The Taste of Man
by Rob Thomas


I love semen. Cum. Jizz. Whatever name you call it. I love shooting it. Playing with it. Eating it.

There’s nothing like eating a warm load fresh from a man. I love the smell, and I love the feel of it on my tongue. Nothing compares to the warm feeling I get when I take a man’s semen into my body, pleasing him, and making him a part of me.  I love it when my fuck buddies come first so I can enjoy their warm, salty loads while we work my dick together. Not only do I love cum, but I crave it, and nothing makes me come harder than the taste of a man in my mouth while I blow my own load.

I also love to masturbate. Jack off. Bate. Whatever name you call it. I love taking care of my cock.

No one knows my dick like I do, and no one can satisfy it the way I can. There’s nothing hotter than feeling my hand on my cock. I give it exactly what it needs, never denying it, and my need to jack and taste thick loads of cum consumes me.

I also love to eat my precum, though I rarely eat my cum since it isn’t available when I most crave it. But one evening a few months ago while I was taking care of my dick I began thinking about how incredible a sweet load of cum would taste. I imagined holding it in my mouth, savoring every drop before letting it slowly slide down my throat. I not only wanted a load in my mouth right then, but knew I’d also want one for my next bate, and before I knew it I was up and headed to the kitchen, my erection swinging back and forth with each step. I opened the cabinet and grabbed a small container with a lid. As I stood in the kitchen I began pumping my hard dick, pausing only to taste the sweet beads of precum oozing from my slit.  My cock felt so good as I pumped it, and just as I reached that delicious point of no return, I pointed the head of my cock into the container and dumped my load, filling it with spurt after spurt of my cum. I couldn’t believe how hot it looked. As I came back from my bate high I admired my cum, bringing up to my nose, and breathing in the smell of fresh semen. I couldn’t wait for my next bate, which would be made even sweeter accompanied by a mouth full of cum.

I decided my saved cum probably needed refrigeration, but a buddy was coming by later and I didn’t want him finding it in the fridge while reaching for a beer, so I put the lid on the container and tossed it in the back of the freezer.

All the next day I couldn’t stop thinking about my next jack. As soon as I got home from work I stripped and headed to the kitchen, my dick hardening with each step. I love getting an erection; feeling my dick thicken and lengthen as it fills with blood feels so amazing. I opened the freezer and grabbed the container of cum, and noticed it wasn’t frozen solid, but instead was slightly soft and slushy, and I could just make out the ice crystals on the surface. I briefly wondered how long it would take to come to room temperature, but quickly decided I wanted it at body temperature, like it was meant to be served. I heated a mug of water and placed the container in the mug, floating it on top of the water. It took just a minute or so for it to melt, and for the temperature to rise.  I then carried it to my bedroom, fired up some porn, and greased up my throbbing cock. I was so fucking hard in anticipation.

As I surfed and stroked, my craving for cum was growing. I picked up the container of cum, which I would soon start calling my “cum saver,” held it under my nose and took a deep breath, held it, and then took another. I wanted to fill my lungs with my smell. It was heaven. I continued to stroke my dick but I wanted more. I needed more. I needed the taste of cum. I raised the cum saver to my mouth and took a taste with just the tip of my tongue. It was salty, tangy, and at the same time so fucking sweet! I knew I needed more. I knew I needed it all. As I tipped it up and felt it slide across my tongue, I began to come. I tilted my head back and let my warm semen slide down my throat as I shot over and over again. As my bate high subsided and my mind cleared my first thought was that I should have saved today’s load to enjoy the next day. It was so hot, and so fucking delicious, I knew I wouldn’t make that mistake again.

The following day I awoke with just one thing on my mind: another bate and another load to quench my thirst. I wanted to make sure I had what I needed for that night’s jack, knowing I’d be hungry for another load in my mouth. So I blew a quick load into the cum saver before jumping in the shower, then tossed it in the freezer as I headed out to work. My next bate was on my mind all day, but luckily the day passed quickly and I was at last home.

As soon as I got home I stripped down and headed to the kitchen to claim my prize. I was anxious to smell my load from that morning, and as I removed the lid and lifted the cum to my nose, I took a deep breath. Simultaneously both warmth and a chill began to spread from my crotch out to the rest of my body.  As my cock began to thicken, I gently warmed my cum as I had the night before. I headed to my bedroom and took a deep, slow huff of my warm cum and lubed up my leaking dick. I proceeded with a gentle, slow stroke, all the while with my nose in the cum saver. I couldn’t believe how good it smelled. I finally couldn’t wait any longer for a taste and took it all into my mouth. Oh my god. What an incredible feeling to have my own semen in my mouth. I moved it around and around my mouth with my tongue. I really wanted to taste it, to really know how I tasted, and as I built towards my release I slowly let it slide down my throat. As the last drop of cream slid over my tongue and down into my belly, I lowered the cum saver to my swollen cock head and blew my load into it. I shot spurt after spurt after spurt until my nuts felt drained. Then as my breathing slowed and my head cleared I squeezed the last drops into the cum saver.

