Friday Night at the Furlongs’
by Robert Furlong


Part 1

The first night I slept with my twenty-year-old cousin Jake, the two of us snuggled up arms around each other in his double bed, confirmed to me that I was more into guys than I was into girls.  It just felt so right to be close to another dude like that, our two big cocks rubbing gently together or better still when we spooned and we pushed our dicks into each other’s butts.  I loved feeling his firm, athletic body next to mine and smelling his different boy-smells – his sweaty pits and pubes, and especially the salty sourness from his fat ripe cock head when it boned up and his foreskin pulled right back from it.

By the time Uncle Rob brought us both a glass of orange juice next morning, the two of us had already woken up horny and were in the middle of a pretty rowdy sixty-nine.  Jake was on top of me, bucking his hips to drive his massive hard-on in and out of my mouth, and I was lying underneath him with my own chubbed-up cudger thrusting up and down between his lips.

I tried to pull away when I realised my uncle had come into the room, but Jake grabbed my hips more firmly and used his huge schlong to impale my face against his mattress.

He pulled off from sucking my cock and called over, “Gee thanks, dad.”

“I hadn’t realised you guys already had juice,” Uncle Rob quipped back.

“We’re having our protein drinks, yeah,” Jake chortled, and then got back on with sucking hard up and down my big prong.

Things had been a lot more serene when the two of us had woken up together. I’d opened my eyes thinking how right it felt to have another lad’s arms wrapped around me and even how sexy it was to feel his semi-chocka poking into my bum.  I figured there was no way that waking up with a girl could feel this good – well, defo not for me – and the gentle pressure of Jake’s stiffening mongrel pushing between my cheeks started my own cock firming up underneath the doona.

My cousin reached down and felt my morning wood getting steadily harder and chuckled into my ear, “Morning, bud!”

His own cock grew more solid too and he slid it gently up and down the tight crack between my bubble cheeks.  I smiled and said, “Feels like you wake up as horny as I do, cuz!”

As his organ swelled bigger and harder, he pulled the thickening shaft out from my arse-crack and wanked it a couple of times to get it to full stiffness.  Then he directed it outwards, pointing it towards my crack, and pushed its broad head into it – low down, just above where the curve of my cheeks met the tops of my thighs.

He knew what he was doing and that that was where a guy’s pucker would be lurking because I felt him smile once he felt the tight ring of my arsehole with his helmet.  I smiled too and relaxed my opening like I was about to take a dump so that my clamped little tootie widened and dilated to nibble moistly around the tip of his cock.

He chuckled at how I was letting him start to bum me and pushed his dick in a bit further so that maybe an inch of it was inside my arse.

“Do you like that?” he whispered.  His breath was even hotter than his bell-end.

“Feel my dick,” I gasped.  “I reckon it’ll let you know…”

He reached back down and found that my pecker was now fully engorged and he chuckled again as he wrapped his fingers around my shaft.

“Can I push it in properly?” he asked, slowly wanking his hand up and down my pulsing boner.  “We can just lie here like this… my cock sliding gently in and out of your hole…”

“I don’t know if I’m ready for that yet, Jake,” I told him.  “I mean that’s, like… you know… proper sex, dude!”

“Don’t worry – we’ll take it nice and slow,” he urged me.  “I’ll roll you onto your tummy and I’ll gently squeeze myself inside you at whatever pace you’re comfortable with…”

“I dunno, Jake…”

“And then when you know you enjoy it and you’re ready to take it up a notch… you can stick your bum up on all-fours and I’ll kneel behind you, fucking you nice and hard!”

I was feeling tempted – God knows how much I was – but I wanted my first time to be better than this.  More significant, perhaps.

“And you know what we’ll do then?” Jake went on, and I could feel from the way his cock head was throbbing inside my tush how aroused he was getting. “We’ll change places so I’m in front of you, and then you can dude-fuck me even faster and rougher!  My arse can take whatever you can give it, bud…!”

He kept sliding his hand up and down my big doofed-up dork and he could tell I was hugely turned on by the thought of us going at each other’s chuffs.  It would be awesome to feel his massive wang up inside me and, while I wasn’t so keen to work my dick up his arse, it would still be pretty cool to see how it felt to fuck another guy up his cute, muscular butt.

“You know, Jake,” I said, “I really want it… I want it so fuckin’ bad, mate… but not like this… I want it more, I dunno… special…”

I’d expected him to snort with laughter at my sentimentality, but he surprised me by nodding against my neck and agreeing that we’d pick a better moment for our first time to be so intimate.  He must have known that for me this was a matter of me losing my virginity and he wasn’t going to pressure me to rush into something so important.

Instead he said brightly, “Okay, then, Shaney boy… how about a nice sloppy sixty-nine to start our Friday morning?”

I’d readily agreed and we’d thrown the doona off us as we positioned ourselves so we could eat each other’s cocks.  Jake told me how to lie out, with my knees bent and my feet almost touching his pillow, while he lowered himself down on top of me so that his huge throbbing manhood was hovering over my face.

“How do I do it, Jake?” I asked him.

He chortled over at me, his face level with the big swollen plum-head of my own rock hard manhood.  “It’s called cock sucking, bud!  Does it really need explaining?” he asked.

“It’s also called a blowie, at least it is in Brissy!  So do suck it or blow it, or what?!”

“Just put your mouth around the head of it,” he smiled.  “Squeeze it with your lips and gently suck.  If you feel it wither against your tongue, you’re doing it wrong.  If it gets harder, keep doing whatever it is you’re doing!”

I smiled back at him, loving the way his grinning face was so close to the fat rod of my tool.  He smirked more broadly – he was probably thinking the same about my face being right next to his own massive sconge as it hung stiffly in mid-air.

“Sounds pretty easy!” I chuckled.

“Yeah, it’s not like eating a girl where you have to be careful which part you lick and how hard to press your tongue and all that shit!”

I looked at his cock, straining to enter my mouth with goo dribbling from the slit at how excited he was.  It did look pretty easy to please and I figured I’d just treat it like my own, doing stuff with his stiffie that I thought would feel nice to have done to mine.

I opened wide to get my mouth around the huge plum of his head and then I finally got to taste the incredible flavour of another boy’s slit juice. It was similar to the rich, locker-room musk I’d sniffed on Jake’s boxers and between the cheeks of his butt, but now it was dribbling onto my tongue from where it oozed from his thin opening.  I sucked at it hungrily, loving how the manly odour I’d enjoyed so much was now in liquid form for me to feed on and swallow.

“Ah yeah!” Jake encouraged me before he leaned forwards to engulf my own fully raised up organ.  “That’s it, mate, drink my drool down!  Suckle on it!”

I felt his lips and mouth around the top few inches of my cock and he started slurping up and down it, using his tongue to coax the same exquisitely tasting fluid from my broad helmet as I was eagerly sucking from his.

Having Jake feasting on my big pecker was way better than I might ever have hoped.  The sensation of his lips squeezing and kneading my shaft was intense, and the feel of his tongue sliding across my bell-end as he sucked it made me gasp and shudder.

I was so pleased it was another guy who was giving me my first blowie. With a girl I might have been freaked out by how my cock might taste cheesy or my pubes might stink too sweaty with her nose so close to them.  But with Jake being a dude, he’d know full well what tastes and smells to expect around another lad’s junk, and the way he was getting stuck right in to eat as much of my length as he could showed that, however I smelled and tasted down there, he liked what he found!

Soon we were in full thrusting swing together, merrily slurping on each other and swallowing oozing precum.  Sixty-nining had never been a position I’d been very interested in – whatever the genders of the two people doing it – but once Jake and I were really going for it together, working so hard to pleasure each other’s chubs with our mouths, I could appreciate how totally awesome it was to suck a guy’s cock while having him feed on yours.

Now that his dad, my Uncle Rob, had brought in our glasses of orange juice and put them down on Jake’s desk, he remained standing alongside the bed as we pounded our faces up and down each other’s swollen girths.  I kept thinking he’d leave us to eat each other off in private and yet he kept hovering there, seemingly reluctant to take his eyes away from his son and his eighteen-year-old nephew, both naked and bucking our hips into spit-flinging lips.

I looked up at his face so that our eyes met and he smiled.  There was no sense of embarrassment or surprise in his expression and he certainly didn’t look uncomfortable to be purving on our sex so brazenly.  Instead, he seemed quite proud to be standing over us, watching his two ‘boys’ as he called us eagerly consuming each other’s large manly cocks.

I lowered my eyes down his body and saw that his pyjama bottoms were tented very graphically upwards.  He’d grown his own big hard-on from watching his two boys sixty-nining together, and when he saw that I’d noticed it he smiled more broadly as if pleased to show me how prominently aroused he was.

I wondered how I would have felt if I’d agreed to Jake’s request to fuck me up the butt and Uncle Rob had walked in on us with our orange juice and caught me losing my virginity.  Would I have just smiled across at him while his son was behind me ramming his cock in and out of my rookie arse? Maybe say a pleasant ‘good morning’ as my bowels received their very first taste of buggery?  Or would I have just ignored him and kept facing forwards, trying not to blush, with my cock raised up on full wood as I felt my arsehole being stretched to an almost unimaginable size?

Or what if he had walked in on me slamming my chub back and forth between his son’s big, solid buttocks?  I expect Jake would have guffawed, maybe even squeezed out a fart around my cock to welcome his old man into the room.  I’d have probably felt more embarrassed, I reckon, but as long as Uncle Rob had seemed okay to see his nephew rooting away at his son’s well-bummed arsehole, I think I’d have kept thrusting and let him enjoy watching me have my first taste of fucking.

Uncle Rob walked over to where I was lying and squatted down alongside Jake’s double bed.  The crotch of his pyjama bottoms were pulled upwards into a wigwam by his large erection and there was a large wet patch on the paisley-patterned material where the blunt head of it was leaking goop.

I peered up at his face, mine wide-eyed as Jake’s thick solid cock slammed rapidly in and out of my slobbering mouth, and he smiled warmly at me, as though pleased to witness me giving oral pleasure to his son’s massive phallus.

He said, “Use your tongue more, Shane.  Stimulate the back of his helmet while you fellate the shaft.”

I managed to smile at him, even with his son’s huge girth straining my lips apart, and tried to put into practice what he was suggesting to improve my technique.  Jake groaned in approval and his hips thrust still more frenetically back and forth against my face, so I lapped eagerly at his fat bell-end, making it dribble and gush all over the back of my throat.

Uncle Rob grinned at his son’s enthusiastic reaction and instructed me to grab Jake’s backside with both hands as I carried on sucking furiously at his cock.  Obediently, I moved my hands around from where they were holding Jake’s hips to cup his two ample buns.

