by Ricky


Chapter 18

The morning came and as Nick stretched his lithe body his morning wood standing tall as it also stretched greeting a new day, the covers slipped down. Getting the first morning breezed Nick chilled and snuggled up against Ty spooning him and drawing the covers back up over their shoulders he felt the warmth generated by his love filling the momentarily chilled space under the covers. Nick snuck one arm under the pillow and placed his other over Ty, drawing his body firmly against his, he breathed in Ty’s scent. His hardness expressed its appreciation for it as it throbbed a couple of times in its favorite home. Nick rolled his hips once savoring the feel. He just lay still enjoying the moment. Nick stretched forward and sucked the bottom of Ty’s earlobe into his lips and using his teeth, gently nibbled the soft skin of it.

“Not now Camille,” Ty mumbled and Nick giggled his boy giggle as he started kissing Ty’s neck.

“‘Morning Ty. We need to get up and get moving. Remember, Jean Claude wants us down there early this morning.”

“Hmmm,” Ty murmured. “Ya, I remember. Can’t we just stay here all day? I’m not looking forward to this.”

Nick moved away and rolled Ty onto his back and scooted over on top of him, matching his wood against Ty’s. He rolled his hips against Ty’s as his eyes met Ty’s. Nick drank in the smiling sparkle of the beautiful boy’s eyes. He placed the tip of his nose against Ty’s and rolled his hips against his again. “Why not?” Nick whispered kissing him gently on his full lips.

Ty reached for his round mounds and pulled him tighter against him as he rolled his slightly against Nick’s weight. What if I can’t do whatever Jean Claude has in mind. Pa will be disappointed.”

Nick pulled his smiling face back and focused on Ty’s. “Don’t be silly. This is just to see what you can do when you stretch your abilities. Some things you’ll do well and some things you won’t like as much. There’s no expectation from pa Ty.” He ground against him again and started in on his neck once more. Ty squirmed under the weight of his muscular body and his administrations.

“But what if I’m crap at ‘all’ of it? What if I can’t do anything but stupid prison pencil drawings? Pa has spent a lot of money on this Jean Claude guy to come here. I don’t want to disappoint him Nick.” Ty said breathlessly as he ground back some more and tilted his head towards Nicks nibbles on his neck to try and escape the tickles.

Nick pulled his face back nose to nose again before whispering, “You won’t, now shut up.” Ty started to speak again but was silenced as Nick kissed his lips before the words could be formed. Whatever Ty was about to say was forgotten as one’s tongue danced with the other and they rolled over bringing Ty on top their frotting dance taking on a new and purposeful rhythm. Grinding against each other, their cocks seemingly catching on fire between them brought their passion into full bloom and their love making began to bring whimpers as each pumped tightly against the other in an increasingly erotic flavor. Ty slipped his arms under Nicks shoulders and he reveled at the firmness in his arms as their skin touched skin and their light sweat began to smooth their movements, one against the other.

Their whimpers increased with each alternating thrust as their synchronized orgasms began to rise in their balls. Each reading the movements of the other, they pulled the other tighter against themselves. Ty, pulling his chest against Nick’s and Nick, pulling Ty’s warm, now solidly hard olive skinned buns almost painfully into him, cried out in a thick almost animalistic cry that triggered Ty to do the same. Ty pumped three long blasts between them matching the hot cum that Nick was enthusiastically donating. They collapsed one against the other, heads reeling from the force of their release. They lay there, taking in the feel of the gooey warmth that joined them as one, both breathing as if they had just surfaced from the lake of love they were submerged in for so long. Ty lifted his head briefly and looked Nick in the eyes. Turning his head slightly he whispered, “I love you Nick.” And he kissed him lightly on the lips before laying his cheek against Nick’s. Nick’s arms moved from Ty’s buns to his back as he hugged him tightly and he marveled at the boy who came to him only months before, and changed his world from one of loneliness to one rich in love and happiness. He just held him, taking in the smell of love between them until a knock came at the door.

“Ya, it’s open! Nick said as Ty lifted his head to look in his eyes once more knowing the moment was about to be over. The door opened and the beautiful scantily clad Dominique stepped in smiling.

In his delicious thick accent he said smiling, “Hello, I am to say the breakfast will be ready soon and then we are to attend the studio for Jean Claude. You will please come?” Breathing in deeply he stepped over to the desk, “You have made the sex together? It smells of a beautiful morning in here.”

Blushing Nick smiled, looking at the equally red Ty before saying, “It ‘is’ a beautiful morning isn’t it?”

“Please to show me?” Dominique said with an expectant smirk.

Ty’s eyes locked on Nick’s gaze a moment before Nick looked at Dominique. “I think we could do it once more, but I think we would be late for breakfast if we do.” He said as Ty giggled a boy giggle and nuzzled his face into Nick’s neck.

“No, you misunderstand,” he said lifting the covers off of them seeing ty’s beautiful mounds dimple as he pushed down against Nick as the cover was removed. “I want to see your beautiful bodies and the love you have shared.”

Blushing crimson at the thought, both boys felt a regeneration in their staffs bringing them back to full hardness and stretching through their puddle of love almost instantly. The thought that this beautiful boy wanted to see their hard, yet spent, lovemaking bodies covered in the mixture of their passion was almost intoxicating to them as their eyes met for a moment and Ty lifted himself from Nick and rolled onto his left hip drawing a trail of love across Nick’s belly as he did. He left his leg draped over Nick’s as he laid his head on his shoulder and placed a loving hand on his chest. Dominique smiled seeing the hardness of their bodies and the mess of their love-making that pooled in the center trough of Nick’s softly rippled muscular tummy.

Dominique smiled a big toothy grin, “You look so beautiful together. And I was so . . . (his gaze drifted off looking for the word) kurious? Wanting to know? Is this the right word for this?”

