Doubling Up
by Robert Furlong


Part 1

I opened the front door to find Guy grinning at me broadly, his son Simon following right behind.  I showed them through to the sitting room, where Jake introduced Simon, who he’d been to school with, to Marcus, his friend from university.

While I was busying myself collecting in coats, gloves and scarves from Guy and his son, I was pretending not to notice the interest which Marcus obviously had in Simon.

“Well, hello there!” he chirped in a way that could have been passed off as jokey, but which sounded, to my ears, almost predatory.

He kept grinning at Simon, almost leering at him, and I wouldn’t have been surprised to have heard him saying to Jake, “You didn’t tell me that you had such… an attractive friend.”

I glanced over at the two of them before I took assorted outerwear to be hung up, and saw Marcus eagerly asking Simon which university he was at, what course he was taking and the like.  I fully expected to see the front of Marcus’ dark blue trousers tenting upwards, his flagpole flying at full mast for his new firm favourite, but it seemed he was able to keep that aspect of his excitement more tactfully obscured.

When I brought some drinks in, I heard Marcus trying to persuade Simon to stay over with us all.

“Sorry but I’m driving my dad’s car back over to mum’s,” Simon told him. “He’s bunking up here tonight.”

“Oh, right,” Marcus said, and then, turning to Jake, “Simon’s dad’s staying here tonight?”

His eyes were full of interest: he knew full well what was might be on the cards.  I’d already told him that Guy and I were rather more than just friends.

Jake nodded, looking distinctly unimpressed by Marcus’ obvious attraction towards his old schoolmate.

Marcus turned back to Simon.  “Well, if you fancy having a few drinks with us, I’m sure you could stay over too.”

“Sorry, mate, but I’ve got a job at the Post Office for the Christmas holiday.  I’m due in at the sorting office at five.  So I’ll probably just have a coke or something here and then I’ll head back off to mum’s.”

Marcus turned away from him and looked glumly at his drink.

I smiled to myself at how blatant he was being.  Simon was a nice, sweet lad with hair neatly parted hair; the type of young man who wore button-down collars for fear he might end up with one collar tucked into his jumper and the other poking out.  There was no way Marcus was going to get his leg over him, no matter how hard he tried.  Even if Simon was gay or swung both ways, and I felt he was far too boring to do either, he’d probably want at least a civil partnership before he would be prepared to prize his arse-cheeks apart.

Guy broke the silence by saying, “Yeah… I always stay over when I’ve had a few.  Can’t risk getting caught by the fuzz, eh?”

And Marcus’ eyes brightened up again at the prospect of having Guy in the house and at being in the next room to two men who were likely to have sex before sleeping.


Guy was helping me in the kitchen with some microwaveable pizza slices and oven chips.  I say ‘helping’, but his main contribution was to stand back with his backside against the freezer, chatting while he swigged from his beer-can.

“Does Simon ever ask you about why you sleep here so often?” I asked him, taking the half-baked chips out of the oven and shaking them around a bit on the tray.

“I always tell him, just like I did out there, that it’s so I can drink without worrying about how to get home,” Guy informed me.  “If he asks – which he won’t – we’ll say I always kip in your spare room.”

“Of course,” I smiled, sliding the chips back into the oven.  “But what if he asks where you’re going to sleep tonight, while Marcus is here?  I’ve only one spare room after all…”

It was interesting to note that, in spite of there being two male friends staying over in the house with Jake and me tonight, the bed in the spare room would remain completely unslept-in.

Guy considered the question before answering, “If he does ask – and, again, he won’t because that sort of thing wouldn’t cross his mind – we’ll say that I’m sleeping on the couch.  Marcus must be in the spare room, I assume.”

“Actually, he’s not,” I said, closing the oven door.  “He’s bunking up with Jake in his single bed.”

“Really?” he asked with an interested grin.  “It’s like that is it?  I kind of suspected as much from how touchy-feely they are around each other.”

“It’s very much like that,” I replied, returning his smirk before taking a sip from my wine.  “The two of them were getting very cosy together the other night after you left us.”

Guy laughed and continued to look distinctly interested that my son and his friend were, like him and me, rather more than just friends.

“It’s quite funny hearing them say such sweet things to their girlfriends on the phone,” I went on, “before they both head to Jake’s bedroom to have some very noisy fun together.”

“When the girls are away, mate,” he said, laughing again, “the boyfriends still need to play!”

“Like us,” I said.

“Exactly,” he grinned.

“Boyfriends playing around,” I mischievously added, succumbing to the temptation to use the word ‘boyfriend’ deliberately provocatively just to gauge his reaction.

His smile vanished and his posture became more guarded.

“What do you mean by that?” he asked coldly.

I shrugged innocently and maintained my smile.  “Just what you said.  When the girls are away, the boyfriends are going to play around together.”

“Well… yeah… okay,” Guy said hesitantly.  “I don’t mind that.  But I’m not your boyfriend in, like, a couply of sort of way.”

“Oh!” I laughed, as if suddenly understanding the reason for his unease. “You mean like Marcus said the other night.  That joke he made.”


“Yeah, you remember!  When he said it was like I was your boyfriend.”

“Oh, yeah, that,” Guy said dourly.  “I don’t mind stuff like that being said as a joke, but we’re just two blokes with added benefits, Rob. There’s nothing more to it than that.”

I felt a peculiar twinge of upset at the indifference of his manner.  It was almost like an echo of when Linda had told me she was leaving me.

Perhaps I shouldn’t have opened this particular can of worms.

“Of course, Guy!” I smiled, hiding the feeling.  “I mean… to think of you as another man’s boyfriend…. it’s laughable!”

And yet he didn’t laugh.  The idea wasn’t funny to him: it held a real and very personal threat to what he felt his sexuality was.

“We’re just fuck-buddies, Rob,” he emphasized, his voice oddly distant. His eyes were scarily hostile: I could almost believe that if I were to push this with him, he could actually thump me.

“I know that!” I said, still keeping up the pretence of that this was all light-hearted.  “Of course I know that!”

His posture became less defensive again.  He could see I wasn’t going to labour the point, and yet I think he knew that my comment about us being “boyfriends” was far from accidental.

“I mean,” he continued, “if we really were boyfriends we’d… you know… kiss and stuff, wouldn’t we?”

“Exactly,” I smiled.  “And we don’t, so we’re not!”

“You keep asking me to, though,” he added with a challenging air.

“I keep asking you to what?” I asked, though I knew full well.

“To kiss you.  Like we’re boyfriends.”

We were, perhaps mercifully, interrupted by Jake to ask if there were any more beers in the fridge.

He eyed us both up, me especially, being aware from the oppressive mood he’d walked in on that he’d just interrupted a somewhat uncomfortable exchange.

I opened the fridge to pass him a few more cans as Guy asked him point-blank: “Do you think it’s like me and your dad are boyfriends, Jake?”

He waited until I’d emerged with the cans so he could judge my expression before committing himself to a response.

I smiled neutrally to him as if this was just a bog-standard friendly chat that Guy and I were having.  I could see that he’d figured out that this related to the comment I’d made, a few nights earlier, that Guy was ‘special’ to me.

I was thinking, “Come on, Jake, don’t be a dickhead.  Play the game for your old dad here.”

He abruptly grinned at Guy like this was all so absurd.  “You and him boyfriends?  Come on, Guy – that is just so bizarre, it’s not even there!”

“So you don’t think we act like that?” Guy felt it necessary to ascertain.

Again, Jake glanced at me, as if hoping for some sign to let him know what this was about.

I kept my expression warm and casual.

“Of course not,” Jake assured him with another incredulous chuckle. “You’re just like a couple of mates.  I mean, I know what else goes on – I’m not stupid – but it’s not like you guys are anything more than… well… just two good friends.”

Guy seemed to visibly relax on hearing that answer and I smiled and nodded to show Jake that he’d done well.

He threw me a quizzical look, obviously keen to know what this was all about, and then headed back towards the living room with his haul of beer cans.


That night, when Guy and I were in bed and I was leisurely sucking his cock while he reached over and fingered my arse with a spit-wettened finger, he muttered to me, in a quiet voice, “It sounds like your kid and his mate are having some fun again.”

I paused in what I was doing to listen out for sounds from Jake’s room.  As I’d expected, their rhythm from the bedroom next door was steady and distinct.

I wondered whose turn it was to go on top tonight.  They’d been at it every night since that first time when I’d joined them and I’d worked out that they operated a loose rota of which of them would get to mount the other.

I sniffed at the air, hoping to be able to identify from the palpable anal odour that was wafting in from the corridor, which of their bums was the one being penetrated.  I’d thought it was Jake’s turn tonight to be the recipient of his friend’s strenuous attentions, and I was aware that my son’s behind had a characteristically harsh odour which made it instantly identifiable when he was the one being buggered, but it seemed that the smell tonight was curiously different from that.  It was as if it somehow combined both of their distinctive anal scents.

However, I was aware that my own arse was kicking out quite a whiff tonight from the ministrations of Guy’s fingers, so I thought that maybe that was confusing the smell from my son and his friend no matter what configuration they’d worked their cocks and backsides into.

Guy pulled out of me and wiped off his fingers.  I took my mouth off his swollen and dribbling bell-end and looked up to see why he’d stopped.

“Mind if I pop along the corridor and take a look at what the two of them are doing?” he asked with a smirk.  “Your kid keeps his bedroom door open, doesn’t he?”

I chuckled and nodded.  “He does, yeah.”

He got up and nipped out of my bedroom, his cock standing upright and bobbing about as he walked, the top half of it sopping wet from my mouth. He clearly didn’t mind being naked in front of my son and his friend: he probably assumed it would excite the pair of them even further to have a big, hairy man standing watching in the doorway with his large, mouth-wettened manhood curving upwards towards them.

I wondered if he’d masturbate as he watched them cavorting on Jake’s bed. I wouldn’t put it past him and the lads would be sure to egg him on.  The two of them would love that, rutting on the bed together like rabbits, with our houseguest peering in at them, wanking his big erection off.  If I heard Jake call out for him to go in and join them, I’d be sure to intervene – I’d already made it completely clear to my son that Guy was out of bounds for him.

I didn’t mind which other of my male lovers he chose to flirt with, but I’d told him quite clearly that Guy was ‘special’.

After just a few seconds, though, Guy’s face appeared back around my bedroom door.

“You’ve gotta see this, mate,” he whispered with disbelief.  “I’ve never seen anything like it!”

If Guy had never seen anything like what the two of them were doing, my imagination reeled at the position they must have got themselves into.

As we slowly crept down the corridor, my own larger cock getting tantalisingly close to the alluring cleft between his pert butt-cheeks as I followed right behind him, I became increasingly sure that the smell from Jake’s room bore signature traces of both their backsides.

On the nights when Marcus had been on all fours, allowing my son to pleasure himself using his rear, the smell from their sex had a rather lovely, sumptuous richness to it.  That’s not to say it wasn’t obvious what was producing their sexual odour – its assertively anal and sometimes outright crude overtones made it clear it was coming from a lad’s bum being sodomised – but its overall flavour was must arousing and had fuelled several very energetic masturbatory sessions in my bedroom while the two of them had been at it next door.

