Warning: includes moderate scat, including descriptions of defecation and sex which involves shit

Sons and Lovers
by Robert Furlong


The shower curtain was abruptly yanked open, making Jake pull back in surprise as he wiped his dripping fringe from his eyes.  In front of him Guy’s son Simon was staring incredulously at him.

“What the hell, Jake…?  Why are you having a shower in our house?”

“I just… er…”

Unable to think up a plausible explanation on the spot, Jake switched off the shower off and grabbed the towel he’d left on the side of the bath.

Eventually he settled on, “I was helping your dad with… something… and I got mess all over me…”

“Where is dad?” Simon asked impatiently.

“He’s using the other shower… the one in his bedroom…”

Just then Guy called from along the corridor, “Simon!  I didn’t know you were due back so early…”

“Yeah, obviously,” Simon snapped, stepping out into the corridor to eye his father suspiciously.  “What’s been going on in here?  Why are you guys both taking a shower?”

“We were… ahm… getting a bit sweaty…” the plumber floundered, as Jake followed Simon out of the bathroom wrapping the towel around himself.

Simon looked from his dad, still pulling on his dressing gown, to his former school friend.  There was a shiftiness to them that made his forehead furrow with mistrust.

He muttered, “What have you guys been up to…?” as he noticed pink scratch marks across his dad’s hairy chest and that Jake’s shoulders were red with the indents of dug-in fingers.  “Have you guys been… oh my God… you’ve been having sex, haven’t you?”

Jake gaped wide-eyed at Guy – wondering how the hell would Simon be able to figure that out so quickly – and Guy looked in horror at his son, stammering, “Having sex…?  What d’you mean…?”

Simon pushed passed him and into his bedroom.  “There’s a woman in here, isn’t there?  What the hell have you two been…?”

His voice trailed off as he saw the mess in his dad’s bedroom.  There was no woman in sight but the two men’s clothes were haphazardly strewn around the floor as if discarded in a flurry of impatient passion.  The bedspread was in wild disarray where bodies had clearly been wrestling and cavorting, but worse than that the sheets were daubed with brown smears and handprints.

“What is this?” Simon gasped.  “Jesus… it stinks!”

His eye fell on a line of thick white splashes reaching across the bed and several feet up the wallpaper.  It was unmistakably semen which had been shot from a cock with great enthusiasm.

“You have been having sex,” he mumbled with disbelief.  “But with each other!”

“Look, I can explain…” Guy said but was unable to continue when he realised he couldn’t.

“The smell!” Simon winced.  “All that brown stuff… is it you guys’ shit?”

“Things got a bit… you know… nasty…” Jake chipped in.  And then, with a snigger, added, “That’s what made it hot!”

Simon flew at him, eyes blazing.  “When you fuck my dad up the butt, you don’t get to say it’s hot!”

Jake just looked back nonchalantly, like a bullmastiff who has just been yapped at by a Pomeranian.  “Actually, he mainly fucked me, so most of the shit is mine… and the trail of spunk definitely is!”

“Jake, I think you should go,” Guy said.  “You’re not helping, buddy.”

“Okay, cool… whatever,” Jake shrugged, and tossed his towel on the floor to start picking up his clothes.

He made no attempt to conceal his nudity as he grabbed his stuff from where it was scattered around the room.  He stuck his firm bubble butt out as he bent low to retrieve things, flashing Simon an eyeful of his swollen man-cunt still oozing with his dad’s cum.  He smirked as he strutted about, letting his thick cock and low-hanging balls swing around between his muscular thighs, while clearly delighting in parading his gym-chiselled six-pack and biceps.

“Your dad fucked me as a dude,” his triumphant grin told his former friend. “You can’t think of a body like mine as a chick’s.”

Then, with a final sneer, he left father and son alone in the bedroom as he went downstairs to pull his clothes on and let himself out.


“You left your mobile at my dad’s,” Jake announced as Guy opened his front door.  Standing outside in his tight jeans and motorbike jacket, the well-built twenty-year-old looked little short of stunning.

“It’s good to see you, Jake,” Guy smiled, grabbing the phone.  “You wanna come in for a beer or something…?”

“Yeah, or something,” Jake chuckled, as he followed Guy into the house.

“Thanks for bringing it over,” Guy said, walking through to his kitchen to get a couple of beers out of the fridge.  “You on your way somewhere?”

“Naah… I just fancied a look out… needed a bit of air.”