“You mean curious?” Nick said smiling.

“Ah, yez, kurios about how you both looked, and Ty I have yet to see al’ natural! He is also most beautiful. He said more to Nick, “Now, we shall go for breakfast?”

“You go ahead Dominique; we’ll be down as soon as we get a quick shower.”

Smiling Dominique turned for the door. Looking over his shoulder, he smirked looking at the aroused state of their bodies. “I am zinking maybe the shower vill not be zo quickly done.” He stepped through the door and disappeared down the steps.

Ty looked at Nick grinning, “perhapza vee needz a long shower wiz lotz of zee zoap? No?” giggling Nick rolled himself out of bed and taking his hand, headed for their bathroom, their boy pointers wagging the way ahead.


“Good Morning boys,” Ms Sharon said smiling as she delivered an omelet on Oggie’s plate. The other boys were finishing their breakfasts and Dominique was grinning as his glance drifted to Ty’s package and then over to Nicks before his eyes went up to their blushing faces. “Have a seat, what kind of omelets would you like?”

Nick smiled, “Mushroom Swiss please.” Nick said without hesitation before sitting down.

“And you Ty?” Ms Sharon asked smiling.

Ty looked at Nick, asking the unasked question; Nick caught on and said, “Why don’t you try a ham and cheese? You can try some of my mushroom Swiss. Then we can both have a taste of each others.”

“That sounds great, could I have a ham’n cheese one please?”

“Sure,” she said mixing the eggs in a bowl with a little milk before splitting the contents into two pans. The crackling of the eggs dancing on the hot pan filled the room as Nick poured them both a glass of orange juice and started slathering toast with butter and placing two slices on each of their bread plates. Ms Sharon scooped potatoes onto both plates and sprinkled the ingredients asked for into their respective places on top of the crackling eggs in the pan and folded them over before sliding the mammoth omelets on beside the potatoes. She placed a slice of cheese on top of both. American on Ty’s and Swiss on Nick’s. Sliding the plates in front of the boys, she turned and grabbed a bowl of salsa out of the refrigerator and placed it in front of Ty. He eyed it suspiciously. Seeing his queried gaze she said, “It’s fresh salsa. I made it mild but it is a bit spicy. I didn’t know if you liked it or not. Just try a little bit on a bite of omelet and see if you like it.”

Hesitantly, Ty cut a piece of omelet off and carefully spooned some salsa on top before lifting the fork to his mouth. He chewed a little bit before smiling and setting the fork down, spooned a little across the top of his omelet. Seeing his smile, Nick followed suit, cutting a piece off and spooning a bit of the salsa onto his omelet bite. He lifted it to his now salivating mouth and began to chew. He chewed for a moment before his eyes got large and he swallowed rapidly fanning his mouth with one hand and grabbing his glass of orange juice with the other he chugged the orange juice and reached for Ty’s doing the same. Ty grinned and continued eating in between grins. The table was filled with laughter as Nick sat back down sucking in air to cool his on fire mouth. Ty lifted the bowl and turned to Nick proffering the salsa laden spoon tentatively towards his plate grinning. Nick grabbed his plate and held it off to the side protectively like, “What the hell are you thinking?” Ty retreated and spooned a little more onto his potatoes. Nick just watched like Ty had lost his mind.

“This is delicious Ms Sharon,” Ty said shoving his fork into a couple potatoes and delighting in the explosion of flavor as he chewed. Nick quietly continued eating trying to mask the flavor of the painful burning in his mouth. He paused and glanced at Ty before pouring them both a fresh glass.

“Why isn’t your mouth on fire?” Nick finally asked watching Ty place a few more potatoes in his mouth.

Shrugging, Ty smiled, “It must be the Hispanic genes in me I guess. This isn’t even hot by my dad’s standards. He used to make nachos with cheese and jalapeños all over the top. Man, I forgot all about those. I guess I missed them.” He beamed smiling.

“Man, I don’t know how you can do that. I just had a little bit and I thought my mouth was on fire.”

“It just takes a little getting used to.” Ty said taking Nick’s hand he leaned over to steal a kiss. Instinctively Nick leaned in and their lips met. Ty snaked his salsa-covered tongue into Nick’s mouth before he realized what Ty had done. Jumping up from his seat, he grabbed the orange juice and downed it again as the table roared with laughter knowing what Ty had just done.

Cory grinned, “Well Ty, you know what they say, ‘When you’re hot, you’re hot!'” And the table erupted again as Nick scowled and continued to fan his mouth. Ty just smiled at him and grinned as he leaned in for another kiss.

Nick pulled back, “Oh no you don’t! Fool me once, shame on you! Fool me twice, shame on me! Just remember that I owe you one. And unlike your salsa kiss, revenge is best served cold!”

Troy leaned over and placed a hand on Ty’s shoulder, “Ty? How do you feel about  . . . Bugs?” And the table broke up laughing once more. Dominique and Jean Claude looked puzzled, as Troy looked over at them, “I’ll explain it to you on the way down to the bunk house.”

“Speaking of that,” Jean Claude said getting up from the table, “It’s time for us to go, if you boys are done?”

“Yes sir,” Ty and Nick said getting up. Nick smiling and Ty dread showing on his face. The other boys placed their dishes in the sink and headed out the door.

Jean Claude noticed and placed a hand on his shoulder stopping him from following the others. “You are upset. Why?”

Ty just took a breath, glancing at Oggie only briefly, his eyes went to the floor. “What if I can’t do it?”