“Ah, yes… that’s it!” Uncle Rob laughed.  “Now work your fingers into his hairy furrow.  No, don’t try and look at what you’re doing… focus your face completely on stimulating his penis with your mouth…”

I did as he was telling me, enjoying following his directives, hoping I could make my blowjob as proficient as Jake’s.  Even if I never did anything like this with another guy in my life, it was fun to be playing around and getting sexy with my cousin and even more fun that Uncle Rob was willing to help us along.

Having said that, though, I suspected that getting sexy with other dudes was going to be something I did a lot more of in future.  Having a big cock jabbing in and out of my throat, dribbling its thick salty liquid all over my tongue, was proving to be far more exciting than I might ever have imagined and I’d have felt very disappointed if I’d thought Jake’s might be both the first and last guy I’d do it with.

Having another guy’s mouth around my own long thick woodie was also feeling really hot and exciting.  Dudes weren’t meant to do this to each other – what the hell would my dad say?! – and it made my cock swell bigger and harder to think of how totally out-of-the-rulebook the two of us were being.

“Okay, now find his anus with your two middle fingers,” Uncle Rob said. “Work them around its big puckered ring… tease the opening in the middle with your fingertips.”

I pushed my fingers further into the wiry fur inside his crack and found the large wrinkled mound of my cousin’s over-used fudgepack.  I circled it like Uncle Rob had told me to and then pressed firmly against the puffy ring of muscle my tongue had already explored.

Jake moaned against my cock – I could feel the low hum of it – and his own fat shaft stiffened like granite, its big knotty veins grating roughly against my lips as he pounded it through them.

“Ah yeah… that’s lovely… now slide one of your fingers all the way into his hot sticky hole…”

But before I could do that, Jake’s massive cock-head started filling my mouth up with surge after surge of his hot salty cream.  I struggled to gulp it down, even with Uncle Rob urging me on, and it started squirting out from between my lips, splattering my cheeks and chin with its white, sticky mess.

Uncle Rob chortled, “You’ll have to learn to swallow a lot faster than that, young man!”

I smiled broadly, even as Jake’s huge phallus pollinated my mouth, and felt thick dribbles of his seed trickling into my ears and onto my neck.

Jake pulled his face from my cock which was quite a relief because when he’d been cumming he’d let his teeth get a bit carried away.  Then he pushed himself upright and swivelled around over my chest, before plunging his round muscly arse-cheeks down onto my cum-splashed face.

“Oh, Jake, really!” his dad said.  “Couldn’t you have at least returned the favour and fellated him to climax?”

“Believe me… he loves this!” Jake gasped, still recovering his breath. “It’ll bring him off for sure!”

“When he said he wanted to see the whole of England, I don’t think he quite had this in mind!”

Jake grabbed the back of my head with one hand and pushed my nose and mouth into the coarse thicket inside his arse-crack.  He called down, “Come on, buddy… lick my cum dumpster!” and I reached up with my tongue to taste his hot, slimy pucker.

He reached for my cock and started wanking me off and I gasped into his gaping butt-hole at how intense it felt to be to be licking my cousin’s squidgy pooper while his hand rubbed up and down my throbbing schlong.

Just then I felt another hand pushing between my legs, the deft fingers snaking through my own curly crack-hair.

Another hand?  How was that possible?  Jake had one on the back of my head, pushing my face into his tush, and the other wrapped around my wet cock, sliding the length of it with a firm, rapid rhythm.

So whose was the third hand?

With my face held firm between Jake’s vice-like buttocks, I couldn’t look around to see what was going on between my legs.  I could feel someone’s fingers, groping between my cheeks and then finding my tight little shitter, and then Uncle Rob say, “His orifice is certainly a lot smaller than yours, Jake!”

Jesus Christ!  Uncle Rob was touching my bunghole!

Jake chortled back, “Come on, dad… with the size of mine, that’s kind of a given!”

Uncle Rob’s fingers kept groping, circling my well-clenched sphincter, and he said, “It’s a little swollen, though.  Have you boys been anally copulating with each other after lights-out?”

Anally copulating!  Trust Uncle Rob to come up with such a lame way of putting it!

“Not yet,” Jake told him.  “I’ve pushed my dick up against it… even got an inch of it in… but he won’t let me go further until that certain special moment.”

“Won’t he, indeed?!” Uncle Rob chuckled.  “And they say romance is dead!”

I wanted to say, “Hey, I’m in the room, guys!” but I couldn’t because my mouth was squished so tightly between Jake’s powerful bum-cheeks.

Then Uncle Rob worked his finger right up my dookie and started sliding it rapidly in and out like he was fingering a girl.  Once I’d got over the initial shock of having this older guy frigging my butt, I have to admit that the sensation was incredible.  I could feel waves of shivers running up my spine and I opened my legs wider to let him pump his finger faster and deeper in and out of my arse.

“D’ya need lube?” I heard Jake mutter to his dad.

“No,” he replied.  “He’s quite… er… sloppy inside!”

Jake cackled and then started pounding more roughly at my dick.  It was totally unlike any sex I’d had before, feeling my cock and my arsehole getting wanked off together.  I was in heaven and, what with my cousin’s tight bunghole in my face, I knew I wasn’t going to last long before I started spooging.

“Aw yeah, I can smell it!” Jake said quietly as his dad added a second finger to pound in and out of my arsehole the way he probably frigged his girlfriend’s pussy.  “He’s gonna be the sort of butt-fuck you keep smelling for days!”

Uncle Rob chuckled back, “When you guys finally do the deed, I venture that the whole neighbourhood is going to know about it.”

I wasn’t sure what they were talking about and I didn’t much care.  I was just loving the feel of Jake gripping my dick and roughly jerking my foreskin as his dad drove his fingers more quickly and forcefully back and forth inside me.  I was having my arsehole frigged off like a girl gets her pussy fingered, and for some reason I was loving it!

He increased his fingers to three which made Jake call out, “Aw fuck that’s grim!” and laugh hysterically.  I heard Uncle Rob say, “It’s always the quiet ones who most surprise you!”  And I heard a low whimpering moaning that I realised was me.

When my spunk started shooting I thought the relentless spurts of it were never going to ease off.  I shot buckets of the stuff all over my chest and belly, making Jake keep chortling with laughter at the big puddles of white goop it made on my skin.

He pulled off me so I could finally breathe the air of the room again but instead of the air smelling sweet after the hot sweaty gully my nose had been wedged inside, it smelled even stronger of butt, only more harsh and crook.

I sniffed at it curiously.  “What’s that stink?”

“He just fingered your fudge-hole, dude!” Jake guffawed.  “What do you think the stink is?”

“Oh my god!” I said, feeling my face blush scarlet as I looked at Uncle Rob.  “Is that the smell from my butt?”

He smiled at me, passing a wad of tissue to me to mop up the pools of spoo from my front and then grabbed some for himself to wipe off his thickly smeared fingers.

“I told you the other night, Shane,” he soothed, “anal penetration brings with it a certain… distinctive odour…”

“I didn’t know you meant it stunk like the back of a bloke’s skanky derps,” I told him.

“I wouldn’t put it so crudely,” he said, passing me more tissue when I’d soaked through the first batch.  “It’s just a rather pungent smell that anal sex can sometimes bring and if you start indulging regularly it’ll be something you get used to.  Given time, its rather bracing aroma can develop very pleasant associations.”

“It’s bloody gritter,” I declared, sniffing the air again to confirm it. “If you or another dude made a stink like that in the middle of playing around, it’d be a total turn-off.”

Uncle Rob smiled and stood up, flaunting his large erection which was still stretching his pyjama bottoms comically outwards.  “It doesn’t seem to have had that effect on me, Shane!  Quite the reverse!”

He went to leave the room, his peaked pyjama front cleaving the air in front of him like a snow plough, and Jake called back to him, “Make sure you wash your hands before making breakfast… we don’t want our corn flakes to come with extra fibre!”

Uncle Rob turned and chuckled, gesturing at his enormous endowment, “I think I’d better attend to this first since we’re heading out for the day.”

When he’d gone back to his room and the sounds coming from the open door made it quite clear that my uncle was vigorously masturbating, Jake and I piled into the bathroom to clean ourselves up.  Standing in front of the mirror over the sink, I could see that my cheeks were still blushing deeply.  I said, “God, Jake… that was just so embarrassing!  Having your dad finger my doodie just about stunk out your bedroom!”

Jake just shrugged as he directed a thick stream of piss noisily into the toilet.  “What can I say?  Shit happens.”

“So when two dudes have sex it makes the room smell… you know… really bummy?” I asked, dabbing some Clearskin on some spots that had started reddening my skin in the night.

“Sometimes,” he nodded.  He held his cock firmly to force it downwards as it was still semi-hard from where I’d sucked it off.  “Depends on the guy… some guys just have whiffy butts…”

“So if we’d gone the whole way, like you wanted to, it might have made a really strong stink?”

“Probably,” he shrugged again, the stream of his piss starting to weaken. “Like dad said, you get used it… it kinda gets to be part of what makes it horny.”

“So if your dad had walked in on us and we’d been… you know… doing something that’s supposed to be kinda special…”

He grinned and said, “I so wish we had been… the look he’d have had on his face…!”

“But if we’d have been going the whole way… no matter how beautiful it was supposed to be… all he’d have been able to smell would have been the stink from my butt havin’ your dick tear one off up it…”

“Believe me, mate,” he chuckled, shaking the last dribbles of piss from his cock, “he’d have smelled it a lot sooner than that!”

I suddenly realised what their conversation had been about while they’d been working my cock and bunghole with father and son co-ordination.

“Oh God!  Is that what your dad meant… that my arse would’ve stunk out the whole neighbourhood!”

He laughed at that and came over to put his arm around me.  “Like dad said, it becomes a good smell… the smell of two guys having pleasure together… a lovely, rich intimate smell… totally fucking horny, actually!”

“Really?” I asked, struggling to believe that could be true.

“Of course,” he smiled.  “When you fuck a girl, her minge gives off a really sweet, sexy odour… when you fuck a boy… well, I’m not gonna say it’s sweet… but the smell of your sweat, of your two big cocks… and, yeah, of a butt getting fudge-packed, can be even more hot and amazing!”

I wasn’t sure and my face said I wasn’t.  I’d wanted our sex, when it happened, to be passionate and sensual; not rough and dirty and stinking like a barnyard.