Guy uncapped the beers and passed one to his closest friend’s son.  He’d always had a soft spot for Jake.  When he used to pick him up from school with his own son Simon many years earlier, he’d grown fond of Jake’s playfulness and his mischievous sense of humour.  Now that he was a young man at university, he admired Jake’s developing sexual confidence.  Unlike Simon, who could be awkward around girls, Jake not only had a long-term girlfriend but made no secret of the sex he enjoyed with other bisexual boys.

“Last time I saw you,” Guy said after taking a swig from his bottle, “our banter got a bit raunchy…”

Jake grinned back at him, drinking his own beer.  Guy was his dad’s favourite fuck-buddy and a few weeks earlier when the plumber had been around at his house for a few drinks, he and Jake had had fun talking dirty about each other’s bum smells.  They’d had a grope of each other’s hairy arse-cracks and had sniffed the stinky fingers their fumblings had produced, and it had been clear from their flush-faced excitement that both men had ended up extremely turned on.

Guy smiled and continued, “I’m sorry if I took things too far… I get a bit carried away sometimes…”

“Come on, Guy… sniffing each other’s butts was hot,” Jake chuckled, hanging his leather jacket on the back of a wooden chair.  “And if you ask me, I don’t think we took things far enough…”

Guy grinned more broadly.  “Yeah?”

“Yeah,” Jake smiled.  “Stink can be fun.”

Then the younger man said, “Actually, can I use your loo?  I really need to take a dump.”

“Be my guest,” Guy nodded.  “Follow me upstairs… I’ll show you where it is…”

Jake had been around to his friend’s Simon’s house so many times he could have found the bathroom blindfolded, but he followed the larger man up the stairs while checking out his big round rump so temptingly filling the seat of his jeans.

Guy went into the bathroom and put the toilet seat down ready for Jake to perch his bum down to take a crap.

“It’s all yours,” he smiled, showing no signs of leaving the room to give his guest privacy.

This was better than what Jake had been hoping for, and he quickly pulled down his jeans and bright stripy boxers and sat himself down on the pan.

His long thick cock drooped downwards into the bowl.  As he let out a first fart it started slowly hardening and was soon rising conspicuously upwards from his two fat hairy balls.

He grinned up at Guy.  “You know when you’re straining to drop one and you start getting a hard-on from it…?”

Guy laughed at his young friend leaning forwards to open his bowels.  “Too right, mate.  You know, your cock’s even bigger than your dad’s.”

“Yeah, and my butt’s a lot cuter,” Jake smirked, as a thick rope of his shit dropped into the bowl so heavily that the back-splash soaked the cheeks of his bum.

“Oh wow!” Jake guffawed without the slightest trace of embarrassment. “Talk about a poonami!”

Guy sniffed the air and winced as the full ferocity of the younger man’s outpouring hit him.

He laughed, “Aw fuck, that’s rough!  Your butt might be cute but… bloody hell, Jake!  It kicks out the mother of all stinks!”

“Yeah, my dumps are really smelly,” the university student beamed, as if proud of the rank cloying odour his arse had just produced.  “I dunno why but they reek to high fuck.”

Guy noticed that the younger man’s cock was now almost fully hard.  It curved upwards from the closely trimmed bush of his pubes, and his foreskin had retracted enough to expose the blunt slitted tip of its large purple head.

“Are you on full bone, mate?” Guy smirked down at him.

“Just about, yeah,” Jake grinned back, letting rip with another trumpeting fart.  “Trouble is, the stink’s kinda sexy… it reminds me of having some dude behind me, doing me hard!”

“Aw really?” Guy chortled.  “Is this how your room stinks this when you’re gettin’ your arse bummed…?”

“Too right!” Jake laughed, as the memory made his cock stiffen up to full size causing his helmet to pop out through the stretched ring of his foreskin.  “I love it though… it’s really horny when boy-sex gets a bit brown!”

“Like a shitty fuck, do you?” Guy asked with a sly leer.

“Yeah, I love it!” Jake guffawed.  “Especially when it’s dead rough and fast and his cock gets covered in my crud!”

Guy chuckled naughtily and adjusted the prominent bulge that was forming in the crotch of his jeans, making no attempt to disguise that it was his own developing hard-on that needed space to further expand.  Then he removed the toilet roll from its holder and said, “Guess you won’t be needin’ this then!”

Jake farted again as the last long cord of shit was expelled from his arse.