Smiling, Jean Claude gave his shoulder a little squeeze. “Ty,” he said lifting his chin to meet his gaze. “Ty, if you can’t then we try other things. The goal here is not to produce a marketable product, but to see if we can stimulate your imagination and to let you sample other ways to express your talents. There is no pass or fail, no wrong or right, no good or bad. Don’t worry about such things. Embrace the new ideas as an adventure into your artistic abilities. I promise you this. When we are done, you will be an even better artist than you are today, if for no other reason than you have been shown new and different ways to express what’s in your heart, your mind and your artistic eye. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.” Ty glanced over at Oggie before responding.

“I’ll try my best then. Thanks.” But his face did not reflect that he thought any differently than before they spoke. Jean Claude squeezed his shoulder and gave him a half-hearted hug as they turned and went out the door.

Oggie turned to Nick, “Know what that’s all about?”

“Ty worry, Pa. You know how he is. He’s afraid he’ll disappoint ya and feels bad because he knows it’s costin’ a lot of money for Jean Claude to be here.”

Oggie thought for a moment. “You really think so?”

“Know so. He told me when I asked him after we woke up and I told him we had to get a move on because we had to go to Jean Claude’s studio early this morning. He got that same look and he told me when I asked why.”

“Did ya tell him . . .?”

“Ya I told him.” Nick said cutting him off. “You know how he is. He wants to be perfect for you. It’s like he doesn’t have anything but on and off, perfect or garbage; nothing in between.”

Oggie thought for a moment or two before getting up and heading for the door. “You going down to talk with him?” Nick asked.

“Ya, I don’t want it to fester and get in the way of his art.”

“What are ya gonna say?”

Oggies eyes shifted off to a vacant stare for a moment before speaking, “I have no clues. I think I’ll just play it by ear.


“OK, now place the chair over there in the sun and drape this white sheet over it. Hurry now, I don’t want Ty to get bored or it might affect his creative vision.”

“Mr. Jean Claude, what do you want the rest of us to do?” Troy asked hesitantly hoping for an early dismissal so he could spend the remaining time with Dominque.

“Strip! All of you, and place your clothes neatly out of sight, perhaps behind the door over there where they can’t be seen by someone coming out.”

Troy smiled as Cory and Michael eagerly complied, their smiles indicating their pleasure. Dominique was already Al Natural and straightening the sheet over the chair where the breeze had lifted it exposing a leg of the chair.


“Hey son, how’s it going?”

“Don’t know yet. He’s still getting things ready.”

“Ready for what?”

“I wish I knew.”

“You look worried.”

“Nah, not really worried. It’s just . . .” He went silent for a moment as he looked at the floor. Oggie placed his hand on his shoulder.

“Ty, it’s all just to stretch your horizons. You know, to show you things you may not have thought of, to experience new ideas. There isn’t any good or bad of it. There’s no grade, no expectations. This is supposed to be fun. Some things you will like and some you will look at and think, ‘This is total crap!’ But whatever you get from this, is just for you. Not for me or Nick or anyone else. This is just so you can see new ways to work your gift. You don’t have to do any of it if you are uncomfortable.”

“It’s just that, . . .well, I don’t want to disappoint you, I mean, you’ve spent a lot of money for this guy to come up here and what if I’m only good for prison tat pencil drawings.”

“Then son, you’ll know. But I don’t think that will be the case. I mean look at the drawings you did of the building for Sharon’s gallery. They’re spectacular son. And frankly I don’t care if you are any good at anything else. I’m already so proud of you that I could just burst. Come here.” Oggie wrapped his arms around Ty firmly, “Ty, I didn’t make you my son because you might be a great artist. I did it because I love you and think I can maybe be the dad you never had. I want for you to have every opportunity that you ‘should’ have had son.” He knelt down on one knee to look him in the eyes.

“Son, there is no disappointment possible. Just have fun with this; all of it. It’s a great opportunity and I promise, I’ll be proud of you no matter what comes out of it.” He paused to lift his chin and to gaze at the glistening eyes before him. “You’re my son. You’ve already made me proud. Don’t you worry about ever disappointing me. Part of being a dad is unconditional acceptance. You’re my son now; all of you, the good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful. And right now, I’m feeling like the luckiest dad on the planet. So no more tears, eh?”

Ty threw his arms around Oggie as the tears flowed down his face. Oggie pulled him tighter to him in an almost bone crushing hug. He placed a hand on the back of his head and pulled his cheek against his own rocking him, swaying back and forth, as a father would a child who had skinned a knee. Shushing him, consoling him, telling him everything was all right now. Ty just sobbed. Years of fear and heartache rolled down his cheeks. Oggie pulled him back and gazed lovingly into his eyes lovingly. “Dry up now, you’ve got fun to have. Ty . . . today, you’re a new boy. Be who you want to be. Nick and I will be here for you no matter what.”

Ty dried his eyes with his shirtsleeve as Jean Claude entered. He looked at them and saw the redness in his eyes. “Has something happened?”

Oggie looked down at Ty and started to answer, no but was interrupted by Ty, “Yes. I’ve left an old world behind. I’m ready now Mr Jean Claude.” His smile beamed as he looked between Oggie and Mr Jean Claude.

“Wonderful news Ty, then we are also ready for you out back. Now what I want you to do is this . . .”

Oggie interrupted, “I’ll leave you guys to do your art thing then.” And giving Ty a little squeeze on the shoulder, he turned for the door.

“Now, as I was saying, I have placed the boys in a pose. I want you to fill in the missing figure. He is the God of sunlight.” Ty looked at him questioningly.

“The God of Sunlight? How do I know what he looks like?”

“You’ll know, just draw him as you see him.” And he placed a hand in the center of his back and ushered him towards the door. The door opened and there, Ty saw a pedestal of white. At its base on the left was Dominique laying on his side looking up at the missing figure, behind him was Troy sitting propped up on his left hand with a hand on Dominique’s hip, his legs bent and slightly off to the right. Like Dominique, his gaze was also fixed on the missing figure.

