Surprise at Rogerson Shopping Mall
by Robert Furlong


I’d agreed to meet my son Jake in Leeds city centre one Saturday afternoon. He was in his second year of studying at the university there and, as I had most of the day free, I thought it would be nice for the two of us to meet up for a coffee and chat.

I was picking my friend Guy up at seven for one of our regular evenings of Sky Sports and beer (followed, as tradition dictated, by sex and a sleepover) but I could make the drive back in about two hours.

I arrived in Leeds early because I wanted to do a bit of shopping first.  I was hoping to find some underwear which would show off the bulge of my cock and balls when I was cruising men for sex, and I thought some of Leeds’ smaller independent shops would be more likely to have the sort of thing I was after.

For years, I’d always chosen the most unremarkable underwear I could find, having been ashamed of my over-sized genitals since adolescence, but now that I was much more confident and could enjoy the effect that my large penis so often had on other men, I felt like becoming a bit more adventurous.  I wanted something colourful and which had a pouch which emphasized my endowment rather than just accommodated it, and yet something which didn’t look like I was trying to dress my forty-odd year old body as if I thought I was some athletic young stud.

In the end I found some very nice pairs of briefs, albeit a touch more expensive than I had been expecting to pay, in a shop off Briggate called ‘The Bull Room’.  It was clearly aimed at the gay market because it also sold books and magazines with hot-looking guys on their covers.  After perusing the underwear racks, I flicked through a few choice titles, pleased that other men were looking at me leafing through gay porn and suddenly proud to be flaunting my bisexuality so publicly.

I allowed my jeans to betray the interest I had in looking at picture of attractive young men having sex with each other, letting my co-shoppers see that my interests were very much skewed towards the anal.  I adjusted my bulge to make it obvious that I was developing an erection from the pictures of male couples rimming and fucking, and smiled back at my onlookers when they grinned to show that they liked what they saw.

My problem at that point was that I wasn’t sure what one did next in such establishments.  I’d read that in the US, gay ‘bookshops’ have booths out the back where guys can retreat together for some discreet through-the-fly fun.  But this shop didn’t seem to offer any such amenities and so after ten minutes or so of smirks and crotch tugs that seemed to be heading nowhere, I bought the briefs I’d selected and headed back to the Rogerson Shopping Mall where I’d agreed to meet Jake at about two.

I took the escalator upstairs to find the coffee shop Jake had suggested and, before going in to grab us a table, I spotted some toilets on the walkway opposite.  I realised I had time to change into a pair of my new briefs so that I could give Guy a surprise later on after we’d had a few drinks and were getting sexy on the sofa.  Guy isn’t the biggest fan of cute men’s underwear, being a lot further to the straight side of the bisexual spectrum than I am, but he’d find it funny when I pulled down my trousers to reveal my enhanced bulge in all its gaudy-coloured glory.

I went into the gents which was stiflingly crowded.  I had to wait a few minutes for a stall to become free and once inside struggled to change into my new underpants in the confined space.  I was still running a semi from the hard-on I’d grown in the shop so once the briefs were finally on, the large bulge of my thickened cock in the snugly-fitting pouch looked, even if I admitted it myself, absolutely stunning.

Men were coming and going from the cubicles, and toilets were regularly flushing as doors banged open and shut, and it was only after the one next to mine was vacated and then rapidly reoccupied, that I noticed a large round hole in the partition through which a couple of fingers were casually rubbing.  Recognising the universal signal for ‘I’m up for some fun if you are,’ I knelt down to apply my eye to the hole.  There in the next cubicle, as I’d expected, was a fully erect cock being slowly masturbated and I smiled at my good fortune on managing to get a quick one in before meeting up with Jake.

The occupant of the next cubicle was, it seemed, quite a young man.  I could see the bottom of a fashionable t-shirt, dark blue in colour with deliberately washed-out writing, and his underpants were lime green boxer-briefs of the type my son wears.  The waistband read ‘Diesel’, a brand I’d often seen among Jake’s piles of laundry when he comes home, and I wondered if my neighbour might be a student like him – perhaps one of his classmates, even.  Indeed, it occurred to me that the large erection I was watching being alluringly wanked might well have been sucked by my son because, like me, he has come to embrace his bisexuality with active enthusiasm.

