You dirty bastard, Jake Furlong!”

“We share a lot of genes, you and me, bud,” he reminded me.  “I bet there’s a little bit of you that’d be into that kinda thing.”

“No way!” I called out.  “The stink of another guy’s back-alley would floor me for def!”

“It doesn’t stink,” he said back, “at least not in a bad way.  I mean, you’d think it would – you’d think it would be gross – but it’s actually really sexy shoving your face in another dude’s dirt-box!”

“Sexy?” I asked incredulously.  “It’d make me spew!  Fuckin’ oath it would!”

“If it’s so awful why did it turn me and my mate Marcus on so much?”

That was a good question and I gestured for the phone.  “Pass it here, mate… let me see you guys doing it again…”

I peered at their cocks thrusting between their sweaty chests as they mauled each other’s butts.  Their thick rods were both rock hard and their swollen helmets were glistening.  It looked like they were pumping out precum as fast as their tongues could dribble spit, and I wondered if – just maybe – rimming a guy’s arse would really be as horny as Jake claimed.

“Okay… fair enough,” I nodded.  “You both look like you’re pretty cool with it…”

He chuckled and grinned at me.  “Have you ever eaten out a girl… her pussy I mean?”

I shook my head, knowing I was blushing again.  “I haven’t done very much at all with a girl, if I’m being totally honest.”

“Well, you can believe me, mate,” he grinned.  “Eating out a girl is hot, but tongue-fucking a dude’s bunghole is smoking!”

“I reckon I’m gonna have to take your word on that, Jake!”

“I reckon you don’t have to,” he replied, his face becoming more serious.

When I threw him a questioning look he went on, “I mean, you could give it a try if you’re curious.  We’re cousins so it’s kinda like keeping it in the family…”

At first I didn’t understand – the dregs of the jet-lag and all the wine I’d drank to dull the awkwardness of the meal slowing my faculties.  But then I realised what he was saying, and asked, “You mean you’re offering me to lick your backside…?”

“Not lick it, just have a little sniff… see if you like it.”

“Come on Jake, get real,” I tried to laugh.  “You’re my cousin and I reckon you’re ace, mate, but I’m not gonna go sniffing around your doody-hole!”

He smiled back at me.  “I’m only offering because you looked so interested in seeing me and Marcus doing it, and you admitted it could be ‘chipper’ which I assume means good…”

“I don’t wanna knock yer back, Jake, but it’s your cutter… your fucking mud-flaps, dude.”  I had to really force myself to act like this was a normal conversation; that this was just dicking around talk between two doofy lads.

“You can’t be that grossed out by it!” he laughed.  “You didn’t have much trouble shoving your finger up it when we were wanking off!”

“Only ’cause you grabbed my hand and pushed it back there!”

“I didn’t make you stick your finger out, Shane!  Or force you to slide it up my fudge tunnel!”

I laughed back.  “Yeah… you’ve got a point there!  But putting my face down there, mate… it’s a bit of a big ask…”

“I’m not asking you to do it,” he shrugged.  “I’m just making the offer if you want to see what it’s like.  I’d keep my shorts pulled up if you think my bare arse would be too weird.”

“You seem bloody keen to get my face stuck in your butt…”

“I just want to be your guinea pig to prove that it’s dead sexy.  Not doing it with me specifically, but doing it with another guy… maybe a lad you know back home…”

As whack as it sounds, the way he was selling it was making me start to feel quite tempted.

Jake’s permissive approach to sex was proving a real lightning bolt for me. I’d never been that interested in homo stuff, but the Jake’s attitude towards it – as something that was laddish and playful and a bit of fun between mates – was giving it a new appeal that I was curious to explore.

Would I do something like this back home in Brisbane, I wondered?  Maybe I would if I found a guy with the same easy-going view, and only if I could do it in a way that my dad would never get wind of.

“I’ll just hitch my jeans down,” he went on, “so you can have a little sniff of the back of my boxers.  If it grosses you out, we’ll just have a laugh about how skanky my arse is.  But if you like it… well, at least you’ll know that it’s something you might want to try sometime.”