Guy gestured him off the toilet, muttering, “If you’re finished, budge over… I’m gonna need to slide a stinker out myself.”

Jake smirked broadly at the larger man and then stood up, keeping his trousers and boxers down around his ankles and letting his spectacular cock stand proudly erect with its oozing head raised upwards a good ten inches from its veiny base.

Guy hitched his own jeans and pale blue briefs down, causing his own stubbier but equally thick manhood to bounce upwards and leave a thread of sticky precum clinging to his t-shirt.

He glanced down at the fat brown coil in the toilet and laughed, “Bloody hell, that’s massive!  I’ve never seen a turd so wide!”

Jake chortled back.  “My butthole’s been stretched to buggery by… well… buggery!  These days, my dumps come out as thick as mooring ropes!”

Guy peered at him with surprised interest.  “Is that a thing among you bi-boys, then… do you all have big gapin’ minges tucked away down the backs of your designer boxers?”

“Yeah, ‘course it is,” Jake nodded.  “When a dude gets regularly fucked, his crinkle grows fatter and wider and starts looking like he’s got a man-vag!”

“And that’s when you start shittin’ drainpipes?”

“Pretty much,” Jake laughed.  “I know this guy Will Parker who’s such a fucking tart, he slides out brownies as thick as tree trunks!”

Guy plonked himself down on the pan so that his hole was puckering open just inches above Jake’s enormous spiralling turd.  His cock poked upwards, gently throbbing with excitement, with its pink slit just visible through the wrinkled mouth of his foreskin.

Guy’s arse let out a deep, rasping fart and then he said, “This bathroom’s gonna stink worse than the crapper on the oil rig… and that had thirty blokes’ arses droppin’ their loads!”

“And how many of those sat on the bog with their hard-ons sticking upwards like yours?” Jake asked him with a smirk.

“Yeah, sorry about that mate, but I’m horny as fuck,” Guy told him. “Haven’t nutted off in two days.”

“I’m not complaining… and you can see that mine’s just as stiff.”

Guy smiled cheekily.  “I fancy havin’ a shit wank if I’m bein’ totally honest.  You ever done that…?  Wanked yerself off while you were takin’ a dump?”

“Aw yeah!” Jake laughed.  “It feels pretty awesome.  But I’ve got a better idea…”

Guy looked up eagerly, wondering what this flirtatious young man had going on in his surprisingly dirty mind.  He’d known for that last couple of years that Jake was getting increasingly sexually adventurous, but he’d had no idea that the lad had such a racy side to his tastes.

Jake grinned back at him before squatting down in front of the plumber’s saggy blue briefs stretched between his shins.

With his mouth already watering, Jake said, “I’ll suck your cock while you squeeze a log out right on top of mine!”

Guy laughed and grabbed his throbbing hard-on, yanking the foreskin right back to expose its fat read head.  He directed the tip of it towards Jake’s eager face and said, “Go on then… nosh me off while I shit out a stinker!”

Jake craned and said in a high-pitched voice, “Whatever you say, Mr Leeson!”

When he’d been a lot younger and Guy had cooked him tea when he’d come around to visit Simon, he’d always politely called his friend’s dad ‘Mr Leeson’.

Guy chuckled back all too aware of the reference and watched the same young man, who was now an assertively self-assured adult, take a good six inches of thick boner into his well-practised mouth.  The lad started slurping his lips rapidly up and down the fat hard cock, using his tongue to tease the engorged lobes underneath its bulbous head and sucking powerfully at the dribbling slit with the back of his throat.

“Fuck, you give good head!” Guy laughed.  “If you’d have been on the rig, you’d have had blokes queueing up to use you both ends!”

Jake momentarily pulled off the wet shaft and said, “Come on, dump a big log of your own on top of my massive coil!”

Guy grabbed the lad’s head and forced it back down on his cock.  As he continued to hungrily suck up and down the swollen organ, Jake smelled a new harsh stink as a hot brown log started to be pushed out of the bigger man’s arsehole.

“Hard,” Guy commanded, working Jake’s head faster along the length of his cock.  “Suck it hard while I squeeze it out.”

Jake licked furiously at Guy’s bloated bell-end, engorging himself on the organ and taking it down into his throat.  He loved the growing stench wafting up from between the man’s thighs.  It was fierce and pungent and must, Jake mused, be the thrilling stink of taking the burly man roughly up his big hairy arse.