To the right, Cory was on his right side propped up on a hand and reaching for the hand of the missing figure with Michael spooned against him from the waist down, and kissing Cory’s right nipple. All eyes were on the missing figure save that of Michael whose obvious attention was not on the missing god.

The backdrop was of the ivy-covered wall of the bunkhouse. It gave Ty a feeling that he was looking at a statue in some great Greek garden. He studied it for a moment as an easel was placed in front of him. Ty took on the vacant stare indicative of the artistic trance he was known for when he stepped into the other world.

The boys fidgeted as their boredom set in, Michael grinned and lapped at the nipple before him causing Cory to start to giggle and to squirm back into Cory’s now positively rock hard love trident. Of course, with Troy and Dominique watching the spectacle out of the corner of their eyes but trying to maintain the pose began to grow in areas once flaccid. Ty glanced over at the gaggle of boys that had fallen into an undulating and embracing pile of boy lust. Ty quickly adjusted himself and flipped a page over and franticly started sketching outlines as Jean Claude clapped his hands yelling, “Boys! Resume your positions, PLEASE!”

Ty spoke up, “No, really, Mr Jean Claude, let them go. I have it already. They don’t need to stay like that. I only need a few minutes and I sorta have it locked in my head. Besides, that’s kinda hot looking.” The boys started giggling and continued their impromptu boygie.

“May I see?” Jean Claude asked stepping over to see that Ty had flipped the page. “May I see the first?” Ty nodded flipping the first page back. Though unfinished, Jean Claude marveled at the detail and the figure that was forming as the missing God. “Wonderful! You should finish it while it is fresh in your mind.”

“I don’t need to. I could put it away and pick it up in a week and it would turn out exactly the same. Once I lock the image into my mind, it’s just there.”

“Even the god you have created without seeing it?”

“Ya, I think so. I know what he looks like in my mind so he is just, there. I don’t know how to explain it. It’s like he became real and part of the picture once I figured out what he looked like.”

A marvelous gift my boy, marvelous indeed. I’ll let the boys go then so you can finish undistracted. You work as long as you want to and don’t feel rushed. If you need to take a break, then just do. Work at your own pace.”

Ty smiled and continued working on the first picture knowing that, that was the one Jean Claude was really interested, in seeing.


Nick had finished cleaning up from breakfast a little disturbed that Jean Claude had asked him not to attend. He felt that Ty would be too focused on Nick to let his mind wander into the land of creativity. But he was probably right, Nick thought. After all, Ty was all Nick thought about while cleaning up. He grabbed the cup of coffee he had been nursing. He had developed a taste for it during the fires. There was always a supply of it on hand an although it wasn’t usually his first choice of drinks, sometimes he just wanted a cup.

He sat on the porch and watched as the boys started to emerge from their makeshift studio behind the bunkhouse. Both sets of boys hand in hand with a bundle of clothing neatly tucked under their other arm. He took in their naked forms and just a tinge of jealousy rose in his heart. He would have liked to have had the chance to see them all posed together. He didn’t know they would be naked. He watched as they paused to exchange slight kisses. Troy kissed Dominique and then moved his head to his shoulder. He noticed Dominique consoling him as it struck Nick, that Troy may have found something more than sex in Dominique. Dominique’s hand moved to his back and he held him to him. It was apparent that Troy was crying. Oggie came out seeing Nick sitting on the porch. He joined him.

“What’s up?”

“Nothin’ Pa. Just finished the kitchen. Waiting for them to finish down at the bunk house.”

“Looks like they are breaking up now.”

“How’d it go with Ty pa?”

“I think it went well. We haven’t really had time to be alone with the idea of being father and son with all the stuff going on and all the people here. I think it just came home to roost for him son. I think it’ll take some time for it to fully sink in.”

Nick glanced up at Troy and Dominique, “Pa, what do you think about asking if Troy can stay till Dominique and Jean Claude go back.”

“You sure you want that son? He’s been a source of confusion for you guys ever since he got here.”

“I think he found something he never had in Dominique. I think maybe he needs to understand what it is. See, it’s all just sex for him. I don’t think he’s ever had love with it.”

“For some people son, that’s just how it is. Sex is sex. Love is love. For some people, the two stay unrelated. For others, there isn’t a separation, love and sex are the same.”

“How is it for you Pa?”

“For me, they are separate. And together. With your ma, there was no one else. We loved each other with or without sex. And although I saw a lot of pretty women that got my blood movin’. I never wanted to share the sex with anyone but your mom. It’s like when we were together, there was a magic that made us complete.”

“Can I ask you a question Pa?”

“Always son.”

“Ms Sharon, Does she complete you the same way Mom did?”

Oggie thought for a moment, his eyes welling a little as he thought. “Yes and no. Not the same son. Nobody could replace your mom. But she does in a different way. Our love doesn’t diminish the love I have for your mom. But Sharon brings a goodness and sunshine to a place that has been dark for too long. She understands that she’s not a replacement. And she understands that there will always be part of my heart that will never be hers. And she’s ok with that. But we’re really good for each other in a different way than it was for me and your mom. We bring out the best in each other. We’re comfortable with each other. And we’re happier when the other is near. Remember when we talked about true love and how your understanding changes as you get older?”

“Ya Pa, I remember.”

Well when you get older, you start looking at things like growing old alone. You and Ty will grow up and leave to build your own lives together. That’s as it should be. Sharon and I will keep each other company when that happens. It won’t keep us from missing you, but we won’t wallow in it.”

Nick scooted close to his dad and took his arm in his hands and laid his head on his shoulder. “No Pa, we’ll always be around. I promise.”

