Butt Monkey
by Robert Furlong


Part 01: Football Match

Part 02: What Lurks Beneath

Part 03: Guilty Pleasures

Part 04: Bedtime Stories

Part 05: Work and Play

Part 06: Silas in the Library

Part 07: Adam and Steve

Part 08: A Walk in the Park

Part 09: Medical History

Part 10: Online Briefing

Part 11: Pantomime Cow

Part 12: The Right Trousers

Part 13: Coupling Up

Part 14: Pleasant Thoughts

Part 15: A Holistic Approach

Part 16: Questions and Answers

Part 17: Candid Cameron

Part 18: Carried Away

Part 19: By Popular Demand

Part 20: Both Ways

Part 21: Stain Devils

Part 22: Father and Son Moments

Part 23: Roadside Assistance

Part 24: Badly Drawing Boy

Part 25: Troy Story

Part 26: How Do You Like It?

Part 27: Getting Together

Part 28: A Man in my Bed

Part 29: Taking It All In

Part 30: Jake’s Christmas Present

Epilogue: Driving Home For Christmas



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