“Fuck yeah!” the plumber roared, loving the sensation of having a turd sliding out of his rear while his cock was being so eagerly sucked.  “Eat it deep!  Jesus that’s good!”

The shit finally plopped out, landing solidly onto Jake’s, and Guy bellowed with laughter as a guttural fart was amplified within the bowl of the toilet.

Jake pulled off him with a slurp and asked, “How did it feel?  Your cock was throbbing so hard I thought you were gonna spunk!”

“Way better than a shit wank,” Guy grinned at him.

Guy stood up and the two men faced each other with their cocks upright and resplendent and their two solid arses brazenly unwiped.

Jake peered down at the toilet with Guy’s dump now freshly deposited on top of his own.  He inhaled deeply and declared, “Aw fuck, yeah… our two deuces make a really rabid stink!”

Guy glanced down too and chortled, “My turd’s like the opposite of yours… it looks so skinny compared to what came out of your massive whore-gash!”

Jake laughed back.  “I’m surprised your arse is so tight, though… you let my dad fuck you up it, don’t you?”

“Very rarely,” the bigger man replied.  “In any case, these days he prefers to get more touchy-feely than doing each other up the butt… like doin’ proper gay stuff with lots of kissing and caressing.”

“And is that your thing?”  Jake was surprised that Guy would enjoy stuff like that.

“I’m okay with it… as long as I get to use other outlets too.”

Jake smirked.  “Well, I promise you that the son prefers a good hard bumming over bullshit like that!”

“Me and your dad have a deal… the two of us can both play around as long as it’s just for fun…”

“Fancy having a bit of fun with me, then?” Jake asked, already knowing the answer.

Guy beamed broadly at the suggestion.  “You any good at wrestling?”

“What… actual wrestling…?” Jake chuckled.  “You mean like what kids do…?”

“No, nothing like what kids do.  We strip off, get on my bed and wrestle each other for fucks…”

That make Jake guffaw.  “Aw yeah… let’s do it!  Let’s fight to ram our cocks up each other’s shitty arses!”

They started urgently pulling their shoes, sock and jeans off as they lumbered out of the bathroom and along the corridor towards Guy’s bedroom. Once through the door, the rest of their clothes were hastily stripped and then, naked, they fell giggling onto Guy’s bed and started grappling boisterously to overpower each other.

They made a contrasting couple, and not just in the twenty year difference between their ages.  Guy was beefy and hairy; Jake was smooth and athletic. Guy’s huge tattooed biceps had been built from hard manual labour; Jake’s pecs and six-pack had been sculpted from hours spent in the gym.

The two men tried to grab each other’s balls, making their two thick hard-ons bounce comically around, and then, laughing uproariously, they lunged to out-goose each other’s butt-cracks, enjoying rather than recoiling at how heavily soiled they were.  Soon their hands were covered with each other’s unwiped shit and as they continued to wrestle together, each trying to outwit the other, it ended up smeared in groping brown hand-prints across each other’s chests, hips and backs.

As they struggled, panting and gasping together, Guy thought he ought to clarify with Jake the terms on which they were play-fighting.

“If I get you down, Jake,” he breathlessly told his younger adversary, “I’m gonna get behind you and take you up the arse… you really are okay with that, aren’t you?”

“Course I fucking am,” Jake muttered.  “But not if I get you down first.”

“This isn’t just jokes,” Guy still wanted to clarify.  “I’m gonna actually shove my cock right up your bum and then I’m gonna hold you down while I fuck you hard and I’m gonna cum up inside you!”

“Yeah, those is the rules,” Jake agreed, finding the hairy man’s strength and cunning a lot tougher than he’d expected.  “But I reckon it’s your arse that’s gonna get a load of spunk shot up it!”

“No condoms,” Guy panted, making a final check of how their sex was going to work.  “You okay with that too?”

“Absolutely,” Jake gasped.  “Bring it on!”

“In that case…”

Guy grabbed Jake hard and effortlessly turned the younger man around.  Jake giggled as he struggled but found himself powerless to free himself from the plumber’s strong grip, as Guy bent him forwards, held him firm by the hips and then slid the full length of his pounding hard-on in one rapid lunge up the young man’s gaping hole.

“Aw fuck yeah!” Jake cried out as the two of them started roughly fucking, Guy hunkered upright behind his squatting companion.  The coating of shit lining the inside of Jake’s bum proved to be excellent lube, and the stink of it clinging to Guy’s shaft as it slammed in and out was like an aphrodisiac, exciting both men into an orgiastic fever, making them sweat and whimper as they rutted in their own stench.