“Woe son. Where did you get the idea that I wanted you guys to hang out with ‘me’ the rest of your lives. I plan to take some vacations, do some things you can’t do with a couple kids hanging around your neck. Sure I’ll miss you. But I’ll get over it.”

“So we’re a burden?” Nick sat up looking Oggie in the eye.

“Ya, and a great one too. I’ll be happy to be burdened with you both for a lot of years to come. Don’t hurry son. Stay a kid as long as you can. Don’t worry, when you get to be too much I’ll give you both the boot.” Oggie said laughing and grabbing a fist full of boy belly getting laughter from Nick. “Right now, I think I’ll go have a talk with Chuck.” Oggie said getting up. “Why don’t you go see what your brother is doing.”

Nick grinned, He had never had a brother to be concerned with. He grinned, “Incest is best!” He said laughing.


“Hi Karen, got a minute?”

“Sure Oggie, what’s up?”

“I just wanted to thank you for all you’ve done for Ty. It’s really changing his life for the better.”

“No need to thank me Oggie, the boys got talent oozing from his fingertips. I’m the one that should be thanking you!”

“So are you guys almost ready for the long voyage home? This thing’s like a huge boat.” He said looking around.

“Ya, just a bit more to stow and she’ll be ready to cruise down the road. Believe me, it’s great to have the comfort on those long trips. I can work, sleep, watch a movie, have a snack. Whatever I want almost is available. I’ve even got internet access almost the entire way. There were just a few dead spots on the way up. But hey, you can’t have it all right?”

“Oh, I don’t know. I think I’ve got it all right now.”

Karen smiled, “You know Oggie, I think you do.” She smiled a smile of understanding.

“You’ll keep me posted on Van Gordon won’t you?”

“Of course. I’ll call and check on things as soon as I get back.”

“Is Chuck around?”

“Sure,” She turned her head calling towards the back of the motor home. “Chuck, You got a minute? Oggie wants a word.”

Chuck appeared wiping his hands with a towel. “Hi Mr. Castle, what can I do for you?”

“It’s Oggie Chuck, and well I was wondering if Troy really needed to go back right away. Seems he’s found a boyfriend in Dominique. I mean, he hasn’t said anything, it’s just something that Nick noticed. He thought it would be a shame for him to miss this opportunity to be with boys with like minds.”

“Well, I wouldn’t want him to be a problem. They didn’t get off to the best start I guess.”

Boys are a bit like water sometimes Chuck, they tend to find level given enough time to settle. I think he’s fitting in rather well. He’s more than welcome to stay as long as the other boys, if that’s alright with you and of course, with him.”

Chuck smiled, “I’ll need to talk to him first, but sure, I think that would be great. He hasn’t had many friends to hang out with. Friends, that are, you know like your boys.”

“Ya, Chuck. I know what you mean. Gay kids have a real hard time in civilization sometimes. Out here it’s easy to set the expected standards. It’s easier to let them be them when you’re isolated. I dare say that letting them parade around in the nude wouldn’t go as easily in the big city.” Oggie smiled.

“Ya, he does seem to like that part doesn’t he.”

“I think they all do,” Karen chimed in. “It must be a boy thing. Cory and Michael haven’t had a stitch on except for meals since Jean Claude and Dominique showed up.” Most kids would be too embarrassed to parade around in front of their mom in their birthday suits.

“Well you have an artistic family. Perhaps he sees the art in the beauty of the body.” Oggie said grinning a blushing smile.

“Perhaps he’s just too horny to notice his mother sitting there noticing his excitement.” She grinned. The door opened and In stepped Troy with his clothes in his arms.

“Speak of the devil and his imp will appear!” Oggie said smiling as Troy looked up trying to figure out what was going on with Oggie in the motor home.

Chuck noticed his red eyes, “Hey chief, looks like you’re ready for the road. Got a minute?” Chuck stepped past him and opened the door back outside. “Mind stepping into my office for a minute?” Troy turned and followed, clothes still in his arms. Oggie and Karen watched out the window as Chuck talked to Troy. They watched as Troy became animated and suddenly threw his arms up in the air showering them both in clothing as he wrapped his arms around his brother and hugged him.

“I think he likes the idea.” Karen said impishly.

“You think?” Oggie said smiling.


“What do you think I should wear Nic? I mean, what do you wear to an Indian naming party?”

“I don’t have a clue Ty. But they don’t dress up formal for anything. You should probably just wear comfortable stuff; jeans and boots or something.”

Ty was quiet as he just got dressed. Nick could see that he was deep in thought over something. He wanted to ask, but thought he would just give him some time to sort through things on his own.

“Nick?” Ty asked pausing. Nick didn’t respond, but just looked at him waiting. “Why do you think they want to do this?”

“I never really thought about it Ty. I guess it means they like you. I don’t know.”

“Well they like a lot of people, I mean, they gave you a new name already right?”

“Nope. I didn’t even know they did this sort of thing. I always thought you were born and Indian or you weren’t.”

“Wait, you mean they have known and loved you all this time and haven’t offered to give you a name and stuff?

“Nope, I think it’s kinda cool too.”

They said that we will become part of their tribe. I mean, I’m honored and all that, but why me? You’ve done more for them than I have. You were here during the fires and stuff.”

“I think that’s something you should ask grandfather about. Knowing how they are Ty, I bet it’s something spiritual. Something inside you, not something you did or can do. They see things differently than what you or I call normal. But whatever it is, you can bet it’s not run of the mill. This isn’t something you can ask for. It’s something that must be given. It changes the bloodline of their entire tribe.”

Ty paused for a moment transferring his belt from one pair of pants to the other. “There goes the neighborhood.” Ty mumbled focused on getting his buck knife in the right place before stepping into them and pulling them up.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Think about it. They aren’t just adding Mexican to the mix but you white guys too!”