When Jake was the recipient, in stark contrast, his odour was far more vulgar and carnal: a lot like my own when I’m being similarly used by a man.  I wouldn’t call my son’s unmistakeable bum-stink unpleasant and Marcus was certainly vocal in his ardent enjoyment of it but, perhaps understandably, it hadn’t excited me as much as the alternative had.

The smell that was now gathering in strength in the corridor was both harshly uncouth and, beneath that, richly flavoursome.

So who could be fucking whom?

Whatever they were doing, it was making the bedsprings creak as if they were being tortured and the two of them were panting deep and hard.  Their breathing was literally heaving: they were both gasping and grunting like they were going flat-out on a pair of rowing machines.

When I got to the door I found that Guy was right: this really was something incredible the two of them were doing.

What struck me first-off was that they were back-to-back.  That threw me for a moment: how can two people have sex, whatever their genders, if they’re not even facing one another?

My son was looking towards the headboard of his bed, or perhaps at the black-and-white Arctic Monkeys poster pinned up above it.  Marcus was facing away from him, towards Jake’s desk.  And the two of them were writhing against each other, panting and gasping as they did whatever it was they were doing with their butts slapping together.

Their erect cocks were both poking upwards in front of them; Jake’s like mine would look, long and thick with the head of it looking dry, and Marcus’ a bit smaller and dribbling precum from his bright purple bell-end.

I turned to Guy and whispered, “What the hell are they up to?”

“Look at their arses, mate,” he said with grin.  “They’ve gone and bought a double-ender.  I’ve heard about them but I never figured out what they were for.”

“A double ender?” I asked and then turned back to look at them.

Guy was right: there was something black and glistening connecting their bodies.  Emerging from Jake’s arse between his cheeks, then curving upwards again and disappearing up Marcus’ backside.  They were working themselves on it, each of them pushing their bums back against it and grunting and struggling for breath as they pleasured themselves with their butt-cheeks keep smacking into each other.

“What the fuck is it?” I asked.

“It’s a dildo, you plonker!” Guy chuckled.  “It’s got two ends so you can… well… do what these lads are doing!  I always thought they were for women though.  One end up the fanny, the other up the arse.  Shows how much I know.”

“Jesus Christ!  They’re loving it!” I said.

I was amazed at how red and sweaty both their faces were.  This was clearly a deeply sensual experience for them.

And I could see how it would be: going butt-to-butt like that.  Being pleasured and feeling another bloke’s bum-cheeks pushing against yours. Knowing that the huge sausage that was sliding in and out of your bowels was doing the same to his.  His hole just behind yours, receiving the girth as eagerly as yours was.

I could see how this would be a lot of fun and I decided there and then I wanted to try it.

Marcus glanced over his shoulder and breathlessly whispered to my son, “I’m gonna need to wank off, Jake!  I’m gonna have to!”

Jake gasped back, “Try to hold off a bit more!  I’m fucking loving this, mate!  And you do know we’ve got an audience, don’t you?”

The sneaky little shit!  Is there nothing I can do without him knowing I’m doing it?

Marcus glanced over at us and looked a little taken aback.

“Are you okay with your dad and Mr Leeson watching us do this, Jake?” he asked.

For some reason Marcus seemed unable to call Guy and me by our first names. Even in the most intimate of situations, like this one, he was unwilling to refer to us as anything other than Mr Leeson and Mr Furlong.  I guess it must have just been that he’d been brought up to address his elders with respect.

Jake grinned back at him.  “Yeah… I knew they’d sneak a look!”

“They’re both running boners,” Marcus pointed out.

“Yeah,” he smiled.  “And I kind of knew they’d do that too.”

I looked at Guy and he smiled back at me.  So much for the two of us taking a stealthy peak.

“Okay, wank yourself off, mate,” Jake called out to his friend, “and I’ll finish off too.”

My son could be quite authoritative when it came to sex.  I hoped I wasn’t like that.

Marcus grabbed his cock and started jerking his foreskin quickly back and forth; my son did the same on his much larger organ.  They both sighed and gasped at the relief of being able to finally include their throbbing penises in their fun and their buttocks started slapping more rapidly together.

They both looked ahead of themselves, both looking in opposite directions, and smiled as they wanked themselves with their fists going at it like mechanical jackhammers, sweeping frantically up and down their grateful erections.  They were making it blindingly obvious how much they were loving having two older men watching them masturbate in unison while they were panting and sweating at the feel of being fucked together.

The dildo held itself steady: their arses did all the work and movement, both moving away from it and then cracking their buttocks together as they pushed hard and firm towards each other.

“Jesus, this is so hot!” I said to Guy, standing behind him.  “I can’t believe I’ve never thought of doing this!”

“Specialist shops, mate,” he muttered.  “You wouldn’t have seen a double-ender unless you’d been in one.”

“Why would Jake have bought one?”

Guy shrugged.  “Maybe they both like taking it.  Kind of stands to reason, if you’ve got two fellas who both like having it up them!”

I wanted to this myself: of that I was certain.  Feeling my buttocks slamming against another man’s, our holes both being fed by the same girth, was something I was determined I would experience and quite soon.

I pressed my erection into Guy’s lovely hairy arse crack, letting it nuzzle my throbbing cock head and gently worked it in and out between his firm, meaty buttocks.  He often let me do that to him but wouldn’t allow me to push any further.  I could press my stiffened member right up to his hot, sticky hole but he would never open it up for me to slide myself in.

I reached around and wrapped my fingers around his own throbbing organ, rubbing my thumb around his fat, slimy helmet.  We were both fascinated to see my son and his friend like this, enjoying their sexual ecstasy with their hands slamming up and down their upright cocks.

The smell wafting over from them was absolutely exquisite.  A bit sweaty from the strength of their exertions and a touch cheesy from their fist-beaten cocks, but mainly ripe and crude from what their two arses were smearing down the dildo.  The lovely stink of male-to-male anal sex, but this time amplified by two.

They could both smell it too: the big grins on both their faces made that clear.  And they were loving it!  Loving that we breathing in their stink and that it was making our own cocks throb so hard.

I pushed my bell-end a little further between Guy’s hairy arse cheeks, squeezing his own cock more tightly as I did so.  His hole felt moist and tight as I pressed my swollen helmet firmly into it.  He turned and smirked reprovingly at me.  His face told me this was as far as I was going to get.

Marcus started cumming first.

“Oh fuck!” he cried out.  “Oh sorry, mate!  It’s too late!”

But Jake was right behind him, clearly hugely turned on by the fact his friend’s bum-cheeks were now pressing firmly into his own, pushing the huge, black phallus far deeper up into his bowels.

“I think we should go back to bed, Guy,” I whispered, pulling out of him. “Give them a bit of privacy to clean up on their own.”


Back in bed, with the lads laughing and joking and flushing the toilet, I said to Guy, “I’d love to have a go of that.”

“Not with me, mate,” he guffawed.  “You wouldn’t get one of those things anywhere near my arsehole.”

“No, not with you.  I meant I’d like to do it like they did, going at it butt-to- butt on Jake’s bed.”

“With your kid’s bezzie mate?” Guy chuckled.  “Jake wouldn’t let you anywhere near him!  You saw what he was like when Marcus was flirting with Simon.  He was well arsed off.”

“No, I didn’t mean I wanted to do it with Marcus,” I said, smirking somewhat naughtily.

Guy looked at me first with puzzlement and then with impressed surprise. “Fucking hell, Rob!  I never thought you’d be up for something like that!”

“Why not?” I laughed.  “It’s not like he or I would be touching at all. Well, just our bums, working against each other.”

“Fuck me!” Guy laughed back.  “I’d be up for seeing that.  You and your kid slamming your arses into each other and having that big fuck-off dildo disappearing up your two holes!”

I chuckled at the thought of it and then asked, “Would it be really wrong, do you think?”

“Naah,” Guy kept laughing.  “Like you say, you wouldn’t really be touching each other so it wouldn’t be proper intimate.  And if you did it with me and Marcus watching the two of you going for it, slapping your two big round arses together while we cheered you on, it’d be more like a joke. Less serious afterwards; no awkward silences and stuff.”

I liked the idea of it.  I liked it a lot.

Jake and I slapping our ‘big round arses together’ as Guy had put it; that huge black rubbery length joining the two of us together by our well-stretched buttholes.  How amazing would that feel?

But how on earth could I suggest something like that to my son?

I’d have to pick my moment carefully.  Phrase it, as Guy had said, in non-threatening and perhaps even light-hearted terms.

“Now, come on, Rob,” he directed.  “Bend over and shove your cute little tush out and let me work off this hard-on that seeing those two horny fuckers gave me.”

I did as he said and got on all fours.  Jake and Marcus had finished off in the bathroom and I heard their bedsprings creak again as they both got back into bed together.

My sex with Guy seemed quite unimaginative compared to what I’d just seen Jake and Marcus experiencing, and I kept thinking about the idea of using the double-ended dildo with my son’s bum on the other end of it.

How wrong could it be?  We’d masturbated together the first night that he and Marcus had had sex in the house and it’d seemed quite funny when we’d done that, standing in front of each other and whacking our fists up and down our large hard-ons in unison.  I’d enjoyed that on another, deeper level too: I felt it strengthened the already rock solid emotional bond I have with Jake.  I’d appreciated the moment as a deeply fraternal one, intensely grateful that we were so secure in our attachment for one another that we could enjoy pleasuring ourselves candidly and sexually in front of each other.

Guy worked up a steady rhythm and soon my own bedsprings were resuming the incessant squeaking that my son’s had only just ceased.  If the two lads weren’t yet asleep they would hear that it was now our turn to enjoy a more restrained moment of intercourse as two older men.

As the room filled up with the strong smell of our sweating copulation, and its thickly pungent flavours wafted back down the corridor and into my son’s bedroom, I heard Jake’s bed-frame creak again as one of them got up to come and see what we were doing.

It was Marcus: I saw his blond curly hair as he peeped in at us through the open door.

I smiled at my son’s university friend as he watched me being mounted from behind, enjoying the sensation of Guy’s big cock pounding away inside me but wanting to delay masturbating so as not to hurry what was always a deeply profound moment for me.

Marcus grinned back, clearly liking how I looked: bending there on all fours with my erection throbbing and pointing forwards underneath my stomach and my big, heavy balls hanging down so low between my legs.  I felt quite proud to allow him to see me being penetrated by Guy in this position: so excited as a man to be giving myself to another and enjoying without any shame or embarrassment the classical pose of the homosexual recipient.

Marcus edged forwards through the doorway and, in spite of his recent orgasm, I was pleased to see his cock standing upwards again.  I nodded and smiled towards it and he took my gesture as permission to stroke it, gently easing his foreskin up and down as he watched me working my flexing buttocks back against Guy’s hips as I sought to match his pace.

This was how the older guys savour the pleasures of male-to-male coupling and I was delighted to let him see it first-hand.

“You’re a horny little fucker!” Guy called out to him, grabbing my hips more firmly and slamming himself more quickly in and out.  He must have only just seen that we were being observed and he laughed at the sight of Marcus masturbating for the second time in quick succession.