“Don’t sweat it, dude!” he chuckled.  “If you decide you wanna give it a go, I promise it’ll be awesome!  Even if it stinks to high fuck, you’ll totally love it, cuz!”

“What about you, though?” I asked.  “What if you’re disgusted?”

“Believe me, if you’d have let me do your arse for proper and it had stunk like that, it would have turned me on so fucking much!”

“It would have?” I asked him.  “Even if your dad had walked in?”

“Especially if my dad had walked in!  It’s the smell of dude sex, Shane – it’s something you get when two guys are hot for each other and it’s something to be proud of!”

I nodded, trying to look reassured and he kissed my ear before walking back over to the toilet.  He put the seat down, plonked his arse down on it and looked like he was about to take his morning crap.

I’d had enough stink for one day so I left him to it, heading out of the bathroom and closing the door behind me.

As I walked across the hallway, the noisy rhythm from his dad’s room suggested he was near to reaching his self-induced climax.  I smiled and crept along the corridor to have a sly purve around his bedroom door.  When I saw him squatting there, raised upright on his bed in full masturbatory splendour, I gasped at how magnificent he looked.  My uncle’s hand was pounding up and down his thick solid manhood in a relentless blur of motion, his foreskin being yanked back and forth across its engorged purple helmet.  As I watched, his huge pair of cods started twitching where they were hanging down between his legs and the spunk that had given rise to Jake as a baby abruptly flung upwards in thick white ropes from his fish-mouth slit.

And it was only then that I noticed that his other hand – the one with the crud-smeared fingers that had been up my butt – was raised to his nose and he was frantically inhaling at its stink.


Uncle Rob drove us over to Rockingham Castle and the three of us walked around the grounds before exploring the inside.

Jake seemed bored and said he was going to the coffee shop to see if they had wifi, so I took a walk around the castle gardens with his dad.

Once we were alone Uncle Rob said, “Are you okay about what we did this morning… did you enjoy having me anally masturbate you, I mean?”

I smiled, “I loved it… at least I did until I realised the smell my butt had made in front of you guys…”

He smiled back.  “I knew that had embarrassed you very deeply, Shane.  But it shouldn’t… these things happen sometimes and it’s part of sharing intimacy with someone.”

“I don’t want that, though,” I told him.  “If I decide to let another boy make love to me, I don’t want it to stink like… well, like it smelled this morning…”

“But that was your smell, Shane, and that made it special.  It was a deeply personal smell, I’ll grant you that, but allowing Jake and I to share something so private to you made the moment so much more intense for all of us… me included.”

I decided to come clean about what I’d seen him doing.  “Is that why you were sniffing the fingers that had been up inside me when you were beating off afterwards?”

“Absolutely,” Uncle Rob nodded with a smile.  “I’m glad you saw that, Shane… I wanted you to.  I wanted to show you how arousing the smell of anal penetration can be… I was hoping that my actions would be rather more convincing than my words.”

I smiled back.  “You’ve smelled that smell before, then?”

“Yes of course,” he nodded.  “Many times.”

“Jake brings guys back from uni with him, doesn’t he?  Does it smell like that when they… you know…?”

“Indulge each other anally?” Uncle Rob asked with a smile.

“Yeah,” I nodded.  “Do they make that smell when they’re rootin’ each other?”

“Sometimes, yes.  His favourite buddy is a young man called Marcus who comes stay with us quite often.  When they’re together in Jake’s bedroom I can always tell when they’re having anal – quite often even while I’m downstairs!”

“Wow!” I laughed, finally starting to relax about the bummy whiff I’d given off now that I knew I wasn’t the only dude who had a stinky arse.

“Between you and me, Shane,” he said in a low voice, “with most of the young men Jake brings home with him, I can usually tell which way around they’ve positioned themselves to have intercourse together.  My son has a distinctively pungent anal scent and it soon becomes obvious whose penis is driving in and out of whose back passage!”

I laughed even louder at that.  I could imagine my uncle standing at the bottom of his stairs, keenly inhaling the smell of butt sex wafting down from above.  He’d be thinking, “Ah yes, today is Jake’s turn to anally copulate with his friend!” and perhaps would allow himself a few more inquisitive sniffs of the other boy’s rear being frantically piston-pummelled by his son’s big chub.

We paused at some big plant or other, pretending to read the Latin name on the little plaque in front of it, and I asked him, “Are you okay with Jake bringing dudes home for sex?”

“Okay with it?” Uncle Rob smiled.  “I’m actually very proud that Jake is so comfortable with his sexuality that he enjoys playing around with other boys as well as dating Ellie, the girl I know he’s getting quite fond of.”

I smiled back at him – loving his permissive attitude about who his son hooked up with.  At home, my dad would blush and stammer if two dudes so much as kissed on some show on the telly.  I could imagine Uncle Rob smiling over at Jake and this dude Marcus if they were making out together right next to him on the settee.

He gestured at a bench a little further down the path we were on, and we walked over to it.

“The thing is, Uncle Rob,” I went on, once we were sitting side-by-side, “if I were to play around a bit with Jake… and you wouldn’t think that was weird, would you…?”

“Not at all,” he smiled, patting my leg.  “It’s perfectly natural for cousins to experiment together.”

“Well, if we were to do it, I’d want it to be nice and sexy… sort of special for us both.  Not like… well…”

“Two sailors bumming and stinking the mess-deck out?” he suggested.

“I guess…” I flinched, both surprised by his language and that he would have such a specific scenario worked through as an example.

“I think given time and once you’re a little more experienced, you’ll grow less embarrassed and accept that smelly sex can be a lot of fun too!”

“Maybe,” I nodded, “I’d just like my first time to be nice and after what happened this morning I’m scared that it’ll turn out gross.”

“Well, look,” he said, “I’ve texted Guy and he’s staying over with me this evening.  You might end up agreeing that the scent of anal intercourse can be extremely arousing.”

I had no idea what the hell he was on about.  I just stared at him and he attempted to explain: “The man you met the other day… Guy Leeson…”

“I remember Guy… I just don’t know what you mean about anal intercourse…”

“Guy will probably want to mount me after bedtime.  He usually does after we’ve had a couple of drinks.”

“Mount you?” I asked.  Was I getting this right?

“Yes, that’s usually how we end our Friday evenings,” he nodded.  “I’ll leave my bedroom door open so you might be able to smell us having relations.”

“Guy will… er… have sex with you?”

“It’s not certain,” he shrugged like this was a totally unremarkable thing to be telling me.  “But when he comes to stay over and he’s had a few beers, he usually likes to discharge his… er… tensions before we sleep.”

“But I thought you were dating Debbie?” I asked.

“I am,” he said back, his eyes frowning, confused.

“But you’re shagging Guy too?”

“And a number of other men, when such opportunities arise.”

“Really?” I asked him, not quite believing what I was hearing.

“Yes really,” he smiled.  “I’m quite the slut!”

“Is that why you wanked off sniffing the fingers that had been up my butt?”

“Of course,” he chuckled.  “I told you in Jake’s bedroom that for me anal smells have acquired many pleasant associations.”

I thought for a few moments about this revelation and then asked, “So how did you get started, Uncle Rob?  Did you like the way Jake has so much fun with dudes and start hooking up with other men in the same kind of way?”

“Absolutely not,” he laughed.  “If anything, Jake was inspired by me. Several years ago, I discovered that sex with men could be hugely satisfying in a very different way from the sex I still enjoy with women. So I started bringing men home for intimacy – those who, like me, are out for no-strings fun.”

“And Jake followed his old man’s example?”

“Probably the only time in his life he ever has!” he grinned.

Just then Jake himself appeared from around one of the manicured hedges and announced that they didn’t even know what wifi was in the castle coffee shop.

“The two old women in there thought I was asking something about my wife,” he said.  “When I told them what wifi was, they just smiled at each other like I was making it up.”

As the three of us were walking back towards the buildings, I remarked to Jake, “You didn’t tell me that your dad hooks up with dudes like you do.”

“Not up to me to tell you stuff like that, Shaney boy,” he shrugged.  “But the fact he let you dildo his butt might have given you a clue that he isn’t as straight-laced as he looks!”

“I’m actually glad I mentioned it to him,” Uncle Rob said.  “Guy’s coming over tonight and it might have given Shane rather a shock to hear the two of us heaving away in my bedroom.”

Jake grinned over at me.  “Would you have snuck along for a sly peek, like you did the other night when you heard dad wazzing off?”

“I reckon so,” I laughed.  “I still might…”

Uncle Rob smirked at me and Jake chortled.

“I mean… you know… if you wouldn’t mind, Uncle Rob?” I added.

“You’d be very welcome to,” my uncle replied.  “I told you I’ll leave my bedroom door open and I would see it as instructive to let you watch two men being intimate.”

I smiled back at him and Jake grinned too.  Tonight’s visit from Guy was going to be far more interesting than I could have known.


Part 2

It was beaut having Uncle Rob’s mate Guy over for the evening.  He’s always up for a laugh and it’s great how his no-nonsense way of speaking and brash sense of humour are so at odds with the airs and graces Uncle Rob puts on.

It was especially great, though, because I knew there was a lot more on the cards than just a fun night with my uncle, Guy and my cousin Jake.  Uncle Rob had told me earlier that day that after we’d all gone to bed, he and his plumber friend were going to be having sex together.

And not just a bit of dick rubbing or a suck of each other’s cocks like me and Jake were doing!

The two big blokes were going to go the whole way together – proper up-the-butt stuff with one guy’s chopper actually inside the other dude’s arsehole.  If you’d seen the two of them – just two normal middle-aged men laughing and joking as they had a few drinks – you wouldn’t have believed they were going to do the deed together doggy-style after light-out.

But in spite of how ordinary they looked together, Uncle Rob had told me they were going to ‘anally copulate’ as he’d dorkishly put it.  He’d also let slip – and maybe it was a case of too much information – that Guy is usually the one who gets to play hide the sausage.

We got a takeaway and ate it watching a movie and passing around bottles of beer, and all the time I couldn’t stop myself from thinking how Guy was soon going to be slamming his hips hard and fast against my dad’s brother’s arse.  Guy was brandishing a hefty bulge in his jeans and obviously had a fat meaty cock stashed away down the front of them, and for some reason I found it totally fascinating that within just a couple of hours it was going to be pounding in and out of my uncle’s furry gape.

It just seemed so weird that the two of them were boyfriends, if I can call them that.  Actually I don’t think they’d like that label – Uncle Rob has only ever described Guy as a ‘friend’ and I really can’t see Guy wanting to be called another dude’s boyfriend.