Nick looked at him seriously for a minute before bursting into a smile and giving Ty a playful shove.


“Dominique!” Troy said sitting on top of Dominique with his hands placed on his shoulders just taking in the pools of his, now more blue than slate eyes. He smiled again, “Dominique!” He rolled his hips driving his perineum across his uncut rock hard thickness. Dominique grabbed his buns as he leaned forward getting almost nose to nose. “I love the sound of your name. Just the way it rolls off the lips rocks me up. And your voice! Man, your voice could make me cum without touching it.” Troy leaned in to kiss him and found his lips warm and inviting. Their tongues snuck past each other’s and danced, tip to tip before breaking.

“And you are unlike any boy I have ever been with.” His accent thick, like his engorged staff. He looked into Troy’s eyes, “You are beautiful. But I must guard my heart, as you must. Our time here will not be long enough I fear. I think I will have great difficulty leaving this place now.”

“Then can we, like maybe be boyfriends until you have to go?” Dominique’s response was nonverbal as he leaned up and kissed Troy and rolled him onto his back, rubbing his flaming staff of boy-love hard against Troy’s. Troy rocked back and wrapped his legs around his boy-mounds pulling him harder against him. Dominique found his neck and sucked and kissed as his thumbs found Troy’s nipples and he rubbed them. Troy’s breathing went into overdrive as his fire built up slowly but filling his loins with a pending explosion. Dominique was also close as he stopped and lifted his eyes to meet Troy’s. Troy looked at him with a mixture of panic and desperation and Dominique dove back in with ferocity sucking, rubbing and rolling his hips and as he began to cum, he slipped his arms under Troy’s back and pulled him in tightly as he rolled his hips tightly against Troy’s hard pubic mound. Troy felt his scalding seed spread and it triggered the waves of uncontrollable eruption in a battle of lust as Troy’s heels dug into Dominique’s ass and his fingers dug into his olive skinned back. When they were spent, Dominique’s arched back relaxed and he fell hard against his lover, breathing heavy as they felt their issues fluidly move between their gasping stomachs.

Dominique recovered first and lifted up slightly to look Troy in the eyes. He brushed the tip of his olive skinned nose against Troy’s momentarily as he turned his head slightly and pressed his lips to Troy’s. Troy wrapped his arms around his neck and just beamed his smile at Dominique, “I have never felt anything like this in my life!” Leaning up he kissed him again. “Let’s go in for a swim and clean up.” They got up and walked hand in hand into the lake, each sweeping away the evidence of their lovemaking. Troy being shorter wrapped his legs around Dominique and his arms around his neck, feeling his piece rise to help him stay in place. Maybe when they go to the naming ceremony we can stay and then we can try something a little . . . more . . . filling,” he said reaching back with one hand and rubbing the head of Dominique’s turgid staff against his opening. Dominique smiled and his eyes twinkled as his staff throbbed in his hand.

“I think this will be most enjoyable.” And Dominique pulled him against his chest and rested one hand under his bottom pressing his boyhood against the love groove he held against him. Troy closed his eyes and reveled in just being held.


Oggie pulled into the settlement and was motioned to park near the group of other trucks, tractors and vehicles of all kinds. Ty was glued to the window. It was different than other small towns but he wasn’t quite sure in what way. Something was different. He got out breathing in deeply, taking in the smell of the smoke and the sage and another smell he was completely familiar with. It was a city smell. In fact he could remember his father’s house smelling of it.

A large fire was built in what appeared to be a large park and a crowd of people clumped together in their small groups as people tend to do when they are familiar with most everyone there. They were dressed in everything from plain comfortable blue jeans to western style shirts. The ones with the long sleeves that button up. Many wore baseball caps but most everyone had very long hair. A few of the younger ones, mostly the ones in the button up shirts, had short hair. The contrast was striking. He noticed that there were all kinds of chairs, from  folding sling canvas to tree stumps or logs that people perched on as they smiled and joked with each other. He noticed that the chairs were used mostly by the parents and grandparents. The younger folks all stood or found a log to lean against. He noticed that there were no loud radios and even the conversations were quietly exchanged. A single small building that appeared to be made of mud or mud like bricks was near the fire. Ty could see smoke rising from the fire within. He could feel the heat from the fire outside, even at the distance he was from it. He listened to the drums, as they beat out a rhythm that was slower than his racing heart. It was constant and rhythmic and actually soothing to Ty.

Cheytan walked up to them smiling. “You made it! I’m so glad you all came. Please, make yourselves at home. There are picnic tables with food, eat. Ty and Nick started to turn towards the food when Cheytan placed a hand on Ty’s shoulder. “YOU, might want to wait until after the ceremony. IT gets pretty hot in the lodge and if you eat first, it can be an unpleasant experience.” He looked at Oggie and smiled, “I’m gonna steal him for a little bit. I want this to be as special for Ty as it is for us. So we are even observing the proper dress code and Ty just hasn’t got the right wardrobe on yet. Even Grandfather is dressed for the occasion. I don’t know how that old man tolerates the heat in there but he seems to thrive on it. After we go into the lodge, it’s grandfather’s show and since this hasn’t happened before, at least, not in MY lifetime, I don’t know how long we’ll be in there. But once we come out, we will all smoke with the family, you’ll get cleansed with sage and then we’ll all get shitfaced. Well, that last part is my idea. So go, save us some food. I’m already starving.” Cheytan smiled as he took Ty to a small building across the street.