“If you’re gonna spy on us, at least come in and watch us properly,” Guy urged him.  “Come on, mate!  See how the big boys do it!  You might even learn a thing or two!”

Marcus grinned and pushed his way into my room.  His hard-on poked upwards in front of him.  Perhaps out of good manners, he chose not to touch himself now that he was properly in our presence.

“I wasn’t sure how you’d feel about me watching you guys,” he said, totally uninhibited about standing in front of us running a full erection.

I replied, with Guy still working himself in and out of my bum, “As long as you agree that what we’re doing is something… well… very beautiful, then you’re very welcome to be in here with us.”

If had been Jake it would have been quite a different matter.  I know he secretly fancies Guy and I wouldn’t trust him not to lean forwards and start licking his arse, or something equally inappropriate, thus taking Guy’s attentions from me.

(And when Guy and I are together, I think it’s fair for me to admit that I want his thoughts to be one-hundred-percent focussed on me.)

Marcus isn’t like that.  For a start, he’s much more reserved; but more importantly I don’t think a big, beefy bloke like Guy would really be his type.  He seems quite delicate and sensitive, though not in an effeminate way, and I felt I could trust him not to start flirting with the man I have a soft spot for the way I could anticipate my son would.

Marcus smiled.  “I think it looks absolutely incredible, Mr Furlong.  I love the way you guys are working together, him pushing into you but you taking control, and I just love how totally masculine the two of you look. Your sex is… well… just amazing!”

I smiled back at him and Guy chuckled.  I thought he was going to come out with some smart-arse comment like he usually does at such moments but he managed to restrain himself.  Instead he increased his rhythm in and out of me, moving his hands up my shoulders to really lever himself against me, and I groped behind him to grab at his buttocks, pulling him into me faster and more roughly, driving my arse back onto his spearing erection with as much force as I could muster.

Marcus sniffed the air a few times, and smiled at the strengthening anal odour our exertions were kicking out.  His cock throbbed upwards, its head darkening to an expectant purple.

“Your sex smells similar to when I’m doing it with Jake,” Marcus told us. “But it’s stronger and a bit more… I dunno… raunchy.”

Guy laughed as his cock rammed back and forth between my buttocks as I pushed myself upwards against him.

“It’s the smell of his arse,” he panted over to Marcus.  “It’s as raunchy as fuck, but Christ do I love it!”

Guy’s rhythm increased and I fell back towards the bed, both arms outstretched to support myself even though he held me firmly by my shoulders.  His hips were slamming against my flexing cheeks, his cock jabbing in and out of my hairy butt-crack in a blur of motion, pumping relentlessly like a piston at full speed.

“Oh my God,” Marcus gasped.  “You guys are just so hot!  Do you mind if I… well…”

He was standing in front of two guys having graphic, full-on anal sex and he couldn’t bring himself to say ‘masturbate’.

I said, my voice getting breathless, “Wank away, Marcus.  There’s tissues on the bedside table.”

“Gee thanks, Mr Furlong!”

Guy crooned back in a voice like Robin from seventies Batman, “Gee thanks, Mr Furlong!”

Marcus laughed and started beating himself off at the sight of our lovemaking.  Strange that I should think of it like that: I felt I didn’t just have sex with Guy these days, I liked to think that the two of us made love as two men.

“You can tell you’re eighteen!” Guy chuckled, his cock still bucking in and out of me with the same rapid, unwavering speed.  “Two wazz-offs in less than half an hour… enjoy it while you can, son!”

Marcus chuckled and kept working at his dick.  He didn’t seem at all self-conscious to be masturbating in front of two guys he’d known for less than a week.  Instead, he directed his full attention to my arse: more precisely at the thick, well-veined cock that was now hammering away, pounding in and out of it.

“You like seeing two fellas going at it, don’t you?” Guy asked.

“To be honest, I’ve never seen two men your age having sex.  I thought it would be a bit… I dunno… weird.  But the two of you look totally awesome!”

“What makes us look so hot?” Guy asked, getting out of breath.  I could tell from his speed and the way he was digging his fingers into my shoulders that his climax wasn’t too far away.

“The way you’re so in tune with each other,” Marcus explained, his own hand now whacking up and down far more quickly than Guy’s hips were able to thrust.  “The way you work so well together as a couple.”

Guy’s rhythm faltered and fingers loosened at Marcus’ use of the word ‘couple’ and for a second I thought we were going to have another episode like the one we’d had earlier that evening.

“I don’t mean that in a gay way,” Marcus quickly interjected, clearly recognising the reason for Guy’s discomfort.  “I just mean that you work together as two like-minded men, two close friends, who obviously both understand what the other enjoys.”

Guy’s rhythm recovered and his fingers tightened around my shoulders again. The moment had been saved: nice one Marcus!

“And do you like looking at my cock shagging his arse?” Guy asked, making it clear that his original question had been aimed at getting Marcus to talk dirty as a way of hastening his oncoming orgasm.

“Yeah, it’s nice and big,” Marcus said, quickly catching on.  “I love how thick it is, stretching his hole so it’s really gaping open.”

“Is that what you’re thinking of when you’re wanking?” Guy asked.  “How massive my knob is and how wide open his arsehole is?”

“Yeah, and how nice your bum is, Mr Leeson.”

“Yeah?” Guy gasped.  He was seconds away from spurting.  The sheer speed and force of his driving cock made me surprised he’d lasted as long as he had.  “What d’ya want to do to it?”

“I want to lick it,” Marcus panted back.  His own hand was now slamming up and down his cock the non-stop blur of an eighteen-year-old’s frenzied masturbation.  “I want to rim your hairy crack and smell how ripe it stinks, then I wanna shove my rock-hard dick up your slimy arsehole and fuck you ’til you cum!”

Now I hadn’t expected that.  Before I could pull myself away from Guy and quickly usher Marcus out of the bedroom with a curt ‘goodnight’, Guy fell onto my back, grabbed me tight around my chest and started shooting in rapid spasms deep up into my bowels.

Marcus blew off at the same time too.  It seems like talking dirty really did it for him.  I wondered if he and Jake exchanged such pleasantries when they were similarly ensconced.

I’d been too thrown by what I saw as him making heavy with my special man to join in with all the semen squirting, and Guy had leave his cock up me for a good half minute while I frantically finished myself off.

I’ve got him well-trained, you see.  The first few times we had sex, he’d just pulled out of me when he was finished and I had to keep reminding over and over that my orgasm is far better if his manhood is still firmly ensconced up my butt.  So these days he leaves it planted up there until I’ve shot off myself.  It’s a small thing, but clearly a positive step and I’m hoping I can gradually persuade him in other directions in future.

While the three of us cleaned up, Marcus, perhaps predictably, apologised for the way he had spoken to Mr Leeson.

Guy, of course, laughed uproariously.  So loudly that I worried he might wake Jake up who would then come bounding in with endless questions about what had happened and a few snide digs in my direction about why he wouldn’t be allowed to do anything like this when Guy was staying over.

But fortunately, Jake slept on oblivious.  He could sleep through a vacuum cleaner being operated right next to his bed, so I suppose it was to be expected that the three of us wouldn’t wake him up.

Guy said, “No worries, mate.  It certainly had the desired effect!  But if you’re fantasising about fucking me, you better knock that one straight on the head.  I won’t even let him do that!”

Marcus looked over at me with surprise, grabbing some more tissue to mop up the semen that was insistently still forming small white beads on the slit of his cock head.  When I didn’t offer any response, he asked, “Really?”

I nodded.  “Yeah, but I’m working on it.”

Guy laughed, “And you’ll have a shitload more work to do on that score.  It ain’t gonna happen, mate… that was the deal from day one.”

Marcus looked at me sympathetically.  “But don’t you enjoy giving as well as receiving, Mr Furlong?”

“Of course I do!” I smiled.  “And I’m extremely good at it, or so I’ve been told.”

Marcus looked almost upset that I wasn’t able to penetrate Guy in the way that I so clearly wanted to.  I was hoping he was about to offer me to use his cute little behind, maybe come out with something like, “Well, Mr Furlong, when Jake’s next over at his mum’s, maybe you and I could… well –”

And maybe he had been going to say that.  He was clearly very horny and could also be surprisingly dirty.  He’d just proven that with what he’d come out with to Guy.

But Guy screwed things up by cutting in, “He gets to do it with other fellas, Marcus.  Don’t let him fool you with his sob story.  He’s got some bloke called Bradley and a teacher from your mate’s old school giving it out to him whenever he fancies it.  As well as about half a dozen others.”

Marcus looked back over at me, his expression far less compassionate.  “Oh right.  I didn’t realise that things were so… open… between the two of you.”

Guy chuckled.  “Yeah, it’s just for fun, me and him.  We both do other stuff on the side, but with me it’s mainly with women.  He likes to get his dick up pretty much every bloke he meets.”

“That’s not quite true,” I said, seeing how surprised Marcus looked.  “I mean, there’s a guy who works in Tesco I’ve only really said hello to so far.”

Marcus trundled off back to bed and Guy and I got into ours.  He went to sleep with my arms around him and my head resting against his shoulder.  I always sleep more soundly with him in my bed.  I’m sure it’s simply the fact of having another man with me if we had intruders.

My thoughts, as I drifted off to sleep, were on how to get Jake to agree to what we’d discussed: he and I going at it on his double-ended dildo.  And also how to make it seem inconsequential: whether just for a laugh or with a more blatant sexual intent, but certainly in a way that wouldn’t risk harming our relationship in any long-term way.

That was the number one priority: however I set this up, I had to be absolutely certain that no ill-feeling between us could possibly result from it.

But that was the major stumbling block: was it even possible to think of a scenario where the two of us, father and son, could be going at it like that: that incredible rubber phallus filling both our arses and the two of us working against each other, bum against bum?  Probably not, but the image I had in my head of us was just too alluring.  It had to be possible and if it wasn’t I had to make it so.

Just imagine the stink of us both being fucked by the thing!  It was obvious that Jake had inherited my own pungent whiffiness back there and so the fact of there being two Furlong arses slamming back against the dildo would stink the whole room out with the doubled-up smell of us both being penetrated.

Jesus, it had to be possible!  I just had to figure out a way how…


Part 2

“Oh my God, Jake, I can’t believe what you guys were doing last night!”

This was my opening gambit over coffee-making when the two of us had just got up.  I was hoping my seemingly light-hearted quip might give me the opportunity to tell him I would really like to double-end with him – that being something one did with another man with an appropriate dildo. Not the sort of thing a wholesome and caring dad like me would normally ask of his son.

“Oh yeah,” he smiled.  “I thought you’d like seeing us playing with our toy.  I take it you’ve never done anything like that before?”

He was wearing just a skimpy little pair of tight, white briefs.  They showed his slim, athletic figure off quite stunningly and it was obvious that he had fully intended for the huge mound of his over-generous cock and balls to be so graphically flaunted.

I, only the other, hand was in a more decorous pair of boxer briefs.  Tight enough to show off my bulge and bum but not as flagrant as what my son was flashing.

“No,” I admitted, adding two mugs for Guy and me to join the two he’d already put out.  “It looks like it’d be… well… pretty amazing, actually.  Something I’d like to try for myself.”