I guess they were mates who happened to enjoy getting together for sex sometimes, and that was something I was really starting to like the idea of.  There were guys back in Brisbane who I could see myself playing around with if they’d be up for some occasional no-strings fun with another dude. We’d maybe go out for a few drinks, perhaps play a couple of rounds of pool or something like that, and then head back for a stopover together the way mates do.  Except in our case we’d have some fun with each other on the bed before we went to sleep.

I could now see it was a really cool thing to be able to do with a mate and it was something I could imagine myself getting into if I could find a few other like-minded lads back home.  After all, that was pretty much what me and Jake were getting into, and it sure felt great to get sexy with him – so much so I was keen to move things on further.

The previous day, we’d gone over to meet a couple of his friends, had done a few flips at the skateboard park and then spent a couple of hours in front of the XBox.  Then the two of us had gone back to his place and had played around with our dicks and done stuff with each other’s butts until we’d spooged off together and then gone downstairs for tea with his dad.

That’s how I wanted sex to be: fun and casual, and with no promises about commitment or any shit like that.

Staying with Jake and Uncle Rob had shown me that I was probably more into guys than I was into girls but, like my cousin and uncle, I wasn’t comfortable about having the word ‘gay’ attached to me.  Maybe given time I’d get to accept the label, but it didn’t feel right just yet.

While Uncle Rob was bending over to fill up our drinks during a lull in the movie, I noticed Guy checking out his arse in the back of trousers.  Any lingering disbelief I’d had that the two men really were discreet lovers was laid to rest: I could see from the interest in Guy’s eyes how much he was looking forward to having Uncle Rob’s two pudgy butt-cheeks all to himself that night.

And later on, when I was collecting empty bottles to help Uncle Rob out, I saw the same look in Jake’s eyes as peered over at my two bubble buns straining inside the seat of my jeans.  It was clear from the way he fixed his gaze on my rear that too was looking forward to having his turn on the tight Aussie tush just a few feet away from him.

I decided that if Uncle Rob was going to give his mate a taste of Furlong butt after bedtime, then I’d do the same favour for his son on the other side of the bedroom wall.

I smiled over at Jake while he was staring so hungrily at my behind, but when he saw that I’d caught him in the act he looked embarrassed that his lust had appeared so obvious.  When I grinned broader and nodded as if to say, “It’s all yours for the pluckin’, bud!” he chuckled and winked at me before licking his lips to confirm he was as up for it if I was.

And I did feel I was now up for it.  The moment felt pretty right.

Tonight was the sort of opportunity I’d been waiting for when I’d told Jake I wanted our first sex to be ‘special’.  I hadn’t meant that in any sort of romantic sense – I didn’t have those kinds of feelings for my cousin and couldn’t imagine ever feeling like that about another dude.  It was just that since I was still a virgin (in pretty much every sense), I wanted our first proper intimacy together to be more than just a mass of writhing and grunting underneath his doona.

I wanted it to be fun and sexy – two mates who happen to be horny for each other playing around together and having a laugh.  So if Uncle Rob was doing pretty much that with his friend Guy, what better time could there be for me and Jake to join in having some fun of our own in the nextdoor bedroom?

When I took the empty beer bottles into the kitchen, Jake surprised me by following me in.

“Did that look you threw me mean what I think it meant?” he asked as I put the bottles by the sink.

I turned to him and smiled.  “Depends on what you think it meant!”

He walked over so he was very close to me.  When he spoke I could smell the hops and alcohol on his breath.  “That maybe… while dad and Guy are doing their thing… you’d be up for doing something similar with me…?”

“It’d be kind of hot, wouldn’t it?” I chuckled, our lips so close we could just crane our necks together and kiss.  “The big boys pounding away together… the son and the nephew joining in in the next room…”

“You are talking about going the whole way, aren’t you?” Jake clarified. “I mean, are you saying you’d be up for doing that with me?”

“I reckon so,” I smiled.

Jake smiled back and for a second I thought he really was going to kiss me. But instead he asked, “What about the stuff you said this morning?  Being worried about the smell and stuff…?”

I admit that I was still seriously worried about the nuts and bolts of having bum sex with Jake.  What if my arse made a stink while my cousin was fucking me?  What if I farted or made a mess of his bed?  Or what if I went to shag him and found the smell of his butt or the state of my cock when it came out of him so totally gross that I’d end up retching?

It seemed like a total minefield, if I’m honest, but I’d figured that I’d rather venture across it with an experienced guy like Jake who I could trust not to make a big deal if things did go wrong.

I said, “I’d prefer to figure it all out with you, mate, instead of with some guy back in Brissy who might not be so patient…”

He smiled and patted me on the arm.  “We can take it as slow as you like, bud.  And if you don’t like doing it one way – or you’re embarrassed or whatever – there’s plenty of other stuff we can have fun doing!”

“Aye aye,” called out a deep voice behind us, the amusement in it obvious. “What’s going on in here, then?”

It was Guy, grinning broadly that he’d walked in on us getting up close together in a near-smooch.

Jake stepped away from me and smiled back at the favourite of his dad’s many male callers.

“Just a bit of cousinly affection,” he said.  “We haven’t seen each other in like eighteen years or whatever… we’re just making up for lost time!”

“Trust you, Jake,” Guy laughed.  Then to me, “I hope you’re not letting him corrupt your Aussie innocence!”

“Too late, mate!” I joked back.  “It’s pretty much all gone!”

“There’s just one bit of innocence left for me to corrupt!” Jake smirked at the bigger man.  “And you never know… tonight could be the night!”

“Yeah?” Guy chortled.

“I’m hoping!” Jake laughed.

I decided I’d chip in with, “Yeah, me too!”

Guy seemed to like my admission because he grinned broadly at me, perhaps wondering if I was on the verge of losing my virginity to Jake.


Guy kept looking over at me and Jake throughout the rest of the movie, as if trying to figure out if the two of us really were about to have full-on sex together.

While Jake was upstairs taking a pee and I was in the kitchen getting more beers from the fridge, I heard Guy in the living room quietly ask Uncle Rob if I was gay.

“I think Shane is very much like Jake and me,” Uncle Rob replied in a low voice.  “He’s curious to explore his sexuality and that’s something which, as you know, I’m very keen to encourage.”

“Are him and Jake… you know… getting it on?”

“Are they?!” I heard my uncle chuckle.  “They’re performing oral on each other – very proficiently, actually – and Shane isn’t afraid to let his mouth wander… shall we say… down under!”

Guy laughed at the expression.  “He likes giving the brown eye a good licking, does he?”

“He’s certainly a Furlong on that score,” Uncle Rob laughed back.

“But the two of them aren’t playing pokey yet?”

I assumed by that he meant we weren’t fucking each other’s butts.  I knew Guy had worked on an oilrig once so maybe that expression had been used as a euphemism among the all-male workforce.

“Shane is intrigued by the idea,” Uncle Rob acknowledged.  “I think he’s waiting for the right moment to take his and Jake’s ventures into deeper waters.”

“Well, the way they were talking in the kitchen, I think tonight might be the night!”

“Really?” Uncle Rob asked with interest.  “Actually that raises something I’ve been meaning to ask you… something we could do to perhaps help the two of them along…”

In my excitement I accidentally clanked two bottles noisily together and, remembering I was just outside in the kitchen, their conversation abruptly stopped.

I walked back into the living room carrying three bottles of beer along with Uncle Rob’s replenished wine glass, and acted like I hadn’t heard what they were talking about.

Uncle Rob quickly saw through my pretence, though, and decided to continue their chat.

“I was just about to tell Guy, Shane, about our conversation earlier.  You wouldn’t mind, would you?”

“I guess not,” I shrugged.

“Shane is rather worried about what anal sex will be like,” Uncle Rob told his friend.  “So I suggested he could watch us having intercourse by way of reassurance.”

Guy grinned over at me.  “You wanna see the two big boys doin’ a bit of butt-banging?!”

I nodded eagerly.  “If you’d be up for it…”

“Believe me,” he chuckled, “it’s not a pretty sight, mate!”

“I think it would look awesome!” I smiled back.

“What… seeing your Uncle Rob’s flabby arse with a big prick sliding in and out of it?”

“Hey, less of the flabby,” Uncle Rob chirped in, smiling.

“I’d be stoked if you’d let me see it,” I told Guy wide-eyed.  “I’m just kinda worried about the smell and… well, you know… the practicalities of it…”

“The smell’s the best bit,” Guy grinned.  “Takes me back to the bunkroom on the rig!”

I realised that working on the oilrig must have been how Guy had developed a taste for sex with men.  In every other way he was the definition of straight – he mentioned women a lot and sex with them seemed to play an important part in his life – but desperation in the bunkroom must have driven him to play ‘pokey’ himself and probably to his surprise he’d found that he greatly liked it.

“I really like the smell too,” Uncle Rob agreed.  “It gives sex between men its own distinctive quality.”

“Jake said the same thing,” I smiled, “though not quite in those words.”

“Jake said what?” Jake himself called over as he came back into the room from the toilet.

I blushed and Uncle Rob intervened for me.  “I’m just reiterating my invitation for Shane to come into my bedroom later on to find out what it looks like – and smells like – when two men are having relations.”

Jake grinned, grabbed a beer and sat back down in the armchair.

“Is it an open invitation?” he leered across at his dad.

“Wanna see how the grown-ups do it?” Guy chuckled at him.  “I reckon I could teach the young pup a few tricks…”

“Oh yeah?” Jake laughed.  “The young pup’s pretty well trained, I’ll have you know!”

Uncle Rob stepped in again.  “Enough with the playground competitiveness, gentlemen!  This a serious invitation for Shane to learn from a couple of more experienced men but if you think you could also benefit, Jake, then you’d also be very welcome to watch our intimacy.”

“Yeah, come on in!” Guy grinned.  “Let us show you how it’s done!”

“But if you do join us, there are to be strictly no wise-cracks!” Uncle Rob snapped at his son.  “And that goes for both of you!” he added, glaring across at Guy.


“You know, it’ll probably be better if we just do our own thing,” Jake said after we’d brushed our teeth and were undressing in his bedroom.

I turned to him in surprise.  “I thought you wanted to see your dad and Guy getting intimate…”

“That was just me and Guy having a bit of banter,” he shrugged.  “It’d seem kinda weird for us to pitch up while Guy’s ball-deep up my dad’s butt, sitting down on our deckchairs and pulling out our flasks of tea…”

I wasn’t sure what he meant about the deckchairs and flasks of tea, but I really did want to see how the two big blokes shagging together compared with the buffed-up porn studs I’d seen pounding each other’s poopers on the internet.

Would they look just as amazing?  Would I get horny from watching them?