Ty was very quiet, his heart again racing as Cheytan, his arm draped over Ty’s shoulders walked with him silently towards the small building. Before they went in, Cheytan stopped him before the door. “Hold on a minute.” Ty watched as he walked over to a little table near the door and picked up a sea shell and pulled some kind of weed from an old potato chip tin that looked like it had sat in the weather for years. The rusted sides still showed the remnants of the label that was painted on it years before. Cheytan pulled a lighter from his pocket and lit the weed in the shell on fire and then quickly blew it out. It smoldered and Cheytan blew softly at the embers as he reached near the top of the door without even looking where his hand was going and took a large feather that had a leather loop tied to it, off an old rusty nail. This is sage Ty. We believe it is cleansing and I’m going to say some things and use the feather to cleanse your spirit with the smoke from the sage. We believe that fire renews the earth and we too are cleansed with its smoke so just stand still for a few moments.” Cheytan blew again on the sage in the shell and chanted as he used the feather to push the smoke over Ty. Ty breathed in slowly, both out of curiosity and also because if it was cleansing; he figured it couldn’t hurt to believe that maybe it would help him wash away some of his old life too.

As he stood there listening to Cheytan chant and felt the rhythm of the drums once again, he became calmer. The drummers were beating out a beat that was soft and slow. Like that of a calm heart. Cheytan finished and returned the shell to the table, using his fingers to tap out the few remaining embers. “Come on in. This is grandfather’s home.” Cheytan said to Ty as he held open the screen door after pushing the inside door open.

Ty walked in smelling the tobacco and leather that permeated the very essence of the building. Cheytan pointed to the living room, take off your clothes and put them on the couch. I’ll be back in a minute.” Ty stripped down to his boxers and socks and was sitting on the couch when Cheytan walked back in with something in his hands. He stopped and looked at Ty. “I said strip! We have a whole outfit for you to wear.” He handed Ty a piece of soft leather and what looked like a long leather shoe lace. Ty took it from him and looked at it.

“What’s this?”

Cheytan smiled a broad smile, “Think of it as a native American Tuxedo.” Ty’s eyes grew large, there’s more, right?”

Cheytan grinned, “Fun? You bet. Clothes? Afraid not. See back in the day, we all ran around pretty much naked except a piece of leather over our jewels and that was to protect our junk as we ran away from the white man through the bushes. So if you think about it, the white man is the reason we’re all wearing clothes today.” Cheytan took the leather tie away from him and threaded it through some slits along the top of the leather piece and then reached around Ty and tied it around his waist. The leather piece went across Ty’s hip when Cheytan finished tying it. Ty just looked at his stuff and then wide eyed at Cheytan. “Well, you can slide it around your waist to cover up anything you want.” Cheytan was trying not to laugh at the moment.

The leather lay heavily against his boy-joy and it liked the bounce of the leather as Ty moved. It thickened and rose slightly against its firm covering. Trying to draw attention away from the fact that the leather was not laying as flat as it should, Ty drew a half smile on his face and he twisted his butt around towards Cheytan and looked over his shoulder at his bare buns.  “Uh, aren’t we like missing half or something?”

Cheytan shrugged, “Never ran backwards through the brush, you might run into a tree. Look you guys haven’t been dressed up there for nearly two weeks. And now you’re suddenly shy?”

“Well, ya, see I knew everyone there and here there are a lot of women and girls and,” Ty blushed, “really hot looking guys.” Cheytan smiled and lifted the front of the leather to expose his strength.

“You got nothing to be ashamed of there Ty. It’s just the right size for you.”

“Thanks but I’d rather that everybody out there didn’t know it.”

Cheytan sat down on the couch next to Ty and the smile left his face and was replaced with the serious look of a father. “Ty, we are different than the white man. We are all family here. Every child listens to every mother. Every woman out there is a mother to every child. Every man, is brother to every other. We don’t have our family and your family. We only have family. When one is hungry they are fed. When one is hurt, everyone helps. These are about to be your people; your family. When it’s cold, some families move into one of the larger buildings. It’s easier to feed and tend to a large family. Many hands make for light work. There are no walls or doors inside; just a lot of people sleeping on bedrolls; babies playing in the corner. You may see people changing or making love in the open. Mothers nursing babies in the open and when a child is born, the world gathers round to watch the miracle of birth. In the summer you will see a lot of kids running around here in less and boys chasing girls like you are right now, standing tall. There is no shame in the body. No embarrassment in showing it. Be proud of your youth, your virility, your body. We look upon it as having one more strong family member that will be there to help when the call is made.” Cheytan smiled, “You’re about to be my brother.”

Ty smiled and took Cheytan’s hand. He smiled a coy smile, “Come on. I’m starving.” Cheytan rose to his feet and tussled Ty’s hair.

“Come on; let’s go get you a name.” Ty’s golden round mounds shifted and dimpled as he walked hand in hand with his brother back towards the group. Nick was watching for him and ran to meet them. His eyes took in the low riding leather and he just froze and swallowed as he took in the beautiful boy before him. He adjusted himself, “Damn.” He stopped to swallow again. Then his eyes glanced to Cheytan’s momentarily. “Hey Cheytan, does he get to keep that?” He adjusted again and it was clear that no further adjustment would be necessary. Ty smiled and wrapped his arms around Nick and kissed him. Nick looked around nervously. Ty stopped walking still holding Nick’s hand. Nick looked around to see who might have seen and what, if any their expressions might be. Ty tugged on his hand drawing his eyes to his, “Hey, don’t worry about it; they’re all family.”

Cheytan lightly slapped his shoulder and gave it a squeeze. “Come on Ty. Grandfather waits.” They walked up to the lodge and stopped at the door. A young brave in shorts and no shirt walked up to them and said something to Cheytan and he responded in the native language. The brave walked over to the door and picked up a hollowed out piece of wood and he crumbled up sage in it and lit it blowing it out again. The pungent smoke rolled up from the wood as the brave produced another feather and chanted as he dusted the three of them with the smoke of the sage. Ty noticed that the drummers suddenly picked up the beat. He thought it was funny how it always seemed to match the heartbeat he was feeling. All eyes were on him. Or the back of him anyways. As he glanced around he saw mothers smiling an evil little smirk as they stared at his firm boy mounds. Ty was glad it was dark and that the campfire helped hide his blush. He kept his hands folded holding his leather down in the front. Cheytan looked at Nick. “You can come in Nick, but it is really hot in there and you won’t be able to leave once the ceremony starts. So if you go in, you’re there until it is over. Even if we have to wake you up when it’s done.”