“Yeah, it’s great for nights when both of us both fancy having something up our butts and neither of us wants to be… you know… the guy on top!”

I smiled, spooning coffee into the four mugs.  “Does that happen often?”

He nodded, adjusting his briefs to show his cock off a bit better.  He must be hoping that Guy would soon stagger downstairs.

He’d certainly flaunted himself at my regular bed-friend in the bathroom the previous night when the four of us guys had been brushing our teeth. I’d been appalled at the way he’d kept pretending to drop his toothbrush so he could bend over and push his skimpily-clad backside against the bulging mound of Guy’s briefs.  He’d kept giggling and apologising for such repeated ‘accidents’ and I’m sure he’d been about to try something more overt before he saw me glaring at him pointedly through the mirror.

He said, “Well, we’ve both got girls we’re seeing, me more than him, and when you’re with a girl you only really get to do it one way… you know what I mean…?”

“I think I vaguely remember,” I smiled.

“So when you’re with a guy,” he went on, “you’re kind of looking for something different.  And having something dick-shaped shoved up your bum is pretty much about as different as it gets!”

“When the two of you were going at it together, it looked very… er… intense,” I observed.

“Yeah, it is,” he grinned, grabbing a couple of glasses for him and Marcus. “It was fifty quid well spent to be honest.”

He took some orange juice from the fridge and filled up the glasses.

“I’d really like to have a go – maybe I could use yours to see if I enjoy it…?”

Jake nodded and put the carton back.

“You need two people, though,” he said, waiting for the kettle to boil. “And I don’t suppose Guy would up for doing something like that?”

“Of course not,” I agreed.  “And, to be honest, the position I had in mind would be based on what I saw you guys doing last night… the way that you were both enjoying it so passionately and were able to work against each other and add to each other’s pleasure.”

Jake smiled.  He liked that I thought that he and Marcus looked hot together.

“Even if I could persuade Guy to give it a go,” I went on, “the feel of it would be too unfamiliar for him to be able to relax into it like you guys were.”

“So maybe Bradley?” he asked.  “I reckon he’d be up for it!”

He threw me a smirk to suggest that if Bradley was indeed ‘up for it’, Jake would equally be up for watching the pair of us slapping against each other, panting and gasping as went at it butt-to-butt.  Which wasn’t totally unreasonable since he had allowed Guy and me to watch him doing exactly the same thing with his university friend the night before.

I spooned some sugar into Jake’s and Guy’s mugs.  One for Jake, two for Guy.

“I was actually wondering,” I began, hoping he wouldn’t freak out, “and feel free to say no…”

He looked across at me curiously.

“… if you and I could try it together…?  I think I’d really enjoy that…”

His curiosity changed quickly into surprise.  Not shock, though, which was a positive.

“What, me and you?” he asked, making sure he’d understood.  “Father and son doubling-ending it together?  Going at it butt-to-butt with that dildo up inside us both?”

He grinned at me with amusement and I couldn’t tell if he thought I was joking or if he genuinely found the idea curiously funny.

“That was pretty much what I had in mind, yes.”

“Wouldn’t it be bit weird, though?” he asked, his face becoming more thoughtful at the possible consequences for us.  “I mean, I know we wanked off in front of Marcus the other night but –”

“Well, it would be kind of like that again,” I explained as the kettle came to the boil and clicked itself off.  “I was thinking that, if you were willing to try it with me, Guy and Marcus could watch us doing it.  So it wouldn’t be like it was anything serious.”

Jake nodded and filled the cups up from the kettle.

He said, “So, let me get this straight.  We’d be all be in the living room, me and you naked and going at it back-to-back, with those pair sitting watching us?  Like we were the cabaret or something… Jake and his old man double-ending it for the audience?”

I saw from the way his bulge firmed up a little and poked outwards how much he was starting to like the idea.

“I think it would be quite… er… stimulating,” I smiled.  “And it’s not like we’d have to touch each other so it wouldn’t be like we were doing anything untoward.”

Jake grinned and nodded.  His cock was really starting to grow in his briefs.  The mound it was making as it thickened and lengthened was verging on indecent.

“So we’d be sort of squatting together, or maybe on all fours, working our bums against each other, each of us helping to fuck the other with the dildo, but not actually touching?  Is that what you mean?”

I nodded.  And it really was exactly what I’d meant: was it so deeply wrong for me to have suggested this to him?

My cock responded, like Jake’s, with a definitive no, developing a little in my boxer-trunks in anticipation of Jake saying yes.  I was pleased my underwear was quite confining: I wasn’t sure how Jake would respond if he saw his dad hardening up at the thought of us slapping our bums together in front of our house guests.

He wanted to clarify things yet further: “Okay, so when Marcus and I do it, we grab each other’s bollocks underneath us when we’re getting close. There’d be none of that with us two, would there?  No reaching underneath each other to have a grope of the other guy’s nuts?”

“Absolutely not,” I said.  “And I’m pleased that we’ve made that clear from the outset.”

He glanced at the four drinks he’d made and picked up the two glasses of orange juice.  “I’ll have to make two trips.”

I was going to suggest he use the prominent extrusion that his cock was making in his briefs as a shelf for at least two of the drinks, but I thought it wiser to just ignore the fact he was getting aroused.

He said, “Actually, it’ll be useful if I take these two up for us and come back for the coffees.  I reckon I’ll need to ask Marcus if he’d be okay with me and you double-ending, what with me and him being… well… you know…”

I nodded.  “Of course.”

It was clearly too early in the day for him to bring himself to say ‘fuck buddies’.

“You might want to check with Guy that he’d be okay with it,” Jake suggested.

“I already did,” I grinned.  “He is, as you’d say, ‘well up for it’.”

Jake chuckled.  “Yeah, he would be.  I dunno why even mentioned it.”

He headed off with the two glasses of orange juice, his pert butt wiggling delightfully in his tight, white briefs, and I waited for him to return for the coffees.  He took quite a while and I was starting to wonder if Marcus had been shocked by the suggestion.  Perhaps he was pulling on his clothes, saying he was going to catch an early train; that he didn’t want to spend another minute in this house that was full of sexual deviants.

But when Jake returned he was smiling.

“He was, like… whoa!  Talk about instant hard-on!”

“Really?” I chuckled.  “He was that keen on it.”

“He was totally, like, ‘there’s no way you guys can back out of it now! This is for fucking real, Jake – you and your dad have gotta do this!'”

I laughed.  “Wow!  What took you so long, then?  I thought he must think it was a really inappropriate suggestion.”

“No – he was telling me stuff we should try!  Guy wanking you off, him wanking me off.  Even the two of us sucking both of them off: so we’d all be doing it together, four blokes in a row!”

I laughed even more loudly at that.  “He’s got a good imagination, your friend!” I said.

“One of the reasons I like him so much!” Jake grinned, grabbing their coffee mugs before heading back up to his bedroom.


Those hours of anticipation dragged oh so much!

All four of us knew what the end of the day held in store and, while no-one wanted to be the one to mention it, I think we were all counting down the minutes until we could get the show on the road.

As it was Saturday, we all went to Corby together, Jake and I unable to stop ourselves from continually smiling at each other at the decidedly unique performance we were going to put on that night.

While Guy and Simon had gone off to look at stuff in a sports shop, Jake and I went into Waterstones to look at the books.  Downstairs, the fiction racks were heaving with the pre-Christmas rush but once we’d forced our way through all the people to go up to the history and music sections on the second floor, we found the upstairs departments far more pleasantly quiet.

While I was looking through the latest titles on the First World War, Jake sidled over to me pretending to be flicking through a book about the Madchester scene.

“You still up for it tonight, dad?” he whispered.

I glanced around to see if anyone was within earshot: fortunately, they weren’t.

“As long as it’s done exactly like we agreed,” I replied in a low voice, “then, yes, I think it should be fun.”

“Absolutely,” he said, nodding enthusiastically.  “I mean, we’ve got to keep in mind throughout that we can’t risk doing anything we’d regret. It’s not like we can just ignore each other afterwards!”

“If I think it’s going too far and that either of us is doing anything we shouldn’t, I’ll pull the plug on it there and then,” I told him.  “I’m not even going to have a drink… well, not until afterwards.”

He smiled and nodded.  “Yeah, I’ll second that.”

He opened the book and looked idly at some of the pictures.  I recognised The Happy Mondays but thought Jake probably wouldn’t have a clue who they were.

He looked back up at me and whispered again, “How are we going to do it, though?  Are we gonna let the two of them wank off when they’re watching us?”

I nodded.  “I think we’d feel less self-conscious that way.  If they’re just sitting there gawping at us it’d seem a bit weird.”

“And what about the stuff Marcus said: having them joining in with us if they want to?”

I looked at him uncertainly.  Were we really doing this in the middle of book shop?

He treated my reaction as if I hadn’t understood.  “I mean, we’ve got to lay down a few ground-rules before we start… we can’t get halfway into it and then say, ‘Hey, no touching our dicks,’ or whatever…”

I looked around again.  The nearest customer to us was an old fella and he was immersed in a book about the navy.

I whispered, “I don’t mind how they get involved with us, but the number one rule for me is that you don’t do anything with Guy.”

He tried to adopt his blameless look but I smirked and went on, “I saw all that bending over and shoving your bum against his crotch last night. Needless to say, I wasn’t greatly pleased.”

“It was an accident!” he insisted, raising a palm in supposed innocence.

“Even if he comes over and shoves his dick in your face – and I wouldn’t put something like that past him – you send him over to me.  I’ll do the same with Marcus, if that’s what you want.”

He shook his head.  “I’m not too bothered if you and him want to have a bit of fun, but I’m starting to feel you’ve got a thing about Guy that runs quite a lot deeper from how I feel about Marcus.”

I nodded.  “Yeah, I don’t know what it is… he’s a bit different from the others.”

Jake grinned.  “You’re just waiting for him to say those three special words aren’t you?”

I threw him a quizzical look and he clarified: “You’re my man.”

I let out a silly giggle that made me sound like a little kid.  “Yes, I think I would like that.”

At that moment we were shushed by some old woman who’d just come in to look through the medieval history shelves so Jake scuttled back to the popular science section.


The two of us undressed separately in our bedrooms and then came out into the hallway between our rooms, both of us standing before one another: father and son together in the stark nuddies.

It felt quite odd to be naked with Jake even though I’d lived with him so closely for all these years.  For most of my life, and after so many failed attempts to couple up with a woman, I’d been cringingly self-conscious about my body.  However, now that I was regularly getting complimented by other guys and having them tell me how hot and how sexy I looked when I expose my over-large genitals, I was getting to rather enjoy showing myself off.

In contrast, Jake clearly loved parading himself: he’d always been something of an exhibitionist even in front of me as his dad.  Ever since his early teens, he’d seemed to revel in showering with the bathroom door wide open and thought nothing of strolling across the landing first thing with his morning erection shamelessly tenting his underwear.

He looked at me in my state of total undress and chuckled.

We’d been naked together a few nights earlier when he’d invited me into his bedroom with him and Marcus, but this felt different: we were on our own.

He said, “I thought you’d have a boner, dad.”

I chuckled.  “I’m actually quite nervous, given what we’re about to do.”

