A Good Neighbor
by Rob Thomas


I love to masturbate.

It isn’t a substitute for sex; it’s its own event. It’s a cleansing, rejuvenating gift I give myself, and it helps keep me sane, energized and motivated. It also gives me something to look forward to each day.

But then, you know that from my previous stories.

You also know I have a straight jacking-buddy named Mike.

Because I love jacking-off, and because I also love men, it’s natural that I also love to jack with other men. I love being in the presence of men, I love watching them enjoy their dicks, and I also love being watched.

There’s nothing hotter than having a man watch while I blow my load.

Needless to say, I never pass up an opportunity to jack, alone or with another man, and over the years I’ve sought out men to jack with.

But I had never approached, or been approached by, a straight man.

Until now.

This is the story of how Mike and I met, and how we then became buddies.

The story begins about a year ago when Mike bought the house next door to mine. I had seen him several times from a distance, but all I knew about him was he was young, fit, and more than likely, straight. I gave him a few days to settle in, and then, being a good neighbor, I went over to welcome him to the neighborhood.

I knocked on his front door, and upon him answering I was immediately struck by how attractive he was up close. Mike is in his early 30s, about 5’10” and 180 pounds, with short black hair and black eyes. There is no one thing about him that is outstanding; instead it’s the total package that is so attractive, and so very sexy. He also has a goofy, slightly lopsided grin that nearly melted my heart the first time I saw it.

When Mike opened the door and stepped out onto his front porch he was wearing a pair of well-fitting jeans, and my eyes immediately went to his bulging crotch. Few flaccid cocks are that prominent, and I immediately wondered if I had interrupted a jack-off session, or had perhaps caught him watching porn.

Forcing myself to look away from his crotch, I introduced myself, and he did the same. We made some small talk about the neighborhood and the crazy neighbors, but it became apparent rather quickly we had little in common, and the conversation started to wane.

As did his bulge.

So I again welcomed him, and self-consciously made my way back home.

Over the following weeks I tried several times to engage Mike in conversation whenever I saw him out in his yard. While he was always friendly, the truth was that we had little to say to one another.

But he was cute and sexy, so I never passed up a chance to talk to him.

I love to talk about sex, and had been trying to think of a way to work it into a conversation with Mike. It finally came to me one day while I was working from home. I knew Mike also worked at home several days a week, so the next time we talked I asked how he stays focused on his work. He looked at me quizzically, so I explained my own problem focusing when I work from home. I told him I always end up looking at porn on line, and in turn not getting much accomplished. He responded with a smile, but nothing more.

Undeterred, a few weeks later I was looking out my bedroom window and saw Mike working in his back yard. My bedroom window overlooks part of Mike’s rear yard, as well as his bedroom windows. However, because of the angle of our houses I’m not able to see directly inside his bedroom.

Damn it.

I hurried outside and went over to where Mike was raking leaves, saying hello and casually mentioning that I saw him working in the yard from my window. Mike paused, looked up from what he was doing, and said “I know. I can see inside your bedroom.” I was momentarily speechless, but quickly recovered and asked “Seen anything interesting?” He again responded with just his goofy smile and went back to his work.

As I made my way home I looked back at Mike, who was then on his rear deck, and waived. It was then that I realized he can’t see me from his own bedroom, but instead saw me from his deck, which I had not considered. I had already noticed he spent quite a lot of time on his deck. I admit I was a bit paranoid wondering what Mike may have seen. I close my blinds after dark, so I ran through all the things I’d done during the day in my bedroom over the past several weeks: Jacking my dick? Pounding the fleshlight? Riding my fuck-buddy Jake’s ass? Check. Check. And check.

So now Mike knows where my interests lie. Now to find out about his.

About a week later I saw Mike trying to lift a box from the back of his car. It was clearly too large for one man to carry, and being a good neighbor I hurried over and offered my help. He accepted, and with a little effort we managed to get it into his house and into a small bedroom.

