Butt Monkey
by Robert Furlong


Part 29: Taking It All In

It’s not every day one gets caught by one’s own son being anally pleasured by another man, but that’s how Saturday had started out for me.

I’d woken rather later than I usually would, a consequence of a very eventful evening with Bradley which had gone on well into the small hours, and had staggered out of bed to make us both a coffee with the time approaching ten.

Just as when we’d got into bed, it felt odd to be waking up with another man lying next to me in my bed, snoring gently and with his stubble coming in thick.  I’d looked at him for a few minutes from my own pillow, serenely asleep and with a half-smile on his lips as though he was still basking in the satisfaction of the twin orgasms he had enjoyed before we’d slept.

I’d spent my first night with another man alongside me, the two of us having used each other quite strenuously for sex before we’d slept.  Although it felt strange to be waking up next to a member of my own gender, it also felt surprisingly pleasant; I had to accept that I now shared my bed with men as well as women.

As I got out of the bed and straightened the duvet over Bradley, I noticed underneath it that his large cock was prominently erect.  Mine was too: we both were sporting similarly-sized morning stiffies.

It was good to know that, like me, he woke up horny.  I hoped that after I’d woken him, we could masturbate together – or perhaps more – and I wouldn’t feel guilty asking for morning sex from someone who was so obviously aroused.  With the vast majority of women I’d been with, my ex-wife especially, morning sex had always been a matter of strongly expressed inconvenience.  If we’d had sex the night before, like I had with Bradley, there was no point even asking.  I was the only one of us who ever seemed to wake up feeling randy and usually I was forced to tend to myself in the privacy of the bathroom.

With Bradley – and with most men, I expected – some kind of sexual release in the morning was probably regarded as standard fare.  Whether we were just able to manage a hasty tug together or we could run to something more involved, I assumed that with a member of the male sex in my bed, most mornings would start with matching erections which would bring with them opportunities for sex; perhaps even expectations of sex.

I’d pulled on my dressing gown and had made us both coffee.  Then I’d brought the mugs back to bed with us

He awoke as I lay back down next to him.

He stretched noisily, his armpits bristling with his thick, coarse hair, and then took a grateful gulp from the mug I’d placed next to him.

“Morning,” he grinned, his voice sounding husky.

“Good morning, Bradley,” I smiled back.

“How do you feel?” he asked.  “Any regrets?”

“None at all.  What about you?”

“Of course not,” he shrugged. “But, then, I’m used to doing this kind of stuff.”

He took another slurp from his drink.

“Is it okay?” I asked him.  “I had to guess how you might like it.  I thought, with you being a beer drinker, you’d have a sweet tooth and would probably take sugar.”

He chuckled.  “I’ve been shagged by Miss Marple.”

“Was I right, though?”

He laughed again. “As it happens, yes. Sounds like a lucky stab in the dark to me, though…”

“Well if it was, it wasn’t the only one,” I chuckled. “Having never shared a bed with a man before, I hadn’t realised how much… well… jabbing goes on in the night.”

I vaguely remembered, through the veil of my sleep, that Bradley’s excitement had been prodding into me several times during the night. At one point, I seemed to remember half waking up with it throbbing against my hip and oozing precum onto me, a sensation which I’d found so pleasant that my own slumbering organ had quickly roused and assumed a similar state.

He grinned at me, taking another drink.  “It wasn’t all one-sided, mate.  You were humping my bum-cheeks at one point.”

“I can’t believe that,” I laughed.  But then, vaguely remembering grabbing him to me and sliding myself up and down between his firm, round buttocks, added, “Well, maybe just a bit.”

“It made me so horny, I almost asked if you fancied quick one!” he laughed.

I looked over at him, surprised.  “Really?  Does that happen when you sleep with guys?  In the middle of the night, I mean!”

Such things had been practically unknown when I’d spent the night with women.  If I’d ever have woken Linda up for a quick one in the night, I’d have found myself unceremoniously castrated.

He chuckled.  “When we’re both up for it, yeah – of course it does!”

I marvelled at the thought of it, gaping at him in disbelief.  Was there no end to the advantages of having a male lover?

He laughed again at my expression of incredulity.

“Only a quick one, mate, like I said.  A little wank together… maybe a quick suck of my cock, if you’d be up for it… something for you, but I don’t know what since you’re not into being sucked –”

“You could finger me while we were wanking off,” I cut in.

He smiled.  “Yeah… that kind of thing.  Just a quick one in the dark to keep us both going ’til the morning.  Where’s the harm in that?”

I grinned back at him.  “Absolutely!  I never knew other people woke up in the small hours with thoughts like that.  Especially after two orgasms.”

He smirked over at me, remembering his impressive double climax.  “You’re with a bloke, now, Rob.  You should remember that whatever goes for you, pretty much goes for me too.”