The beautiful sight of the young man’s cock was abruptly replaced with his eye so I stood up myself and showed him the prominent bulge that I was now running in my colourful briefs.  I was pleased I was wearing my new underwear because I thought it must make me look younger than I really am. A twenty-year-old lad might not be so keen to have fun if he knew that his potential playmate was well into his forties.

I pulled the front of my underpants down to release my stiffening cock and two large hairy nads and then wrapped my hand around my shaft to show my onlooker what my own masturbation looks like.  I flaunted my large helmet, looking slick and shiny as my foreskin slid back and forth, and showed him how my organ takes on an upward curve as it thickens and hardens and achieves its full size.  Then I released it for him and let him see it standing upright in all its resplendent glory with my balls being pushed outwards by the waistband of my briefs which was hitched down underneath them.

My young friend obviously liked what he saw because his fingers were soon back in the hole, making a rubbing gesture which told me that if I worked my erection through the round opening, he would willingly suck as much of it as his mouth could take.

I had other ideas, though.  I’ve never been a big fan of receiving blow-jobs from either men or women but am happy to administer them, especially as foreplay before a nice vigorous bout of anal breeding.

So I made the same gesture for my neighbour, rubbing two fingers of my own against the smooth breach in the partition.  As I’d expected, he was far more eager to take up the offer and within seconds his wonderfully large and veiny cock was being urgently thrust through the hole.

I was greatly impressed with my companion’s enormous size.  For a young man, his hard-on was magnificent, being prominently thicker than mine and a good inch or so longer.  The head of it was a huge purple plum and the its shaft was coursed with his blood vessels which throbbed to his heartbeat and made his organ pulsate.

I went down on it hungrily, managing to get six or seven inches of it into my mouth and throat and sucking powerfully at its length to draw his precum onto my tongue.  It tasted surprisingly familiar – strongly evocative of my own salty discharge – and I had the odd sensation that I was fellating myself.  Putting such silly thoughts aside, I got on with pleasuring the young student, sweeping my lips rapidly back and forth along his shaft and swallowing down the dribbling juice he was feeding me.

He abruptly pulled himself back through the hole and his two fingers returned to the opening, gesturing for me to direct my own cock through it so that he could return the favour.

Again, though, I had other ideas.  I put a finger into the hole and made a circular gesture which I hoped he would interpret as meaning, ‘Turn around’.

I heard a chuckle, which reminded me of someone who I couldn’t immediately place, and then a pale, pert backside was promptly pressed up against the partition.

The lad knew what I wanted because he positioned himself so that the hole was level with his own.  Then he bent forwards to splay open the hairy crack of his arse and the large swollen gape of anus, blinking at me from within, told me that he might be up for more than just a rim-job.

This was a lad who liked taking a cock up his butt.  The pinkness and puffiness of his rear made it obvious this was a regular pursuit for him.

I leaned my face in for a sniff of the young man’s opening and found it so ripe and pungent that my cock started oozing goo from its slit.  I had to swallow a few times from how much my mouth was watering at its full-on ferocity and I started wanking myself rapidly, hoping that my friend might let me extend something much larger than my tongue through the partition and into him.

Once again I had the sensation of having smelled this lovely rich stink before.  Was it evocative of my friend Bradley who I met with from time to time… his arse had a deliciously harsh odour when I fucked him up it?  Or was it one of Jake’s buddies who he brought home from uni?  Yes, it must be Marcus or Will I was reminded of… standing at my son’s bedroom door smelling the arousing feculence of boy buggery hammering at full pelt behind it.

Dismissing such distractions, I craned in to squeeze my mouth in between his pudgy cheeks and to lap sensually at my companion’s puffy rosebud.  I heard him whisper, “Aw yeah!” as I licked into his fantastically foul-tasting opening and then rimmed him as deeply as I could with long wet flicks of my tongue.

He ground his arse back against the partition to press his hole firmly against my mouth and I heard him panting as he furiously wanked his big cock off, before blurting out an involuntary gasp of, “Fuck!”