As I prepared to leave Mike offered me a beer, which I didn’t want, but accepted as I knew it was meant as a thank you.

As we drank our beers he offered to show me the rest of the house, and I readily accepted since I was anxious to learn more about Mike. As I had guessed, his house is the same floor plan as mine, only reversed. Thus the facing bedroom windows.

The last room on the tour was Mike’s home office. I immediately noticed a bookcase holding perhaps several hundred or so DVDs. I started to comment on his obvious love of film, but as I peered closer I noticed most of them were porn.

Straight porn.

Damn it again.

Mike saw my double-take, and I could see in his eyes he knew I was thinking about my earlier remark to him about working from home. I immediately asked “So, do you get much work done in here?” He momentarily dropped his head, then looked back up, smiled, and said “I’m sort of a collector.” He then reached for a DVD case laying on his desk. He handed it to me and said “My latest purchase.” I held the DVD case up, noticing first the naked blond on the cover. I then I did my second double-take when I realized her face was covered with cum.

Then my lower jaw fell, I’m sure, when I noticed the title: “Amazing Cum Shots.”

As you know, I love cum. There’s nothing like a warm load fresh from a man. I love the smell, I love the taste, and I love the feel of it on my tongue.

So I spoke honestly when I said: “I love watching cum shots.” At that Mike sat down in his office chair and inserted the DVD into his computer. In the few seconds it took to load I downed my beer and positioned myself just behind Mike so I could watch over his right shoulder. Just as the DVD began to play he turned, gave me that beautiful smile, and then turned his attention back to the screen. As the DVD case promised, it was cum shot after cum shot, all pretty “amazing,” and all landing on women’s breasts, in their mouths, and everywhere else.

And of course the dicks were all hard and beautiful.

Naturally my own dick began to harden, and I was briefly concerned, but quickly forgot about it since Mike’s back was to me. So I relaxed and watched the DVD over Mike’s shoulder, alternating between watching the screen and watching the back of Mike’s slender neck. After a few minutes I had to adjust my erection in my pants, and just as I pulled my hand from my crotch Mike again turned and smiled.

We continued to watch, but after a while I began to lose interest and my hard-on began to wane. I wondered how long Mike wanted to watch, and how I would make my exit. It was then I noticed Mike’s right shoulder and arm gently moving. From my position I couldn’t see his hand, but knew from the placement of his arm that his hand was in his lap.

Was Mike rubbing his dick through his pants?

Immediately my own erection was back and throbbing. I wanted to step closer so I could see exactly what Mike was doing but was unsure, despite his own boldness, how forward I should be. So I watched dicks shooting load after load. And waited.

Before long my cock was aching and pushing at my pants, desperately needing attention. I decided to go for it and rub my own cock, but just as my hand made contact with my hard bulge Mike stopped his own stroke and reached over and ejected the DVD. I dropped my hand from my crotch just as he turned around in his chair.

For just a brief moment, Mike’s face was level with my crotch, and the unmistakable outline of my erection.

Smiling, Mike’s eyes quickly shifted upward, and he asked “So what did you think?” No doubt expecting a comment about breasts and facials, I instead answered “I love watching men stroke.” He paused, looked away momentarily, and then after another short pause said “To answer your earlier question: No, I don’t get much work done.”

Now it was my turn to smile.

Sensing that our visit was over, I thanked Mike for the beer and headed home wondering the whole while “What the fuck just happened?

Was Mike really rubbing his dick in front of me?

When I got home I was still hard from all the cock, cum, and of course Mike. I never let a good erection go to waste, so once inside I pulled my aching dick through my fly, grateful to finally release it from my pants. The cool air felt good on it and I watched as it bobbed up and down as I headed to the bedroom to get the lube.

I laid on the bed and admired my dick as I slowly applied the lube to my swollen cock head one drop at a time. Drop, by drop, by drop. I wanted to tease my dick, just as Mike had teased it, and after each drop I waited and watched as it rolled down my shaft. Then another drop. And watched. And then another drop. And watched.