For weeks, each night’s bate was fueled by the taste of my own semen, and each night’s bate provided the fuel for the next night. As time passed and I knew I could taste cum anytime, I sometimes jacked just to its delicious smell. Yet, I always had my cum warm and ready, and always shot into the cum saver. Over time I built up a nice reserve, almost filling the container. Then one night a few weeks later as I was admiring my growing supply I wondered how my cum would feel on my dick. A load fresh from a man has always been my favorite lube, so I tipped the cum saver up and let the warm cum flow down my hard dick. As I rubbed it into my dick and balls I couldn’t believe how nice it felt. It was thick and slippery, and I spread it over my thighs and chest until the smell of cum was thick in my nose. My heart started pounding at the thought of mixing my loads together, and I pumped and pumped, faster and faster, anxious to reunite them. As my orgasm neared I watched as my cock head began to thicken. Soon the cum began to shoot from me, landing on my chest and neck. As the last of the sweet cream flowed from my dick, I let it flow free and rubbed the thick semen over my balls as they continued to twist and jump.

Night after night as I had my fill of sweet cum, I was anxious to tell my bate buddy Mike about it. I got the chance a few weeks later when he came over for a jack. Mike is straight but we had been jacking together since he moved in next door about a year ago. Mike is in his early 30’s and is very cute. He is about 5’10, 180 lbs., with black eyes and black, close cropped hair.  He has a nice size dick, and his erection is very firm with a slight curve towards his belly. It also has a nice head that is several shades darker than the shaft, and when he strokes, the head swells, turning even darker.

Mike and I have an easy relationship and talk openly about sex, our fantasies, and our love of masturbation. He knew about my love of cum, and has told me about some of his turn-ons, so I told him about my cum saver. Normally we encourage and support each other’s revelations, but this time he didn’t comment.

We jacked together several times after, but one night when I knew he was coming by I was really craving cum, not having eaten any for a few days.  He arrived right on time, as usual, and after a drink and some catching up we headed to my bedroom. As he undressed I excused myself and retrieved the already warming cum. I didn’t say anything as I returned; I just set the cum saver on the dresser. He knew what it was, but he said nothing. He was already undressed and hard, and as I undressed, he grabbed the lube from the bedside table and squirted a generous amount into our hands. We jacked side by side on the bed as we usually do, almost touching, and I could smell the sweat from his balls. His smell is incredible. More often than not his eyes are closed while we jack, but mine are always squarely on his cock.

As we continued to stroke, we settled into our routine of telling each other of our desires, how good our cocks feel, and how much we love bateing our dicks together. As Mike’s breathing quickened, I saw a bead of precum ooze from his cum slit, followed shortly by a bead of sweat rolling down his chest.  I knew he was close. He likes to stand when he blows, so when he stood up I assumed he was going to unload on the floor as he normally does. Instead, he reached for the cum saver and blew squirt after squirt into it.  The sight of him laying a load on top of my own was more than I could take and I blew all over my chest and stomach as I watched. Damn what a sight!

After we regained our senses, Mike began to silently dress, his dick hard and still oozing cum. I’ve never seen his dick limp; he is always hard when he pulls it out, and is always still hard when he dresses after our jack. He never lingers after he blows, and as he left he gave me a hug, and as he always does, he whispered a soft “thank you” as he headed out the door. And as always, I was sad to see him leave.

As I headed back to the bedroom to clean up I was still high from watching him dump his load in the cum saver. From our many bate sessions together, and the many times I have mopped his cum from my bedroom floor, I knew how delicious his cum smelled, but I had never tasted it. But it was something I’d wanted since I first saw him. As I looked at the cum saver I knew immediately which was his as it was noticeably whiter and thicker than my own. I wanted to save it for the next night’s bate, but once I saw how beautiful it was, and inhaled its freshness, my cock began to harden again. I knew I was helpless to resist. As I inhaled deeply of his semen my heart started pounding and I could feel my face begin to flush. I tilted the cum saver, letting part of his load fall onto my swelling dick head, and watched as it flowed down my shaft and then over my balls. So fucking incredible. I had fantasized many times about Mike shooting his load on my dick, and even more times of having his load in my mouth. As I caressed my dick with his still warm cum I slowly tipped the cum saver up to my mouth and let the rest of him slide across my tongue. It tasted just as I knew it would.  I couldn’t believe I was getting a taste of him, at last having a part of him inside me. As I held him in my mouth I could feel my own cum building, and as I tilted my head back and let him slide down my throat, warm chills swept over me and I began to shoot. My second load in less than ten minutes had me crying out for Mike as I shot rope after rope of sweet cum. As my breathing slowed and the thumping in my chest grew fainter, I too whispered a soft “thank you” to Mike.


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