I nodded, pleased to know that sex in the middle of night was deemed acceptable between two males if one happened to wake up horny and found the other in a similar state.

We took a few drinks from our coffee cups and then Bradley raised his side of the duvet and looked at himself under at.  Then he looked back at me and said, feigning contrition, “I think – in the absence of any fun during the night – my boys might need a bit more attention now.”

I raised my side and did the same.  “Hmm… I think mine might too.”

“Would you be up for a round two?” he asked.

“Yeah!” I grinned, before reminding him, “Except in your case it would be round three, of course.  What sort of thing did you have in mind?”

I rather liked the idea of us kneeling together, chest-to-chest, and masturbating both our cocks together.  I’d like to feel our pairs of big, swinging knackers banging together and I’d like to kiss him again, something which I’d found surprisingly arousing the previous evening.

But Bradley had other ideas.

“I was thinking, maybe,” he began, “you might like a repeat of what we did last night – when I was in front, taking your cock from behind.  Except this time, maybe, we could change places, so you’d be in front.”

“Wow, yeah!” I exclaimed, grinning at him.  I hadn’t thought he would want to anything too strenuous first thing in the morning, but since he did, I was very happy with the prospect of finally getting to feel what it was like to have a man’s organ inside me.

He grinned back and the duvet rose up a little as both our cocks started throbbing.

I raised it and sniffed at the warm, moist air underneath it.  I’d always enjoyed the strong, sexual scent of my own aroused cock but now that there were two under there, the combined odour from our erections was so much more intense.  I inhaled it, savouring the sharp, virile whiff of our exposed swollen cock-heads, both of us slick with our precum, and the thicker, cloying sweat from our hairy scrotums, each of us rising prominently with the twin mounds of our already-replenished balls.

I turned to say to Bradley with a grin, “It smells very sexy.”

He took a sniff under the duvet himself and announced, “The manly whiff of a pair of horny, oozing cocks.”

“And two pairs of big, sweaty bollocks,” I added.

“And a couple of hot, sticky arseholes, ready for some fun,” he finished with a laugh.

I chuckled but I wasn’t sure I could quite smell those, although I was sure, once we got started, I probably soon would.

As he was expecting to bugger me, I thought it best to go to the toilet as thoroughly as I could before we started while Bradley made us both more coffee.  When I got back to my bedroom, he’d returned with two fresh cups and had switched the clock radio to a station which he obviously liked but I didn’t know.  Some nineties-sounding soft-rock track wailed out sounding tinny and vaguely unpleasant.

“How do you want me?” I tried to ask over the noise.

“Uh?” he grunted, unable to hear me.

I walked over to him and turned the music off.

“I was enjoying that,” he complained. “I like music during sex. A nice, smooth ballad with a woman; something with a bit more kick to it when I’m with a guy.”

I switched it back on but set it to a lower volume.

“Okay, so how do you want me?” I repeated.

He smiled and turned the volume up a bit louder.  It was louder than I liked it, but at least we could hear each other over the top of it.

He gestured towards the bed and said he’d like me to get on all fours.  I assumed he was indulging me because I’d told him I like the doggy position.  As much as I was attracted to the position, I wanted to try something different.

“Why don’t you lie this way,” I suggested over the noise of the music, “on your back.  Let me do the hard work.”

I preferred to stay in control during my first taste at being fucked. I’d read something on the internet about some receiving men acting a

“power bottoms” and I was intrigued by the concept.

He smirked and shifted his position on the bed, lying across it, and gestured for me to squat over his face.

I smiled back at him, liking the idea.  This was the position Guy had been when I’d first discovered the unexpected (to say the least) appeal of what lurked in the hairy crevice behind his balls, and it appealed to me that I would finally get to experience what he had that night.

Bradley’s cock was largely floppy as I clambered over him and straddled over his face, but as soon as lowered my big, hairy ball-sack down onto his nose and mouth, I was pleased to see it begin to steadily stiffen.

He grinned up at me and then took first one of my swollen testicles into his mouth before moving across to the other.  It felt odd to have him licking at my balls and I found my cock wasn’t responding the way that Bradley’s was.  I think somewhere, deep in the back of my subconscious, there was some deeply rooted fear preventing me from being able to fully relax with another man’s teeth so close to such a vulnerable area.  I’m not saying that I thought he was going to bite me: I just felt inexplicably uncomfortable to have another male – on some primitive level, a potential competitor – slavering away at was, after all, the seat of my own masculinity.

I don’t think it helped, either, that the DJ was chatting away on the radio.  Music I could tolerate; listening to some guy harp on about last night’s ‘X Factor’ while I was having my balls sucked was just too off-putting.

Thankfully, another track soon started up and, as if on cue, Bradley pushed himself backwards on the bed to nuzzle into the hairiness just behind my balls.  Eager to guide him on his way, I eased myself forwards a little, and bent further downwards to open up my cleft.  He moaned in his appreciation, and I felt his tongue licking up at the ridge between my balls and my hole.