“What if your dad comes in?” I asked, feeling about twelve.

He shrugged.  “He wouldn’t see it as a big deal… but it’s not very likely ’cause he’s probably smooching with the lovely Debbie.”

I wondered if they’d have sex and if we’d hear them.  The walls in this house didn’t seem especially well soundproofed.

Jake stood up and grinned.  “You want a little whiff of my boy-butt, then?”

I nodded, hardly believing I really was about to do this.  He turned around and undid his belt and the buttons on his fly.

“You won’t fart will you?” I asked.

“Of course I fucking won’t,” he snapped.  “I want you to enjoy it.”

He yanked his daks down so that I could see his butt-cheeks looking plump and pudgy in his tight-fitting Diesel boxer-trunks.  Their colour was light blue and I was relieved that between his two round buns there was no sign of anything like a skid-mark.

“You’re def not having me on?” I asked, wondering if he was secretly filming me about to press my face into his butt so he could take the piss afterwards.

“No way!” Jake assured me.  “I showed you how much I like doing it… that movie wasn’t like staged or anything… you could see it was pukka, mate!”

Well that much was true.  You couldn’t set up something like that as a joke.

I knelt down behind and took a hesitant sniff about two inches away from the material of his shorts.  I couldn’t really smell anything.  At best, there was a very slight whiff a bit like locker-room sweat.

“Not from way out there, man!” Jake huffed, reaching down to urge me forward by the shoulder.  “You’ve got to push your face in a bit, get a proper smell of my crack!”

“I’ll go in as close as I’m happy to, Jake,” I called up to him, shrugging his hand off me.  “Don’t try and push me further than I want to… if I don’t like it, I don’t want you to force me…”

“I’m not gonna fucking force you, bud!  You just need to get up close… get the full effect!”

I really wasn’t sure about this, but I pushed my face into the material of his jocks and took a long, deep sniff of them.  To my amazement, they smelled kind of interesting.  Not shitty or grodey like you’d expect from a dude’s bum.  More sexy and manly – like the locker-room odour I’d just got a whiff off, but now much stronger and more intense, a sort of distillation of the blokey funk you get after a really rowdy, sweaty match.

I sniffed again, more deeply, and even wedged my nose between his cheeks, feeling like a dog sniffing another dog’s butt.  The smell inside his crack was even richer and sexier and I actually felt my cock starting to tingle in my jocks at how thrilling and intoxicating this guy’s smell was back here.

“Do you like it?” Jake called down, the broad grin in his voice showing that he knew full well how much I did.

I pulled out from his underwear and called back, “It’s like loadsa guys all together after sport… so pungent and potent it makes your head spin!”

“Do you like that kind of smell?” he asked.

“When I’m part of it… yeah… it feels like you’re all in the team… it makes you feel as if there’s a connection between you…”

“Well, that’s what rimming’s like,” he smiled.  “You get a real buzz of togetherness and intimacy.  I dunno why but it makes it even more intense that it’s another lad you’re feeling it with…”

I could now see exactly where he was coming from and, even though it still felt totally deaky to be kneeling here sniffing my cousin’s butt like this, I was pleased he was showing me the appeal of the ‘dude sex’ he obviously found such an important part of his love life.

I was flattered that he was, in his way, teaching me this stuff, so I could maybe do it for real if I found the right sort of guy with the right attitude.

He yanked the back of his shorts down a bit, revealing to me his bare butt-cheeks.

“Whoa!  Rein it back in, fella!” I called up, but Jake just grinned down at me.

“Have a sniff of the real deal, mate.  Once you’ve had your nose in there, I swear to god, you’ll be gagging to rim somebody!”

I stared at his bum, equally tempted and appalled by the wiry fur bristling out from his crack.  I could just about smell it from back where I was: earthy and bitter, thick and enticing.

“I dunno, mate,” I muttered.  “It’s your fuckin’ bare-nuddie arse, Jake.”

“Just a little whiffter, Shane… just to see what it’s like…”

He was a bit spotty between his cheeks, especially low down where his dick-stretched ringpiece would be hiding.  Apart from that, though, I had to admit my cousin had a nice-looking butt.  The cheeks were chunky and solid and had a squat roundness to them, although the hairy crack between them might take a bit of getting used to.