But it wasn’t just that.

At the back of my mind, there was this curiosity about what had driven Guy to start hooking up with other men.  I could imagine him clambering into the bunk of one of the other labourers on the oilrig and roughly fucking the man’s arse, determined to cum as quickly as his balls would let him.

Would he be like that with Uncle Rob – crudely bumming him without any feeling or passion?  Or would their sex reflect the warmth of their friendship – would there be fun and affection the way I wanted it to be between me and Jake?

Before I could even start explaining this to Jake, he went on trying to convince me to stay in his room with him.

“You can try to stick your cock up my bum first,” he pragmatically offered. “That way you’ll see how it works… how I relax my muscles and open my hole right up… then, when you’re happier about what you need to do, we can swap positions and I’ll try doing it to you…”

“Look,” I said, unsure about why he’d had such a sudden change of heart. “Your dad was really sweet to invite me to see something so private… it’d seem rude not to show up…”

“Well fuck off and watch them going at each other,” he snorted huffily. “I’ll just stay here and jerk myself off.”

“What is it with you, Jake?” I asked him, standing up in my t-shirt and boxers.  “Why are you acting like this?”

“I just want us to do it, Shane,” he implored.  “I’m sick of all this messing around!”

I smiled at him.  “I know, mate… and I really want us to do it too…”

“Well, come on, bud,” he said back, looking brighter and nodding.  “Get on the bed… let’s me show you how much you’re going to enjoy it!”

“I’ve gotta just pop next door, Jake… literally two minutes… it’ll look really bad if I don’t…”

He rolled his eyes but nodded reluctantly.

“I’ll go and have a quick squiz at whatever it is they’re doing,” I went on.  “Then I’ll come right back and we can leave your bedroom door open and let our mattress squeak in time with theirs!”

That made him throw me at least a half-smile back.

Who said that it was girls who could be difficult to handle?

As I padded down the hallway towards Uncle Rob’s bedroom door, it became clear from the low, quiet murmurs from the two men that Guy’s train hadn’t yet entered my uncle’s tunnel.  That was a good sign – on the rig I was pretty sure that sex between bunkmates wouldn’t have been preceded by foreplay.

When I reached Uncle Rob’s open door, I saw that he was lying on his back with Guy straddling his chest.  The plumber’s thick, serpent dick was sliding in and out of my uncle’s smiling, eager mouth.  Guy was thrusting slowly and deliberately, feeding his male lover with every inch of his long, succulent manhood.

The sight of Guy’s big buff body looked so spectacular that the front of my boxers immediately started lifting upwards.  He had a huge hairy chest with strong solid pecs and on one of his thick muscular arms there was a faded tattoo stretched across the bulging bicep.  His armpits, crotch and undoubtedly his butt-crack all bristled with dense forests of thick black hair, and his huge nutsack heaved with the two straining plums of his fat, over-stocked bollocks.

I fell forwards into the room, captivated by the masculine beauty of Guy’s powerful physique and both men looked across at me, lurching gormlessly in the doorway with my shorts poking outwards.  Guy guffawed at how dweeby I must look and Uncle Rob released Guy’s large spit-covered organ to urge me over to join them.

“I’m just getting him warmed up,” my uncle told me with a cheeky grin.  “He loves receiving oral pleasure and I’m becoming quite the expert at fellating his… shall we say… abundant organ!”

“Better than first time you did it,” Guy laughed.  He showed zero self-consciousness at being naked with his dick raised upright on full erection while I was standing there gawping at him in my underwear.  “You were all teeth and slaver…”

“I’d never even thought about having a homosexual experience up until then. So having a big bloke like you squatting over me shoving your huge phallus down my throat was somewhat unsettling I have to admit!”

“How did you end up in that position?” I chuckled, sitting down alongside them and pulling the front of my t-shirt down to cover the lump in my boxers.

“We’d stopped over in some cheap hotel before we took Jake and my kid Simon to a football match,” Guy explained.  “We’d both had a couple of bevvies and I was horny – I’m always fuckin’ horny – so your uncle here offered to have a suck on my cock.”

“I hardly offered,” Uncle Rob laughed with Guy’s big cock, now starting to lose its firmness, slapping against his cheek.  “It was a case of sucking the thing or having to listen to him masturbate it half the night.”

I couldn’t help but laugh at their easy-going playfulness in talking about their sex as two men.  They were like two long-term lovers and the fact they both had women in their lives made their naked horseplay all the more crazy.

“When did this happen?” I asked.

“About four years ago,” Uncle Rob said before turning to Guy’s softening rod and gently licking at the sticky helmet.

“He had this thing about my bush-stink,” Guy recalled.  “Kept wantin’ to explore ’round my bits with his nose…”

“That’s right,” Uncle Rob chuckled.  “As I was attempting to orally pleasure him – unsuccessfully it now seems – I found his masculine smells unexpectedly arousing.”

He leaned forwards sniff around the base of Guy’s thick shaft, inhaling deeply the savoury musk of his pubic hair.  Guy chuckled and moved his crotch towards my uncle’s face, raising himself up so that his two golfball nuts hung down heavily in his sack.

“I wanted more of it… I started exploring both of his large testicles… sniffing and licking at the sweaty odour that had been trapped inside the front of his underpants…”

He nuzzled both of Guy’s big bollocks, first snuffling his nose into the furrow between them before sweeping his tongue around the coarse wiry scroat-hair.  His cock raised upwards from his stomach, throbbing in expectant salute behind his lover’s solid buttocks.

Guy laughed and said, “He kept movin’ his nose and mouth further back, tellin’ me to squat forwards over his face.”

Uncle Rob pushed himself lower under Guy, craning his neck upwards to snort hungrily behind the bigger man’s fat heavy ball-sack and pressing his nose right up into the furry trench between his legs.

My uncle went on, his voice muffled by Guy’s thighs, “The brash manly flavours lurking just behind his scrotum and the more pungent odours coming from his alluring crack… I felt compelled to explore deeper and to press my nose upwards between the base of his buttocks…”

“And I was there thinkin’, ‘What the fuck?'” Guy chortled.  “‘Does this bloke know he’s gonna end up getting a mouthful of my arse!'”

“Wow!” I grinned, impressed by my uncle’s resourcefulness.  “So the very first time you did stuff with another man, you ended up rimming his butt?”

Uncle Rob moaned his affirmation and I heard his mouth slobbering into Guy’s rich, furry butt-trench, revelling in the raw harshness of its stink and lapping his tongue insistently to coax more flavour from the hot, puckered hole.

Then he pulled out and smirked triumphantly up at me.  “Very soon I found myself licking his anus… just as eagerly, I should imagine, as you had your own tongue buried up my son’s exhaust pipe this very morning…”

“Oh Shane!” Guy reproached, turning to grin at me.  “You naughty boy!”

“There’s something about licking another dude’s butt,” I told him, “that’s just totally hot but I have no idea why!”

“You don’t need to explain it to me, mate,” he laughed, pulling himself up from Uncle Rob.  “I’ve become a bit of a connoisseur myself even though I would never have thought it possible.”

Uncle Rob took the hint and got up, swivelled around and bent over on all-fours.  His huge cock pointed forwards, fully engorged and pounding in time with his heartbeat, and his big heavy nutsack dangled down between his thighs.

“I started fucking other blokes when I worked on the rig,” Guy explained, confirming what I’d suspected.  “It was pretty grim to be honest – just a sort of urgent humping in and out of some willing stranger’s hairy arse – but I really got to like the smell of it…”

“The smell of the other bloke’s bum?” I asked, remembering how strong mine had smelt that morning when I’d been fingered.

“Yeah, the smell of me fucking him up it… the smell of two men having sex with each other, one behind the other.”

I nodded, only half getting it if I’m honest, and he went on.

“Licking another bloke’s arse is tasting that same sexy stink… it’s like licking a woman’s minge gets you in the mood to fuck her pussy… licking a man’s pucker gets you ready to give his bunghole a good bumming!”

With that he leaned forwards and pressed his nose and mouth into Uncle Rob’s broad hairy crack.  He sniffed deeply, inhaling the rich flavour of my uncle’s wiry fur, and then moaned gratefully.  After savouring the earthy pungence between the two solid round cheeks, he pushed further in for a second, closer smell of the hidden opening lurking within the bristling forest.

I saw his cock re-inflate like one of those sausage-shaped balloons.  It thickened and lengthened as his nose explored Uncle Rob’s gaping crack and then rose up from his thigh, the head growing shiny and glistening, as his tongue pushed forward to lick at the source of the strong acrid odour.

“Fuck yeah!” he sighed as he lapped at my uncle’s big puckered entrance.

I smiled at him, my own mongrel lifting the front of my boxers like a tentpole.

I said, “Takes you back to the oilrig, does it?”

He pulled out from between Uncle Rob’s cheeks and grinned back at me. “Your uncle’s arse is a cut above the stink of a bunkroom fuck with some random navvie.”

“Aw, Guy,” my uncle chuckled, “you say the sweetest things!”

The burly plumber got up and knelt behind my uncle who stayed on all-fours, his big cock curving upwards and pointing right at the part of the hairy crack that was smeared with spit.  He was about to fuck the butt he’d just licked out and my uncle turned and smiled up at him to show he was ready.

“This is actually nothing like jazzing off up some skanky arse on the rig,” Guy told me as he pressed the fat helmet of his cock between Uncle Rob’s two pale cheeks.  “That was always over pretty quickly – just a quick hump against another bloke’s sweaty back as a way of stopping your bollocks turning blue.”

I smiled at him as he started sliding the long thick shaft of his cock up into Uncle Rob’s spit-moistened innards.

“This,” he grinned back at me, “is something on a totally different level. The first times me and your uncle fucked, I admit it was from the same desperation.  But it’s become like a whole new way of having sex… something I look forward to even when I’ve got a girlfriend on the go!”

He grabbed Uncle Rob’s hips to hold him steady while his cock slowly disappeared between the two big moons of his buttocks.

Uncle Rob turned to look at me watching his friend’s large girth pushing its way up his backside and, on seeing how fascinated I was, asked, “Do you like how it looks?”

“It’s totally amazing!” I gasped, as the last inch of Guy’s wide phallus squeezed between the gaping cheeks.  “It must feel grouse, does it?  Having you and your buddy’s two bodies joined together, dick to butt…?”

“It does feel incredible, if that’s what you mean,” Uncle Rob smiled. “Once he starts moving in and out, you’ll see my penis start dribbling… I always make such a wet patch on the duvet!”