Now this was starting to work for me!

My cock rapidly began to lengthen and thicken at the feel of his tongue licking teasingly close to my puckered entrance, and I watched it rise steadily upwards from my balls as it developed in size.

Bradley’s cock was also growing and moved across his stomach like the second hand of a clock as it stiffened and thickened until the swelling head of it was level with his belly button.

When his tongue had reached the furrowed ring of my anus, he circled it a couple of times and then surprised me by pulling back.

“Cor!” he laughed loudly, over the noise of the music. “You taste as strong as hell!”

“Oh God,” I cried out, pulling up from him. I thought I’d been meticulously thorough in my cleanliness after using the toilet. “I’m so sorry, Bradley!”

I’d avoided using soap as I knew he would want to smell me rather than Imperial Leather, but perhaps warm water had not been enough.

But Bradley wasn’t disgusted: instead, he grabbed my thighs and pulled me back down onto his face.

“No,” he called up to me.  “It’s not like that!  It’s just so raunchy… so much more intense than last night… you smell as horny as fuck!”

I smiled, relaxing a little.  “Are you sure?”

His tongue reached up and tasted me again.  It circled my hole, like a searchlight searching for whatever it could find, and then jabbed more firmly in the middle of my ring.  Anticipating what he wanted, I relaxed my anus slightly to allow him to enter.  His tongue pushed up inside me, easing warmly into my passage like a plump, round worm.

I gasped with the delight of feeling him inside me, although the concern that he might pull out and start gagging was still forefront in my mind.

I opened my ring a little wider and he pushed in more deeply, licking and tasting my most secretive tunnel.  I could feel his breath hot against my hole and his nose inhaling deeply in my hairy crack.

My cock hardened and rose upwards to full size, and I pushed myself more firmly against his face.  I didn’t want to touch myself and risk ending this exquisite pleasure far too soon.

He grabbed the tops of my thighs with both hands and reached up with his tongue into my rectum, becoming more confident the deeper he got.

Then he pulled out again and for a second I feared my taste really was too strong for him.

“If you’re still wondering if I’m sure?” he asked, “take a look at my cock!”

It was rising upwards from his stomach, gently pulsating at full-size in mid-air.  Its head was a deep crimson colour and a dribble of ooze gently wept from its slit making a small puddle on his belly.

I relaxed in the knowledge that the taste and smell of my bum were having this effect on it and I smiled at the sight of how aroused he was.

I couldn’t get over the fact that men were so expressive during sex.  There was no trying to second-guess the effect of each caress and kiss: with a man, his excitement was prominently – and in Bradley’s case, very prominently – displayed.

I loved sex like this: it was so open and straightforward.

“You taste amazing,” he went on, as the track on the radio ended and another started up.  “Your arse is so hot and delicious.  I want to rim you as deeply as I can and then I want to fuck you, Rob.  I want to fuck you so hard that the two of us will be sweating and squealing like two dirty fucking pigs!”

I smiled, enjoying having him talk to crudely to me.

“Get your tongue stuck back up my hole and eat me out,” I replied, keen to continue the theme.  The word ‘manstink’ came back to me from having heard it long before and I was eager to use it.  “Feed on my manstink, Bradley!  Fucking wallow in it!”

Lowering my arse back down onto his face, I felt his mouth smile against my cheeks as he worked his tongue back into me.  I made my hole gape open for him and he plunged himself deep up inside me, revelling in the crudeness of my innards by lapping greedily and sucking strenuously.

I reached down and angled his cock upwards towards me.   And then, while he rimmed me so fervently and intimately, I bent down and sucked just as hungrily at his cock-head.  It throbbed in my mouth, grateful of my attentions, and fed me with its ooze of nutritive precum which I gulped down appreciatively.  I felt like I was a baby taking milk from a bottle, except this was another man’s large and bloated cock that I was so ardently suckling at.

I loved being with him like that: me feeding on the gently oozing dribble from his mushroom cock-head; him eating so vigorously at my widely gaping arsehole.  It was as if we were nourishing one another: two men taking sustenance from each other’s heaving bodies.

Sensing his excitement growing and fearing he might climax early as he had the previous night, I nuzzled down into his sweaty, hairy bollocks, licking and sniffing them and enjoying the knowledge that the seed inside them which was making them swell like over-ripened plums, would soon be squirting upwards inside me.

I couldn’t remember ever feeling so aroused and turned-on.

Sex with Bradley was so different from anything I’d ever experienced with a woman; the two things were barely comparable.  Our bodies were so surprisingly – and yet so comprehensively – compatible that I couldn’t help but wonder why I’d never had the sense to do this before.  As men, we were both ravenously hungry for sex and, as men, we were both able and equipped to provide seemingly endless pleasure for each other.