Nick’s eyes widened, “Can I? I mean, I won’t be in the way or anything?”

“You’re welcome to. You’re his mate.”

“Wait a second.” Nick stepped over to the side and peeled off his shirt and kicked his shoes off. He unbuckled his pants and let them drop so that he was just in his boxers and then took Ty’s hand and gave it a squeeze smiling. They entered the lodge and it struck Ty that it was more like walking into a bread oven. It was almost hot enough that you couldn’t breathe. Ty’s eyes watered.

Cheytan leaned over and whispered, “Sit by grandfather, its cooler by the ground. You’ll get used to it. Grandfather was sitting with his wrists turned out slightly with his hands on the knees of his crossed legs. His eyes were shut and his lips moved as if he were saying a silent prayer. He sat with the fire to his right. Ty started to sit beside him away from the fire but grandfather took his hand and without stopping his chant pulled Ty around so that he was sitting facing him with the fire to his left. He sat cross legged in front of Grandfather. The heat of the fire was almost unbearable and Ty was grateful for the lack of clothing. Cheytan took Nick and ushered him to sit facing the two of them and facing the fire. Grandfather started to chant louder and rocked slightly forward and back. The Drums became louder and faster matching Ty’s own beating drum. Ty felt the heat radiate from the fire as he started to sweat. Grandfather’s chanting was much louder and the drums seemed to sense it and played louder as Ty’s heart raced. He closed his eyes to keep the sweat from running into them. Grandfather reached towards the edge of the fire and dipped his finger tips in the white ash at its edge. He turned and did the same with the left covering them both with white ash. Without looking he reached forward and placing his finger tips lightly above Ty’s eyes he pushed his hands forwards and when his palms met his skin he pushed them up to Ty’s wet hairline. He repeated the process once more. Never opening his eyes he dipped two fingers in the white ash again and this time drew a cross in white on Ty’s chest. Dipping in the ash again, he did as he had on his forehead, fingers leading his palms from the cross out. Again with the left hand this time to the right side of the cross. Dabbing his knuckles in the white ash he placed two bent knuckles on the top tip of the cross and turned them drawing his fingers from the center of that egg shaped circle two inches to the left.

Once again the old man tapped his finger tips of both hands in the ash and from the lower part of the cross he used his finger tips to follow the length downward and fanning his fingers out produced a tail-feather look.  Nick watched in amazement as Grandfather created this image that was looking more and more like a bird. A Phoenix, Nick thought before looking at the feathering done around Ty’s eyes. His face looked more like an owl. Grandfather placed both palms in the white and with his index fingers and thumbs, encircled Ty’s biceps, then with little fingers tapped two places intersecting the white rings he had just created on both arms that looked a little like feathers. Ty sat there eyes closed almost in some kind of trance. He barely moved. Grandfather picked up a burnt branch and rubbed the blackened charcoal between his fingers and thumbs. His eyes opened as he darkened the eyelids of the boy and below. He used the black on the finger tips to accent the white on his face and then used more black to accent the Phoenix on his chest.

He scooted back to a new place with ample ash and repeated the act more quickly on Nick and then motioned for one of the men who brought him a small bowl with a turquoise Blue powder in it. When he was caught up with Nick he took the blue and dipped his finger in the bowl and accented both boys before motioning to the young man again who brought forth another bowl much like the blue only with red and again he used his fingers to accent both boys, all the while chanting.

He opened his eyes and nodded to the two men by the door who both stepped outside and began to remove boards covering wide openings at the bottom of the lodge. The cool air rushed in cooling the room as the heat gathered itself to escape into the moonlight of the night.

The old man started to rise and men helped him to his feet and held him until he was steady. They helped him out of the lodge and over near the great fire. He motioned for the boys to come over. One on each side facing the people. Grandfather spoke loudly to the people. “Yelo Peta Hiyakaga Wo Caje!” and turning to Nick he smiled and spoke again. “Yelo Peta Hiyakaga Yusta Wo Caje” Cheytan moved up and knelt beside Ty. He say’s your name is “fire owl” and Nicks name is “The one who makes Fire Owl Complete” He says you are now part of the people. And that your family’s families will add to our number. He says he will take your names with him to the land of the spirits of our ancestors, so they will welcome you as their own. He says, now bring me water I am thirsty.” Ty and Nick both reached over and hugged the old man and he hugged them back smiling. A young boy brought a bowl of water to grandfather to wash his hands. As he did, the old man turned to Ty and spoke in his tongue. Ty smiled and said, I don’t understand yet grandfather.

The boy whispered, “He says he needs art lessons. You look like an owl not quite dead.” The boy laughed and Ty asked him if he would translate for him. “Would you tell him that I’m happier now being a not quite dead owl, than when I was not part of the people?”

The boy smiled and grandfather turned and looked at Ty and spoke again. The boy stopped smiling and got a serious look on his face, “Grandfather says your spirit has been here before, you were always part of the people, you had just forgotten. He said he saw the spirit of a warrior step into your shadow.” The old man spoke again. “He says, you have a cute butt too.” The boy blushed.

“He did not.” Ty said blushing through a giggle.

“Ok, I added that part. He said you have a warrior’s heart.” The boy blushed and took both boys to the tables and they ate and drank. And of course, took pictures!


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