I stood up to take a proper look at them from the foot of the bed.  My big chub made an obvious mound poking the front of my boxers outwards and I was pleased they could both see how horny their sex was making me.  It felt like a compliment to be able to show them how turned on I was by the amazing act of man fucking man.

Guy started slowly moving his cock in and out of the splayed backside in front of him and as my uncle had predicted, a thick rope of goo was soon dangling from the long curving cock that was pounding upwards underneath his belly.

“Quite often we enjoy intercourse face-to-face,” Uncle Rob said across to me as his breath started to quicken.  “But there’s something about the crudeness of this position – so evocative of public toilet graffiti and schoolboy cartoons – that I find extremely exciting!”

“I like it this way too,” Guy grinned.  “This is how blokes would always do it on the rig, so you could kinda say this is how I lost my gay virginity!”

I laughed at his way of putting it.  I was about to lose my ‘gay virginity’ too very soon.

That reminded me…

“Jake has so gotta see this!” I called out, already halfway towards the bedroom door.  “I bet he has no idea how hot you guys look together!”

“Bring him in!” Uncle Rob gasped across at me, his cock now seeping its drool into a puddle and his breath coming out in short pants.

“Fuck yeah!” Guy laughed, bucking his hips more roughly against my uncle’s big wobbly buttocks.  “There’s room on the bed for the two of you to follow our example!”

I laughed back at what I assumed to be a joke and then hurried back to Jake’s room to fetch him.  But as I headed along the corridor towards my cousin’s bedroom, it occurred to me that Guy’s suggestion could prove to be the ‘special’ moment I’d been waiting for.  After all, how much more special could it be for me and my cousin to have our first sex together right alongside the two blokes whose drunken hotel fumblings had led to all this?


Part 3

“Whoa!  I didn’t know you guys were playing piggy-backs in here!” Jake called out when he saw his dad on all-fours with Guy squatting behind him.

The hairy broad-chested plumber chortled across at his fuck-buddy’s son. He always enjoyed a bit of banter with Jake.

“Reckon you could take giving me a piggy-back, Jake?” he asked my cousin, grabbing my Uncle Rob more tightly around his belly and resuming slamming his hips back and forth against his arse.

Jake laughed back.  “Whatever you got, mate, you can bet I can take it!”

Guy smirked at his answer and got on with enjoying his butt-fuck.  Jake and I both peered over at his thick veiny cock steadily sliding in and out of Uncle Rob’s tautly-stretched bunghole.  His technique was unrushed and deliberate as if he was enjoying savouring the pleasure of having my uncle’s well-practised rectum squeezing his steely hard girth.

“I’ve gotta admit, though… you guys look totally hot together!” Jake gushed at the pair of them.  “However sexy you both might look getting cosy with women, you look a hundred times better doing each other!”

Guy just laughed at the observation but I could see that Uncle Rob was really chuffed by receiving a rare compliment from his son.  He beamed a broad gratified smile as he continued to face forwards and it stayed on his lips long after Guy’s amusement had faded.

Jake sat down on one side of his dad’s double bed so I did the same on the opposite side.  We both seemed mesmerised by Guy’s thick meat sweeping back and forth between Uncle Rob’s two round cheeks and I found it difficult to take my eyes away from its relentless, almost hypnotic rhythm.  But there was so much else in their sex that I didn’t want to miss, that I had to force myself to look beyond just the penetration and take in the other details of these two big men pleasuring each other right in front of me.

For a start, there was Uncle Rob’s own impressive manhood, throbbing forwards and dribbling streams of goo down onto the doona.  He kept pushing his bum back to meet Guy’s slow steady thrusts, his arse-cheeks gaping open and making the thick bush of hair sprout outwards from his crack.  And underneath that were both men’s huge over-sized bollocks, dangling down heavy and low and repeatedly slapping together as they heaved their big solid bodies against each other.

I smiled at Jake, seeing how he too was captivated the sight of his dad allowing another man to use his butt for sex.  Jake saw me smiling at him and grinned back over at me.  He said, “If you saw this pair on the street… just chatting together like a couple of mates… you’d never guess in a million years that the two of them were shagging each other’s arses!”

I chuckled and nodded before telling him, “Guy said earlier that he started having sex with other dudes when he worked on an oilrig.”

“It was a necessity, mate,” Guy nodded towards us.  “All us men cooped up together in those cramped little bunkrooms!”

Jake grinned and said, “Oh my God, you make it sound as horny as fuck!” Then in a silly voice he said to his father, “Daddy, when I’m all growed up I want to work on an oilrig like Mr Leeson!”

Uncle Rob quipped back, “Well, when you’re putting in for an application form, get one for me too!”

I chuckled before asking Guy, “So, the way you are with Uncle Rob right now, is how you had sex with other men on the rig?”

“No fuckin’ way!” Guy laughed.  “It was nothin’ like this!”

“How was it, then?” I persisted, interested to hear how men packed together in close confinement would couple up together when they were feeling horny.

“You didn’t pace yourself the way I am now… you don’t give yourself time to enjoy the feeling,” he explained with his cock still sliding smoothly and slowly in and out of Uncle Rob’s raised-up butt.  “It wasn’t anything like shaggin’ someone for the pleasure of it… it was much faster… more urgent…”

“Aw yeah!” Jake laughed.  “All the oiled up riggers going at each other’s arses like buck rabbits!”

“It wasn’t like that either!” Guy grinned at him.  “The bunkroom wasn’t like some gay porn film!”

“So how was it?” I asked again, genuinely trying to picture how men might have sex together in cramped communal quarters.

“If you were gonna do it, you did it after lights-out,” Guy said.  “Not that it was dark, mind you, because there were always emergency lights left on.  But if you were gonna get your oats, you snuck over to the other bloke’s bunk when it was dim and quiet and the other men were trying to get to sleep.”

Guy bent lower so that his chest was pressed against Uncle Rob’s back and pushed his arms underneath him to hold him tight by the shoulders.

“Most blokes did it like this,” he explained.  “You got on top of your buddy’s back and sort of squatted together, both facing forwards.  You didn’t have much space in the bunk-bed so you had to hunch down low together and one of you put your knees between the other’s.  Not exactly the most romantic of positions…”

“What did the other guys in the room do when two men got together for sex?” Jake asked.  “Those who were still awake, I mean…?”

“Blokes generally fell into two camps on that one.  Either they’d ignore what the two of you were doing and turn away to sleep, or they’d ogle over at you and start wankin’ themselves off.  There wasn’t much middle ground between those two reactions!”

“Which camp did you fall into?” I asked.

“The second,” Guy grinned, still crouched over my uncle and holding onto him like a dog mounting a bitch.  “I got to like the smell of two blokes playin’ pokey… which was what we called it on my rig.  A lot of guys complained how bum sex after lights-out would stink out the bunkroom but once I’d done it a few times myself and got… you know… a bit of a taste for it… the smell of other fellas butt-bangin’ got to be a turn-on.”

“So what happened after the two of you had got into the romantic double-squat position?” Jake asked with a smirk.

“I smeared some spit on my cock and worked it into the bloke’s hairy gash, then I fucked him up the arse dead fast to make myself nut off as quickly as I could.”

In demonstration, he grabbed my Uncle Rob tight and firm by the shoulders and started shagging his bum really quickly, making loud clapping sounds as hips slapped hard against my uncle’s buttocks.  Uncle Rob’s face blushed as red as his arse-cheeks went.  It looked like he was seriously enjoying being treated like one of Guy’s oilrig bunkmates.

Soon Guy stopped thrusting and he grinned over at us.  “Usually I was so fuckin’ desperate that I’d last about thirty seconds.  Then it would be over and I could pull out, wipe off and go back to my own bunk to sleep.”

“Oh… so you didn’t swap around so you could return the favour?” I said with some surprise.

“No fuckin’ way, mate!” Guy chortled at my naivety.  “It cost a couple of packets of fags for some fella to let you seed him up the arse, so it sure as hell wasn’t a two-way deal!”

Guy got back into the position he seemed to prefer with Uncle Rob, kneeling upright behind him with his hands on his hips, sliding his dick slowly and smoothly in and out of the thickly forested butt-crack.

“Did you and the guys you shagged ever talk about what you’d done?” I asked him.  “Maybe agree to meet up again sometime?”

Guy chuckled at the question.  “Most of the blokes who were up for playing pokey in exchange for ciggies were migrant workers who could barely speak a word of English.  The most they’d get from me was a whispered ‘spaseeba’ after I’d creamed off up their olive-coloured arses!”

“This isn’t supposed be a biography of Guy’s life story,” Uncle Rob said, recovering his composure after being treated so brashly.  “The idea was to show Shane that anal sex between two men is both enjoyable and beautiful.”

“You’ve got me convinced on the beautiful part,” I smiled.  “You guys look totally hype!”

“Oh my God!” Jake laughed.  “Nobody in the real world says ‘hype’ anymore! They look ‘sick’, mate – that’s what you wanna say when you’re not in kangaroo-land!”

“Sick as in good?” Uncle Rob queried.

“Sick as in the best!” Jake extolled.

“Okay, so we’ve established that Guy and I look sick,” my uncle went on.  I found it funny that he could still talk like some stuck-up school-teacher even on all-fours with a fat cock wedged between his bum-cheeks.  “Do you think the smell of our sex is gross, Shane, as you put it earlier?”

“I didn’t say the smell of your sex would be gross,” I clarified.  “I just said I was worried that it would smell a bit bummy when I did it.”

“So does it smell gross?”

I took a few sniffs of the air in the room as Guy’s cock kept slowly working in and out of my uncle’s obliging behind.

“I can’t really smell anything to be honest…”

“Lean over closer,” Uncle Rob instructed me.  “Inhale more deeply close to my rear.”

I moved across to take a deeper sniff where the two men’s bodies were connected.  I didn’t want to push my nose up close to Uncle Rob’s arse with a dick sliding in and out of it – that would have seemed like a step too far – so instead I just sniffed somewhere near Guy’s left hip as his thigh flexed back and forth.

“It’s a bit… er… meaty, I guess… but not that bad really.”

“Actually, the meatiness might be coming from my arse,” Guy said with a mischievous grin.  “I haven’t showered since six o’clock this morning and it’s been a pretty full-on day so I’m probably getting a bit whiffy back there.”

Jake chortled at Guy’s crudeness and then, to my amazement, reached right over me to grope between his dad’s friend’s two big muscular butt-cheeks. After he’d rubbed his hand up and down the plumber’s moist hairy gully, a bit like he was wiping the bloke’s arse, he took a long lingering sniff of his fingers and declared, “Oh fuck yeah!  That’s one meaty crack-stink you got back there!”