Their sex was rowdy and aggressive; loveless and crude.  They were getting foul brown stains all over the tousled sheets and smearing their crud across the pillows, but the sheer filth of their cavortions only heightened their enjoyment.

“Push against me!” Guy gasped, thrusting urgently against Jake’s two splayed buttocks.  “You gotta work it, buddy…”

Jake slammed his arse back more forcefully than Guy expected, causing the bigger man to lose his balance and fall backwards in surprise.

All at once, Jake was on him, exploiting the plumber’s momentary confusion. Within seconds he had spread Guy’s two muscular thighs wide open, pushed the older man’s huge nutsack up out of the way and levelled his cock up with the forested crack underneath it.  This was Jake’s one chance to get the better of his opponent and, in spite of it not being his preferred position, he’d have to fuck the bigger man from the front.

“You crafty bastard!” Guy laughed, letting out a squelching fart as Jake slid his cock all the way up his hot slippery tunnel.  “You get one minute… just one… make sure you enjoy it!”

Jake grinned down at him, holding onto him by the knees as he humped him briskly up between his legs the way he made love to his girlfriend.

But there was nothing remotely feminine about this fuck.  Beneath him was a big hairy man with his shit-coated cock throbbing upwards and his two enormous bollocks jiggling around.  Jake’s own engorged manhood piston-pumped back and forth through the thicket spilling out from between the two muscular thighs, and soon its own shaft was slick and brown as Guy’s meaty bum odour enveloped them in its stench.

“I love your fuck-stink,” Jake laughed.  “It’s even stronger than what wafted up out of the bog when I was sucking you off!”

“It’s fuckin’ rank!” Guy chortled.  “But not half as rough as yours!”

Jake revelled in his momentary opportunity for his own cock to get a taste of the action.  He hammered Guy furiously, panting and sweating, watching the man’s crud-smeared cock head pulsing and dribbling as his arsehole below it was relentlessly trounced.

“You’re enjoying this,” Jake smiled at his large muscular lover without missing a beat.  “Your knob’s dripping like a tap!”

“I enjoy getting it up your tush more… and sayin’ that, I think your minute’s up!”

Jake tried to hold him down, determined to cum up inside the tight squeeze of the larger man’s rectum, but Guy easily overpowered him and freed himself from his missionary embrace.

Soon the two of them were struggling together again, laughing and panting as they tried to outwit one another.  Their two shit-glistening hard-ons jabbed and smeared fresh stains onto the already dishevelled bedsheets, before Guy managed to swivel Jake around again and bend him down onto all-fours.

Once his companion was in the position he preferred his male lovers to adopt, Guy grabbed Jake hard around his chest and used his two broad thighs to hold his legs tightly together.  He quickly worked his precum wet hard-on back up into his captive’s rear, reached up to lever him by the shoulders and then set about pounding him roughly.  Gobs of stray shit were flung out from Jake’s retaken entrance and some of them clung to his assailant’s dense pubic bush.

“Aw yeah!” Jake gasped, loving the feel of his prominent fuck-gape being further stretched and opened by the exertions behind him.  “Really bang me, big guy!  Really stick it to me!”

Guy laughed and shagged him faster and harder, making his hips crack noisily against Jake’s muscular buttocks as the younger man lunged back against him.

“God that feels good!” Jake panted.  “I can tell why you’re my dad’s favourite fuck-buddy!”

Suddenly Guy stopped, half of his cock still buried between the two tight round cheeks.

“You reckon your dad’ll be pissed off with us?” he asked.  “Like I told you… him and me are getting a bit… you know… ‘involved’ these days.”

“I dunno,” Jake grunted, eager for the fuck to start up again so he could further enjoy the way his arse being rooted.  “You said that he knows you fuck around… that you guys have a deal or whatever…”

“Yeah, I guess… but I want you to tell him we did this.  I don’t wanna feel like I’m doing his son behind his back.  I want you to promise you’ll tell him when you get home.”

“Sure thing, Mr Leeson,” Jake chirped in his high-pitched boyish voice.  “I promise I’ll let my dad know that you shit-fucked me!”

Guy laughed.  “Yeah, just make sure you do.”

Guy started fucking Jake hard again, delighting as the younger man let out a series of spattering farts.  The stink of their sex was on one level revolting but on another feverishly exciting and the two of them bucked and slammed together as they worked their bodies in unison.