I spent several minutes teasing my dick, and with each drop my head swelled even more, becoming darker and darker until I imagined it as ready to burst. And it was. I couldn’t remember ever being so hard, and as I finally took my cock in hand and began my stroke I thought again of Mike. I imagined I was again standing behind him, and as I came my cum splash across the back of his beautiful neck.

It was several weeks before I again saw Mike. He was in his yard and I walked over and said hello. After some small talk he said he noticed how much I liked the earlier DVD, and had found a web site featuring amateur cum shots. He told me the name of the site, and asked if I had seen it. I had, but I lied and said I had not. As I hoped, Mike asked me in to take a look.

I followed him into his house and he again offered me a beer, which I readily accepted as my mouth was suddenly very dry. He then headed back to his office, with me right behind him chugging my beer.

Mike settled in at the computer, with me again standing behind. He pulled up the web site and proceeded to run through a few short video clips of hung guys shooting impossibly large loads, with most, again, landing on women’s faces and breasts.

I wondered if this would be a repeat of before, and was mentally planning the jack I’d have when I got home, when I again noticed Mike’s shoulder and arm moving. Emboldened by the beer I stepped closer to peer over his shoulder.

Fuck yes! It wasn’t a dream after all.

I could see the outline of Mike’s dick through his pants, and watched in awe as it lengthened with each rub of his palm.

As I contemplated my own thickening cock and what I should do, I heard the unmistakable sound of a zipper, and again peered over Mike’s shoulder just as he pulled his erect dick through his fly.

I knew exactly what to do, and like Mike I unzipped and pulled out my own hard dick.

As Mike stroked with one hand and clicked through videos with his other, I finally stepped closer and set my empty beer bottle on the desk next to him, taking the opportunity to also step just to his side so I could see his dick. The first thing I noticed was the slight curve of his cock towards his belly. I next noticed the contrast in color between his shaft and his dick head, which, like mine, was several shades darker.

Fucking beautiful.

As he continued to stroke he opened the desk drawer and pulled out a bottle of lube. He generously coated his dick and handed the bottle to me. I too greased up and began a slow stroke, keeping time with Mike. Mike’s eyes never left the screen, and remembering Mike is straight, I tore my eyes from his beautiful dick and pretended to watch the videos.

My dick felt incredible, and watching Mike stroke was so incredibly hot. I was in no hurry to come, but after several minutes of stroking Mike stood up, turning and stepping away from the desk. It was quickly evident that he was ready to shoot and didn’t want to blow his load over his keyboard.

I resumed my stroke as I watched Mike’s dick become even more rigid. He then let out a low moan and shot his load across the hardwood floor. One, two, three, four and finally a fifth shot of milky cum shot from his dick. I looked at the beautiful cum on the floor, and then looked at Mike, and as a smile began to spread across his face, I too began to come, catching my load in the palm of my other hand.

My knees felt weak, and as I steadied myself Mike reached for a box of tissues and extracted several for himself. He then extended the box to me, but upon seeing that both my hands were covered in cum, he instead extracted several and handed them to me.

As we cleaned up I noticed he avoided looking at my softening dick. I pretended not to look at his, and instead worked on squeezing the last of the cum from my own dick.

All the while I noticed that while my cock was deflating, Mike was still hard.

I watched as he struggled to put his hard dick back in his pants, and I noticed, just as the dark head slipped from view, it was still oozing cum.

I quickly put my own dick back in my pants and zipped up, wondering what to say. I decided to speak first so I could make my exit: “That was fun.” To which Mike replied “Yeah, I love jacking off.”

Then, with both of us momentarily forgetting our still cum-sticky hands, we extended our hands in a shake. Immediately we both realized what we were about to do and quickly withdrew our hands, laughing and breaking the awkward silence.