I looked him up and down.  He was thinner than me and his skin more supple and toned but our genitals were near-mirror images of each other.  His cock was, like mine, pointing floppily down and its size, and even the way his foreskin was slightly pulled back from his plump, pink mushroom head was identical to mine.  His balls hung low, something else he’d inherited from me, and he’d trimmed his pubic bush quite short the way I’d also done in the bathroom that morning.

I said, “I suppose I also expected you to emerge from your room with a hard-on.”

He laughed and held up his large, black dildo.  “I have,” he announced. “In fact, I’ve got two!”

I put my hand out and he passed me it so I could I admire its rubbery texture and feel for myself its thick and generous girth.  It was quite a beautiful piece of work: the two cock heads at each end were flawlessly smooth but the swollen shafts behind them were ribbed and veiny to maximise the pleasure of the two men it was servicing.

“I suppose two women could enjoy using this,” I observed.

Jake nodded but added, “I think it’s biggest… er… customers are guys who really crave having a dick up them but are too scared to do anything but straight stuff.  If their wives are willing, then both the frustrated hubby and the broad-minded wife are able to get fucked at the same time!”

He grinned and I nodded.  “Maybe I should have bought something like this for your mum when we were still married!”

I sniffed at the rubber.  It smelt like the glossy clear plastic pockets we used at work but had hints of something more interesting and distinctly organic.  The shiny black cock heads were especially odorous with definite traces of crude and pungent residues lurking in the minute pours in the surface.  I sniffed at one end and then the other, and then said, “It’s pretty clear that this one has been used exclusively by two men.”

Jake laughed and grabbed it back from, sniffing for himself first one black mushroom head before moving on to the other.

Still laughing he said, “Yeah, and you can definitely tell where they’ve been!”

I’d hoped that the two of them would have a preferred end that they would always use and that I’d be able to smell Marcus’ gentle and earthy whiff on one of side and Jake’s far harsher and more acerbic bite on the other. However, it seemed that they just used their toy in whatever random configuration it happened to be picked up.  The two ends of the dildo smelled largely the same.

“You really do love the smell of male butt, don’t you?” Jake laughed.

“I do, yes,” I began, “but why –?”

I realised he was looking at my cock which was now rising up from my large, heavy bollocks.  It wasn’t even hard enough to be called a semi but I still felt my cheeks flush with embarrassment.

“Oh, sorry,” I stuttered.  “I just – ”

“Don’t sweat it!” Jake grinned.  “We’re both gonna be rock-hard once we get going down there – probably dribbling with precum and needing to whack off – and that’s gonna be in front of our two mates!”

“Yes, I know.  It’s just force of habit I guess.  That’s one of the reasons I’m quite keen to do this.  I think it’ll be good to help me get over all the years I was really self-conscious about my body… baptism by fire, you might say.”

Jake laughed.  “I think you’re doing a pretty good job of that yourself with all the guys you get your kit off for!”

I smiled.  “But this is a bit different, Jake.  This is… I dunno… like laying on a sex show at a club.  A very small and exclusive club, granted, but it wasn’t that long ago that I would have keeled over in shock if you’d suggested I’d be standing here now, about to… well… perform for them, alongside you.”

“D’ya think we should quickly rub one out before we go downstairs?” he asked.  “So we last longer?”

“I don’t need to,” I replied.  “But you can if you want to.”

“I was thinking we could do it together, like we did the other night,” he explained with a smirk.

“What?  Masturbate in front of each other?”

He grinned more broadly.  “Yeah… if you like…”

It was true that we’d stroked ourselves face-to-face in front of Marcus a few evenings earlier, but that had been a spur of the moment thing; just the two of us getting carried away in front of his friend.

He went on, lowering his voice to a whisper, “We could do it in your bedroom… both sniffing the dildo and having a wank together…”

I can’t say I wasn’t tempted – even if just for a second – as I’d enjoyed masturbating with my son when we’d done it in his bedroom and had found it an intense and surprisingly unifying experience.  But before he could persuade me further, I firmly shook my head.

“Maybe one day, Jake, and maybe soon,” I told him.  “But not like this, when we’d both be in a rush.”

“But you would be up for it?” he asked and I noticed that his cock had now joined mine in its state of arousal, and was lengthening steadily and starting to rise up from his balls.

I nodded.  “I think I would, yeah.  But maybe one afternoon, when we both have an hour or two to kill and we’re both in the right mood, so we can take our time and show each other what we both enjoy.”

He smiled.  “That’d be awesome!”

I gestured him towards the stairs.  “Come on, then, Jake.  Let’s go down and knock’ em dead!”

“Yeah, let’s do it!” he grinned.  “Let’s show them what two Furlong butts can do!”


Guy and Marcus applauded rapturously when the two of us walked in naked, our cocks having thankfully shrivelled again at the prospect of what we were about to do.  Marcus was making whooping noises and Guy was clapping his hands above his head.  For just two blokes, they sure put on quite a reception.

We both did a little bow and they cheered and clapped even louder when Jake held the big black dildo up and bent the top half forwards so it looked like it was bowing too.  Then the two of us stood there until their applause subsided.  I was feeling really awkward: it was one thing being naked around other guys who are in a similar state of undress, but quite another when two of the guys are fully clothed and sitting there with drinks alongside them like they were having a perfectly civil and seemly evening until the two of us streakers bounded in.

Perhaps seeing my discomfort, Jake took the lead and got things started. He seemed indifferent to the fact that he was standing there naked in front of our two friends and flaunted his large floppy cock and weighty bollocks at them as if he did this kind of stuff every day.

Guy, I noticed, was grinning salaciously at him and his eyes were fixed firmly at waist-height.  He clearly liked everything that my son was presenting to him.

“Okay, you guys,” Jake began, putting the dildo down on the coffee table next to the large box of (‘Man Size’) tissues which we’d positioned at the ready.  “A few ground rules, first.  You can both get your dicks out and even strip off and join in with us if you like, but if you do, it’s strictly one of you getting together with one of us.  And as Marcus is exclusively with me tonight, that means you’re pretty much stuck with my dad, I’m afraid, Guy.”

The two of them laughed with Guy pretending to groan, and I found myself chuckling too.  I beamed over at my son, so pleased that he’d put the onus on himself about how we might couple up.

He smiled back at me.  He was a good lad.

“And no taking photos or movies,” Jake went on, although I was sure the instruction was not really necessary.  “This is strictly between the four of us.  And needless to say, whatever happens in this room stays strictly between the four of us.  Not even a whisper of this to anyone!”

Guy and Marcus nodded intently.  They were so keen to see us perform that they’d have agreed to just about any terms and conditions my son could think up.

They were both fascinated by what we had between our legs: no doubt at how similar my son and I were built down there, but also possibly by the thought that Jake himself – including his own big, heavy pair of knackers – had originated from one of the two large balls that were stretching my own scrotum halfway down to my knees.

“Right then, dad,” Jake grinned over at me.  “Let’s get this show on the road!”

The two of them cheered again and we changed our position so we were back-to-back.  Our bum-cheeks pressed together: his feeling hard and round and pressing firmly into mine.  It was an odd sensation but in no way unpleasant.

“Okay, if we sort of squat down together,” Jake told me.  And then: “Oh shit!  We forgot the lube!”

I said, “There’s a tube of KY in the drawer underneath the Sky box.”

Marcus fetched it for us, commenting, “It’s funny how in this house there are pots of Vaseline and tubes of KY hidden away in just about every nook and cranny you look!”

“You never know when the need is going to arise,” I told him and he grinned over at me, sitting back down on the couch.

We moved apart to apply some lube to our bums – it felt odd to be doing that in front of two clothed men; a bit like wiping your arse in public – and then lined up back-to-back again before squatting down together.

We giggled to feel our bum-cheeks pressing together so firmly, the bristling hair of our splayed arse-cracks tickling each other and our big, heavy ballsacks swinging together like one of those desk toys from the eighties.

Jake called over to Marcus, “We might need a bit of help, mate – it’s gonna be difficult trying to do this without touching each other!”

Marcus got back up and grabbed the dildo from the coffee table.  My wife had bought the coffee table from Ikea donkeys years ago.  She probably thought it would always have nice homely magazines set out on it, never suspecting that it would one day be host to a large black double-ended dildo destined to fill her ex-husband’s and son’s well-lubed buttholes.

He fiddled around with the dildo underneath for a short while, trying to bend the two ends upwards and locate our entrances by working the heads back forth along our butt-cracks.  However, finding that this trial-and-error technique wasn’t working, he laid it down on the carpet and said he was going to have to take a look underneath us to figure out how best to do it.

“Squat a bit upwards,” he told us, lying out flat on his back on the living room carpet to push his head beneath our squatting bums.  I wasn’t too comfortable at having this young man lying underneath me looking up at my splayed arsehole, but in view of what I’d got myself into, it would have seemed overly fussy of me to object to what was in essence a mere practicality.

In any case, I knew for a fact I was totally clean under there.  I’d spent a good quarter of an hour in the bathroom making doubly and triply sure and Jake had gone in straight after me and slammed the door closed behind him, presumably to similarly check that all was as it should be.

Once Marcus’ head was underneath our squatting bums, though, he unnerved me by laughing loudly at what he could see.

“What’s up?” I asked quickly, feeling my face flush pink.  “Does it look okay?”

“It looks…” Marcus began and then paused.  We both teetered above him, our butt-cheeks touching.

“It looks,” he began again, “absolutely amazing!  So hot, you just wouldn’t believe it!”

“Our buttholes look amazing?” Jake asked with a disbelieving laugh.

“Yeah,” Marcus chuckled.  “Similar but different, if that makes sense.”

“How are we different?” I asked.  I could guess how we were similar.

“Yours is so much bigger, Mr Furlong,” Marcus said, still reluctant to call me ‘Rob’ even on finding himself with me in one of the most intimate positions that was possible between two men.

Guy laughed, “Yeah… I bet you can tell he likes it havin’ up him!”

“I mean, Jake’s is pink and a bit puckered,” he went on, “but yours is just puffed-up!  And so red and massive –”

“I think we get the picture!” I cut in as Guy guffawed.

“You can tell he’s had a few tree trunk dicks up there, then?” he said through his laughter to Marcus.

“Yeah, well obviously yours couldn’t have done that to it, could it?” I retorted somewhat cattily.

Guy just laughed louder.  “It’ll be your mate Bradley who’s done that to you, mate.  You said he was built like a fucking anaconda!”

Yeah, his and countless other massive shlongs I’ve taken, I thought.  But I just smiled and nodded: one doesn’t want to make oneself appear like a total tart in front of company.

“I know you said no photos, Jake,” Marcus called out from underneath us. “But you guys really have to see this!  It’s just so hot!”

“Maybe if we delete them straight afterwards,” Jake agreed.  “Are you okay with that, dad?”

“As long as I’m the one to press ‘delete’,” I nodded.

Guy passed Marcus his phone and he asked us to squat upwards a little further so he could get both our bums in shot.

“Oh God, it’s just amazing!” he laughed on looking at the photo he’d taken.

He reached up and passed Jake his phone.  Jake chortled at the photo and said, “Oh Jesus, dad!  You’ve really gotta see this!  There’s no need to ask whose butt is whose!”