“Jake, that’s offensive!” Uncle Rob reprimanded his son as Guy bellowed with laughter.

“How can it be offensive,” Jake countered, “when it’s had this effect on me?”

He stood up and lifted his t-shirt to show off the front of his boxer briefs stretched flagrantly outwards by his large cock on full crank.  Then he asked, “Surely Guy should take it as a compliment that his butt-stink gets me so turned on?”

Guy laughed even louder before saying, “You’re one dirty fucker, Jake Furlong!  It’s a fuckin’ privilege to know you, mate!”

The two of them beamed at each other and it suddenly occurred to me how much fun they’d probably have if daddy wasn’t around to rein in their antics.  If Jake and Guy were ever to secretively hook up together, they’d probably get very raunchy with each other and I imagine their sex would be both rough and smelly.  Guy would probably do things with Jake that he wouldn’t dream of suggesting to the younger man’s father, and Jake would go to town trying to shock and outwit his dad’s favourite lover.

That would be a hell of an encounter to watch but the thought of being part of it wasn’t really my scene.  I didn’t want to shock or outwit anyone when I had sex with them.  For me sex would always be something that should be tender and special and, while I didn’t begrudge Jake of his fun with more adventurous guys, I wanted my intimacy with him to be on a more emotional level.

“Well, Shane, now that you’re happier with the idea of male anal sex,” Uncle Rob began, “perhaps you two boys would like to head back to Jake’s bedroom and see if you can put into practice what you’ve learned from Guy and me?”

Jake grinned at me broadly, clearly hoping for a positive response, so I deliberately put on an indecisive face and murmured, “Hmm… I’m not really sure, Uncle Rob…”

When I saw Jake bristle and could see I was risking him losing his temper, I quickly added, “I think I’d rather let Jake pop my cherry in front of the pair of you… that way you can let us know if we’re doing it right…”

At first Jake peered quizzically at me, but once the meaning of my words had filtered through to his brain, he smirked incredulously at me and said, “You want me to butt-fuck you in front of my dad and Guy?”

“If you’d be okay with that…” I replied, hoping his smile was a positive sign but not completely sure as Jake could be so unpredictable sometimes.

“Fuck yeah!” he chuckled.  “The four of us all doing it together… me shagging your butt and Guy shagging dad’s… that’d be so fucking hot, Shane!  How did you come up with a scorching idea like that?!”

I winked at him.  “I don’t just have the Furlong gene, mate… I have the Furlong imagination too!”

“I’ve gotta admit… you’re one horny son-of-a-bitch!” Jake chuckled.  We started pulling our clothes off and passed the lube to one another as we prepared to have sex right there on his dad’s bed.

“You’re not for real on this…?” Guy smirked as I got on the bed with my slippery butt pushing backwards and Jake shuffled up behind me with his glistening cock throbbing forwards.

“Like my cuz said,” Jake replied to him, “if I fuck him in front of you and dad, one or other of you can give us feedback on how we’re doing…”

I loved it when Jake called me his ‘cuz’.  It had more of a closeness than ‘mate’ and was way more affectionate than ‘bud’.

“I think this is a splendid idea,” Uncle Rob said, still facing forwards as his bum was ceaselessly pummelled.  “If you feel any sort of pain, Shane, I’m right here next to you and can give advice as you need it.”

I felt my cousin’s bell-end pushing between my cheeks and then pressing hard against my tightly puckered hole.  I relaxed my arse muscles like I was perched on the dunny and felt Jake’s broad helmet slide into me, followed in quick succession by his thick veiny shaft.

“Oh fuck!” he said as his cock slowly pushed into my arsehole.

“Are those the first words I’m gonna hear after losing my virginity?” I laughed.  “‘Oh fuck’… it’s hardly tbe sorta phrase I was hopin’ for!”

Jake laughed back at my silliness and asked, “So what sort of thing do you want to hear from me, cuz?”

I could feel the length of his big cock slowly filling my bowels as he pushed it deeper into me and I said, “What about, ‘Your arse is the best I’ve ever felt out of all the many I’ve fucked?'”

“Okay, yeah…whatever… just imagine I said that!” he chuckled.

“Oh Jesus, Rob!  Did Shane just say he’s a virgin?” Guy asked my uncle. “You sure as fuck didn’t tell me that!”

“Was a virgin,” I laughed, feeling Jake’s two hairy clangers pressing into the backs of my thighs.  “Now fuck me, cuz… like you really mean it!”

Jake started slamming my arse quickly and roughly and Guy followed suit and started humping Uncle Rob’s butt with same speed and force.

“Fuck yeah!” Jake gasped as he enjoyed pounding my tight Aussie bum.  “I’ve wanted to fuck you like this since the second I met you!  I can’t believe this feels so intense!”

“Less pressure, more sensuality, Jake!” his dad called out as he saw his son bludgeoning my behind.

Guy grinned at his lover’s son and said, “Naah… give his arse a good hard fuckin’ the way you’ve been gaggin’ for it!”

Jake decided to take the latter advice and pumped my rump the way he’d wanted to pretty much since I’d stepped off the plane from Brisbane.

I smiled across at Uncle Rob, the two of us bent forwards as our men slammed their thick cocks up our straining arseholes.  He smiled back and asked, “How does it feel to have sex with a fellow male, Shane?”

“I kinda like it,” I told him.  “It’s taking a bit of gettin’ used to, I guess… feeling another dude’s big porker sliding in and out of my dookie…”

“Work with him,” my uncle suggested.  “Move your backside against him in time with his thrusts, and push it as far onto his penis as you’re able so he can penetrate you fully.”

As I did as he advised and jabbed my butt against the rapid sweeps of Jake’s big meat-pole, loving the way his bollocks were slapping heavily against the back of my nutsack.

“Aw yeah!” Jake called out and I looked over my shoulder to see if it was my efforts he was enjoying.  I realised, though, that he and Guy were mucking around together and it was that which was making him shout out in glee.

They were grinning over at each other as they butt-fucked together, trying to out-do each other in how fast and hard they could thrust their two thick cocks.  But there was more than that going on between them.  Guy would reach across and grope Jake’s arse between the cheeks and then raise his fingers to his nose and have a good sniff.

He’d mouth, “That is fuckin’ ripe!” across at his fuck-buddy’s son.  Then Jake would do the same to the plumber, sliding his fingers up and down the hairy crack between the bigger man’s buns like he had earlier and then inhaling the odour on his hand before offering his own vulgar observation about the stink.

I pushed myself up off the bed, so that my back was pressing against Jake’s chest.  I wanted his focus to be on me, not on the hairy bloke next to him; the man who should similarly be directing his efforts towards his own anal lover.

When Jake and I were upright together, he snuggled his face against the back of my shoulder and kept pumping my arse with long, sweeping stabs of his well-endowed cock.  My own large chopper curved upwards in front of me, bobbing around as my big heavy nuts jiggled together underneath it.

“Oh Jesus, you two lads look proper hot bummin’ like that!” Guy chortled.

I swivelled my head around so that I could smile at my cousin and he leaned forwards so we could share a kiss together.  His tongue tasted divine and he gently probed my mouth with it, then I pushed mine into his so they gently rubbed back and forth against each other as we enjoyed the feel of his cock doing the same deep inside my bum.

“Fuck yeah!” Guy laughed on seeing the two us necking while we fucked. “When it comes to gay stuff, I’ve always preferred lesboes… but you two horny lads look fuckin’ amazing gettin’ it on together!”

“You do make a very lovely couple,” Uncle Rob agreed.

“I’ve got an even better idea!” Jake declared, after pulling away from snogging my face.  “Me and Guy bend over and you two shag our arses!  That way Shane gets to see if he likes fucking my butt as much as he’s enjoyed me fucking his!”

“What a good idea!” Uncle Rob announced, already pulling his swollen and over-stoked arsehole from Guy’s big prong.  The circumference of it was purple and angry-looking and its muscular ring was puffed up like an oval-shaped doughnut.

“I kinda liked doing it this way,” I said, much preferring that Jake would keep working my butt instead of me doing it to him.

“Nonsense,” Uncle Rob admonished me.  “There’s a lot to be learned by assuming the more active role.”

He and Guy were switching positions even though it was obvious that Guy, like me, would have wanted things to stay as they were.  Reluctantly, I swapped around with Jake although I could see that he was very keen to find out what it was like to have my dick up his butt.

“Come on, cuz,” he urged me, seeing my disappointment that my first taste of being bummed had been so abruptly cut short.  “This way you get to lose your gay virginity in both ways!”

“I suppose…” I said.  “I just think I like it the way we were just doing it better.”

“Come on, mate… you’ve gotta try both giving and taking it.  You don’t know what you might like until you’ve tried it for proper!”

“Jake, your grammar is becoming appalling,” his dad scolded him while he lined his huge curving cock up behind his plumber friend’s squat hairy bum. “I don’t know what they’re teaching you at that university.”

Jake bent down on the mattress alongside Guy and the two of them smirked at each other.  For a second I thought they were going to lean across and neck each other’s faces – I really don’t know what I’d have done if they had. Instead they just grinned together, amused that they were both splayed out on all-fours and waiting for our two big cocks to be slid up their arses, while me and Uncle Rob smiled our own smirks behind them.

Uncle Rob whispered to me, “I could see how much you were enjoying receiving my son, but I really think you’ll learn a lot from doing it this way, Shane… I promise it will be worth it!”

He worked his cock up and down Guy’s furry arse-crack before finding the bullseye and pushing his bell-end firmly against it.

I did the same with Jake, sweeping my cock head the length of his cleft and located the raised mound of his anus which seemed to be where I should press the tip of it.

Uncle Rob quite merrily worked his huge organ up his mate’s butt, but I was struck with a sudden sense of revulsion about what it was I was doing. This was the hole my cousin takes dumps through that I was pushing the helmet of my cock against.  What if he was all cruddy up inside his butt-hole?  What if my cock came out smeared with his shit?

Uncle Rob saw that I was having second thoughts and patted me on the shoulder to reassure me.  “It’s worth it, Shane… believe me, it’s worth it.  Whatever misgivings you’re having, the sensation of being joined with Jake will make your worries pale into insignificance…”

“But it’s his butt!” I said to him, pleased that he was here with me.  “He does doodie through it!”

“I know,” Uncle Rob smiled, “I had the very same anxieties myself the first time I did it.  Just believe me that the pleasure you’re about to experience will more than outweigh this entirely natural apprehension.”

“Come on, bud!” Jake called back.  “It won’t fuckin’ bite you!  It might fart and it might stink but it sure as fuck won’t bite you!”