A few weeks went by without seeing Mike in his yard, though I had him on my mind, and thus my dick in my hand, quite often.

Then one Friday evening about four weeks later, I was home alone after getting home late after meeting a friend after work for a drink. I had just stepped out of the shower and was toweling off when I heard, or thought I heard, a knock at my back door. I was unsure because no one ever comes to that door. I threw on a pair of shorts and a tee shirt, went to the door, and through the window I saw Mike standing there.

I immediately felt my body flush, and felt my cock begin to tingle with excitement.

I opened the door and greeted Mike. He immediately handed a DVD case to me and said “I saw this and thought you would like it.” I examined the DVD case, the cover showing two very hot men holding each other’s erect dicks in their hands.

The title? “Hot Hand-Jobs.”

He began to turn to leave, but when I laughed at the DVD title, he turned back and smiled. I invited him in: “Let’s grab some beers and watch.”

We carried our beers to my den where I have my DVD player. While I readied the video, Mike sat on the sofa, directly facing the television. After all was ready I sat to Mike’s right, but with plenty of room between us, fully aware of the straight man-gay man zone of comfort.

As the video began I saw that this time it was Mike chugging his beer. His obvious nervousness was charming. I was already hard, and by the time the first load of cum was blown I was rubbing my dick through my shorts. I then positioned my cock so that it ran down my left thigh, all the while keeping up a light stroke.

Soon my dick had lengthened to the point that it was now peeking out from the hem of my shorts, with my swollen dick head fully exposed.

Mike sat completely still with his eyes glued to the television screen. Then I began to wonder, despite our prior jack together, if I had gone too far. Should I have waited for Mike to initiate it?

Mike then set his now empty beer bottle on the coffee table and stood up. I prepared for him to say he had to leave, but he instead unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans. As he pulled them down the waistband of his underwear caught the head of his hard dick, pulling it away from him. As he slid them further, the waistband let go, causing his dick to slap back against his belly. As his jeans finally slid down to his feet I got my first glimpse of his beautiful ass. He then kicked off his shoes, sat down, and finished pulling his jeans off.

He then began a slow stroke, and turned his attention back to the screen.

I continued to rub my cock, pulling my shorts leg higher until most of my shaft was exposed. As my head swelled even more I sneaked glimpses of Mike’s also swollen head. I loved the contrast between the darkening head and his lighter shaft. As I watched I saw a large bead of precum leak from his cum slit, and as it began to roll down his head it became part of his stroke. As his natural lube coated his head he began to moan and I watched as another bead appeared, and then another and another.

Soon his dick was slick with his precum, and his breath quickened.

His dick then became even more rigid and he sat up, moving to the edge of the sofa. He pulled his dick down so that it was at a 45 degree angle from his body, and with a final moan shot his cum across the glass coffee table in front of him.

One, two, three, four, five shots of perfection.

So fucking beautiful!

As he then sat back catching his breath, he continued to stroke his still hard dick. I couldn’t take my eyes off the glistening, white cum that covered the table, and as I licked my lips imagining its sweet taste, I began to cum, sending shot after shot down my thigh.

I too sat back to catch my breath, and as I did I saw Mike reach for his clothes.

As he stood up and pulled on his underwear and jeans I saw, just as his still hard dick disappeared, that he was still oozing cum.

As I watched this amazing man, I too tucked my dick back in my shorts as I reached for a box of tissue. He took several and began to clean his cum from the table. “Sorry for the mess” he said. “No worries” I replied. “I like watching you enjoy yourself.” As he continued to clean, I wiped the cum from my thigh, and from where it dripped onto the floor.

As Mike prepared to leave he carried our beer bottles to the kitchen and set them on the counter. I silently followed and as he turned toward the door he reached out with both arms and gave me a light hug and whispered in my ear “thanks.”

Then as he stepped away he paused, and then said “Let’s do this again.”

And we both smiled.


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