He reached behind himself to pass me the phone and I stared at the photo, engrossed in how incredible it looked.

There were six amazing things in it, the first three of which were, running from the far left: the tip of my son’s big heavy cock drooping downwards with the foreskin slightly pulled back and his little pink piss-slit peering out from it; his big, hairy bollocks looking like two wrinkled mounds of flesh, one on top of the other; and behind that, along the crack of his arse coarsely bristling with hair, was the pink ring of my boy’s arsehole, looking a little stretched and swollen from the occasional cock or dildo he enjoys taking up it.

And then, halfway across the shot, we came to my equivalents.  Starting from the far right we first came to my own thick flaccid cock, its skin also pulled back a bit from the excitement I’d felt from sniffing the dildo upstairs and my longer slit also on show.  To the left of that were the paired mounds of my own plump bollocks, looking if anything even fuller and more swollen than my son’s.  And then behind those, along another crack that was if anything more furry and forested than Jake’s, the shocking and vulgar gape of my protruding arsehole.  It was red and splayed open like some obscene and gratuitously over-used pussy, announcing to everyone the sheer multitude of men and huge variety of cocks that I’d urged to roughly bugger me in the past month or so.

“Oh God,” I said, feeling my cheeks flush again.  “You guys must think I’m such a bum-whore!”

The ring of my anus was clearly distended outwards, making a large, puckered ‘O’ shape which seemed to be crying out to be filled by the shaft of another man’s impatient, pumping cock.  My son’s hole, in contrast, appeared veritably chaste: a mere fraction of the size of the big, gaping chasm being brandished by his dad and only hinting at the fact it had started being regularly penetrated in the last few months.

Marcus called up from underneath us, no doubt trying to be encouraging, “Well at least we’ll have no trouble working the dildo up you, Mr Furlong.”

Guy walked over to stand in front of me and I swivelled the phone around for him to look at the photo.  He laughed at how outrageous my son and I looked from this, to say the least, unusual angle.

“You can’t delete this, Rob!” he insisted.  “It’s just the fucking works! I could happily wank off looking at this!”

I smiled at him but quietly muttered, “It’s a bit grotesque, though.  My hole is all stretched open.”

He squatted down in front of me and reached between my legs, underneath my balls.  Grinning, he ran his middle finger around my big, splayed hole and said, “It’s just how I like it, Rob.  A lovely, hot fuckable arse!”

He pushed a couple of fingers into me, sliding in easily with all the lube I’d applied, and worked them gently in and out.  Then he leaned forwards and I thought for a brief wonderful moment he was going to kiss me, but instead he veered off the right and whispered in my ear: “I’m getting hard just thinking about how hot your big, wet arsehole is, Rob.  So don’t feel bad about it… it’s as horny as fuck!”

I smiled into his ear, enjoying the feel of his stubble grating against my cheek almost as much as I was enjoying his fingers working slowly in and out of my cock-loosened hole.

Marcus called out from underneath us: “You guys know that I’m watching all this, don’t you?  I mean, I’m not complaining… it looks totally hot… but if you think you’re enjoying a private moment –”

“What are they doing?” Jake cut in.

Guy pulled his fingers out of me with a wet slurp.  “Just a bit of loosening up, mate.  Not that your old fella needs a lot of that, I’ve gotta say.”

Jake chuckled and said, “You can loosen me up if you like!”

But then feeling me tense against him and remembering our agreement, quickly turned it into a joke by saying, “Naah, I’m only messing with you, Guy!  I made the rules and I’ve gotta stick to them too!”

Guy just grinned and passed the dildo to Marcus, saying, “Right then, laddo.  Let’s see you get this started!”

Marcus worked the dildo into position and I felt the coldness of the rubber cock head pressing against my hot, sticky hole.  Jake shifted his position: he obviously felt the other end against his too.

“Okay you guys,” Marcus said.  “Are you both ready for a bit of… er… slightly unconventional father-and-son bonding?”

We both laughed and eagerly agreed.  We certainly were.


Part 3

It felt odd for my son and me to be squatting naked together, his back rubbing against mine, but I was sure it must feel even stranger for his best mate Marcus who was lying out on our front room carpet, facing upwards at our two splayed bums and pressing the twinned heads of a double-ended dildo against each of our arseholes.

It wasn’t the most typical Saturday night in the Furlong household but, then again, it wasn’t especially surprising that we’d ended up in this position either.

My friend Guy – who was watching us with intent amusement – had spied in on my son and his friend from university the night before when they’d been enjoying a noisy bout of sex together.  To his surprise, and to mine to after Guy had urged to me look in on them too, they’d been pleasuring themselves using a black length of rubber called a ‘double-ender’ – this being the dildo that was now poised at my butt.

I’d been immediately fascinated by the position they’d got themselves into and had been desperate to try it for myself.  Guy had made it bluntly clear he didn’t want a dildo up his butt – just as he stressed on a fairly regular basis that the only thing he was willing to have up there was my tongue.  Obviously, I couldn’t ask my son’s friend if he’d be willing use the dildo with me: the two of them were regular fuck-buddies and, in any case, I’d only just met Marcus about four days before.

But I was determined to try out the incredible double-ended dildo and, since Guy and Marcus were out of the running, that only left one contender for the job.

I’d talked to my son that morning and had mooted the idea, very carefully of course, that I might like to try double-ending with him.  He’d agreed that the suggestion wasn’t actually that weird once we’d laid down some ground rules and it and had ended up being quite keen on trying it.  We decided that as long as there was to be strictly no touching each other and that we’d use the dildo together in front of our two friends to keep the mood light and jokey, then there wasn’t any real chance of it damaging the strong relationship we had as father and son.

So that’s how we’d got to where we were now, the two of us naked and with our big floppy cocks dangling down towards the floor, pressing our bum-cheeks firmly together and trying not to giggle from being tickled by the wiry hair from each other’s arse-cracks.

Our friends were both still fully clothed and eager to watch us perform, with Jake’s university friend lying out underneath us and peering upwards as he levelled the two heads of the dildo against our buttholes.

“I always thought Jake had a big pair of balls, Mr Furlong, but yours are absolutely massive!  They’re… well… they’re just awesome!”

I smiled over at Guy who looked highly amused.

“It can be quite a curse,” I told him, thinking of how restricted I was in my choice of underwear.

“Yeah,” Guy chortled.  “He has to empty the bloody things about three times a day!  If he doesn’t keep nutting off, they get so big he can’t fasten his trousers up.”

Marcus chuckled.  “All those times you went up to your bedroom, Mr Furlong, there I was thinking you just needed a bit of solitary me-time.”

“Naah, he was bashing his beef,” Guy asserted.  “He’s always at it!”

I didn’t deny it, although usually I crept along to the computer in the spare room to help me attend to such matters.  More importantly, though, I didn’t blush either: I quite enjoyed the feeling that the four of us were all men together and could banter like this with amusement as friends.

Marcus pushed the twinned heads of the dildo firm against mine and Jake’s bums.  We both flinched and I felt the slick, shiny rubber slide smoothly deep up into me.

“Oh look!  I got a hole in one, Mr Furlong!” Marcus triumphantly declared.

Guy laughed, “Yeah, that was always gonna be the easy bit!”

Jake gasped as the rubber eased more slowly through his tighter butt-hole and pushed its way into his less well-used tunnel.

He grunted, “Ah, yeah!” and pushed his bum down against it.  I pushed mine down too but Marcus scolded my haste.

“Don’t be greedy, Mr Furlong!  You’ve already got about half of it in you.”

I muttered, “Sorry, I hadn’t realised,” and he pulled a few inches of it back out of me to feed to Jake.

That’s when the smell first kicked in: the smell of the first of the two Furlong arses, smeared down the dildo as it emerged from my bum.

It was strong and crude: the bitter and bracing smell that my sexual companions always tell me they greatly enjoy when they’re using my back passage for us to have intercourse as two men.

Marcus sniffed the gathering odour curiously.  He knew the smell already from watching Guy and me making love the previous night, but was also intimately acquainted with it from having my son’s less robust version regularly waft up to him from his well-ploughed behind.

He said, “This is… er… going to be quite something once you the two of you get going!”

Jake sniffed the air too, no doubt recognising the paternal version of his own bum stink.

“Yeah!” he laughed.  “This room’s gonna reek to high heaven once that dildo starts getting all wet and slimy from both our butts!”

I noticed Marcus reach down to the crotch of jeans and roughly adjust himself.  Either he was growing a hard-on which needed shifting to give it room or, more likely, had already been aroused by peering up at us from underneath and my bum odour had made his erection painful from where it was straining against his tight little boxers.

Guy laughed too and splayed himself out on the settee.  “This is gonna be a fucking good show!”

I saw that he also had to adjust the front of his trousers – did the smell of male anal sex have the same effect on all men? – and I noticed his bulge was far more prominent than Marcus’.

Guy went on, “I think it’s great that you pair are so totally comfortable with each other that you can do something like this without either of you getting all freak-out about it.  You don’t know how lucky you are to be so relaxed about stuff like this.”

I beamed over at him and I think Jake smiled too.

He added, “I mean, imagine me and my lad Simon, squatting stark bollock naked together working a big black double-ender up our two hairy arses!”

Marcus gasped, “Fuck yeah!” and banged his head against the dildo he was still working up inside Jake.

“Sorry,” he muttered, “but what do you mean?  Does he have a mobile?  Could you get him over here?  Is his bum really that hairy?”

Guy chortled with laughter.  “No, I just meant that he would never do something like that.  He’s way too uptight about sexual stuff, and even if he wasn’t there’s no way my arse is getting anything dick-shaped shoved up it.”

Marcus nodded with disappointment and got back to getting the dildo just right.  I felt a little more of it slide out of me as he pushed it deeper up Jake’s far less commodious bum.

The smell from its slimy surface was growing steadily stronger.  Every time we were beginning to get used to it and it seemed like it was abating, Marcus would fiddle with the dildo and we’d all get a fresh blast.

He called out from underneath us, “For such a clean-cut guy, Mr Furlong, your backside sure kicks out a hell of a stink!”

Guy laughed raucously.  “I can vouch for that, mate!  Good job I find it so fucking horny!”

“Yeah, I’m not saying it’s a bad thing.  It’s like Jake’s, which I obviously really like, but… well… so much more intense.”

Again I didn’t blush: after all, why should I?  It was natural that, with big black dildo emerging from my slimy innards, the room should start smelling increasingly strongly of my arse.  But more importantly, I liked it that everyone was clearly enjoying my most intimate odour: even my son who was probably looking forward to his own bum stink amplifying his dad’s.

At last happy with the way he’d set the dildo up, Marcus pulled out from underneath us and went to sit alongside Guy on the settee.  Now they really did look like our audience: Jake and I squatting side-on to them, our buttocks pressed together and the thick black rubber of the dildo making a ‘U’ shape underneath us as it connected us together bum-to-bum.

Jake said, “Okay, dad, now we sort of both push back against the dildo. It’s not like fucking, where one guy takes the lead and the other works against him.  It’s more of a collaboration – the dildo should stay still and the two of us work ourselves against it together with the same force and rhythm.”