I leaned forwards and eased my nose into his warm, fuzzy cleft.  Even before I’d breathed in I knew the smell was delicious.  Just the merest hint of it, a few stray molecules diffusing up my nostrils, brought about in me the most incredible rush.

I moved further into him, gaining in confidence, and inhaled his most private of musks as deeply as I could.  I loved the dry acrid scent in here – who could have known that a guy’s arse could smell so exciting!  My cock was steadily pumping up like an airbed rhythmically expanding and thickening inside my shorts.

Jake called out in encouragement, “Ah yeah!  Get right in there!” and bent over for me to get further stuck in.  I wedged my nose as deep as I could into his wiry crack, burrowing my face into his round, supple cheeks.

I couldn’t get enough of his stink… except, it wasn’t really a stink.  It was a lovely, rich and intensely masculine smell, something that I knew would be subtly unique to Jake.  It was personal and special, I guess that’s what I’m trying to say.  It made me feel like we were as close as two guys can get and, in spite of all our years of separation, we had a deep, powerful bond.

Then I licked him – Jesus, I can hardly believe I actually licked his chuff – and tasted the flavour of my cousin’s hot, swollen ring.

He loved the feel of my tongue on his well-fucked tail-pipe and grabbed the back of my head and pushed me forward.  He shouted back to me, “Come on, lick me out!  Eat my fucking dumpster… slide your tongue in and out!”

I wanted to rim him – I reckon I was even more turned-on as Jake had been when he’d been feasting on his mate’s blond butt – but I kept reminding myself that this guy was my cousin and that made me pull back against the demands of his hand.

I got to my feet, panting for breath, and I realised my cock was as hard as granite in the front of my jeans.

“I’m sorry, Jake,” I gasped, “I can’t go that far… you’re my cousin, mate!”

Jake turned around, hitching his jocks back up, and smirked at the very obvious full-grown mongrel my daks were struggling to contain.

“Cousins can get married,” he said.  And then seeing my startled reaction, quickly added, “I mean that it’s legal for cousins to be intimate… that’s what I was trying to say.”

“I know it’s legal, but it wouldn’t feel right, that’s all…”

“But you enjoyed it?” he asked, fastening himself up.

“It was fuckin’ ripper, mate!” I grinned, wondering how much my face stunk of his arse.  Good job Uncle Rob wouldn’t be expecting a goodnight kiss when he turned in for the night.

“I really didn’t think I’d go for it,” I went on, adjusting myself and thankful that my chopper was already starting to soften after its sudden blood rush.  “I guess I must like boy butt and I never even knew it!”

He laughed at that.  “You are so like me first time I did it,” he said.  “I reckon we’ve got a lot in common, you and me.”

“The Furlong gene again?” I asked him with a chuckle.

“Could well be,” he nodded back.

I suddenly saw that the movie on the phone was still playing.

“Fuckin’ hell, mate!” I called out.  “You’re having your arsehole rooted for real on there!”

Jake was on all-fours and the blond guy was squatting down behind him, fucking my cousin very roughly up the arse.

Jake grabbed the phone and laughed at the sight of the two of them.  “Oh Jesus, Shane!  I’m really sorry, bud!  Are you totally appalled by that?”

I took the phone off him and looked at him having his backside slammed hard and fast by another guy’s cock.  The blond guy was loving it, that much was obvious.  He was really into knobbing his mate’s bumhole and his big, dangly bollocks were slapping against the back of Jake’s thighs.

But Jake too was clearly enjoying getting rooted.  His huge cock was raised up at full crank and pointing forwards underneath his belly, and his face grinning enthusiastically as he called out encouragement to spur on the blond guy’s thrusts.

“I’m not appalled, no,” I told him.  “I don’t find sex between dudes disgusting or anything like that!”

“When we wanked off together you seemed kinda shocked that I was up for giving anal…”

“I just hadn’t realised that guys who don’t consider themselves gay would do stuff like this together…”

He nodded.  “So now you know that’s what I’m into… that quite a few lads I know get together like this… how do you feel about it?”