“Let’s squat chest-to-back,” Guy suggested.  “I wanna make you cum feeling like you’re taking one of those big wide shits of yours.”

“Fuck yeah!” Jake chortled.  “Your cock’s just about as thick as one of my massive turds!”

They squatted together and the burly plumber wrapped one arm around Jake’s chest, and with the other reached further down to the veiny shaft of the student’s long thick cock.

“Right, push my cock slowly out,” Guy instructed him, “like you’re squeezing out one of your bog-blockers!”

Jake clenched the muscles of his arse like he was pushing out a particularly stubborn dump and Guy’s hand got to work vigorously rubbing up and down the length of his rock-hard manhood.

“Oh God yeah!” Jake cried out, his voice an octave higher from the sheer pleasure he was experiencing.  “That feels so fucking good!”

Guy laughed at his young friend’s surprise.  “Keep shitting it out, buddy, and I’ll wank you off until you cum!”

Once Guy’s cock had all but been expelled from Jake’s bum, he slid it right back up and they did it again.  Guy’s hand grew faster and Jake’s gasps grew louder until, on the third repeat, the young man let out a plaintive cry and thick jets of his semen were shot across the bedding and a good few feet up the wall.

As Jake panted and whimpered through a dizzyingly powerful orgasm, Guy changed his technique to maximise his companion’s pleasure.  He gently slid his cock up and down inside Jake’s bum, stimulating something deep inside him that always had a similarly dramatic effect when he did it to his father.

He kept sliding Jake’s foreskin rapidly up and down, whispering in his ear, “That’s it, mate… spunk it all out… I’m not gonna stop until you’re all milked dry…”

Guy had been well-trained by his former wife, during the years they’d been married, in the art of prolonging another person’s climax to the full. Since then Jake’s dad had added his own suggestions from a male and anal perspective and these days Guy was quite the expert in extending his lovers’ final throes of passion whatever their gender.

Once Jake had fully spent himself and had collapsed forwards exhausted, Guy said, “Right, just give me half a minute and I’ll fill you up with mine!”

He grabbed the young man by the hips and frantically pummelled his rear. Their sex was no longer for pleasure but for pure gratification and soon the large man’s crude impatient thrusting had yielded the desired effect. He grunted animalistically as he emptied his big bollocks into Jake’s gaping arsehole, falling on top of the younger man’s back so that his wiry chest hair tickled between his shoulder blades.  He clung onto Jake, still jabbing his cock roughly in and out, until soon the flexing of his buttocks began to slow and his rhythm faltered before finally petering out.

The post-coital silence was eventually broken by Jake.  “Jesus Christ… I’m going to be shitting spunk for a week.”

“Yeah, I told you,” Guy replied, pushing himself up from his back, “I haven’t nutted for two days.  I could’ve filled a pint pot up.”

“Look at the fucking mess,” Jake muttered, as if seeing the state of the room for the first time.  “You’re gonna need to wash these sheets.”

“Really… no kidding?” Guy chuckled.  “And there was me thinking they might last another week.”

The two of them clambered off the bed and stood in front of each other, their brown-smeared cocks limpening and their bodies haphazardly daubed with each other’s shit.  For a moment neither of them knew what to say after such vulgar scatalogical sex which had proven for them both to be so simultaneously exciting.

Eventually Guy smiled and said, “Well, you’ve turned out to be a very dirty young man, Jake Furlong.”

Jake laughed back.  “Hey – it was you who started it!”

“I did not!”

“You did… you stayed in the loo when I was crapping.”

Guy was about to argue that Jake hadn’t exactly tried to push him out, but then conceded, “Well maybe I did… but we’re okay, aren’t we?  I mean, this isn’t gonna fuck things up between us, is it?”

“We good,” Jake nodded.  “I just really need to take shower and fart a couple of gallons of spunk out.”

“You can use the main bathroom,” Guy nodded.  “I’ll use the shower in the little en-suite in here.”

After Jake had flushed the toilet in the bathroom to get rid of what now seemed like some seriously unseemly foreplay, Guy threw him a towel and headed off to wash the brown smears off himself.

Neither of them heard Simon coming home early over the roar of hot water, nor heard him calling up to ask why Jake Furlong’s leather jacket was in the kitchen, nor clomping upstairs to find out why both showers were being used.


As soon as Jake returned from Guy’s I knew something had happened.  My son isn’t always the easiest person to read but something in his demeanour, his body language perhaps, told me that things weren’t quite right.