I decided I would take his utterance as an invitation and so pulled out and stood up, licking my lips to enjoy the uncompromising taste of his crudest flavours to the full.  I reached into my pocket and found a condom and a sachet of lube, and I was deliberately noisy about tearing both open so that my young friend next door would know that the cock he’d just seen was now being prepared to be pushed up his arse.

He didn’t pull away from the partition – on the contrary, he dilated his pink pucker to show his willingness for me to penetrate him through the hole.

So I unfurled the condom down my now straining hard-on, lubed myself up and then shuffled back over to start sliding myself into the wet and gaping arsehole that was being offered to me.

The feel of his rectum squeezing around my bell-end was heavenly.  It was hot and tight and gripped the fat head of my cock with a smooth gentle firmness.

I grabbed the top of the panelling and used it to lever myself steadily up him.  The lad’s arse was surprisingly deep and could take the full length of my organ.  Soon my balls were pressing into the smooth veneer of the partition and I looked down to see the base of my cock protruding from the stretched ring of his pink anus, framed like an archery target by the circular border of the hole.

I was so lucky to have found myself an impromptu butt-fuck, especially from a young man who had proven so willing and accommodating.  Later on, Guy would pound me doggy-style kneeling behind me on my bed.  The most reciprocation I could expect would be for him to reach underneath me and wank me off, so it was good that I got to enjoy a hump for myself before having my own arse so roughly drilled.

I started sliding my cock in and out and the two of us established a nice, steady rhythm together in spite of the partition separating us.  We worked well as same-sex lovers: the lad worked his bum in time with my quickening thrusts and I drove the raised head of my cock along the entire length of his rectum because I knew that that would stimulate him more intensely.

Soon the rubber odour of the condom was overwhelmed by the stronger smell of the young man’s arse as I fucked it.  It started out as a faint but distinctly bummy aroma, and steadily built as our exertions grew rougher until it had developed into a powerfully shitty stink.

In spite of its harshness, it was a smell I adored.  It might be noxiously faecal, but it was the glorious stink of my large manhood plundering the slime and sludge from a recently emptied bowel.

I hoped my friend could smell it too.  I wanted him to know how rich and how remarkable our sodomy stank.

Even as I pounded him, with the partition between us shuddering to betray our frantic rhythm, I knew once again that there was something strangely familiar about this.  I’d smelled the same stink on many, many occasions. It had been in the bathroom at home; I was quite sure of it.

I suddenly realised I must be fucking one of the guys that Jake had had over to stay with us.  The smell of our sex was exactly the same as the stink that one of his fuck-buddies had left in our bathroom after taking a dump.

This could be Will I was fucking, I mused to myself as my hips slammed back and forth at full speed.  He usually left our bathroom with the mother of all stinks; even Jake had complained, and his was rank enough.

I loved the idea that I might be fucking Jake’s friend Will without him even knowing it.  He was tall and dark-haired and handsomely athletic.  I was sure he had a big dick, having seen it bulging inside his shorts, and I knew he was an extremely smelly fuck having enjoyed basking in his smothering stink from my bedroom while listening to my son squatting behind him giving him it hard.

The idea was bringing me close… I could feel a tingling right at the base of my nuts.

As if reading my mind, my companion hit his climax.  I could feel his arse muscles clamping around my shaft in spasms and could hear him panting breathlessly as he flung his spunk in ribbons across the toilet floor.

Being well-suited lovers I quickly joined his orgasm with a copious discharge of my own.  I could hear him gasping as he enjoyed the heat of my semen squirting up into the condom and I clung on tightly to the top of the partition as I thrust in slowing lunges as my balls gave all they had.

Even before I was fully spent, I abruptly pulled out and hitched my underpants and trousers up as quickly as I could.  If this was indeed Will or some other of Jake’s uni friends in the next cubicle, I didn’t want them to see me as it would make future visits to our house awkward to say the least.

I’d just fucked someone I knew: I was sure of that.  The tastes and the smells of our sex had all been so tantalisingly familiar.

Without even washing my hands, I returned to the coffee shop and chose a table outside on the walkway so that I could see who was emerging from the toilets.

A young guy came out, looking furtively around, and although he looked like a student, it wasn’t a friend of Jake’s as far as I was aware.

A minute later, as I was wondering whether someone would come out to take my order or whether I had to go inside to the counter, a lad who I thought I sort of recognised emerged from the gents.  He didn’t look like he’d just had stranger sex in a bathroom but just walked casually over to meet a girl who had been waiting for him.