Why had I wasted so many years trying to impress women only to receive mere snippets and scraps of their attention?  Why had I stayed with Linda so long, when all she’d given back was the occasional disgruntled morsel of affection?

Sex with another man was sex as it had been meant for me.  Why had it taken me so long to discover that?

I pushed deeper between Bradley’s legs and sniffed at the opening of his moist, hairy arse crack.  His odour was strong and pungent and I felt my cock throb in anticipation.  Just sleeping next to me in my bed overnight had enlivened and revitalised his scent back here, and I plunged my face between his cheeks, inhaling as deeply as I could the frank, manly flavour of his amazing backside.

My tongue quickly found his extruding, bulging ring, and I licked at him breathlessly.  Like he had with me, I found his taste far stronger and more intense than it had been the previous night.  Perhaps it was a morning thing; perhaps male anal glands are more active overnight.

I drove into him again and we rimmed one another together: two men being as intimate together as it’s possible to be.  As I lapped at his hole and felt him feasting on mine, I doubted if sex could feel any more exciting.

We were two men with our tongues slurping at each other’s arses; with our fat, hairy balls throbbing against each other’s chins; with our rock hard cocks aching and dribbling against each other’s chests: surely this was heaven!

He pulled back from me and I did the same to him, loving the sensation of having the smell of his bum on my nose and mouth.

I really wanted to fuck him again but now it was his turn to be pleasured.  This was all about Bradley’s cock; Bradley’s manhood.

I looked down at the erection that was going to take my anal virginity.  It looked big and thick and almost scarily inflamed, but I was ready for it.

I was ready to give myself to him.

Perhaps I would have preferred if this had been Guy beneath me, about to give me my first taste of male penetration.

But no.  This was Bradley.  This was how it had worked out.  There was no point dwelling on regrets.

He struggled out from underneath me and reached across for a condom.

He said, “How do you want to take it, big boy?”

‘Big boy’.  Guy had called me that.

I covered the memory with a smile.  “I want to sit on your cock, Bradley.”

He smiled over at me.  “I thought you’d want it doggy style.”

“Maybe next time,” I suggested.  “But this time I want you to see my cock when you fuck me.  I want you to see how excited I get.”

He grinned more broadly.  “If you’re sure you’ll enjoy it.  I don’t want to be staring at your cock growing soft.  Kind of puts a guy off, you know?”

I smiled back.  “I don’t think there’s much fear of that.”

He surprised me by leaning forwards to kiss me.  After a brief but quite intimate kiss, he said, “In that case, I’d love to.  You have an incredible, beautiful cock, Rob, and it’ll really turn me on to look at it while I’m fucking you.”

He unrolled one of his condoms down the thickened shaft of his cock.  A new song started up on the radio.  I recognised it from having heard Jake playing it in his room.

“In any case,” he went on.  “This way, I get you kiss you while we fuck.  There’s nothing like kissing a guy while you’re ploughing his arse.”

“I’d like that,” I agreed. “I’d like that a lot.”

I was surprised at how much I felt the truth of that statement.

After I’d lubed myself up, he lay down in the middle of the bed and directed his cock upwards with his right hand.

I squatted over him, smiling down at him, and then clumsily positioned my anus over his cock-head which felt improbably huge and swollen as it pushed between my cheeks.

“I don’t know if it’s going to fit,” I warned him.

“It will,” he said.  “Just pretend like you’re taking a dump.”

“Ooh, you’re so romantic,” I joked and he grinned up at me.

I relaxed my arsehole as much as I could and pushed myself down onto his upright cock.  The head of it slid into me with a satisfying squelch and I exhaled loudly and involuntarily.

Bradley looked up at me, concerned.  “Do you want me to stop?”

“No!” I called out, “Christ, no!”

I let his cock slide further into me, easing up into my innards much further than my finger had ever been able to reach.

“It feels incredible!” I gasped down at him.  “Absolutely amazing!”

He smiled at me.  “It’s about halfway in.  Are you sure you’re happy for it to go further?”

I pushed down to take another couple of inches of him.  “Fuck yeah!” I cried out.  “I want all of it!  I want all of you inside me!”

My hole was being stretched open to a circumference it had never experienced and the sensation of having to dilate so wide to take another man’s organ into me was sending shivers up my spine and making my heart race.

Bradley chuckled, enjoying my surprise at how much pleasure he was giving me.  “Turns out you’re a bit of a bum boy, Rob!”

I grinned back down at him, panting for breath.  “I think we both… could have guessed that!”

‘Bum boy’.  If only I had discovered this when I’d been a boy.  The number of lads in my year-group whom I could have had fun with!

My cock strained upwards, its head fattened so hard it was sore, with precum trickling downwards from the slit.  The veins were writhing prominently along the thickened shaft, making bulging knots which pulsed as they pumped my organ up to its massively overfilled, throbbingly painful size.