“Did you return the mobile to Guy?” I asked him, looking for clues in his enigmatic expression.

He chose not to answer the question but instead said, “You know how you said I could play around with any of your buddies, but that Guy was out of bounds…”

“Yes,” I replied.  Guy was becoming increasingly special to me.

“Well, when I gave him his phone back we ended up playing around together,” my son informed me.  “And it got pretty heavy.”

At first I couldn’t process what he’d said and it took me a few seconds to manage to articulate, “Are you saying you just had sex with Guy?”

He nodded glumly.  “In spades.”

“What do you mean, ‘in spades’?”

He shrugged and then admitted, “It got really intense.”

I perched myself back against the kitchen table, my mind reeling in shock that my son had just seduced the man I was coming to think of as my boyfriend.

“Wow,” I said.  “That’s quite a revelation, Jake.  You know how fond I am of Guy.”

“I know… I didn’t mean it to happen.  It just sort of grew out of nothing.”

“So what did happen?” I heard myself ask, although I wasn’t entirely sure that I wanted to know.

“We were just joking around and then he went upstairs with me while I used the loo… and then whoomph!  We were fucking really hard on his bed… and it got smelly and nasty and all the crud from our butts made us both even more horny…”

“Oh,” I said.  “Well that puts a very different slant on it…”

“Thing is… Simon came home unexpectedly at the end of it… kinda saw what we’d been up to.”

“Guy’s son saw all the… er… mess?” I asked, allowing myself a chuckle. “Gosh I wonder what his prissy little lordship made of seeing a bit of man-on-man shit-play?”

“He wasn’t that impressed,” Jake quipped.  “Actually that’s putting it mildly.”

Then he asked, “Look, dad, are you like really pissed off with me?  I mean, I’m sorry it happened but Guy made me promise I would tell you.”

I walked over to pat my son on the shoulder.

“I like my sex with Guy to be gentle and affectionate,” I began.  “We still enjoy occasional anal, but we’re experimenting more with kissing, caressing and even climaxing together during face-to-face frottage.  I suppose we’re moving into the realms of gay lovemaking rather than just having sex together as two detached men.”

“You guys are into frot?” Jake chortled.  “Oh my God… dick-rubbing is so for girls…”

I smiled.  “If you ever meet another young man who you feel romantically attracted to, you might also find that penile frottage proves to be extremely erotic for you both.”

“So you’re romantically attracted to Guy?  Does he feel the same way?”

“He told me that he’s no longer looking for a girlfriend.  He was like, ‘Why am I looking for a girlfriend when I’ve already got one?'”

Jake grinned.  “So he’s basically telling you that you’re his bitch.”

“Given that he expressed the sentiment during a passionate bout of what you call dick-rubbing, I found it incredibly cute.”

“So what’s your point?” Jake asked.  “I get it that you guys are getting all kissy-cuddly together… so does that make you even more angry that he goes and gets hot and heavy with me…?”

“On the contrary,” I smiled.  “We’ve agreed that we’re both able to use other outlets to fulfil our more… well… bodily needs.  What the two of you just did was clearly very different from what he and I have together.”

“Well, yeah… there was nothing romantic about our sex… I can totally assure you of that.”

I nodded.  “I suppose it must be difficult to make it romantic when you’re smeared in each other’s shit.”

“We weren’t exactly smeared in it,” Jake chuckled, “but it was pretty messy.”

“Your sex clearly satisfied Guy in a very different way than the more tactile and sensual lovemaking he’s growing to enjoy with me.”

“So you’re okay about it?” he asked.

“Guy has other lovers, both male and female… just as I do, of course.  As long his sex with other men involves merely bending and bumming, I’m happy that the kissy-cuddly stuff is something he only does with me.”

“Yeah, there was a lot of bending and bumming,” my son grinned, “but absolutely nothing even remotely kissy-cuddly.”

“I assume you were the one bending,” I chuckled.  “He’s not so keen on bending himself.”

“I managed to get it up him once,” he chortled back.  “I reckon he enjoys taking it up the butt a lot more than he lets on.”

We laughed together and then smiled warmly at each other.

“Enjoy your fun,” I told him.  “But make sure it stays as just fun…”


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  1. I love rimming and piss play, but have never really gotten into shit during sex—at least not on purpose—but this story was so incredibly hot that I can see getting into it with the right partner. Wow!

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