That must be him, I thought.  He must be one of Jake’s hook-ups.  He must have brought the guy home one weekend and, among all the other faces that come and go from his bedroom, I’ve mostly forgotten this particular conquest.

I was pleased it was him.  He had a cute boyish face and nice wavy brown hair.  If that was his girlfriend he was now walking away with, she was fortunate that he had a nice big cock to satisfy her with, even if he was having it sucked by other men in public toilets.

Just then Jake came out from the toilets and he grinned over at me when he saw I was already sitting at a table.

We hugged and he sat down opposite me, and then I handed him the menu so he could choose what he wanted.

“I was just in that gents about two minutes ago,” I said.  “I didn’t see you at the urinals.”

“I was in a cubicle,” he muttered, looking for the most expensive snack he could get me to buy.  “You can get a quite a lot of action going on in there on Saturday afternoons.”

“Yeah, don’t I know it,” I chuckled, lowering my voice so that people on nearby tables couldn’t hear us.  “I just licked some young lad’s bum through a hole in the partition, then he bent forwards and let me… er… enjoy him fully.”

I decided not to tell him that I suspected it had been one of his mates.

“Aw yeah!” Jake guffawed.  “I told you it all goes on in there!  I was having a bit of glory hole fun myself… I let some old geezer do me up the butt!”

“Oh really, Jake… I hope he wore protection.”

“‘Course he did… he had an awesome cock, though… just like yours!”

We laughed together and then suddenly the possibility that we’d been in adjoining cubicles dawned us both at pretty much the same time.

Our smirks faded and our eyes widened in horror as I realised why the familiarity of my companion’s cock and arse had kept bugging me.

Before I could think of how to respond, Jake giggled nervously and said, “Actually, the bloke who did me couldn’t have been you, dad… he was wearing flashy briefs.  You always wear your white Calvins.”

I was about to tell him that I was indeed wearing colourful pants and therefore, by inference, reveal that I’d just fucked my own son up the arse, when it occurred to me that I should seize on this opportunity to spare him the truth of what had happened.

Hastily sweeping the bag containing the rest of the underwear, as well as my discarded Calvins, under the table, I chuckled and said, “Well, of course I’m wearing my boring old Calvins.  Whoever just pleasured you, it certainly it wasn’t me!”

Jake grinned at me, gullible enough to believe the story.  I smiled back, aware that I was going to have to throw all the expensive underwear away. There was no way I could risk Jake ever recognising among our laundry the ‘flashy briefs’ he’d seen through the hole in the partition.

“Phew… close run thing that!” he laughed.  “Imagine if that had’ve been you… where the fuck would we go with something like that?”

“I dunno,” I muttered, trying to sound casual in spite of feeling like I was going to be sick.  I had hours and days of mental wrangling ahead of me: that much I knew.  “I suppose… you know… with the condom that you mentioned… if it had have been me, we wouldn’t have actually touched each other during the… er… act.”

Jake responded by roaring with derisive laughter.  “That’s bullshit, dad, and you know it!  If it had’ve been you, you’d have just fucked your own son up the butt.  Just because the dick had a condom on it doesn’t mean it didn’t shag the arse!”

“Shh, Jake!  Keep it down,” I hissed, aware that other people were glancing over at us.

“His cock really was like yours though,” he went on in a mercifully muted voice.  “It had the same shaped head… the same upward curve.”

“Well, let’s just forget about it,” I hastily suggested.  “No more cruising in Leeds toilets for me in future…”

After the waitress had finally appeared and had taken our order, Jake spotted the bag on the floor and leant down to retrieve it.

“Oh… ‘The Bull Room’,” he said on seeing the lettering on the fancy bag. “Did you do a bit of shopping before we met up?”

“Just a couple of things,” I snapped, snatching the bag from him.

“You get some nice kit in there… some really… you know… ‘flashy briefs’.”

“It’s a… er… birthday present,” I lied.  “Something for Guy.”

Jake beamed across at me, nodding slowly.  Even he wasn’t so easily duped.

Eventually he said, “Thanks for the fuck, dad.  Nice blow-job too.”


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