Bradley reached up, wanting to fondle my towering erection, but I pushed his hand away.  “Not yet,” I told him, still gasping for air.  “Not until… you’re right inside me.”

I was feeling so excited by having a man’s cock bore upwards inside me that I was concerned if he were to touch my own I might climax across his chest and face.  Indeed, I was so aroused I could imagine me having such a powerful orgasm that my semen would shoot right over him and hit the opposite wall.

I squatted further down onto him and he bucked his hips up to ease himself completely up into my bowels.  The music on the radio seemed to grow louder; perhaps my senses were being distorted by the pleasure I was feeling.

“Jesus Christ!” I called out in a voice which was probably too loud.  “How fucking amazing is this?!”

Bradley chuckled.  “You’re going to get a taste for this, aren’t you?”

I smiled back down at him, feeling his cock throbbing and filling me up as if in time with the rhythm of the track on the radio.  “Too fucking right!  Jesus, mate… why didn’t I try this years ago?”

“You’re doing it now, Rob” he said.  “That’s the main thing.”

I was still irritated at myself for all the lost opportunities – the wasted years – but I tried to put the squandered past out of my mind for now and focus on the oh-so-wonderful present, while allowing myself to look forwards to what might lie in the future.

I had Troy fixed up for a date quite soon; and Duncan the car repair guy might call in one afternoon.  And then there was Guy pencilled in for a football match in the New Year.  I wanted all three of them to do this to me.  I wanted to feel the different sensations that their diversely shaped cocks would make inside me; I wanted to know how dissimilar their variously sized balls would feel against my buttocks

And I wanted to meet more men – lots more men – who would enjoy doing this with me.

Christ, I wanted every male I met who was capable of getting a hard-on to be joined with me like this!

I just loved this sensation of having a man so physically connected to me, as deeply and intimately as he could be inside me.  And I loved that we were together like this not as lovers, but just as two male friends.  When he left, I could have another guy around to enjoy sex with him and there’d be no guilt, no recriminations, no aftermath at all.  If I told Bradley what I’d done, next time we met, he’d no doubt enjoy hearing all about it and would tell me about other encounters he’d had since we’d been together.

I straightened my knees slightly to raise myself up from him, enjoying the sensation of his thick shaft sliding along my rectum.  Then I lowered myself back down to him and let out a gasping involuntary sigh.

“Aaah!  Jesus, that feels good!”

I did again a couple of times, panting with delight at how amazing it felt to be pumping his cock with the muscles of my arse.  I looked down at him, grinning and gaping at him, and he beamed up at me as he enjoyed seeing how excited I was to have him inside me.

“All these years, Rob,” he chuckled, “you’ve wanted to be some guy’s bum chum and you didn’t even know it!”

I laughed back at him, still gasping at the waves of pleasure I was experiencing.

Some guy’s bum chum?  More like some Guy’s bum chum.  Yes, I’d be well up for being that!

I worked myself up and down his shaft with a steadily developing rhythm, trying to match myself to the music from the radio.  Then he held my thighs and told me he would take over.  “Now you’re loosened up, let me do the hard work, mate.”

I squatted over him, a good six inches or so above the base of his cock.  My balls hung down, feeling fat and heavy in my stretched scrotum, and were being tickled by his pubic bush.

He grabbed onto my hips to hold me steady and then started slowly fucking me by thrusting his hips upwards.

“How does that feel?” he asked.

“Fantastic!” I gasped.

It was indeed intensely exciting to feel him sliding right up into me, filling me up with his long, thick shaft.  I loved the sensation of his throbbing cock-head, burrowing back and forth so deeply inside me, and the feel of his balls slapping against my arse cheeks as he pushed himself as far into me as he could go.

“Are you ready for me to go faster?” he asked.

“Go for it!” I commanded.

“Right,” he grinned.  “I am so desperate for a fuck, mate!  I am so ready to fucking bang your arse!”

“Well, go ahead and fuck me!  Fuck me as fast and as hard as you can!”

Now that was something I never thought I’d hear myself say.

He grinned at me more broadly and grabbed my hips more firmly.  Then he started pounding in and out of me, bucking his hips upwards to make slapping noises against my buttocks.  The odour of his exertions began to fill the air: the smell from his cock as it pumped up and down; still subtle, but undeniably anal in its pungence.

He was doubling the rhythm of the music: each beat of the song was matched with two thrusts of Bradley’s long cock.

I yelped with delight and worked myself against him, wondering why it had never occurred to me how empty my arse had been all my life without another man’s cock buried inside it.  It felt so full and so right to have Bradley organ inside me.  I felt, if it makes sense, sexually complete.

I laughed down at him, “Come on, man!  You’re holding back on me!  Give it all to me!”

He laughed back up.  “You want it full-on!  Okay!  You fucking got it!”