“I dunno…” I shrugged, glancing at the fit mate on the screen banging away at my cousin’s mud muscle.  “I guess I’m just wondering why the fuck you’re not wankin’ your dick off when you’re so obviously loving having him shag your brains out!”

Jake laughed at that and grabbed the phone back off me.  He swiped the playback forward and showed me how things progressed after his blond mate must have cum.

Now Jake was the guy with his dick ball-deep in butt.  He was going at it like a stallion, holding his mate steady by grabbing his shoulders, pounding his hips against the blond guy’s buttocks and making long, sweeping jabs with the entire shaft of his big cock.

“If I’d wanked off, I’d have missed breeding his arse!” he chuckled.

I smiled that he’d call it that.  Of all the stuff he was doing to his mate’s bum, breeding must be the least likely outcome.

“Is that how you like doing it best?” I asked.  “Lookin’ at the back of the other guy’s head…?”

“I prefer giving,” he nodded.  “But I like taking it too.”

I stared at the screen, watching my cousin have an orgasm up another boy’s bottom.  It looked like he was really seeding the guy, making long, powerful thrusts right up into his guts as he climaxed, and I wondered if after having dude sex, as he called it, it was normal for both guys to have to go and sit on the loo.

“Which way round do you think you would like it?” my cousin asked me.

I shrugged.  I really had no idea.

“I never really thought about it,” I told him.  “I’ve never thought o’ gay stuff as my bowl o’ rice.”

He crouched down on the floor and got on all fours with his bum sticking out.

“Get down behind me,” he said.  “Shove your crotch against my arse.  See how it feels to be in the position Marcus was.”

I wasn’t sure I liked the sound of this, but as we both had our jeans on it wasn’t like we could do anything for real.

I knelt down behind him and shuffled up between his shins.  I grabbed his hips with both hands and pressed the front of my jeans against the cheeks of his bum.  His arse felt lovely and solid, even through the material of his jeans and undies, and I was surprised at how pleasant it was to be in the bum sex position with another young guy.

“Ah, that’s dead nice, that is,” Jake said, gyrating his butt-crack up and down my soft squidgy dick.  “You’re packing a nice bit of meat between your legs, Shaney boy!”

I chuckled at the silly name he’d given me, holding his hips firm as I worked my bulge against the tight furrow between his cheeks.

“How’s it feel for you?” he asked.  “You getting horny?”

“Not really,” I smiled, still bucking my hips as if I was doing my cousin up the butt.  “But it feels more comfortable… more natural… than I would have expected.”

“More natural?”

He was really working his back-end against my package – really pushing the lower part of his crease, where his little brown eye would be winking, as hard as he could into my big floppy cock.  It was obvious that this was turning him on and I sort of wished that it was doing something for me.

“Yeah… I guess I would have thought it would feel weird to be like this… in an anal position with another dude, I mean.  But it feels all right, actually… not especially sexy, but not uncomfortable either.”

“Look at yourself in my wardrobe mirror,” he suggested, trying to rub my dick hard with the crack of his arse.  “Does it look wrong for you to be like this with another guy?”

I peered over at us, him kneading my crotch between his round beefy buns, and me upright behind him, grinning eagerly like my cock was getting itself some serious brown love.

“No,” I replied, “it doesn’t look wrong at all.  Part of me likes it… but mainly ’cause I know how much it would ape my dad out if he could see me like this!”

Jake laughed and pulled away from me.  “Okay, mate – if this isn’t doing it for you, let’s swap positions.  Maybe you’ll like bending over and having my set of gear poking into your arse…”

We changed roles but I wasn’t expecting to enjoy being the guy out front either.

“I’ve never particularly enjoyed bendin’ over before,” I said, thinking that things like tying my shoelaces had never held any excitement for me. I’d certainly never fantasized about having a guy rub his pecker against my bum.

But once I was crouched there on all-fours like he had been, and he was holding me by the hips and pressing his obvious half-bone against my arse, I realised that being like this was, for some reason, extremely erotic.