“Sounds a bit complicated,” I grinned over at our spellbound viewers.

“It’s well worth it, though,” Marcus called over.  “Once you’re both into it, it’s like nothing you’ve ever felt!”

Jake started pushing back a bit so I worked my buttocks hard against his. I liked the feel of his muscular butt-cheeks pressing firmly against mine and I pushed my splayed cheeks roughly into them so that the sweaty hairs of my arse-crack would bristle coarsely into his own.

He slowly pulled away from me and so I followed his lead.  Then we started doing it over and over, pushing our bums together with a small moist slap and then pulling them apart and letting the dildo withdraw from us both.

“Fuck yeah!” Guy called out.  “Work your big sweaty arses together!”

His hand was rubbing at the large bulge he was making in his jeans; his movements overtly masturbatory as Marcus kept glancing over at, apparently struggling to decide whether he wanted to look at that or what Jake and I were doing.

We were slowly increasing our speed, our backs rubbing together as our buttocks moved back and forth against each other.  I laughed over at Guy and he beamed at me: he knew what a big deal it was for me to be behaving like this in front of him and Marcus.

“I love the way your two sets of knackers are dangling down,” he announced. “For an eighteen-year-old lad, Jake, you’ve got a massive pair of nuts!”

As Marcus had indicated, double-ending like this did indeed feel very pleasant.  Not only the sensation of the dildo, working steadily more quickly in and out of my gaping hole, but the act of cracking my buttocks against Jake’s was surprisingly erotic in spite of him being my son.

This was anal sex at its absolute purest: only our bums were being stimulated and we had both of our arseholes being filled at the same time.

“Oh God!” Marcus gasped.  “Look at their dicks!”

Guy laughed raucously.  “Bloody hell!  It’s like watching a couple of mushrooms grow up in fast forward on one of those nature programmes!”

I realised my cock was rising upwards in its excitement and from what Guy had said it was clear that Jake’s was too.

I grinned over at Marcus who was beaming at me with delight.  “I knew you’d enjoy it, Mr Furlong!” he smirked.

I chuckled, loving him watching my cock lengthening and thickening as it slowly curved upright, my foreskin pulling back from its swollen purple helmet without me so much as touching it.

As I’d expected, the crude and unmistakable smell that I was smearing down the dildo, was joined quite conspicuously by my son’s more pungent and characteristically ripe anal odour.  We all sniffed it – all four of us – and my grin towards Marcus and Guy broadened.  They were by now both rubbing at the large mounds making their crotches rise up, relishing the double Furlong stink that was wafting over to them from the father and son’s dildo-filled arseholes.

We started slamming our bums against each other, the huge black length of rubber staying put as our holes frantically consumed and discharged it over and over, with the two of us working in unison.  Our butt-cheeks made rhythmic slapping noises, growing steadily louder and faster as our pleasure intensified, and Jake started gasping, driving himself back against me with increasing force.

Guy called out, “Oh Jesus!  This is so fucking hot!  I’m gonna have to wank off!”

I looked over at him, sweating profusely from my brow, whacking my arse against my son’s as the dildo drove into us both, pummelling our dissimilar holes in delicious harmony.  I could feel my face was bright scarlet and my cock was throbbing like I urgently needed to masturbate too, but I resisted the urge for the sake of prolonging this exquisite moment.

Guy yanked his jeans and boxer shorts down to his knees and started jerking his big, thick manly cock without even sitting back down.  Marcus stared at it, enrapt by how turned on Guy’s swollen manhood looked and then jumped up to undo his belt and fly and hastily tug his own clothing down.

As the two of them stood open-legged alongside us pounding at their cocks, Jake and I continued working ever more quickly against each other, my son’s pert round arse whacking more loudly against my own.  We were both panting like we’d just finished an uphill sprint together and it seemed like the whole room was filling with the stink from our bowels and what our gaping, slippery arseholes were smearing on the dildo.

“You all right, dad?” I heard Jake gasp.

“All right, son?” I replied through my heaving breaths.  “I’m having the time of my life!”

“We don’t half stink, though!” he laughed between a couple of heavy pants of his own.  “Do you think it’s okay?”

We kept banging our arses into each other, gasping as the twin ends of the dildo reached so deeply up into our innards.

“Don’t you like it?” I asked him breathlessly.

“Yeah!” he panted over his shoulder.  “Do you?”

“Do I like the smell of anal sex?” I laughed back.  “No, Jake – I love it!”

“You don’t mind how strong it is, though?” he persisted.  “How rough it stinks with both our bums having it up them?”

“It’s the smell of male penetration,” I told him.  “It’s one of the sexiest smells there is!”

“Well, let’s crank it up further,” he breathlessly whispered.  “Relax your bum as open as it gets!”

I knew what he was intending and I did as he suggested.  He obviously tried relaxing his own butt too because he let out a loud fart.

“Oops sorry!” he giggled but then, loosening my own bowels, I accidentally released an even louder one of my own.  The two of them combined to make our stink even more potent.

“Oh Jesus!” Guy called out, his hand whacking frantically at his cock. “The smell from your fucking arses is gonna bring me off!”

Marcus was pounding his own dick too.  “I’ve never smelled it so strong! Christ, it stinks so rough… but it’s just so hot!”

With our bowel muscles more relaxed and our gases thankfully expelled, we could make much longer, sweeping thrusts against each other, using almost the whole length of the dildo.  We started really plunging ourselves onto it, both our bums rising high up and away from each other and then slapping roughly and noisily back together, the long black snake of the toy ramming deep up inside us.

“Give me all you’ve got, dad,” I heard Jake struggle to say.  “Really slam your arse hard against mine!”

“Bottom, Jake!” I managed to gasp.


“Bottom’s more polite.”

We thrashed our buttocks into each other, the cheeks bright red and risking a couple of days’ bruising, with the air in the room now thick and rank with the uninhibited double stink of our joint anal sex.

I heard someone whimpering and after Jake had asked me if I was okay a few times, I realised with some astonishment that it was actually me.

I gasped, “I really need to climax!  I’m just so desperate!”

Guy waddled over with his trousers around his knees and I thought he was going to reach down and start jerking my cock for me.  Instead, when he was right up in front of me, he swivelled around to turn his back on me and leaned forwards to present me with his hairy splayed butt-crack.

“Rim me, Rob,” he commanded.  “As deep as you can.”

Aware that that would only serve to get me even more sexually wound-up, I nevertheless complied and plunged my face between his large, muscular cheeks.

“Ah, nice one!  Yeah!” Marcus cried on seeing me rimming Guy’s big manly behind, before Jake asked him what Guy was doing, seemingly unwilling to crane his neck around that far.

“Your dad’s licking out Mr Leeson’s bum,” Marcus announced, his hand making slapping sounds on his dick that were even faster than the louder cracking noises of me and my son’s buttocks thumping together.

“Let me do the same for you!” Jake cried out and Marcus staggered over to have his own bum rimmed by my son.

I drove my tongue rapidly in and out of my lover’s delicious anal ring and revelled in the bliss of rich and pungent tastes lurking deep up in his rectum.

I heard Guy laugh and say, “Yeah!  Get me nice and wet, big boy!”

And I was thinking, “Why the hell are you doing this to me?  I was already whimpering from over-excitement, my cock just about bursting open it was so hard… why would you make me rim you as well?”

Suddenly, Guy pulled away from me and angled his backside downwards towards my cock.

He looked back at me with a grin, and said, “Come on then, Rob, bum me like you’ve been wanting to!  Shove your cock up my hole!”

I called out, “Oh yeah, Guy!  Please!  Let me fuck your arse!”

He laughed and said, “It’s all yours, mate!” and then he plunged his big rump slap down onto my cock.  I grabbed my shaft and jabbed the head firmly against his hot, slick hole and, to my gasping relief, my copiously-applied spit allowed me to slide it into him.

I wrapped my arms around him and started making love to him quickly, first with the top couple of inches of my cock but gradually with more and more of it as his bowels steadily grew used to this new and insistent intruder.

I was whimpering again, the pleasure of being able to penetrate Guy while still connected to my son almost too great for me to be able to cope with.

“Your dad’s fucking Mr Leeson,” Marcus told Jake.  “He has his cock just about all the way up his arse!”

“Crouch down the same, then,” Jake gasped pulling his face out from his butt-crack.  “Let me fuck you like they are, the four of us in row!”

The rhythm of Jake’s bum stopped as he worked himself up his friend’s wet chute, and when it started up again, it was if anything more rapid, as the two of us enjoyed anal intimacy with our lovers back-to-back with the dildo still lodged up our thrusting bums.

Guy staggered further forwards so that his arms were outstretched on the carpet and knelt down so that he could stick his big, manly arse out towards me.  I shifted my hands down his sides to grab at his hips, and then mounted him properly in the doggy position.  This was my favourite of all the many ways of copulating with another man and I was so pleased that Guy had chosen to give himself to me in this way.

I fucked him hard and fast, with me squatting and him kneeling on all fours.  I loved watching my cock driving in and out of his big, solid bum-cheeks, and sniffed eagerly at the wonderfully crude odour that was wafting upwards from his virgin hole.

“Oh God yeah!” Jake cried out and I swung my head around to see what he was doing.  He was holding Marcus by the shoulders and was fucking him just as roughly as I was fucking Guy.

I couldn’t believe we were doing this with the dildo still connecting us: the two of us making love to our respective men in this position; our butts pounding against each other and our rectums bound exquisitely together.

It was, to say the least, utterly incredible.  I had never felt such intense ecstasy, to be honest; I can hardly describe how it felt to be experiencing this new level of intimacy with Guy while I had the same big rubber shaft up inside me that my son had inside him.

As the four of us pounded away together, the brash smell from Guy’s newly-ploughed entrance and the more earthy richness from Marcus’ more frequently traversed hole combined to add to the much rougher stink of mine and Jake’s double-ended enjoyment.  The hot air in the room became a vulgar cacophony of four men’s differing anal scents: the crude, pungent fug from the dildoed arseholes of the father and son being thrillingly enhanced by the deeper, carnal odours from our lovers’ bowels as the two of us so rapidly and forcefully buggered them.

Jake suddenly started calling out with a high-pitched voice, “Ah!  Ah! Ah!”  Then he fell away from me, his backside pulling right off the dildo, gasping feverishly between his friend’s shoulder blades.

Guy grunted back at him, “Yeah, fill him up, son!” as Jake’s hips kept thrashing against Marcus’ perky buttocks, shooting squirt after squirt of his seed into his bowels.

I grabbed Guy by the shoulders and started fucking him at full kilter, intent now on reaching my own orgasm imminently.  The dildo was still sticking out of my arsehole and thrashing about like some weird black tail, slapping against the backs of my thighs as my butt muscles clamped tightly around the part of it still buried inside me.

The air was suddenly ripe with my son’s most intimate stink, smeared thickly down his side of the dildo and sticking in thick gobs to the smooth polished head.

While Jake was still recovering from his quivering climax, Marcus pulled away from him and shuffled over to see what Guy and I were doing.  I turned to look at him, my face probably soaked with sweat and my complexion pallid from prolonging my arousal way too long, and he smiled at our lovemaking.