His rhythm intensified so that he was hammering in and out of me like a piece of machinery.  Now he was pumping three times faster than the music; four times, even.  The smell from my arse was growing stronger and more obvious: cloyingly musky with a crude, raunchy bite to it.

“Oh God!” I cried out.  “Jesus Christ that feels so good!”

He laughed again and I saw him sniffing at the air.

“Can you smell that?” I asked, as the carnal odour of my rectum washed over us in waves.  “How fucking hot is it?”

He laughed a third time.  “It’s the smell of mansex, Rob!  It’s the best fucking part of it!  It’s as hot as fuck!”

He continued pounding my arse and his face became more serious.  Sweat was pouring from his forehead and he was panting like a dog.

“I’m getting close mate,” he gasped.  “I’m gonna cum any second!”

I grinned down at him, relishing the thought of feeling him climaxing inside me.  I wanted his thick, manly spunk to overflow from the condom and splash up, hot and wet, onto my buttocks as he hammered himself back and forth.

“Go for it!” I urged him.  “I’m close myself.”

Which was bizarre considering I hadn’t so much as touched myself.

He surprised me by craning his neck forwards and reaching his mouth upwards to my cock, taking the top few inches into him.  In spite of my reservations about having my organ sucked, I let it slide in and out of him as I worked my arse in time with his frantic, pummelling shaft.

His mouth was well-practised and he knew exactly what to do to pleasure another man.  He held his lips wide open and used the tip of his tongue to tease the sensitive lobes underneath my cock-head.  The unpleasant sensation I’d expected – of having my cock enveloped by a warm slimy mouth – was replaced by something entirely different.  I found it surprisingly enjoyable to rub the swollen head of my cock against the soft ridges along the roof of his mouth and to have his tongue gently tease me as I thrust back and forth.

As I watched my shaft sliding in and out of his mouth, pushing deeper with every stroke, I realised I was finally enjoying a blowjob!  I was finally enjoying having my cock sucked!

After all these years, all it had taken was for another man to do to me what he obviously enjoyed having done to himself.  Bradley understood my cock completely and knew exactly what to do to arouse it: even, as it turned out, better than I did myself.

I started thrusting in and out of his mouth, his tongue teasing my cock-head as my organ swelled back to full size and recovered from my initial misgivings about being sucked.

I laughed down at him, amazed at what we were doing.

“Suck me off!  Go on, mate!  Eat my cock!”

Something else I never thought I’d ever hear myself say.

He sides of his lips formed a smile with the thickened shaft of my organ slurping in and out between them.

I couldn’t believe how good it felt to be riding his relentlessly thrusting cock, slamming my arse against it so much faster than the rhythm of the music, while my own was sweeping in and out of his mouth.

The stink from my bum was now crude and intense: harsh and powerful in both our nostrils; amplified by our heat and out sweat.  I was desperately aroused by it, my heart pounding in my chest even quicker than Bradley’s cock was pounding at my arse.

It was the smell I’d been seeking for so long: the smell of my arse being roughly buggered by a cock as big as my own; the smell of male-to-male sex at its most passionate and intense; the smell of men being joined together as intimately as is possible – one man’s big, thick cock being consumed over and over by another’s hot, raunchy arse.

Suddenly I felt my balls starting to tingle and gestured urgently that I was within sight of my climax.  I was giving him the opportunity to pull away if he wanted to, but he stayed put and, if anything, licked at me more furiously.

My balls started spasming as they pumped my seed upwards and he drank the heavy flow of it as it surged from my slit.  My orgasm was, as always, extravagantly plentiful and he struggled to gulp fast enough to keep up with the surging gushes.  Some – though not much – spilled down his chin and onto his chest, but most of it managed to slide down his throat.

I felt for my poor sperms again, excitedly thrashing around as they were propelled towards his stomach, oblivious to the acidic end that awaited them.

Once my climax had subsided and still thrusting his cock in and out of my bowels, he reached up and kissed me so I could taste my own semen, salty and bitter, in his mouth.  Our tongues wrestled together as I eagerly licked my juice from his and we looked into each other’s eyes, revelling in the sexual abandon we were experiencing together.

When he pulled back from me, we grinned at each other.  He stopped bucking his hips and pointed at my backside, impaled on his thick shaft as it reached upwards.  He licked his lips and I knew what he meant.

I pulled off him and he peeled off the condom, tossing it onto the floor.  He started masturbating quickly as I squatted over him, letting him eat from the swollen, gaping hole he’d just fucked so vigorously.

When I felt his tongue pushing into my rectum through my sore and sensitive ring, an unexpected second wave of excitement hit me and, much to my surprise, my cock started spewing again.  My second climax was more measured and far less copious than my first, but I looked down at myself, marvelling at my body doing something it had never done before and fascinated by the second gushing of white liquid which was slowly belching from my cock-head.