“Sorry if I end up with a full-on porker, mate,” Jake said.  “This position has quite a few… shall we say… pleasant associations for me!”

I could feel his sconge growing steadily harder through his jeans and I was surprised at how fast mine was also growing bigger and thicker in my boxers.

“Wow!” I muttered.  “This is… er… quite something!”

“You getting a stiffy of your own?” Jake chuckled.

I looked across at his wardrobe mirror, amazed at how arousing I looked offering my bum to Jake’s crotch and bending over like I was ready to receive his cock up there.  It looked proper gay – how could it not? – but at the same time it seemed so spectacularly hot.  Why had I never thought about doing this before?  Why had I never imagined myself in this position when I’d been beating off?

“I can’t believe I’m actually runnin’ on full horn!” I laughed.

He grabbed my hips more firmly and worked the mound of his growing rod against me.  “I’m getting there too, mate… I just love doing doggy with another dude!”

I ground my bum against Jake’s growing shaft through both our daks, loving how hard and solid it felt between my cheeks and amazed at how hot the two of us looked in his wardrobe mirror.

He grabbed my shoulders and started thrusting roughly against my buttocks and I laughed at our reflection, both amused and incredibly turned-on by how sexy we looked pretending he was doing it gay-style with my bum.

“You really like this, don’t you?” Jake asked, humping my arse like he was enjoying the feel of the friction against his dick.

“I reckon I do, yeah,” I gasped.  “I didn’t think I would… but… oh God! It feels so fuckin’ horny bendin’ over for a dude like this!”

“You’re a proper little bum boy,” he laughed.  “I bet you’d love a nice big blokey cock ramming away at your tight Aussie arse!”

“I reckon I would,” I said back, realising I was panting.  “I reckon it’d be sexy as fuck!”

“I knew you would!  We’re both Furlongs, mate… we have a lot in common!”

He was right – my cock was now leaking and aching as it chaffed against my boxers.  The front of my jeans was tenting painfully outwards and I wanted nothing more than to yank my zipper down and wank off while Jake forced his big swollen bulge into the crack of my backside.

Without warning, Jake’s bedroom door swung open abruptly and his dad walked in on us like this, simulating butt-sex together.  I blushed scarlet and tried to pull forwards away from his son, but he held my shoulders firm and kept rubbing his hard-on against my bum as if he hadn’t noticed we’d been interrupted.

“Excuse me, gentleman,” Uncle Rob called over to us.  To my surprise, instead of giving us aggro, he actually looked amused to have caught his son pretending to root my arse on his bedroom floor.

Jake kept bucking his hips against my bum and I realised he didn’t care that his dad could see us in what was essentially a gay fuck position.

He looked over to his dad and panted, “I’m just checking to see if Shane has the Furlong gene, dad!”

Uncle Rob peered pointedly at the front of my straining jeans and chuckled, “I think it’s safe to say he has, Jake!”

“Yeah, he definitely has the dick gene,” Jake grunted, grinding his large, solid lump between my cheeks so hard and so fast there’d be a nasty stain on the inside of my jocks.  “But I think I’ve found another similarity!”

Uncle Rob smiled and then said, “Look guys, Debbie and I are heading off to bed, so keep the noise down, if you would.”

I found myself nodding obediently, still crouched there on all fours, unable to stop myself working my arse against Jake’s relentlessly thrusting mound.

Before leaving the room Uncle Rob turned and quipped, “Just one word of advice, fellas.  I find that what you’re doing works a whole lot better when you’ve got your trousers and underwear pulled down a bit!”

Jake brayed with laughter but I just flushed an even deeper shade of crimson.  Was he saying he didn’t mind if we hitched our clothes down and started butt-fucking for real?  That while he was shagging his girlfriend, he was okay with hearing his son using his cousin’s arsehole to match his rhythm?

Jesus, what sort of house had I pitched up in?

In spite of Jake’s protests, I pulled away from him and said I was calling it a night.  I went back to the spare room, locked the door, and decided I’d load up my backpack next morning so I could head off around Europe as I’d originally planned.  I thought Jake was gold and I liked Uncle Rob too, but all this sex stuff was just way too weird.


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