“You both look incredible, Mr Furlong,” he muttered.  “What you’re doing is truly beautiful.”

I smiled back at him, delighted with his every word.  I had to agree with him: in my own view, male-to-male anal sex in this, the doggy, position was one of the most beautiful of sexual sights whatever one’s persuasion.

I managed to gasp at him, “He’s losing his virginity!”

Marcus beamed at me.  “Then it’s even more amazing.”

He surprised me by leaning forwards and grabbing the end of the dildo that was protruding from my butt-crack.  He started thrusting it back and forth in time with the hammering of my hips against Guys’ quivering arse-cheeks.

I gasped, “Oh, yeah!  Slam it in and out of me!” and then Jake struggled to his feet and came over, grinning at how his lover was working the dildo so frantically in and out of his dad’s sweaty crack.

My son’s cock was going floppy but Marcus’ was still straining upright: the orgasm Jake had so passionately enjoyed clearly had not been shared by his partner.  Marcus grabbed his own erection with his free hand and started wanking himself off as he pumped the huge rubber phallus quickly and roughly through my red and swollen hole.

“Oh God, that feels so good!” I cried out to him and he grinned at my stupefied expression, so pleased to be adding to my mounting pleasure.

“Really fuck him with it!” Jake called out, and I glanced back at him to see that he was directing that instruction towards his friend.

Marcus started ramming the huge girth of the dildo as hard and as fast as he could up into my innards and I gasped as my own climax hit in, my balls pumping my semen for the very first time up into Guy’s inexperienced bowels.

“Oh God, yeah!” Guy cried out as I emptied surge after surge of my cream deeply into him and he started beating himself off at the sensation of having another man discharge himself up inside him.

I fell on top of him, my chest heaving against his back, and I managed to whisper, “Did you like that Guy?  Did you like me fucking you?”

He chuckled, still wanking his cock quickly as my own continued to spurt endlessly into him, and said, “Too fucking true, I did, mate!  But now I really need to blow my nut!”

He pulled away from me with the most disgusting, sloppy fart that made it sound like he had a serious case of explosive diarrhoea, and stood up to face me with my own discoloured semen trickling down the insides of his hairy thighs.

He said, “Turn around, Rob, and bend over.  Let’s see you working that almighty black cock in and out of your splayed arse, mate!”

Even though my cock was still dribbling with the dregs of my climax and I had barely recovered my breath, I got up and bent forwards towards the fireplace with the huge rubbery tail still flopping around out of my butt-crack.  I grabbed it through my legs and started driving it and out of my arsehole, finding it difficult to keep a firm grip on the big droopy thing from the amount of lube and all the mess from Jake’s butt that was making the rubber so slimy and wet.

“Is this what you want me to do?” I asked, keen to stoke these two guys up towards their own climaxes now that my son and I had both so energetically enjoyed our own.

“Ah, yeah!” Guy gasped.  His hand was quickly bashing away at is cock again and Marcus pushed himself up to stand alongside him so he could watch me too while he roughly beat himself off.

My own organ was losing its firmness and starting to hang down as if seeking post-coital comfort from my soft, cosy scrotum.  Nevertheless, I wanted to perform for my audience and if that meant continuing to sodomise my own arse while they wanked themselves off – even though I really just wanted nice cold glass of white wine – then that was what I would have to do.

Struggling to get a grip on it, I was pleased when a firmer hand than mine gripped the appendage.  It was Jake, who had swivelled around and was kneeling down next to me and, from his more advantageous angle, was able to far more dextrously work the dildo in and out of my bum.

“Right, lads,” he chuckled, “let’s see you wank off to this!”

He started sliding the dildo rapidly in and out of me and I grunted my thanks to him, putting both hands down on the hearth to support myself as I bent as low as I could and pushed my bum right outwards.

“I wanna see you spunk up over his arse!” he told them.  “Or over my face. The choice is yours.”

Guy and Marcus laughed and I could see through my legs that both their hands were working themselves into a hard, purposeful rhythm.

My son kept driving the black rubber more quickly in and of my butthole – was I really okay about him doing this to me? – as the two men stood watching him, pumping their wrists faster and faster on their cocks.

Then they both laughed and Guy called out, “Fucking hell, mate!”

And Marcus gasped, “Ah yeah!  Go for it, mate!  Don’t hold back!”

I called up to him, “What are you doing, Jake?” but whatever it was he did it again because the two of them laughed more loudly and their hands started slamming up and down their cocks in a flurry of motion.

“Fucking awesome!” Guy gasped.  “You’re a dirty little fucker, Jake!”

“Go on, do it again!” Marcus added, his hand now pounding away at himself in a blur.

“What are you doing?” I repeated, struggling to see up at him through my legs.  He had his face right near my arsehole and the dildo as he pummelled it up into my bowels.  He couldn’t be licking at the rubber as it slid in and out of my sore and bloated hole, could he?  That couldn’t, surely, be what was making these guys laugh and bash their dicks off so quickly, could it?

Whatever it was he did it a third time and Guy started shooting his hot, white sperm all over my bum before directing his spurting cock towards Jake’s mischievous face.

Marcus called out, “Yeah, that’s it, Jake – go on, lap at it!  Right near his hole!”  And then his cock followed Guy’s and started emptying its load over his lover’s kneeling body.

Having done what he’d set out to do, Jake let go of the dildo and grabbed the tissues from the coffee table to start wiping the two varieties of semen off himself.  I struggled to push myself back up from the hearth and, with no-one to hold it, the dildo was expelled from my arse with an unpleasant squelch.

The double-ended stain it made on the fawn-coloured carpet would take several bottles of carpet cleaner to slowly dab out.

We left Guy and Marcus downstairs pulling their pants and jeans back up while Jake and I went upstairs, along with the dildo, to clean ourselves up.

Both still naked and with me standing at the sink, rubbing all our muck off the dildo under the hot tap, I asked him what it was he’d done to make Guy and Marcus climax.

“Oh, I was just messing around,” he laughed, using a wet flannel to sponge their semen out of his hair.

“You weren’t licking the dildo, were you?” I asked him, wanting to see his reaction through the mirror.

He just smiled and looked back at me.  “Of course I wasn’t!  Jesus, do you actually think I’d do that, dad?”

“Marcus told you to ‘lap at it’ right near my hole.  What were you doing to make him say that?”

“I had my tongue out, yeah,” he grinned, “but that was just to get them spunking up.  I was getting a cramp kneeling there like that and I just thought, ‘What’s gonna get them shooting their nuts?’ and so I stuck my tongue my tongue out pretended like I was licking it.”

“You pretended to lick the dildo?  With it sliding in and out of my bum?”

He shrugged.  “I didn’t have my tongue anywhere near it.  I was just acting up like women in a porn film.  Wiggling my tongue towards it as if it was so sexy.”

I nodded but I was far from convinced.

He tried his innocent look – which isn’t that easy to pull off when you’re dabbing two blokes’ spunk out of your hair – and said, “That’s all it was dad – honestly!  I really wouldn’t have put my tongue on it.”

I didn’t respond but just turned back to look at the dildo as I rubbed its full length with my whole hand, as if I was wanking it off underneath the hot tap.

“What do you use to clean this thing, Jake?” I asked him.  “I’ve washed all our mess off it but it still stinks to high heaven.”

“On the packaging it said use warm water and detergent.  Oh, and that it’s dishwasher safe.”

“I’m not putting it in the dishwasher, Jake.  There are matters of hygiene to consider, you know.”

I suppose that sounds a bit fussy considering the sheer state the four of us had had just left the living room in.

That night in bed I asked Guy what Jake had been doing behind me when he and Marcus had so vigorously reached their mutual climaxes.

“Oh, just messing around,” he said.  “You know what your Jake’s like.”

“In what way was he messing around?” I persisted.  “If I remember rightly you called him a ‘dirty little fucker’.”

“Yeah, well I was just about to jazz off.  I don’t have to tell you some of the stuff I come out with when I’m getting close.”

“Was he licking the dido?” I asked outright.

“Licking it?” Guy asked with what seemed like forced incredulity. “Of course he wasn’t licking it, mate.  Jesus, like he would!”

“Was he at least pretending to lick it?  Did he have his tongue out like he was going to?”

“No, of course not.  Come on, Rob, he’s your son.  He wouldn’t do anything like that.”

Having quickly got dressed in his bedroom after we’d cleaned up, Jake had bounded downstairs before me and I had a strong suspicion that he’d urgently whispered to the two of them in the living room, “Whatever he asks you, I wasn’t licking the dildo, okay?”

I’d hurried down straight after him, still fastening up my shirt, and had walked in on the three of them staring at me, all just smiling like butter wouldn’t melt.

“So what was he doing behind me?” I asked Guy, curious that his story didn’t match up with Jake’s.  “What was it that made you and Marcus laugh so much and then climax pretty much in unison?”

“Oh, I dunno,” he muttered, struggling to think his way out of this.  “Just stupid stuff…”

“Like what?”

“It’s a bit of blur,” he claimed, and then, seizing an idea which must have just occurred to him, added, “but… yeah… he was sort of sniffing at the dildo.  Yeah, that’s it… he was pretending he really liked the smell of it.  And after all that stuff we’d be saying about how horny the two of you stank when you were double-ending it together, it just seemed really hot and sexy to see him sniffing at it and grinning.”

I didn’t tell him that what he’d said completely conflicted with Jake’s story.  I was becoming convinced that my son had rather over-stepped the mark during our fun and that I’d have to be more careful with him in future.

I put my arm over Guy’s chest and snuggled against his shoulder.  Whatever had happened wasn’t his fault and it was sweet, in a way, that he was trying to protect my son from the strong reaction he knew I could quite easily vent.

He said, “Whatever Jake was doing, Rob – and it really wasn’t anything out of order – it won’t stop us all having some fun in the future, will it?”

“I dunno,” I sighed.  “I am his dad, Guy.  There has to be limits.”

“You were the one who suggested the double-ending thing with him, mate.”

“I know that,” I nodded.  “And that part was great.  But the two of us were quite strict about what we could and couldn’t do and I’m now wondering whether Jake went beyond that.”

“Whatever it was he did, I swear to god that he didn’t actually touch you. That was the rule wasn’t it?”

“He broke the spirit of the rule which was more about us not being intimate together.  And licking a dildo sliding in and out of someone’s arse is, in my view, one of the most intimate things a person can do.”

This time Guy didn’t dispute my suspicion; he just said, “If he did lick the dildo – and I’m not for a second saying that he really did – it shows how strong you guys’ relationship is.  You should be thankful for that, Rob.  What you guys did tonight just proves that you and him have got a truly heavy-duty bond between you.  I’d kill to have something like that with my kid.”

I nodded into his armpit.  Maybe he was right.

Maybe I was looking at this the wrong way and that such occasional moments of intimacy between my son and me could only strengthen the special connection we had.  Perhaps what Jake had done – what I was now sure he had done when he’d been kneeling behind me – was something I mustn’t feel in any way uncomfortable about but should be a cause for celebration.

I went off to sleep with that thought in my head; wondering whether it would be wrong for me to allow a deeper physical closeness to develop with my son.


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