I reached between my legs, grabbed the back of Bradley’s head and ground my arse down onto his eager face.  I wanted him to tongue me as deeply as he could; to reach up into my bowels and taste me at my strongest.

He was eager to comply, lapping at my hole and feeding on my rectum, as he wanked himself as quickly and roughly as he could.  Within seconds his orgasm was splashing against my back and I looked over towards the mirror so I could see him erupt.

Straight into the eyes of Jake who was staring at us from the bedroom door, his eyes wide and his mouth open.

“Jesus Christ,” I called out over the noise of the music, and tried to pull myself away from Bradley.  Not understanding, he grabbed my thigh, determined to savour having his mouth on my behind while he was climaxing, but I yanked away from him more roughly.

Jake backed off, his face stunned, and turned to head downstairs.

I got off the bed and switched off the radio.  I heard a car setting off down the street; probably my ex-wife after dropping Jake off.

Jake was downstairs clanking bottles and pouring himself a drink from the fridge.

“My son,” I said to Bradley, my voice raspy. “He’s come back from staying with his mum and was in the doorway.”

Bradley looked horrified and sat up on the bed. His semen was still tirckling from his cock, blissfully undeterred by this unexpected turn of events.

“How long was he standing there?” he asked.  Like I would be able to give him an exact duration.

“I dunno,” I replied.  “I just saw him when you started cumming.”

“Maybe he didn’t see very much,” he suggested, hopefully.

“Whatever he did see was far too much,” I countered.

I pulled on my dressing gown and left Bradley clearing up.  I went downstairs and found Jake in the kitchen, drinking a coke.

“Christ, Jake,” I said.  “You could have knocked!”

“I did!” he snapped. “And called up several times. The radio was on loud… I thought you must just be lying in bed reading the paper or something.”

“You knew I had a guy staying over with me.”

“Well, there was only your car on the drive, so I figured it mustn’t have worked out or he’d gone.  It wasn’t like I deliberately came upstairs to catch you out.”

What he said sounded plausible and I felt my anger abate.  It wasn’t, after all, as if he would ever intrude intentionally on something so personal.

“In that case, Jake, I’m sorry I didn’t hear you and that you saw what we were doing.”

“Don’t be,” he shrugged, taking another drink from his glass.  “I’m not a little kid.”

“How long were you standing there?” I asked.

“When I first opened the door you were on top of him… sort of getting it both ways… I dunno what you’d actually call it.  I should have backed away but… well…”

He seemed to want me to finish his sentence off for him or at least suggest where he might be going with it, but I held back, shrugging to show I had no idea what his “well…” might presage.

Seeing that I was going to offer no help, he went on, “I mean, it wasn’t something I would have wanted to see, but once I actually saw the two of you together… I suppose I began to understand why you’re into to this stuff.”

“What do you mean?”

“I’m just saying that… you know… I might not want to try it for myself… well, not anytime soon… but just that I can see the appeal.”

“You found what we were doing attractive?” I asked, incredulous.

“Not the fact it was you, of course,” he said.  “But what you were doing… I mean, the way he was up your butt and you were in his mouth…yeah… it looked pretty intense.  Pretty amazing, actually.  That’s why I kind of stuck around longer than I should have.”

I just stared at him, unsure of what to say.

He laughed.  “Come on, dad, I’m not saying I don’t like girls – but then, neither are you – I’m just saying… you know… having seen the two of you together that I understand how a guy can enjoy being… well… erotic with another guy.”

“But you saw those lads at scout camp,” I reminded him, “and the stuff I was looking at on the internet.  You didn’t find that erotic, did you?”

“No,” he admitted.  “But it was seeing you guys together… kissing and being so… well… intimate, I suppose.  And the smell of you both… yeah, that was it… the sweaty, sexy smell…”

“I think it was a bit more than sweat, Jake,” I added dourly.

“I realise that,” he said. “Like I said, I’m not a little kid. But the smell was kind of hot too. At first, when I saw what you were doing, I was like, ‘Whoa! Get me out of here!’ But then, there was that smell and all the spunk… and, well, the way you were together… it had an effect on me… you know…”

He’d been aroused when he was watching us. My own son had grown a stiffie at the smell of our sex: by the strong, masturbatory odour of two men’s cocks; the heavy stink of sweat from our big, hairy balls; the acrid whiff of our erupting semen; and – most potently – the crude, pungent bite of my arse thickly smeared down the length of Bradley’s large cock.

When I’d seen him there in the doorway, I’d fixated on his dumbstruck face: perhaps, if I’d looked a bit lower, I’d have seen how much his jeans were bulging outwards in their own, unanticipated, response to the male version of sex we were performing for him.

I heard Bradley upstairs, walking across the landing and closing the bathroom door.

“So who is he?” Jake asked with an expectant smirk.

“Just a guy from work.  He works in IT.”

“And is he gay?”