Guy chortled and the two of them high-fived each other.  They were lined up with arses pushed out to receive our cocks and the two of them were actually high-fiving each other!

“Ignore them,” my uncle smiled at me.  “Just focus on how amazing it’s about to feel…”

I pushed harder against the raised knot of Jake’s arsehole and the head of my cock was abruptly given entry to his butt.  It felt hot and slippery inside the tunnel of his back passage and almost instantly I liked having part of my body pushed up inside my cousin’s.

“Oh my God!” I called out.  “This actually feels really good!”

Uncle Rob grinned broadly at me and said, “Let’s push ourselves all the way up our lovers’ rears!”

I kept pushing and my cock drove slowly up Jake’s slimy behind.  I could feel that the insides were coated with gunge and that my shaft was sliding up through it, but it no longer disgusted me because the feeling of being joined with this lovely boy was so exciting.

“Fuck yeah!” I gasped, grabbing my cousin by the hips to push my dork more firmly up his arsehole.  “This is so amazing!”

“I knew you’d love it!” Uncle Rob smiled over at me.  “It’s a truly wonderful sensation to be physically joined with a member of one’s own gender!”

“I dunno about that,” I said back, “but fuckin’ another dude’s butt sure feels goosh!”

Uncle Rob grabbed Guy’s hips too and we both started fucking our buddies making long curving sweeps with our cocks.

It didn’t take long before I could smell the stink of Jake’s arse: ‘distinctively pungent’ as my Uncle Rob had earlier described it to me.  I found to my surprise, though, that I wasn’t disgusted by it.  This was the smell of my connection with Jake’s body through his lovely pudgy backside and because of that it was extremely exciting.

I could finally see what Jake – and Guy, for that matter – had meant when they’d said that the smell of butt sex was part of its appeal.  The strong bummy odour was unique to our sex as two boys and its musky and masculine reek was a powerful turn-on.

“Jesus Christ, Jake,” I gasped, “doing you up the arse is so fuckin’ whiffy!”

Jake turned to grin up at me over his shoulder.  “There’s no such thing as discreet fuck when you’re stoking Jakey-boy’s butt!”

I pumped him rougher and faster to make the stink even harsher.  This was the smell of our butt-love and I suddenly wanted to revel in its lewd, animal funk.

We grinned more broadly at each other and I panted, “This is so fuckin’ hot!”

“It’s the smell of dude-sex, cuz!” he chuckled.  “I told you you’d fucking love it!”

Once Uncle Rob had worked up a similarly rapid rhythm in and out of Guy’s bigger hairier bum, the sharp thuggish stink of the plumber’s slippery fudge tunnel quickly overwhelmed even Jake’s crudest odours.

“You dirty fucker!” Jake laughed across at Guy once he’d got a whiff of bigger man’s arse getting pounded.  “A mate at uni said butt-fucking my arse could wither a houseplant – yours could kill off a whole fuckin’ greenhouse!”

Guy guffawed at the younger lad’s wit and then to my Uncle Rob’s surprise let out a loud fart around his pumping cock.

Jake chortled with laughter and then let out a one of his own around mine and I think the two of them would have continued if I hadn’t called down to my cousin, “Jake, stop it!  That’s so vulgar, dude!”

“Come on, the pair of you,” Uncle Rob rebuked them.  “This is Shane’s first time… hardly the right moment for such frivolous flatulence!”

Jake and Guy chuckled over at each other like two naughty schoolboys and then both turned to face forwards to let the men behind them use their two tightly-stretched holes.  Me and my uncle got on with thrusting our broad, veiny girths in and out of their hairy back-cracks, smiling together as we enjoyed the feel of their butt muscles clamped around our two big cocks.

In a flash I realised that having sex this way would always be the way I would make love.  My hook-ups would always be with dudes – of that I was growing more and more certain – and when I wasn’t on all-fours having my butt screwed, this is how I would enjoy rooting theirs.

All the years I’d struggled to wazz off trying to think about doing stuff with girls… it was shagging my mates that I should have been fantasizing about!

From now on other guys’ peachy behinds would never be the same to me!  I’d want to get my face stuck into them or my dick pushed up them.  Even looking some fit dude’s two round cheeks straining in the back of his dacks would get me a mongrel growing in the front of mine!

“You’re really enjoying this, aren’t you Shane?” my Uncle Rob chuckled.  He could see how fast my hips were bucking, how much my chest was panting and how the muscles of my own freshly-fucked arse were flexing and heaving as I drove my rock solid cock in and out between Jake’s cleaved-open cheeks.

“I’m loving it!” I called out.  “I fuckin’ love shaggin’ butt!”

Jake reached across and started wanking Guy’s cock off.  Guy laughed over at him in surprise and called out, “Fuck yeah!” then stretched his own arm out to wrap his fingers around Jake’s.

The two of them chortled together as they rubbed their hands up and down each other’s meaty cocks, their elbows slapping together as they jerked their forearms back and forth.

“All the times I used to see you when I was picking Simon up from school,” Guy muttered breathlessly to Jake.  “I could never have dreamt that one day we’d be squattin’ like this, bashin’ each other’s pricks off!”

Jake laughed, “If you’re gonna cum, let me know… I wanna catch it and eat it!”

Guy guffawed back.  “You horny fucker!  I’ve so gotta see you eat my spooge!”

“I’d eat your brown-eye too… you know I would, don’t you?”

Guy beamed at my cousin and his eyes twinkled with future possibilities.

Meanwhile, behind them, Uncle Rob and I were both on the home straight.  We were fucking butt as hard and as fast as our hips would let us, both relishing the stink of our two lovers’ roughly shafted behinds.

Uncle Rob asked me through his laboured breaths, “Is your bum still tingling from having Jake mount you?”

“Yeah!” I smiled at him.  “It feels real nice!”

He panted, “When you’re sleeping with a girl, Shane… you’ll miss being able to do it both ways!”

I said, “I don’t think I’m gonna be sleeping with any girls, Uncle Rob!”

As places to come out of the closet go, doing it while you’re ball-deep inside another guy’s arse must surely rank as one of the most self-explanatory.  But Uncle Rob still looked momentarily surprised before he reached an arm across to pat me on the back to show me that he was, as I’d expected, completely supportive.

Then he let his hand sweep down my spine and continued until his fingers were wedged between my two bubble cheeks.  I turned towards him, grinning, and he said, “I think you’re going to like this…”

He groped around inside my hairy groove until he’d located the swollen gape of my well-fucked arsehole.  Then he slid two or three fingers up into my hot, tender tunnel and started fingering me roughly as I kept bumming his son with my hips going at full speed.

“Aw yeah!” I cried out.  “That feels ace, Uncle Rob!”

I couldn’t believe the incredible pleasure I was getting from having my still sensitive arsehole poked while my cock was slamming so furiously up into Jake’s tightly-clenched bowels.

“I like having it done to me too,” Uncle Rob gasped over at me.  “I like it a lot…”

I realised what he was after and reached over to work my hand into the sweaty bush between his two big manly buttocks.  I found his arsehole – huge and gaping open from where Guy’s thick cock had been pounding it – and worked three of my fingers as far as I could up it so I could frig him off the way he was butt-wanking me.

Guy surprised me by nutting off first and he offered his hand to Jake so he could lick the ropey drools of spunk from his fingers.

Just then my cock started spewing its own spooge up Jake’s butt and I grabbed his hips tightly as I inject surge after surge of it deep into his bowels.  Soon my balls had let rip with so much cum that it started squirting in big frothy goops out from between where my cock was pumping and my cousin’s gaping ringpiece.  Uncle Rob laughed at the bubbling squelches of sperm and gunge spattering out of his son’s arsehole, before he hit his own grunting orgasm and soon Guy’s puffed-up pooper was firing out a similarly foamy mess.

We both laughed together as we enjoyed the way our climaxes were so explosive, still slamming our hips against the over-filled butts in front of us and splashing thick gobs of our jizz and our lovers’ fudge juice across our hips and stomachs.

Just then Jake started gasping as he fed hungrily on the spunk Guy was passing over on his fingers from where it was still seeping from his slit. And the smell of my cousin’s whiffy semen joined all the other delicious odours that our sex had produced.


After the four of us had cleaned up and we’d all said goodnight, Jake and I curled up together in his bed, him behind me with his dick pressing into my butt. I was just starting to feel myself drift off into a soothing sleep when Jake said, “Oh fuck!  It’s tomorrow, isn’t it?”

“What’s tomorrow?” I asked him drowsily.

“Marcus is due on in on the 1250 from King’s Cross, so we better start heading over to the station by… I dunno… maybe half past twelve?”

“Marcus?” I asked him.  “What are you on about?”

I knew Marcus was his cute-looking curly-haired friend from uni and Jake had shown me movies on his phone of the pair of them having all types of sex together.  But this was the first I’d heard of Marcus arriving by train.

“I told you my mate Marcus is coming up to stay with us for a couple of days.”

“You didn’t,” I said.  “I think I’d have remembered something like that.”

“Well he is,” Jake told me.  “Maybe it was dad I told…”

“So am I going to get kicked out of your bed and sent back to the spare room while he’s here?”

I made the tone of my voice whingy enough that Jake might, I hoped, tell me that Marcus would be the one kipping over in the spare room.

But his reply was way, way better than that!

He said, “Actually, I thought the three of us could sleep in here… this bed’s big enough for all of us to share and if we end up poking into each other in the night… well, that could be kind of fun, couldn’t it?”

“Fuck yeah!” I laughed.  “Are you… I mean, is this for real?”

“If you’re okay with it,” Jake nodded his stubble against my right shoulder blade.  “I’m kind of getting a vague impression that you are…!”

“Am I okay with it?” I laughed again.  “Jesus Christ, Jake, it’d be fuckin’ hype, dude!  I mean it’d be… you know… sick or whatever!”

Jake laughed back and said, “Well this time tomorrow night it’ll be three of us squeezed up in here.  Two Furlongs and some posh blonde kid from Surrey who – believe me, cuz – is into anything and everything!”

“Oh my God!” I said and realised that in spite of the massive orgasm I’d just had, I now had a similarly massive hard-on pressing up against the doona.

I grabbed Jake’s hand from where it was wrapped around my chest and pushed it down onto my throbbing organ.

He chuckled at how aroused I’d quickly grown but instead of wanking me off like I’d expected him to, he took his hand away and returned it to my chest.  He said, “No more fun tonight, bud.  We’re gonna need our beauty sleep because tomorrow night fuck knows how much sleep we’re gonna get!”


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