“No,” I replied.  “It doesn’t really work like that.  I don’t want to get into something serious with another bloke, so I found someone similar to me: straight but with an eye for… er… wider opportunities.”

Jake chuckled at my turn of phrase.  “It doesn’t get much wider than the opportunity you were giving him.”

I allowed myself a smile.

“But aren’t most guys like that?” Jake asked.  “Isn’t that how male sexuality is supposed to work?”

“How do you mean?”

“Well, men are supposed to be on the look-out for any opportunities that might come their way, and a lot of guys aren’t too fussy about the form it takes.  We did about it in biology class: something about the male wanting to spread his genes.”

“Maybe that would explain it.  I don’t really know, Jake.”

I heard the shower click on upstairs as Bradley figured out how it worked.

“Can I meet him?” Jake asked.

“I guess he’ll be coming down for some breakfast soon, so feel free to say ‘Hi’.”

Jake grinned.

“Why is that so amusing?” I asked.

“It’s not amusing,” he smiled. “It’s just… well… kind of cool, I guess. Meeting my dad’s male lover. The three of us hanging out together.”

I smiled back. “He’ll be having a slice of toast, Jake. Maybe a glass of orange juice. That hardly constitutes ‘hanging out together’.”

He shrugged. “Maybe in time… you know… the three of us…”

I suddenly wondered how far Jake’s thoughts had strayed when he’d been watching Bradley and me on the bed. Had he been imagining himself in my place? Imagining himself on the bed with us both?

I took the kettle over to the sink to refill it.

Of course he hadn’t been – what was I thinking?  He was just intrigued that I was now bringing men home to stay over; wondering how it would work with the three of us around each other in the house.  That’s what he was thinking of.  It was just his innocent curiosity.

Of course it was.

When Bradley did eventually come down, he was eager to get going and didn’t want to eat.  He seemed quite anxious that Jake had seen the two of us having sex and made it clear that he wanted to be gone.

Jake poked his head out of the living room door and offered the “Hi” that I’d suggested, but Bradley just grunted distractedly back while he was pulling on his coat.

I felt sorry for him: he was clearly totally freaked out by having my son as an unwanted witness to what he was doing behind his girlfriend’s back.

In the car on the way to reunite Bradley with his bike, I told him that Jake was trustworthy and about him saying it was “kind of cool” to have a dad who brought other men home with him.  I left out what Jake had said about finding the sight, or rather the smell, of us attractive and about his rather odd admission that he’d like the three of us to “hang out together”.

But Bradley didn’t seem impressed.  “I’ve never had anyone’s kid walk in on us before.”

“Jake’s hardly a kid,” I said.  “He’ll be going to university next year.”

“Even so,” he replied, unconvinced. “Lads his age have big mouths. And other lads his age know how to exploit guys who have secrets.”

I could see where he was coming from – and it was a very prudent concern to have – but I was sure that Jake would keep what he’d seen to himself, especially if I reaffirmed with him the importance of such discretion to both me and Bradley.

After we’d driven a good half mile in silence, I told Bradley I’d like to meet him again, if he still wanted to, and hinted that a joint venture between the pair of us and his brother would be very welcome.

He shook his head.  “I dunno, Rob.  I’m still really wound up about what just happened.  I can’t believe your son would just walk into your bedroom like that.”

I didn’t like the suggestion that I was too lenient with Jake and decided that, since he wanted to play the blame game, I would pitch the ball firmly back towards his side of the court.

“He said he called out and knocked but we didn’t hear him. As I remember it, it was you who turned the radio up pretty loud.”

Bradley muttered that I should have made him turn it off if I’d had such a problem with it, and then sat and stewed, staring out of the passenger window.

As I dropped him off, I tried again to reassure him. “I’ll have a talk with Jake,” I said. “Spell out to him how important it is that he keeps quiet about what he saw. It’s not like he knows you… there’s not that much he could tell anyone about you.”

Bradley nodded. “It’s just the shock of it, Rob. Give me a bit of time… I’ll snap out of it.”

He made an effort to smile at me and I smiled encouragingly back.

He got out of the car and leaned in.  “We’ll do it again… yeah… of course we will.  I’m just freaked out.  It’ll pass.”

I wasn’t sure whether it was normal practice to kiss a male lover goodbye but, before I embarrassed myself by clumsily lunging at him, he seemed to read my thoughts.

“No kissing in public, mate,” he said quietly.  “We don’t want to be seen being naughty twice in one day!”

“Okay,” I smiled.  “Well, at least you know the sentiment is there.  Until next time, Bradley.”

He nodded.  “Yeah… see you soon, mate.”

He walked over to his bike and threw me a wave as I pulled off.

I liked the fact he’d said he’d see me “soon” and hoped he didn’t mean at work.  I hoped also that, for him, “soon” meant days rather than weeks.


Next and final story: Jake’s Christmas Present


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